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Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
26.0   26.0 26.0 PDF Download LT The look-ahead carry feature simplifies se
26.00044   26.00044 26.00044 PDF Download Bild / Fig. 5 B2 - Zweiplus-Brckenschaltung / Tw
26.000MHZ   26.000MHZ 26.000MHZ PDF Download KSS 3225 06+ Feedback Voltage and Short Circuit Detection pin
26.00MHZ   26.00MHZ 26.00MHZ PDF Download Each Peppermint board has a special touch pad bu
26.562M   26.562M 26.562M PDF Download An analog input connected to the RING (more nega
26.603-4400-50   26.603-4400-50 26.603-4400-50 PDF Download KEY FEATURES 80 MHz (12.5 ns) Core Instruction
26.6666MHZ   26.6666MHZ 26.6666MHZ PDF Download The SiP5630 has nine (9) output channels (T1-T9)
26.670MHZ   26.670MHZ 26.670MHZ PDF Download 1) The amplitude of the signal depends on the ob
26.7060.51   26.7060.51 26.7060.51 PDF Download N/A Four of the seven instructions end with the tra
26.730-X   26.730-X 26.730-X PDF Download   The fixed off-time pulse duration is set
26.8000MHZ   26.8000MHZ 26.8000MHZ PDF Download   The LX8385/85A/85B series devices are pin
26.8MHZ   26.8MHZ 26.8MHZ PDF Download This input pin determines whether the DVI link i
26.8MHZ(49/SM5H)   26.8MHZ(49/SM5H) 26.8MHZ(49/SM5H) PDF Download   This device represents a series of Power
2600   2600 2600 PDF Download Switchcraft Inc. 92 An attenuator from the CONOUT (control output) to
26000261   26000261 26000261 PDF Download The Transmitter has a discrete emitter that ut
26-00053-02B   26-00053-02B 26-00053-02B PDF Download 0244+ QFP MAX 7000A devices are supported by Altera develo
26-00053-03A   26-00053-03A 26-00053-03A PDF Download In Figure 14, the trace of Figure 13 has been ex
26-00053-04A   26-00053-04A 26-00053-04A PDF Download Remarks: If special sorting is required (e.g. b
260010-00   260010-00 260010-00 PDF Download LSI BGA 02+ 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
260011EBA   260011EBA 260011EBA PDF Download Standard Zener voltage tolerance is graded to th
26-00122-03B   26-00122-03B 26-00122-03B PDF Download 4 integrated PNP band drivers (Io=40mA,Vsat=0.2
260013-14   260013-14 260013-14 PDF Download Reader Response: To improve the quality of our pu
260013-4   260013-4 260013-4 PDF Download This technique of supplying a small voltage effe
260013-5   260013-5 260013-5 PDF Download Fully asynchronous operation from either port S
26001487   26001487 26001487 PDF Download UNLATCHED ADDRESS BUS: High-order 7 bits of the
2600-1487   2600-1487 2600-1487 PDF Download FSC DIP-14 08+ HOLD ACKNOWLEDGE: The active high Hold Acknowled
26001511   26001511 26001511 PDF Download Note 2: SC70 and µDFN parts are 100% tested
26-0018-00B   26-0018-00B 26-0018-00B PDF Download OASIS 04+ QFP NOTES 1Measured single-ended into 50 W load. 2O
260019-00(L2A0826)   260019-00(L2A0826) 260019-00(L2A0826) PDF Download LSI O7+ VCC to GND PGND to GND FB to GND SHDN to GND
26-00193-00A   26-00193-00A 26-00193-00A PDF Download OASIS 04+ QFP Note 10: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
260020-02   260020-02 260020-02 PDF Download ALCATEL 311 Juego axial0.12 - 0.22 mm Carga mx. en el roda
26002-2   26002-2 26002-2 PDF Download The comparator compares the wiper voltage VW wit
260023-00   260023-00 260023-00 PDF Download XYLAN TQFP-128 98 • 2-Wire Interface interoperable with I2C.
26-0030-0860D   26-0030-0860D 26-0030-0860D PDF Download The SM561 is a very simple and versatile device
260030086D   260030086D 260030086D PDF Download
260032-01   260032-01 260032-01 PDF Download 1000 DEVICE IDENTIFICATION: An extra 128 bytes of EEPR
260-0503   260-0503 260-0503 PDF Download Note: The P prefix in a Motorola part number desi
26-0054-00A   26-0054-00A 26-0054-00A PDF Download OASIS 01+ QFP This device is fully specified for partial-power
26006527-103   26006527-103 26006527-103 PDF Download AMIS 05+ PLCC84
26006556-103   26006556-103 26006556-103 PDF Download MAX SOP-28 02+ This pin is the ground pin for the entire chip.
2600743-0004   2600743-0004 2600743-0004 PDF Download 7
2600743-0005   2600743-0005 2600743-0005 PDF Download 2008 High-speed consumer electronic ports ESD protec
2600-L960-07A   2600-L960-07A 2600-L960-07A PDF Download EIDE Interface Supports PIO Transfer Rates to
2601   2601 2601 PDF Download 89 The Supertex MD1810 is a high-speed quad MOSFET d
260-1.2M/REEL   260-1.2M/REEL 260-1.2M/REEL PDF Download The 16TTS.. SAFEIR series of silicon controlled
26010KREEL   26010KREEL 26010KREEL PDF Download TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION   Figure 2 shows
26011026   26011026 26011026 PDF Download The Micron® Imaging MT9M001 is an SXGA-format
26011048   26011048 26011048 PDF Download These are N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gat
26011060   26011060 26011060 PDF Download Winbond W83877TF provides functions that comply w
26-0180   26-0180 26-0180 PDF Download S DIP-8 87+ The MAX1282/MAX1283 12-bit analog-to-digital conv
26-01H-217-1G-W   26-01H-217-1G-W 26-01H-217-1G-W PDF Download The 212 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for r
2601KS(22689L)   2601KS(22689L) 2601KS(22689L) PDF Download This device is designed for Ethernet 100 Mbps an
2601R2C   2601R2C 2601R2C PDF Download or 18-bit output bus. The Bus Size Select pin (BS
2602   2602 2602 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G126GV high-side IXBD4411. The IXBD4411 gate-drive wi
26023291   26023291 26023291 PDF Download The Direct Rambus™ RIMM™ module is a
26025005   26025005 26025005 PDF Download TRI-STATE version of LS153 with same pinout Sch
26028005   26028005 26028005 PDF Download NOTES: 1. WE is high in read Cycle. 2. Device i
26028012   26028012 26028012 PDF Download The 212 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for r
26028014   26028014 26028014 PDF Download The MAX6672/MAX6673 operate from 2.4V to 5.5V wit
260-301   260-301 260-301 PDF Download *1. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge dete
260-303   260-303 260-303 PDF Download  Maximum ratings are those values beyond wh
260-316   260-316 260-316 PDF Download ST QFP 07+ The totem-pole output stage, capable of 600 mA s
260326   260326 260326 PDF Download FLAG2 options - 3Hz flash - 6Hz flash - Busy o
26032623   26032623 26032623 PDF Download NS 78+ DIP16陶瓷 125 kHz RFID Chip for Cards and Tags 256 Read/Wr
260326RC506   260326RC506 260326RC506 PDF Download  UL Recognized File # E-96005  Glass p
26-03-3021   26-03-3021 26-03-3021 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Microcontrollers are often used in harsh environm
26-03-3061   26-03-3061 26-03-3061 PDF Download   Single 5 V 10% Power Supply   Fully
26-03-3071   26-03-3071 26-03-3071 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Celeritek reserves the right to make changes wit
26-03-3081   26-03-3081 26-03-3081 PDF Download   Parameter Drain - source breakdown volt
26-03-3151   26-03-3151 26-03-3151 PDF Download The preprocessor allows you to improve trace rea
260-334   260-334 260-334 PDF Download A low noise amplifier in RF receivers is used to
260-336   260-336 260-336 PDF Download Logic control inputs can be driven up to +5.5V r
26034020   26034020 26034020 PDF Download ♦ Low Power: 511mW (fCLK = 100MHz) ♦
26-03-4020   26-03-4020 26-03-4020 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
26-03-4030   26-03-4030 26-03-4030 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ NOTES 1Measured at IOUTA, driving a virtual grou
26-03-4041   26-03-4041 26-03-4041 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ This SPI EEPROM family is designed to work with
26034050   26034050 26034050 PDF Download In the receive direction, the XRT73L03 can perfo
26-03-4050   26-03-4050 26-03-4050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Epoxy die attach is recommended. The top and bot
26034061   26034061 26034061 PDF Download • Dual Voltage Detection and Reset Assertio
26-03-4061   26-03-4061 26-03-4061 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
26034081   26034081 26034081 PDF Download High location function normally (see Figure 5).
26-03-4090   26-03-4090 26-03-4090 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation 1 Allowable ambient temperature against  
26-03-4101   26-03-4101 26-03-4101 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ PAGE WRITE: The page write operation of the AT28C
26-03-4111   26-03-4111 26-03-4111 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Wide Operating VIN Range: Up to 80V Rugged Arch
26-03-4131   26-03-4131 26-03-4131 PDF Download • HF signals that are input are sliced at
26-03-4141   26-03-4141 26-03-4141 PDF Download The HS-22620RH is a radiation hardened, dual bip
26-03-4151   26-03-4151 26-03-4151 PDF Download Digital End-of-Charge Output: N-Ch open drain ou
26-03-4161   26-03-4161 26-03-4161 PDF Download Following qualification, the bq24400 fast-charge
260-361   260-361 260-361 PDF Download The receiver includes a half wave rectifier that
2603871   2603871 2603871 PDF Download The TPS6030x charge pumps are voltage quadrupler
26042044   26042044 26042044 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The AD7920 can also operate with slower clock fr
26-0493   26-0493 26-0493 PDF Download Chip enable, when at a high level allows normal
2604AU   2604AU 2604AU PDF Download BBOPA SMD8 97 Organization  Memory cell allay 528 ´
2605   2605 2605 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G14GV
260-5.1M/REEL   260-5.1M/REEL 260-5.1M/REEL PDF Download Data-Rate Synchronous DRAM Applications Spread
26051   26051 26051 PDF Download Aven Tools Internal High Voltage Startup Regulator Minimum
26-0544   26-0544 26-0544 PDF Download   RIFA   RIFA article code   RC
26055   26055 26055 PDF Download N/A TRIMBLE 04+ Crystal oscillator input Power supply (+3-5V D
2605-5   2605-5 2605-5 PDF Download INTERSIL Current Sensing and Limiting The current-limit t
26055/   26055/ 26055/ PDF Download AMIS QFP208   Motorola's 26055/ series sensor integrate
2605A   2605A 2605A PDF Download  I A LOW on this pin initializes the FIFO2
2606   2606 2606 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G14GV,125 Protect Register Clear (PRCLEAR) The PRCLEAR ins
26063003   26063003 26063003 PDF Download   A mounting compound is recommended. The t
2606731-208   2606731-208 2606731-208 PDF Download The CS8920A implements Plug and Play in ac- cor
2606731-210   2606731-210 2606731-210 PDF Download As a result of the high precision and low-noise
2606731-230   2606731-230 2606731-230 PDF Download more than 99% when deselected (CE HIGH or both BL
2606731-236   2606731-236 2606731-236 PDF Download This is to advise Samsung customers that in accor
2606A   2606A 2606A PDF Download JRC 652 The serial peripheral interface (SPI) is used to
2606AD   2606AD 2606AD PDF Download JRC DIP8 07+ Like all members of the FLASH370i family, the CY
2606D   2606D 2606D PDF Download ICS 05+ Perpendicular Recording Drive R W Head and Pre-E
2606N-1   2606N-1 2606N-1 PDF Download The reference is postpackage-trimmed to increase
2607   2607 2607 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G14GW,125 Recommended Application: ALI - Aladdin V™ -
26070000   26070000 26070000 PDF Download   The FCT163344/A/C is a 1:4 address/clock
26-0715   26-0715 26-0715 PDF Download S DIP-8 87+ OmniVision Technologies, Inc. reserves the right
26-0716   26-0716 26-0716 PDF Download The same summed values are also compared for di
2607230042   2607230042 2607230042 PDF Download The TSOP22..YA1 C series are miniaturized receiv
2607478-1   2607478-1 2607478-1 PDF Download • Automatic power down when chip is deselec
260-77   260-77 260-77 PDF Download SONY SQL-23 96+ 8 4 1 PCI Timing Specifications 8 4 2 ATA IDE Ti
260778   260778 260778 PDF Download The HYM72V32756B(L)T8 Series are 32Mx72bits Synch
260783   260783 260783 PDF Download HT1647 is a peripheral device specially de- sig
26-0783   26-0783 26-0783 PDF Download S   Typical represents the average reading at
2607A   2607A 2607A PDF Download Texas SOP-8 Consistent LED color hue results from high curre
2607AR-02G2T   2607AR-02G2T 2607AR-02G2T PDF Download Information in this document is provided solely
2607D   2607D 2607D PDF Download JRC 04+ Because the P87LPC768 combines an embedded ADC a
2608-6121TG   2608-6121TG 2608-6121TG PDF Download The CD54/74FCT373, 373AT, and 533 octal transpar
2609   2609 2609 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G19GV,125 Stress in excess of Absolute Maximum Ratings may
26091   26091 26091 PDF Download LT   THD+N levels of 0.06%(1kHz, 1Wrms). Effic
2609AL   2609AL 2609AL PDF Download NIKKO DIP22 03+ The DS1642 is in the read mode whenever WE (write
260J   260J 260J PDF Download AD MODEL <Common> • Operating Temperature :
260UH1A   260UH1A 260UH1A PDF Download The eight latches of the LVTH573 devices are tra
260X104   260X104 260X104 PDF Download 1) The 0.01µF decoupling capacitor should
2610   2610 2610 PDF Download Chicago International Industries/Brand 77 Tools 集成电路 74LVC1G19GW,125 The DAC8551 is a small, low-power, voltage outpu
26100   26100 26100 PDF Download A store-and-forward switching method using a non
2610000276   2610000276 2610000276 PDF Download HOLD is used in conjunction with the CS pin to s
26-1000-04/C   26-1000-04/C 26-1000-04/C PDF Download N/A Spartan-IIE devices deliver more gates, I/Os, an
2610010000   2610010000 2610010000 PDF Download Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
2610041T   2610041T 2610041T PDF Download A 200-kHz push-pull application circuit with a f
26-10-2061   26-10-2061 26-10-2061 PDF Download Note: 1. All input pulses are supplied by a gen
2610300860D   2610300860D 2610300860D PDF Download   A Preferred type is a device which is reco
261040-A11   261040-A11 261040-A11 PDF Download 70 NEC 00+ The RAMified Timekeeper has 14 registers, which a
2610801202A   2610801202A 2610801202A PDF Download • +3.3 V DC power supply • Industry
2610A   2610A 2610A PDF Download Pay particular attention that parasitic couplings
2610S   2610S 2610S PDF Download 96 Upon initial power up, the IC can either isolate
2611   2611 2611 PDF Download EN1 and EN2 on the 2611 provide control for shut-
261103FAB   261103FAB 261103FAB PDF Download The light beam projected by the LED, passing th
2611-05-311   2611-05-311 2611-05-311 PDF Download Coto Technology Microchip received QS-9000 quality system certi
26112063   26112063 26112063 PDF Download The functional block of the MX98905 consists of
26-11-2063   26-11-2063 26-11-2063 PDF Download   This device contains protection circuitry
26112064   26112064 26112064 PDF Download The EB-2100x is an all-digital amplifier evaluat
261130323   261130323 261130323 PDF Download SDRAM read and write accesses are burst oriented
26113410   26113410 26113410 PDF Download In practice, VCC1 and the supply side of the cho
26115   26115 26115 PDF Download 6. The analog input signal is sampled on the pos
26116061   26116061 26116061 PDF Download No Glitch on Power Up Supports Hot Insertion Lo
26116095(PB)   26116095(PB) 26116095(PB) PDF Download No warranty is made with respect to uses, operat
26-11-6154   26-11-6154 26-11-6154 PDF Download Supply Voltage Input. From it a stable internal r
2611AFS   2611AFS 2611AFS PDF Download 05+ SMD All voltages are referenced to VSS = 0 V (ground
2611D   2611D 2611D PDF Download JRC DIP 06+   The 2611DL742611D is identical in pinout
2611N02FAB   2611N02FAB 2611N02FAB PDF Download The LEDs are packed in cardboard boxes after pack
2612   2612 2612 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G32GV,125 The small form factor and simple interface make
26-1328   26-1328 26-1328 PDF Download Reading from the device is accomplished by takin
261338   261338 261338 PDF Download N/A 06+ 500 24 bit conversion 107dB dynamic range (A-wt) .0
2613400D174411   2613400D174411 2613400D174411 PDF Download The Z86C84 has two 8-bit 1/2 LSB D/A converters
2613400H100111   2613400H100111 2613400H100111 PDF Download The HWD2119 is a mono bridged power amplifier tha
2613A   2613A 2613A PDF Download JRC 08+ The ADS5221 is a pipeline, CMOS Analog-to-Digita
2613AF01   2613AF01 2613AF01 PDF Download SHARP QFP QFP The SC-1420 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
2614   2614 2614 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G32GW,125 The AT89S2051/S4051 is a low-voltage, high-perfo
26146-1   26146-1 26146-1 PDF Download These pins are high impedance reference bypass p
2614751-501   2614751-501 2614751-501 PDF Download Notes: *1. The input voltage is VCC + 2.0V when
2614AILX(S50A)   2614AILX(S50A) 2614AILX(S50A) PDF Download NSC 03+ Figure 3 is a photograph of the various waveforms
2614C   2614C 2614C PDF Download Positive analog supply pin. This pin should be c
2614FS   2614FS 2614FS PDF Download ROHM SOP-16 04+ This input is used to control the motion of the
2614L   2614L 2614L PDF Download NIKKO DIP-22 99/00 (Segment mode) ! Shift Clock frequency:  
2615   2615 2615 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G32GW-G Protect Register Disable (PRDS) The PRDS instruc
261500   261500 261500 PDF Download SOP8S 2007+ Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8J-J series is designed for h
26151   26151 26151 PDF Download LT • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
261-51   261-51 261-51 PDF Download Figure 1 shows one of the most common applicatio
2615200860D   2615200860D 2615200860D PDF Download The information contained herein is subject to ch
26152-106-00   26152-106-00 26152-106-00 PDF Download Noise immunity is an important device characteri
26-159-16   26-159-16 26-159-16 PDF Download The MX29LV160BT/BB is a 16-mega bit Flash memory
26-159-24   26-159-24 26-159-24 PDF Download Note 1: The pout (W) represents the thermal rati
2616   2616 2616 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC1G66GW,125 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (per diode)) IFRMSRMS F
26-16-104S1-1G   26-16-104S1-1G 26-16-104S1-1G PDF Download Comparator C1 monitors the output current via th
26161-513-50   26161-513-50 26161-513-50 PDF Download READY: is the acknowledgment from the addressed
26163-025-54   26163-025-54 26163-025-54 PDF Download ISSI reserves the right to make changes to its p
2616604-501   2616604-501 2616604-501 PDF Download The two VREF pins (A3 and T3), are connected tog
26-1676   26-1676 26-1676 PDF Download High Speed Communication Line Protection USB 1.
