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MIP510 More Information

Mfg: MIT
Pack: TO-92


2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination may be removed with electronic grade solvents. Typical solvents, such as freon (T.F. or T.M.C.), acetone, deionized water, and methanol, or their locally ap- proved equivalents, can be used singularly or in combinations. Typical cleaning times per solvent are one to three minutes. DI water and methanol should be used (in that order) in the final cleans. Final drying can be accomplished by placing the cleaned dice on clean filter paper and drying with an infrared lamp for 5-10 minutes. Acids such as hydrofluoric (HF), nitric (HNO3), and hydrochloric (HCl) should not be used.
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The "double sampling" aspect of CDS refers to the operation of sampling and storing/recording a given pixels offset and then sampling the same pixels output an instant later (with both the offset and the video signal present) and subsequently subtracting the two values to yield what is referred to as the "valid video" output for that pixel.


  The NCP5422A is a dual N−channel synchronous buck regulator controller. It contains all the circuitry required for two independent buck regulators and utilizes the V2™ control method to achieve the fastest possible transient response and best overall regulation, while using the least number of external components. The NCP5422A features out−of−phase synchronization between the channels, reducing the input filter requirement. The NCP5422A also provides undervoltage lockout, Soft Start, built in adaptive non−overlap time and hiccup mode overcurrent protection.

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MIP510 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
MIP510 TO-92 TO-92 11340
MIP510 袋装 袋装 10000
MIP510 TO-92 11340
MIP001 SOP24 22
MIP0100SY TO220 TO220 N/A 10000
MIP0100SY TO220 500
MIP0101 06+ 06+ SOP 300 Available,Ask Eric
MIP0101 02/03+ 02/03+ N/A 500
MIP0101SY 2004 2004 TO-220 2000
MIP0101SY 04+ 04+ TO-220 20000
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