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W9922PF More Information

Pack: QFP
D/C: 9824


CIS AC; INT VDCREF Config Reg => XXX010XX Gain=1 (Note 1) CCD AC; INT VDCREF Config Reg => XXX011XX Gain=1 (Note 1) CIS DC; INT VDCREF Config Reg => XXX000XX Gain=1 (Note 2) CIS DC; EXT VDCREF Config Reg => XXX100XX Gain=1 (Note 3) VDCEXT+DVREF < AVDD
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The W9922PF is a high-performance, four-channel analog-to-digital (A/D) converter designed for professional and broadcast audio applications. The W9922PF architecture utilizes a 1-bit delta-sigma modulator per channel incorporating a novel density modulated dither scheme for improved dynamic performance.


By providing complete set of common system peripherals, the W9922PF minimizes overall system costs and eliminates the need to configure additional components. The integrated on-chip functions that are described in this document include:

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W9922PF Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
W9922PF 00+ 00+ QFP 29
W9922PF 2007+ 2007+ 769 Special offer stock
W9922PF winbond winbond 38503 98+ MAIL TO TALK
W9922PF QFP QFP 00+ 29
W9922PF 07+/08+ 07+/08+ QFP 5,000 Our New Arrivals,please contact chongxonexports@hotmail.com for quotations
W9922PF 2003+ 2003+ STK 769 New Parts In stock
W9922PF 98+ 98+ QFP 500
W9922PF 500
W9922PF 06+ 06+ QFP 44808
W9922PF 2004+ 2004+ WINBOND 500
W9922PF 2007 600
W9922PF 04+ 04+ QFP QFP
W9922PF 9824 9824 QFP 500
W9922PF 9824 9824 QFP 500
W9922PF O9+ O9+ 500000
W9922PF N/A N/A 1 07+/08+
W9922PF QFP 600
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