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STK0100II More Information

Pack: STK
D/C: 2004+


(i.e. Ground) output voltage. In contrast, an unbuffered inverter such as the NL27WZU04 functions as a voltage amplifier for a small input voltage and thus can provide a sine wave output during the oscillation startCup period. It is recommended that higher frequency oscillator applications, such as a clock generation circuit, use the unbuffered inverters.   The LED oscillator circuit shown in Figure 1 can be used as a Power ON indicator. If NAND gates are used instead of the inverters, ON/OFF control can be implemented for applications such as status indicator lamps. This oscillator circuit, shown in Figure 5, could be constructed using ON Semiconductors OneCGate Logic family NAND devices. The MC74VHC1G00 is the 2Cinput NAND and the MC74VHC1G01 is the 2Cinput NAND with an open drain output.
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  Twin mode: Two groups for KEY1 C 8 direct key or 44 MATRIX keys C Two-page trigger C Key debounce time: 22ms/45ms C Trigger function:   Level hold/one shot/level trigger C FLAG1, FLAG2 outputs:   3Hz/sound level/busy/6Hz/endp C Melody/tone decay time:   2 sec/1 sec/0.5 sec/0.25 sec C Four kinds of envelope shapes for melody Tone shape: tone+2kHz/noise/tone/silence Tempo: 16ms/section~1 sec/section Dice form or 16-pin DIP


Zero dead time switching Maximum output current 7.5 A Standby mode High efficiency Operating voltage from 10 V to 30 V (symmetrical) or 20 V to 60 V (asymmetrical) Low quiescent current High output power Diagnostic output Thermal protection, current protection and voltage protection.

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STK0100II Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
STK0100II 07+ 07+ 200 Special offer stock
STK0100II 2004+ 2004+ STK 200 New Parts In stock
STK 315440002 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
STK 315440102 60000 ECRAI@MSN.COM
STK0010 10
STK0010II 04+ 04+ HYB 16 long-term stock
STK0010II 5
STK0025 05+ 05+ DIP 5550 original &in STK
STK0025 15
STK0029 2
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