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* UL is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. † CSA is a registered trademark of Canadian Standards Association. ‡ VDE is a trademark of Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker e.V. This product is intended for integration into end-use equipment. All the required procedures for CE marking of end-use equipment should   be followed. (The CE mark is placed on selected products.)
Signal-Detect   The 206235 generates a chatter-free SD open-collector TTL output with internal 6.75kΩ pullup resistor as shown in Figure 4. SD is used to determine that the input amplitude is large enough to be considered a valid input. SD asserts high if the input amplitude rises above the threshold set by
The 206235 attaches directly to the PC parallel port. If use of a printer is desired, the 206235 should reside between the parallel port and the printer cable. With system and printer both off, simply plug the 25Cpin male D connector side of the 206235 into the PC parallel port and then plug the printer cable into the 25Cpin female D connector side of the 206235. The top and bottom screws that reside on the 206235 and the printer cable should then be tightened accordingly.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
206.162.000   206.162.000 206.162.000 PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
2060   2060 2060 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SOP 03/+04+ Added Package Pins to GPIO Table in Section 8. Re
2060-00004A   2060-00004A 2060-00004A PDF Download The Si91871 is a 300-mA CMOS LDO (low dropout) v
2060-00004A(HIS-2)   2060-00004A(HIS-2) 2060-00004A(HIS-2) PDF Download SOCKET 00+ Operating Voltage Range Sleep Mode Supply Curr
2060-00006(HIS-3)   2060-00006(HIS-3) 2060-00006(HIS-3) PDF Download SOCKET 04+ Stability can be maximized by observing the foll
2060-0006(HIS-3)   2060-0006(HIS-3) 2060-0006(HIS-3) PDF Download SOCKET 04+ To achieve proper operation, an initial pause of
206001001   206001001 206001001 PDF Download Basic waveforms and dc operating voltages for th
2060014010   2060014010 2060014010 PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
206-0033514   206-0033514 206-0033514 PDF Download 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
206-0043971   206-0043971 206-0043971 PDF Download The RF5189 has primarily been characterized with
206-006RAS   206-006RAS 206-006RAS PDF Download RS-422 OPERATION The SP304 is a fully compliant
206007   206007 206007 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The SP202E/232E/233E/310E/312E devic
206-008RAS   206-008RAS 206-008RAS PDF Download   Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M7.16M10.74M14.3M &
20602   20602 20602 PDF Download SOP8 These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
206036-1   206036-1 206036-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics tions. For burst operations, the device addition
206036-2   206036-2 206036-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics This pin is the reference select pin and the ext
206036-3   206036-3 206036-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A   the part number LM26CIM5-TPA has TOS = 85
206036-4   206036-4 206036-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206036-5   206036-5 206036-5 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Timer counter 4 : 8-bit 1   (square-wave/8
206037-1   206037-1 206037-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 07+ AUXILIARY VIDEO MUTE All auxiliary video outputs
206037-2   206037-2 206037-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 100 Gate Thre
206038-1   206038-1 206038-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9348 FEATURES • Compliant with ATM, SONET OC-3
206038-2   206038-2 206038-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The ZL30414 has a built-in LOCK detector that mea
206039-1   206039-1 206039-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9046+ The power input for the core logic is designated
206043-1   206043-1 206043-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 2000+ PFKC03 series required a minimum 10% loading on
2060432G03   2060432G03 2060432G03 PDF Download Wiper positioning is controlled via a patented du
206043-3   206043-3 206043-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A
206043-4   206043-4 206043-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics FEATURES High Performance Member of Pin-Compati
206043-5   206043-5 206043-5 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The MIC5031 detects an overcurrent condition by
