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D/C: 01+


The TA7322PTF provides a set of flexible I/O control functions to the system designer through a set of General Purpose I/O ports. These GPIO ports may serve as simple I/O or may be individually configured to provide a predefined alternate function.
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1. This integrated circuit is produced with a Microchip Technology Inc.s PIC12C5XX as the core embedded   microcontroller. For further device specifications, and possibly clarification of those given, please refer to the   appropriate Microchip documentation.


The TA7322P features automatic PFM/PWM mode control, or PWM mode only. The PWM frequency is typically 1.4MHz and can be synchronized up to 12MHz. The typical no load quiescent current is only 120µA. Additional features include a Power-Good output, <1µA shut-down current, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection.

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TA7322P Suppliers

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TA7322P TOS 2000 0
TA7322P 91+ 91+ ZIP 1100
TA7322P 01+ 01+ 800
TA7012S 06+ 06+ 30800
TA7016 T 2854 XLL
TA701F SOP-24 SOP-24 02+ 100 original
TA701F SOP-24 SOP-24 02+ 100
TA7021 04+ 04+ SOP16 10000 Owen Chen:Tel:0086-10-62101298-603 or 0086-013439884772 Email:owencwl@163.com
TA7021 04+ 04+ SOP16 10000
TA7025 DIP DIP 3348
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