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MIP2H2 More Information

Pack: DIP7
D/C: 06+


Notes:  7. Test conditions assume signal transition time of 5 ns or less, timing reference levels of 1.5V, input pulse levels of 0 to 3.0V, and output loading of the specified   IOL/IOH and 100-pF load capacitance.  8. At any given temperature and voltage condition, tHZCE is less than tLZCE, tHZOE is less than tLZOE, and tHZWE is less than tLZWE for any given device.  9. tHZOE, tHZCE, and tHZWE are specified with CL = 5 pF as in part (b) of AC Test Loads. Transition is measured 500 mV from steady-state voltage. 10. The internal write time of the memory is defined by the overlap of CE LOW and WE LOW. Both signals must be LOW to initiate a write and either signal can   terminate a write by going HIGH. The data input set-up and hold timing should be referenced to the rising edge of the signal that terminates the write. 11. The minimum write pulse width for write cycle #3 (WE controlled, OE LOW) is the sum of tHZWE and tSD.
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Note 1: The reverse battery current is measured from the Typical Operating Circuits input terminal to GND when the battery is con-   nected backward. A reverse current of 220mA will not exceed package dissipation limits but, if left for an extended time   (more than 10 minutes), may degrade performance.


There are two alternatives to set the boot block. The 8K-byte in the top/bottom location of this device can be locked as boot block, which can be used to store boot codes. It is located in the last 8K bytes or first 8K bytes of the memory with the address range from E000(hex) to FFFF(hex) for top location or 0000(hex) to 1FFF(hex) for bottom location.

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MIP2H2 07+ 07+ DIP7 495 STOCK
MIP2H2 DIP7 DIP7 723+ 8000 original &in STK
MIP2H2 07+ 07+ DIP-7 49 (COM)in stock
MIP2H2 DIP7 213 STRC Verified
MIP2H2 06+ 06+ DIP7 10PCS
MIP2H2 00+ 00+ DIP7 16808
MIP001 SOP24 22
MIP0100SY TO220 TO220 N/A 10000
MIP0100SY TO220 500
MIP0101 06+ 06+ SOP 300 Available,Ask Eric
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