206044-1   206044-1 206044-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 2000+ Case: SOD-123, Plastic UL Flammability Classific
2060444R7   2060444R7 2060444R7 PDF Download The CD4514B and CD4515B are 4-to-16 line decoder
206055-13   206055-13 206055-13 PDF Download 17 NORTEL 04+ • FCRAM core with Single Data Rate SDRAM
206055-B   206055-B 206055-B PDF Download Address Inputs Byte Enable Data In / Out Dat
206060-1   206060-1 206060-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Compatible with Ethernet II IEEE 802 3 10base5 a
2060611   2060611 2060611 PDF Download The TC6501/TC6502 are designed for hot temperatur
206061-1   206061-1 206061-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 00+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
206061-2   206061-2 206061-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics NOTES: 1. Always design to the specified minimu
2060621   2060621 2060621 PDF Download Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which da
206062-1   206062-1 206062-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9325+ 1% output voltage accuracy Low noise Only 75&mi
206062-3   206062-3 206062-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 0015 DESCRIPTION The ST485E is al low power transcei
206063-4   206063-4 206063-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
206064-4   206064-4 206064-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics DETAILED FEATURES High Definition Programmable
206065-4   206065-4 206065-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
206065-7   206065-7 206065-7 PDF Download Utility Meters HVAC Equipment Audio / Video Com
206066-4   206066-4 206066-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Offset adjusting for the ADS-119 is normally acc
206070-1   206070-1 206070-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 0031+ Red Negative Analog Input No Connect, (Note 5)
206070-8   206070-8 206070-8 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 2840 The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Std
206071-1   206071-1 206071-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics By combining a conventional thin-film R-2R ladde
206-0950-4MQ172-3PA   206-0950-4MQ172-3PA 206-0950-4MQ172-3PA PDF Download The MAX6061CMAX6068 are precision, low-dropout,
2060A   2060A 2060A PDF Download There is an optional inverter that can be connec
2060AS1   2060AS1 2060AS1 PDF Download HARRIS TO220 00+ 32-position digital potentiometer 10 kΩ, 5
2060AS2   2060AS2 2060AS2 PDF Download HARRIS TO220 00+ Inductance: Measured at 1 volt with no DC current
2060AS3   2060AS3 2060AS3 PDF Download HARRIS 铁头 98 Thermal Design The IRU1050 incorporates an inter
2060ASI   2060ASI 2060ASI PDF Download INTERSIL Maxims MAX312/MAX313/MAX314 analog switches feat
2060D   2060D 2060D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+ This block generates the system timing and contro
2060JRC   2060JRC 2060JRC PDF Download " Window structured high power laser diode
2061   2061 2061 PDF Download Keystone Electronics DIP-8P 9113+ The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drive
20610   20610 20610 PDF Download NIKKO 00+ DIP-20 The HAL 57x, HAL 58x two-wire sensors are monoli
206-10   206-10 206-10 PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents The set-point voltage tolerance is affected by t
2061010010   2061010010 2061010010 PDF Download NOTES:1. Maximum voltage must be adjusted for po
2061101   2061101 2061101 PDF Download MOLEX 04+ PCI compatible BusCfriendly architecture includi
206110-1   206110-1 206110-1 PDF Download A programmable receive packet interrupt scheme u
2061103   2061103 2061103 PDF Download 4. Oscillator Stability   In some cases, pa
2061105   2061105 2061105 PDF Download Interrupt. This open drain weak pullup, output si
2061131   2061131 2061131 PDF Download N/A MOLEX 05+ FEATURES • Small Form Factor transceiver
206-12   206-12 206-12 PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents   This method corresponds more accurately t
206120-1   206120-1 206120-1 PDF Download At a gain of +2, the EL2245 and EL2445 have a -3
206-124   206-124 206-124 PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents The 206-124EB uses an internal high-efficiency, c
206125-1   206125-1 206125-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The 206125-1 is a stereo oversampled-sigma-delta
206126-1   206126-1 206126-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A It is recommended that about 10 µF of capa
206127-1   206127-1 206127-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Status   Motorola accelerometers include f
2061302290   2061302290 2061302290 PDF Download BC should be connected to a 3V backup cell for R
