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SK-8085-1 More Information

Pack: DIP-8P
D/C: 93+


  While in user mode, the RC4700 provides a single, uniform virtual address space of 256GB (2GB for 32-bit address mode). When oper- ating in the kernel mode, four distinct virtual address spacestotalling 1024GB (4GB in 32-bit address mode)are simultaneously available and are differentiated by the high-order bits of the virtual address.
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SK-8085-1 PDF

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Secured Silicon Sector: Extra 256 Byte sector   Factory locked and identifiable: 16 bytes available for   secure, random factory Electronic Serial Number;   verifiable as factory locked through autoselect   function. ExpressFlash option allows entire sector to   be available for factory-secured data   Customer lockable: One-time programmable only.   Once locked, data cannot be changed


There are three different types of ground pins on the SK-8085-1A. They are the logic ground (GND), BTL grounds (B0GNDCB8GND) and the Bandgap reference ground (QGND). All of these ground reference pins are isolated within the chip to minimize the effects of high current switch- ing transients. For optimum performance the QGND should be returned to the connector through a quiet channel that does not carry transient switching current. The GND and B0GNDCB8GND should be connected to the nearest back- plane ground pin with the shortest possible path. Since many different grounding schemes could be imple- mented and ESD circuitry exists on the SK-8085-1, it is impor- tant to note that any voltage difference between ground pins, QGND, GND or B0GNDCB8GND should not exceed 0.5V including power-up/down sequencing.

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SK-8085-1 Suppliers

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SK-8085-1 93+ 93+ DIP-8P 6000 skype:treesam_xie,yahoo messager:treesamxie
SK-0603UR 4,597 new in stock
SK-0603YG 3,485 new in stock
SK-101J27 SOP 492
SK-101J27 05+ 05+ SOP-44P 492 original &in STK
SK-107M2 NO 5000
SK-107M2 5000
SK-107M2 NO NO 5000
SK-107M2 5000 New,unused in stock and at lower price in perfect quality!!!
SK-107M2 453 Stock
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