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1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of outputs defined as (n). Data inputs are driven 0V to 5.0V, (n -1) outputs switching and one output at GND. 3) Max number of data inputs (n) switching. (n-1) switching 0V to5.0V. Inputs under test switching: 5.0V to threshold (VILD), 0V to threshold (VIHD), f=1MHz.
The existing procedure to add a collection identifier is through a 'technical amendment' to the standard, since Annex A is a 'normative' annex of the standard. Even though this procedure is more complex and cumbersome than a simple registration procedure, it can be effectively used to handle the requests for registration of sub-repertoires of 10646. A request for identifying a sub- repertoire can be prepared and submitted by a member body, a liaison organization or an individual expert to SC 2, along with some background information and rationale behind the request.
D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574 D78016F574  D78016F574  D78016F574  D78016F574
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
D780   D780 D780 PDF Download NEC Tantalum Dipped Radial Capacitors  Performa
D780016-016   D780016-016 D780016-016 PDF Download NEC 2007 The DS2745 provides current-flow, voltage, and t
D780016-020   D780016-020 D780016-020 PDF Download NEC 2007 • High-speed access time: 10, 12, 15, and
D780016AYGF   D780016AYGF D780016AYGF PDF Download NEC QFP The HSMF-C15x series of bicolor chip-type LEDs
D780018-026   D780018-026 D780018-026 PDF Download NEC 2007 The MIC5158 produces a brief logic-low error-fla
D780018YGF-026   D780018YGF-026 D780018YGF-026 PDF Download NEC 2007 D780018YGF-026 is a dual Darlington power transis
D78001BCW   D78001BCW D78001BCW PDF Download 96 Calibration Cycle Initiate. A minimum 80 input c
D780021AGK   D780021AGK D780021AGK PDF Download 94 The R1RW0416D is a 4-Mbit high speed static RAM
D780022AS   D780022AS D780022AS PDF Download NEC . 04+ Interrupt. This open drain weak pullup, output si
D780022AYGK(21661036-2)   D780022AYGK(21661036-2) D780022AYGK(21661036-2) PDF Download Consumption Pb-Free Packages Available: SOT-23 (
D780023AGK   D780023AGK D780023AGK PDF Download NEC 07+
D780023AGK-B19   D780023AGK-B19 D780023AGK-B19 PDF Download The Si91871 is a 300-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) v
D780023AYGK   D780023AYGK D780023AYGK PDF Download NEC TQFP-64P 0316+ International Airport Industrial Park • Mai
D780023-B70   D780023-B70 D780023-B70 PDF Download SHARP O7+ This pin must be tied to either VCC or GND and mu
D780023GKA03   D780023GKA03 D780023GKA03 PDF Download Lower Byte Select Input. Asserting this signal L
D780024AGK   D780024AGK D780024AGK PDF Download NEC QFP 2001 One of two 3.3V 48MHz clock outputs, generated fr
D780024AQKB81   D780024AQKB81 D780024AQKB81 PDF Download Output Voltage Options: 2.6 V, 3.3 V, 5.0 V, 7.5
D78002AYGK   D78002AYGK D78002AYGK PDF Download 38 SAGEM 01+ Unlike serial EEPROMs, the FM25L16 performs wri
D78002B635   D78002B635 D78002B635 PDF Download NEC QFP/64 97+ A current sense methodology is implemented to di
D78002B-635   D78002B-635 D78002B-635 PDF Download NEC QFP 1997 VREF: The module senses the voltage at this inpu
D78002BGC-635   D78002BGC-635 D78002BGC-635 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ • TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
D780032CW   D780032CW D780032CW PDF Download NEC 98+ DIP The open-collector overtemperature flag ou
D780033A-805   D780033A-805 D780033A-805 PDF Download 55 NEC 00+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
D780033AGC   D780033AGC D780033AGC PDF Download Low IR (<100nA @ 1V, <500nA @ 3V) Desig
D780034AGK   D780034AGK D780034AGK PDF Download The IGBT technology is the key to International R
D78003B635   D78003B635 D78003B635 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
D780058   D780058 D780058 PDF Download NEC 2007 As an alternative to a full chip erase, the devi
D780058-014   D780058-014 D780058-014 PDF Download NEC 2007 Maximum Sample Rate: 170 MSPS 14-Bit Resolution
D780058-025   D780058-025 D780058-025 PDF Download NEC 2007 The HSMP-386X series of general purpose PIN diod
D780076GK   D780076GK D780076GK PDF Download Synchronous, 95% Efficient, Boost Converter With
D78008CB-763   D78008CB-763 D78008CB-763 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ These circuits consist of two independent, high-
D78008GB-763   D78008GB-763 D78008GB-763 PDF Download NEC QFP 1995 Output voltage is set to a nominal value between
D7800G   D7800G D7800G PDF Download NEC DIP 93+ 1. MTTF calculator available at http://www.frees
D780-1   D780-1 D780-1 PDF Download DIP The 20 outputs from the GLB can drive both the B
D78011BCW   D78011BCW D78011BCW PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
D78011GC503   D78011GC503 D78011GC503 PDF Download NEC QFP64 An output capacitor of 10 µF, ESR < 3
D78012BCN-186   D78012BCN-186 D78012BCN-186 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ • Provides a C2/C1.5 output clock signal w
D78012BCW-169   D78012BCW-169 D78012BCW-169 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+   Housed in SOIC−8 or PDIP−8 pac
D78012F598   D78012F598 D78012F598 PDF Download SDA The SDA is a Bi-directional pin used to tra
D78013-553   D78013-553 D78013-553 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ *Absolute maximum ratings apply at 25C, unless o
D78013CM-052   D78013CM-052 D78013CM-052 PDF Download 93 FEATURES AD5305: 4 Buffered 8-Bit DACs in 10-Le
D78013CW   D78013CW D78013CW PDF Download DIP During the first 30 ms after enabling VCO1 the m
D78013CW099   D78013CW099 D78013CW099 PDF Download For applications requiring On/Off control of the
D78013FC679   D78013FC679 D78013FC679 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ To verify that the input offset voltage falls wi
D78013FYCW   D78013FYCW D78013FYCW PDF Download NEC 2007 On the card-side the TRAKKER monitors two progra
D78013FYCWW08   D78013FYCWW08 D78013FYCWW08 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The SY88782L is a single supply 3.3V low power c
D78013GC-561   D78013GC-561 D78013GC-561 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ COOutput capacitanceVDDQ = 2.5 V2.533.5pF ̶
D78013GC679   D78013GC679 D78013GC679 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
D78013GC-679   D78013GC-679 D78013GC-679 PDF Download NEC QFP 1996 ESD (electrostatic discharge) threatens an elect
D78013GC691   D78013GC691 D78013GC691 PDF Download NEC 96   This 18-bit universal bus transceiver is
D78013GC-691   D78013GC-691 D78013GC-691 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ memory). In the First-Word Fall-Through Mode (FW
D78013GC716   D78013GC716 D78013GC716 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Addresses, data I/Os, chip enables (E1, E2, E3),
D78013GC-716   D78013GC-716 D78013GC-716 PDF Download NEC QFP 1998
D78013GC-718   D78013GC-718 D78013GC-718 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+
D78013GC770   D78013GC770 D78013GC770 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ PALE Pulse Width Address Valid to PALE Falling E
D78013GC-770   D78013GC-770 D78013GC-770 PDF Download NEC QFP 1998 Specialized addressing requirements are met by u
D78014-059   D78014-059 D78014-059 PDF Download N/A DIP 2006 The first six digits number shows lot number. Th
D780140C780   D780140C780 D780140C780 PDF Download 98 The Flash memory on the A128 devices is a nonvol
D78014CW   D78014CW D78014CW PDF Download NEC 00+ DIP-64 Clock 4.096 MHz- Bidirectional (TTL compatible i
D78014CW-111   D78014CW-111 D78014CW-111 PDF Download NEC 99+ The bq2000 uses a two-phase fast-charge algorithm
D78014FGC662   D78014FGC662 D78014FGC662 PDF Download Device programming occurs by executing the progra
D78014FYCW   D78014FYCW D78014FYCW PDF Download NEC The wiper settings are controllable through an I
D78014GC   D78014GC D78014GC PDF Download • 32-bit bus master DMA channel provides u
D78014GC565   D78014GC565 D78014GC565 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ • Moisture Resistance, steady state: MIL-ST
D78014GC-565   D78014GC-565 D78014GC-565 PDF Download NEC QFP 1993 Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 25
D78014GC630   D78014GC630 D78014GC630 PDF Download 543 NEC 95+ Edition 1998-10-08 Published by Siemens AG, Ber
D78014GC641   D78014GC641 D78014GC641 PDF Download NEC 95 The device includes a complete analogue signal pr
D78014H513   D78014H513 D78014H513 PDF Download NEC QFP 3 A 5% resistor value is recommended. In the OOK mo
D78014YCMY38   D78014YCMY38 D78014YCMY38 PDF Download The clock input is fully differential to be comp
D78014YCW   D78014YCW D78014YCW PDF Download NEC High Voltage: Operation Up to 72V Synchronizable
D78016F-570   D78016F-570 D78016F-570 PDF Download 2000 NEC 00+ This document is a general product description an
D78016F574   D78016F574 D78016F574 PDF Download NEC QFP 0051 Chrominance Output A 75 Ω termination resi
D78016F583   D78016F583 D78016F583 PDF Download NEC 07+ A Retriggerable one-shot multivibrator has an ou
