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When the CH7009 is operating as a VGA to TV encoder in master clock mode, this pin provides a pixel clock signal to the VGA controller which is used as a reference frequency. The output is selectable between 1X or 2X of the pixel clock frequency. The output driver is driven from the DVDDV supply. This output has a programmable tri-state. The capacitive loading on this pin should be kept to a minimum.
STOP CONDITION: A low-to-high transition of SDA with SCL high is a stop condition which terminates all communications. After a read sequence, the stop command will place the EEPROM in a standby power mode (refer to Start and Stop Definition timing diagram).
Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. This benefit, combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are well known for, provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications. The D2Pak is a surface mount power package capable of accommodating die sizes up to HEX-4. It provides the highest power capability and the lowest possible on- resistance in any existing surface mount package. The D2Pak is suitable for high current applications because of its low internal connection resistance and can dissipate up to 2.0W in a typical surface mount application. The through-hole version (IRLZ34L) is available for low- profile applications.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
2SA00025C   2SA00025C 2SA00025C PDF Download The THS4513 is a wideband, fully differential op
2SA0794X   2SA0794X 2SA0794X PDF Download • Extended single - supply voltage range 2
2SA0885   2SA0885 2SA0885 PDF Download For packing material that is returned to us un-
2SA0886   2SA0886 2SA0886 PDF Download The ISD1000A ChipCorder Series devices are desig
2SA0963   2SA0963 2SA0963 PDF Download Addressing The UD61256 is a dynamic Write- Rea
2SA100   2SA100 2SA100 PDF Download DSI n/a Transmitter Underrun: TxU is asserted during a tr
2SA1001   2SA1001 2SA1001 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
2SA1002   2SA1002 2SA1002 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ This pin provides a 6 µA current source to
2SA1003   2SA1003 2SA1003 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The LPS input is considered inactive if it remai
2SA1004   2SA1004 2SA1004 PDF Download HIT TO-92 05+ The 2SA1004 power amplifier module (PAM) is desi
2SA1005   2SA1005 2SA1005 PDF Download TOS/FSC/NEC TO-92 04+   The 2SA1005 FM demodulator has a simple a
2SA1005L   2SA1005L 2SA1005L PDF Download NEC The LIS3L06AL belongs to a family of products s
2SA1005-L   2SA1005-L 2SA1005-L PDF Download The CY7B951 can be used in Local Area Network AT
2SA1005L-T   2SA1005L-T 2SA1005L-T PDF Download The CDC913 is a high-performance clock generator
2SA1006   2SA1006 2SA1006 PDF Download Jack(Available) (5) The products and product specifications desc
2SA1006A   2SA1006A 2SA1006A PDF Download NEC TO-220 06+ During the soft start and the time-out delay dura
2SA1006B   2SA1006B 2SA1006B PDF Download FSC TO-220 04+ If any products described in this document repre
2SA1006B-AZ-P   2SA1006B-AZ-P 2SA1006B-AZ-P PDF Download UART channel A Request-to-Send (active low) or g
2SA1006BB-Q   2SA1006BB-Q 2SA1006BB-Q PDF Download The LM5000EP is a monolithic integrated circuit
2SA1007   2SA1007 2SA1007 PDF Download NEC TO-3 02+ DESCRIPTION When 1, the contents of the corresp
2SA1007(A)   2SA1007(A) 2SA1007(A) PDF Download TOS 03+ TO-3 The cost associated with multiple components and
2SA1007A   2SA1007A 2SA1007A PDF Download NEC 金属帽 R89 Zero-pin phase-locked loop (ZPLL) clock module
2SA1008   2SA1008 2SA1008 PDF Download NEC TO-220 Unless otherwise stated, propagation delays do n
2SA1009   2SA1009 2SA1009 PDF Download NEC TO-220 06+ • Instruction set designed for high level
2SA1009A   2SA1009A 2SA1009A PDF Download FSC/TOS TO-220 04+ Set the wait states in each bank by writing to t
2SA101   2SA101 2SA101 PDF Download MIT 金属帽 86 EXTERNAL ACCESS ENABLE: This pin forces the proce
2SA1010   2SA1010 2SA1010 PDF Download FSC/TOS TO-220 04+ This monolithic integrated circuit is an adjusta
2SA1011   2SA1011 2SA1011 PDF Download FSC/TOS TO-220 04+ The HR700 Series converters offer low noise on b
2SA1011E   2SA1011E 2SA1011E PDF Download SANYO TO220 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1011-E   2SA1011-E 2SA1011-E PDF Download The MT317xB/337xB devices offer a powerdown funct
2SA1012   2SA1012 2SA1012 PDF Download TOSHIBA T0-220
2SA1012.   2SA1012. 2SA1012. PDF Download Toshiba 05+ 1 State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
2SA1012L-TN3-R   2SA1012L-TN3-R 2SA1012L-TN3-R PDF Download The ISL6434 provides the power control and prote
2SA1012Y   2SA1012Y 2SA1012Y PDF Download FSC TO-220 06+ Integrated PLL Loop Filter ESD Protection (4 kV
2SA1012-Y   2SA1012-Y 2SA1012-Y PDF Download  1. Thickness: 0.062  2. 3 x 3  
2SA1013   2SA1013 2SA1013 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92L 04+
2SA1013-0   2SA1013-0 2SA1013-0 PDF Download Hynix HYMD532646(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
2SA1013O   2SA1013O 2SA1013O PDF Download Performance   Latest processor technology,
2SA1013-O   2SA1013-O 2SA1013-O PDF Download TOS TO92 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
2SA1013R   2SA1013R 2SA1013R PDF Download TOSHIBA   Serial Data present at the input is trans
2SA1013-R   2SA1013-R 2SA1013-R PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92L 00+ SYM=POWMOSN .SUBCKT 501N16A 10 20 30 * TERMINAL
2SA1013-R/BU   2SA1013-R/BU 2SA1013-R/BU PDF Download • Designed expressly for Switch-Mode Power
2SA1013Y   2SA1013Y 2SA1013Y PDF Download FAIR 0722(KA7   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The f
2SA1013-Y   2SA1013-Y 2SA1013-Y PDF Download TOS 07+ TO92L
2SA1013-Y/BU   2SA1013-Y/BU 2SA1013-Y/BU PDF Download The Z893XX DSPs are optimized to accommodate ad-
2SA1013Y/O   2SA1013Y/O 2SA1013Y/O PDF Download The applied external reference input voltage (VR
2SA1013-Y/TA   2SA1013-Y/TA 2SA1013-Y/TA PDF Download
2SA1014   2SA1014 2SA1014 PDF Download After the CMX866 has been successfully powered up
2SA1015   2SA1015 2SA1015 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 02+ Table 5−43, HPI Read and Write Timing Requ
2SA1015/1815   2SA1015/1815 2SA1015/1815 PDF Download TOS Pixel Clock Output The CH7006, operating in mast
2SA1015/C1815   2SA1015/C1815 2SA1015/C1815 PDF Download TOS 07+/08+ SE: 1 W to 7.5 W; BTL: 2 W to 15 W operation pos
2SA1015/Y   2SA1015/Y 2SA1015/Y PDF Download NEC Serial data output, 5-V CMOS logic level tristat
2SA10150TE2T   2SA10150TE2T 2SA10150TE2T PDF Download VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)1A VCE=(--)5V, IC=(--)6A V
2SA1015G   2SA1015G 2SA1015G PDF Download Software selectable I O options (TRI-STATE outpu
2SA1015-G   2SA1015-G 2SA1015-G PDF Download TOS TO-92 additional link was included to isolate the zene
2SA1015GR   2SA1015GR 2SA1015GR PDF Download TOS TO-92 07+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
2SA1015-GR   2SA1015-GR 2SA1015-GR PDF Download toshiba 05+ The Hynix HYM71V16M655AT8 Series are 16Mx64bits S
2SA1015-GR(F)   2SA1015-GR(F) 2SA1015-GR(F) PDF Download The P_SEL2:0 pins select the P divider values, wh
2SA1015-GR(T)   2SA1015-GR(T) 2SA1015-GR(T) PDF Download VCC Operating Range From 2.3 V to 3.6 V Data I/O
2SA1015-GR(T2SPFT   2SA1015-GR(T2SPFT 2SA1015-GR(T2SPFT PDF Download TOSHIBA O7+ Part I, Overview Part II, Features Part III, Ma
2SA1015-GR(TE2)   2SA1015-GR(TE2) 2SA1015-GR(TE2) PDF Download TOSHIBA O7+ The Standard Space Vector Modulation C 3 outputs
2SA1015-GR(TE2.F)   2SA1015-GR(TE2.F) 2SA1015-GR(TE2.F) PDF Download TOSHIBA Typical Applications • Vibration Monitori
2SA1015-GR(TE2T)   2SA1015-GR(TE2T) 2SA1015-GR(TE2T) PDF Download A general-purpose data register file is containe
2SA1015GR(TPE2)   2SA1015GR(TPE2) 2SA1015GR(TPE2) PDF Download Both diodes have similar barrier heights; and th
2SA1015-GR(TPE2)   2SA1015-GR(TPE2) 2SA1015-GR(TPE2) PDF Download Very low VCE(sat) 1.5 V (typ.) Maximum Junction
2SA1015GR.Y   2SA1015GR.Y 2SA1015GR.Y PDF Download These values are defined in stable state. During
2SA1015GR/Y   2SA1015GR/Y 2SA1015GR/Y PDF Download In-target operation Up to 20 breakpoints Single
2SA1015-GR/Y   2SA1015-GR/Y 2SA1015-GR/Y PDF Download TOSHIBA 07/08+ The transmitter accepts CMOS level logical clock,
2SA1015LT1   2SA1015LT1 2SA1015LT1 PDF Download ON 12000 07+ Two CAS pins ( LCASC UCAS) are provided to give
2SA1015LT1BA   2SA1015LT1BA 2SA1015LT1BA PDF Download 长电 SOT-23 RS is the parasitic series resistance of the dio
