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At + 85C: Leakage current shall not exceed 10 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. At +125C: Leakage shall not exceed 15 times the values listed in the Standard Ratings Tables. Life Test: Capacitors shall withstand rated DC voltage applied at + 85C for 2000 hours or derated DC voltage applied at + 125C for 1000 hours. Following the life test: 1. DCL shall not exceed 125% of the initial requirement. 2. Dissipation Factor shall meet the initial requirement. 3. Change in capacitance shall not exceed 5%.
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Parameter DC INPUT CHARACTERISTICS   Input Voltage Range   Input Differential Voltage   Input Offset Voltage   Input Offset Voltage Channel Matching   Offset Voltage Tempco   Input Bias Current   Input Bias Current Tempco   Input Offset Current   Input Capacitance   Input Resistance, Differential Mode   Input Resistance, Common Mode   Active Gain   Common-Mode Rejection Ratio   Hysteresis LATCH ENABLE CHARACTERISTICS   Latch Enable Voltage Range   Latch Enable Differential Input Voltage   Latch Enable Input High Current   Latch Enable Input Low Current   LE Voltage, Open   LE Voltage, Open   Latch Setup Time   Latch Hold Time   Latch to Output Delay   Latch Minimum Pulse Width DC OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS   Output VoltageHigh Level   Output VoltageLow Level   Rise Time   Fall Time AC PERFORMANCE   Propagation Delay


Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detect). Serial presence detect function is implemented via a serial 2,048-bit EEPROM. The first 128 bytes of serial PD data are programmed by Hynix to iden- tify DIMM type, capacity and other the information of DIMM and the last 128 bytes are available to the customer.

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MZ1532 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
MZ1532 ZIP ZIP 200
MZ1532 5
MZ1000A DIP 3
MZ1000A DIP 800 ★DIP★
MZ1000A 814
MZ1000A 9044 9044 CDIP24金 1
MZ1000A N/A N/A N/A 3862 New & original, stock offer
MZ105D 5 5 2,000 STOCK
MZ10A n/a n/a 150
MZ1230 ZIP-9 5
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