206136-1   206136-1 206136-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 06+ Narrow Bandwidth (NBW) Control Pin A Narrow Loop
206137-1   206137-1 206137-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics An external resistor (RSET) sets either the over
206137-2   206137-2 206137-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyon
2061381   2061381 2061381 PDF Download   For example a designer who needs a 14-bit
206138-1   206138-1 206138-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 07+ Leakage Current: Capacitors shall be stabilized a
206138-2   206138-2 206138-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics System requirement. Maximum allowable pullup res
206138-8   206138-8 206138-8 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The blanking control input on the hexadecimal
2061472531   2061472531 2061472531 PDF Download The Hysteretic Regulating (HR) Amplifier provide
2061501   2061501 2061501 PDF Download Virtex FPGAs are SRAM-based, and are customized
206150-1   206150-1 206150-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 1. Test conditions: 25º C, Supply Voltage =
2061511   2061511 2061511 PDF Download The HYM72V32M636H(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
206151-1   206151-1 206151-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A 2000 watts Peak Pulse Power 8/20 µs For su
206151-2   206151-2 206151-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A The Analog System is composed of 12 configurable
206151-3   206151-3 206151-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics • Synchronous Operation. • 2 Stage P
206152-1   206152-1 206152-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The KM4132G271B is 8,388,608 bits synchro
206153-1   206153-1 206153-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A Initial Release Updated Minimum Voltage Conditio
2061710   2061710 2061710 PDF Download • Four Crystal modes, up to 25 MHz •
2061AC   2061AC 2061AC PDF Download TI SMD8 DESCRIPTION The HCC40160B, 40161B, 40162B, 40163
2061ACS-1   2061ACS-1 2061ACS-1 PDF Download ICDESIGN 250 FEATURES • Compliant with Fast Ethernet,
2061ASC   2061ASC 2061ASC PDF Download (1) The algebraic convention, in which the least
2061ASC1   2061ASC1 2061ASC1 PDF Download w High speed 800,711 and 600 MHz RDRAM storage
2061ASC-1   2061ASC-1 2061ASC-1 PDF Download IC DESIGNS SOIC16 04+ The RF5189 has primarily been characterized with
2061ASC--1   2061ASC--1 2061ASC--1 PDF Download 05+ SMD   Network Interface Card (NIC) applications
2061ASC-5   2061ASC-5 2061ASC-5 PDF Download N/A ICDESIGN 04+ MBM29DL16XTE/BE are organized into two banks, Ba
2061C   2061C 2061C PDF Download TI SOP8 The integrated receiver is intended to be used a
2061D   2061D 2061D PDF Download NIKKO 00+ DIP-20   [V DC][A][V DC][mA][V DC]   3.31.5--
2061D9   2061D9 2061D9 PDF Download • Two control modes can be selected.  
2061L2   2061L2 2061L2 PDF Download TI SOP8 The voltage at the TOVER pin is equal to a logic-
2062   2062 2062 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 74HC4511D-T
206-2   206-2 206-2 PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents Clocking of the register is very flexible. Four g
2062-0000-00   2062-0000-00 2062-0000-00 PDF Download PB0~PB5 constitute a 6-bit Schmitt trigger input
206205-1   206205-1 206205-1 PDF Download The devices feature single 3.0 V power supply ope
206207-1   206207-1 206207-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The high (VH) and low (VL) terminals of the devi
20621   20621 20621 PDF Download SMD-8 04 05 Requires no external microcontroller External pa
2062101   2062101 2062101 PDF Download • Microchips Worldwide Web site; http://ww
2062103   2062103 2062103 PDF Download The MSM518221 provides high speed FIFO, First-In
206-211   206-211 206-211 PDF Download (according to DIN EN 60747-5-2(VDE0884)/ DIN EN
2062-11-22   2062-11-22 2062-11-22 PDF Download Load Regulation Since the AP1187 has separate pi
206213   206213 206213 PDF Download *FDD: Supports up to two floppy disk drives *Par
206-213ST   206-213ST 206-213ST PDF Download The 288-Mbit Direct Rambus DRAMs (RDRAM)
2062191   2062191 2062191 PDF Download   The IDT71V2546/48 are 3.3V high-speed 4,7
2062202   2062202 2062202 PDF Download   The FCT20807 is a 2.5V compatible, high s
2062-21   2062-21 2062-21 PDF Download 1 2 MAC UNIT The MAC (Media Access Control) unit
206226-1   206226-1 206226-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The HCC4000B, HCC4001B, HCC4002B and HCC4025B (e
206227-1   206227-1 206227-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Note) The PWM data set, the PWM Frequency set an
