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Pack: HYB
D/C: 00+


1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses of any rights of Hitachis or any third partys patent,   copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights for information contained in this document.   Hitachi bears no responsibility for problems that may arise with third partys rights, including   intellectual property rights, in connection with use of the information contained in this document. 2. Products and product specifications may be subject to change without notice. Confirm that you have   received the latest product standards or specifications before final design, purchase or use. 3. Hitachi makes every attempt to ensure that its products are of high quality and reliability. However,   contact Hitachis sales office before using the product in an application that demands especially high    quality and reliability or where its failure or malfunction may directly threaten human life or cause risk   of bodily injury, such as aerospace, aeronautics, nuclear power, combustion control, transportation,   traffic, safety equipment or medical equipment for life support. 4. Design your application so that the product is used within the ranges guaranteed by Hitachi particularly   for maximum rating, operating supply voltage range, heat radiation characteristics, installation   conditions and other characteristics. Hitachi bears no responsibility for failure or damage when used   beyond the guaranteed ranges. Even within the guaranteed ranges, consider normally foreseeable   failure rates or failure modes in semiconductor devices and employ systemic measures such as fail-   safes, so that the equipment incorporating Hitachi product does not cause bodily injury, fire or other   consequential damage due to operation of the Hitachi product. 5. This product is not designed to be radiation resistant. 6. No one is permitted to reproduce or duplicate, in any form, the whole or part of this document without   written approval from Hitachi. 7. Contact Hitachis sales office for any questions regarding this document or Hitachi semiconductor   products.
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C 16-bit Timer with 8-bit Prescaler, and Watchdog Tim-   er (activated by software or by hardware) C 16-bit Standard Timer that can be used to generate   a time base independent of PLL Clock Generator C Two 16-bit independent Extended Function Timers   (EFTs) with Prescaler, up to two Input Captures and   up to two Output Compares C Two 16-bit Multifunction Timers, with Prescaler, up   to two Input Captures and up to two Output Com-   pares


The RSN315H42M integrates 132K words of on-chip memory configured as 32K words (24-bit) of program RAM, and 100K words (16-bit) of data RAM. power-down circuitry is also provided to reduce power consumption. The RSN315H42M is available in a 144-lead LQFP package.

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RSN315H42 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
RSN315H42 00+ 00+ HYB 6 long-term stock
RSN 1/2W 10 J TB 50 new in stock
RSN2003 TO-92 3340 Owen Chen:Tel:0086-10-62101298-603 or 0086-013439884772 Email:owencwl@163.com
RSN2003 TO-92 3340
RSN2003 TO-92 3340 QQ:360383622
RSN307 50
RSN307M42-P DIP DIP 01+ 120
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RSN307M44 07+ 07+ 495 STOCK
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