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OL7272LF More Information

Pack: SMD16
D/C: 05+


  VOUT Temperature Coefficient   DC Crosstalk2 REFERENCE INPUTS2   VREF(+) DC Input Impedance   VREF(−) DC Input Impedance   VREF(+) Input Current   VREF(+) Range   VREF(−) Range REFGND INPUTS2   DC Input Impedance   Input Range OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS2   Output Voltage Range
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The command register itself does not occupy any addressable memory location. The register is a latch used to store the commands, along with the address and data information needed to execute the command. The command register is written to bring #WE to logic low state, while #CE is at logic low state and #OE is at logic high state. Addresses are latched on the falling edge of #WE or #CE, whichever happens later; while data is latched on the rising edge of #WE or #CE, whichever happens first. Standard microprocessor write timings are used.


This device is another member of Broadcom's 0.13µ Gigabit copper PHY family, joining the BCM5404, BCM5414, BCM5421, BCM5421S, BCM5424, BCM5434, BCM5464, and BCM5464S. The 0.13µm process is the optimal process that offers the best performance, lowest cost, and lowest power for Gigabit copper solutions. Further, devices based on the 0.13µ process offer an excellent long-term cost curve, enabling better cost reduction over time compared to older technologies, without having to redesign or requalify a new part.

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OL7272LF Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
OL7272LF 06+ 06+ SOP16 25463 Talk to Email
OL7272LF 06+ 06+ SOP16 25463 In stock
OL7272LF 2007+ 2007+ SOP16S 9985 E-mail to me.
OL7272LF 50 New and In Stock
OL7272LF SMD16 866 http://www.silicon-ic.com
OL7272LF 0719+ 470
OL7272LF 05+ 05+ SMD16 111
OL7272LF 05+ 05+ SMD16 200PCS
OL7272 103+(og stok) 103+(og stok) SOP-16 3010
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