2616P3C825D82364   2616P3C825D82364 2616P3C825D82364 PDF Download *Stress above the listed absolute maximum rating
2618   2618 2618 PDF Download ROHM TSSOP-3.9-16P 6+   LIFE SUPPORT POLICY Integrated Device Te
261814W1   261814W1 261814W1 PDF Download Bidirectional 4-bit input/output port. Software
26-182   26-182 26-182 PDF Download The AT40KAL FPGA family is capable of implementi
26185-021-70   26185-021-70 26185-021-70 PDF Download UV (9) The UV pin is used as an under-voltage s
2618900-3   2618900-3 2618900-3 PDF Download A/D Conversion Sequence If a Start command is wr
2619   2619 2619 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC2245AD-T For example, the part may be programmed to use S0
26-190-16   26-190-16 26-190-16 PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, all power supplies = 3.3
26191   26191 26191 PDF Download LT The Maverick™ EP7311 is designed for ultra
26-19-2041   26-19-2041 26-19-2041 PDF Download A buffered Output Enable (OE) input can be used t
26-19-2081   26-19-2081 26-19-2081 PDF Download Notes) 1) For the sensitivity test light is app
26-19-2131   26-19-2131 26-19-2131 PDF Download n Drives up to 7 LEDs with up to 20mA each n LE
2619-50   2619-50 2619-50 PDF Download Caution: Stresses beyond those listed under Abso
261A   261A 261A PDF Download DIP Ruotare il selettore su ON . Qunado lalimentazi
261DAISY-1   261DAISY-1 261DAISY-1 PDF Download Negative Input Terminal Positive Input Terminal
261SM   261SM 261SM PDF Download   2.3. Order of precedence. In the event of
261SMD   261SMD 261SMD PDF Download FII-MAG 0714+0711+0629+ SMD6 In actual application, Lock detection time (Ton)
2620   2620 2620 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC2245APW Hynix HYMD532646(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates SP
2620-0075   2620-0075 2620-0075 PDF Download ➂ A 500kHz clock with a 1µsec positi
2620-0085   2620-0085 2620-0085 PDF Download block write and block read operation from any ext
26202061   26202061 26202061 PDF Download The USB26202061 is an integration of the USB97C10
26-20-2081   26-20-2081 26-20-2081 PDF Download 100KEP circuits are designed to meet the DC spec
26-20-2082   26-20-2082 26-20-2082 PDF Download VSENSE = VCC VCB = (VCC C VSENSE) VGATE = 0V V
26-20-2101   26-20-2101 26-20-2101 PDF Download PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns products in
26-20-2151   26-20-2151 26-20-2151 PDF Download Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
262072   262072 262072 PDF Download ST 02+ TQFP-100 The MATCH ROM command, 55h, is used by the host
26208003RLCBSRS801   26208003RLCBSRS801 26208003RLCBSRS801 PDF Download The DS40MB200 is a dual signal conditioning 2:1
2620EUA   2620EUA 2620EUA PDF Download MAX SMD-8 03+ I/O port with bit-programmable pins; Schmitt5 t
262101   262101 262101 PDF Download Amphenol Connex NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
262102   262102 262102 PDF Download Amphenol Connex Frame rate: 30/15/10/5/4/3/2/1 fps Sub-sampling
262103   262103 262103 PDF Download Amphenol Connex Test Conditions/Comments Sampling CLKIN/128, 3.5
262104   262104 262104 PDF Download Amphenol Connex The MT88E45B is compatible with FSK and FSK plus
262-12   262-12 262-12 PDF Download NS DIP8 07+ Each channel has an overtemperature sensor and is
262132FAB   262132FAB 262132FAB PDF Download This single-pole, double-throw reflective switch
2621353000   2621353000 2621353000 PDF Download For packing material that is returned to us unsor
2621A20FAB   2621A20FAB 2621A20FAB PDF Download n Memory mapped I/O n Software selectable I/O
2621A21FAB   2621A21FAB 2621A21FAB PDF Download The 2621A21FAB drives both the upper and lower g
2621A22FAB   2621A22FAB 2621A22FAB PDF Download Ratio1 Output/PCI6 Output. At power up when Ratio
2621A33FAB   2621A33FAB 2621A33FAB PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
2621N   2621N 2621N PDF Download 8317 Send PCM Signal Input (Input). 128 kbps to 4096
2622   2622 2622 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC244APWR? TSSOP20 Hynix HYMD512646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
26223103   26223103 26223103 PDF Download The TAP controller is fully synchronous to the T
262276   262276 262276 PDF Download N/A MOT 04+
262279   262279 262279 PDF Download N/A 04+ The LNA has a 2.4dB typical noise figure and a -1
2622808002   2622808002 2622808002 PDF Download Because it is a synchronous device, address, dat
2622AA102KAT1A   2622AA102KAT1A 2622AA102KAT1A PDF Download The HYM7V73AC1601B N-Series are Dual In-line Memo
2622AA472KAT1A   2622AA472KAT1A 2622AA472KAT1A PDF Download N/A 2262   The TL431, A, B integrated circuits are t
2622N   2622N 2622N PDF Download SI Certain applications and/or safety agencies may r
262315   262315 262315 PDF Download N/A 04+ The Direct Rambus™ RIMM™ module is a
2623AB   2623AB 2623AB PDF Download NSC 01-04+ These devices operate from a 2.5-V to 5.5-V sing
2624   2624 2624 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC245AD,112
26240   26240 26240 PDF Download The PCF84C12A, PCF84C22A and PCF84C42A are gene
2624133-0011   2624133-0011 2624133-0011 PDF Download Overload protection Overtemperature protection
2624133-0061   2624133-0061 2624133-0061 PDF Download   The NJU6052 is a white LED driver with an
2624133-0116   2624133-0116 2624133-0116 PDF Download 800 mA Continuous Output Current Rating 30 V Ou
2624133-0121   2624133-0121 2624133-0121 PDF Download
2624133-0131   2624133-0131 2624133-0131 PDF Download 256-byte SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector
2624133-0141   2624133-0141 2624133-0141 PDF Download This IC contains a zener clamp structure between
2624133-0191   2624133-0191 2624133-0191 PDF Download Voltage of 1.8 V High Efficiency Boost, SEPIC or
2624133-0201   2624133-0201 2624133-0201 PDF Download The output capacitor is needed for stability and
2624133-0251   2624133-0251 2624133-0251 PDF Download ARC PROTECTION During normal CRT operation, int
2624133-0256   2624133-0256 2624133-0256 PDF Download • Thermal overload of Windings • Low
2624133-0471   2624133-0471 2624133-0471 PDF Download Address Inputs Byte Enable Data In / Out Dat
2624133-0491   2624133-0491 2624133-0491 PDF Download READ clock input with pull-high resistor. Data in
2624133-0501   2624133-0501 2624133-0501 PDF Download   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
2624133-0502   2624133-0502 2624133-0502 PDF Download This device can be used as two 8-bit transceiver
2624133-0503   2624133-0503 2624133-0503 PDF Download IBREAK ICLK TRST VSS VDDI VDDE NMI P65/INT
2624133-0711   2624133-0711 2624133-0711 PDF Download 4-CH balanced transformerless (BTL) driver 2-CH
2624133-0731   2624133-0731 2624133-0731 PDF Download The HD74LV1GT08A is high-speed CMOS two input AN
2624133-0811   2624133-0811 2624133-0811 PDF Download The CMX866 can be made to perform a variety of lo
2624133-1011   2624133-1011 2624133-1011 PDF Download NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
2624133-1616   2624133-1616 2624133-1616 PDF Download Transistors Q10, Q11, and diode D6 of Figure 4
2624133-1931   2624133-1931 2624133-1931 PDF Download Applicable to input signals: Sel100/133, Sel(A:B)
2624133-5031   2624133-5031 2624133-5031 PDF Download This device contains four independent gates each
2624133-5121   2624133-5121 2624133-5121 PDF Download EXPANSION IN (XI)   This input is a dual-pu
2624133-5551   2624133-5551 2624133-5551 PDF Download The crystal or clock frequency chosen must be tw
2624-1HV42   2624-1HV42 2624-1HV42 PDF Download SIPEX TSSOP 04+ • SuperFAST HIGH DENSITY IN-SYSTEM  
2624243-1   2624243-1 2624243-1 PDF Download The MB90590/590G series with two FULL-CAN*1 inte
2624416-147   2624416-147 2624416-147 PDF Download These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcei
2624416-149   2624416-149 2624416-149 PDF Download The following specifications apply for V+ = +3.0
2624416-152   2624416-152 2624416-152 PDF Download  Internal Memory  - Character Generato
2624466-1   2624466-1 2624466-1 PDF Download
2624580-1   2624580-1 2624580-1 PDF Download Added output voltage maximum value and note to cl
2624899-1   2624899-1 2624899-1 PDF Download   The IDT77155 is a member of IDT's SWITCHS
2624D   2624D 2624D PDF Download The input to output map is configured through th
2624HV4U   2624HV4U 2624HV4U PDF Download SIPEX TSSOP 04+ Under the control of the output enable term, the
2624HV4X   2624HV4X 2624HV4X PDF Download SIPEX TSSOP 04+ * Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which
2624HV5A   2624HV5A 2624HV5A PDF Download SIPEX TSSOP 04+ Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
2624HV5B   2624HV5B 2624HV5B PDF Download SIPEX 06+ 500 An easy-to-use simulation tool is available for d
2624I   2624I 2624I PDF Download TI TSOP14 01+ mode 6: slow mode, CS active (low) continuously,
2625   2625 2625 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC245AD,118 (and other parameters) will be met at the specif
262515   262515 262515 PDF Download These N-Channel enhancement-mode power MOSFETs a
2625193-5   2625193-5 2625193-5 PDF Download
26252013   26252013 26252013 PDF Download Test levels: (A) 100% tested at 25C. Overtempera
26255   26255 26255 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-8 01+ The C6203 device has a powerful and diverse set
2625-5   2625-5 2625-5 PDF Download INTERSIL SMD8 0009 A high on the MASTER RESET (MR) sets all the con
2625765-1   2625765-1 2625765-1 PDF Download   The TC58DxM72x1xxxx is a 128-Mbit (138,412
2625766-1   2625766-1 2625766-1 PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
2625769-1   2625769-1 2625769-1 PDF Download The ISP2200 PCI interface supports the following
26259   26259 26259 PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-8 01+ Dielectric: Polyethylene terephthalate film. Cap
26259001   26259001 26259001 PDF Download Note: 1. The G79-P Cable with a connector for th
2625I   2625I 2625I PDF Download SOP16 06+ Receive byte clock. RBC0 and RBC1 are 62.5-MHz r
26-260-01   26-260-01 26-260-01 PDF Download There are three ways to terminate the Idle mode.
262601   262601 262601 PDF Download Responsible electronic component and equipment
262607   262607 262607 PDF Download PHILIPS CDIP can default to one of four preselected offsets D
262-62   262-62 262-62 PDF Download NS DIP8 07+ Load Regulation Since the AP1187 has separate pi
262620-C   262620-C 262620-C PDF Download N/A   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspect
26269   26269 26269 PDF Download   The internal flipCflops toggle and the ou
26272-709-09   26272-709-09 26272-709-09 PDF Download   for this lower supply voltage operation,
262-75   262-75 262-75 PDF Download XR DIP 05+ the ISAnet evaluation adapter card is designed a
262-77   262-77 262-77 PDF Download XR DIP 06+ C. These materials are solely intended for a cus
2628   2628 2628 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC245APW,112 Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond
26281-510-59   26281-510-59 26281-510-59 PDF Download Notes: 1. Ris determined with the device mounted
26287B   26287B 26287B PDF Download These data selectors/multiplexers contain inver
2628B105K401N   2628B105K401N 2628B105K401N PDF Download The CDMA transmit chains provide excellent Adjac
2628N44FAA   2628N44FAA 2628N44FAA PDF Download HIT 2000 06+ Signal Processor (DSP): - SM/SMJ320VC33-150 &nb
2629   2629 2629 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC257AD,118 The HY29F800 can be programmed and erased in-sy
262-90   262-90 262-90 PDF Download NS DIP8 07+ The AT29LV1024 is a 3-volt-only in-system Flash
2629238-012   2629238-012 2629238-012 PDF Download Monitor sense/programmable output 1. The operati
2629238-061   2629238-061 2629238-061 PDF Download Data flow is controlled by the direction-control
2629238-12   2629238-12 2629238-12 PDF Download Fb (Bump B1): Output voltage feedback connection.
