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The UCC3808 dual output drive stages are arranged in a push-pull configuration. Both outputs switch at half the oscillator frequency using a toggle flip-flop. The dead time between the two outputs is typically 60 ns to 200 ns depending on the values of the timing capacitor and resistors, thus limiting each output stage duty cycle to less than 50%. (continued)
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Parameter VDD to GND2 RFVDD to GND Digital I/O Voltage to GND Operating Temperature Range Industrial (B Version) Storage Temperature Range Maximum Junction Temperature TSSOP JA Thermal Impedance Lead Temperature, Soldering Vapor Phase (60 sec) Infrared (15 sec)


Power On Reset: VCC Lock-Out Write Protect In order to prevent data corruption and inadvertent Write operations during Power-up, a Power On Reset (POR) circuit is included. At Power-up, the internal reset is held active until VCC has reached the Power On Reset (POR) threshold voltage, and all operations are disabled C the device will not re- spond to any command. In the same way, when VCC drops from the operating voltage, below the Power On Reset (POR) threshold voltage, all op- erations are disabled and the device will not re- spond to any command. A stable and valid VCC (as defined in Table 9. and Table 10.) must be applied before applying any logic signal.

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P1C16C64A Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
P1C16C54C 02+ 02+ DIP 107
P1C16C54C04/P 9
P1C16C56/1W DIP DIP 1
P1C16C56/1W DIP 1
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P1C17C42-16/JM DIP DIP 3
P1C18F4480-I/PT 07+/08+ 160 CIF HK
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