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DC input range: 180 - 375V Input surge withstand: 400V for 100ms DC output: 3.3V Programmable output: 10 to 110% Regulation: 0.2% Efficiency: 77.5% Maximum operating temperature: 100C at full load Power density: 60W/cubic inch Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm) Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture
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Current generation handheld computers and instruments typically use backlit liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) provide the highest available efficiency for backlighting the display, where providing the most light out for the least amount of input power is the most important goal. These lamps require high voltage AC to operate, mandating an efficient high voltage DC/AC converter. The lamps operate from DC, but migration effects damage the lamp and shorten its life- time. Lamp drive should ideally contain zero DC compo- nent. In addition to good efficiency, the converter should deliver the lamp drive in the form of a sine wave. This minimizes EMI and RF emissions, which can interfere with other devices and degrade overall operating efficiency. Sinusoidal CCFL drive also maximizes current-to-light conversion in the lamp. The circuit also permits lamp intensity control from zero to full brightness with no hysteresis or pop-on.


In the XC7336, five product terms from the programmable AND array are allocated to each Macrocell. Four of these product-terms are ORd together and may be optionally inverted before driving the input of a programmable D-type flip-flop. The fifth product-term drives the asynchronous active High programmable Set or Reset input to the Macro- cell flip-flop. The flip-flop can be configured as a D-type or Toggle flip-flop, or transparent for combinatorial outputs. See Figure 2.

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STRF6267 02+ 02+ 19 XLL
STRF6267 DIP-5 200
STRF6267 150
STRF6267 07+ 07+ ZIP 495 STOCK
STRF6267 652 652
STRF6267 04+ 04+ ZIP SK
STRF6267 03+ 03+ TO3P-5 33 long-term stock
STRF6267 02+ 02+ ZIP 500 http://www.silicon-ic.com
STRF6267 05+/06+ 210
STRF6267 20
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