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P4M266A More Information

Mfg: VIA
Pack: BGA
D/C: 0539+


A single PGOOD signal is issued when soft-start is complete on both PWM controllers and their outputs are within 10% of the set point and the linear regulator output is greater than 75% of its setpoint. Thermal shutdown circuitry turns off the device if the junction temperature exceeds +150C.
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The P4M266AC is an octal line receiver designed to meet a wide range of digital communications requirements as outlined in EIA standards EIA232E, EIA423A, EIA422A, and CCITT V.10, V.11, V.28, X.26, and X.27. The P4M266AC includes an input noise filter and is intended for applications employing data rates up to 200 KBPS. A failsafe function allows these devices to "fail" to a known state under a wide variety of fault conditions at the inputs.


f Video and snapshot operation f Progressive scan read out with horizontal and vertical flip f Programmable Exposure:   - Master clock divider   - Inter row delay   - Inter frame delay   - Partial frame integration f Programmable gain amplifier f Full automatic servo loop for black level & offset adjustment   on each gain channel f Horizontal & vertical sub-sampling (2:1 & 4:2) with averaging f Windowing f Programmable pixel clock, inter-frame and inter-line delays

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P4M266A Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
P4M266A 05+ 05+ VIA 500
P4M266A 03CE 03CE BGA 10 new arrived in stock
P4M266A 04+ 04+ BGA 120 in stock
P4M266A BGA4040 BGA4040 03+ 32
P4M266A 07+ 07+ BGA 495 STOCK
P4M266A 04+ 04+ n/a 3 n/a
P4M266A 0 3247
P4M266A 35
P4M266A 03+ 03+ BGA 2500
P4M266A 0304+ 0304+ BGA 43
P4M266A 03+ 03+ BGA 37 83018074
P4M266A 05+ 05+ BGA 500
P4M266A N/A N/A BGA 687 http://www.silicon-ic.com
P4M266A BGA BGA 1358
P4M266A 0350 0350 80
P4M266A 06+ 06+ BGA 42654
P4M266A 337
P4M266A 06+ 06+ ST 7500
P4M266A 03+ 03+ BGA4040 32
P4M266A 1000 STRC Verified
P4M266A BGA 88 STRC Verified
P4M266A O9+ O9+ 500000
P4M266A VIA VIA 236 07+/08+
P4M266A 04+ 04+ BGA 1120
P4M266A 04+ 04+ BGA 1120
P4M266A 04+ 04+ BGA 50PCS
P4M266A 0539+ 0539+ BGA 11
P4M266A 0539+ 0539+ BGA 11
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