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The Intersil family of Star*Power FETs includes a series of devices in various voltage, current and package styles. The portfolio consists of Star*Power and Star*Power Gold products. Star*Power FETs are optimized for total dose and rDS(ON) while exhibiting SEE capability at full rated voltage up to an LET of 37. Star*Power Gold FETs have been optimized for SEE and Gate Charge combining SEE performance to 80% of the rated voltage for an LET of 82 with extremely low gate charge characteristics.
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n Clock recovery from PLL lock to random data patterns. n Guaranteed transition every data transfer cycle n Chipset (Tx + Rx) power consumption < 500 mW (typ)   @ 66 MHz n Single differential pair eliminates multi-channel skew n Flow-through pinout for easy PCB layout n 660 Mbps serial Bus LVDS data rate (at 66 MHz clock) n 10-bit parallel interface for 1 byte data plus 2 control bits n Synchronization mode and LOCK indicator n Programmable edge trigger on clock n High impedance on receiver inputs when power is off n Bus LVDS serial output rated for 27Ω load n Small 28-lead SSOP package


Stability The IRU1015-33 requires the use of an output capacitor as part of the frequency compensation in order to make the regulator stable. Typical designs for microprocessor applications use standard electrolytic capacitors with a typi- cal ESR in the range of 50 to 100mΩ and an output capacitance of 500 to 1000µF. Fortunately as the capacitance increases, the ESR decreases resulting in a fixed RC time constant. The IRU1015-33 takes advantage of this phenomena in making the overall regulator loop stable. For most applications a minimum of 100µF aluminum electrolytic capacitor such as Sanyo MVGX series, Panasonic FA series as well as the Nichicon PL series insures both stability and good transient response.

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M52561TFP 05+ 05+ SOP32 110
M52561TFP SOP 300 Available,Ask Eric
M52561TFP 0 2564
M52561TFP 652 652
M52561TFP 1850
M5200 SSOP 2340 Available,Ask Eric
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M5200 SMD-8 25463 In stock
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