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† Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and  functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions is not  implied. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. NOTES: 1. Relative to GND pin.   2. Maximum is 16.5 V or VS+0.2 V whichever is the lesser value.
Note 14: The 16V8D-25LJ input and output voltage swings are limited by internal clipping. However, its ∆Ó topology is relatively tolerant of momentary internal clipping. The input clipping is tested with a crest factor of 2, while the output clipping is tested with a DC input. Note 15: The 16V8D-25LJ exploits oversampling and noise shaping to reduce the quantization noise of internal 1-bit analog-to-digital conversions. At higher input frequencies, increasingly large portions of this noise are aliased down to DC. Because the noise is shifted in frequency, it becomes a low frequency rumble and is only filtered at the expense of increasingly long settling times. The 16V8D-25LJ is inherently wideband, but the output accuracy is degraded by this aliased noise. These specifications apply with CAVE = 10µF and constitute a 3-sigma variation of the output rumble. Note 16: The 16V8D-25LJ can operate down to 2.7V single supply but cannot operate at 2.7V. This additional constraint on VSS can be expressed mathematically as C 3 • (VDD C 2.7V) VSS Ground.
The 16V8D-25LJ series supports self-powered or bus-powered applications. Power management for all downstream ports sup- ports power-switching and overcurrent detection with individual port control. The four downstream ports support both full-speed (12-Mbps signaling rate) and low-speed (1.5-Mbps signaling rate) devices. The 16V8D-25LJ sereis has a reduced frequency (6- MHz) crystal oscillator for lower system cost as well as improved EMI performance. The four-port 16V8D-25LJ series is available in a cost-effective and space-saving 28-lead SOIC package.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
16V/0.33F   16V/0.33F 16V/0.33F PDF Download The 16V/0.33FC dual input 2-channel driver achie
16V0   16V0 16V0 PDF Download NSC
16V08   16V08 16V08 PDF Download ROHM SOD323 Stability The IRU1015-33 requires the use of an
16V10   16V10 16V10 PDF Download This device contains a fault recognition circuit
16V100   16V100 16V100 PDF Download Port 0, Input/Output. Port 0 is the multiplexed a
16V10000UF   16V10000UF 16V10000UF PDF Download Technology: high performance SiGe Bandwidth: 9
16V1000UF   16V1000UF 16V1000UF PDF Download * Specifications same as model 5B45. 1Jumper sel
16V100U   16V100U 16V100U PDF Download 05+ 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
16V100UF   16V100UF 16V100UF PDF Download AVX A 08+ Serial data from the demodulator is passed first
16V10UF   16V10UF 16V10UF PDF Download N/A C# 256 x 8-bit organization array (16V10UF) 512 x 8
16V1UF   16V1UF 16V1UF PDF Download N/A A# This megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digita
16V2.2UF   16V2.2UF 16V2.2UF PDF Download N/A P# Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise, Av = 2dB RL=
16V220   16V220 16V220 PDF Download ActiveThe device operates at full speed using the
16V22000UF   16V22000UF 16V22000UF PDF Download PWI is connected to the inverting input of the re
16V220UF   16V220UF 16V220UF PDF Download The SN65LV1023A serializer and SN65LV1224A deser
16V22UF   16V22UF 16V22UF PDF Download FUJICOM 07+/08+ 1-of-4 Bidirectional Translating Switches I2C Bu