2629238-130   2629238-130 2629238-130 PDF Download The output and reset of the integrators is contr
2629238-32   2629238-32 2629238-32 PDF Download The two single-ended charge-pump power stages op
2629238-38   2629238-38 2629238-38 PDF Download With temperature less than 25 C (thermistor res
2629238-41   2629238-41 2629238-41 PDF Download High voltage compliance complementary current ou
2629238-73   2629238-73 2629238-73 PDF Download Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
2629239-025   2629239-025 2629239-025 PDF Download During a Bank Activate command cycle, defines the
2629239-130   2629239-130 2629239-130 PDF Download One Instruction/Clock Execution Core Clock Rate
2629239-23   2629239-23 2629239-23 PDF Download All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
2629443-3   2629443-3 2629443-3 PDF Download SPI or EEPROM interfaces provide easy programmin
26296002-149   26296002-149 26296002-149 PDF Download The 80960CA is the second-generation member of
2629602-125   2629602-125 2629602-125 PDF Download The 2629602-125 SDH/SONET transceiver chip is a
2629602-41   2629602-41 2629602-41 PDF Download Controls the 3-color LED Separately (ILED=10mA x
2629698   2629698 2629698 PDF Download The TLV2262 and TLV2264 are dual and quad low v
2629698-126T   2629698-126T 2629698-126T PDF Download Economy: . Very high system luminous efficacy wi
2629698-291T   2629698-291T 2629698-291T PDF Download The PS381 has two normally open (NO) switches. Th
2629698-329T   2629698-329T 2629698-329T PDF Download Axial and Surface Mount Power Schottky rectifier
2629698-333T   2629698-333T 2629698-333T PDF Download * Specifications will vary with foreign st
2629931-8   2629931-8 2629931-8 PDF Download   The Samsung M464S3254DTS is a 32M bit x 6
262999   262999 262999 PDF Download
262HYF0128K   262HYF0128K 262HYF0128K PDF Download A block diagram illustrates the IC's internal st
262LY-152K   262LY-152K 262LY-152K PDF Download Each of the off-chip memory spaces of the ADSP-2
262LY-822K   262LY-822K 262LY-822K PDF Download The HS-22620RH is a radiation hardened, dual bip
262LYF-0082K   262LYF-0082K 262LYF-0082K PDF Download Note 1: All voltages are with respect to GND. Al
262LYF-0096K   262LYF-0096K 262LYF-0096K PDF Download Note 6: See AN450, Surface Mounting Methods and T
262P   262P 262P PDF Download N/A TSSOP The C67x CPU executes all TMS320C62x™ DSP
262S   262S 262S PDF Download 05+ SMD (2) The technical information described in this
262XR252B   262XR252B 262XR252B PDF Download A digital audio receiver (U002) is provided for
263.375   263.375 263.375 PDF Download f=1KHz,THD=1% Volume=0dB VIN=1Vrms, f=1kHz Vol
2630   2630 2630 PDF Download Pomona Electronics 集成电路 74LVC257APW † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
263001   263001 263001 PDF Download The TC57 series of precision low dropout regulat
263-01   263-01 263-01 PDF Download NS DIP8 07+ The TPS54873 is available in a thermally enhance
26302.5   26302.5 26302.5 PDF Download The SN74AVCH20T245 is designed for asynchronous
26305AA   26305AA 26305AA PDF Download SOP-8 96+ Note: CPD is defined as the value of the interna
26307AA   26307AA 26307AA PDF Download The 26307AA Series of quartz crystal oscillators
2630938003   2630938003 2630938003 PDF Download DENON QFP-64 Buffered Clock Output This pin provides a buffer
2630A   2630A 2630A PDF Download MOT PLCC 93+ Collector-Emitter Voltage BVCEO Emitter-Collect
2630KS   2630KS 2630KS PDF Download QTC 05+ SOP-6 to the class H requirement, but does not include
2631   2631 2631 PDF Download Pomona Electronics SMD 0315+ The EEPROM memory is broken up into 8 blocks of
26310KREEL   26310KREEL 26310KREEL PDF Download These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
263-12235884   263-12235884 263-12235884 PDF Download FREESCALE 05+ PLCC52 The UCC3808A is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, hi
263149301   263149301 263149301 PDF Download Isolated & Non-Isolated Hermetic Packages O
263168   263168 263168 PDF Download BOSE SOP20 03+ Introduction The IRU1075 adjustable Low Dropout
263186   263186 263186 PDF Download BOSE 04+ SSOP-7.2-20P 1. Test conditions unless otherwise noted: 25&or
2631K   2631K 2631K PDF Download Note 10: If the product is in Shutdown mode and V
2632839   2632839 2632839 PDF Download Two fully-programmable operation modes, Mode0 an
2633000153   2633000153 2633000153 PDF Download INTEYSIL DIP 00+ NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" = V
2633050-0001   2633050-0001 2633050-0001 PDF Download The TK716xx is a low dropout linear regulator ho
2633904-1   2633904-1 2633904-1 PDF Download These devices provide eight two-input buffers in
2633AA   2633AA 2633AA PDF Download 05+ Device bus operations are initiated through the
26345-902-00   26345-902-00 26345-902-00 PDF Download The devices can be programmed on programmers sup
2634920   2634920 2634920 PDF Download 00+ SOP-16 The MAX1233/MAX1234 are complete PDA controllers
2634I   2634I 2634I PDF Download TI 01+ NOTES: 1. All voltage values, except differentia
2635I   2635I 2635I PDF Download TI TSOP16 01+   The ?C?A/S/L and ?C?A/S?H inputs internall
2635I/16K   2635I/16K 2635I/16K PDF Download TI TSOP16 4. Power amplifier   It is necessary to ins
263652   263652 263652 PDF Download The TL750L and TL751L series are low-dropout pos
26369   26369 26369 PDF Download DELCO DIP-40 First ASIC replacement FPGA for high-volume pro
2636N   2636N 2636N PDF Download INTEL Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus™ F
2637   2637 2637 PDF Download DDC 模块 08+ * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
2638   2638 2638 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC2G34GV-G 160-MHz Clock Support LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible In
263A67766902727   263A67766902727 263A67766902727 PDF Download Single +5V power supply Sigma-Delta A/D D/A wi
263D226X9016C   263D226X9016C 263D226X9016C PDF Download Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
263DK21-1567   263DK21-1567 263DK21-1567 PDF Download Cell Available (FIFO-c)Receive side. Rx mode: CLA
263H204/CLIP   263H204/CLIP 263H204/CLIP PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
263KN   263KN 263KN PDF Download The STC62WV12816 is a high performance , very low
263P354-01   263P354-01 263P354-01 PDF Download 00 Port 2: Is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O port wit
263Z242-10-602   263Z242-10-602 263Z242-10-602 PDF Download Address Inputs: Provide the row address for ACTIV
264   264 264 PDF Download Keystone Electronics Note 7: PVCC1 must be higher than VCC by at least
2640   2640 2640 PDF Download B&K Precision 集成电路 74LVC32AD Notes: 1. Absolute maximum ratings are limits b
26-40.01004   26-40.01004 26-40.01004 PDF Download The 3-STATE control gate operates as two input
2640/883   2640/883 2640/883 PDF Download Higher data rates: Transmission and reception ba
2640010200   2640010200 2640010200 PDF Download PHI DIP DIP C. These materials are solely intended for a cus
26403573   26403573 26403573 PDF Download Note 1: Calculated by measuring the combined osci
26403581   26403581 26403581 PDF Download   The MPC92429 is a 3.3V compatible, PLL ba
26403583   26403583 26403583 PDF Download Address Latch Enable output for latching the low
26403623   26403623 26403623 PDF Download The LVT16543 and LVTH16543 contain two sets of D
26403793   26403793 26403793 PDF Download Ambient Temperature under Bias Storage Temperat
26404643   26404643 26404643 PDF Download Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
2640590801   2640590801 2640590801 PDF Download AELTA DIP40 Notes: 1. In accordance with the given electro-
2640653601   2640653601 2640653601 PDF Download AELTA DIP40 00+ Provides single chip solution for Vcore, GTL+ &am
2640654001   2640654001 2640654001 PDF Download AELTA DIP40 02+ The HMS81004E/08E/16E/24E/32E is an advanced CMO
2641   2641 2641 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC32AD,118 On-chip cache memory improves CPU processing per
26-41.00014   26-41.00014 26-41.00014 PDF Download   In applications where dv/dt may exceed 50
26-4100-16P   26-4100-16P 26-4100-16P PDF Download n OSD Window Fade In/Fade Out n OSD Half Tone Tr
26410024P   26410024P 26410024P PDF Download • 2.1 MHz Clock Rate • Low power C
26-4100-8S   26-4100-8S 26-4100-8S PDF Download PHASE SHIFT KEYING (PSK): The modulator is cycled
2641-0498   2641-0498 2641-0498 PDF Download INTEL CWDIP24 —— synchronously with the LOW-to-HIGH clock (CP) t
2641-0498S6725   2641-0498S6725 2641-0498S6725 PDF Download DIP 102 INTEL Vcc = 5V 10%, TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) unless othe
2641053   2641053 2641053 PDF Download Standard Definition Programmable Features  
264-10GD   264-10GD 264-10GD PDF Download The MC68EC000 is an economical high-performance
26410HDTR1R   26410HDTR1R 26410HDTR1R PDF Download The outputs are typically connected to a 75Ω
26412601   26412601 26412601 PDF Download New B6HF bipolar technology, 25GHz fT Small out
26412602   26412602 26412602 PDF Download State-of-the-Art EPIC-B™ BiCMOS Design Sig
2641-2791   2641-2791 2641-2791 PDF Download The information in this publication has been car
2641300000602J   2641300000602J 2641300000602J PDF Download TX Mix In: The input to the TX Mix Amplifier. Use
26416001   26416001 26416001 PDF Download The ISD4004 ChipCorder series includes devices
26416013   26416013 26416013 PDF Download The serializer transmits serialized data and app
26416023   26416023 26416023 PDF Download Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Parallel Regis
26416043   26416043 26416043 PDF Download For applications where efficiency is a prime cons
26416051   26416051 26416051 PDF Download The DS1642 is guaranteed to keep time accuracy to
26416103   26416103 26416103 PDF Download Freescale Semiconductor reserves the right to ma
264165023   264165023 264165023 PDF Download 12 port pins with interrupt capability The MPC
264-181   264-181 264-181 PDF Download Notes: 1. TA = +25C, where TA is defined to be t
26419323   26419323 26419323 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
26-4200-8S   26-4200-8S 26-4200-8S PDF Download
26428   26428 26428 PDF Download • 5-Pin SOT-23A • Factory-programmed
26-43.0034000   26-43.0034000 26-43.0034000 PDF Download Functional Description of the MAS 3587F Overview
26-43.0054000   26-43.0054000 26-43.0054000 PDF Download Two order forms are included at the back of this
2643000101   2643000101 2643000101 PDF Download Unless otherwise noted, VCHG-IN = 5V, VBATT = 4V
2643000101BEAD   2643000101BEAD 2643000101BEAD PDF Download Note 2: All currents into device pins are positiv
2643000301   2643000301 2643000301 PDF Download Case: JEDEC DO-214AA molded plastic body Termina
2643003201   2643003201 2643003201 PDF Download The HCC/HCF4069UB consists of six COS/MOS in- ve
26430113006   26430113006 26430113006 PDF Download   VDDID   Strap:see Note 4 Notes: 1
26-4301-24   26-4301-24 26-4301-24 PDF Download The impedance of the output driver is matched wi
2643021801   2643021801 2643021801 PDF Download The basic method of communication for the device
2643101902   2643101902 2643101902 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2643102002   2643102002 2643102002 PDF Download A common method of measuring temperature is to e
2643164151   2643164151 2643164151 PDF Download Double superhet architecture for high degree of i
2643166651   2643166651 2643166651 PDF Download   Guaranteed Low Skew < 25ps (max)  
2643166851   2643166851 2643166851 PDF Download • Generation 4 IGBTs offer highest efficie
2643250402   2643250402 2643250402 PDF Download
26434332   26434332 26434332 PDF Download Serial interface • SIO0 : 8-bit synchronous
2643540002   2643540002 2643540002 PDF Download The DS4077 is an integrated voltage-controlled cr
26435741   26435741 26435741 PDF Download (1) MTTF calculator available at http://www.moto
26435745   26435745 26435745 PDF Download a VCA gain of 8 dB and gives C9.8 dBu (250 mV) b
264-361   264-361 264-361 PDF Download This product features an asymmetrically-blocked
2643625002   2643625002 2643625002 PDF Download The Atmel cell (Figure 4) is simple and small an
2643665702   2643665702 2643665702 PDF Download The #WP pin provides inadvertent write protection
2643801502   2643801502 2643801502 PDF Download NanoStar and NanoFree Packages S
2643802702   2643802702 2643802702 PDF Download This pin accepts a data enable signal which is h
2643804502   2643804502 2643804502 PDF Download Where   TJ = Junction Temperature   P
264-3YDS80TR1   264-3YDS80TR1 264-3YDS80TR1 PDF Download   BRAKE. When the BRAKE input goes Low the
26440181   26440181 26440181 PDF Download s GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJU7700/01 is
2644236401   2644236401 2644236401 PDF Download The switch-over mode time enables the synchronou
2644373841   2644373841 2644373841 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2644W20   2644W20 2644W20 PDF Download NS O7+ Chip Select: Enables or disables all inputs excep
2644-W20   2644-W20 2644-W20 PDF Download NSC 702 Data enable. As defined in the DVI 1.0 specifica
2645   2645 2645 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC377DB,112 POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD
2645EUHX   2645EUHX 2645EUHX PDF Download N/A MSOP 04+ The HT93LC66 is a 4K-bit low voltage nonvola- t
26462715G   26462715G 26462715G PDF Download Note 2: The fOP frequency specification specifie
264-737   264-737 264-737 PDF Download Potencia nominal asignadaW Tensin nominalVolt
264-7GD   264-7GD 264-7GD PDF Download EVERLIGHT outdoor displays optical indicators signal and
264-7HD(H)   264-7HD(H) 264-7HD(H) PDF Download Note 4: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
26481021   26481021 26481021 PDF Download In AM mode the AM mixer, the AM RF-AGC and the 1
26-48-1021   26-48-1021 26-48-1021 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) The 10BASE-T transceiver includes drivers, re-
26481022   26481022 26481022 PDF Download 3 Communications Interfaces C SPI synchronous s
26-48-1025   26-48-1025 26-48-1025 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation (VA) connector 06+ The 74LVC(H)162245A features two output enable (
26-48-1026   26-48-1026 26-48-1026 PDF Download High-end embedded control applications demand mo
26481033   26481033 26481033 PDF Download Each slave carries an address. The data transfer
26-48-1033   26-48-1033 26-48-1033 PDF Download If high inductance values and low capacitor valu
26481035   26481035 26481035 PDF Download An incoming data burst (Figure 2, top) is retran
26-48-1035   26-48-1035 26-48-1035 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry Uncommitted
26-48-1036   26-48-1036 26-48-1036 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
26-48-1041   26-48-1041 26-48-1041 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) The RDRAM architecture enables the highest susta
26-48-1045   26-48-1045 26-48-1045 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ The JTAG translator ability to interface JTAG to
26481046   26481046 26481046 PDF Download When enabled by WEN, the rising edge of WCLK wri
26-48-1046   26-48-1046 26-48-1046 PDF Download This combination of excellent dc performance wit
26-48-1053   26-48-1053 26-48-1053 PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
26481055   26481055 26481055 PDF Download The output enable input is active LOW. If the out
26-48-1055   26-48-1055 26-48-1055 PDF Download The DDX-2100 surface mount package includes an e
26-48-1056   26-48-1056 26-48-1056 PDF Download The 26-48-1056 surface mount, center tap, Schottk
26-48-1061   26-48-1061 26-48-1061 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) Supports DDR I and DDR II Incorporates VDDQ, VTT
26-48-1062   26-48-1062 26-48-1062 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26-48-1065   26-48-1065 26-48-1065 PDF Download Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages On-Resi
26-48-1066   26-48-1066 26-48-1066 PDF Download 1/ Stresses above the absolute maximum rating ma
26481075   26481075 26481075 PDF Download The device requires an input clock at half the D
26-48-1075   26-48-1075 26-48-1075 PDF Download B2: Writing this bit to a 1 protects the upper pa
26-48-1084   26-48-1084 26-48-1084 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation MOLEX 05+ All parameters are measured in a Helmholtz arran
26-48-1085   26-48-1085 26-48-1085 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Gain-Bandwidth Product (G +5) Gain Peaking 0.