D78016F-583   D78016F-583 D78016F-583 PDF Download 1561 NEC 00+ The D78016F-583 integrates a Boost Converter wit
D78016FCW021   D78016FCW021 D78016FCW021 PDF Download
D78016FYR01   D78016FYR01 D78016FYR01 PDF Download 300 NEC 98+ The ICS91309 is a high performance, low skew, low
D7801G   D7801G D7801G PDF Download NEC DIP 2006 Note 4 Unless otherwise specified all AC measurem
D780204AGF   D780204AGF D780204AGF PDF Download 27 NEC 05+ • Access times of 70, 85 ns • CMOS
D780204GF   D780204GF D780204GF PDF Download NEC Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximu
D780205GF041   D780205GF041 D780205GF041 PDF Download SONY The device is designed to accept video signals fr
D780206G-096   D780206G-096 D780206G-096 PDF Download NEC 2007 The SMA ZenBlock™ is designed to protect t
D780206GF-015   D780206GF-015 D780206GF-015 PDF Download REGISTERED In registered mode the output pin as
D780206GF-039   D780206GF-039 D780206GF-039 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ signal at this pin indicates the internal level
D780206GF-096   D780206GF-096 D780206GF-096 PDF Download NEC 2007 These Microsemi 30 kW Transient Voltage Suppresso
D780206GF-102   D780206GF-102 D780206GF-102 PDF Download SHARP O7+ Selects display mode 0xxx : 8 digits, 20 segment
D780208GF   D780208GF D780208GF PDF Download SHARP QFP100 04+ TIMER PINCCTIMING CONTROL  Internal Oscilla
D780208GF-062   D780208GF-062 D780208GF-062 PDF Download SHARP O7+ Single-power-supply flash memory (F-ZTAT™*
D780208GF-082   D780208GF-082 D780208GF-082 PDF Download NEC QFP 04+   MTV038 is designed for CRT/LCD monitor ap
D780226GF   D780226GF D780226GF PDF Download NEC QFP 02+ Low power consumption and flexible power managem
D780226GF-018   D780226GF-018 D780226GF-018 PDF Download The three major blocks of the MT8931C, consisting
D780226GF-019   D780226GF-019 D780226GF-019 PDF Download 1544 NEC 01+ Page Write The write control byte, word address
D780226GF-023   D780226GF-023 D780226GF-023 PDF Download NEC QFP 01+ 1.tCHZ and tOHZ are defined as the time at which
D780226GF031   D780226GF031 D780226GF031 PDF Download Operation at even lower levels of Vcc supply vol
D780228GF   D780228GF D780228GF PDF Download QFP 99+ Internal PWM Current Control. The AD780228GFSLB c
D780228GF-014   D780228GF-014 D780228GF-014 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
D780228GF-068   D780228GF-068 D780228GF-068 PDF Download 400 NEC 00+ The software protection is a register based read
D780228GF-069   D780228GF-069 D780228GF-069 PDF Download 400 NEC 00+ overall bandwidth is limited to 2MHz. The input
D780228GF-071   D780228GF-071 D780228GF-071 PDF Download 2000 NEC 00+ The differential inputs operate from rail-to-rail
D780228GF-073   D780228GF-073 D780228GF-073 PDF Download 1128 NEC 00+ A loopback test mode is provided that puts the
D780228GF-074   D780228GF-074 D780228GF-074 PDF Download 565 NEC 00+   The EM785840 series are 8-bit RISC type m
D780232   D780232 D780232 PDF Download NEC NEW 03+ † Stresses above those listed under Absolu
D780232GC-026   D780232GC-026 D780232GC-026 PDF Download The ADSP-21365/6 contains two computational proc
D780232GC-035   D780232GC-035 D780232GC-035 PDF Download NEC QFP 01+ Measurement of IN1-C and IN1-Y mixed differential
D780232GC-043   D780232GC-043 D780232GC-043 PDF Download NEC QFP 01+ The device is available with an access time of 5
D780232GC-049   D780232GC-049 D780232GC-049 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The CE input of the lead (or only) PROM is drive
D780232GC-049-8BT   D780232GC-049-8BT D780232GC-049-8BT PDF Download NEC TQFP 2001
D7802BGC   D7802BGC D7802BGC PDF Download NEC 95 Powerful Harvard Architecture Processor  &
D7802G   D7802G D7802G PDF Download NEC 1985 DIP PLIM: This pin is programmed to set the maximum i
D780306GF028   D780306GF028 D780306GF028 PDF Download Preliminary product information describes produc
D780306YF-1   D780306YF-1 D780306YF-1 PDF Download NEC BGA 99+ Designed for Signaling Rates (1) 2 Gbps Total J
D78035GC-115   D78035GC-115 D78035GC-115 PDF Download NEC 07+ The LV166A parallel-in or serial-in, serial-out
D78042-088   D78042-088 D78042-088 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ For a DAC, linearity is measured between zero-in
D78042AGF   D78042AGF D78042AGF PDF Download 95+ - On chip Hall sensor - Rotor-locked shutdown -
D78042AGF060   D78042AGF060 D78042AGF060 PDF Download NEC TQFP80 07+ To successfully enter the low-power mode, the MC
D78042FGF   D78042FGF D78042FGF PDF Download NEC O7+ Note A: Characteristic data has been developed f
D78042GF088   D78042GF088 D78042GF088 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
D78042GF-088   D78042GF-088 D78042GF-088 PDF Download NEC QFP 1997 NanoStar and NanoFree Packages O
D78043FG056   D78043FG056 D78043FG056 PDF Download NEC 2007 Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding
D78043FGF-025   D78043FGF-025 D78043FGF-025 PDF Download The output enable input is active LOW. If the out
D78043FGF-050   D78043FGF-050 D78043FGF-050 PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ Free PSoC "Tele-training" is available
D78043GF   D78043GF D78043GF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP   COMP, 0 VCS 0.4 V.   DV  
D78043GF062   D78043GF062 D78043GF062 PDF Download Operating voltage: 2.7V~5.2V Built-in 32kHz RC o
D78044   D78044 D78044 PDF Download NEC QFP 99 Aside from jitter effects, noise and pulse distor
D78044AGF   D78044AGF D78044AGF PDF Download 817 NEC 96+ The PWM controls the fan speed proportionally to
D78044BGF   D78044BGF D78044BGF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP
D78044BGF012   D78044BGF012 D78044BGF012 PDF Download   Pulse shapes for 0C655 ft., in 133 ft. &
D78044BGF013   D78044BGF013 D78044BGF013 PDF Download 1. Pastikan komputer dalam kondisi mati dan tidak
D78044BGF018   D78044BGF018 D78044BGF018 PDF Download • International standard package miniBLOC
D78044BGF019   D78044BGF019 D78044BGF019 PDF Download
D78044BGF026   D78044BGF026 D78044BGF026 PDF Download   A logic low on the CHIP ENABLE input will
D78044BGFO17   D78044BGFO17 D78044BGFO17 PDF Download This amplifier is designed with compensati
D78044FGF   D78044FGF D78044FGF PDF Download NEC QFP 99+ Serial data input; receives serial data from the
D78044GF-027   D78044GF-027 D78044GF-027 PDF Download The CD4085B types are supplied in 14-lead hermet
D78044GF117   D78044GF117 D78044GF117 PDF Download A new Power Management Mode (PMM) is useful for p
D78044GF-132   D78044GF-132 D78044GF-132 PDF Download NEC 07+/08+
D78044HGF   D78044HGF D78044HGF PDF Download 370 NEC 98+ Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input on All Scale
D78044HGF017   D78044HGF017 D78044HGF017 PDF Download Agilent Technologies HLMP subminiature LED lamps
D78044HGF-021   D78044HGF-021 D78044HGF-021 PDF Download NEC QFP 97+ Figure 5 shows the output levels overlayed using
D78044HGF023   D78044HGF023 D78044HGF023 PDF Download These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
D78045-042-EL4600   D78045-042-EL4600 D78045-042-EL4600 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ The HY62LF16806A is a high speed, super low powe
D78045-047   D78045-047 D78045-047 PDF Download NEC 2007 RSDS OUTPUT VOLTAGE CONTROL The RSDS output vol
D78045F047   D78045F047 D78045F047 PDF Download NEC 2007 enabled and synchronous loading occurs on the n
D78045FGF   D78045FGF D78045FGF PDF Download NEC O7+ During steady-state operation for a typical swit
D78045FGF-018-3B9   D78045FGF-018-3B9 D78045FGF-018-3B9 PDF Download NEC QFP 97 Hewlett-Packards HSMS-285A family of zero bias S
D78045FGF-092   D78045FGF-092 D78045FGF-092 PDF Download Applications • Mobile telecommunication &
D78045FGF-093   D78045FGF-093 D78045FGF-093 PDF Download For the D78045FGF-093, offset adjusting is norma
D78045GF016   D78045GF016 D78045GF016 PDF Download Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
D78045HGF014   D78045HGF014 D78045HGF014 PDF Download Pulse triggering occurs at a particular voltage
D78046HGF   D78046HGF D78046HGF PDF Download Greatly Reduced Conducted and Radiated EMI Low S
D78052GC-111   D78052GC-111 D78052GC-111 PDF Download SDRAM Controller 64-bit data bus. Up to 90MHz
D78052GC3B9   D78052GC3B9 D78052GC3B9 PDF Download The FCT841T high-performance interface is design
D78052GCA-03   D78052GCA-03 D78052GCA-03 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The SCENIC C620 is built with specially selected
D78053-A17   D78053-A17 D78053-A17 PDF Download NEC 2007   This N-Channel power MOSFET is   &
D78053GC   D78053GC D78053GC PDF Download QFP80 08+ A charge of over 2000 volts can accumulate on th
D78053GC064   D78053GC064 D78053GC064 PDF Download NEC Note 2. Regulation is measured at constant junct
D78053GC097   D78053GC097 D78053GC097 PDF Download NEC   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspect
D78053GC-108   D78053GC-108 D78053GC-108 PDF Download NEC QFP 1996 Notes 1. DC Current Transfer Ratio (CTRCE) is d
