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SC432493CFN2 More Information

Mfg: MOT
Pack: PLCC-52
D/C: 07+


Tie to GND (pin 13 QFN; pin 9 SSOP) Analog Supply Voltage Input. Supplies internal analog circuitry. Bypass VCC with a 10Ω and 1µF low-pass filter. See Figure2. Power Ground. Internally connected to the internal NMOS synchronous-rectifier switch. Shutdown control Input Drive SHDN low to disable the reference, control circuitry, and internal MOSFETs. Drive high or connect to VCC for normal operation.
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SC432493CFN2 PDF

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  Wellenlänge der Strahlung 950 nm   Enger Abstrahlwinkel   Hohe Strahlstärke   Geringe Außenabmessungen   Gehäusegleich mit Fototransistor SFH 3100 F   Hoher Koppelfaktor in Lichtschranken in   Verbindung mit SFH 3100 F • Hohe Zuverlässigkeit


Configurable LED drivers and serial LED output. Configurable through MII serial port or via external control pins. Available in 160-pin PQFP with heat spreader. Commercial temperature range (0-70oC ambient). Part numbers: SC432493CFN2AHC SC432493CFN2BHC SC432493CFN2AHC SC432493CFN2BHC

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SC432493CFN2 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
SC432493CFN2 180
SC432493CFN2 . 51 call me any time
SC432493CFN2 PLCC52 180
SC432493CFN2 PLCC52 PLCC52 97 185 our own stock
SC432493CFN2 370
SC432493CFN2 PLCC52 180
SC432493CFN2 PLCC52 180
SC432493CFN2 03-07+ 03-07+ 180 RFQ,CALL FOR PRICE
SC432493CFN2 180
SC432493CFN2 PLCC-52 PLCC-52 180
SC432493CFN2 N/A N/A N/A 3000
SC432493CFN2 PLCC 35
SC432493CFN2 PLCC-52 178
SC432493CFN2 07+ 07+ PLCC-52 5000
SC432493CFN2 183
SC432493CFN2 PLCC 1000
SC432493CFN2 180 180 04+ PLCC52
SC432493CFN2 07/08+ 07/08+ PLCC52 125 new & original package and in our stock
SC432493CFN2 PLCC-52 180 New & Original/stock
SC432493CFN2 PLCC52 1284
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