2SA1015-O   2SA1015-O 2SA1015-O PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 00+ High performance   120 ns access time &nbs
2SA1015-O(T)   2SA1015-O(T) 2SA1015-O(T) PDF Download   The JEDEC MO-127 12-pin Power Dip™
2SA1015OTP   2SA1015OTP 2SA1015OTP PDF Download CS/HOLD (Pin 4): CMOS-Level Digital Enable Input
2SA1015T/B   2SA1015T/B 2SA1015T/B PDF Download UTC O7+ NOTES: 1. Timings referenced as in AC Test Condi
2SA1015T/R   2SA1015T/R 2SA1015T/R PDF Download UTC O7+ The chip requires a single, even-parity bit to b
2SA1015-TIB   2SA1015-TIB 2SA1015-TIB PDF Download Trim sensitivity is a parameter which can be sup
2SA1015Y   2SA1015Y 2SA1015Y PDF Download TOS TO-92 04+ The two voltage-controlled amplifiers are full C
2SA1015-Y   2SA1015-Y 2SA1015-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 05+ ITEMS Input range Output Voltage Adj. Range Li
2SA1015-Y(T)   2SA1015-Y(T) 2SA1015-Y(T) PDF Download s Sector protection   Hardware method of
2SA1015-Y(T2CANOF)   2SA1015-Y(T2CANOF) 2SA1015-Y(T2CANOF) PDF Download The HYM72V32636T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchrono
2SA1015-Y(TE2)   2SA1015-Y(TE2) 2SA1015-Y(TE2) PDF Download TOSHIBA O7+ Description Clock output from VCO. Output frequ
2SA1015-Y(TE2FT)   2SA1015-Y(TE2FT) 2SA1015-Y(TE2FT) PDF Download TOSHIBA O7+ CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
2SA1015-Y(TE2T)   2SA1015-Y(TE2T) 2SA1015-Y(TE2T) PDF Download TOSHIBA 07+ 1. Optical switch 2. Light detecting portion of
2SA1015Y/GR   2SA1015Y/GR 2SA1015Y/GR PDF Download TOS TO-92L 04+ The combination of narrow nonlinear range and lo
2SA1015-Y/GR   2SA1015-Y/GR 2SA1015-Y/GR PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 02+ The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 1032E devi
2SA1015-YT2SPT   2SA1015-YT2SPT 2SA1015-YT2SPT PDF Download 07+ counter will roll over, and the previously writt
2SA1015Y-TA   2SA1015Y-TA 2SA1015Y-TA PDF Download This pin must be tied to either VCC or GND and mu
2SA1015YTP   2SA1015YTP 2SA1015YTP PDF Download   The table of timing values shows either a
2SA1016   2SA1016 2SA1016 PDF Download TOS/FAIRCHILD TO-92 04+ Supply Current at No-Load is 55µA Minimum
2SA1016G   2SA1016G 2SA1016G PDF Download 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
2SA1016K   2SA1016K 2SA1016K PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 04+ Equivalent circuits for the twelve macrocell conf
2SA1016KF   2SA1016KF 2SA1016KF PDF Download Note 1 Stresses above those listed under Absolute
2SA1016KF-AA   2SA1016KF-AA 2SA1016KF-AA PDF Download All dimensions are in mm and are referenced to th
2SA1016KG   2SA1016KG 2SA1016KG PDF Download SANYO 05+ When the devices are clocked, data is shifted to
2SA1016KGAA   2SA1016KGAA 2SA1016KGAA PDF Download The AVR core combines a rich instruction set wit
2SA1017   2SA1017 2SA1017 PDF Download NEC CAN 1 LSB change around major carry, VREF = 0 V D
2SA1018   2SA1018 2SA1018 PDF Download AN 02+ TO92 The 'LVTH162374 devices are 16-bit edge-triggere
2SA1018-Q(T)   2SA1018-Q(T) 2SA1018-Q(T) PDF Download MAT 07+ Notes: 1. Derate linearly as shown in Figure 4.
2SA1018-Q(TA)   2SA1018-Q(TA) 2SA1018-Q(TA) PDF Download Minimum Dielectric Strength, Input-Output Minimu
2SA1018-Q/TA   2SA1018-Q/TA 2SA1018-Q/TA PDF Download This DAC utilizes a double-buffered 3-wire seria
2SA1018-R   2SA1018-R 2SA1018-R PDF Download A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
2SA1018-R(TA)   2SA1018-R(TA) 2SA1018-R(TA) PDF Download 松下 TO-92 The MAX104 is supplied in a 192-contact enhanced
2SA1019   2SA1019 2SA1019 PDF Download TOS/FSC TO-92L 04+ Guaranteed by design. Regulation is measured at
2SA101-X   2SA101-X 2SA101-X PDF Download - Suspends erase operations to allow programming
2SA102   2SA102 2SA102 PDF Download MIT 金属帽 86 Port 2 emits the high-order address byte during
2SA1020   2SA1020 2SA1020 PDF Download TOshiba 05+ Delay from CKI Rising Edge to ALE Rising Edge D
2SA1020-O   2SA1020-O 2SA1020-O PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 Between sensitivity and overload, all AC specific
2SA1020-O(F)   2SA1020-O(F) 2SA1020-O(F) PDF Download Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
2SA1020RLRA   2SA1020RLRA 2SA1020RLRA PDF Download N/A ON 04+ Phase Jitter has long been recognized as one of
2SA1020RLRAG   2SA1020RLRAG 2SA1020RLRAG PDF Download N/A ON 04+ See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
2SA1020T/B   2SA1020T/B 2SA1020T/B PDF Download UTC O7+ DESCRIPTION The 74V2T241 is an advanced high-sp
2SA1020Y   2SA1020Y 2SA1020Y PDF Download tosh n/a hardware write protects selected sectors. The s
2SA1020-Y   2SA1020-Y 2SA1020-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA 2000 The ADSP-BF535 processor is a member of the Blac
2SA1020-Y(TPE6C)   2SA1020-Y(TPE6C) 2SA1020-Y(TPE6C) PDF Download Test data output. One of four terminals required
2SA1020Y-S   2SA1020Y-S 2SA1020Y-S PDF Download A LOW strobe on this pin will retransmit the data
2SA1020-YTE6FM   2SA1020-YTE6FM 2SA1020-YTE6FM PDF Download TOSHIBA 07+ The 93AA46/56/66 power up in the Erase/Write Dis
2SA1021   2SA1021 2SA1021 PDF Download TOS TO-126 07+ Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MA
2SA1022   2SA1022 2SA1022 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-23 05+ Product Identification The Product Identificati
2SA1022/EC   2SA1022/EC 2SA1022/EC PDF Download Panasonic 08+ Loss of Lock Indicator (LOL) Output Pin Under no
2SA10220BL   2SA10220BL 2SA10220BL PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) Flammability Classification 94V-0 Dual rectifie
2SA10220CL   2SA10220CL 2SA10220CL PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) The 2SA10220CL/2SA10220CL provide a complete powe
2SA1022-B   2SA1022-B 2SA1022-B PDF Download PANAS0NIC 05+ Signal data can be provided in binary or 2s comp
2SA1022-B(TX)   2SA1022-B(TX) 2SA1022-B(TX) PDF Download PANASONIC 99 The FM pre-amplifier input FMIN (Pin 28) consist
2SA1022-B/EB   2SA1022-B/EB 2SA1022-B/EB PDF Download Panasonic matching resistors. In CMI mode the transmitter
2SA1022-BCTX   2SA1022-BCTX 2SA1022-BCTX PDF Download The 2SA1022-BCTX will operate over a wide range
2SA1022BCX   2SA1022BCX 2SA1022BCX PDF Download The SY58620L is a low jitter, high-speed transcei
2SA1022BTX   2SA1022BTX 2SA1022BTX PDF Download fast as 6.5 ns. The 256/512/1,024 x 36 dual-port
2SA1022-C   2SA1022-C 2SA1022-C PDF Download PAN 05+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold
2SA1022-C-TX   2SA1022-C-TX 2SA1022-C-TX PDF Download When interpolating, the user should normally bri
2SA1023   2SA1023 2SA1023 PDF Download NEC TO-92 05+ The new package that consists of OSAs and ESA
2SA1023Y   2SA1023Y 2SA1023Y PDF Download Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
2SA1023-Y(T)/P   2SA1023-Y(T)/P 2SA1023-Y(T)/P PDF Download cant bits of this captured value (01) are requir
2SA1024   2SA1024 2SA1024 PDF Download CAN • PCI 2.1 Compliant • PC97/PC98 spec
2SA1024H   2SA1024H 2SA1024H PDF Download HIT CAN3Pin 08+ READY/BUSY OUTPUT The R/B output indicates the s
2SA1024-Y   2SA1024-Y 2SA1024-Y PDF Download KEC 07+ The R-C values are selected by matching the time
2SA1024-Y/BU   2SA1024-Y/BU 2SA1024-Y/BU PDF Download Linearity errors of 0.5 and 1.0 LSB, and Differ
2SA1024-Y/TA   2SA1024-Y/TA 2SA1024-Y/TA PDF Download   The MC10/100LVEP11 is a differential 1:2
2SA1025   2SA1025 2SA1025 PDF Download Hitachi   Housed in SOIC−8 or PDIP−8 pac
2SA1026   2SA1026 2SA1026 PDF Download Low Dropout - 400mV at 300mA Guaranteed 300mA Ou
2SA1027   2SA1027 2SA1027 PDF Download 1. If the VID pins are driven high by an external
2SA1028   2SA1028 2SA1028 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The microcontrollers have 2 software-selectable
2SA1029   2SA1029 2SA1029 PDF Download Hitachi The IS41C4400x and IS41LV4400x are CMOS DRAMs o
2SA1029-B   2SA1029-B 2SA1029-B PDF Download 16-bit multi-function timer supporting   PW
2SA1029C   2SA1029C 2SA1029C PDF Download Hitachi n/a The AT8xC5112 has 3 software-selectable modes of
2SA1029-C   2SA1029-C 2SA1029-C PDF Download HIT 07+ The MT9T001 produces extraordinarily clear, shar
2SA1029D/BU   2SA1029D/BU 2SA1029D/BU PDF Download At a gain of +1, the EL2244 and EL2444 have a -3
2SA102CA   2SA102CA 2SA102CA PDF Download N/A N/A Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
2SA103   2SA103 2SA103 PDF Download CAN This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 8,
2SA1030   2SA1030 2SA1030 PDF Download Hitachi 2. Products and product specifications may be su
2SA1030B   2SA1030B 2SA1030B PDF Download Hitachi No external operation clock is required for RAM r