D78053GC-115   D78053GC-115 D78053GC-115 PDF Download NEC QFP 1996 Accesses to the SDRAM are burst oriented. Consecu
D78053GC267   D78053GC267 D78053GC267 PDF Download HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 70 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
D78053GC-503   D78053GC-503 D78053GC-503 PDF Download NEC QFP/80 98+ Gate-to-Source Voltage C Continue   - Non-
D78053GCA72   D78053GCA72 D78053GCA72 PDF Download The IRU1015 is a low dropout three-terminal adjus
D78053GCB15   D78053GCB15 D78053GCB15 PDF Download NEC QFP 03+ altered, and at the same time CJ and RS will be
D78053GK524   D78053GK524 D78053GK524 PDF Download NEC PQFP80 96+
D78054   D78054 D78054 PDF Download RVIXRDX 96+ QFP-M80P The 256Mb DDR SDRAM uses a double-data-rate arch
D78054G62   D78054G62 D78054G62 PDF Download The USB specification defines the following five
D78054GC   D78054GC D78054GC PDF Download PROGRAM MEMORY The device contains 4096 bytes of
D78054GC032   D78054GC032 D78054GC032 PDF Download
D78054GC-096   D78054GC-096 D78054GC-096 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Warning: Stresses beyond those listed under Absol
D78054GC-102   D78054GC-102 D78054GC-102 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ After determining which clock edge to use, a sta
D78054GC103   D78054GC103 D78054GC103 PDF Download NEC QFP 1995
D78054GC-103   D78054GC-103 D78054GC-103 PDF Download NEC QFP 1995 12 Bit Resolution 1.3 GS/s Sampling Rate 4:1 In
D78054GC-143   D78054GC-143 D78054GC-143 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+   The D78054GC-143 Excalibur™ series
D78054GC161   D78054GC161 D78054GC161 PDF Download NEC 06+ 500 These circuits perform a single function: they as
D78054GC165   D78054GC165 D78054GC165 PDF Download In LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling), an
D78054GC-177   D78054GC-177 D78054GC-177 PDF Download NEC QFP 96+ HN58X25xxx Series is the Serial Peripheral Inter
D78054GC433   D78054GC433 D78054GC433 PDF Download NEC QFP 97+ HY57V561620HT is offering fully synchronous opera
D78054GC439   D78054GC439 D78054GC439 PDF Download NEC QFP Two package styles are available. HOA0901- 011 i
D78054GC913   D78054GC913 D78054GC913 PDF Download The GMR S6 is an angle sensor based on sputtered
D78054GC925   D78054GC925 D78054GC925 PDF Download QFP NEC The chip is built around an ARM946ES RISC proces
D78054GC-929   D78054GC-929 D78054GC-929 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The video encoder is used to encode PC graphics d
D78054GK-513   D78054GK-513 D78054GK-513 PDF Download NEC QFP-80 * All specs and applications shown above subject
D78055GCA27   D78055GCA27 D78055GCA27 PDF Download NEC TQFP/80 98+ also at ANT1/ANT2 High Output Power (8.0 dBm) wi
D78056FGC-014-3B9   D78056FGC-014-3B9 D78056FGC-014-3B9 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ The HYM7V651601B F-Series are Dual In-line Memory
D78058-947   D78058-947 D78058-947 PDF Download • High-speed access time: 70 and 85 ns &#
D78058FG-054   D78058FG-054 D78058FG-054 PDF Download NEC QFP 97+ The series is useful as precision 2.5-V low-volt
D78058FGC-012   D78058FGC-012 D78058FGC-012 PDF Download NEC QFP 1996 The TLC5620 is implemented using four resistor-s
D78058FGC-042   D78058FGC-042 D78058FGC-042 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ the performance for a wide range of applications
D78058FGC-050   D78058FGC-050 D78058FGC-050 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ the ISAnet evaluation adapter card is designed a
D78058FGC051   D78058FGC051 D78058FGC051 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The Victory66 SLC90E66 Enhanced PCI South Bridge
D78058FGC-051   D78058FGC-051 D78058FGC-051 PDF Download NEC QFP 1997
D78058FGC-053   D78058FGC-053 D78058FGC-053 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ • SOP (Small Outline Package) • Iso
D78058FGC-076   D78058FGC-076 D78058FGC-076 PDF Download NEC QFP 97+   This is a diagram of a typical application
D78058FGC-A19-8BT   D78058FGC-A19-8BT D78058FGC-A19-8BT PDF Download NEC TQFP 98+ The D78058FGC-A19-8BT is a dual, Low-Noise Pream
D78058FGC-A20   D78058FGC-A20 D78058FGC-A20 PDF Download NEC QFP 1998
D78058FGC-A21   D78058FGC-A21 D78058FGC-A21 PDF Download NEC QFP/80 98+ Thus, the first step in designing the antenna ci
D78058GC018   D78058GC018 D78058GC018 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The Flash memory on the A64 device is a nonvolat
D78058GC-018-3B9   D78058GC-018-3B9 D78058GC-018-3B9 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ The 74LVC(H)162245A features two output enable (
D78058GC051   D78058GC051 D78058GC051 PDF Download NEC 05/06+ Important Information and Disclaimer:The informat
D78058GC-078   D78058GC-078 D78058GC-078 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ When OE is set HIGH, the data flow through the th
D78058GC-084   D78058GC-084 D78058GC-084 PDF Download NEC 97 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
D78058GC-503   D78058GC-503 D78058GC-503 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+
D78058GC975   D78058GC975 D78058GC975 PDF Download NEC QFP OPTIONAL OFFSET VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT In many appli
D78058GCF54   D78058GCF54 D78058GCF54 PDF Download 2350 NEC 98+ Inhibit*: This is an open-collector (open-drain)
D78058GCK40   D78058GCK40 D78058GCK40 PDF Download NEC QFP84 08+   Figure 6 shows the clock, enable, and dat
D78058GCK45   D78058GCK45 D78058GCK45 PDF Download When operating properly with 5V in (for example)
D78058GFCA22   D78058GFCA22 D78058GFCA22 PDF Download NEC TQFP 1998 Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
D78063GF   D78063GF D78063GF PDF Download Along with the Vaddis III decoder, Zoran provide
D78064BGF031   D78064BGF031 D78064BGF031 PDF Download NEC The highly integrated switches require no extern
D78064BGF-031   D78064BGF-031 D78064BGF-031 PDF Download NEC Acknowledge is a software convention used to pro
D78064GC149   D78064GC149 D78064GC149 PDF Download NEC 02+ Input Voltage Range Quiescent Current Soft St
D78064GF025   D78064GF025 D78064GF025 PDF Download NEC 98 Multifunction Instructions Pipelined Architectur
D78064GF-025   D78064GF-025 D78064GF-025 PDF Download NEC QFP 08+ READ ENABLE ( R )   A read cycle is initiat
D78064GF154   D78064GF154 D78064GF154 PDF Download Thereareadditionalprovisionsfor demonstrating DD
D78064GF-172   D78064GF-172 D78064GF-172 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The alignment-free DRX 3960A needs no special e
D78064GF-175   D78064GF-175 D78064GF-175 PDF Download Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
D78070AGC   D78070AGC D78070AGC PDF Download NEC QFP QFP READY: This signal can be used to extend the mem
D780805-015   D780805-015 D780805-015 PDF Download QFP100 08+ The availability of the amplifier bias current (
D78081CU-304   D78081CU-304 D78081CU-304 PDF Download NEC DIP 2006 Max. UnitsConditions CCCSVDS = 15V, ID = 3.8A &
D78081GA14   D78081GA14 D78081GA14 PDF Download NEC QFP 1997   downloaded externally. n The parameter co
D78081GA-14   D78081GA-14 D78081GA-14 PDF Download NEC QFP 1997 Connective units, called repeaters, spaced every
D780833Y306   D780833Y306 D780833Y306 PDF Download NEC TQFP 04+ These analog multiplexers/demultiplexers control
D780833Y309   D780833Y309 D780833Y309 PDF Download NEC TQFP 04+ Description: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPTA13,
D78098BGC-015   D78098BGC-015 D78098BGC-015 PDF Download NEC QFP/80 98+ The host system can detect whether a program or
D78098GC-015   D78098GC-015 D78098GC-015 PDF Download NEC QFP 98+ Note - If an of the identified ranges include co
D7809G033   D7809G033 D7809G033 PDF Download Track: This is an analog control input that enab
D7809G038   D7809G038 D7809G038 PDF Download 58 NEC The HYM71V16M755HC(L)T6 Series are 16Mx72bits Syn
D7809G053   D7809G053 D7809G053 PDF Download 16 NEC   This integrated circuit is designed to co
D7809G058   D7809G058 D7809G058 PDF Download NEC CDIP64 8802 The test set described in this paper allows comp
D7809G072   D7809G072 D7809G072 PDF Download 250 NEC This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
D780C   D780C D780C PDF Download NEC DIP-40 Certain applications using semiconductor product
D780C.C-1   D780C.C-1 D780C.C-1 PDF Download NEC DIP40 07+ The ABT8245 scan test devices with octal bus tr
D780C/P16395-126   D780C/P16395-126 D780C/P16395-126 PDF Download These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistor
D780C1   D780C1 D780C1 PDF Download NEC DIP N/A The Versatile Timer Unit (VTU) module contains f
D780C-1   D780C-1 D780C-1 PDF Download NEC DIP40 04+/05+/06+/07+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
D780C-1(-2)   D780C-1(-2) D780C-1(-2) PDF Download The zero-pin phase-locked loop (ZPLL) clock modu
D780C-1.   D780C-1. D780C-1. PDF Download This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
D780C2   D780C2 D780C2 PDF Download The BA178M!!T and BA178M!!FP series are 3-pin, fi
D780C-2   D780C-2 D780C-2 PDF Download 84 This pin is the ground pin for the entire chip.
