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S2000A More Information

Mfg: SAY
Pack: TO-3P
D/C: 06+


WORLD HEADQUARTERS: 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, California 90245, Tel: (310) 322 3331   ADVANCED ANALOG: 2270 Martin Av., Santa Clara, California 95050, Tel: (408) 727-0500   Visit us at www.irf.com for sales contact information.   Data and specifications subject to change without notice. 12/02
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The S2000A/24LC08 is a low cost, non-volatile, 4096-bit serial EEPROM with enhanced security device and conforms to all specifications in I2C 2 wire protocol. The whole memory can be disabled (Write Protected) by connecting the WP pin to Vcc. This section of memory then becomes unalterable unless WP is switched to Vss. It is enhanced with security function. Every word of the memory has a programmable security bit to permit whether it can be altered or not. The S2000A/24LC08's communication protocol uses CLOCK(SCL) and DATA I/O(SDA) lines to synchronously clock data between the master (for example a microcomputer)and the slave EEPROM devices(s) .In addition, the bus structure allows for a maximum of 16K of EEPROM memory. This supports the family in 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K devices, allowing the user to configure the memory as the application requires with any combination of EEPROMs (not to exceed 16K).


  Figure 6 shows V1, the LED drive voltage of the output of inverter U1A. The input voltage V2 to inverter U1B is shown in Figure 7. Note that the voltage at V2 may ring above VCC and below ground for a short duration because of capacitor C2. The NL27WZ04 dual inverter has an absolute DC input voltage rating of C0.5 V to 7 V. The maximum ratings are specified at a steady state condition and the RMS value of the high and low sides of the V2 are within the input voltage specification. The voltage at V2 swings below ground; however, the RMS value of the minimum voltage level is equal to only approximately C50 mV.

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S2000A Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
S2000A TO-3P 200
S2000A O2 O2 TO-3P 582 STOCK!!!
S2000A NEW NEW TO-3PH 20000
S2000A 12000 12000 2002
S2000A TO-3P TO-3P 2002 5000
S2000A 2002 2002 TO-3P 11250 long-term stock
S2000A 06+ 06+ TO-3P 37950
S2000A 06+ 06+ TO-3P 1000 New & Original/stock
S200 排带 排带 10000
S2000 NEW NEW TO-66 20000
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