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D/C: 06+


For example, the Rise Time and Fall time for large current steps can be slew rate limited by the combined interconnect and fixed interconnect inductance. The Fixed Inductance represents that associated with packaging and minimum interconnect distance . The Interconnect Inductance is that associated with the additional tracking between Laser Diode and the ZL40518 to accommodate application physical limitations.
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A small low-leakage (<100 nA) MOSFET is recommended to control this pin. The open-circuit voltage is less than 1 Vdc. This control pin is pulled up to an internal supply voltage. To avoid risk of damage to the module, do not apply an external voltage greater than 7 V. If this input is left open-circuit the module will operate when input power is applied. A small low-leakage (<100 nA) MOSFET or open-drain/collector voltage supervisor IC is recommended for control. For further information, consult the related application note. A 560 µF electrolytic input capacitor is required for proper operation. The capitor must be rated for a minimum of 800 mA rms of ripple current. An external output capacitor is not required for basic operation. Adding 330 µF of distributed capacitance at the load will improve the transient response. This is the calculated maximum. The minimum ESR limitation will often result in a lower value. When controlling the Track pin using a voltage supervisor, the maximum output capacitance is reduced to 6600 µF. Consult the application notes for further guidance. This is the typical ESR for all the electrolytic (non-ceramic) output capacitance. Use 7 mΩ as the minimum when using max-ESR values to calculate.


To perform a practical return loss measurement, it is necessary to force the ME9926 output to a DC high or low condition. The actual measured return loss will be based on the outputs being static at VCC or VCC-1.6V. Under normal operating conditions the outputs of the ME9926 swing between VCC-0.4V and VCC-1.2V, so the measured value of return loss will not represent the actual operating return loss.

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ME9926 08+ 08+ 10000
ME9926 06+ 06+ 100000
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