26481086   26481086 26481086 PDF Download Clock/Calendar Registers (YR, MO, DT, HR, MN, SC)
26-48-1086   26-48-1086 26-48-1086 PDF Download 6. Maximum package power dissipation limits must
26-48-1092   26-48-1092 26-48-1092 PDF Download The phase detector and the M divider force the V
26-48-1095   26-48-1095 26-48-1095 PDF Download Notes:  6. Test conditions assume signal t
26-48-1104   26-48-1104 26-48-1104 PDF Download Molex connector 06+  The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are Du
26481105   26481105 26481105 PDF Download EXPANSION OUT/HALF-FULL FLAG ( XO HF )XO/HF &nbs
26-48-1105   26-48-1105 26-48-1105 PDF Download Molex connector 06+ Features 1) Detection voltage: 0.1V step line-u
26481106   26481106 26481106 PDF Download Microchip received QS-9000 quality system certi
26-48-1106   26-48-1106 26-48-1106 PDF Download The 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digit
26481115   26481115 26481115 PDF Download Note 1: Tested at VDD = 5.0V; VSS = 0V; unipolar
26481125   26481125 26481125 PDF Download   Transition time optimization of the MSK 6
26-48-1125   26-48-1125 26-48-1125 PDF Download Receive analog outputs and the output for receive
26-48-1126   26-48-1126 26-48-1126 PDF Download 524,288-word by 8-bit CMOS static RAM. The IS61L
26481135   26481135 26481135 PDF Download The ST24/25E64support the extended addressing I
26481141(PB)   26481141(PB) 26481141(PB) PDF Download wide variety of external capacitors, and the com
26-48-1143   26-48-1143 26-48-1143 PDF Download cycle, allowing one continuous read operation wi
26481145   26481145 26481145 PDF Download NOTES: 1. All Vcc pins must be connected to powe
26481146(PB)   26481146(PB) 26481146(PB) PDF Download • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
26-48-1182   26-48-1182 26-48-1182 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26-48-1241   26-48-1241 26-48-1241 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation n/a 02 † The D packages are available taped and r
26-48-1242   26-48-1242 26-48-1242 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
26-48-1243   26-48-1243 26-48-1243 PDF Download HN58X24xxSI series are two-wire serial interface
26-48-1244   26-48-1244 26-48-1244 PDF Download The DS1809 Dallastat is a nonvolatile digitally c
26481245   26481245 26481245 PDF Download s Dual channel s Pin compatible with SC16C2550
26-48-1245   26-48-1245 26-48-1245 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ Do not store the product in the area where tempe
26481246   26481246 26481246 PDF Download The 26481246/26481246 are dual precision, 16-/14
26-48-1246   26-48-1246 26-48-1246 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Notes: 1. IDD depends on output load condition wh
26482025   26482025 26482025 PDF Download The FST3383 provides two sets of high-speed CMOS
26-48-2026   26-48-2026 26-48-2026 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) No external operation clock is required for RAM r
26-48-2045   26-48-2045 26-48-2045 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) n/a s GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJW1300B is a c
26-48-2055   26-48-2055 26-48-2055 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) One of its notable features is MaverickKey uniqu
26-48-2064   26-48-2064 26-48-2064 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
26482065   26482065 26482065 PDF Download 5V TOLERANT INPUTS HIGH SPEED: tPD = 4.2ns (MA
26-48-2076   26-48-2076 26-48-2076 PDF Download Molex/Waldom Electronics Corp (VA) Left Channel Input (capacitor coupled to input p
26-48-2241   26-48-2241 26-48-2241 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Peak and hold mode with programmed peak time: Whe
26-48-2242   26-48-2242 26-48-2242 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Four independent 128-bit wide internal data buse
26-48-2244   26-48-2244 26-48-2244 PDF Download These three functional blocks are identical in op
26-48-2245   26-48-2245 26-48-2245 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation When writing data to the memory it responds to t
26-48-2246   26-48-2246 26-48-2246 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Vcc = 2.7V~3.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C unle
2649LH2A23200L0   2649LH2A23200L0 2649LH2A23200L0 PDF Download Enhanced C67x+ CPU. The C67x+ CPU is an enhanced
264AG1A   264AG1A 264AG1A PDF Download All programmable elements, including the routing
264F991200-248   264F991200-248 264F991200-248 PDF Download 115 MARCONI 01+ Modulo periferico di conversione digitale-analog
264P   264P 264P PDF Download FSC 06+ 500 The Fairchild Switch FSTU3125 provides four high
265005   265005 265005 PDF Download Littlefose na CA-: This is the inverting input to the current a
26501-BLV-FRANCE   26501-BLV-FRANCE 26501-BLV-FRANCE PDF Download ORBIT 98+ PLCC84 The thermally efficient package measures only 2
26502401A   26502401A 26502401A PDF Download FEATURES Performance 13.3 ns Instruction Cycle
26-50-3050   26-50-3050 26-50-3050 PDF Download The 26-50-3050 works on any power supply voltage
26-50-3071   26-50-3071 26-50-3071 PDF Download The HYM72V16M636T6 Series are 16Mx64bits Synchron
26503130   26503130 26503130 PDF Download The 1.25Gbps MAX3264/MAX3268/MAX3768 and the 2.5
26505   26505 26505 PDF Download • High-speed switching (tstg: storage time/t
2650AN   2650AN 2650AN PDF Download WRDI - Write Disable The WRDI command disables
2650U   2650U 2650U PDF Download TI SMD8 Fully differential Low noise   2.25 nV/Hz
2650V   2650V 2650V PDF Download BB SOP 98 The M36L0R7050T0 and M36L0R7050B0 com- bine two
26-51-0033   26-51-0033 26-51-0033 PDF Download The receive section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink acce
26510042   26510042 26510042 PDF Download READY Ready (Output, active High). This signal ca
26-51-0042   26-51-0042 26-51-0042 PDF Download • QPSK demodulator, PCM decoder, digital f
26-51-0102   26-51-0102 26-51-0102 PDF Download   VIN shunt voltageIVIN = 10 mA15.0 Line r
26-51-0172   26-51-0172 26-51-0172 PDF Download
26-51-0192   26-51-0192 26-51-0192 PDF Download The fixed OR array allows up to eight data produ
26510K   26510K 26510K PDF Download The device is organized as a 12-bit or 24-bit bu
26-51-2105   26-51-2105 26-51-2105 PDF Download The bq2050H Lithium Ion Power Gauge™ IC is
265137906   265137906 265137906 PDF Download The MAX 7000 family of high-density, high-perfor
26518-17   26518-17 26518-17 PDF Download Therefore, it should not be a problem to achieve
2651A   2651A 2651A PDF Download The standard MX29LV160BT/BB offers access time a
2651I   2651I 2651I PDF Download Six channels of EMI filtering for data ports Pi
2651MTC   2651MTC 2651MTC PDF Download NS O7+ Parameter SUPPLY VOLTAGES   AVDD   C
2651MTC-1.8   2651MTC-1.8 2651MTC-1.8 PDF Download NS 08+ The functions performed by the 470+ system modul
2651MTC-3.3   2651MTC-3.3 2651MTC-3.3 PDF Download The numerical value of the voltage is positive i
2651MTC-33   2651MTC-33 2651MTC-33 PDF Download NS 07+/08+ • 1.15(29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin
2651MTC-ADJ   2651MTC-ADJ 2651MTC-ADJ PDF Download NS 02/03+ NSOP Each PC contains two clocks. Although they are kn
2651MYC-3.3   2651MYC-3.3 2651MYC-3.3 PDF Download NS SMD The 74HC/HCT574 are octal D-type flip-flops fe
2651N   2651N 2651N PDF Download   4.4.4 Group E inspection. Group E inspect
2651-P2   2651-P2 2651-P2 PDF Download AMI DIP-40 08+ This device is ideal for applications requiring
2652   2652 2652 PDF Download B&K Precision 集成电路 74LVC541ADB,118 High frame rate Superior low-light performance
26521   26521 26521 PDF Download Aven Tools Input IN1 serves as either the external clock in
2652AC2N40   2652AC2N40 2652AC2N40 PDF Download Standby pin. The device operates normally with a
2652C   2652C 2652C PDF Download TI SOP3.9mm 2006 256K x 4 advanced high-speed CMOS static RAM JED
2652I   2652I 2652I PDF Download TI SOP-8 N/A Input Data Mask: DM is an input mask signal for w
2652N   2652N 2652N PDF Download This device is particularly well suited for port
2652N1G6S2F4.5VDC   2652N1G6S2F4.5VDC 2652N1G6S2F4.5VDC PDF Download   TFuncFunctional temperature rangeTA = -40
26531020200   26531020200 26531020200 PDF Download The Hynix HYM76V4M655HG(L)T6 Series are 4Mx64bits
2653MT   2653MT 2653MT PDF Download NS TSSOP-16 The positive charging current is determined by R
2653MTC   2653MTC 2653MTC PDF Download SOP-16 04 05 The MT90826 Quad Digital Switch has a non-blockin
2653MTC-ADJ   2653MTC-ADJ 2653MTC-ADJ PDF Download NS SOP16 N/A   Please be aware that an important notice
26540   26540 26540 PDF Download The MAX1978/MAX1979 are the smallest, safest, mos
26542-1   26542-1 26542-1 PDF Download • Frequencies Available from 4.8 MHz to 61.
26544   26544 26544 PDF Download TRIMBLE SSOP28M 2007+ Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
2654-400   2654-400 2654-400 PDF Download (14) Interrupts: 20 sources, 10 vectors  
26544V3   26544V3 26544V3 PDF Download Figure 2 shows a typical test circuit for evaluat
265496-098   265496-098 265496-098 PDF Download 7.1 The parties agree that the AMBE® Voice C
2654I   2654I 2654I PDF Download TI 06+ • Optimized for Quasi-Resonant Converter (
2654MADJ   2654MADJ 2654MADJ PDF Download NS 04+ SOP-8 2. A critical component is any component of a li
265512   265512 265512 PDF Download Features q Few external components q Frequency
2655MTC-3.3   2655MTC-3.3 2655MTC-3.3 PDF Download NS O7+ The IS41C4400x and IS41LV4400x are CMOS DRAMs o
2655MTC-ADJ   2655MTC-ADJ 2655MTC-ADJ PDF Download NATIONAL SMD 03+   C 80C51 core with 6 clocks per instructio
265674   265674 265674 PDF Download N/A LPCC 00 The reverse current will not exceed 10 µA a
2657   2657 2657 PDF Download Paladin Tools 集成电路 74LVC573APW,118 Transmit alarm detectors: C Loss of Transmit Clo
26583053   26583053 26583053 PDF Download
26589   26589 26589 PDF Download CATALYST SMD 00+ NOTES: (1) dBFS refers to dB below Full-Scale. (
26589SE   26589SE 26589SE PDF Download CATALYST SMD 00+ PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns products in
2658A   2658A 2658A PDF Download B&K Precision CDIP CDIP This is the supply voltage for the regulator con
2658P   2658P 2658P PDF Download Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
2658U   2658U 2658U PDF Download The A0, A1, and A2 are the device address inputs
265L1002225MR   265L1002225MR 265L1002225MR PDF Download The device supports two main configurations as f
265L1602475KR   265L1602475KR 265L1602475KR PDF Download COMP: COMP is the output of the error amplifier a
265L2002105KF   265L2002105KF 265L2002105KF PDF Download The LT®4250L/LT4250H are 8-pin, negative 48V
265L2002105M20V   265L2002105M20V 265L2002105M20V PDF Download The SK-2910 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
265L3502106MK   265L3502106MK 265L3502106MK PDF Download   The ISP2100A firmware implements a
265LY223J   265LY223J 265LY223J PDF Download The CP3SP33 connectivity processor combines high
2660   2660 2660 PDF Download Paladin Tools 集成电路 74LVC74AD,112 is held high, the decoding function is inhibited
26600076   26600076 26600076 PDF Download The MCF5275 family delivers a new level of perf
266-00208-00   266-00208-00 266-00208-00 PDF Download QFP Buffer memory address Buffer memory address B
26-60-1031   26-60-1031 26-60-1031 PDF Download Two fully-programmable operation modes, Mode0 an
266-010322-001   266-010322-001 266-010322-001 PDF Download AMI QFP160 The following specifications apply for AGND = DG
26-60-1120   26-60-1120 26-60-1120 PDF Download The 26-60-1120, Atmels latest device in the fami
26-60-1170   26-60-1170 26-60-1170 PDF Download Expansion header J7 is provided to monitor or ap
26602020   26602020 26602020 PDF Download Eight Independent Channel 14-Bit DACs with  
26-60-2040   26-60-2040 26-60-2040 PDF Download Note that full duplex mode is meaningful only if
26-60-2140   26-60-2140 26-60-2140 PDF Download Output current is limited under any load fault c
26-60-3020   26-60-3020 26-60-3020 PDF Download The PMOS transistors prevent backdriving current
26603040   26603040 26603040 PDF Download Hold: An input to control the Output Latch condit
26-60-3040   26-60-3040 26-60-3040 PDF Download (3) The products described in this material are
26-60-4020   26-60-4020 26-60-4020 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation n/a 02+ The 11C90 and 11C91 are high-speed prescalers de
26604030   26604030 26604030 PDF Download   This represents a 21.6C temperature rise
26-60-4030   26-60-4030 26-60-4030 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ AC LINE SWITCH BASIC APPLICATION The ACS120 dev
26604040   26604040 26604040 PDF Download output selectable). On-chip RAM performs bufferi
26-60-4040   26-60-4040 26-60-4040 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ The 26-60-4040, with a forwarding rate of 8.9 Mp
26-60-4040P   26-60-4040P 26-60-4040P PDF Download Note 1: Tested at VDD = +2.7V. Note 2: Relative
26604050   26604050 26604050 PDF Download Each work position in the register is clocked by
26-60-4050   26-60-4050 26-60-4050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ The AMI signal first enters a selectable fixed 20
26604060   26604060 26604060 PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
26-60-4060   26-60-4060 26-60-4060 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ The TLC556 series are monolithic timing circuits
26604070   26604070 26604070 PDF Download A bias arrangement that can be accomplished at l
26-60-4070   26-60-4070 26-60-4070 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The USB2223-03 is a USB2.0 Bulk Only Mass Storage
26-60-4080   26-60-4080 26-60-4080 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ • OFFERS THE EASE OF USE AND FAST SYSTEM &
26-60-4090   26-60-4090 26-60-4090 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
26604100   26604100 26604100 PDF Download NOTE: All input pulses are supplied by a generat
26-60-4100   26-60-4100 26-60-4100 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation No license, express or implied, by estoppel or o
26604100P   26604100P 26604100P PDF Download The ML2722 is a fully integrated 1.5Mbps frequenc
26-60-4110   26-60-4110 26-60-4110 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The SN74CB3T16211 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
26-60-4120   26-60-4120 26-60-4120 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The FB pin monitors the output supply voltage and
26604130   26604130 26604130 PDF Download It is not necessary to write to all the offset r
26604140   26604140 26604140 PDF Download MOLEX 04+   The TC58FVM5T2A/B2A/T3A/B3A is a 33554432
26-60-4150   26-60-4150 26-60-4150 PDF Download • 2GHz gain-bandwidth product • Gai
26-60-4160   26-60-4160 26-60-4160 PDF Download Infineon Technologies components may only be used
26-60-4180   26-60-4180 26-60-4180 PDF Download At both ends of each array and between each resi
26-60-5020   26-60-5020 26-60-5020 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Oscillation circuits • On-chip RC oscillati
26-60-5030   26-60-5030 26-60-5030 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ • Flame retardant encapsulant (UL 94V-0).