206227-2   206227-2 206227-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 97+ The DC/DC converter provides fully integrated sy
2062-2BM   2062-2BM 2062-2BM PDF Download The battery-saving function is controlled by the
206235   206235 206235 PDF Download 04+ Stability The IRU1015 requires the use of an out
206250154J815   206250154J815 206250154J815 PDF Download AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
206250683J815   206250683J815 206250683J815 PDF Download Data is written into memory on a low-to-highNC C
206251-1   206251-1 206251-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Notes: 1. The luminous intensity IV is measured
20626710   20626710 20626710 PDF Download • Precision Reference for Long Term Stabili
2062AC   2062AC 2062AC PDF Download TI   The IN74AC14 is identical in pinout to th
2062ASC1   2062ASC1 2062ASC1 PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
2062ASC-1   2062ASC-1 2062ASC-1 PDF Download ICD SOP20W 2007+ The HYS 64V8301 is an industry standard 168-pin
2062BSC-15   2062BSC-15 2062BSC-15 PDF Download 04+ SMD The ADSP-TS202S processor has two IALUs that pro
2062BSC2   2062BSC2 2062BSC2 PDF Download Power Back-up pin(+). . At Li Mode, connect a 0.
2062BSC-2   2062BSC-2 2062BSC-2 PDF Download ICD SOP20W 2007+ Functional Description : WSH130 is designed to
2062C   2062C 2062C PDF Download SMD-8 05+ or Powered-Down Low and Flat ON-State Resistance
2062C.I   2062C.I 2062C.I PDF Download TI SOP8S 2007+ The MBRS320TRPbF surface-mount Schottky rectifier
2062CAC   2062CAC 2062CAC PDF Download 2. Canales codificados (es necesario el uso del
2062I   2062I 2062I PDF Download TI SOP N/A Initialization of both devices must occur before
2063   2063 2063 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SOP 03/+04+ Single Read Accesses A read access is initiated
206-3   206-3 206-3 PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents ELAN Microelectronics products are not intended
206304-1   206304-1 206304-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 1.1 Product Overview   • 16 Character
206305-1   206305-1 206305-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A • Single-Device:   +12V Output, 7-16V
206306-1   206306-1 206306-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A Using four basic types of connectors, RJ-11, iBut
206306-2   206306-2 206306-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
2063070001   2063070001 2063070001 PDF Download All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
206310A   206310A 206310A PDF Download 2000 NCR 95+ Atmel's 28C010 has additional features to ensure
206322-1   206322-1 206322-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics When the PCB trace between the clock output and
206322-2   206322-2 206322-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The stereo audio DAC supports sampling rates fro
206322-9   206322-9 206322-9 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Description Reference clock select. When LOW, s
2063581   2063581 2063581 PDF Download
206358-1   206358-1 206358-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 93+ *1. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge dete
206358-5   206358-5 206358-5 PDF Download Tyco Electronics When reading the RTC, the timekeeping registers a
2063A   2063A 2063A PDF Download RCA SOP 16PIN 01+ 1.2 ARCHITECTURE The COP8SAx family is based on
2063AJRC   2063AJRC 2063AJRC PDF Download JRC SOP 86 The SN74CB3T16211 is organized as two 12-bit bus
2063F   2063F 2063F PDF Download TA SOP16M 2007+ The complete documentation package for the MC6830
2063SC2   2063SC2 2063SC2 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The device is manufactured using hi
2063T04-55SN   2063T04-55SN 2063T04-55SN PDF Download • Avalanche Energy Specified • SourceC
2064   2064 2064 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 74HC4514D-T A low-to-high transition on the CS pin will term
206-4   206-4 206-4 PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents +REG IN - is the input pin for applying power to
206403-1   206403-1 206403-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206403-2   206403-2 206403-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics A four-wire (SCLK, MOSI, MISO, SS) SPI interface
2064033   2064033 2064033 PDF Download Output Drivers Each output driver is capable of
206403-3   206403-3 206403-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 5 bit or 6 bit VID with 0.5% overall system accu
206403-4   206403-4 206403-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics This device is particularly well suited for port