D780D-1   D780D-1 D780D-1 PDF Download NEC 87+ In addition to its masked-ROM versions, the H8/3
D781   D781 D781 PDF Download   When heavy loads require the OUT pin to s
D7810   D7810 D7810 PDF Download NEC DIP 87/90 The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with a
D7810C   D7810C D7810C PDF Download NEC DIP-64 The C-suffix devices are characterized for opera
D7810C-1   D7810C-1 D7810C-1 PDF Download NEC N/A The ADC14L020 is a low power monolithic CMOS ana
D7810CW   D7810CW D7810CW PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ Each of the two switch channels supply up to 500
D7810G   D7810G D7810G PDF Download NEC DIP64 Notes: 1. DQ-to-I/O wiring is shown as recom-
D7810HC   D7810HC D7810HC PDF Download NEC 04+ 8- to 32-bit and 16- to 32-bit word packing opti
D7810HCW   D7810HCW D7810HCW PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Multiple Chroma an
D7810HG   D7810HG D7810HG PDF Download NEC DIP If the BYTE pin is set at logic 0, the device is
D7811CW   D7811CW D7811CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ board, minimum creepage and clearance requiremen
D7811CW-603   D7811CW-603 D7811CW-603 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP64 07+ Figure 1 shows a simplified schematic of t
D7811G   D7811G D7811G PDF Download NEC The three transmitter operating modes C transmit
D7811G-315   D7811G-315 D7811G-315 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ A common method of measuring temperature is to e
D7811G391   D7811G391 D7811G391 PDF Download NEC When T1 is set to logic 1, the programmable divi
D7811G-502   D7811G-502 D7811G-502 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ f1 This value can change due to the switching fr
D7811GH   D7811GH D7811GH PDF Download Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case fo
D7811H-071   D7811H-071 D7811H-071 PDF Download NEC 96+ PDIP64 (1) The DW, PW and DSH packages are available ta
D7811H-122   D7811H-122 D7811H-122 PDF Download NEC DIP Min Typ Max Min Typ Max UnitsTest Conditions 32
D7811HCW   D7811HCW D7811HCW PDF Download NEC DIP 05+ x IFAVM rating includes reverse blocking losses
D7811HCW/652   D7811HCW/652 D7811HCW/652 PDF Download NEC DIP 93+ The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2096VL dev
D7811HCW-628   D7811HCW-628 D7811HCW-628 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP64 07+ The control input pin of the regulator. This pin
D7811HCW-636   D7811HCW-636 D7811HCW-636 PDF Download 294 NEC 93+ BUS OPERATIONS There are five standard bus oper
D7811HCW-656   D7811HCW-656 D7811HCW-656 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP64 07+ The maximum value of the temperature coefficient
D7811HG   D7811HG D7811HG PDF Download 94 microcontroller. Many common microcontrollers h
D7811HG-049   D7811HG-049 D7811HG-049 PDF Download NEC 92+ DIP The ISL6208 is a high frequency, dual MOSFET driv
D78134   D78134 D78134 PDF Download NEC SMD Note 6: Junction to ambient thermal resistance (n
D78134AGF   D78134AGF D78134AGF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP  3.3V tolerant input for CPU frequency selec
D7814CW-723   D7814CW-723 D7814CW-723 PDF Download 93 Terminator technology supports on-chip parallel
D7815   D7815 D7815 PDF Download NEC TO-220 93+ c) Use any convenient method of interconnection a
D7821   D7821 D7821 PDF Download n 1 µs instruction cycle time n Twelve mu
D78210CW   D78210CW D78210CW PDF Download NEC 94+ DIP Limited by T Jmax , see Fig.12a, 12b, 15, 16 for
D78212CW   D78212CW D78212CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ Note 2: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
D78212CW-673   D78212CW-673 D78212CW-673 PDF Download NEC 04+ TELEFILTER GmbH Potsdamer Straße 18 D 14
D78212GC526   D78212GC526 D78212GC526 PDF Download NEC QFP-64 00 VIN = 3.4V VIN = 3.4V or VIN = GND, OE = GND,
D78213   D78213 D78213 PDF Download NEC 96+ Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rect
D78213CW   D78213CW D78213CW PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ The improvements in the DG411/883 series are mad
D78213GC   D78213GC D78213GC PDF Download NEC QFP80 Employing NPT technology, Fairchilds AND series o
D78213GJ   D78213GJ D78213GJ PDF Download NEC 06+ (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5V. Durin
D78213GQ   D78213GQ D78213GQ PDF Download NEC SOP † TPS3106E09 and TPS3110K33 will be availa
D78213L   D78213L D78213L PDF Download NEC PLCC New techniques such as Wavelength Division Multi
D78214CW   D78214CW D78214CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ Dual 250 mA High-Performance RF LDOs Available i
D78214CW(A)   D78214CW(A) D78214CW(A) PDF Download NEW DIP-64 93+
D78214CW(A)986   D78214CW(A)986 D78214CW(A)986 PDF Download
D78214CW(A)M21   D78214CW(A)M21 D78214CW(A)M21 PDF Download Set VDD above the start threshold before setting
D78214CW713   D78214CW713 D78214CW713 PDF Download FEATURES Single-Supply Operation: 7 V to 16 V
D78214CW-C11   D78214CW-C11 D78214CW-C11 PDF Download 95 The conditional skip is activated by instruction.
D78214CW-F96   D78214CW-F96 D78214CW-F96 PDF Download NEC DIP-64P The 16-Mbit Flash is organized as 1,048,576 word
D78214CW-G10   D78214CW-G10 D78214CW-G10 PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
D78214CWG87   D78214CWG87 D78214CWG87 PDF Download n Ultra-Fast transient response n Operating fr
D78214CW-M42   D78214CW-M42 D78214CW-M42 PDF Download 33 NEC 00+ An output capacitor is required to maintain regu
D78214GC   D78214GC D78214GC PDF Download NEC QFP64 In addition to the standard output configuration
D78214GC-227   D78214GC-227 D78214GC-227 PDF Download NEC QFP 1998 This pin establishes the reference current for th
D78214GC-401   D78214GC-401 D78214GC-401 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ The HYB/E 25L256160AC Mobile-RAMs are a new gene
D78214GC468   D78214GC468 D78214GC468 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
D78214GC-468   D78214GC-468 D78214GC-468 PDF Download NEC QFP 1996 To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply at least 3V to
D78214GCK39   D78214GCK39 D78214GCK39 PDF Download Type 1 Configuration Access C If the Bus Number f
D78214GJ   D78214GJ D78214GJ PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The configuration bits work by acting as control
D78214L-804   D78214L-804 D78214L-804 PDF Download NEC PLCC68 JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply LVTTL compatibl
D78217GC   D78217GC D78217GC PDF Download NEC QFP64 The D78217GC is an ultrahigh-speed, 12-bit digit
D78218ACW   D78218ACW D78218ACW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ The factory pre-set output voltage of Power Tren
D78218GC-532   D78218GC-532 D78218GC-532 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ • Access times of 70, 85 ns • CMOS
D7821CW   D7821CW D7821CW PDF Download NEC 00+ DIP-64 The receive path consists of a programmable ampl
D7821CW713   D7821CW713 D7821CW713 PDF Download 5. This product is not designed to be radiation
D78220GJ   D78220GJ D78220GJ PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ Note 13: Differential gain and differential phase
D78220GU   D78220GU D78220GU PDF Download Bits 7-4 are the device type and should be set t
D78220L   D78220L D78220L PDF Download NEC PLCC 02+   These dual monolithic silicon Zener diodes
D78224   D78224 D78224 PDF Download NEC PLCC  The attached datasheets are provided by SA
D78224GJ-533   D78224GJ-533 D78224GJ-533 PDF Download NEC PLCC 2006 HIGH PERFORMANCE • Polynomial complies to
D78224L   D78224L D78224L PDF Download NEC PLCC
D78224L022   D78224L022 D78224L022 PDF Download - Updated info for SMRAM3P5K2E in device memory
D78233GC   D78233GC D78233GC PDF Download QFP-80 00+ original A single PGOOD signal is issued when soft-start i
D78233GJ   D78233GJ D78233GJ PDF Download NEC QFP92 08+ To prevent data corruption and inadvertent write
D78233LQ   D78233LQ D78233LQ PDF Download NEC PLCC84 03/+04+ The big advantage of this approach compared to a
D78234   D78234 D78234 PDF Download NEC QFP 03/+04+ an active LOW parallel enable (PE) input. When P
D78234GJ   D78234GJ D78234GJ PDF Download NEC QFP 2. When using this product, please observe the ab
D78234GJ-536   D78234GJ-536 D78234GJ-536 PDF Download DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush  
D78237GC   D78237GC D78237GC PDF Download NEC 2007 In addition, the TSC80C31/80C51 has two softwar
D78237LQ50   D78237LQ50 D78237LQ50 PDF Download NEC PLCC 02+   Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk   Co
D78238LQ   D78238LQ D78238LQ PDF Download NEC 07+ also at ANT1/ANT2 High Output Power (8.0 dBm) wi
D782C   D782C D782C PDF Download Note 6: If the TO-263 or TO-252 packages are used
D78310   D78310 D78310 PDF Download NEC 798 Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current @TA =
D78310ACW   D78310ACW D78310ACW PDF Download NEC DIP 05+   The RC32355 includes a configurable ATM S
D78310AGF   D78310AGF D78310AGF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP Amplifier-sequenced receiver operation has severa
D78310AGQ   D78310AGQ D78310AGQ PDF Download NEC DIP 00+ The 4K EEPROM devices require an 8-bit device ad-
D78310AL   D78310AL D78310AL PDF Download NEC PLCC68 XTAL1 and XTAL2 are the input and output, respec
D78310CW   D78310CW D78310CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ A/D converter (sequential transducer)   
D78310G   D78310G D78310G PDF Download NEC QFP64 The waveform of the maximum DC applied voltage is
D78310L   D78310L D78310L PDF Download NEC PLCC Preliminary product information describes produc
D78310L(A)   D78310L(A) D78310L(A) PDF Download For the ADS-929, offset adjusting is normally ac
D78312A-614   D78312A-614 D78312A-614 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The transmit section of the CY7B951 contains a P
D78312ACW   D78312ACW D78312ACW PDF Download NEC 04+ An integrated phase lock loop multiplies the inc
D78312ACW-649   D78312ACW-649 D78312ACW-649 PDF Download 1. Continuous operation with 12 volts or more un
D78312AGF   D78312AGF D78312AGF PDF Download NEC QFP64 n Internal comparator with pin selectable 2˚
D78312AGQ   D78312AGQ D78312AGQ PDF Download In addition, the ISD1000A Series has an internal
D78312AL   D78312AL D78312AL PDF Download NEC 04+ Connection for the source of the external high-s
D78312AL-807   D78312AL-807 D78312AL-807 PDF Download NEC .   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
D78312CW   D78312CW D78312CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+  Red tinted, diffused Green tinted, diffus
D78312CW602-10   D78312CW602-10 D78312CW602-10 PDF Download  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
D78312CW-648   D78312CW-648 D78312CW-648 PDF Download This supplemental information applies to the GS81
D78320L   D78320L D78320L PDF Download NEC PLCC 06+ Input / Output port A. Input / Output port B. I
D78320L(A)   D78320L(A) D78320L(A) PDF Download NEC PLCC68 08+ TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qua
D78321L   D78321L D78321L PDF Download NEC PLCC The receivers double-conversion architecture requ
D78322   D78322 D78322 PDF Download NEC There are two popular conventions for establishi
D78322GF   D78322GF D78322GF PDF Download 92 Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
D78322GJ-507   D78322GJ-507 D78322GJ-507 PDF Download   Please read rating and !CAUTION (for stor
D78322L   D78322L D78322L PDF Download NEC PLCC84 WE is used for data write enable/disable control.