2SA1030C   2SA1030C 2SA1030C PDF Download Hitachi A further implication of the way in which the P8
2SA1031   2SA1031 2SA1031 PDF Download Hitachi Non-inductive. Thermally enhanced Industry stand
2SA1031C   2SA1031C 2SA1031C PDF Download Hitachi These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
2SA1032   2SA1032 2SA1032 PDF Download Hitachi The simplest circuit is a simple op amp follower
2SA1033   2SA1033 2SA1033 PDF Download HIT TO-92 05+/06+ *Stresses greater than those listed above may cau
2SA1033-T2   2SA1033-T2 2SA1033-T2 PDF Download NEC 二极 2006 1. Device mounted on 1" x 1", FR-4 PCB
2SA1034   2SA1034 2SA1034 PDF Download PAN SOT-23 05+   The QS4A210 is a high-performance CMOS tw
2SA1034/FS   2SA1034/FS 2SA1034/FS PDF Download Panasonic 08+   The FCT20807 is a 2.5V compatible, high s
2SA1034/FT   2SA1034/FT 2SA1034/FT PDF Download Panasonic 08+   The SN54 / 74LS155 and SN54 / 74LS156 are
2SA1034R   2SA1034R 2SA1034R PDF Download
2SA1034-R   2SA1034-R 2SA1034-R PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-23   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
2SA1034-R(TW)   2SA1034-R(TW) 2SA1034-R(TW) PDF Download PANASONIC 06+ SOT-23 RECEIVER DC CHARACTERISTICS High Level Output V
2SA1034RTX   2SA1034RTX 2SA1034RTX PDF Download Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
2SA1034-S   2SA1034-S 2SA1034-S PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-23 for reads or writes to any location in memory. A
2SA1034S(TX)   2SA1034S(TX) 2SA1034S(TX) PDF Download The PUCC3801 is a current-mode Pulse Width Modul
2SA1034-S(TX)   2SA1034-S(TX) 2SA1034-S(TX) PDF Download 00 PCI_STP# is an input to the clock generator and
2SA1034-S/FS   2SA1034-S/FS 2SA1034-S/FS PDF Download Panasonic Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C mea
2SA1034-STTX   2SA1034-STTX 2SA1034-STTX PDF Download NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
2SA1034-T   2SA1034-T 2SA1034-T PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-23 † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, T
2SA1034T(TX)   2SA1034T(TX) 2SA1034T(TX) PDF Download The I/O memory space contains 64 addresses for C
2SA1035   2SA1035 2SA1035 PDF Download PAN SOT-23 04+ By combining a conventional thin-film R-2R ladde
2SA1035-R   2SA1035-R 2SA1035-R PDF Download T   The 78ST100 is a series of wide input vo
2SA1035-R(TX)   2SA1035-R(TX) 2SA1035-R(TX) PDF Download PANASONIC 23
2SA1035-S   2SA1035-S 2SA1035-S PDF Download PAN SOT-23 Two data address generators (DAGs) provide addre
2SA1035-S/HS   2SA1035-S/HS 2SA1035-S/HS PDF Download PANASONIC ✔ Meets IEC 1000-4-5 Industry Requirements
2SA1035T   2SA1035T 2SA1035T PDF Download DESCRIPTION The Device is a monolithic integrat
2SA1035-T   2SA1035-T 2SA1035-T PDF Download PAN SOT-23 05+ Interrupt controller   • Total of 9
2SA1035TTX   2SA1035TTX 2SA1035TTX PDF Download Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure abo
2SA1036   2SA1036 2SA1036 PDF Download ROHM SOT-23   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q an
2SA1036/HP   2SA1036/HP 2SA1036/HP PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 05+ For use in NxM routing matrices, the device featu
2SA1036/HQ   2SA1036/HQ 2SA1036/HQ PDF Download ROHM 07/08+
2SA1036/HR   2SA1036/HR 2SA1036/HR PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
2SA1036K   2SA1036K 2SA1036K PDF Download ROHM SOT-23
2SA1036-K   2SA1036-K 2SA1036-K PDF Download RHM 7461 Ideal input span; does not include gain or offse
2SA1036K(HQ)   2SA1036K(HQ) 2SA1036K(HQ) PDF Download Literature Distribution Centers: USA: Motorola
2SA1036K/HQ   2SA1036K/HQ 2SA1036K/HQ PDF Download ROHM The ADSP-21262 contains two computational proces
2SA1036K/HR   2SA1036K/HR 2SA1036K/HR PDF Download ROHM Analog Common Voltage Reference Pin ADC Common
2SA1036K/P   2SA1036K/P 2SA1036K/P PDF Download ROHM 06+ SOT-23 The NetPHY™ 4LP device operates on a 3.3 V
2SA1036K/Q   2SA1036K/Q 2SA1036K/Q PDF Download ROHM 06+ SOT-23 IT8761 chooses TXD1 and RTS1# pins for power on s
2SA1036K/R   2SA1036K/R 2SA1036K/R PDF Download ROHM 06+ SOT-23 Pin NamePin TX Data 031 TX Data 147 TX Data 25
2SA1036K-Q   2SA1036K-Q 2SA1036K-Q PDF Download ROHM 03+ SOT23 AppleTalk Universal asynchronous receiver tran
2SA1036KR   2SA1036KR 2SA1036KR PDF Download ROHM 08+ 9000 • Low On-Resistance (16Ω typ) Minimi
2SA1036K-R   2SA1036K-R 2SA1036K-R PDF Download ROHM 01+ SOT23 *Fully integrated with compact 16-pin dip *All n
2SA1036KRLT1   2SA1036KRLT1 2SA1036KRLT1 PDF Download LRC 06+ SOT23 This output pin is normally at a low level, but
2SA1036KT   2SA1036KT 2SA1036KT PDF Download • FCT-C speed at 5.5 ns (FCT16841T Coml) &
2SA1036KT1   2SA1036KT1 2SA1036KT1 PDF Download ROHM 23 The PWB must be prepared with either an embedded
2SA1036KT106Q   2SA1036KT106Q 2SA1036KT106Q PDF Download
2SA1036KT146   2SA1036KT146 2SA1036KT146 PDF Download • RESET • Watchdog • External
2SA1036KT146/R   2SA1036KT146/R 2SA1036KT146/R PDF Download Propagation delay time high-to-low  level o
2SA1036KT146P   2SA1036KT146P 2SA1036KT146P PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 00+ N/A An inhibit terminal is provided that can be used
2SA1036K-T146-P   2SA1036K-T146-P 2SA1036K-T146-P PDF Download The DS1554 has a lithium power source that is de
2SA1036KT146Q   2SA1036KT146Q 2SA1036KT146Q PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 04+ This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
2SA1036K-T146Q   2SA1036K-T146Q 2SA1036K-T146Q PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 Monitors two analog voltages or thermistor tempe
2SA1036KT146R   2SA1036KT146R 2SA1036KT146R PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SMT3 (SOT346) 09 Transformerless 2W to 4W conversion Controls bat
2SA1036KT147Q   2SA1036KT147Q 2SA1036KT147Q PDF Download ROHM N/A For A-to-B data flow, the device operates on the
2SA1036KT96   2SA1036KT96 2SA1036KT96 PDF Download   The LX1744 is a compact high efficiency
2SA1036KT-97R/HR   2SA1036KT-97R/HR 2SA1036KT-97R/HR PDF Download n CCITT G.726 compatible at 40, 32, 24, 16 kbps
2SA1036Q   2SA1036Q 2SA1036Q PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 Type 1 Configuration Access C If the Bus Number f
2SA1036-Q   2SA1036-Q 2SA1036-Q PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ The hardware RESET# pin terminates any opera- ti
2SA1036S   2SA1036S 2SA1036S PDF Download Serial or parallel programming of partial flags
2SA1036T146R   2SA1036T146R 2SA1036T146R PDF Download ROHM 12000 07+ The 2SA1036T146R is a serially accessible 8-bit
2SA1037   2SA1037 2SA1037 PDF Download ROHM 23  Active: 10 mW/MHz, (typ)  Stand
2SA1037(FR)   2SA1037(FR) 2SA1037(FR) PDF Download For Single, Dual and Quad applications without d
2SA1037/FQ   2SA1037/FQ 2SA1037/FQ PDF Download ROHM 08+   This network is less than 2% of the overa
2SA1037/FR   2SA1037/FR 2SA1037/FR PDF Download ROHM 08+ - Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, R
2SA1037/FS   2SA1037/FS 2SA1037/FS PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 The TC650/TC651 are integrated temperature senso
2SA1037/Q   2SA1037/Q 2SA1037/Q PDF Download   The IDT72V3623/72V3633/72V3643 are pin an
2SA1037/R   2SA1037/R 2SA1037/R PDF Download Test data output. One of four terminals required
2SA1037AK   2SA1037AK 2SA1037AK PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 The 2SA1037AK/2SA1037AK implement local and remot
2SA1037-AK   2SA1037-AK 2SA1037-AK PDF Download
2SA1037AK/FQ   2SA1037AK/FQ 2SA1037AK/FQ PDF Download ROHM HY57V561620C is offering fully synchronous operat
2SA1037AK/FR   2SA1037AK/FR 2SA1037AK/FR PDF Download ROHM SOT-23   The DMA controller off-loads the CPU core
2SA1037AK/Q   2SA1037AK/Q 2SA1037AK/Q PDF Download ROHM SOT-23   Unless otherwise noted CC=18pF, RC=2.2K
2SA1037AK/R   2SA1037AK/R 2SA1037AK/R PDF Download ROHM 06+ SOT-23 The ADC121S101/101S101/081S101 uses the supply v
2SA1037AK/S   2SA1037AK/S 2SA1037AK/S PDF Download ROHM 06+ SOT-23 The HYM71V65M1601 X-Series are Small Outline Dual
2SA1037AKF   2SA1037AKF 2SA1037AKF PDF Download ROHM SOT23 O4+NOPB Skyworks CX65105 Evaluation Board is used to test
2SA1037AKF/FQ   2SA1037AKF/FQ 2SA1037AKF/FQ PDF Download The PC87108 is a serial communications device wi
2SA1037AKF-Q   2SA1037AKF-Q 2SA1037AKF-Q PDF Download ROHM 12000 07+ Application areas include transducer amplifiers,
2SA1037AKFT146Q   2SA1037AKFT146Q 2SA1037AKFT146Q PDF Download The bq2060 SBS-Compliant Gas Gauge IC for batter
2SA1037AKFT146R   2SA1037AKFT146R 2SA1037AKFT146R PDF Download ROHM 2008 348,000 − One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication
2SA1037AKP/B   2SA1037AKP/B 2SA1037AKP/B PDF Download   The EP111 is specifically designed, model
2SA1037AKQ   2SA1037AKQ 2SA1037AKQ PDF Download The outstanding Vitesse web managed switch softw
2SA1037AK-Q   2SA1037AK-Q 2SA1037AK-Q PDF Download Note: 1. The number and size of ground via holes
2SA1037AKQLT1G   2SA1037AKQLT1G 2SA1037AKQLT1G PDF Download *Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maximu
2SA1037AKQRX   2SA1037AKQRX 2SA1037AKQRX PDF Download Pins 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13: SCK, DATA1, BCK, LR
2SA1037AKR   2SA1037AKR 2SA1037AKR PDF Download ROHM 08+ 9000 Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = -1.0
2SA1037AK-R   2SA1037AK-R 2SA1037AK-R PDF Download All PIC12CXXX & PIC12CEXXX devices have Powe
2SA1037AKRLT1   2SA1037AKRLT1 2SA1037AKRLT1 PDF Download LRC SOT-23 05+
2SA1037AKS   2SA1037AKS 2SA1037AKS PDF Download ROHM 08+ 6000 The CP3BT10 connectivity processor combines high
2SA1037AK-S   2SA1037AK-S 2SA1037AK-S PDF Download SOT-23 ROHM 05+   VDDID   Strap:see Note 4 Notes: 1
2SA1037AKT146   2SA1037AKT146 2SA1037AKT146 PDF Download ECOS2AA561AA ECOS2AA821AA ECOS2AA102AA ECOS2AA
2SA1037AK-T146/FP   2SA1037AK-T146/FP 2SA1037AK-T146/FP PDF Download ROHM The DM9801 is a physical-layer, single-chip, low-
2SA1037AKT146Q   2SA1037AKT146Q 2SA1037AKT146Q PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor(VA) SOT-23 03+ When VCC falls below the VPFD threshold, the SRAM
2SA1037AK-T146Q   2SA1037AK-T146Q 2SA1037AK-T146Q PDF Download ROHM Designed for DDR200/266/333/400 PC mother board
2SA1037AKT146Q(FQ)   2SA1037AKT146Q(FQ) 2SA1037AKT146Q(FQ) PDF Download The IS24CXX contains an internal address counter
2SA1037AKT146R   2SA1037AKT146R 2SA1037AKT146R PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor(VA) SMT3 (SOT346) 08 The internal ROM program is capable of implementi
2SA1037AK-T146R   2SA1037AK-T146R 2SA1037AK-T146R PDF Download ROHM SOT23-FR PB-FREE 04+ † Pulsed-output patterns are tested during
2SA1037AK-T146-R   2SA1037AK-T146-R 2SA1037AK-T146-R PDF Download ROHM 02+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
2SA1037AKT146S   2SA1037AKT146S 2SA1037AKT146S PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOT23 07+ The UCC3830-4/-5/-6 is a fully integrated single
2SA1037AKT146T   2SA1037AKT146T 2SA1037AKT146T PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
2SA1037AK-V   2SA1037AK-V 2SA1037AK-V PDF Download INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is receive
2SA1037AR   2SA1037AR 2SA1037AR PDF Download ROHM 05+ rating only, and functional operation of the devi
2SA1037FQ   2SA1037FQ 2SA1037FQ PDF Download Note: CPD is defined as the value of the interna
2SA1037FR   2SA1037FR 2SA1037FR PDF Download The set-point voltage tolerance is affected by t
2SA1037K   2SA1037K 2SA1037K PDF Download ROHM SOT-23 Note 5: The regulated output voltage specificatio
2SA1037-K   2SA1037-K 2SA1037-K PDF Download General layout and supply bypassing play major r
2SA1037K(T146)   2SA1037K(T146) 2SA1037K(T146) PDF Download 32K x 16 Bank-Switchable Dual-Ported SRAM Archite
2SA1037K(TR)   2SA1037K(TR) 2SA1037K(TR) PDF Download Two independent LVDS receiver serial ports for
2SA1037K/DE   2SA1037K/DE 2SA1037K/DE PDF Download ROHM 08+ Notes: (i) For operation below 0 C the external
2SA1037K/FQ   2SA1037K/FQ 2SA1037K/FQ PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ The 64 MB Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of
2SA1037K/FR   2SA1037K/FR 2SA1037K/FR PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ synchronously with the LOW-to-HIGH clock (CP) t
2SA1037K/FS   2SA1037K/FS 2SA1037K/FS PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ The peak transient current capability rises shar
2SA1037K/-T146S/FS   2SA1037K/-T146S/FS 2SA1037K/-T146S/FS PDF Download ROHM S3901/S3904 series do not require any DC voltage
2SA1037K/T97   2SA1037K/T97 2SA1037K/T97 PDF Download Key Data • TFBGA 256; 17 x 17 x 1.4 mm,
2SA1037KLN   2SA1037KLN 2SA1037KLN PDF Download ROHM 3000 07+   = LOW-to-HIGH Transition 2. A-to-B data f
2SA1037KLNT146E   2SA1037KLNT146E 2SA1037KLNT146E PDF Download CHIP ERASE: The entire device can be erased at on
2SA1037KQ   2SA1037KQ 2SA1037KQ PDF Download All signals, except WP#, are in compliance with
2SA1037K-Q   2SA1037K-Q 2SA1037K-Q PDF Download ROHM 06+ 6000 At both ends of each array and between each resi
2SA1037K-R   2SA1037K-R 2SA1037K-R PDF Download ROHM SOT23 06+ The push-pull clock output drives a load to withi
2SA1037KRFR   2SA1037KRFR 2SA1037KRFR PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under "Absolut
2SA1037K-S   2SA1037K-S 2SA1037K-S PDF Download ROHM 00+ SOT23 The ADS800 is a low-power, monolithic 12-bit, 40
2SA1037KT146   2SA1037KT146 2SA1037KT146 PDF Download SHARP 00+ N/A MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Where EMI filteri
2SA1037KT146E   2SA1037KT146E 2SA1037KT146E PDF Download The H8/3048 Series is a series of high-performan
2SA1037KT146Q   2SA1037KT146Q 2SA1037KT146Q PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ To guarantee accuracy it is required that the AV
2SA1037KT146R   2SA1037KT146R 2SA1037KT146R PDF Download ROHM N/A The TS80C54/58X2 has 2 software-selectable modes
2SA1037K-T146R   2SA1037K-T146R 2SA1037K-T146R PDF Download Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with six PWM outputs
2SA1037KT146S   2SA1037KT146S 2SA1037KT146S PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ Controls the 3-color LED Separately (ILED=10mA x
2SA1037KT147Q   2SA1037KT147Q 2SA1037KT147Q PDF Download tions. For burst operations, the device addition
2SA1037KT147R   2SA1037KT147R 2SA1037KT147R PDF Download ROHM SOT23 06+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 4.5 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LO
2SA1037KT147S   2SA1037KT147S 2SA1037KT147S PDF Download ROHM 2008   The RC32355 incorporates a flexible memor
2SA1037K-T147S   2SA1037K-T147S 2SA1037K-T147S PDF Download s Fully complies with Universal Serial Bus Speci
2SA1037KT97R   2SA1037KT97R 2SA1037KT97R PDF Download   The MC1741C was designed for use as a summ
2SA1037Q   2SA1037Q 2SA1037Q PDF Download ROHM SMD 2008 The microcontroller block includes an ARM-based
2SA1037-Q   2SA1037-Q 2SA1037-Q PDF Download BAR NOTES : 1. Samsung can support VDDQ 2.5V(in gene
2SA1037R   2SA1037R 2SA1037R PDF Download ROHM SMD 2008 NOTES: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abso
2SA1037-R   2SA1037-R 2SA1037-R PDF Download FR The HT93LC46/56/66 is accessed via a three-wire
2SA1037T146Q   2SA1037T146Q 2SA1037T146Q PDF Download Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
2SA1037T146R   2SA1037T146R 2SA1037T146R PDF Download The STM1403 family of security supervisors are a
2SA1037T-R   2SA1037T-R 2SA1037T-R PDF Download The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provides
2SA1037Y   2SA1037Y 2SA1037Y PDF Download The ADR512s advanced design eliminates the need
2SA1038   2SA1038 2SA1038 PDF Download TOS/FAIRCHILD TO-92 04+   C Master Mode Support Only, All Two-wire
2SA1038S   2SA1038S 2SA1038S PDF Download The Am186TMED/EDLV microcontrollers are part of
2SA1039   2SA1039 2SA1039 PDF Download SEMITEC SOT-23 05+ CASE: Hermetically sealed glass DO-213AA (SOD80
2SA103C   2SA103C 2SA103C PDF Download Note 1. Operating current is a linear function of
2SA104   2SA104 2SA104 PDF Download CAN The LMS1487E is a low power differential bus/lin
2SA1040   2SA1040 2SA1040 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+   . . . using the Schottky Barrier principl
2SA1040-Y   2SA1040-Y 2SA1040-Y PDF Download KEC TO-251 07+ 500V, 50 Amp Capability at 110C Fully Isolated B
2SA1041   2SA1041 2SA1041 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ This is a four-state pin. DF/DCS = VA, output
2SA1042   2SA1042 2SA1042 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ Parameter Supply Voltages   AVCCx C AGNDx
2SA1043   2SA1043 2SA1043 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The CLBs are used to implement most of the logic
2SA1043-G   2SA1043-G 2SA1043-G PDF Download The error amplifier features a 15MHz gain-bandwid
2SA1044   2SA1044 2SA1044 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The demodulated FM-satellite video signal is fed
2SA1045   2SA1045 2SA1045 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The GS4882 and GS4982 differentiate between valid
2SA1046   2SA1046 2SA1046 PDF Download KEC TO-220 947 The result of the most recent Main Memory Page t
2SA1046-Y/P   2SA1046-Y/P 2SA1046-Y/P PDF Download  Input Voltage Range: 3.0V to 5.5V  Re
