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SC-1091 More Information

D/C: 04+


  This CMOS device is designed for switching PCM-encoded voice or data, under microprocessor control, in a modern digital exchange, PBX or Central Office. It provides simultaneous connections for up to 256 64kbit/s channels. Each of the eight serial inputs and outputs consist of 32 64kbit/s channels multiplexed to form a 2048kbit/s ST-BUS stream. In addition, the IMP8980D provides microprocessor read and write access to individual ST-BUS (Serial Telecom Bus) channels.
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• Input Voltage Range:   36 V to 75 V • Programmable Output Voltage • +90 % Efficiency • 1500 VDC Isolation • On/Off Control • Over-Current Protection • Differential Remote Sense • Output Over-Voltage Protection • Over-Temperature Shutdown


Holtek reserves the right to re-introduce at any time in the future the manufacture of devices that may have gone through the full phase-out procedure. All new re-introductions of previously phased-out devices will be announced on the Holtek website.

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SC-1091 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
SC-1091 N/A N/A 00+ 2
SC-1091 2008 2
SC-010 BGA 1670
SC-010 module 10 new in stock
SC-01-A 2007 1
SC-01-M30A 1360
SC-020 BGA 1356
SC-020 module 10 new in stock
SC-03 Relay(new original) 100 (ZL)in stock
SC-031 BGA 1349
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