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UM70C171-66 More Information

Mfg: UMC
D/C: 92


  The management of available energy is provided by automatic operating modes envoked by the fault monitor or sleep-mode manager. The fault monitor consists of an over-velocity fault circuit, a VCC(A) under- voltage fault circuit, and a thermal fault circuit. The operating modes include VCC(PWR) isola- tion, active rectification of spindle back-EMF voltage to provide nearly lossless conversion of spindle rotational inertia into power to operate the voice-coil motor for parking the
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10 Sec. Pulsed Drain Current, VGS @ -10V Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ -10V Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ -10V Pulsed Drain Current  Power Dissipation Linear Derating Factor Gate-to-Source Voltage Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt ‚ Junction and Storage Temperature Range


(4) The products and product specifications described in this material are subject to change without   notice for reasons of modification and/or improvement. At the final stage of your design, purchas-   ing, or use of the products, therefore, ask for the most up-to-date Product Standards in advance to   make sure that the latest specifications satisfy your requirements.

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UM70C171-66 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
UM70C171-66 06+ 06+ DIP 950
UM70C171-66 92+ 92+ 100
UM70C171-66 3300 3300 PHILIPS 92+
UM70C171-66 92+ 92+ DIP 3000
UM70C171-66 N/A N/A 38503 92 MAIL TO TALK
UM70C171-66 07+ 07+ DIP 2000 STOCK
UM70C171-66 2007+ 2007+ DIP28 9985 E-mail to me.
UM70C171-66 92 92 DIP 1795
UM70C171-66 92+ 92+ DIP 3000
UM70C171-66 UMC DIP
UM70C171-66 92 92 DIP 114
UM70C171-66 1992+ 1992+ DIP-28 40 In stock
UM70C171-66 06+ 06+ DIP 44808
UM70C171-66 07+ 07+ DIP-28 42654
UM70C171-66 DIP DIP 92 1300
UM70C171-66 92+ 92+ DIP-28P 19
UM70C171-66 DIP-28P DIP-28P 92+ 19
UM70C171-66 92 92 1800
UM70C171-66 92 92 13
UM70C171-66 1992+ 1992+ DIP-28 40 New & original/stock
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