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Switches & Routers Todays routers and switches process high-speed traffic that are bottlenecked across the I/O bus. Switch and router manufacturers are seeking out new I/O interconnect solutions that address their ever-increasing need for speed, robustness and scalability.
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The flags are synchronous, i.e., they change state relative to either the read clock (RCLK) or the write clock (WCLK). When entering or exiting the Empty and Almost Empty states, the flags are updated exclusively by the RCLK. The flags denoting Almost Full, and Full states are updated exclusively by WCLK. The synchronous flag architecture guarantees that the flags maintain their status for at least one cycle


Hynix HYMD512646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to 133MHz and offers fully synchronous oper- ations referenced to both rising and falling edges of differential clock inputs. While all addresses and control inputs are latched on the rising edges of the clock, Data, Data strobes and Write data masks inputs are sampled on both rising and falling edges of it. The data paths are internally pipelined and 2-bit prefetched to achieve very high bandwidth. All input and output voltage levels are compatible with SSTL_2. High speed frequencies, programmable latencies and burst lengths allow variety of device operation in high performance memory system.

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