2SA1047   2SA1047 2SA1047 PDF Download SAY TO-126 05+/06+ A unique feature of the HIP660X drivers is the a
2SA1048   2SA1048 2SA1048 PDF Download TOS/FAIRCHILD TO-92 06+ The AT89S2051/S4051 provides the following stand
2SA1048GR   2SA1048GR 2SA1048GR PDF Download TOSHIBA 7875 The HPMD-7905 enhances the sensitivity and dynam
2SA1048-GR   2SA1048-GR 2SA1048-GR PDF Download 东芝 排带 If the CVBS input signal is to be decoded using
2SA1048GR(TE4CM)   2SA1048GR(TE4CM) 2SA1048GR(TE4CM) PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
2SA1048-GR(TE4CM)   2SA1048-GR(TE4CM) 2SA1048-GR(TE4CM) PDF Download LO IN=-4dBm See note 1 and 2. Mixer Preamp ON
2SA1048GRT4PAI0K   2SA1048GRT4PAI0K 2SA1048GRT4PAI0K PDF Download DESCRIPTION The TL7700Aseriesaremonolithicintegr
2SA1048GRT4PAIOK   2SA1048GRT4PAIOK 2SA1048GRT4PAIOK PDF Download Clocks in the ispLSI 2096VL device are selected
2SA1048GRTPE4   2SA1048GRTPE4 2SA1048GRTPE4 PDF Download Figure 6 shows an SDA signal interfaced via P82B
2SA1048-O   2SA1048-O 2SA1048-O PDF Download PROPAGATION DELAY TIME: tPD = 40ns (TYP.) at V
2SA1048Y   2SA1048Y 2SA1048Y PDF Download This pin is an optional signal input. A series 5
2SA1048-Y   2SA1048-Y 2SA1048-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 The CY7C138AV/144AV/006AV/007AV and CY7C139AV/
2SA1048-Y(T)   2SA1048-Y(T) 2SA1048-Y(T) PDF Download Floating Pin 4 divides the master oscillator by 1
2SA1048-Y(TE4CM)   2SA1048-Y(TE4CM) 2SA1048-Y(TE4CM) PDF Download Case: 5S Molded plastic body Terminals: Plated l
2SA1048-Y(TP4)   2SA1048-Y(TP4) 2SA1048-Y(TP4) PDF Download   The CLK pin is used to provide a clock us
2SA1049   2SA1049 2SA1049 PDF Download 06+   The state of the OUT pin is driven by a v
2SA1049GR   2SA1049GR 2SA1049GR PDF Download TOS 07+ • Each BTL driver has a dedicated Bus GND f
2SA1049-GR   2SA1049-GR 2SA1049-GR PDF Download 排带 Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpo
2SA1049-GR(TPE4)   2SA1049-GR(TPE4) 2SA1049-GR(TPE4) PDF Download Secondary-side control assumes that output volta
2SA1049-GR/BU   2SA1049-GR/BU 2SA1049-GR/BU PDF Download These signal conditioners are designed to provid
2SA1049-Y   2SA1049-Y 2SA1049-Y PDF Download KEC 07+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
2SA104P   2SA104P 2SA104P PDF Download MAT TO-18 91+
2SA105   2SA105 2SA105 PDF Download CAN (The figure is shown as Regulator with Reverse Di
2SA1050   2SA1050 2SA1050 PDF Download TOS TO-3 07+ Attention please! As far as patents or other rig
2SA1050A   2SA1050A 2SA1050A PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
2SA1051   2SA1051 2SA1051 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ * Antiparallel diode for high frequency   s
2SA1051A   2SA1051A 2SA1051A PDF Download TOS TO-3 07+ Supply Voltage (VCC)   AC   ACT Inp
2SA1052   2SA1052 2SA1052 PDF Download HITACHI SOT-23 • Available on Both Encoder   Modules
2SA1052MC   2SA1052MC 2SA1052MC PDF Download HITACHI SOT-23   The RC32355 is a System on a Chip which c
2SA1052MC(MC)   2SA1052MC(MC) 2SA1052MC(MC) PDF Download The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC pow
2SA1052MC/MC   2SA1052MC/MC 2SA1052MC/MC PDF Download HITACHI • 0.17 µm Process Technology •
2SA1052MC2L   2SA1052MC2L 2SA1052MC2L PDF Download HITACHI 3000 07+ Control Inputs: Vin = VSS or VDD Switch I/O: VEE
2SA1052MCTL-E   2SA1052MCTL-E 2SA1052MCTL-E PDF Download Operating Voltage Range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V High-C
2SA1052MCTR   2SA1052MCTR 2SA1052MCTR PDF Download HITACHI TO-23 02+ (prescaler OFF) Input sensitivity fi = 80 - 100
2SA1052MC-TR   2SA1052MC-TR 2SA1052MC-TR PDF Download HITACHI 06+ SOT23 When the FPGA is in Master Serial mode, it gener
2SA1052MDTL   2SA1052MDTL 2SA1052MDTL PDF Download RENESAS 2008 The SynchFet family of Co-Pack RAD-Hard MOSFETs
2SA1052MDTR   2SA1052MDTR 2SA1052MDTR PDF Download NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
2SA1053   2SA1053 2SA1053 PDF Download NEC CAN Information in this document is provided in conne
2SA1054   2SA1054 2SA1054 PDF Download NEC CAN The power detector is temperature compensated on
2SA1055   2SA1055 2SA1055 PDF Download NEC CAN   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The f
2SA1056   2SA1056 2SA1056 PDF Download NEC CAN In Section 3.2 on page 3-4, replace The MC68EC00
2SA1057   2SA1057 2SA1057 PDF Download SOT-23
2SA1058   2SA1058 2SA1058 PDF Download Spread Spectrum clock generators utilize frequen
2SA1059   2SA1059 2SA1059 PDF Download Toggle Bit (DQ6) During the internal Program or
2SA106   2SA106 2SA106 PDF Download CAN Note 3: Thermal resistance of the TO-46 package i
2SA1060   2SA1060 2SA1060 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Transmitter Underrun: TxU is asserted during a tr
2SA1061   2SA1061 2SA1061 PDF Download TO-220 06+ This document may not, in whole or in part be co
2SA1062   2SA1062 2SA1062 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
2SA1062A   2SA1062A 2SA1062A PDF Download MITSUBISH SOT-323 Amplifier dissipation reaches a maximum when the
2SA1063   2SA1063 2SA1063 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+
2SA1064   2SA1064 2SA1064 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ RON t 4 W Typical Less Than 0.25 ns−Max De
2SA1065   2SA1065 2SA1065 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or gu
2SA1066   2SA1066 2SA1066 PDF Download SON TO-92 05+/06+ Real-Time Sensing Quantitative Analysis†
2SA1067   2SA1067 2SA1067 PDF Download SANKEN 金属帽 970 Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test con
2SA1068   2SA1068 2SA1068 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The above default CD/Mute function can be overwri
2SA1069   2SA1069 2SA1069 PDF Download TO-220 06+ NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" = V
2SA1069A   2SA1069A 2SA1069A PDF Download TOSHIBA TO- The maximum repetition rate for Timer T2 is twic
2SA1069A-LS   2SA1069A-LS 2SA1069A-LS PDF Download   Low−Power Schottky TTL Load Over the
2SA107   2SA107 2SA107 PDF Download CAN HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 70 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
2SA1070-Y   2SA1070-Y 2SA1070-Y PDF Download Transmit analog input and transmit level adjustme
2SA1070-Y/TA   2SA1070-Y/TA 2SA1070-Y/TA PDF Download Within the cell, the four A inputs and the four
2SA1072   2SA1072 2SA1072 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+  tr, tfOutput rise and fall times (20% C 80
2SA1072A   2SA1072A 2SA1072A PDF Download TOS TO-3 07+ The MAX6043 precision voltage reference provides
2SA1073   2SA1073 2SA1073 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ Supply Voltage Operating (VCC) Supply Voltage
2SA1074   2SA1074 2SA1074 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ The W29EE512 includes a data polling feature to i
2SA1075   2SA1075 2SA1075 PDF Download MT-200 08+ Upon initial power up, the IC can either isolate
2SA1076   2SA1076 2SA1076 PDF Download MT-200 08+ NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
2SA1077   2SA1077 2SA1077 PDF Download TO-220 06+ To provide an added measure of accuracy, the off
2SA1078   2SA1078 2SA1078 PDF Download TO-220 06+ The TO-220 Fullpak eliminates the need for addit
2SA1079   2SA1079 2SA1079 PDF Download TO-220 06+ constructed in eight-pin, hermetic, dual-in-li
2SA108   2SA108 2SA108 PDF Download KEC TO-92 Built-in buzzer driver (2kHz/4kHz) Power down co
2SA1080   2SA1080 2SA1080 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Document DB15-000206-00, First Edition (October
2SA1081   2SA1081 2SA1081 PDF Download Hitachi   By providing external feedback, the IDT5V
2SA1081D   2SA1081D 2SA1081D PDF Download Hitachi   Please read Application Note 1 "Gene
2SA1082   2SA1082 2SA1082 PDF Download Hitachi Second, keep the maximum currents relatively lar
2SA1082/TA   2SA1082/TA 2SA1082/TA PDF Download • Providing capacitance values in the rang
2SA1082E   2SA1082E 2SA1082E PDF Download Hitachi No part of this publication may be reproduced, st
2SA1083   2SA1083 2SA1083 PDF Download Hitachi The Fairchild Switch FSTU6800 provides 10-bits o
2SA1083E   2SA1083E 2SA1083E PDF Download Hitachi The MOC301XM and MOC302XM series are optically i
2SA1084   2SA1084 2SA1084 PDF Download Hitachi The TS80C54/58X2 retains all features of the Atm
2SA1084E   2SA1084E 2SA1084E PDF Download Hitachi
2SA1084EGTR   2SA1084EGTR 2SA1084EGTR PDF Download HITACHI SMD 2008 Isolation Test Voltage 5300 VRMS Current-limit
2SA1084ETZ   2SA1084ETZ 2SA1084ETZ PDF Download Renesas Technology America The parts (B) and (C) of figure 3 give the volta
2SA1085   2SA1085 2SA1085 PDF Download Hitachi These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
