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The device can accommodate astigmatic, single foucault and double foucault detectors and can be used with P-type lasers with N-sub or P-sub monitor diodes. After an initial adjustment, the circuit will maintain control over the laser diode current. With an on-chip reference voltage generator, a constant stabilized output power is ensured and is independent of ageing.
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Note: The UDT-105N is a monolithic device. A user must supply an external battery or superCcap and a 32.768 KHz timekeeping crystal to have permanently powered timekeeping or nonvolatile RAM. The UDT-105N provides all the support and switching cir- cuitry needed to manage these resources.


NOTES: 1. Measured with outputs open. 2. Refresh period is 64ms. 3. Internal TCSR can be supported(In commercial Temp : Max 40C/Max 70C). 4. UDT-105N-M(E)C** 5. UDT-105N-M(E)L** 6. UDT-105N-M(E)F** 7. Unless otherwise noted, input swing IeveI is CMOS(VIH /VIL=VDDQ/VSSQ).

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UDT-105N Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
UDT-020UV CAN 10 new in stock
UDT23A05L01 08+ 08+ SOT23 Brightking
UDT455 710
UDT455 CAN 318 new in stock
UDT455 01+ 01+ CAN 710
UDT-455HS 07+ 07+ . 9000
UDT-PIN-10381-8 07+ 07+ . 9000
UDT-PIN-11411-1 07+ 07+ . 9000
UDT-PIN-14054 07+ 07+ . 9000
UDT-PIN-5551A 07+ 07+ . 9000
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