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On Board 24Mhz Crystal Driver Circuit Can be clocked by an external 24MHz source On-Chip 1.8V Regulator for Low Power Core Operation Internal PLL for 480Mhz USB2.0 Sampling, Configurable MCU clock 11 GPIOs for special function use: LED indicators, button inputs, power control to memory devices, etc.
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The SM25JZ41M provides 132K words of on-chip SRAM memory. This memory is divided into Program and Data Memory blocks in each DSPs memory map. In addition to the internal memory space, the two cores can address two additional and separate off-core memory spaces: I/O space and shared memory space, as shown in Figure 2.


  Figure 4 illustrates the differential or gauge configuration in the unibody chip carrier (Case 344). A silicone gel isolates the die surface and wire bonds from the environment, while allowing the pressure signal to be transmitted to the silicon diaphragm.   The MPX53/MPXV53GC series pressure sensor operating

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SM25JZ41 1800
SM25JZ41 可控硅模块 525 original parts in stock
SM25JZ41 MODULE 1800
SM25JZ41 1
SM200 05+ 05+ QFN-28 25463 In stock
SM200 05+ 05+ 11 RFQ,CALL FOR PRICE
SM200-05S05 0129+ 0129+ SOP16 11
SM200-05S05 0129+ 11
SM200-05S09 0129+ 0129+ SOP16 9
SM200-05S09 0129+ 9
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