2SA1085D   2SA1085D 2SA1085D PDF Download Hitachi Notes: 1. Absolute maximum I/O pins is maximum p
2SA1085ETZ-E   2SA1085ETZ-E 2SA1085ETZ-E PDF Download REN Note that the FM25L16 contains no power manageme
2SA109   2SA109 2SA109 PDF Download CAN OSC1 and OSC2 are connected to an RC network or a
2SA1090   2SA1090 2SA1090 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A A buffered output-enable (OE) input places the e
2SA1090-Y   2SA1090-Y 2SA1090-Y PDF Download These electrically erasable programmable memo-
2SA1091   2SA1091 2SA1091 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 For applications requiring output voltage on/off
2SA1091-0(TPE2)   2SA1091-0(TPE2) 2SA1091-0(TPE2) PDF Download Fairchild's LS series product of Insulated Gate B
2SA1091-O   2SA1091-O 2SA1091-O PDF Download Toshiba TXENABLE has two purposes. In all modes, TXENABL
2SA1091-R   2SA1091-R 2SA1091-R PDF Download 东芝 排带 PARAMETER Reference Voltage VREF Voltage Fb Vo
2SA1092   2SA1092 2SA1092 PDF Download MAT TO-92 05+/06+ allowed to rise, linearly, as this capacitor is
2SA1092-T   2SA1092-T 2SA1092-T PDF Download   The 2SA1092-T is designed to meet the req
2SA1093   2SA1093 2SA1093 PDF Download TOS TO-3P 07+ Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
2SA1094   2SA1094 2SA1094 PDF Download N/A 00+ N/A   Ratiometricity simply means that the outp
2SA1094Y   2SA1094Y 2SA1094Y PDF Download   Designed for Class AB amplifier applicatio
2SA1095   2SA1095 2SA1095 PDF Download TOS TO-3P VIN (Pin 1): Positive Input Supply. When VIN >
2SA1096   2SA1096 2SA1096 PDF Download MAT TO-126 07+ The ADXL213 is a low cost, low power, complete d
2SA1096(A)   2SA1096(A) 2SA1096(A) PDF Download NEC TO-126 Differential clock input. The TFP513 supports bo
2SA10960Q   2SA10960Q 2SA10960Q PDF Download The HY64UD16162M is a 16Mbit 1T/1C SRAM featured
2SA10960R   2SA10960R 2SA10960R PDF Download Teletext; a Teletext Clock/Teletext Data (TTC/TT
2SA1096A   2SA1096A 2SA1096A PDF Download TOS TO-126 06+ Safety Auto shut off based on movement or positio
2SA1096AQ   2SA1096AQ 2SA1096AQ PDF Download These operational amplifiers are compensated int
2SA110   2SA110 2SA110 PDF Download CAN Ideally, the relative size of measurement error
2SA1100   2SA1100 2SA1100 PDF Download NEC CAN An input capacitor of 1.0 µF (min) should
2SA1102   2SA1102 2SA1102 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ 8-bit A/D Converter (ADC) with 8 channels Fully
2SA1103   2SA1103 2SA1103 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ The AD9748 is a 8-bit resolution, wideband, thir
2SA1104   2SA1104 2SA1104 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ This device can be used as four 8-bit transceive
2SA1105   2SA1105 2SA1105 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
2SA1106   2SA1106 2SA1106 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ 90% Efficiency at 20W Frequency to 600kHz 30W o
2SA1107   2SA1107 2SA1107 PDF Download MT-200 NEW NOTES: JA is specified for worst case mounting c
2SA1108   2SA1108 2SA1108 PDF Download MT-200 NEW   64-position linear taper   Two nonvo
2SA1108A   2SA1108A 2SA1108A PDF Download 16-Bit Monotonic Over Temperature Relative Accur
2SA1109   2SA1109 2SA1109 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ • Very low dropout voltage: 300 mV typ. (Io
2SA111   2SA111 2SA111 PDF Download CAN Klares Miniatur-Kunststoffgehäuse, seitlich
2SA1110   2SA1110 2SA1110 PDF Download TO-126 06+ Note 10: This output data pulse position works fo
2SA11100Q   2SA11100Q 2SA11100Q PDF Download Using this configuration, the device will support
2SA1111   2SA1111 2SA1111 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
2SA1111Q   2SA1111Q 2SA1111Q PDF Download  Lead temperature, Tsol, 1,6 mm (1/16 inch)
2SA1112   2SA1112 2SA1112 PDF Download TO-220 06+ Step-Down Controller s Out-of-Phase Controllers
2SA1113   2SA1113 2SA1113 PDF Download Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
2SA1114   2SA1114 2SA1114 PDF Download NEC CAN   Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Ea
2SA1115   2SA1115 2SA1115 PDF Download MITS TO-92 Note 1. Operating current is a linear function of
2SA1115(T)   2SA1115(T) 2SA1115(T) PDF Download MIT 07+ Note1: The control pins, CE, TxEn and Bands shal
2SA1115E   2SA1115E 2SA1115E PDF Download MIT87 07+ MAX 7000A devices are supported by Altera develo
2SA1115-E-TAP   2SA1115-E-TAP 2SA1115-E-TAP PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1115F   2SA1115F 2SA1115F PDF Download The K6R1004C1D is a 1,048,576-bit high-speed Stat
2SA1115-F   2SA1115-F 2SA1115-F PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
2SA1115-T   2SA1115-T 2SA1115-T PDF Download Note 6: All room temperature limits are 100% test
2SA1115T11F   2SA1115T11F 2SA1115T11F PDF Download The TSH300 is a voltage feedback amplifier feat
2SA1115-TH-E   2SA1115-TH-E 2SA1115-TH-E PDF Download • Industrial and Military • High R
2SA1116   2SA1116 2SA1116 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ Note 2: This IC contains a zener clamp structure
2SA1117   2SA1117 2SA1117 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ −I2S, Left, Right Justified or DSP −
2SA112   2SA112 2SA112 PDF Download CAN Output Ripple and Noise Voltage (See Figures 3 a
2SA1120   2SA1120 2SA1120 PDF Download TO-126 08+ Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width li
2SA1121   2SA1121 2SA1121 PDF Download HITACHI SOT-23 Normal operation continues with the capacitor ch
2SA1121/SC   2SA1121/SC 2SA1121/SC PDF Download RENESAS SOT23 06+ code to stay in the device while data in the res
2SA1121/SD   2SA1121/SD 2SA1121/SD PDF Download TOSHIBA 3.0 - 16A @ 125/250VAC 4.0 C 16A @ 125 (UL/CUL)
2SA1121-C   2SA1121-C 2SA1121-C PDF Download HITACHI SOT23 !Features 1) Applied to IrDA version 1.2. (Low P
2SA1121-D   2SA1121-D 2SA1121-D PDF Download RENESAS SOT23 06+ Note 14: A 40% to 60% duty cycle range insures pr
2SA1121SC   2SA1121SC 2SA1121SC PDF Download HITACHI SOT-23 1. These ratings are limiting values above which
2SA1121SC/SC   2SA1121SC/SC 2SA1121SC/SC PDF Download HITACHI SOT-23 05+ The modulation and bias currents are programmabl
2SA1121SCTL   2SA1121SCTL 2SA1121SCTL PDF Download RENESAS3000 SOT-23 04+ The number formed by the empty offset least sign
2SA1121SD   2SA1121SD 2SA1121SD PDF Download Hitachi Any and all SANYO products described or containe
2SA1121SD01   2SA1121SD01 2SA1121SD01 PDF Download  Operating Junction Temperature: -55C to +1
2SA1121SDTL   2SA1121SDTL 2SA1121SDTL PDF Download RENESAS 2008   Figure 2 shows the output characteristics
2SA1121SDTR   2SA1121SDTR 2SA1121SDTR PDF Download Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers
2SA1122   2SA1122 2SA1122 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 05+
2SA1122/CC   2SA1122/CC 2SA1122/CC PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 where ä(t-nô) is a dirac delta distrib
2SA1122/CD   2SA1122/CD 2SA1122/CD PDF Download HITACHI I2C-bus specification Data transfer I2C-bus pul
2SA1122CCTL   2SA1122CCTL 2SA1122CCTL PDF Download RENESAS 2008 The following characteristics are applicable to
2SA1122CD   2SA1122CD 2SA1122CD PDF Download Hitachi − Glueless Interface to Asynchronous  
2SA1122CD-01/CD   2SA1122CD-01/CD 2SA1122CD-01/CD PDF Download HITACHI   This data sheet provides an overview of t
2SA1122CDTL   2SA1122CDTL 2SA1122CDTL PDF Download HITACHI 1400 Notes: 1. See Figure 1 to establish pulsed cond
2SA1122-D   2SA1122-D 2SA1122-D PDF Download RENESAS SOT23 06+ Bidirectional 3-bit input/output port. Software
2SA1122SB-D/SB   2SA1122SB-D/SB 2SA1122SB-D/SB PDF Download HITACHI One or more in-system programmable PROMs can be
2SA1123   2SA1123 2SA1123 PDF Download TO-92 Notes: (1) As measured in ANADIGICS test fixtur
2SA1123OSA   2SA1123OSA 2SA1123OSA PDF Download FEATURES Bidirectional crowbar protection Vo
2SA1123RTA   2SA1123RTA 2SA1123RTA PDF Download • Hot-swapping and hot-docking (low resist
2SA1123S   2SA1123S 2SA1123S PDF Download starts and the wiper voltage VFB of the feedback
2SA1124   2SA1124 2SA1124 PDF Download NEC CAN HY57V56820A is offering fully synchronous operati
2SA1124-S   2SA1124-S 2SA1124-S PDF Download Panasonic 04+ PORT 7 can be INPUT or OUTPUT port each bit. In
2SA1125   2SA1125 2SA1125 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain activ
2SA1126   2SA1126 2SA1126 PDF Download HIT 金属帽 6F The usual method for implementing the low-battery
2SA1127   2SA1127 2SA1127 PDF Download PANASONIC TO92 00+ I, PD Output Enable Input. When asserted LOW, the