D78322L020   D78322L020 D78322L020 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ Each circuit offers a choice of open-collector o
D78323GJ   D78323GJ D78323GJ PDF Download QFP74 08+ • Very low dropout voltage: 300 mV typ. (Io
D78323LP   D78323LP D78323LP PDF Download NEC PLCC68 03+ The crystal-based architecture of the MAX7044 eli
D78324L-210FTE   D78324L-210FTE D78324L-210FTE PDF Download NEC PLCC68 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D78328CW   D78328CW D78328CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ The RY/#BY output gives an additional indicator o
D78330GJ   D78330GJ D78330GJ PDF Download QFP94   length is 24 bits with triangular PDF dit
D78334LQ   D78334LQ D78334LQ PDF Download N/A PLCC   The MC54/74F382 performs three arithmetic
D78350GC   D78350GC D78350GC PDF Download QFP As long as the LOCK register is not set, the out
D78350GC-002   D78350GC-002 D78350GC-002 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available Low Quiesce
D78352AG117   D78352AG117 D78352AG117 PDF Download NEC QFP64 A high performance 10 bit on-chip ADC is used to
D78352AG118   D78352AG118 D78352AG118 PDF Download NEC 05+ QFP-64 The LTC®4557 provides power conversion and si
D78352BG-20   D78352BG-20 D78352BG-20 PDF Download NEC QFP64   The microchip is essentially the high eff
D78372GF(A2)-311   D78372GF(A2)-311 D78372GF(A2)-311 PDF Download NEC QFP 9716+
D784020GC   D784020GC D784020GC PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The JAW050A and JAW075A Power Modules are dc-dc
D784021GC   D784021GC D784021GC PDF Download NEC This advanced BiCMOS design features low operati
D784025GC105   D784025GC105 D784025GC105 PDF Download NEC QFP-80 mounted on the circuit board). The mechanical di
D784026GC534   D784026GC534 D784026GC534 PDF Download 2690
D784031GC   D784031GC D784031GC PDF Download NEC QFP 00+ Data Polling bit (DQ7). During the internal write
D784031GC-8BT   D784031GC-8BT D784031GC-8BT PDF Download NEC QFP 00+ Ports • Input/Output Ports: 4 ports (23 te
D784031GK   D784031GK D784031GK PDF Download This device provides the necessary clocks for a
D784035GC102   D784035GC102 D784035GC102 PDF Download NEC QFP64 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
D784035GC722   D784035GC722 D784035GC722 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The VN920PEP is a monolithic device
D784035GC802   D784035GC802 D784035GC802 PDF Download NEC 99+ TQFP-80P SUMMARY High-Performance 32-Bit DSPApplications
D784035GC831   D784035GC831 D784035GC831 PDF Download NSEC 98 During the first 30 ms after enabling VCO1 the m
D784035GC899   D784035GC899 D784035GC899 PDF Download NEC QFP An exact frequency multiplying ratio ensures bet
D784035GC909   D784035GC909 D784035GC909 PDF Download NEC QFP 0728vgc+ A VCXO circuit operates by changing the value of
D784036GC711   D784036GC711 D784036GC711 PDF Download NEC QFP The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flex
D784037GC117   D784037GC117 D784037GC117 PDF Download 0 - 230Vdefined by external PWM control 0.75 hp
D784037GC-117   D784037GC-117 D784037GC-117 PDF Download NEC Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D784044GC(A)   D784044GC(A) D784044GC(A) PDF Download 2000 NEC 99+ The FM809/810 are supervisor circuits that monit
D784214A191   D784214A191 D784214A191 PDF Download The ZREF25 design provides a stable voltage wit
D784214A248DS   D784214A248DS D784214A248DS PDF Download FEATURES High Slew Rate: 10 V/ s Min Fast Settl
D784214AGF503   D784214AGF503 D784214AGF503 PDF Download NEC System oriented features for mobile, graphics an
D784214AGF507   D784214AGF507 D784214AGF507 PDF Download NEC PROPAGATION DELAY TIME: tPD = 40ns (TYP.) at V
D784214AGF-515   D784214AGF-515 D784214AGF-515 PDF Download NEC QFP 2001 The PCM1680 is a CMOS monolithic integrated cir
D784214GF   D784214GF D784214GF PDF Download 1200 NEC 98+ TI does not warrant or represent that any licens
D784214GF519   D784214GF519 D784214GF519 PDF Download NEC The PI3C16215 is a 20-bit bus switch with low ON-
D784214GF529   D784214GF529 D784214GF529 PDF Download NEC QFP 1999 HR300 DC/DC converters use thick-film hybrid man
D784214GF-QFP-100   D784214GF-QFP-100 D784214GF-QFP-100 PDF Download NEC When the DRAIN pin of the LT4250L is above VEE by
D784214YGC-113-8EU   D784214YGC-113-8EU D784214YGC-113-8EU PDF Download The TLC372 has internal electrostatic discharge
D784215GC-094   D784215GC-094 D784215GC-094 PDF Download NEC QFP 04+ 1. When UB and LB are in select mode (low), I/O 0
D784215GC095   D784215GC095 D784215GC095 PDF Download NEC 4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspection sha
D784215GC103   D784215GC103 D784215GC103 PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where the m
D784215GC130   D784215GC130 D784215GC130 PDF Download The RF5189 has primarily been characterized with
D784215GC-131   D784215GC-131 D784215GC-131 PDF Download NEC QFP 04+ The pulse-skip regulation mode minimizes operati
D784215GF517   D784215GF517 D784215GF517 PDF Download NEC QFP-100 99+ DESCRIPTION Positive power supply for the chip
D784215GF527   D784215GF527 D784215GF527 PDF Download NEC's MC-7831-HA is a GaAs Multi-Chip Module des
D784215GF-527   D784215GF-527 D784215GF-527 PDF Download NEC BACKPLANE TEST DATA OUTPUT: This output drives t
D784215GF542   D784215GF542 D784215GF542 PDF Download NEC QFP-100 99+ Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
D784215GF-QFP-100   D784215GF-QFP-100 D784215GF-QFP-100 PDF Download NEC The Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of 288 Mb
D784216-511   D784216-511 D784216-511 PDF Download NEC 2007 A refresh operation must be performed at least o
D784217AGF501   D784217AGF501 D784217AGF501 PDF Download NEC QFP 0105+ The conditional skip is activated by instruction
D784217AGF-518-38A   D784217AGF-518-38A D784217AGF-518-38A PDF Download Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
D784217AGF-518-3BA   D784217AGF-518-3BA D784217AGF-518-3BA PDF Download YAMAHA Built-in buzzer driver (2kHz/4kHz) Power down co
D784217GF351   D784217GF351 D784217GF351 PDF Download 45 NEC O4 Transmitter Section The transmitter section inc
D784218-602   D784218-602 D784218-602 PDF Download NEC 2007 Construction of capacitors: Metallized polypropy
D784218A   D784218A D784218A PDF Download NEC QFP 99+   The LED oscillator with the NL27WZ04 duel
D784218AGF505   D784218AGF505 D784218AGF505 PDF Download NEC Partial Reset also sets the Read and Write point
D784218AGF525   D784218AGF525 D784218AGF525 PDF Download   To keep the RC4700s high-performance pipe
D78421AGF507   D78421AGF507 D78421AGF507 PDF Download NEC Note: All devices contains Access.bus (ACB), Clo
D78421AGF-515   D78421AGF-515 D78421AGF-515 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ Terminal nos. 3 and 8 are soft start terminals.
