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SC-1088 More Information

Pack: 2008


Data Bits DB7CP1 to DB0CP1 No Connection Digital Common Digital Supply Voltage Input Write Signal for PORT 1 (IQWRT in Interleaving Mode) Clock Input for DAC1 (IQCLK in Interleaving Mode) Clock Input for DAC2 (IQRESET in Interleaving Mode) Input Write Signal for PORT 2 (IQSEL in Interleaving Mode) Data Bits DB7CP2 to DB0CP2 Power-Down Control Input Analog Common PORT 2 Differential DAC Current Outputs Full-Scale Current Output Adjust for DAC2 Master/Slave Resistor Control Mode Reference Input/Output Full-Scale Current Output Adjust for DAC1 PORT 1 Differential DAC Current Outputs Analog Supply Voltage Mode Select (1 = Dual Port, 0 = Interleaved)
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SC-1088 PDF

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Turn-On Propagation Delay Turn-Off Propagation Delay Turn-On Rise Time Turn-Off Fall Time ITRIP to Output Shutdown Prop. Delay ITRIP Blanking Time ITRIP to FAULT Indication Delay Input Filter Time (All Six Inputs) LIN1,2,3 to FAULT Clear Time Deadtime Operational Amplifier Slew Rate (+) Operational Amplifier Slew Rate (-)


  The SC-1088 is fully 3.3 V compatible and requires no external components for the internal PLL. All inputs accept LVCMOS sig- nals while the outputs provide LVCMOS compatible levels with the capability to drive terminated 50 Ω transmission lines on the inci- dent edge. For series terminated transmission lines, each of the SC-1088 outputs can drive one or two traces giving the devices an effective fanout of 1:20. The device is packaged in a 7x7 mm2 32-lead LQFP package.

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SC-1088 Suppliers

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SC-1088 N/A N/A 00+ 13
SC-1088 2008 13
SC-010 BGA 1670
SC-010 module 10 new in stock
SC-01-A 2007 1
SC-01-M30A 1360
SC-020 BGA 1356
SC-020 module 10 new in stock
SC-03 Relay(new original) 100 (ZL)in stock
SC-031 BGA 1349
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