2SA1127-S   2SA1127-S 2SA1127-S PDF Download s GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJM2171A is a
2SA1127T   2SA1127T 2SA1127T PDF Download MAT87 07+ Note 3: An internal Zener on the GATE pin clamps
2SA1127-T   2SA1127-T 2SA1127-T PDF Download Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a L
2SA1128   2SA1128 2SA1128 PDF Download MAT TO-92 05+/06+ This IC is for protecting a lithium ion battery f
2SA1128Q   2SA1128Q 2SA1128Q PDF Download The Hyundai HYM71V751601 H-Series are 16Mx72bits
2SA1129   2SA1129 2SA1129 PDF Download 08+   The K4S640432H / K4S640832H / K4S641632H
2SA1129K   2SA1129K 2SA1129K PDF Download Description   The 2SA1129K is an interline
2SA113   2SA113 2SA113 PDF Download CAN
2SA1133   2SA1133 2SA1133 PDF Download TO-220 08+ For users who have already designed and imple-
2SA1133(A)   2SA1133(A) 2SA1133(A) PDF Download NEC TO-220 Notes a. The algebraic convention whereby the m
2SA1133A   2SA1133A 2SA1133A PDF Download TOS TO-220 06+ OUTPUT Voltage Output Swing from Positive Rail
2SA1133-P   2SA1133-P 2SA1133-P PDF Download MAT 2400 (OSCIN) Serial Interface With Microprocessor (SP
2SA1135   2SA1135 2SA1135 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ • Solid-state potentiometer • 3-wire
2SA1136   2SA1136 2SA1136 PDF Download NEC CAN Unlike masked or programmable gate arrays, which
2SA1137   2SA1137 2SA1137 PDF Download NEC CAN • Access times of 45, 55, and 70 ns •
2SA1138   2SA1138 2SA1138 PDF Download The LVTH162374 devices are 16-bit edge-triggered
2SA1138-F   2SA1138-F 2SA1138-F PDF Download NEC 07+ Attention please! The information herein is give
2SA114   2SA114 2SA114 PDF Download DSI n/a s 16-bit/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a
2SA1141   2SA1141 2SA1141 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ (5-V Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC)
2SA1142   2SA1142 2SA1142 PDF Download NEC TO-126 05+ The HYM5V72A1604 is a 16M x 72-bit EDO mode CMOS
2SA1143   2SA1143 2SA1143 PDF Download NEC CAN 1.1 Greece has waited for long for character 10/
2SA1144   2SA1144 2SA1144 PDF Download TO-126 08+ Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)4M-M/K/H/L series is low pro
2SA1145   2SA1145 2SA1145 PDF Download TOSHIBA 150V50mA0.8W200MHz TO-92MOD The 2SA1145 incorporates complete legacy Super I/
2SA1145-O   2SA1145-O 2SA1145-O PDF Download 2.Controlling dimension : millimeters. 3.Maximum
2SA1145-O(T)   2SA1145-O(T) 2SA1145-O(T) PDF Download Case B Small Deadtime (Voltage on Pin 9 > Pin
2SA1145Y   2SA1145Y 2SA1145Y PDF Download TOSHIBA 54000 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
2SA1145-Y   2SA1145-Y 2SA1145-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 The SSM2165 is a complete and flexible solution
2SA1145-Y(T)   2SA1145-Y(T) 2SA1145-Y(T) PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1145Y/2SC2705Y   2SA1145Y/2SC2705Y 2SA1145Y/2SC2705Y PDF Download - Ideal for DDR-I and DDR-II applications - Capa
2SA1146   2SA1146 2SA1146 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ Description Agilent Technologiess ATF-531P8 is
2SA1147   2SA1147 2SA1147 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+   C Fifteen 32K Word (64K Bytes) Sectors wi
2SA115   2SA115 2SA115 PDF Download CAN For self biased off-line applications, -2 and -4
2SA1150   2SA1150 2SA1150 PDF Download 东芝 TO-92S FEATURES ・High Output Power: 34.0dBm(typ
2SA1150O   2SA1150O 2SA1150O PDF Download This surface mount Transient Voltage Suppressor (
2SA1150-O   2SA1150-O 2SA1150-O PDF Download CT (timing capacitor): The signal voltage at CT h
2SA1150Y   2SA1150Y 2SA1150Y PDF Download TOS TO-92 † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed under
2SA1150-Y   2SA1150-Y 2SA1150-Y PDF Download Toggle bit (DQ6). The M28LV16 offers another way
2SA1151   2SA1151 2SA1151 PDF Download NEC TO-92 05+/06+ Margin Down: When this input is asserted to GND,
2SA1151Q   2SA1151Q 2SA1151Q PDF Download The TS80C54/58X2 has 2 software-selectable modes
2SA1151-Q   2SA1151-Q 2SA1151-Q PDF Download TERMINATION (VTT)   HCLKI Termination &nb
2SA1152   2SA1152 2SA1152 PDF Download NEC TO-92 designed to protect the gate from any remaining
2SA1152-L   2SA1152-L 2SA1152-L PDF Download NEC TO-92 01+ ECOS2CA221AA ECOS2CA271AA ECOS2CA331AA ECOS2CA
2SA1152-L1E   2SA1152-L1E 2SA1152-L1E PDF Download Device Bias Operating Voltage Operating Current
2SA1152-T   2SA1152-T 2SA1152-T PDF Download NEC 排带 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1153   2SA1153 2SA1153 PDF Download TOS TO-3PL 07+ Notes:  1. H = HIGH Voltage Level. L = LOW
2SA1153L   2SA1153L 2SA1153L PDF Download Loop Filter - the Loop Filter is similar to a fir
2SA1153-T   2SA1153-T 2SA1153-T PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOL
2SA1154   2SA1154 2SA1154 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 00+ where TJ(max) is the maximum allowable junction
2SA1154-K   2SA1154-K 2SA1154-K PDF Download Two Instructions/clock Execution Load/Store Arc
2SA1155   2SA1155 2SA1155 PDF Download Skyworks 2SA1155 power amplifier driver offers a
2SA1156   2SA1156 2SA1156 PDF Download TO-220
2SA1156K   2SA1156K 2SA1156K PDF Download NEC TO-126 BD 08+
2SA1156L   2SA1156L 2SA1156L PDF Download NEC TO-126 BD 08+ This document is a general product description an
2SA1156-M   2SA1156-M 2SA1156-M PDF Download NEC 5233 Note 7: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
2SA1156-M(KM)   2SA1156-M(KM) 2SA1156-M(KM) PDF Download The 8-Lead LP2951 is available in plastic, ceram
2SA1156-O   2SA1156-O 2SA1156-O PDF Download FAIRCHILD TO-126 02+/03+ Data Bus Enable: After A2CA0, CE, BYTE and R/W ar
2SA1156-Y   2SA1156-Y 2SA1156-Y PDF Download Although each output can be activated independen
2SA1158   2SA1158 2SA1158 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 05+/06+ Refer to Fig. 12 evaluation amplifier assembly d
2SA116   2SA116 2SA116 PDF Download CAN DETECT CIRCUITRY   If an alarm condition i
2SA1160   2SA1160 2SA1160 PDF Download TOS TO-92L 06+
2SA1160A   2SA1160A 2SA1160A PDF Download With a dual supply voltage (e.g., 15V) the exter
2SA1160B   2SA1160B 2SA1160B PDF Download TOS 04+ Notes: (i) Io1(min) current of 0.1A can be divi
2SA1160-B   2SA1160-B 2SA1160-B PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92
2SA1160-B(CM)   2SA1160-B(CM) 2SA1160-B(CM) PDF Download
2SA1160B/BU   2SA1160B/BU 2SA1160B/BU PDF Download Chip Select A, B (active low) - This function is
2SA1160C   2SA1160C 2SA1160C PDF Download This dual 4-to-1 CMOS analog multiplexer/demulti
2SA1160-C   2SA1160-C 2SA1160-C PDF Download 东芝 袋装   The first example (Figure 1) is designed
2SA1160-Y   2SA1160-Y 2SA1160-Y PDF Download TOS TO-92L   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
2SA1161   2SA1161 2SA1161 PDF Download NEC CAN The clock source jitter and the aperture jitter c
2SA1162   2SA1162 2SA1162 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Capacitance measurements shall be made by means
2SA1162(GR)   2SA1162(GR) 2SA1162(GR) PDF Download TOSHIBA The direct connects allow immediate connections
2SA1162(T5LT)   2SA1162(T5LT) 2SA1162(T5LT) PDF Download   A typical single video channel connection
2SA1162/2SC2712   2SA1162/2SC2712 2SA1162/2SC2712 PDF Download TOSHIBA 07+ Margin Up: When this input is asserted to GND, th
2SA1162/GR   2SA1162/GR 2SA1162/GR PDF Download Oxide passivated structure for very low leakage
2SA1162/SG   2SA1162/SG 2SA1162/SG PDF Download The Flash program memory supports both parallel
2SA1162-0   2SA1162-0 2SA1162-0 PDF Download   The MC623 is a 3.0 V solid-state, programm
2SA1162-G   2SA1162-G 2SA1162-G PDF Download operating parameters. Those bits are summarized
2SA1162-GA   2SA1162-GA 2SA1162-GA PDF Download Features • Wide frequency rangeC15.0MHz to
2SA1162GR   2SA1162GR 2SA1162GR PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT223 1998 Overcharge detection output pin NPN transistor o
2SA1162-GR   2SA1162-GR 2SA1162-GR PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 PSoC Designer helps the customer to select an op
2SA1162GR(SG)   2SA1162GR(SG) 2SA1162GR(SG) PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT23 07+ Resale of TI products or services with statement
2SA1162-GR(SG)   2SA1162-GR(SG) 2SA1162-GR(SG) PDF Download Small number of external components: inductor, d
2SA1162GR(SG)/SG   2SA1162GR(SG)/SG 2SA1162GR(SG)/SG PDF Download TOSHIBA AM/FM Tuner Front End with Integrated PLL AM Up-
2SA1162-GR(T5L.F)   2SA1162-GR(T5L.F) 2SA1162-GR(T5L.F) PDF Download TOSHIBA <Antenna switch receiver block/ low noise dow
2SA1162-GR(T5LFT   2SA1162-GR(T5LFT 2SA1162-GR(T5LFT PDF Download The conditional skip is activated by instruction.
