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Mfg: ST


Second-generation HOTLink® technology AMD™ AM7968/7969 TAXIchip™ compatible 8-bit 4B/5B or 10-bit 5B/6B NRZI encoded data transport 10-bit or 12-bit NRZI pre-encoded (bypass) data transport Synchronous TTL parallel interface Embedded/Bypassable 256 character Transmit and Receive FIFOs 50-to-200 MBaud serial signaling rate Internal PLLs with no external PLL components Dual differential PECL-compatible serial inputs and outputs Compatible with fiber-optic modules and copper cables Built-In Self-Test (BIST) for link testing Link Quality Indicator Single +5.0V 10%supply 100-pin TQFP
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Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25C, Vss = 0V) • Supply voltageVDDVSS C 0.5 to +7.0 • Input voltageVIVss C 0.5 to VDD + 0.5 • Output voltageVOVss C 0.5 to VDD + 0.5 • Operating temperature ToprC20 to +75 • Storage temperatureTstgC55 to +150


APPLICATION HINTS The LE50A, LE50A voltage references are easier to use than zener diodes. Their low impedance and wide current range facilitate biasing in any cir- cuits. Besides, the breakdown voltage or the tem- perature coefficient can be adjusted so as to opti- mize the performance of the circuit. Figure 1 represents a LE50A with a 10kΩ potenti- ometer to adjust the reverse breakdown voltage which can be adjusted without altering the temper- ature coefficient of the circuit. The adjustment range is generally sufficient to adjust the initial tol- erance of the circuit and the inaccuracy of the am- plifier circuit. To obtain a lower temperature coefficient two di- odes can be connected in series as indicated in Figure 2. When the circuit is adjusted to 2.49V the tempera- ture coefficient is minimized. For a correct temperature coefficient, the diodes should be at the same ambient temperature as the LE50A. The value of R1 is not critical (2-20kΩ).

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LE50A Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
LE50A SOP-8 320
LE50A 03 03 SOP-8 726
LE50A dc0551 dc0551 sgs 60
LE50A 00+ 00+ SOP8 333
LE50A . 4200 call me any time
LE50A SOP8 2220
LE50A 00+ 00+ SOP 13202 Nice Price,Available
LE50A 225
LE50A 2007+ 2007+ 928 Special offer stock
LE50A . . SOP8 1576 .
LE50A SOP8 SOP8 99+ 5,000
LE50A 467
LE50A 2004+ 2004+ STK 928 New Parts In stock
LE50A 9500 9500
LE50A SOP8 2220
LE50A 03+ 03+ SOP 12550 Normal Stock
LE50A 00+ 00+ 563 Nornal Stock
LE50A 08+ 08+ 490
LE50A 99+ 99+ SOP8 5000
LE50A 03+ 03+ SOP 12550 long-term stock
LE50A SOP SOP 9527
LE50A 333
LE50A 03 03 SOP-8 726
LE50A 400
LE50A 06+ 06+ SOP 42654
LE50A SOP SOP 99+ 200
LE50A 12550 12550 06+
LE50A 400
LE50A 2200
LE50A 08+ 4571
LE50A 99+ 99+ SOP8 5000
LE50A 16821
LE50A O9+ O9+ 500000
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