26-60-5040   26-60-5040 26-60-5040 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation
26605050   26605050 26605050 PDF Download The selectable 2/4/8 interpolation filters simpl
26-60-5050   26-60-5050 26-60-5050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation   The melting temperature of solder is highe
26605060   26605060 26605060 PDF Download which includes the control and status registers
26-60-5060   26-60-5060 26-60-5060 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ 1.1 EMI REDUCTION The COP8SAx family of devices
26-60-5070   26-60-5070 26-60-5070 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The device is compatible with the JEDEC single
26605080   26605080 26605080 PDF Download As long as the differential input signal to the
26-60-5080   26-60-5080 26-60-5080 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
26605090   26605090 26605090 PDF Download The DS1668 and DS1669 differ in the type package
26-60-5090   26-60-5090 26-60-5090 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation  Provides external serial output of decoded
26-60-5100   26-60-5100 26-60-5100 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation   The R4700 is upwardly software compatible
26605101   26605101 26605101 PDF Download Positive analog supply pin. This pin should be c
26-60-5110   26-60-5110 26-60-5110 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyon
26605120   26605120 26605120 PDF Download 3. The input bias and offset currents are essent
26-60-5120   26-60-5120 26-60-5120 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ The host system can detect whether a program or
26-60-5130   26-60-5130 26-60-5130 PDF Download The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages in
26-60-5150   26-60-5150 26-60-5150 PDF Download This device contains an 8-bit, serial-in, parall
26-60-6030   26-60-6030 26-60-6030 PDF Download First, each operational amplifier can operate wi
26-60-6050   26-60-6050 26-60-6050 PDF Download The levels of the current sources can, however,
2660-630   2660-630 2660-630 PDF Download If, after the ISL6118 has latched off, and the fa
266-06813-00   266-06813-00 266-06813-00 PDF Download AMIS PQFP-208P 02+ The Hynix HYM76V8C755AT8 Series are 8Mx72bits ECC
26607050   26607050 26607050 PDF Download The MAX5141CMAX5144 are serial-input, voltage-out
26-60-9033   26-60-9033 26-60-9033 PDF Download Description Digital VDD (for Output Drivers) D
26609040   26609040 26609040 PDF Download Each arbitrary length of data packet consists of
26-60-9103   26-60-9103 26-60-9103 PDF Download *Absolute Maximum Ratings are limiting values to
26610117   26610117 26610117 PDF Download LEONHARDY 07+ The receiver section of the PI90SD1636A accepts
26-61-1150   26-61-1150 26-61-1150 PDF Download Halfbridge-Output 3; Internally contected to Hig
2661-1N   2661-1N 2661-1N PDF Download The Spartan™ and the Spartan-XL families a
26612100   26612100 26612100 PDF Download   To prevent output chattering when measured
26-61-2160   26-61-2160 26-61-2160 PDF Download AMD MirrorBitTM flash technology combines years
2661-3N   2661-3N 2661-3N PDF Download The constant-frequency, current-mode PWM architec
26614020   26614020 26614020 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
26-61-4020   26-61-4020 26-61-4020 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The MTC50150 is a low cost ADSL bridge and LAN r
26-61-4030   26-61-4030 26-61-4030 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation • Point of Load (POL) applications such as
26-61-4040   26-61-4040 26-61-4040 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Thresholds and Outputs The H6061 has open-drain
26614050   26614050 26614050 PDF Download the improvement in linearity of the transfer cha
26-61-4050   26-61-4050 26-61-4050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Note 4 For a power supply of 5V g10% the worst ca
26-61-4060   26-61-4060 26-61-4060 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation 07+ • ARM (32-bit) and Thumb (16-bit compresse
26-61-4070   26-61-4070 26-61-4070 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Figure 1-1. Figure 1-2. Figure 1-3. Figure 1-4
26-61-4080   26-61-4080 26-61-4080 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation *The data output functions may be enabled or dis
26-61-4090   26-61-4090 26-61-4090 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Reading from the device is accomplished by takin
26-61-4100   26-61-4100 26-61-4100 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Data is shifted out through the serial port B (S
26-61-4120   26-61-4120 26-61-4120 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Notes:  1. The anode side of the device is
26614150   26614150 26614150 PDF Download The HEF4014B is a fully synchronous edge-trigger
26-61-5020   26-61-5020 26-61-5020 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Synchronous Clock Enable Input. When CEN is sampl
26-61-5030   26-61-5030 26-61-5030 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation   The following discussion refers to the sc
26-61-5040   26-61-5040 26-61-5040 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation tions under no signal (open circuit) conditions
26-61-5050   26-61-5050 26-61-5050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The power handling ability of a power transistor
26-61-5060   26-61-5060 26-61-5060 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation   The received serial data is internally co
26-61-5070   26-61-5070 26-61-5070 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation Note 8: Maximum output current is tested with a l
26-61-5080   26-61-5080 26-61-5080 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
26-61-5090   26-61-5090 26-61-5090 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation An external clock should be connected to pin XTAL
26615-1   26615-1 26615-1 PDF Download n Reduced Swing Differential Signaling (RSDS) di
26-61-5100   26-61-5100 26-61-5100 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products s
26-61-5110   26-61-5110 26-61-5110 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation VIN (Pin 1): Positive Input Supply. When VIN >
26-61-5120   26-61-5120 26-61-5120 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation • Excellent sound quality by adopting 4800
26-61-5120-P   26-61-5120-P 26-61-5120-P PDF Download The device requires only a single sampling capac
26-61-5140   26-61-5140 26-61-5140 PDF Download Power MOSFET or IGBT overcurrent sensing utili
26-61-5160   26-61-5160 26-61-5160 PDF Download Figure 2 shows the recovered clock (RCLK), positi
2662   2662 2662 PDF Download Paladin Tools 集成电路 74LVC74AD-T Integrated bootstrap diode Bootstrap supply vo
26621   26621 26621 PDF Download Note: Hitachis serial EEPROM are authorized for
26624030   26624030 26624030 PDF Download Enables independent 10 or 100 Mbps port  
26-62-4030   26-62-4030 26-62-4030 PDF Download EEPROM is not required for configurations with e
26-62-4050   26-62-4050 26-62-4050 PDF Download A parallel RC network connected to these pins se
26-62-6040   26-62-6040 26-62-6040 PDF Download Figure1. shows typical transient duration vs. res
26-62-6050   26-62-6050 26-62-6050 PDF Download Notes: 1: VC1,VC2, VM12 = 3.3V, TC = 25C, PA is
2664   2664 2664 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVC74APW-T Note: The actual physical placement of the packag
2664051517   2664051517 2664051517 PDF Download The IDT logo is a registered trademark and RC321
26-64-2130   26-64-2130 26-64-2130 PDF Download Reference clock. REFCLK is an external 125 MHz i
26-64-3180   26-64-3180 26-64-3180 PDF Download   The enable memory bank (EMB) flag control
26-64-4020   26-64-4020 26-64-4020 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation These data selectors multiplexers contain full o
26-64-4030   26-64-4030 26-64-4030 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ Unique, factoryClasered and tested 64-bit regist
26-64-4040   26-64-4040 26-64-4040 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The M41ST87Y/W Serial TIMEKEEPER®/Con- trol
26-64-4050   26-64-4050 26-64-4050 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The HT6026 is a CMOS LSI encoder designed for r
26644060   26644060 26644060 PDF Download NOTES 1Full Scale Range (FSR) is 3V. 2Guarante
26644080   26644080 26644080 PDF Download The Tx signal path consists of a bypassable 2/4
26-64-4080   26-64-4080 26-64-4080 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation The power switch is an N-channel MOSFET with a m
26-64-4110   26-64-4110 26-64-4110 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation In operation, the HCPL-7860/ HCPL-786J Isolated
26-64-4160   26-64-4160 26-64-4160 PDF Download A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
26645060   26645060 26645060 PDF Download When an acceleration is applied to the sensor th
26-64-5060   26-64-5060 26-64-5060 PDF Download   Motorolas MPXAZ4115A series sensor integr
26645072   26645072 26645072 PDF Download Byte 0 and byte 1 of the scratchpad contain the L
26645080   26645080 26645080 PDF Download When operating properly with 5V VCC (for example
26645100   26645100 26645100 PDF Download Note: Permanent device damage may occur if Abso
26-64-5101   26-64-5101 26-64-5101 PDF Download 1) Single data bit errors cause 3 or 5 bits in t
2665373732   2665373732 2665373732 PDF Download The KA79XX/KA79XXA series of three-terminal nega
26-65-5020   26-65-5020 26-65-5020 PDF Download A0, A1, A2 (7, 11, 12) Address inputs 0, 1 and 2
26-65-5080   26-65-5080 26-65-5080 PDF Download 3. These parameters are controlled by design or
2665S020000   2665S020000 2665S020000 PDF Download LEOCO N/A Current-controlled Output Current Source with 4 I
26-66-0051   26-66-0051 26-66-0051 PDF Download NOTES 1Temperature range C40C to +85C. 2Guarant
2667AA   2667AA 2667AA PDF Download With CS Low - Figure 3.   After initial po
2667J1C(TDS1049J1C)   2667J1C(TDS1049J1C) 2667J1C(TDS1049J1C) PDF Download The interconnect structure (GRP) is very similar
26698   26698 26698 PDF Download SOP20W 2007+   This is a complete series of 5 Watt Zener
26698-001   26698-001 26698-001 PDF Download N/A NEW 90+
26698-002   26698-002 26698-002 PDF Download ML DIP The AMS2907 series of adjustable and fixed volta
26698-901   26698-901 26698-901 PDF Download ML NEW 92+ Sector/page erase does not require the user to pr
26698-902   26698-902 26698-902 PDF Download ML NEW 94+ To limit maximum duty cycle, the internal clock
266R   266R 266R PDF Download N/A • 8-bit 6502 compatible CPU with 6MHz opera
266-TB   266-TB 266-TB PDF Download   The RC4700 uses a simple 5-stage pipeline
2670   2670 2670 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT08D,118   One of the major features of the ISP2100A
267001201   267001201 267001201 PDF Download In addition, the device has on-chip error detect
267002   267002 267002 PDF Download Crystal input 1 or external clock input. A cryst
267007-3   267007-3 267007-3 PDF Download Figure 1 shows the CY7B951 in an ATM system that
267038-1   267038-1 267038-1 PDF Download other possibility: VREF = VregLogic, VGND = VregL
267-06707-00   267-06707-00 267-06707-00 PDF Download AMI 00+ TQFP-100 The device is manufactured using Atmels high vol
267-06708-00   267-06708-00 267-06708-00 PDF Download 97 TQFP All formulas are simplified. Refer to the last p
267-06709-00   267-06709-00 267-06709-00 PDF Download AMI SEMICONDUCTOR 0121+ • High reliability, achieved by the combinat
2670AN   2670AN 2670AN PDF Download Battery-backed SRAMs are forced to monitor VCC i
2671-40001T   2671-40001T 2671-40001T PDF Download The SSM2402/SSM2412 are dual analog switches des
267170-1   267170-1 267170-1 PDF Download Hardware compliant with IEEE Std. 1532 in-system
2671M-12   2671M-12 2671M-12 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
2671M3.3   2671M3.3 2671M3.3 PDF Download NS 04+ SOP-8 Compact TSOT-23-5 packages Low temperature coeff
2671M3.3/5.0   2671M3.3/5.0 2671M3.3/5.0 PDF Download N/A NSC 04+ DESCRIPTION The CLP30-200B1 is designed to prot
2671M5.0   2671M5.0 2671M5.0 PDF Download Independent data resides in the integral EEPROM
2671M-5.0   2671M-5.0 2671M-5.0 PDF Download To assist in the transceiver evaluation proces
2671MADJ   2671MADJ 2671MADJ PDF Download NS TO263 00+ Note 1: Tested at VDD = 5.0V; VSS = 0V; unipolar
2672   2672 2672 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT125D,112 Programming the DSP Section (Audio Baseband Proce
2672H-12   2672H-12 2672H-12 PDF Download NSC 01-04+ Multistandard satellite sound IF device consisti
2672M5.0   2672M5.0 2672M5.0 PDF Download NS 02+ SOP-8 1 LSB change around major carry, VREF = 0 V D
2672M-5.0   2672M-5.0 2672M-5.0 PDF Download Sleep Mode. Control input SLEEP is used to minim
2672MADJ   2672MADJ 2672MADJ PDF Download IC SOP FEATURES High Definition Input Formats   Y
26-7303-130   26-7303-130 26-7303-130 PDF Download ECOS1VA332AA ECOS1VA392AA ECOS1VA472AA ECOS1VA
26-7303-150   26-7303-150 26-7303-150 PDF Download The internal time delay is generated by an up/do
2673DADJ   2673DADJ 2673DADJ PDF Download NSC 2008
2673N   2673N 2673N PDF Download • Easier assembler notation: register inte
2674   2674 2674 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT162244BDGG,518 The Ultra37000™ family of CMOS CPLDs provid
26741   26741 26741 PDF Download The CAT661 is a charge-pump voltage converter. I
26742874.8MM   26742874.8MM 26742874.8MM PDF Download   The NCV8800 is an automotive synchronous
2674H3.3   2674H3.3 2674H3.3 PDF Download Register File based 8/16 bit Core Architecture
2674M-12   2674M-12 2674M-12 PDF Download   The PWM gate normally allows the input PWM
2674M3.3   2674M3.3 2674M3.3 PDF Download NDS SOP8 N/A NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
2674M-3.3   2674M-3.3 2674M-3.3 PDF Download NS 06+ In Europe, Caller ID requirements are defined by
2674M5.0   2674M5.0 2674M5.0 PDF Download 7500 国半 06+ These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
2675   2675 2675 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT162245BDL,118 The uA9636AC is a dual, single-ended line driver
26750KB30X10   26750KB30X10 26750KB30X10 PDF Download A linear voltage regulator can be broken down in
2675M-12   2675M-12 2675M-12 PDF Download NS O7+ HY57V281620HC(L)T is offering fully synchronous o
2675M3.3   2675M3.3 2675M3.3 PDF Download NS O7+ Figure 14. TSOP56 - 56 lead Plastic Thin Small O
2675M-3.3   2675M-3.3 2675M-3.3 PDF Download NS 05+ First, one needs to detect the type of Over-Curr
2675M5.0   2675M5.0 2675M5.0 PDF Download NS SOP-8 03+ - Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, R
2675M-5.0   2675M-5.0 2675M-5.0 PDF Download NS 00+ 2 sequentially selectable RF inputs Low power
2675MADJ   2675MADJ 2675MADJ PDF Download NS 05+ Region 1. When VOUT = 0, the off time is infinit
2675TL1/CL2   2675TL1/CL2 2675TL1/CL2 PDF Download NS 06+ 2541   Pin 8 is the drive control input. This pi
2676   2676 2676 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT162245BDL-T The 2676 is a small form factor infrared (IR)
2677H   2677H 2677H PDF Download SOP-8 After a minimum wait of 250 ns (5V operation) fr
2677U   2677U 2677U PDF Download Notes: 3. Not measured 100% in production. 4.