D78421AYGC-113-8EU   D78421AYGC-113-8EU D78421AYGC-113-8EU PDF Download Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
D7844GF-135   D7844GF-135 D7844GF-135 PDF Download NEC 97 DESCRIPTION Low cost dual center tap rectifier
D784914AGF   D784914AGF D784914AGF PDF Download   Features 1) Built-in bias resistors enabl
D784915AGF   D784915AGF D784915AGF PDF Download NEC 97+ TSOP The slow sweeping of the frequency from preheat t
D784935AGF149   D784935AGF149 D784935AGF149 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
D784936AGF146   D784936AGF146 D784936AGF146 PDF Download NEC QFP100 04+ 4ž_ÞÐW FUNC [1]‘ôD&Egr
D784936AGF169   D784936AGF169 D784936AGF169 PDF Download   High-current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA &nbs
D7849H   D7849H D7849H PDF Download Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
D784D38GC305   D784D38GC305 D784D38GC305 PDF Download NEC Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
D78517GF-241   D78517GF-241 D78517GF-241 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
D7852GB   D7852GB D7852GB PDF Download NEC TQFP1010-64 The TSOP11..KA1 C series are miniaturized receiv
D7854GC-096   D7854GC-096 D7854GC-096 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ A. These materials are intended as a reference t
D78600L   D78600L D78600L PDF Download NEC PLCC Note 8: CIN, COUT, C1, and C2: Low-ESR Surface-M
D78609   D78609 D78609 PDF Download Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 25
D78716GF340   D78716GF340 D78716GF340 PDF Download NEC 96 †For information on tape and reel specific
D789   D789 D789 PDF Download TO-92M 06+ The CD4512BC buffered 8-channel data selector is
D78901   D78901 D78901 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The LM2936 ultra-low quiescent current regulator
D789011CT014   D789011CT014 D789011CT014 PDF Download NEC Note: Definition of I/O column pneumonic on pin d
D789011GT   D789011GT D789011GT PDF Download NEC 652 Internal sample-and-hold Internal Reference Ca
D789012   D789012 D789012 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTE: ESD data available upon request. 1. 10H c
D789054GC   D789054GC D789054GC PDF Download NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
D7890AL   D7890AL D7890AL PDF Download NEC PLCC   POWER GROUND. Terminals 7 through 17 and
D789166   D789166 D789166 PDF Download NEC QFP QFP 3-phase rectifier bridge 3-phase, short circuit
D789188CT001   D789188CT001 D789188CT001 PDF Download NEC DIP N/A Ideal for battery operated applications; the MIC5
D789324   D789324 D789324 PDF Download You can determine the version of a data sheet by
D789352AG107   D789352AG107 D789352AG107 PDF Download NEC 97 One Instruction/Clock Execution Core Clock Rate
D789406-020   D789406-020 D789406-020 PDF Download NEC TQFP80 07+/08+   Please read the General Operating Conside
D789406A-020   D789406A-020 D789406A-020 PDF Download NEC TQFP80 01+ Note: 1. Agilents enhancement mode E-pHEMT &nbs
D789407A   D789407A D789407A PDF Download The 1.25Gbps MAX3264/MAX3268/MAX3768 and the 2.5
D789416   D789416 D789416 PDF Download NEC 00+ QFP Description The HCPL-90xx and HCPL-09xx CMOS di
D789477GCA15   D789477GCA15 D789477GCA15 PDF Download NEC QFP 2 Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
D789477GCA26   D789477GCA26 D789477GCA26 PDF Download l Up to 2.5 Gbps Bi-directional Data Links l Co
D789477GCA27   D789477GCA27 D789477GCA27 PDF Download The Am30LV0064D is entirely command set compati-
D789488GCA23   D789488GCA23 D789488GCA23 PDF Download NEC QFP 03+ All Min/Max characteristics and specifications ar
D789488GCA57   D789488GCA57 D789488GCA57 PDF Download
D789835GJ   D789835GJ D789835GJ PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MSC III is a component of the TV-SAM Feature
D78C10   D78C10 D78C10 PDF Download NEC QFP64 This high voltage MOSFET uses an advanced termina
D78C10ACW   D78C10ACW D78C10ACW PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ Direct interface to high voltage display Serial
D78C10AGF   D78C10AGF D78C10AGF PDF Download QFP This is a dual purpose pin. During Master Reset,
D78C10AGQ   D78C10AGQ D78C10AGQ PDF Download NEC DIP-64 03+ Virtex devices feature a flexible, regular archi
D78C10AGQ36   D78C10AGQ36 D78C10AGQ36 PDF Download NEC DIP64 03+ • Output Voltage Accuracy • Reset Vo
D78C10AL   D78C10AL D78C10AL PDF Download NEC PLCC PCM input C 102 dB of Stopband Attenuation C Su
D78C10C   D78C10C D78C10C PDF Download In Power-Save mode, HCLK Clock is driven by Slow
D78C10CW   D78C10CW D78C10CW PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ The HT48CA0 is an 8-bit high performance RISC-l
D78C10CW/ACW   D78C10CW/ACW D78C10CW/ACW PDF Download n Generates all clock frequencies for Pentium (I
D78C10G   D78C10G D78C10G PDF Download NEC QFP 04+ • Diode noise level of this series is appro
D78C10GF   D78C10GF D78C10GF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP The ZILOG ZHX1810 is a low-profile version of ZiL
D78C10L   D78C10L D78C10L PDF Download NEC PLCC   The BR9080A and BR9016A series are serial EEPROMs
D78C10L(A)   D78C10L(A) D78C10L(A) PDF Download NEC PLCC 00+ Hynix HYMD232646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
D78C11ACW   D78C11ACW D78C11ACW PDF Download NEC DIP 06+ DESCRIPTION The SLIC KIT (L3000N/L3092) is a se
D78C11AGF   D78C11AGF D78C11AGF PDF Download NEC QFP 10-bit ADC -1LSB INL; No Missing Codes -Progra
D78C11AGF-E21   D78C11AGF-E21 D78C11AGF-E21 PDF Download NEC 1991 QFP characteristics enable this device to be used in
D78C11AGQ   D78C11AGQ D78C11AGQ PDF Download NEC DIP64 The device will support SVHS mode for three enco
D78C11CW   D78C11CW D78C11CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ The RDRAM architecture enables the highest susta
D78C11CW694   D78C11CW694 D78C11CW694 PDF Download Ripple current, less than 100 mΩ equivalen
D78C11G   D78C11G D78C11G PDF Download NEC QFP64 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
D78C12ACN   D78C12ACN D78C12ACN PDF Download NEC 04+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
D78C12ACW   D78C12ACW D78C12ACW PDF Download NEC DIP64 00+
D78C12ACW-697   D78C12ACW-697 D78C12ACW-697 PDF Download NEC 04+ - Removed all references to XCLKS, since functio
D78C12ACW-F58   D78C12ACW-F58 D78C12ACW-F58 PDF Download NEC O7+ The 80C186EB is the first product in a new gener
D78C12ACW-F73   D78C12ACW-F73 D78C12ACW-F73 PDF Download Signal Operation tpd = 4.9 ns Max at 3.3 V Suit
D78C12AGF-317   D78C12AGF-317 D78C12AGF-317 PDF Download NEC O7+ Figure 1 shows the equivalent circuit for the OT
D78C12AGF-E45-3BE   D78C12AGF-E45-3BE D78C12AGF-E45-3BE PDF Download 1002
D78C12AGF-E48-38E   D78C12AGF-E48-38E D78C12AGF-E48-38E PDF Download NEC QFP 97 (1) An export permit needs to be obtained from t
D78C12AGQ   D78C12AGQ D78C12AGQ PDF Download NEC DIP (2) When the receiver will be used as the wire-le
D78C12AGQA04   D78C12AGQA04 D78C12AGQA04 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+   The S29C51004T/S29C51004B is a high speed
D78C12AGQ-A04   D78C12AGQ-A04 D78C12AGQ-A04 PDF Download 96+ EWC: Event and Waveform Controller • Compat
D78C12AGQA67   D78C12AGQA67 D78C12AGQA67 PDF Download The output drivers in the HIP6602B have the capac
D78C12AGQ-A69   D78C12AGQ-A69 D78C12AGQ-A69 PDF Download 161 NEC 99+ The ISSI 4400 Series is a 4,194,304 x 4-bit high
D78C12AGQA82   D78C12AGQA82 D78C12AGQA82 PDF Download FEATURES • SMD Versions of SFH610, 615, 61
D78C12AGQ-B01   D78C12AGQ-B01 D78C12AGQ-B01 PDF Download NOTES: 1. At f = fMAX, address and control lines
D78C14   D78C14 D78C14 PDF Download NEC QFP N/A A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
D78C14ACW   D78C14ACW D78C14ACW PDF Download NEC 04+ The DSP block specifications are as follows: Da
D78C14-B82   D78C14-B82 D78C14-B82 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The CD54AC257/3A and CD54ACT257/3A are quad 2-in
D78C14CW   D78C14CW D78C14CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 04+/05+/06+/07+ • SuperWIDE™ HIGH-DENSITY IN-SYSTEM
D78C14CW008   D78C14CW008 D78C14CW008 PDF Download NEC DIP 98+ The design of the main power inductor in a switc
D78C14CWG09   D78C14CWG09 D78C14CWG09 PDF Download NEC DIP 98+ International Rectifier's D78C14CWG09 is a state