16V23   16V23 16V23 PDF Download UNIZON SOT23 Use series termination when the PCB trace betwee
16V3.3UF   16V3.3UF 16V3.3UF PDF Download NEC B In software control mode (only when using externa
16V33UF   16V33UF 16V33UF PDF Download FUJICOM 07+/08+
16V34   16V34 16V34 PDF Download LL34 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
16V3900UF   16V3900UF 16V3900UF PDF Download Polarity/   Description Bus size RiseClo
16V4.7UF   16V4.7UF 16V4.7UF PDF Download N/A A# Note 11: This specification is guaranteed but not
16V4700UFKMEBK   16V4700UFKMEBK 16V4700UFKMEBK PDF Download The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory
16V4700UFKMGBK   16V4700UFKMGBK 16V4700UFKMGBK PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V8M635AT6 Series are Dual I
16V470U   16V470U 16V470U PDF Download 05+ wide variety of external capacitors, and the com
16V470UF   16V470UF 16V470UF PDF Download FUJICOM 07+/08+ regard to the supply voltage. This device can be
16V474   16V474 16V474 PDF Download N/A A 1.2.2 Many Single-Byte, Multifunction Instruction
16V47U   16V47U 16V47U PDF Download Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
16V47UF   16V47UF 16V47UF PDF Download AVX D 08+ HI3 is one of the four hardware hooks for connec
16V686   16V686 16V686 PDF Download GENS SDO 99 This is an advance information data sheet The A
16V68UF   16V68UF 16V68UF PDF Download FUJITSU D1 The output stage of the MD1810 has separate power
16V6H-10JC/4   16V6H-10JC/4 16V6H-10JC/4 PDF Download ★★★ 99 Programmable output voltage to 20 volts Sink cur
16V6H-25JC/4   16V6H-25JC/4 16V6H-25JC/4 PDF Download PILCE PLCC All devices are assembled and tested using fully
16V6H-7JC/5   16V6H-7JC/5 16V6H-7JC/5 PDF Download AMD PLCC-20 99+ 3. Maximum power dissipation, for the SOT223 and
16V8   16V8 16V8 PDF Download 07+/08+ The MSP430FG43x series are microcontroller confi
16V8/10   16V8/10 16V8/10 PDF Download N/A DIP 2006 Designed for system integration into a two-cell
16V8-105C   16V8-105C 16V8-105C PDF Download   During internal PWM operation, at the end
16V8-10JC   16V8-10JC 16V8-10JC PDF Download The Flash memory on the A64 device is a nonvolat
16V8-10SC   16V8-10SC 16V8-10SC PDF Download LPALLV SSOP 2002 This device uses a two-step flash architecture to
16V8-15   16V8-15 16V8-15 PDF Download Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) rese
16V8-15JC   16V8-15JC 16V8-15JC PDF Download PAL PLCC These devices are fabricated using power-saving
16V8-25   16V8-25 16V8-25 PDF Download NS DIP 07+ Seek Time (RD/WT typical)  Track to Track2.
16V8-25JK14   16V8-25JK14 16V8-25JK14 PDF Download (2) Eon is the turn-on losses when a typical dio
16V8-25QJ   16V8-25QJ 16V8-25QJ PDF Download LITTCE PLCC 93 matching resistors. In CMI mode the transmitter
16V850CM   16V850CM 16V850CM PDF Download The IRU1010-18 is a low dropout three-terminal fi
16V89   16V89 16V89 PDF Download NEC Loss of Lock indicator output. 4   Logic 1
16V8A-10   16V8A-10 16V8A-10 PDF Download L PLCC20 2007+ Serial address. A 4-bit serial address selects t
16V8A-15   16V8A-15 16V8A-15 PDF Download When VCC is greater than 1V and less than the UV
16V8A15LJ   16V8A15LJ 16V8A15LJ PDF Download L PLCC20 2007+ The Cypress MicroSystems PSoC Designer is a Micr
16V8B   16V8B 16V8B PDF Download GAL DIP Crystal oscillator input Power supply (+3-5V D
16V8B10LJ   16V8B10LJ 16V8B10LJ PDF Download L PLCC20 2007+ Gennum Corporation assumes no responsibility for
16V8B-10LJ   16V8B-10LJ 16V8B-10LJ PDF Download GAL PLCC 2006 1. Part mounted on 2"x2" GETEK board w