2678241   2678241 2678241 PDF Download The PIC12CE67X devices have 128 bytes of RAM, 16
267876-1   267876-1 267876-1 PDF Download   REFIN Input Capacitance   REFIN Inpu
267930-1   267930-1 267930-1 PDF Download The 267930-1 also features a low-power shutdown
267942   267942 267942 PDF Download bose 2007 The ISSI IS41C4100 and IS41LV4100 are 1,048,576
267980-4   267980-4 267980-4 PDF Download In addition, the devices are static designs whic
267-A28   267-A28 267-A28 PDF Download The TINIm400 must be seated correctly into the DS
267AD-9   267AD-9 267AD-9 PDF Download ML 04+ The new JITO®-2 (Just-In-Time Oscillators®
267AD-P   267AD-P 267AD-P PDF Download The DS15543 constantly monitors the battery volt
267E1002106KR   267E1002106KR 267E1002106KR PDF Download To further simplify RS-232 applications, Maxim h
267E1002106MR   267E1002106MR 267E1002106MR PDF Download MATSUO A-10UF/10V 04+/05+ • Only 35 single word instructions to lear
267E1002107MR720(10V/100UF)   267E1002107MR720(10V/100UF) 267E1002107MR720(10V/100UF) PDF Download A buffered Output Enable (OE) input can be used t
267E1002226MR   267E1002226MR 267E1002226MR PDF Download MATSUO B:10V/22UF N/A For proper operation, input and output pins must
267E1002336KR740   267E1002336KR740 267E1002336KR740 PDF Download When OE is LOW, the select pin connects the A Po
267E1002475MR   267E1002475MR 267E1002475MR PDF Download MATSUO 10V4.7UF-A Transmitter Section The transmitter section inc
267E1002476MR   267E1002476MR 267E1002476MR PDF Download n Fast single ended transceiver (typical driver
267E1002686MN863   267E1002686MN863 267E1002686MN863 PDF Download N/A D The GS82032A is an SCD (Single Cycle Deselect) p
267E1602106MR   267E1602106MR 267E1602106MR PDF Download MATSUO B:16V/10UF N/A When exiting the power-down mode, the applicatio
267E1602226MR720   267E1602226MR720 267E1602226MR720 PDF Download NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
267E1602335MR   267E1602335MR 267E1602335MR PDF Download The device is accessed by a simple serial interf
267E2002106MN   267E2002106MN 267E2002106MN PDF Download High-side high current switch with active low Ena
267E2002336M844   267E2002336M844 267E2002336M844 PDF Download Description The ACPM-7813 is a fully matched CD
267E2502475MR   267E2502475MR 267E2502475MR PDF Download • Digital Audio Interface that includes tw
267E3502684K   267E3502684K 267E3502684K PDF Download The CY7B951 can be used in Local Area Network AT
267E4001085MR   267E4001085MR 267E4001085MR PDF Download NOTE: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolut
267E4001336MR533   267E4001336MR533 267E4001336MR533 PDF Download MATSUO 99+ Multi-function Input Zero (0): If MODE = L (m6
267E4001686MR533   267E4001686MR533 267E4001686MR533 PDF Download Referenced to VCCA Voltage VCC Isolation Feature
267E6301226KN   267E6301226KN 267E6301226KN PDF Download • High Efficiency Linear Regulators •
267E6301226MR   267E6301226MR 267E6301226MR PDF Download MATSUO 00+ Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) The SST39VF1
267E6301476MR720   267E6301476MR720 267E6301476MR720 PDF Download MATSUO 06+ The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
267F   267F 267F PDF Download 128K x 36, 256K x 18 memory configurations Suppo
267J-P   267J-P 267J-P PDF Download N/A DIP 2005+
267K   267K 267K PDF Download PFM: This is the programming pin for the PFM (pul
267L1602335KF   267L1602335KF 267L1602335KF PDF Download Fast Page Mode capability Read-modify-write capa
267L1602335MF   267L1602335MF 267L1602335MF PDF Download 4ž_ÞÐW FUNC [1]‘ôD&Egr
267L3502105KF   267L3502105KF 267L3502105KF PDF Download All terminations can be disconnected from the bu
267L3502105MF   267L3502105MF 267L3502105MF PDF Download The SecSi (Secured Silicon) Sector is an extra 64
267L3502474MF   267L3502474MF 267L3502474MF PDF Download Because of the consideration for minimized powe
267M1002106MR   267M1002106MR 267M1002106MR PDF Download By taking advantage of Analog Devices high-perfo
267M1002107K   267M1002107K 267M1002107K PDF Download 400 MSPS Internal Clock Speed Integrated 14-bit
267M1002155M   267M1002155M 267M1002155M PDF Download N/A A The built-in SRAM is used for general purpose dat
267M1002156MR   267M1002156MR 267M1002156MR PDF Download Input/Output Capacitors: For proper operation in
267M1002226KR   267M1002226KR 267M1002226KR PDF Download MATSUO C-22UF/10V 04+/05+ The IS25C64-2 is a 1.8V (1.8V-5.5V) 64K-bit (819
267M1002336MR   267M1002336MR 267M1002336MR PDF Download The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
267M1002475K   267M1002475K 267M1002475K PDF Download When exiting the power-down mode, the applicatio
267M1002476MR   267M1002476MR 267M1002476MR PDF Download Output Port 2 Channel A - The output state is de
267M1002685MR   267M1002685MR 267M1002685MR PDF Download Parameter RESOLUTION  Offset Error  
267M1602105KR   267M1602105KR 267M1602105KR PDF Download MATSUO A:16V/1UF N/A technology. It is ideal for low power and low no
267M1602105MR   267M1602105MR 267M1602105MR PDF Download MATSUO . 09+ The Application Engineering Group is available t
267M1602106MR   267M1602106MR 267M1602106MR PDF Download The ICS91309 is a high performance, low skew, low
267M1602226MR   267M1602226MR 267M1602226MR PDF Download Hynix HYMD232M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuff
267M1602335R   267M1602335R 267M1602335R PDF Download Free−Running Borderline/Critical Mode Quas
267M1602475MR   267M1602475MR 267M1602475MR PDF Download MATSUO B:16V/4.7UF N/A The TPS4009x uses fixed frequency, peak current
267M1602685MR720   267M1602685MR720 267M1602685MR720 PDF Download individual diode branches from the others, allow
267M2002225KR   267M2002225KR 267M2002225KR PDF Download MATSUO B:20V/2.2UF N/A Control Interface I2C Bus Interface Device and
267M2002225MR   267M2002225MR 267M2002225MR PDF Download MATSUO N/A This IC provides protection for lithium ion batte
267M2002226MR   267M2002226MR 267M2002226MR PDF Download The A29L008 is an 8Mbit, 3.0 volt-only Flash memo
267M2002475MR   267M2002475MR 267M2002475MR PDF Download
267M2002684MR   267M2002684MR 267M2002684MR PDF Download Zarlink Semiconductor provides prescaler evaluat
267M2002685MR   267M2002685MR 267M2002685MR PDF Download The SNI consists of five main logical blocks a)
267M2502106KR   267M2502106KR 267M2502106KR PDF Download AC SPECIFICATIONS Major Cycle Timings (Read Cycl
267M2502106ML   267M2502106ML 267M2502106ML PDF Download N/A D The 267M2502106ML provides extended gain and at
267M2502106MR   267M2502106MR 267M2502106MR PDF Download
267M2502155MR   267M2502155MR 267M2502155MR PDF Download MATSUO 06+ The products are capable of operation and storag
267M2502474KR   267M2502474KR 267M2502474KR PDF Download MATSUO . 09+ Dimension are in inches. Metric equivalents ar
267M2502474M   267M2502474M 267M2502474M PDF Download 1. 60 second maximum above 183C. 2. −5C/+
267M2502474ML   267M2502474ML 267M2502474ML PDF Download The HSP3824 has on-board ADCs for analog I and Q
267M2502474MN   267M2502474MN 267M2502474MN PDF Download Logic supply Logic input for high side gate driv
267M2502474MR   267M2502474MR 267M2502474MR PDF Download Each member of the M68300 family is distinguishe
267M3502104KR   267M3502104KR 267M3502104KR PDF Download MATSUO 06+   The 33099 is designed to regulate the out
267M3502105MR   267M3502105MR 267M3502105MR PDF Download MATSUO n/a 99 The 3-state output buffers are controlled by a 2
267M3502154KR   267M3502154KR 267M3502154KR PDF Download After initialization, the Serializer will accept
267M3502154MR   267M3502154MR 267M3502154MR PDF Download 3. Martin, G.A., Viskochil, D., Bollag, G., McCa
267M3502156MRD   267M3502156MRD 267M3502156MRD PDF Download 1 Gbit/sec, 100 MBytes/sec, each direction w/ful
267M3502224M   267M3502224M 267M3502224M PDF Download The TC6501/TC6502 are designed for hot temperatur
267M3502224MR   267M3502224MR 267M3502224MR PDF Download   For convenience, a 4MHz crystal oscillato
267M3502225KR   267M3502225KR 267M3502225KR PDF Download The HC138, HC238, HCT138, and HCT238 are high-sp
267M3502334K   267M3502334K 267M3502334K PDF Download 1. Test conditions: 25º C, Supply Voltage =
267M3502334MR   267M3502334MR 267M3502334MR PDF Download Figure 6. Block diagram of the 2 GHz production
267M3502474MR   267M3502474MR 267M3502474MR PDF Download nichicon (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
267M3502475KTR   267M3502475KTR 267M3502475KTR PDF Download Therefore, do not burn, destroy, cut, crush, or c
267M3502475MR   267M3502475MR 267M3502475MR PDF Download MATSUO The receiver includes a half wave rectifier that
267M3502684MR   267M3502684MR 267M3502684MR PDF Download Fast Transient Response 10-mA to 5-A Load Curren
267M3502685M   267M3502685M 267M3502685M PDF Download The HT6026 is a CMOS LSI encoder designed for r
267M3502685MR   267M3502685MR 267M3502685MR PDF Download TSStorage temperature-65125C Absolute maximum
267M4001106MR   267M4001106MR 267M4001106MR PDF Download   This N-Channel power MOSFET is   m
267M4001335MR   267M4001335MR 267M4001335MR PDF Download PerkinElmer lamps are available in lengths from
267M4001336MR   267M4001336MR 267M4001336MR PDF Download The target MCU for the temperature display modul
267M5002473MR   267M5002473MR 267M5002473MR PDF Download To make Flash memories interchangeable and to e
267M6301106ML   267M6301106ML 267M6301106ML PDF Download
267M6301157KR720   267M6301157KR720 267M6301157KR720 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under Absolu
267M6301225MR   267M6301225MR 267M6301225MR PDF Download MATSUO . 09+ Dynamic control of the on/off function is best ac
267M6301226MR   267M6301226MR 267M6301226MR PDF Download RSENSE - Is the connection point for the bottom
267M6301335KR   267M6301335KR 267M6301335KR PDF Download MATSUO 06+ Wait or Transfer Acknowledge. When configured a
267M6301476MR   267M6301476MR 267M6301476MR PDF Download The CS61880 is a full-featured Octal E1 short-ha
267M6301685MR   267M6301685MR 267M6301685MR PDF Download
267M6301686MR720   267M6301686MR720 267M6301686MR720 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
26800   26800 26800 PDF Download Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
26-8000-100   26-8000-100 26-8000-100 PDF Download The UC382 is a low-dropout-linear regulator prov
2681/BQA   2681/BQA 2681/BQA PDF Download S CDIP40
2681/BXA   2681/BXA 2681/BXA PDF Download PHI CDIP28 Piezo Speaker Driving Analog Audio Signal Input,
2682   2682 2682 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVT244WMX • Three isolated elements are contained in o
268212101003T   268212101003T 268212101003T PDF Download This notice outlines changes made to the first a
2683   2683 2683 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH125MTC  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
2684   2684 2684 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH125MTCX   Designed to enable the engineer to program
2684-01   2684-01 2684-01 PDF Download The LTC ®2439-1 is a 16-channel (8-differenti
268457048002001   268457048002001 268457048002001 PDF Download - Post processing operation : After capturing th
26-8457-096-004-025   26-8457-096-004-025 26-8457-096-004-025 PDF Download This formula guarantees that Q2 and Q4 will alwa
268477096006025   268477096006025 268477096006025 PDF Download The LS160 and LS162 count modulo-10 in the BCD (
26-8477-160-002-025   26-8477-160-002-025 26-8477-160-002-025 PDF Download The differential inputs provide a full scale dif
2685303735   2685303735 2685303735 PDF Download Stable at Low Gain Fast Slew Rate - 1200V/µ
2685401111102JH   2685401111102JH 2685401111102JH PDF Download Low power, high speed CMOS FLASH technology Ful
268-5401-52-1102JH   268-5401-52-1102JH 268-5401-52-1102JH PDF Download Input or Output Voltage (DC or Transient) (Refere
268563   268563 268563 PDF Download N/A LPCC 00 Guaranteed Logic HIGH Level Guaranteed Logic LOW
26-8577-048-002-025   26-8577-048-002-025 26-8577-048-002-025 PDF Download The optimal design of Current Source Inverters r
2686   2686 2686 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH162244MTX In addition to the standard output configuration
2686234613877T   2686234613877T 2686234613877T PDF Download Flexible On-Chip Memory  ❐ 4K Bytes
268-6234-61-3877T   268-6234-61-3877T 268-6234-61-3877T PDF Download FAST 8-BIT 8032 MCU C 40MHz at 5.0V, 24MHz at
2686MTC   2686MTC 2686MTC PDF Download NSC 01-02+ Chip ground. Current return for both the low-sid
268-7165-071-011-057ROHS   268-7165-071-011-057ROHS 268-7165-071-011-057ROHS PDF Download   The IDT70V657 is a high-speed 32K x 36 As
268-7165-71-1157   268-7165-71-1157 268-7165-71-1157 PDF Download   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
268-7165-75-1157SMT   268-7165-75-1157SMT 268-7165-75-1157SMT PDF Download Input Capacitors: Output Current 4A Continuous (
2688M   2688M 2688M PDF Download N/A NSC 04+ Power On Reset: V CC Lock-Out Write Protect In o
2688M-ADJ   2688M-ADJ 2688M-ADJ PDF Download NS 06+ The 2688M-ADJ uses bus cycles of 8 bits each for
2689   2689 2689 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH16245ADGGR? TSSOP48
268BM-ADJ   268BM-ADJ 268BM-ADJ PDF Download The USB2223-03 is a USB2.0 Bulk Only Mass Storage
269.3   269.3 269.3 PDF Download Loss of Lock Indicator (LOL) Output Pin Under no
2690   2690 2690 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH16245MEA GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 2690 is a voltage thres
26901   26901 26901 PDF Download JRC 04+ SOP-8 Optimized for 3.3-V Operation 3.6-V I/O Tolerant
2690203   2690203 2690203 PDF Download
269020-3   269020-3 269020-3 PDF Download The TC6501/2/3/4 are SOT-23 temperature switches
269026-3   269026-3 269026-3 PDF Download 1. Part mounted on 2"x2" GETEK board w
269027-3-062   269027-3-062 269027-3-062 PDF Download AMP AMP 00+ clock cycle Interleaved auto refresh mode Progr
2690283   2690283 2690283 PDF Download SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VCC = 3V to 3.6V for Program,
269028-5   269028-5 269028-5 PDF Download present on D is shifted to the first register po
269039-1   269039-1 269039-1 PDF Download AMP 07+ The purpose of the receive input interface is to
269039-2   269039-2 269039-2 PDF Download Configuration Programs For Field Programmable Gat
269040-1   269040-1 269040-1 PDF Download Output voltage is set to a nominal value between
269047-1   269047-1 269047-1 PDF Download The AV9155 is designed to accept a 14.318 MHz cry
2690481   2690481 2690481 PDF Download The 2690481 uses a precision reference to achiev
269048-1   269048-1 269048-1 PDF Download AMP n/a Note 6: This IC includes overtemperature protecti
2690521   2690521 2690521 PDF Download • In Table 18 corrected description of OSC
269052-1   269052-1 269052-1 PDF Download or Powered-Down Low and Flat ON-State Resistance
269054-1   269054-1 269054-1 PDF Download Besides typical application areas, i.e. TV and m
269054-5   269054-5 269054-5 PDF Download AMP 01+ DESCRIPTION M62352A is a CMOS structured semicon
269055-5   269055-5 269055-5 PDF Download FSD/AMP 07+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
26-9062   26-9062 26-9062 PDF Download MOT PLCC-28 05+ Acknowledge The Acknowledge takes place after t
269077-1   269077-1 269077-1 PDF Download Frequency Correction. The on-chip oscillator cir
269085-1   269085-1 269085-1 PDF Download AMP/TYCO 00+ The above default CD/Mute function can be overwri
269085-2(156MB/S)   269085-2(156MB/S) 269085-2(156MB/S) PDF Download NOTE: 1. This is a stress rating only. Function
269085-3   269085-3 269085-3 PDF Download AMP/TYCO N/A 200 mA Source Capability Output Tracks within 10
2690862   2690862 2690862 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Measured with outputs open. 2. Refres
269086-2   269086-2 269086-2 PDF Download Voice within each group are combinations of diff
269086-2(200MB/S)   269086-2(200MB/S) 269086-2(200MB/S) PDF Download    This low failure rate represents dat
2690871   2690871 2690871 PDF Download The PCA9544A provides 4 interrupt inputs, one fo
269087-3   269087-3 269087-3 PDF Download 100% production tested at the specified temperat