D78C14CW-G09   D78C14CW-G09 D78C14CW-G09 PDF Download 1. ICC is dependent on output loading when the d
D78C14CWM23   D78C14CWM23 D78C14CWM23 PDF Download 03+   The LM393 series are dual independent pre
D78C14CWM66   D78C14CWM66 D78C14CWM66 PDF Download NEC DIP 01+ Single amplifiers are available in SOT-23 package
D78C14CW-M66   D78C14CW-M66 D78C14CW-M66 PDF Download Luma Output / Red Output A 75 Ω terminatio
D78C14CWN97   D78C14CWN97 D78C14CWN97 PDF Download NEC DIP 99+ Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI TIA/EI
D78C14CW-N97   D78C14CW-N97 D78C14CW-N97 PDF Download   The NCP5314 provides full−featured
D78C14CW-T40   D78C14CW-T40 D78C14CW-T40 PDF Download The MAX6902 SPI™-compatible real-time clock
D78C14G   D78C14G D78C14G PDF Download NEC QFP64 ADV/LD is a synchronous input that is used to loa
D78C14G(A)   D78C14G(A) D78C14G(A) PDF Download NEC 90+ • High-speed switching (tstg: storage time/t
D78C14G(A)S19   D78C14G(A)S19 D78C14G(A)S19 PDF Download NEC DIP Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
D78C14G-15   D78C14G-15 D78C14G-15 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ The Cs capacitor performs the charge integration
D78C14GB95   D78C14GB95 D78C14GB95 PDF Download
D78C14GF   D78C14GF D78C14GF PDF Download NEC 06+ Note 1. For current consumption, it is assumed th
D78C14GFE72   D78C14GFE72 D78C14GFE72 PDF Download Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
D78C14GFE94   D78C14GFE94 D78C14GFE94 PDF Download The 3-state output buffers are controlled by a 2
D78C14G-J45-36   D78C14G-J45-36 D78C14G-J45-36 PDF Download NEC 9729+ Advantages n Replace expensive hybrid and modul
D78C14G-J48   D78C14G-J48 D78C14G-J48 PDF Download NEC   PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns prod
D78C14L   D78C14L D78C14L PDF Download PLCC Tachyon TL provides the highest levels of conc
D78C170   D78C170 D78C170 PDF Download 99+ NOTES: (1) Calibration can minimize these errors
D78C17GF   D78C17GF D78C17GF PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ Interrupts • 12 sources 8 vectored interru
D78C17GQ   D78C17GQ D78C17GQ PDF Download NEC DIP64 (5-V Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC)
D78C18CW   D78C18CW D78C18CW PDF Download Short Circuit Protective Function (SC) : SC pro
D78C18CWF10   D78C18CWF10 D78C18CWF10 PDF Download The SPI protocol is controlled by op-codes. Thes
D78C18GQ   D78C18GQ D78C18GQ PDF Download When High, this input holds the address counter
D78CG14E   D78CG14E D78CG14E PDF Download †These options are available on some devic
D78CJOGF   D78CJOGF D78CJOGF PDF Download The counter is loaded digit by digit correspondi
D78CP14CW   D78CP14CW D78CP14CW PDF Download 95 Reference Inputs The voltage differential betwe
D78CP14DW   D78CP14DW D78CP14DW PDF Download NEC 97/99+ Bild / Fig. 8 W3 C - Dr eiphasen -We chselwegsch
D78CP14G   D78CP14G D78CP14G PDF Download NEC 2007 * All specs and applications shown above subject
D78CP14GF   D78CP14GF D78CP14GF PDF Download NEC QFP-64 N/A   The NCV8800 is an automotive synchronous
D78CP14L   D78CP14L D78CP14L PDF Download NS 03+ The drain pins are designed to connect directly t
D78CP18CW   D78CP18CW D78CP18CW PDF Download NEC DIP64 95+ Direct interface to high voltage display Serial
D78D058YGC   D78D058YGC D78D058YGC PDF Download NEC 99 The VI input monitors the bus-side voltage for b
D78E226GF-023   D78E226GF-023 D78E226GF-023 PDF Download   Specified Performance  High Speed Mo
D78F0034A   D78F0034A D78F0034A PDF Download NEC QFP 2004 dsPIC, dsPICDEM.net, ECONOMONITOR, FanSense, Fl
D78F0034ACN   D78F0034ACN D78F0034ACN PDF Download NEC 04+ DIP Once the initial conditions have been satisfied,
D78F0034ACW   D78F0034ACW D78F0034ACW PDF Download NEC DIP 99+ OV (Pin 2): Analog Overvoltage Input. When OV is
D78F0034AGC   D78F0034AGC D78F0034AGC PDF Download QFP64 08+ Four stereo 24-bit multi-bit sigma delta DACs are
D78F0034AGK   D78F0034AGK D78F0034AGK PDF Download NEC QFP QFP When T1 is set to logic 1, the programmable divi
D78F0034AY   D78F0034AY D78F0034AY PDF Download Collector-Emitter Voltage (R BE 0 Ω) Col
D78F0034AYG   D78F0034AYG D78F0034AYG PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ Serial configuration control input. This inputs
D78F0034AYGC   D78F0034AYGC D78F0034AYGC PDF Download NEC QFP 01/ Eight of the macrocells (I/OF0CI/OF7) have two
D78F0034AYGK   D78F0034AYGK D78F0034AYGK PDF Download 36 NEC O3   The V62C51864 is a 65,536-bit static rand
D78F0058GC   D78F0058GC D78F0058GC PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ Flexibly organized as 32k x 32, 64k x 16 or 128
D78F0058YGC   D78F0058YGC D78F0058YGC PDF Download 01+ QFP-M80P Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
D78F0078GC   D78F0078GC D78F0078GC PDF Download NEC QFP 2001 The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to e
D78F0078GK   D78F0078GK D78F0078GK PDF Download   Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M7.16M10.74M14.3M &
D78F0338GC   D78F0338GC D78F0338GC PDF Download QFP   The HYM72V64C756B(L)T4 -Series are high s
D78F0511   D78F0511 D78F0511 PDF Download Command Structure There are six commands called
D78F0513   D78F0513 D78F0513 PDF Download For Surface Mount Applications Protection from s
D78F0536   D78F0536 D78F0536 PDF Download NEC TQFP64 06+ Notes: 1. Permanent damage may occur if any of t
D78F058FGC   D78F058FGC D78F058FGC PDF Download NEC 2007   A low-impedance model is recommended for
D78F078GC   D78F078GC D78F078GC PDF Download NEC 2007 3 5 LOOPBACK FUNCTIONS Logic high at loopback in
D78F0822BGF   D78F0822BGF D78F0822BGF PDF Download NEC 0606+ SNR = 90 dB in 150 kHz bandwidth (to Nyquist &n
D78F0833YGC   D78F0833YGC D78F0833YGC PDF Download NEC TQFP 04+ The AT28C010-12DK is a high-performance Electric
D78F0835   D78F0835 D78F0835 PDF Download TQFP1414-100
D78F0948GF   D78F0948GF D78F0948GF PDF Download NEC QFP 07+ • ML22Q54   The ML22Q54 is a speech sy
D78F4046GC(A)   D78F4046GC(A) D78F4046GC(A) PDF Download 57 NEC 99+ The PCF85xxC-2 is a family of floating gate Elec
D78F4216AGC   D78F4216AGC D78F4216AGC PDF Download NEC 2007 connected to common Ports Dn) when the nIN inpu
D78F4216AYGC   D78F4216AYGC D78F4216AYGC PDF Download NEC 2007 Notes: 1. V = Valid , x = Dont Care, L = Low Le
D78F4216GC   D78F4216GC D78F4216GC PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ Writing to the SRAM is accomplished when the chi
D78F4216GF   D78F4216GF D78F4216GF PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ − Active Mode: 160 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V
D78F4216YGC   D78F4216YGC D78F4216YGC PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ Note: All devices contains Access.bus (ACB), Clo
D78F4218AGC   D78F4218AGC D78F4218AGC PDF Download NEC 2007 To drive the device from an external clock sourc
D78F4218AGF   D78F4218AGF D78F4218AGF PDF Download 00 Analog circuit power terminals. A combination of
D78F4218GC   D78F4218GC D78F4218GC PDF Download NEC 2007 When the X-rays emitted from the X-ray generator
D78F4225GC   D78F4225GC D78F4225GC PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may caus
D78F4928GF   D78F4928GF D78F4928GF PDF Download Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (in
D78F9026A   D78F9026A D78F9026A PDF Download NEC TQFP1010-44 00+ Low Quiescent Current 5.6µA (typical) Wide
D78F9076   D78F9076 D78F9076 PDF Download 31 NEC O3 n Internal Start-up Bias Regulator n 3A Compoun
D78F9088   D78F9088 D78F9088 PDF Download SSOP 05+ Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
D78F9116A   D78F9116A D78F9116A PDF Download NEC 9849 These chips, properly assembled, display charact
D78F9116AC   D78F9116AC D78F9116AC PDF Download NEC DIP28 02+ The accuracy of a successive approximation A/D c
D78F9177   D78F9177 D78F9177 PDF Download NEC 0729+;07+/08+ The CX65105 is internally matched for optimum lin
D78F9177A   D78F9177A D78F9177A PDF Download ITE QFP 03+
D78F9177AY   D78F9177AY D78F9177AY PDF Download NEC 03/04+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
D78F9177CU   D78F9177CU D78F9177CU PDF Download Over Vin range Surface temperature of module, c
