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IRS20955S More Information

Mfg: SMD-16
Pack: IR
D/C: 07+


• 24bit Fixed-point Digital Signal Processing • Maximum System Clock Frequency: 38MHz • Digital Audio Interface: 3 Input ports / 3 Output ports • Master / Slave Mode • Master Mode MCK:1/2 fclk, 1/3 fclk   ex. MCK = 384Fs(1/2) or MCK = 256Fs(1/3) at fclk=768Fs • Two kinds of micro computer interface   I2C bus (standard-mode/100kbps)   Serial interface (4 lines: clock, enable, input data, output data) • Power Supply: 2.5V ( 3.3V Input tolerant ) • Package: QFP32-R1
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DSP CORE FEATURES 6.25 ns Instruction Cycle Time (Internal), for up to   160 MIPS Sustained Performance ADSP-218x Family Code Compatible with the Same Easy   to Use Algebraic Syntax Single-Cycle Instruction Execution Dual Purpose Program Memory for Both Instruction and   Data Storage Fully Transparent Instruction Cache Allows Dual Operand   Fetches in Every Instruction Cycle Unified Memory Space Permits Flexible Address   Generation, Using Two Independent DAG Units Independent ALU, Multiplier/Accumulator, and Barrel   Shifter Computational Units with Dual 40-Bit   Accumulators Single-Cycle Context Switch between Two Sets of   Computational and DAG Registers Parallel Execution of Computation and Memory   Instructions Pipelined Architecture Supports Efficient Code Execution   at Speeds up to 160 MIPS Register File Computations with All Nonconditional,   Nonparallel Computational Instructions Powerful Program Sequencer Provides Zero-Overhead   Looping and Conditional Instruction Execution Architectural Enhancements for Compiled C/C++ Code   Efficiency Architecture Enhancements beyond ADSP-218x Family   are Supported with Instruction Set Extensions for   Added Registers, Ports, and Peripherals


The IRS20955S, IRS20955S, IRS20955S, and IRS20955S integrate a number of gamma reference buffers with a single VCOM amplifier. The IRS20955S contains 4 gamma buffers, the IRS20955S contains 6, the IRS20955S contains 8, and the IRS20955S contains 10. Each gamma buffer has a bandwidth of 12MHz and features a slew rate of 15V/µs. The output current is rated at 30mA continuous, 140mA peak.

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IRS20955S Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
IRS20955S 07+ 07+ IR 1350
IRS021 SOP-14 9
IRS021L 05+ 05+ SOP 4200 Normal Stock
IRS021L 05+ 05+ SOP 4200 long-term stock
IRS021L SOP SOP 15000
IRS021S 100000
IRS021S 04+ 04+ TO-263 10000
IRS041L 05+ 05+ SOP 4200 Normal Stock
IRS041L 05+ 05+ SOP 4200 long-term stock
IRS041L SOP SOP 3500
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