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  A gear-tooth sensing system consists of the sensor IC, a back- biasing magnet, an optional pole piece, and a target (Figure 1). The system requirements are usually specified in terms of the effective working air gap between the package and the target (gear teeth), the number of switching events per rotation of the target, temperature and speed ranges, minimum pulse duration or duty cycle, and switch point accuracy. Careful choice of the sensor IC, magnet material and shape, target material and shape, and assembly techniques enables large working air gaps and high switch-point accuracy over the system operating temperature range.
The LT ®1186F is a fixed frequency, current mode, switch- ing regulator that provides the control function for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFL). The IC includes an efficient high current switch, an oscillator, output drive logic, control circuitry and a micropower 8-bit 50µA full- scale current output DAC. The DAC provides simple bits- to-lamp current control and communicates in two inter-
Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped architec- ture, 10 MHz CKI with 1 µs instruction cycle, one multi- function 16-bit timer/counter with PWM output, MICROWIRE/PLUS™ serial I/O, two power saving HALT/ IDLE modes, MIWU, idle timer, on-chip R/C oscillator, 12 high current outputs, user selectable options (WATCH- DOG™, 4 clock/oscillator modes, power-on-reset), low EMI 2.7V to 5.5V operation, and 16/20/28/40/44 pin packages.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
1N80   1N80 1N80 PDF Download   The SY10/100EL11V are 1:2 differential fa
1N801   1N801 1N801 PDF Download CKS0 Master Clock Select 0 Pin  (Internal
1N804D   1N804D 1N804D PDF Download ST 00+ Areas where care in design must be observed are
1N81   1N81 1N81 PDF Download
1N812   1N812 1N812 PDF Download The 256K bytes of Flash program memory are used
1N814   1N814 1N814 PDF Download The XC7336 can be used in systems with two diffe
1N815   1N815 1N815 PDF Download The I2C-bus is for 2-way, 2-line communication b
1N816   1N816 1N816 PDF Download Fairchild n/a BOOT BLOCK LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method
1N81A   1N81A 1N81A PDF Download The crystal used should be a fundamental mode (d
1N821   1N821 1N821 PDF Download PHILIPS DO41 04+ Each DCP can be used as a three-terminal potenti
1N821-1JTXVS   1N821-1JTXVS 1N821-1JTXVS PDF Download   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspecti
1N821A   1N821A 1N821A PDF Download xxxx n/a s Anyone purchasing any products described or co
1N821JANTX   1N821JANTX 1N821JANTX PDF Download EPIC™ (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS
1N823   1N823 1N823 PDF Download • Low Jitter • Overtone technology
1N823A   1N823A 1N823A PDF Download 9627   Extremely low 1µA supply current (t
1N823ARL   1N823ARL 1N823ARL PDF Download MOTOROLA 97+   By providing external feedback, the IDT5V
1N825   1N825 1N825 PDF Download The HC534, HCT534, HC564, and HCT564 are high sp
1N825-1JANTX   1N825-1JANTX 1N825-1JANTX PDF Download The ZL5011x incorporates a range of powerful cloc
1N825A   1N825A 1N825A PDF Download Notes: 1. The input and output negative-voltage
1N825AT/R-1000DO35   1N825AT/R-1000DO35 1N825AT/R-1000DO35 PDF Download MS 05/06+ The PCM58P is a complete, precision 18-bit digit
1N825-DO35   1N825-DO35 1N825-DO35 PDF Download OSCILLATOR The UC3823A,B/3825A,B oscillator is
1N825JTX   1N825JTX 1N825JTX PDF Download Operating voltage: 2.2V~3.6V Ten bidirectional I
1N827   1N827 1N827 PDF Download IXYS Corporation • 3540 Bassett Street 
1N8271JANTX   1N8271JANTX 1N8271JANTX PDF Download Some data sheets will contain a combination of p
1N827-1JTX   1N827-1JTX 1N827-1JTX PDF Download   ARM7TDMI™ ARM® Thumb® Proces
1N827A   1N827A 1N827A PDF Download The Cs capacitor performs the charge integration
1N827JTX   1N827JTX 1N827JTX PDF Download • Solid-state Relay (Equivalent to AQW210S
1N827TR   1N827TR 1N827TR PDF Download An external resistor (RSET) sets either the over
1N829   1N829 1N829 PDF Download Micro Semi 98 5 NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
1N829-1JTXVCDI   1N829-1JTXVCDI 1N829-1JTXVCDI PDF Download The accuracy of this derivation depends on how c
1N829A   1N829A 1N829A PDF Download AMERICAN 05+ The M5M51008BFP,VP,RV,KV,KR are a 1048576-bit CM
1N82A   1N82A 1N82A PDF Download The CDCLVP110 clock driver distributes one diff
1N832A   1N832A 1N832A PDF Download   The PA03 copper base is very soft and eas
1N84   1N84 1N84 PDF Download Byte write operation is performed by using Byte
1N840   1N840 1N840 PDF Download Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse tr
1N842   1N842 1N842 PDF Download Depending on your PSoC device characteristics, t
1N843   1N843 1N843 PDF Download The received digital signal input. Internal 1 M
1N845   1N845 1N845 PDF Download Connecting the Sense(+) and Sense(-) pins to the
1N846   1N846 1N846 PDF Download hugh n/a Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
1N852   1N852 1N852 PDF Download This pin provides the output current range adjus
1N854   1N854 1N854 PDF Download Hermetic Isolated Surface Mount Package Adjusta
1N858   1N858 1N858 PDF Download   Operating air gap is dependent on the ava
1N86   1N86 1N86 PDF Download The 56F8322 hybrid controller includes 32KB of P
1N862   1N862 1N862 PDF Download The ADC122S051 is a low-power, two-channel CMOS
1N863   1N863 1N863 PDF Download VBIAS (VCC, VBS, VDD) = 15V, TA = 25C and VSS = C
1N863CC   1N863CC 1N863CC PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
1N87   1N87 1N87 PDF Download The Fujitsu MB81ES171625/173225 is a Fast Cycle
1N87A   1N87A 1N87A PDF Download csf n/a 1. Part mounted on 2"x2" GETEK board w
1N87ACPAIR   1N87ACPAIR 1N87ACPAIR PDF Download The FM1233A permits a pushbutton (or a signal) t
1N87AF   1N87AF 1N87AF PDF Download Flexible control options for power management ar
1N881   1N881 1N881 PDF Download Table 1. Bluetooth Mini module interface definiti
1N883CC   1N883CC 1N883CC PDF Download When an acceleration is applied to the sensor th
1N891   1N891 1N891 PDF Download   The HF80 die type has been found to have
1N891CC   1N891CC 1N891CC PDF Download The operational amplifier has 6.4 MHz of bandwid
1N893CC   1N893CC 1N893CC PDF Download Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
1N8F63V   1N8F63V 1N8F63V PDF Download /RCS0 -->/CS : SDRAMs D0-D8 /RCS1 -->/CS :
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