D78F9189CT   D78F9189CT D78F9189CT PDF Download DIP The CPU features two sets of functional units. E
D78F9306GK   D78F9306GK D78F9306GK PDF Download
D78F9418   D78F9418 D78F9418 PDF Download NEC 0230+ TQFP Control DC input for removing the DC offset gener
D78F9418A   D78F9418A D78F9418A PDF Download Double Data Rate ( DDR II ) Applications Spread
D78F9478GC   D78F9478GC D78F9478GC PDF Download FEATURES Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy:  
D78F9801   D78F9801 D78F9801 PDF Download NEC 0729+ Voltage on PIO Pin, Relative to VSS Voltage on A
D78IIHG-235-36   D78IIHG-235-36 D78IIHG-235-36 PDF Download NEC STK 2004+ Operates from 2.7V to 44V Over-The-Top®: Inp
D78O98GC015   D78O98GC015 D78O98GC015 PDF Download NEC QFP/80 98+
D78P014CW   D78P014CW D78P014CW PDF Download 97 NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
D78P014GC   D78P014GC D78P014GC PDF Download NEC QFP64 These products are not designed for use in life s
D78P014TGC   D78P014TGC D78P014TGC PDF Download Switch (DX). It is pin compatible with the MT8980
D78P014YCW   D78P014YCW D78P014YCW PDF Download NEC 9726 One bit of data is shifted into the internal shif
D78P014YG   D78P014YG D78P014YG PDF Download N/A QFP C. These materials are solely intended for a cus
D78P014YGC   D78P014YGC D78P014YGC PDF Download QFP Ref input is 5V tolerant 4 pairs of programmable
D78P018   D78P018 D78P018 PDF Download 1. Set the heater block temperature to 260C +/-
D78P018FCW   D78P018FCW D78P018FCW PDF Download † Vres is the minimum input voltage for a
D78P018FGC   D78P018FGC D78P018FGC PDF Download NEC . The PIC12C67X devices have 128 bytes of RAM, 16
D78P018FYCW   D78P018FYCW D78P018FYCW PDF Download Bidirectional 4-bit input/output ports. Schmitt
D78P018FYGC   D78P018FYGC D78P018FYGC PDF Download NEC Teletext 1.5 and 2.5, Closed-Caption, VPS and &
D78P0208GF   D78P0208GF D78P0208GF PDF Download This is the feedback pin of the device. The feed
D78P0308GC   D78P0308GC D78P0308GC PDF Download 3.2 KSO8~15 These pins are direct output from th
D78P0308GF   D78P0308GF D78P0308GF PDF Download Fully Integrated xVCC and xVPP Switching xVPP Pr
D78P0308YGC   D78P0308YGC D78P0308YGC PDF Download NEC TQFP1414-100 The onboard bandgap reference is stable with tem
D78P044GF   D78P044GF D78P044GF PDF Download Up to 16Kbytes program memory Data RAM: up to
D78P048AGF   D78P048AGF D78P048AGF PDF Download NEC QFP 97+ Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
D78P04GC   D78P04GC D78P04GC PDF Download These full reels are individually labeled and pl
D78P054   D78P054 D78P054 PDF Download NEC QFP 07+/08+ HEAT SINKING In addition to assuring that an ap
D78P054GC   D78P054GC D78P054GC PDF Download NEC QFP80 The READ instruction outputs serial data on the
D78P054GK   D78P054GK D78P054GK PDF Download NEC QFP 2005 These flip-flops have independent J,
D78P054GK-BE9   D78P054GK-BE9 D78P054GK-BE9 PDF Download The information in this document is preliminary
D78P054KK   D78P054KK D78P054KK PDF Download Note 7: For the purpose of specifying deserialize
D78P058FGC   D78P058FGC D78P058FGC PDF Download NEC QFP84 08+ Auto Memory Store Function This function automat
D78P058G   D78P058G D78P058G PDF Download Normally the signal source for the LM1881 is ass
D78P058GC   D78P058GC D78P058GC PDF Download NEC QFP QFP This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 4,
D78P058GJ   D78P058GJ D78P058GJ PDF Download NEC QFP80 08+ Each macrocell has five dedicated product terms
D78P058YGC   D78P058YGC D78P058YGC PDF Download NEC QFP 08+   Current sensing is done in this case by a
D78P064BGF   D78P064BGF D78P064BGF PDF Download NEC QFP 99+ The devices also have 96 I/O cells, each of whic
D78P064GC   D78P064GC D78P064GC PDF Download • High-speed access time: 10, 12, 15, and
D78P064GF   D78P064GF D78P064GF PDF Download QFP only when the reference frequency divided by this
D78P064LQ   D78P064LQ D78P064LQ PDF Download NEC PLCC 02+
D78P078GC   D78P078GC D78P078GC PDF Download NEC 2007   These Motorola accelerometers contain an
D78P078GF   D78P078GF D78P078GF PDF Download NEC QFP100 Out Short Circuit to GND Duration (VIN< 12V)..
D78P083CU   D78P083CU D78P083CU PDF Download NEC 02+ DIP42 This Guide contains the companys copyright and k
D78P083GB   D78P083GB D78P083GB PDF Download NEC
D78P108BCW   D78P108BCW D78P108BCW PDF Download NEC 04+ Note 1: VOUT+1V< VIN & 2.5V< VIN <
D78P134-007   D78P134-007 D78P134-007 PDF Download (0.8-V, 1.2-V, 1.5-V, 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, 5-V)
D78P134-074   D78P134-074 D78P134-074 PDF Download The DS1668/DS1669 Dallastats are controlled thro
D78P134GF   D78P134GF D78P134GF PDF Download NEC 91+ No output filter required for inductive loads E
D78P14GF   D78P14GF D78P14GF PDF Download NEC 96+ The IC must be equipped with external RC circuit
D78P18CW   D78P18CW D78P18CW PDF Download TMIN = −40C, TMAX = +85C. Typical values a
D78P214CW   D78P214CW D78P214CW PDF Download NEC 2007 Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
D78P214CW(A)   D78P214CW(A) D78P214CW(A) PDF Download NEC DIP-64 93+ Note 5: Each digital input includes a small posit
D78P214DW   D78P214DW D78P214DW PDF Download
D78P214GC   D78P214GC D78P214GC PDF Download
D78P214L   D78P214L D78P214L PDF Download NEC PLCC68 In the test mode, the normal operation of the SC
D78P218ACW   D78P218ACW D78P218ACW PDF Download NEC DIP64 Constructed with the Intersil Rad-hard Silicon Ga
D78P218AGC   D78P218AGC D78P218AGC PDF Download NEC TQFP 05+ The circuits contain only surface mountable devic
D78P224GJ   D78P224GJ D78P224GJ PDF Download When CS is high, or UB and LB are high, the devi
D78P224I   D78P224I D78P224I PDF Download NEC 06+ The 40L..CW center tap Schottky rectifier has bee
D78P224L   D78P224L D78P224L PDF Download NEC PLCC84 03/+04+ In order to provide a regulated output voltage o
D78P238GJ   D78P238GJ D78P238GJ PDF Download QFP94 high di/dts. The diodes negative di/dt during ta
D78P238KF   D78P238KF D78P238KF PDF Download NEC 1991 When the Deserializer PLL locks to the embedded
D78P238LQ   D78P238LQ D78P238LQ PDF Download NEC • Burst Mode Operation to Reduce the Power
D78P312ACW   D78P312ACW D78P312ACW PDF Download NEC DIP 07+ The logic enable disables the power switch, the
D78P312AL   D78P312AL D78P312AL PDF Download NEC PLCC 00+ Maximum storage capacity is 245 760 words by 12
D78P312AR   D78P312AR D78P312AR PDF Download NEC PLCC Applications for these amplifiers include Portab
D78P322KD   D78P322KD D78P322KD PDF Download line is at logic low and the data is latched w
D78P322L   D78P322L D78P322L PDF Download NEC 07+ Use NC Relays for power control up to 5 A or T
D78P328CW   D78P328CW D78P328CW PDF Download NEC DIP 96+ This document is a general product description an
D78P334LQ   D78P334LQ D78P334LQ PDF Download NEC PLCC 02+ The data will be transmitted in the silent period
D78P368GF   D78P368GF D78P368GF PDF Download NEC QFP QFP   Excellent IFT stabilityIR emitting diode
D78P4026GC   D78P4026GC D78P4026GC PDF Download NEC QFP80 The HSMx-S670 is the industry standard 2.0 x 1
D78P4218AGC   D78P4218AGC D78P4218AGC PDF Download NEC 03+ The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to &
D78P4908GF   D78P4908GF D78P4908GF PDF Download NEC QFP 98 The input for the integrator-feedback buffer A7
D78P612AL   D78P612AL D78P612AL PDF Download NEC
D78P7012GC   D78P7012GC D78P7012GC PDF Download NEC QFP100 The e5130 contains 4 independent driver outputs
D78P9014   D78P9014 D78P9014 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A VARIABLE DELAY MODE   The delay in Variable
D78P9014CT   D78P9014CT D78P9014CT PDF Download NEC DIP
D78P9014GT   D78P9014GT D78P9014GT PDF Download NEC SOP28W 2007+ Note(READ CYCLE): 1. tCHZ and tOHZ are defined a
D78PG11E   D78PG11E D78PG11E PDF Download The ISL6118 is a fully independent dual channel o
D78PO18FYCW   D78PO18FYCW D78PO18FYCW PDF Download The HAL 805 is a recent member of the Micronas f
D78PO64GC   D78PO64GC D78PO64GC PDF Download This chip, when properly assembled, displays cha
D78PQ58GC   D78PQ58GC D78PQ58GC PDF Download MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
D78PS014CT   D78PS014CT D78PS014CT PDF Download
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