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LMI34164 More Information

Mfg: NS
Pack: SOP
D/C: 97+


NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the above table after thermal equilibrium has been established. The   circuit is in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse airflow greater than 500 lfpm is maintained. 3. Input and output parameters vary 1:1 with VCC. VEE can vary +0.3 V to C2.2 V. 4. All loading with 50 W to VCCC2.0 volts. 5. VIHCMR min varies 1:1 with VEE, VIHCMR max varies 1:1 with VCC. The VIHCMR range is referenced to the most positive side of the differential   input signal.
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10 to 30 V Operation Undervoltage Lockout 6.25 V Reference Capable of Supplying Sensor Power Fully Accessible Error Amplifier for Closed Loop Servo Applications High Current Drivers Can Control External 3−Phase MOSFET Bridge Cycle−By−Cycle Current Limiting Pinned−Out Current Sense Reference Internal Thermal Shutdown Selectable 60/300 or 120/240 Sensor Phasings Can Efficiently Control Brush DC Motors with External MOSFET H−Bridge NCV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Site and Control Changes Pb−Free Packages are Available


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LMI34164 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
LMI34164 04+ 04+ TO-92 6000
LMI34164 SOP-8P 1200 Nice Price,Available
LMI34164 2000
LMI34164 SOP-8 SOP-8 5 LMI
LMI34164 97 97 SMD 2340
LMI34164 98+ 98+ SOP-8 5
LMI34164 06+ 06+ SOP-8P 42654
LMI34164 SOP-8 SOP-8 98+ 3330
LMI34164 2004+ 2004+ N/A 500
LMI34164 500
LMI34164 2008 500
LMI34164 97+ 97+ SOP 2550
LMI34164 SOP-8P 500
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