206404-1   206404-1 206404-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics DoCD™ Debug Unit C its a real-time hard- w
206425-1   206425-1 206425-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Pin assignments for these devices are identical
206425-2   206425-2 206425-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A - Input voltage range: 2.2V~5.5V (VOUT type) -
206426-1   206426-1 206426-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9412+ addressed to this node is received, or condition
206429-1   206429-1 206429-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9229+ The Discrete Products Operation of Fairchild Cor
2064301   2064301 2064301 PDF Download • 25ns, 35ns, 45ns and 55ns Access Times
206430-1   206430-1 206430-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A   Test Conditions / Pins IL = 8 mA IL = 20
206430-2   206430-2 206430-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A FIGURES Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure
206430-3   206430-3 206430-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
206430-4   206430-4 206430-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   BBE High Pass Filter Output (Ach)  
20643-11   20643-11 20643-11 PDF Download QFP 00+ The operational overview diagram in Figure 2 illu
206433-1   206433-1 206433-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9602+ Common I O for reduced pin count Four operation
206433-2   206433-2 206433-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The absolute maximum ratings are values w
206434-1   206434-1 206434-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics An input capacitor of 1.0 µF (min) should
2064343581   2064343581 2064343581 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 The hybrid performs 2 wire to 4 wire conversion b
206437-1   206437-1 206437-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Description Digital VDD (for Output Drivers) D
206438-1   206438-1 206438-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9318+ The host must issue a hardware reset or the soft
206438-2   206438-2 206438-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   Designed for general purpose amplifier an
206455-2   206455-2 206455-2 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
206458-1   206458-1 206458-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics ON-CHIP VOLTAGE REFERENCE Output Voltage Power-
2064716477   2064716477 2064716477 PDF Download High DC spark-over voltage in spite of compact s
206472-1   206472-1 206472-1 PDF Download
2064781   2064781 2064781 PDF Download The bus controller is responsible for generating
206478-1   206478-1 206478-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9934+ The CY62137CV18 is a high-performance CMOS stati
206478-2   206478-2 206478-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9912 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
206478-3   206478-3 206478-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked.
206480LT   206480LT 206480LT PDF Download LATTICE QFP
206485-1   206485-1 206485-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics n/a 99
2064861   2064861 2064861 PDF Download AMP 07+ A Burst Stop Command may be used to terminate the
206486-1   206486-1 206486-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Flash Initialization. Software is stored on an e
206486-2   206486-2 206486-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 9608  The Hyundai HYM4V33100DTYG Series are AGP
206495-3   206495-3 206495-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Phase Continuity Control Input (Input). The sign
206496-1   206496-1 206496-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   Leads are Readily Solderable • Lead
206498-4   206498-4 206498-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Port 2 Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
206499-4   206499-4 206499-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics When VCC is between 0 and 1.5 V, the device is i
2064A   2064A 2064A PDF Download PROGRAM/ERASE SUSPEND C Read other Blocks/Sect
2064A80LT100   2064A80LT100 2064A80LT100 PDF Download ST The FM20 will handle sizable capacitive loads up
2064AC   2064AC 2064AC PDF Download TI SOP14S 2007+ The MacroDens™ PKF 5000 I series true compo
2064AI   2064AI 2064AI PDF Download LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS These products are no
2064D   2064D 2064D PDF Download Bus Command/Byte Enable: During the address phase
2064LPST   2064LPST 2064LPST PDF Download Input and output signals to and from the interna
2064RALPST   2064RALPST 2064RALPST PDF Download POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD
206-4RAST   206-4RAST 206-4RAST PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents Hynix HYMD232M646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
2064S8836   2064S8836 2064S8836 PDF Download n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
206-4ST   206-4ST 206-4ST PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents 1. Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb-fr
2064V   2064V 2064V PDF Download LATTICE TQFP-M100P 6+ NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
2064VE   2064VE 2064VE PDF Download LATTICE QFP N/A Purchase of I2C components of Maxim Integrated Pr
2064VE100LT100   2064VE100LT100 2064VE100LT100 PDF Download Lattice QFP The 2064VE100LT100 and 2064VE100LT100 are 4,718,5
2064VE-100LT100   2064VE-100LT100 2064VE-100LT100 PDF Download
2064VE-100LT44   2064VE-100LT44 2064VE-100LT44 PDF Download LATTICE The HS I2C-compatible module requires two supplie
2064VE-144   2064VE-144 2064VE-144 PDF Download Lettice a. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
206-5   206-5 206-5 PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents The host system can detect whether a program or
206500-4   206500-4 206500-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The EB-2100x features local power regulation to
206501-4   206501-4 206501-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Glass passivated die construction Ideal for prin
206502-4   206502-4 206502-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics shifters to be cascaded on the same output lines
206503-4   206503-4 206503-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Keep safety first in your circuit designs! 1. R
206504-4   206504-4 206504-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics High Side Floating Supply Voltage High Side Fl
206505-4   206505-4 206505-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics mum continuous load operation the junction temper
206508-1   206508-1 206508-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Input power supply pin. Requires 4.7µF bypa
206509-1   206509-1 206509-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A To activate this mode, the programming equipment
206-51   206-51 206-51 PDF Download International Rectifier's FRED.. series are the s
2065108   2065108 2065108 PDF Download The information herein is given to describe certa
206512-1   206512-1 206512-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
206512-5   206512-5 206512-5 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The IDT72V205/72V215/72V225/72V235/72V245
2065141   2065141 2065141 PDF Download ter File, which includes the control and status
206514-1   206514-1 206514-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
2065142351   2065142351 2065142351 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28   The AN79Lxx series and the AN79LxxM serie
2065146   2065146 2065146 PDF Download This series of hermetic packaged MOSFETs are ide
206514-6   206514-6 206514-6 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 98+ (1) Signal Output   The OUT1/1X and OUT2/2X
206554-1   206554-1 206554-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 96+ NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on V
206564   206564 206564 PDF Download BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-100 W
206584-1   206584-1 206584-1 PDF Download AMP/TYCO 8315 The HYM72V16M736B(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Me
2065LPST   2065LPST 2065LPST PDF Download   The enable memory bank (EMB) flag control
2066   2066 2066 PDF Download Keystone Electronics QFP Note 5: Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance is
206-6   206-6 206-6 PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents ∗1 600/600µs burst wave is transmitt
206604-1   206604-1 206604-1 PDF Download Thermally the power module can be considered as a
206604-2   206604-2 206604-2 PDF Download Under and over temperature alert thresholds can
2066080   2066080 2066080 PDF Download NOTES: 1. All voltage values, except differentia
206612-1   206612-1 206612-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 1. Stresses greater than those listed under "
206613-1   206613-1 206613-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206613-3   206613-3 206613-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The MSK 610 employs a circuit topology kn
206637-1   206637-1 206637-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A E1, T1, AND SUBRATE OPERATION COMPLIES WITH G.SH
206650-1   206650-1 206650-1 PDF Download A powerful program sequencer controls the flow o
