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Mfg: ST


The DDU7C relies on a stable power supply to produce repeatable delays within the stated tolerances. A 0.1uf capacitor from VDD to GND, located as close as possible to the VDD pin, is recommended. A wide VDD trace and a clean ground plane should be used.
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To obtain the highest transfection efficiency and low non-specific effects, optimize transfection conditions by varying DNA and Lipofectamine™ 2000 concentrations, and cell density. Make sure that cells are greater than 90% confluent and vary DNA (µg):Lipofectamine™ 2000 (µl) ratios from 1:0.5 to 1:5.


  A requirement of automotive systems is steady operation over a varying battery input range. The AP4N20 integrates a pulse-frequency modulated boost converter to create a constant supply voltage for driving the external MOSFETs. Bootstrap capacitors are utilized to provide the above battery supply voltage required for n-channel FETs.

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P4N20 24
P4N20 24
P4N266 1038 ALYL
P4N266 QFP 249
P4N266 02+ 02+ BGA 1038
P4N266 SOP 300 Available,Ask Eric
P4N266 BGA 25463 In stock
P4N266 BGA BGA 33 original &in STK
P4N266 142
P4N266 05+ 05+ 1051 Normal stock
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