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Portable Instrumentation Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Digital Offset and Gain Adjustment Automatic Tuning Programmable Voltage and Current Sources Programmable Attenuators Industrial Process Controls Motion Control Microprocessor (µP)-Controlled Systems Power Amplifier Control Fast Parallel-DAC to Serial-DAC Upgrades
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When VCCIO is connected to 5 V, the input thresholds are TTL levels, and thus compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V logic. The output High levels are also TTL compatible. When VCCIO is connected to 3.3 V, the input thresholds are still TTL levels, and the outputs pull up to the 3.3 V. This makes the XC7336 ideal for interfacing directly to 3.3 V components. In addition, the output structure is designed so that the I/O can also safely interface to a mixed 3.3 V and 5 V bus simultaneously.


The GLI650USB is a 5 port USB hub with 1 upstream port and 4 downstream ports. It uses an 8-bit RISC-like uC to encode/decode the host commands. The STK-054 is designed mainly for stand-alone hub and can also be integrated in PC mo therboard or any other devices to support USB hub function. The STK-054 can switch between self- power and bus-power automatically without re-plug in. The STK-054 can be configured as individual mode or ganged mode for the power management of downstream port devices. To prevent from abnormal current consumption of downstream port devices, the STK-054 supplies power enable flags by reading the over-current flags. The STK-054 supports smart traffic indication through the LED lighting. The higher data traffic flows through one port, the higher frequency of that ports LED blinks. To minimize the power consumption, the STK-054 will turn LED off and stop the clock when they are suspended.

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STK 315440002 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
STK 315440102 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
STK0010 10
STK0010II 04+ 04+ HYB 16 long-term stock
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STK0029 05+ 05+ DIP 5550 original &in STK
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