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D/C: 98


In normal mode, the M1924FP continuously monitors the discharge current by sensing the voltage of CS pin. If the voltage of CS pin exceeds the overcurrent protection voltage (V OIP) beyond the overcurrent delay time (TOI) period, the overcurrent protection circuit operates and discharging is inhibited by the turning-off of the discharge control MOSFET M1. The overcurrent condition returns to the normal mode when the load is released and the impedance between the BATT+ and BATT- terminals is 20MΩ or higher. The M1924FP is provided with the two overcurrent detection levels (0.2V and 1V) and the two overcurrent delay time (TOI1 and TOI2) corresponding to each overcurrent detection level.
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deleting one stop bit in every 8th character at maximum in the synchronous output data TDO. When extended signal rate (XESR = 0) is used 4th stop bit may be deleted. When the transmitter detects a break signal( at least M bits of start polarity, where M is length of character), it sends 2M + 3 bits of start - polarity to TDO. If the break is longer than 2M + 3 bits, then all bits are transferred to TDO. After a break signal, at least 2M bits of stop polarity must be transmitted before sending further data.


Power Diode Module DF75LA/LB is designed for three phase full wave rectification, which has six diodes connected in a three phase bridge configuration. The mounting base of the module is electrically isolated from semiconductor elements for simple heatsink construction output DC current is 75Amp (Tc=101) Repetitive peak reverse voltage is up to 1600V.

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M1924FP Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
M1924FP 01+ 01+ 160
M1924FP 01+ 01+ 160
M1924FP SOP8 1101 Available,Ask Eric
M1924FP SOP14 2240 Nice Price,Available
M1924FP 00+ 00+ SOP 200
M1924FP 07+ 07+ SOP 495 STOCK
M1924FP 2007+ 2007+ SOP14M 9985 E-mail to me.
M1924FP 400
M1924FP SOP14 200
M1924FP 2004+ 2004+ MIT 160
M1924FP SOP14 200
M1924FP 160
M1924FP 2008 160
M1924FP 98 98 2000
M1924FP 07/08+ 07/08+ SOP 40 new & original package and in our stock
M1924FP SOP14 204
M1924FP SOP-14 665 New & Original/stock
M1924FP 04+ 04+ SOP14 5PCS
M1924FP SOP 200
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