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After Preset Mode inputs have been changed to one of the modes, the next positive-going clock transition changes an internal flip-flop so that the countdown can begin at the second positive-going clock transition. Thus, after an MP (Master Preset) mode, there is always one extra count before the output goes high. Figure 1 illustrates a total count of 3 (8 mode). If the Master Preset mode is started two clock cycles or less before an output pulse, the output pulse will appear at the time due. If the Master Preset Mode is not used, the counter jumps back to the Jam count when the output pulse appears.
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Each data transfer is initiated with a start condition and ended with a stop condition. The first byte after a start condition is always a 7-bit address byte followed by a read/write bit. (HIGH = read from addressed device, LOW= write to addressed device). If the devices own address is detected, STRW5634-LF2002 generates an acknowledge by pulling SDATA line LOW during ninth clock pulse, then accepts the following data bytes until another start or stop condition is detected.


The control signals for the configuration EEPROM (CE, RESET/OE and CCLK) inter- face directly with the FPGA device control signals. All FPGA devices can control the entire configuration process and retrieve data from the configuration EEPROM without requiring an external intelligent controller.

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STR 1816 100 Owen Chen:Tel:0086-10-62101298-603 or 0086-013439884772 Email:owencwl@163.com
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STR S5707 07/08+ 07/08+ 50 HOT OFFER
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