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Pack: SOP16
D/C: 07+


Notes: 12. Minimum limits are specified but not tested on Propagation Delays. 13. See Parameter Measurement Information in the General Information section. 14. With one data channel toggling, tW(L)=tW(H)=4.0 ns and tr=tf=1.0 ns.
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Intersil offers a wide range of MOSFET drivers to form highly integrated solutions for high-current, high slew-rate applications. The OZ9938GN and OZ9938GN2V regulate output voltage, balance load currents and provide protective functions for two to four synchronous-rectified buck converter channels. These parts feature an integrated high-bandwidth error amplifier for fast, precise regulation and a five-bit DAC for the digital interface to program the 0.8% accuracy. A window comparator toggles PGOOD if the output voltage moves out of range and acts to protect the load in case of over voltage.


Pin 108 is also a dualCfunction pin, designated SOZ9938GNEOZ9938GNWR/ RDYPOL. In ISACBUS compatible operating modes 0, 1 and 2 (when one or both of mode pins 91 and 92 are tied low), pin 108 serves as the system memory write input (SOZ9938GNEOZ9938GNWR) to support writing to a Flash Boot ROOZ9938GN (For this purpose, it should be connected to the system memory write pin of the PC/XT/AT/ISA bus connector.) In these three modes, the OZ9938GNB will provide chip select pulses to the boot ROOZ9938GN for both read and write operations. In mode 3 (pins 91 and 92 both tied high), this function is disabled as no boot ROOZ9938GN support is available in this mode. In mode 3, pin 108 reverts to its original role in the OZ9938GNA as RDYPOL, an input to select the polarity of the ready pin.

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OZ9938GN 04+ 04+ SOP-16 3200
OZ9938GN 06+ 06+ SOP16 10000
OZ9938GN SOP16 230 Nice Price,Available
OZ9938GN SOP-16 SOP-16 05+ 1152
OZ9938GN 04+ 04+ SOP-16 3200
OZ9938GN 00+ 00+ 193 Nornal Stock
OZ9938GN SOP16 15
OZ9938GN 06+ 06+ SOP16 20000
OZ9938GN 07+ 07+ SOP16 MICRO
OZ9938GN 07+ 07+ SOP16 424 original environmental avaliable stock
OZ9938GN SOP-16 SOP-16 05+ 852
OZ9938GN 2006+ 2006+ N/A 20000
OZ9938GN 05+ 05+ SOP-16 1,152 original parts in stock
OZ9938GN 253
OZ9938GN SOP16 19
OZ9938GN SOP-16 50 New & Original/stock
OZ9938GN 07+ 07+ SOP16 30PCS
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