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Enhanced Word Spotting capability (10 SI or 4 SD words) in parallel Noise robust Speaker Independent, Dependent & Continuous Listening recognition Speaker Verification (SVWS) C Noise robust voice biometric security High quality, 3.7-7.8 kbps speech synthesis & sound effects with Sensory SX synthesis technology 8 voice MIDI-compatible music synthesis coincident with speech; drum track feature enables additional voices Voice record & playback Audio Wakeup from sleep
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Section 6, Mechanical Data: − deleted 201-terminal GZZ package drawing and 176-pin PGF package drawing − Mechanical drawings of the 201-terminal GZZ, 201-terminal ZZZ, and 176-pin PGF packages will be appended to this   document via an automated process.


Micrels YM3010N is a high efficiency PWM buck control IC housed in the SO-8 package. Its 2.9V to 14V input voltage range allows it to efficiently step down voltages in 3.3V, 5V, and 12V systems as well as 1- or 2-cell Li Ion battery powered applications. The flexible architecture of the YM3010N allows for it to be configured as a buck or a buck-boost converter.

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YM3010N Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
YM3010N 06+ 06+ YAMAHA 7500
YM3010N 06+ 06+ YAMAHA 7500
YM3012 2000+ 2000+ DIP 110
YM3012 99+ 99+ DIP 250
YM3012 91 91 DIP 46
YM3012 . 700 call me any time
YM3012 DIP DIP 138
YM3012 DIP DIP 92+ 50 original
YM3012 04+ 04+ 113 Normal stock
YM3012 200 200 .
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