16V8B-15JC/4   16V8B-15JC/4 16V8B-15JC/4 PDF Download The bq2000 uses a peak-voltage detection (PVD) sc
16V8B15LJ   16V8B15LJ 16V8B15LJ PDF Download L PLCC20 2007+ Transmit analog inputs and the outputs for transm
16V8B-15PC   16V8B-15PC 16V8B-15PC PDF Download
16V8B-25PC   16V8B-25PC 16V8B-25PC PDF Download output to provide state-of-the-art step- down s
16V8B7LJ   16V8B7LJ 16V8B7LJ PDF Download L PLCC20 2007+ Three-phase bipolar drive (30 V, 3.5 A) Direct
16V8BH-15JC/4   16V8BH-15JC/4 16V8BH-15JC/4 PDF Download A primary concern is the location of the watchdog
16V8D   16V8D 16V8D PDF Download GAL DIP • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
16V8D-10LP   16V8D-10LP 16V8D-10LP PDF Download The RC5051 oscillator section uses a fixed
16V8D15LJ   16V8D15LJ 16V8D15LJ PDF Download The LS160 and LS162 are high speed synchronous d
16V8D-15LP   16V8D-15LP 16V8D-15LP PDF Download • Four Crystal modes, up to 25 MHz •
16V8D-15QP   16V8D-15QP 16V8D-15QP PDF Download Hardware Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware m
16V8D-25LJ   16V8D-25LJ 16V8D-25LJ PDF Download LAT PLCC 2001 The P_SEL2:0 pins select the P divider values, wh
16V8D-25LP   16V8D-25LP 16V8D-25LP PDF Download KEY FEATURES 350 MHz High Performance Blackfin
16V8D-5LJ   16V8D-5LJ 16V8D-5LJ PDF Download GAL PLCC 00+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
16V8H   16V8H 16V8H PDF Download AMD DIP   2. A critical component is any component of a li
16V8H-10   16V8H-10 16V8H-10 PDF Download Supply Voltage Hall Input Voltage Range Output
16V8H-10J   16V8H-10J 16V8H-10J PDF Download This module generates a slow System Clock (32.76
16V8H-10JC/14   16V8H-10JC/14 16V8H-10JC/14 PDF Download Vcc = 1.7V~2.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C(I),
16V8H-10JC/4   16V8H-10JC/4 16V8H-10JC/4 PDF Download AMD PLCC Ultra low dropout voltage (270 mV @ 3A typ) Low
16V8H-10JC/49435CBAL   16V8H-10JC/49435CBAL 16V8H-10JC/49435CBAL PDF Download MAIN MEMORY PAGE READ: A Main Memory Page Read al
16V8H-10JC4   16V8H-10JC4 16V8H-10JC4 PDF Download
16V8H-15   16V8H-15 16V8H-15 PDF Download AMD DIP20 07+ n Reduced Swing Differential Signalling (RSDS
16V8H-15JC   16V8H-15JC 16V8H-15JC PDF Download GLA SMD 01+ Bond padCenter Coordinates (mm)  1EX= 0.00
16V8H-15JC/4   16V8H-15JC/4 16V8H-15JC/4 PDF Download 96 The M54/74HCT245, HCT640 and HCT643 utilise sil
16V8H-15JC14   16V8H-15JC14 16V8H-15JC14 PDF Download AMD O7+ Notes 1. Derate linearly from 25C at a rate of
16V8H-15JQ   16V8H-15JQ 16V8H-15JQ PDF Download 04+ PLCC After the receipt of each data byte, the four lo
16V8H-15PC   16V8H-15PC 16V8H-15PC PDF Download AMD DIP  
16V8H-15PC/4   16V8H-15PC/4 16V8H-15PC/4 PDF Download The received signal strength indicator provides
16V8H-15PCDIP20GALATF16V8B   16V8H-15PCDIP20GALATF16V8B 16V8H-15PCDIP20GALATF16V8B PDF Download Features • Three Functions in One Package
16V8H-15VC   16V8H-15VC 16V8H-15VC PDF Download LPALCE 2000 1. Corrected the errata 2. Updated DC parameters
16V8H-25   16V8H-25 16V8H-25 PDF Download PLCC We developed this new Type 1/1.8 5M-pixel CCD to
16V8H-25JC   16V8H-25JC 16V8H-25JC PDF Download PLCC The outputs can drive AC or DC-coupled single (1
16V8H-25JC/4   16V8H-25JC/4 16V8H-25JC/4 PDF Download AMD 98、00 Where: CL is the load capacitance as specified b
16V8H-25JC/N   16V8H-25JC/N 16V8H-25JC/N PDF Download PALCE PLCC 96 The 4K EEPROM devices require an 8-bit de- vice
16V8H-25JC14   16V8H-25JC14 16V8H-25JC14 PDF Download DIP The M51132 is a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifie
16V8H-25JI/4   16V8H-25JI/4 16V8H-25JI/4 PDF Download The MSM7578 and MSM7579 are single-channel CODEC
16V8H-25PC   16V8H-25PC 16V8H-25PC PDF Download AMD DIP   Notes; (1) Repetitive Rating: Pulse Width Limit
16V8H-25PC/4   16V8H-25PC/4 16V8H-25PC/4 PDF Download AMD DIP 96+ The MAX1982/MAX1983 are low-voltage, low-dropout
16V8H-5JC/5   16V8H-5JC/5 16V8H-5JC/5 PDF Download   This quad monolithic silicon voltage suppr
16V8H5JC5   16V8H5JC5 16V8H5JC5 PDF Download The Altera enhanced configuration device is a si
16V8H-5JL   16V8H-5JL 16V8H-5JL PDF Download AMD PLCC 90 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
16V8H-7   16V8H-7 16V8H-7 PDF Download The Hynix HYM76V16655HGT8 Series are 16Mx64bits S
16V8H-75C15   16V8H-75C15 16V8H-75C15 PDF Download Oscillator Master Clock (CMOS Output). For cryst
16V8H-7JC/5   16V8H-7JC/5 16V8H-7JC/5 PDF Download AMD PLCC20 The Word Program operation consists of issuing th
16V8H-7JC/6   16V8H-7JC/6 16V8H-7JC/6 PDF Download LATTICE PLCC20 0040、98 zation has two (LDM, UDM), one per byte. DLL al
16V8H-7PC/5   16V8H-7PC/5 16V8H-7PC/5 PDF Download
16V8H-TJC   16V8H-TJC 16V8H-TJC PDF Download PAL PLCC 2000 NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches. Metric
16V8Q   16V8Q 16V8Q PDF Download AMD DIP   The 16V8Q power amplifier is designed for high
16V8Q-15JC   16V8Q-15JC 16V8Q-15JC PDF Download AMD PLCC   Fully static operation and Tri-state outp
16V8Q-15JC/4   16V8Q-15JC/4 16V8Q-15JC/4 PDF Download LATTICE PLCC20 01+ • RF PA controller for use with HBT PAs 
16V8Q-15JC/C   16V8Q-15JC/C 16V8Q-15JC/C PDF Download The output voltage of the PT6520 series of integ
16V8Q-25   16V8Q-25 16V8Q-25 PDF Download Frequency aging is the change in fC with time and
16V8Q-25JC   16V8Q-25JC 16V8Q-25JC PDF Download CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
16V8Q-25JC/4   16V8Q-25JC/4 16V8Q-25JC/4 PDF Download AMD PLCC20 96+
16V8Z   16V8Z 16V8Z PDF Download This mode allows high speed download with bitrate
16V8Z-25   16V8Z-25 16V8Z-25 PDF Download External Capacitors: The PT7615 require a minimum
16V8Z-25JC   16V8Z-25JC 16V8Z-25JC PDF Download PALCE PLCC 07+ Data flow in each direction is controlled by the
16V8Z-25JI   16V8Z-25JI 16V8Z-25JI PDF Download Note 1: Specifications are production tested at T
16V8Z-JI   16V8Z-JI 16V8Z-JI PDF Download AMD PLCC20 99+ The power supply operating range of the EL2244 a
16V90UF   16V90UF 16V90UF PDF Download The DSP56824 is a member of the DSP56800 core-ba
16VBH-10JC/4   16VBH-10JC/4 16VBH-10JC/4 PDF Download DMA Controller supports: 25 DMA channels for tra
16VD   16VD 16VD PDF Download TSSOP 04 05 DATA (Pin 8): Input/Output. Microcontroller side
16VDB012B   16VDB012B 16VDB012B PDF Download FEATURES 600 kHz PWM Frequency Fully Integrated
16VF47UF   16VF47UF 16VF47UF PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
16VH-25   16VH-25 16VH-25 PDF Download Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
16VO   16VO 16VO PDF Download AZH 2004/ Table 1, column 2, IRHM8360. The values in Table
16VS   16VS 16VS PDF Download 2007 Vcc = 5.0V10%, TA = 0C to 70C, unless otherwise s
16VXP10000MERCSTK2534   16VXP10000MERCSTK2534 16VXP10000MERCSTK2534 PDF Download The XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family
16VYK103.3UF   16VYK103.3UF 16VYK103.3UF PDF Download NA NA To allow for dc coupling to ADCs, its unique out
16VYR683K   16VYR683K 16VYR683K PDF Download TTL/CMOS Input Select Control. Selects either XTA
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