206653-1   206653-1 206653-1 PDF Download 62 Kbytes of nonvolatile Flash/EE program memory
206655-1   206655-1 206655-1 PDF Download
20666DX7-M   20666DX7-M 20666DX7-M PDF Download If there is a large amount of coupling between X
2066A   2066A 2066A PDF Download 1. Torque rating applies with use of compression
2066-DOS/02   2066-DOS/02 2066-DOS/02 PDF Download TA DIP 2006 In case of over- or undervoltage at Pin VS, an i
2067   2067 2067 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 74HC4520D,112 The TLC372 has internal electrostatic discharge
206-7   206-7 206-7 PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184
206705-1   206705-1 206705-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 05+
206705-2   206705-2 206705-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 256K x 36, 512K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
206705-3   206705-3 206705-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics REF CLOCK INPUT CHARACTERISTICS  Frequency
206705-4   206705-4 206705-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics I GENERAL DESCRIPTION   NJW1153 is a 6-chan
2067064   2067064 2067064 PDF Download Notes:  8. Test conditions assume signal t
206708-1   206708-1 206708-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A The MAX6672/MAX6673 operate from 2.4V to 5.5V wit
20673   20673 20673 PDF Download The leading-edge 0.15 µm / 0.12 µm C
206737-1   206737-1 206737-1 PDF Download The SPT5230 voltage output will swing from +3.0
2067631   2067631 2067631 PDF Download n Low cost 8-bit OTP microcontroller n OTP prog
206763-1   206763-1 206763-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Power247™ PowerSaver™ PowerTrench&r
206763-3   206763-3 206763-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206770-1   206770-1 206770-1 PDF Download Channel B LNP Inverting Input Channel B Freque
2067711   2067711 2067711 PDF Download Description Agilents ABA-31563 is an economical
206793-1   206793-1 206793-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics en = Noise Voltage of the Transistor referred to
206794-4   206794-4 206794-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics These two schemes are shown in the 9310 data she
206795-3   206795-3 206795-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The four manuals listed in Table 1 are required
206798-2   206798-2 206798-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Applying loads outside of the specified output r
206799-2   206799-2 206799-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
2067B   2067B 2067B PDF Download PHILIPS QFP 02+   Unless otherwise specified, VCC=15VDC, +V
206-7LP   206-7LP 206-7LP PDF Download CE Chip enable input. When CE is high, it enabl
2068   2068 2068 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SOP8 05+ FEATURES • Compliant with ATM, SONET OC-3
206-8   206-8 206-8 PDF Download CTS Electrocomponents
206-8/100R   206-8/100R 206-8/100R PDF Download HDRIVE, LDRIVE: The outputs of the PWM are totem
206-8/680R   206-8/680R 206-8/680R PDF Download This document describes part-number-specific cha
20680   20680 20680 PDF Download JRC SOP-8 2.4V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation Adjustable
206800-2   206800-2 206800-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics SD is a serial bi-directional data bus which is
206801-2   206801-2 206801-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics A bias arrangement that can be accomplished at l
206802-2   206802-2 206802-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics No external components are required for operatio
206803-2   206803-2 206803-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
206804-2   206804-2 206804-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability Single +
206805-2   206805-2 206805-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics *1 Relaxed C/I specification   On five spur
2068-103   2068-103 2068-103 PDF Download The DS600 is a 0.5C accurate analog-output tempe
206-82K210   206-82K210 206-82K210 PDF Download • 2 0.7 amp. full bridge outputs •
206837-1   206837-1 206837-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A • Inductorless, Buck/Boost, DC/DC Converter
2068381   2068381 2068381 PDF Download The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
206838-1   206838-1 206838-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
206838-2   206838-2 206838-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics N/A Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case - IGBT The
206838-3   206838-3 206838-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
