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L7905 More Information

Mfg: ST
Pack: TO-220
D/C: 07+


 1. For a loaded output the measurements are observed after an RC filter consisting of a 1 kΩ resistor and a 0.01 µF capacitor to ground.  2. These limits define the range of operation for which the part will meet specification.  3. Within the supply range of 4.75 and 5.25 volts, the device operates as a fully calibrated linear accelerometer. Beyond these supply limits the device may   operate as a linear device but is not guaranteed to be in calibration.  4. The device can measure both + and C acceleration. With no input acceleration the output is at midsupply. For positive acceleration the output will increase   above VDD/2 and for negative acceleration the output will decrease below VDD/2.  5. The device is calibrated at 5g.  6. At clock frequency ≅70 kHz.  7. The digital input pin has an internal pull-down current source to prevent inadvertent self test initiation due to external board level leakages.  8. Time for the output to reach 90% of its final value after a self-test is initiated.  9. Time for amplifiers to recover after an acceleration signal causing them to saturate. 10. Preserves phase margin (60) to guarantee output amplifier stability. 11. A measure of the device's ability to reject an acceleration applied 90 from the true axis of sensitivity. 12. The Status pin output is not valid following power-up until at least one rising edge has been applied to the self-test pin. The Status pin is high whenever   the self-test input is high, as a means to check the connectivity of the self-test and Status pins in the application. 13. The Status pin output latches high if a Low Voltage Detection or Clock Frequency failure occurs, or the EPROM parity changes to odd. The Status pin can   be reset low if the self-test pin is pulsed with a high input for at least 100 µs, unless a fault condition continues to exist.
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L7905 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
L7905 97+ 97+ DIP 33
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L7905 TO-220 3000 Delivery
L7905 07+/08+ 30000
L7905 07+ 07+ 7000 263
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