2691002336R7201   2691002336R7201 2691002336R7201 PDF Download dt of greater than 10 kV/µs. This clamp ci
269110-2   269110-2 269110-2 PDF Download Short Circuit Current Switching Frequency Stand
269111-2   269111-2 269111-2 PDF Download Conditions/Comments1 Maximum clock frequency SC
269142-1   269142-1 269142-1 PDF Download AMP/TYCO N/A The clock driver serial protocol accepts byte wri
269143-1   269143-1 269143-1 PDF Download AMP O7+ Microchip offers a QTP Programming Service for
2691432   2691432 2691432 PDF Download   Each device includes a voltage regulator,
269146-2   269146-2 269146-2 PDF Download When CS is high, the device enters standby mode:
269146-3   269146-3 269146-3 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT75 have four bistable latches. The t
269147-1   269147-1 269147-1 PDF Download   The K4S560432E / K4S560832E / K4S561632E
269147-3   269147-3 269147-3 PDF Download amp DIP12P The 269147-3CMAX3183 are EIA/TIA-232 and V.28/ V
2691523   2691523 2691523 PDF Download Specified by design. Not production tested. Sam
269152-3   269152-3 269152-3 PDF Download AMP MODULE N/A *1 No-load Hall voltage is nearly proportional t
269153-3   269153-3 269153-3 PDF Download the memory by taking care of all of the special
269158-1   269158-1 269158-1 PDF Download Note 10: A master device must provide a data hold
2691582   2691582 2691582 PDF Download Information (including circuit diagrams and circ
269158-2   269158-2 269158-2 PDF Download AMP n/a 99 When ACK is asserted and JAM is HIGH, an active
269158-2(TSTDTS)   269158-2(TSTDTS) 269158-2(TSTDTS) PDF Download   The information included herein is believ
2692   2692 2692 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH16373MTDX A chopper-stabilized low-drift input amplifier a
2692/BQA   2692/BQA 2692/BQA PDF Download S CDIP40 91/96+ Reference Input Pin for DACs E, F, G, and H. It
2692/BQA5962-8953202QA   2692/BQA5962-8953202QA 2692/BQA5962-8953202QA PDF Download   At any given temperature and voltage cond
2692/BXA   2692/BXA 2692/BXA PDF Download CDIP   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
26923-5/80C31   26923-5/80C31 26923-5/80C31 PDF Download   The 26923-5/80C31 is a very low RO26923-5/
26923-51/80C31   26923-51/80C31 26923-51/80C31 PDF Download   The input/output differential at which th
26923-57/80C31   26923-57/80C31 26923-57/80C31 PDF Download INSTEL 97
269-245   269-245 269-245 PDF Download ST QFP 07+ The software clock is a poor timekeeper. Any chan
2693   2693 2693 PDF Download QFN N/A Internal resistors provide accurate full-scale i
269-3   269-3 269-3 PDF Download 98 This sensor family consists of different two-wir
269-3(XAYU)   269-3(XAYU) 269-3(XAYU) PDF Download   Surface mount board layout is a critical
269-3.3X   269-3.3X 269-3.3X PDF Download MOT SOT-223 05+ *Fully integrated with compact 16-pin dip *All n
269349   269349 269349 PDF Download If the scene is too dark and the integration pe
26936HR3   26936HR3 26936HR3 PDF Download NEC QFP QFP True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simulta
269-3PKWR   269-3PKWR 269-3PKWR PDF Download MOTOROLA 06+ The 203CMQ high current Schottky rectifier module
2694   2694 2694 PDF Download IC 集成电路 74LVTH245MSA MOSI is the serial data input to the ISD5008 de-
2694M004DIE   2694M004DIE 2694M004DIE PDF Download   TEST CONDITION Io=10mA, TJ=258C, VIN=5V
269-5   269-5 269-5 PDF Download ONS SOP8
2695000500   2695000500 2695000500 PDF Download Parameter VDD to GND VOUTA, VOUTB, VBZ to GND
2695-03R   2695-03R 2695-03R PDF Download N/A MOLEX 05+  1. For a loaded output the measurements ar
26963BBO   26963BBO 26963BBO PDF Download NEC QFP QFP Clock input for entire chip. Maximum design freq
269758R2   269758R2 269758R2 PDF Download Extremely Wide Operating Voltage   1.5 to
26984   26984 26984 PDF Download The SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector is an e
269-9064-00-2401   269-9064-00-2401 269-9064-00-2401 PDF Download n LM78L05 in micro SMD package n Output voltage
2699A-5   2699A-5 2699A-5 PDF Download Note:  Stresses greater than those listed
269AJ   269AJ 269AJ PDF Download ONS SOP8   The MSK 4362 is a complete 3 Phase MOSFET
269-AJ   269-AJ 269-AJ PDF Download It is necessary to use DC blocking capacitors wit
269D   269D 269D PDF Download 2007 The EP7311 uses its powerful 32-bit RISC process
269E-1002-107-MR   269E-1002-107-MR 269E-1002-107-MR PDF Download When BYTE8/10 is LOW and the encoder is enabled
269E-6301-107-MR   269E-6301-107-MR 269E-6301-107-MR PDF Download • Zero insertion and deletion for BOP 
269E-6301-157-MR   269E-6301-157-MR 269E-6301-157-MR PDF Download The coupler consists of a AlGaAs LED that is opti
269M1002336MR   269M1002336MR 269M1002336MR PDF Download   Operating temperature range is: C40C to +
269M1002336MR7201   269M1002336MR7201 269M1002336MR7201 PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
269M1002475M   269M1002475M 269M1002475M PDF Download
269M1002475MR   269M1002475MR 269M1002475MR PDF Download MATSUO To activate this mode, the programming equipment
269M2002226MR   269M2002226MR 269M2002226MR PDF Download N/A F RFM's OPB-series Voltage Controlled SAW Clocks ar
269M2502226MR   269M2502226MR 269M2502226MR PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebust Family
269M3502105MR   269M3502105MR 269M3502105MR PDF Download VCU1 3.80 to 4.40 Adjustment VCD1 3.45 to 4.40
269M5002105MR   269M5002105MR 269M5002105MR PDF Download The SMCJ5.0-170A or SMCG5.0-170A series of 1500 W
269M5002105MR.   269M5002105MR. 269M5002105MR. PDF Download Repetitive peak reverse voltage Recommended AC
26A.B   26A.B 26A.B PDF Download SOP8S 2007+   The first example (Figure 1) is designed
26-A238/SA695   26-A238/SA695 26-A238/SA695 PDF Download SIEMENS PLCC 03+/04+ Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
26A26SDE   26A26SDE 26A26SDE PDF Download 04+
26A2G   26A2G 26A2G PDF Download Infineon 03/04+ SOP8 Programmable 64-bit encoder crypt key Two 64-bi
26A2GSDE   26A2GSDE 26A2GSDE PDF Download SIEMENS 6   The primary considerations when selecting
26-A557/SAG   26-A557/SAG 26-A557/SAG PDF Download PHI QFP 05+ The DM9601 is a fully integrated and cost-effecti
26AB   26AB 26AB PDF Download TSSOP 05+ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
26AD   26AD 26AD PDF Download TSSOP 05+ Data Set Ready (Active-LOW). These inputs are ass
26AF   26AF 26AF PDF Download TSSOP 05+ 1. Corrected the errataJan. 10, 2005 2. Revised
26AG   26AG 26AG PDF Download TSSOP 05+ The output pulse duration is programmed by selec
26ASD22011AJS   26ASD22011AJS 26ASD22011AJS PDF Download On page 3-9, last paragraph, change the first tw
26ASD22-01-1-AJS   26ASD22-01-1-AJS 26ASD22-01-1-AJS PDF Download Grayhill Inc The LCD product described in this specification
26AWGUL1423   26AWGUL1423 26AWGUL1423 PDF Download You can, however, measure the V-I demand of a mo
26AX5F10160.000   26AX5F10160.000 26AX5F10160.000 PDF Download • Combine Step-Up and Step-Down for  
26B01   26B01 26B01 PDF Download ICS 05+ 5. Output clip detection function (pin(1))  
26BM80A   26BM80A 26BM80A PDF Download IR MODULE TOP BOOT SECTOR LOCK: When the TBL pin is held lo
26C1000APC   26C1000APC 26C1000APC PDF Download MX O7+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26C1000APC-12   26C1000APC-12 26C1000APC-12 PDF Download MX DIP-32 voltage (150 mV at full load). Therefore, compar
26C161   26C161 26C161 PDF Download ♦ Four ADC Channels with Serial LVDS/SLVS
26C16B   26C16B 26C16B PDF Download 00+ The HAL 805 is programmable by modulating the su
26C256L-10   26C256L-10 26C256L-10 PDF Download NCR SOP28W 2007+ The counter may be preset by the asynchronous pa
26C31   26C31 26C31 PDF Download 97 Low-power dissipation Operating: 15 mW/MHz (typi
26C311   26C311 26C311 PDF Download TI 00+ The MAX4380CMAX4384 family of op amps are unity-
26C31B   26C31B 26C31B PDF Download TI SMD Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(Vil or Vih)
26C31CNSR   26C31CNSR 26C31CNSR PDF Download If the voltage on the output pin rises above the
26C31I   26C31I 26C31I PDF Download SOP16 06+ If the CPE is a telephone, one way to achieve goo
26C31I-B   26C31I-B 26C31I-B PDF Download SOP16 06+ Features   • 2.0 A, 45 V Continuous
26C31IDBR   26C31IDBR 26C31IDBR PDF Download TI SSOP-16 00+ This advanced BiCMOS design features low operati
26C31TM   26C31TM 26C31TM PDF Download Advance/Load Input. Used to advance the on-chip a
26C31TN   26C31TN 26C31TN PDF Download A graph showing the ratio of these two currents
26C32   26C32 26C32 PDF Download NS 05+HOT Applications • Data communication  
26C321   26C321 26C321 PDF Download 02+ Serial data input pin. Conforms to the SMBUS spec
26C32A   26C32A 26C32A PDF Download HITACHI SOP16 • Supports AT&T TR62411 and Telcordia
26C32AB   26C32AB 26C32AB PDF Download 01+ SOP (1) Stresses in excess of those listed above may
26C32ATM   26C32ATM 26C32ATM PDF Download 1. Pins 4 to 9 and pin 13 are left open in norma
26C32DBR   26C32DBR 26C32DBR PDF Download TI SSOP-16 • Synchronous Operation. • 2 Stage P
26C32I   26C32I 26C32I PDF Download SOP16 06+ Switching frequency is set with an external capac
26C32NSR   26C32NSR 26C32NSR PDF Download The OPA381 family of transimpedance amplifiers p
26C512APC-12   26C512APC-12 26C512APC-12 PDF Download MX DIP-28 2. Guaranteed by design. Resistance measurements
26C512AQC-70   26C512AQC-70 26C512AQC-70 PDF Download Features • International standard packages
26C512AQC-7027C512   26C512AQC-7027C512 26C512AQC-7027C512 PDF Download During the soft start and the time-out delay dura
26C64AL-10   26C64AL-10 26C64AL-10 PDF Download NOTES: 1Full Scale Range (FSR) is 10V for unipo
26C933MHC157   26C933MHC157 26C933MHC157 PDF Download CKS0 Master Clock Select 0 Pin  (Internal
26C94-VXA   26C94-VXA 26C94-VXA PDF Download PHI/S CDIP48金面 94/97+ DMA (or PDMA) transfers all data between host me
26CS32   26CS32 26CS32 PDF Download N/ 05+ The UCC281 series is specified for operation ove
26CV12B   26CV12B 26CV12B PDF Download Serial-test information is conveyed by means of
26D-3450-04D   26D-3450-04D 26D-3450-04D PDF Download Four 16-Bit CMOS ADC Input Ports Programmable Cl
26DF041   26DF041 26DF041 PDF Download FEATURES 12-Bit Dual Muxed Port DAC 300 MSPS Ou
26DF041SU   26DF041SU 26DF041SU PDF Download ATMEL 07+ Description Power Dissipation Segment Forward C
26DF161   26DF161 26DF161 PDF Download s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
26DF161-SU   26DF161-SU 26DF161-SU PDF Download ATMEL SOP-8大 06+ The FCT373T and FCT573T consist of eight latches
26EL8KK   26EL8KK 26EL8KK PDF Download 2. Samsung products are not intended for use in l
26EMA   26EMA 26EMA PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
26ET31B   26ET31B 26ET31B PDF Download SOP16S 2007+   DAI incorporates two precision clock gener
26ET31NT3   26ET31NT3 26ET31NT3 PDF Download SOP16S 2007+ Low line operation occurs when the input voltage
26ET31NTS   26ET31NTS 26ET31NTS PDF Download SOP16 Up to 16 serial input and output streams Maximum
26F128J3XCC-15   26F128J3XCC-15 26F128J3XCC-15 PDF Download Ground connection. For best performance, keep tr
26F4749   26F4749 26F4749 PDF Download The UC1854 uses average current-mode control to
26F4755   26F4755 26F4755 PDF Download SOP16M 2007+ Note 6: All limits are guaranteed. All electrical
26F4770   26F4770 26F4770 PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16635HCT8P Series are Dual
26F4771   26F4771 26F4771 PDF Download SOP16M 2007+ The upper and lower gates are held low until the
26F4865   26F4865 26F4865 PDF Download Input switch. For V0 to V8 output, VL is outpu
26F640J3TC-10   26F640J3TC-10 26F640J3TC-10 PDF Download MX TSOP 07+ NOTES: 1. VCC = 3.3V, TA = +25C, and are not pr
26F7016   26F7016 26F7016 PDF Download † The D packages are available taped and r
26-FEB   26-FEB 26-FEB PDF Download 2. Execute the STOP instruction. The external ci
26FEBTVKNA   26FEBTVKNA 26FEBTVKNA PDF Download 5% tolerance of output voltage Wide input range
26FLT-SM1-TB   26FLT-SM1-TB 26FLT-SM1-TB PDF Download JST 07+ When the PHY-LLC interface is in the low-power d
26FMN-SMT-A-TF(LF)(SN)   26FMN-SMT-A-TF(LF)(SN) 26FMN-SMT-A-TF(LF)(SN) PDF Download JST Sales America Inc (VA) • High switching capacity 30 A for 1 Form
26FMZBT   26FMZBT 26FMZBT PDF Download The Z86C84 has two 8-bit 1/2 LSB D/A converters
26FMZ-BT   26FMZ-BT 26FMZ-BT PDF Download The DS89C430, DS89C440, and DS89C450 offer the h
26H2335   26H2335 26H2335 PDF Download The OPA682 provides an easy to use, broadband fi
26H4201   26H4201 26H4201 PDF Download combined with thermal shutdown and automatic re
26H4544PQ   26H4544PQ 26H4544PQ PDF Download The ISO102 and ISO106 isolation buffer amplifier
26H4605   26H4605 26H4605 PDF Download 586 NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
26H4809   26H4809 26H4809 PDF Download IBM SOJ 00+ Requiring 15V and +5V supplies, the ADS-930 typi
26H4911   26H4911 26H4911 PDF Download IBM SSOP 1998 HF420: Unsealed,2C, Soldering, Plug-in HF428: Un
26H4911D   26H4911D 26H4911D PDF Download This access is initiated when the following condi
26H4930   26H4930 26H4930 PDF Download IBM QFP100 power consumption by 99% when addresses are not
26H5002   26H5002 26H5002 PDF Download QFP100 The third generation of LCA devices further exte
26H5002IBM14PQ   26H5002IBM14PQ 26H5002IBM14PQ PDF Download
26H5040   26H5040 26H5040 PDF Download N/A IBM 04+ The bq24007 and bq24008 provide the timer-enable
26H5125   26H5125 26H5125 PDF Download IBM MQFP 07+ The second is the programmable 16- or 32-bit-wid
26H5225   26H5225 26H5225 PDF Download IBM TQFP64 2007+ The 73K322L includes the DPSK and FSK modulator/
26H5245(5900000600)   26H5245(5900000600) 26H5245(5900000600) PDF Download GARMIN QFP QFP TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION   Figure 2 shows
26H5385   26H5385 26H5385 PDF Download IBM TQFP64 2007+ The HEF4528B is a dual retriggerable-resettable
26H6350   26H6350 26H6350 PDF Download 04+ SMD Write Operation All writes begin with a device
26H6718PQ   26H6718PQ 26H6718PQ PDF Download The SSC 26H6718PQ may be used in a wide variety
26H7543   26H7543 26H7543 PDF Download PLCC28 08+
26HAYX3   26HAYX3 26HAYX3 PDF Download 05+ SMD The LMV101/102/105/110 fixed-gain amplifier fami
26JUN97WMN   26JUN97WMN 26JUN97WMN PDF Download This bus includes a selective node awake capabili
26K7F   26K7F 26K7F PDF Download If your computer is not connected to the Internet
26L12811MC-12   26L12811MC-12 26L12811MC-12 PDF Download MX 2000 03+ Although the discrete ORing diode solution has b
26L32   26L32 26L32 PDF Download TEXAS 99+ SOP   C Single Cycle Reprogram (Erase and Progr
26L32AC/ACD   26L32AC/ACD 26L32AC/ACD PDF Download TI SOP16S 2007+ One or more of the following United States patent
26L6420MC-10   26L6420MC-10 26L6420MC-10 PDF Download MX SOP 03+ Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
26L6420MC-90   26L6420MC-90 26L6420MC-90 PDF Download MX 00+ Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8J-J series is designed for h
26L6420TC-90   26L6420TC-90 26L6420TC-90 PDF Download MX TSOP 04+ Single 3 V supply operation (2.7 V to 3.6 V) SN
26LC01   26LC01 26LC01 PDF Download NA O7+ This device can be used as four 8-bit transceive
26LC31   26LC31 26LC31 PDF Download * Specifications will vary with foreign st
26LC32   26LC32 26LC32 PDF Download TI O7+ The READ instruction outputs serial data on the
26LS02   26LS02 26LS02 PDF Download The UCC381 provides unique short circuit protect
26LS10   26LS10 26LS10 PDF Download MOT SOP16 07+/08+ With features such as the programmable OLMs and
26LS29   26LS29 26LS29 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP16 ——
26LS30   26LS30 26LS30 PDF Download NS DIP Notes: 1. Derate above 91C at 0.53 mA/C. 2. S
26LS30DC   26LS30DC 26LS30DC PDF Download AMD O7+ Warnhinweise Bauelemente können aufgrund te
26LS31   26LS31 26LS31 PDF Download TI 98 I/O to output valid I/O setup time before GCK
26LS31/B2A   26LS31/B2A 26LS31/B2A PDF Download S LCC20
26LS31/BEA   26LS31/BEA 26LS31/BEA PDF Download S/PHI The CMX866 has the capability to generate single
26LS31/BEA5962-7802301MEA   26LS31/BEA5962-7802301MEA 26LS31/BEA5962-7802301MEA PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Note 3: TJ is calculated from the ambient tempera