206838-4   206838-4 206838-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics Leads are Readily Solderable Lead and Mounting S
206852-2   206852-2 206852-2 PDF Download • HIGH PERFORMANCE E2CMOS® TECHNOLOGY
2068580001   2068580001 2068580001 PDF Download Short lead time, since the P2ROM is programmed at
20686   20686 20686 PDF Download Typicals and limits appearing in normal type app
20689   20689 20689 PDF Download xior SOP8 98+ The contents of in this specification are subjec
20689A   20689A 20689A PDF Download ATMEL SOP-8 02+ NOTES 1Guaranteed by characterization. All input
2068A   2068A 2068A PDF Download PHILIPS QFP0505-32 00+/01+ The two PWM controllers that regulate the system
2068D   2068D 2068D PDF Download JRC SOP8 05+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
2068DD   2068DD 2068DD PDF Download JRC 97 The bq24007 and bq24008 provide the timer-enable
2068DJRC   2068DJRC 2068DJRC PDF Download • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
2068L   2068L 2068L PDF Download JRC(original) only one side 04+(regular supply) Development Kit A comprehensive Development Kit
206-8LP-P   206-8LP-P 206-8LP-P PDF Download The COP87LxxCJ/RJ Family OTP (One Time Program-
206-8LPST   206-8LPST 206-8LPST PDF Download • Single supply: 2.2 to 3.6 V • Access
206-8R2210   206-8R2210 206-8R2210 PDF Download International Rectifier Radiation Hardened MOSFE
2069   2069 2069 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 74HC4520D-T Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
2069031   2069031 2069031 PDF Download Since the CDC913 is based on PLL circuitry, it r
206903-1   206903-1 206903-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
206914-1   206914-1 206914-1 PDF Download   The 17517 can drive two motors in two dir
206942-1   206942-1 206942-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 0015 I/O Block Each user-configurable IOB shown in F
206966-1   206966-1 206966-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics • Robust High Voltage Termination • A
206966-7   206966-7 206966-7 PDF Download Tyco Electronics After the FPGA configuration process is complete
2069-684T02   2069-684T02 2069-684T02 PDF Download TO-220/5 • High Jitter Tolerance • Sampling R
206971-1   206971-1 206971-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   At startup, C2 is charged through the sta
206971-2   206971-2 206971-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 0030 The ULN2001A, ULN2002A, ULN2003 and ULN2004Aare
206973-1   206973-1 206973-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206973-2   206973-2 206973-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics
206983   206983 206983 PDF Download TO220-5P 6+ constructed in eight-pin, hermetic, dual-in-li
206983.   206983. 206983. PDF Download An input capacitor of 2.2µF (nominal value
206-9ST   206-9ST 206-9ST PDF Download CTS Corporation Resistor/Electrocomponents Note 4: The Temperature Coefficient of the adjust
206A   206A 206A PDF Download Infineon SOP8 03+ VOUT: Regulated negative-output voltage. A single
206AE1   206AE1 206AE1 PDF Download VISHAY 04+ 05+ SOP8 1) Skew is defined as the absolute value of the
206AEP   206AEP 206AEP PDF Download The Am79C901A HomePHY is a single-chip device t
206AWP   206AWP 206AWP PDF Download VISHAY 04+ 05+ SOP8 The bus controller is responsible for generating
206B38352   206B38352 206B38352 PDF Download TI SOP16S 2007+ • 2.7VC3.6V operation • CMOS for opt
206C01   206C01 206C01 PDF Download 1 Life support devices or systems are devices or
206CK500X2AUN322   206CK500X2AUN322 206CK500X2AUN322 PDF Download Serial Data Output. This allows a number of part
206CMS   206CMS 206CMS PDF Download FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION   Each half of the
206CNQ200   206CNQ200 206CNQ200 PDF Download N/A The TPS797xx family of low-dropout (LDO) voltage
206DOD   206DOD 206DOD PDF Download Output Adjustment all HR151 models (single outpu
206-DSPGAT-000   206-DSPGAT-000 206-DSPGAT-000 PDF Download n/a 05+ ICs form an on-board 28-bit serial-in/parallel-o
206E   206E 206E PDF Download In theory, the proportionality and digitization
206G   206G 206G PDF Download SIEMENS SOP The Atmel cell (Figure 4) is simple and small an
206J0331   206J0331 206J0331 PDF Download DIP   A word-width-select option is provided on
206K050CS4   206K050CS4 206K050CS4 PDF Download Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) The DS1258AB provides full functional capability
206K050CS4G   206K050CS4G 206K050CS4G PDF Download  The Hyundai 206K050CS4G Series are Dual In
206S57C   206S57C 206S57C PDF Download The voltage and current amplifiers have a 3MHz g
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