26LS31/BEAJC   26LS31/BEAJC 26LS31/BEAJC PDF Download MOT CDIP16 Internal fixed off-time, PWM current-contr
26LS31/BEJC   26LS31/BEJC 26LS31/BEJC PDF Download Note 2: All characteristics are measured with cap
26LS31/BFA   26LS31/BFA 26LS31/BFA PDF Download S SOP16 91/93 MIC1 or Line1 Analog Input (Left Minus or Multifu
26LS3126LS32   26LS3126LS32 26LS3126LS32 PDF Download  The HYM72V32736T8 Series are Dual In-line
26LS31BEA   26LS31BEA 26LS31BEA PDF Download Clock output traces should use series terminatio
26LS31C   26LS31C 26LS31C PDF Download TI SOP N/A • Viewing Angles Match   Traffic Man
26LS31CDR   26LS31CDR 26LS31CDR PDF Download TI SMD 03+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
26LS31CDTR   26LS31CDTR 26LS31CDTR PDF Download 06+ This pin is for optional offset control. When co
26LS31CM   26LS31CM 26LS31CM PDF Download NSC SOP16 -331.40 -194.50  -48.00   87.40 &nb
26LS31CN   26LS31CN 26LS31CN PDF Download Internal registers include available charge, tem
26LS31I   26LS31I 26LS31I PDF Download TI 00+ SOP16 NOTES: (1) Standard test timing: 1ms integration
26LS31JC   26LS31JC 26LS31JC PDF Download The accuracy of the DAC/reference combination is
26LS31M/B2AJC   26LS31M/B2AJC 26LS31M/B2AJC PDF Download MOT CLCC 9025+ Note 6: All room temperature limits are 100% test
26LS31NB   26LS31NB 26LS31NB PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
26LS31NSR   26LS31NSR 26LS31NSR PDF Download Low power RS-485 systems Network hubs, bridges
26LS31PC   26LS31PC 26LS31PC PDF Download 3352 CAOUT: This is the output of the wide bandwidth c
26LS32   26LS32 26LS32 PDF Download TI DIP 05+ • Inductance range: 1.5-680nH (E-12 Series)
26LS32(DIP)   26LS32(DIP) 26LS32(DIP) PDF Download   There are two possible timing modes of op
26LS32/B2A   26LS32/B2A 26LS32/B2A PDF Download S LCC20   The Series STR-F6600 is specifically desi
26LS32/BEA   26LS32/BEA 26LS32/BEA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP16 ——  The K1S1616B1A is fabricated by SAMSUNGs a
26LS32/BEAJC   26LS32/BEAJC 26LS32/BEAJC PDF Download MOT CDIP16 SCLK Cycle Time SCLK High Time SCLK Low Time S
26LS32A   26LS32A 26LS32A PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP 2000
26LS32A/BEA   26LS32A/BEA 26LS32A/BEA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP16 —— Direct Interface to ISA and PCMCIA with No Wait
26LS32AC   26LS32AC 26LS32AC PDF Download TEXASINS SMD The SO-8 has been modified through a customized
26LS32ACD   26LS32ACD 26LS32ACD PDF Download TI 04+
26LS32ACDR   26LS32ACDR 26LS32ACDR PDF Download TI SOP 06+   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspecti
26LS32ACM   26LS32ACM 26LS32ACM PDF Download The KMY 24 is a microwave rader motion sensor b
26LS32ACN   26LS32ACN 26LS32ACN PDF Download MIT Current Limit Response Timer: A capacitor connec
26LS32ACNSR   26LS32ACNSR 26LS32ACNSR PDF Download The device requires only a single 5.0 volt power
26LS32ANSR   26LS32ANSR 26LS32ANSR PDF Download
26LS32B/BEA   26LS32B/BEA 26LS32B/BEA PDF Download A VCXO circuit operates by changing the value of
26LS32BEA   26LS32BEA 26LS32BEA PDF Download Skyworks CX65105 Power Amplifier (PA) is a fully
26LS32BJC   26LS32BJC 26LS32BJC PDF Download   The device consists of a surface micromac
26LS32BSC   26LS32BSC 26LS32BSC PDF Download AM SOP小 Preformed Leads (SOD64 Packages) Some types of
26LS32CN   26LS32CN 26LS32CN PDF Download The LED and RXD outputs are controlled by the
26LS32D   26LS32D 26LS32D PDF Download • In the case of the MB89PV960, add the cu
26LS32JC   26LS32JC 26LS32JC PDF Download When I joined Sony, 2 speed drives had just been
26LS32M/B2AJC   26LS32M/B2AJC 26LS32M/B2AJC PDF Download MOT LCC20 95+ These identity comparators perform comparisons
26LS32N   26LS32N 26LS32N PDF Download The e5130 contains 4 independent driver outputs
26LS32PC   26LS32PC 26LS32PC PDF Download TOS DIP 04+ The HYM72V64736T8 Series are Dual In-line Memory
26LS33   26LS33 26LS33 PDF Download S/PHI CDIP16 —— • FullCduplex capability • External lo
26LS33/BEA   26LS33/BEA 26LS33/BEA PDF Download S/PHI CDIP16 —— The SDA 525x contains a slicer for TTX, VPS and
26LS33AC   26LS33AC 26LS33AC PDF Download TI SOP-16 04+ NOTES: 1. WE is high in read Cycle. 2. Device i
26LS33BEA   26LS33BEA 26LS33BEA PDF Download > 90% Maximum Efficiency Low Quiescent Supply
26LS33PC   26LS33PC 26LS33PC PDF Download Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
26LS33SC   26LS33SC 26LS33SC PDF Download The LM123 is a three-terminal positive regulator
26LS34SC   26LS34SC 26LS34SC PDF Download The HY29DL16xs sector erase architecture allows
26LS352PC   26LS352PC 26LS352PC PDF Download A resistor divider from this pin to the VOUT pin
26LV160BTC-55   26LV160BTC-55 26LV160BTC-55 PDF Download MX TSOP 04+ SW (Pin 4): Boost Regulator Switch Pin. This pin
26LV160BTC-70   26LV160BTC-70 26LV160BTC-70 PDF Download MX TSOP 04+
26LV160BTC-90   26LV160BTC-90 26LV160BTC-90 PDF Download MX .   For more information on the PWP package,
26LV31   26LV31 26LV31 PDF Download SOP16 06+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26LV31I   26LV31I 26LV31I PDF Download * Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
26LV31NSR   26LV31NSR 26LV31NSR PDF Download Circuits for safe protective separation against
26LV32   26LV32 26LV32 PDF Download SOP16 06+ The power good (PG) function serves as a reset f
26LV32NSR   26LV32NSR 26LV32NSR PDF Download "Preliminary" product information descr
26LV800BTC-35   26LV800BTC-35 26LV800BTC-35 PDF Download • Integrated Temperature Sensing and Multi
26LV800TTC-70   26LV800TTC-70 26LV800TTC-70 PDF Download MX 04+
26M048B1B   26M048B1B 26M048B1B PDF Download Portescap Danaher Motion US LLC    The address lines on the Control In
26M048B1U   26M048B1U 26M048B1U PDF Download 128K x 18 Synchronous Bank-Switchable Dual-ported
26MAE   26MAE 26MAE PDF Download
26MB05A   26MB05A 26MB05A PDF Download IR D-34A 00+ The ADSP-21991 has 4K word of on-chip ROM that h
26MB100A   26MB100A 26MB100A PDF Download IR D-34A 00+ PCI Controller Compatible with PCI 2.1 specific
26MB10A   26MB10A 26MB10A PDF Download N/A N/A N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26MB120   26MB120 26MB120 PDF Download IR MODULE
26MB120(160A)   26MB120(160A) 26MB120(160A) PDF Download The HT70XX series is a set of three-terminal lo
26MB120A   26MB120A 26MB120A PDF Download N/A N/A N/A HPC3130A for Compact PCI Applications Provides C
26MB140   26MB140 26MB140 PDF Download 2. When using this product, please observe the ab
26MB140A   26MB140A 26MB140A PDF Download 08+ In addition, the P8xC557E8 has two software sele
26MB160   26MB160 26MB160 PDF Download Maxwell Technologies 54LVTH162245 devices are 16-
26MB160A   26MB160A 26MB160A PDF Download IR MODULE • Simplifies logic control of 115/24
26MB20   26MB20 26MB20 PDF Download The P8xC557E8 is a control-oriented CPU with on-
26MB20A   26MB20A 26MB20A PDF Download IR 07+ FEATURES • SMD Versions of SFH610, 615, 61
26MB40A   26MB40A 26MB40A PDF Download IR 07+ Notes 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings are those val
26MB60A   26MB60A 26MB60A PDF Download IR 07+ RON t 4 W Typical Less Than 0.25 ns−Max De
26MB80   26MB80 26MB80 PDF Download The q denotes the specifications which apply over
26MB80A   26MB80A 26MB80A PDF Download IR MODULE N/A DMA C 4 DMA controllers with 4 channels each T
26MHZ   26MHZ 26MHZ PDF Download N/A 2X3镀金 To use the 26MHZ with another PowerSmart product
26MT10   26MT10 26MT10 PDF Download IR D-63 00+ These I²C-compatible electrically erasable
26MT100   26MT100 26MT100 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ Analog output from the sample and hold phase com
26MT12   26MT12 26MT12 PDF Download IR MODULE   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
26MT12(16)   26MT12(16) 26MT12(16) PDF Download Zener Voltage Range: 6.8V to 200V Hermetically s
26MT120   26MT120 26MT120 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ In addition, the MX93000 supports switches and
26MT140   26MT140 26MT140 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ A power-up clear function is supplied that force
26MT16   26MT16 26MT16 PDF Download IR MODULE
26MT160   26MT160 26MT160 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ Speed grade update to preliminary status, Power-
26MT20   26MT20 26MT20 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ MODE (Pin 3): Mode Select Input. This pin selects
26MT40   26MT40 26MT40 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ SECTOR LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method is a
26MT40A   26MT40A 26MT40A PDF Download IR 04+ The normalized values read from the right side o
26MT5   26MT5 26MT5 PDF Download IR D-63 00+ NOTE:2677 tbl 04 1. Stresses greater than those
26MT60   26MT60 26MT60 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ One of outstanding features of the 26MT60 is its
26MT80   26MT80 26MT80 PDF Download IR TO-220 2008+ Development tool support   The current LonB
26N50   26N50 26N50 PDF Download TO-3P • 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced Flash
26N60   26N60 26N60 PDF Download In the receive path, the input amplifier sums th
26P1783   26P1783 26P1783 PDF Download QFP   The motor is directly driven by IRF511 po
26P38   26P38 26P38 PDF Download 2007 tdotditmstcksrl_txensrl_tclksrl_txdsrl_rclksrl_rx
26P45   26P45 26P45 PDF Download 10 MOTOROLA 97+ Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to
26P93   26P93 26P93 PDF Download  The attached data sheets are prepared and
26P93(5105226P93)   26P93(5105226P93) 26P93(5105226P93) PDF Download MOT 9916 Parameter Forward Voltage Reverse Current Te
26P99   26P99 26P99 PDF Download MOT 00+ Answer If the case temperature could be held to
26P99(510226P99)   26P99(510226P99) 26P99(510226P99) PDF Download MOT 2000  The attached datasheets are provided by SA
26PC01SMT   26PC01SMT 26PC01SMT PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control Thermal Design The IRU1261 incorporates an inter
26PC05SMT   26PC05SMT 26PC05SMT PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control RF and LO frequency range coverage from 400 to 3
26PC15SMT   26PC15SMT 26PC15SMT PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 200802 Transmitter Section The transmitter section inc
26PCAFA6D   26PCAFA6D 26PCAFA6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 175 Input voltage range: 2.9V to 14V 1.6Ω out
26PCAFA6G   26PCAFA6G 26PCAFA6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 544 The 256Mb DDR SDRAM uses a double-data-rate arc
26PCAFD2G   26PCAFD2G 26PCAFD2G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VCC = 3V to 3.6V for Program,
26PCAFJ3G   26PCAFJ3G 26PCAFJ3G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control   TstgStorage temperature range2C65+150C N
26PCBFA2G   26PCBFA2G 26PCBFA2G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control
26PCBFA3D   26PCBFA3D 26PCBFA3D PDF Download • Multiple output clocks at different frequ
26PCBFA6D   26PCBFA6D 26PCBFA6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control Interpoints HUMMER™ Hold-Up Module Series
26PCBFA6G   26PCBFA6G 26PCBFA6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control The 26PCBFA6G are non-inverting drivers. The outp
26PCBFB2G   26PCBFB2G 26PCBFB2G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control Connect a resistor(ROCSET) from this pin to the d
26PCBFB6G   26PCBFB6G 26PCBFB6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 100KEP circuits are designed to meet the DC spec
26PCCFA2G   26PCCFA2G 26PCCFA2G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control The ADPCM serial input register is a 5-bit shift
26PCCFA6D   26PCCFA6D 26PCCFA6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 381 Hynix HYMD564M646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered
26PCCFA6G   26PCCFA6G 26PCCFA6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control Each DS1265 device is shipped from Dallas Semicon
26PCCFB6G   26PCCFB6G 26PCCFB6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control Differential clock input. The TFP513 supports bo
26PCCFH6G   26PCCFH6G 26PCCFH6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control   C Address translation unit   C Some
26PCCFJ6D   26PCCFJ6D 26PCCFJ6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control The matte tin finish on Sirenzas lead-free packag
26PCDFA6D   26PCDFA6D 26PCDFA6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 156 PVIN (Pins 6, 7): Input supply pin. PVIN is conne
26PCDFA6G   26PCDFA6G 26PCDFA6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 480 This basic current-mirror configuration is sensi
26PCDFG2G   26PCDFG2G 26PCDFG2G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control The Am30LV0064D is entirely command set compati-
26PCFFA6D   26PCFFA6D 26PCFFA6D PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 08+ 5000 Short lead time, since the P2ROM is programmed at
26PCFFA6G   26PCFFA6G 26PCFFA6G PDF Download Honeywell Sensing and Control 468 Agilents thin-Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR
26S02/BEA   26S02/BEA 26S02/BEA PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26S101400A1   26S101400A1 26S101400A1 PDF Download
26S10D   26S10D 26S10D PDF Download Figure 6 shows an SDA signal interfaced via P82B
26S12APC   26S12APC 26S12APC PDF Download Collector-Emitter Voltage (R BE 0 Ω) Col
26S331   26S331 26S331 PDF Download Write Enable 1 (WEN1). If the FIFO is configured
26T1   26T1 26T1 PDF Download High Efficiency: Up to 96% 600mA Output Current
26T47   26T47 26T47 PDF Download At 200 MHz (5 ns) core instruction rate, the ADS
26TBJ-4   26TBJ-4 26TBJ-4 PDF Download The SLC90E66 supports two IDE channels for up to
26TI   26TI 26TI PDF Download N/A TSSOP8 The TPS758xx is offered in 1.5-V, 1.8-V, 2.5-V,
26TIAAM   26TIAAM 26TIAAM PDF Download TI TSSOP-8 Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
26TIABA   26TIABA 26TIABA PDF Download 05+ SMD 2. BVDSS is the absolute maximum voltage rating
26TIABK   26TIABK 26TIABK PDF Download 05+ SMD The DS1554 has interrupt ( IRQ /FT) and reset (
26TIABR   26TIABR 26TIABR PDF Download 05+ SMD guaranteeing that both transistors in a leg are
26TIABW   26TIABW 26TIABW PDF Download 05+ SMD DATEL makes no representation that the use of its
26TIACH   26TIACH 26TIACH PDF Download TI TSSOP-8 The flowchar t in the Programming section of the
26TIAEG   26TIAEG 26TIAEG PDF Download TI TSSOP-8 TB62725 series is the constant current driver de
26TIAEJ   26TIAEJ 26TIAEJ PDF Download 05+ SMD The amplifiers can operate on any supply voltage
26TIAJA   26TIAJA 26TIAJA PDF Download TI TSSOP-8 NOTES: 1. VDD, OPTX, and VDDQX must be set to ap
26TIAPD   26TIAPD 26TIAPD PDF Download 05+ SMD
26TIAPK   26TIAPK 26TIAPK PDF Download 04+ SMD The 10BASE-T transceiver includes drivers, re-
26TIAVF   26TIAVF 26TIAVF PDF Download 04+ SMD Microchip Technology Incorporated, has been gran
26U17B   26U17B 26U17B PDF Download   MPX2050 series pressure sensors are availa
26U17B26050MHZ   26U17B26050MHZ 26U17B26050MHZ PDF Download Pericom Semiconductors PI74FCT series of logic c
26V12H-10JH/4   26V12H-10JH/4 26V12H-10JH/4 PDF Download The MIC5031 features a resistor programmable ove
26V12H-15J   26V12H-15J 26V12H-15J PDF Download PALCE PLCC 04+ In this method, we assume that it takes some tim
26V12H-15JC   26V12H-15JC 26V12H-15JC PDF Download • JEDEC- and industry-standard x16 timing,
26V12H-15JC/4   26V12H-15JC/4 26V12H-15JC/4 PDF Download EWC: Event and Waveform Controller • Compat
26V12H-20JC   26V12H-20JC 26V12H-20JC PDF Download Notes   1. Exceeding these limits may caus
26V12H-20JC/4   26V12H-20JC/4 26V12H-20JC/4 PDF Download AMD PLCC28 9625+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
26WC4SC   26WC4SC 26WC4SC PDF Download n/a 0323 4 In addition to ISP Flash memory, DSM devices ad
26YY50069   26YY50069 26YY50069 PDF Download
26Z085   26Z085 26Z085 PDF Download CAUTION. Although simple paralleling of VREG sup
26Z086   26Z086 26Z086 PDF Download VITEC 01+ The instruction set consists of 51 instructions
26Z087   26Z087 26Z087 PDF Download VITEC 00+
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