2SA1162-GR(TE85L)   2SA1162-GR(TE85L) 2SA1162-GR(TE85L) PDF Download This refers to the DC offset associated with the
2SA1162GR(TE85RF)   2SA1162GR(TE85RF) 2SA1162GR(TE85RF) PDF Download Ultra low dropout voltage Guaranteed 500 mA co
2SA1162-GR/SG   2SA1162-GR/SG 2SA1162-GR/SG PDF Download TOS The multiplexer for the SP8480 is identical in
2SA1162-GRT5LT   2SA1162-GRT5LT 2SA1162-GRT5LT PDF Download Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
2SA1162GRTE85L   2SA1162GRTE85L 2SA1162GRTE85L PDF Download Built on the Vishay Siliconix proprietary high v
2SA1162GT1   2SA1162GT1 2SA1162GT1 PDF Download command set required to control the memory is c
2SA1162GT1/MSA1162GT1   2SA1162GT1/MSA1162GT1 2SA1162GT1/MSA1162GT1 PDF Download The voltage drop (VSR) across the sense re- sis
2SA1162O   2SA1162O 2SA1162O PDF Download Signal Operation tpd = 4.8 ns Max at 3.3 V Suit
2SA1162-O   2SA1162-O 2SA1162-O PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ will change, (C = A/D). Where A is the area of th
2SA1162-SY   2SA1162-SY 2SA1162-SY PDF Download TOSHIBA 2008 Operation is similar to a conventional charge-ba
2SA1162TE85L   2SA1162TE85L 2SA1162TE85L PDF Download Notes a. The algebraic convention whereby the m
2SA1162-V   2SA1162-V 2SA1162-V PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ SOT-23 (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
2SA1162Y   2SA1162Y 2SA1162Y PDF Download N/A SOT-23 05+ The LTC®3720 is a synchronous step-down switc
2SA1162-Y   2SA1162-Y 2SA1162-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
2SA1162Y(SY)   2SA1162Y(SY) 2SA1162Y(SY) PDF Download TOSHIBA 99
2SA1162-Y(SY)   2SA1162-Y(SY) 2SA1162-Y(SY) PDF Download Storage temperature range, TstgC 65C to 150C (1
2SA1162-Y-(T5L)   2SA1162-Y-(T5L) 2SA1162-Y-(T5L) PDF Download   The ULx2803A, ULx2803LW, ULx2823A, and UL
2SA1162-Y(T5LFT)   2SA1162-Y(T5LFT) 2SA1162-Y(T5LFT) PDF Download This device contains circuitry to protect the in
2SA1162-Y(T5LM)   2SA1162-Y(T5LM) 2SA1162-Y(T5LM) PDF Download This 7 channel 1-bit to 4-bit address register/d
2SA1162Y(T5LT)   2SA1162Y(T5LT) 2SA1162Y(T5LT) PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
2SA1162-Y(TE8512)   2SA1162-Y(TE8512) 2SA1162-Y(TE8512) PDF Download A bill of materials for the evaluation board is
2SA1162Y(TE85L   2SA1162Y(TE85L 2SA1162Y(TE85L PDF Download Stepdown feedback input. Connecting the output v
2SA1162Y(TE85L)   2SA1162Y(TE85L) 2SA1162Y(TE85L) PDF Download The 2 series of decoders are capable of decod-
2SA1162Y(TE85LF)   2SA1162Y(TE85LF) 2SA1162Y(TE85LF) PDF Download The HYM72V64656T8 H-series are gold plated socket
2SA1162Y/SY   2SA1162Y/SY 2SA1162Y/SY PDF Download TOS The H8/3644 Series has a system-on-a-chip archit
2SA1162-Y/SY   2SA1162-Y/SY 2SA1162-Y/SY PDF Download TOSHIBA The D-PAK is designed for surface mounting using
2SA1162-YR   2SA1162-YR 2SA1162-YR PDF Download The injection-current effect control allows sign
2SA1162-YR/SY   2SA1162-YR/SY 2SA1162-YR/SY PDF Download
2SA1162YSY   2SA1162YSY 2SA1162YSY PDF Download TOS SOT-23 2) A single check bit error will cause that part
2SA1162YT1   2SA1162YT1 2SA1162YT1 PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
2SA1162-Y-T5L   2SA1162-Y-T5L 2SA1162-Y-T5L PDF Download   During normal operation, a synchronization
2SA1162YT5LM   2SA1162YT5LM 2SA1162YT5LM PDF Download When multiple FPGA-configurations for a single F
2SA1162YT5LT   2SA1162YT5LT 2SA1162YT5LT PDF Download The 5V, 12V, and 15V regulator options are avail
2SA1162YTE85L   2SA1162YTE85L 2SA1162YTE85L PDF Download 45V zener diode between VBAT and ground with a 50
2SA1162Y-TIP-J   2SA1162Y-TIP-J 2SA1162Y-TIP-J PDF Download 台产 05NOPB The ispLSI 2032VE is a High Density Programmable
2SA1163   2SA1163 2SA1163 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/dra
2SA1163/CG   2SA1163/CG 2SA1163/CG PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 04+
2SA1163/CL   2SA1163/CL 2SA1163/CL PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 04+ Low side gate driver I.C. High side gate drive
2SA1163BL   2SA1163BL 2SA1163BL PDF Download TIA/EIA-644 Standard Low-Voltage Differential Si
2SA1163-BL   2SA1163-BL 2SA1163-BL PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Dual Speed CSMA/CD Engine (10 Mbps and 100 Mbps)
2SA1163BL/CL   2SA1163BL/CL 2SA1163BL/CL PDF Download TOS This pin reports to the microcontroller the stat
2SA1163GR   2SA1163GR 2SA1163GR PDF Download TOSHIBA The ispLSI 8000V Family of Register-Intensive, 3
2SA1163-GR   2SA1163-GR 2SA1163-GR PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simulta
2SA1163GR/CG   2SA1163GR/CG 2SA1163GR/CG PDF Download TOS The 74HC/HCT193 are 4-bit synchronous binary up/
2SA1163-GR/CG   2SA1163-GR/CG 2SA1163-GR/CG PDF Download TOSHIBA The MAX 3000A architecture includes four dedicat
2SA1164   2SA1164 2SA1164 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 05+/06+ regardless of the operating mode of the device.
2SA1166   2SA1166 2SA1166 PDF Download MT-200 08+ A picture signal with reduced noise and cross-co
2SA1166A   2SA1166A 2SA1166A PDF Download Recommended Application: ALI - Aladdin V™ -
2SA1166S   2SA1166S 2SA1166S PDF Download 2003 DETAILED FEATURES High Definition Programmable
2SA1169   2SA1169 2SA1169 PDF Download MT-200 08+ The SPT1018 is a monolithic 8-bit digital-to-ana
2SA117   2SA117 2SA117 PDF Download CAN A UV erasable windowed package version is ideal
2SA1170   2SA1170 2SA1170 PDF Download MT-200 08+ C 500 ns instruction cycle at 24 MHz operation
2SA1171   2SA1171 2SA1171 PDF Download Hitachi Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
2SA1171PE   2SA1171PE 2SA1171PE PDF Download PHILIPS 08+PBF technology. It is ideal for low power and low no
2SA1171PETR   2SA1171PETR 2SA1171PETR PDF Download N/A
2SA1171-TG-T2   2SA1171-TG-T2 2SA1171-TG-T2 PDF Download Pericom Semiconductors PI49FCT series of logic ci
2SA1173   2SA1173 2SA1173 PDF Download NEC SOT-89 05+ DESCRIPTION The LS256 is a monolithic integrate
2SA1173/PK   2SA1173/PK 2SA1173/PK PDF Download NEC When handling this UTSi device, observe the same
2SA1173/PL   2SA1173/PL 2SA1173/PL PDF Download NEC SOT-89 04+ Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/
2SA1173-K-TD   2SA1173-K-TD 2SA1173-K-TD PDF Download NEC SOT-89 The SN74CBT16210C is a high-speed TTL-compatible
2SA1173-L-TD   2SA1173-L-TD 2SA1173-L-TD PDF Download NEC SOT-89 The Am79C987 Hardware Implemented Management In
2SA1173PK   2SA1173PK 2SA1173PK PDF Download Services at every layer of the OSI networking ref
2SA1173-PK   2SA1173-PK 2SA1173-PK PDF Download NEC SOT-89 06+ ‧High protection ability against EMI . 
2SA1173-PL   2SA1173-PL 2SA1173-PL PDF Download TOREX SOT-89 06+   The MC14014B and MC14021B 8−bit stat
2SA1173-T1   2SA1173-T1 2SA1173-T1 PDF Download NEC SOT-89 If CS is brought HIGH, after a minimum wait of 2
2SA1173-T2   2SA1173-T2 2SA1173-T2 PDF Download KEC SMD 2008 The HRPG series is a family of miniature panel
2SA1173-T2/PL   2SA1173-T2/PL 2SA1173-T2/PL PDF Download NEC A charge of over 2000 volts can accumulate on th
2SA1173-TL   2SA1173-TL 2SA1173-TL PDF Download 12000 07+ Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case fo
2SA1174   2SA1174 2SA1174 PDF Download NEC TO-92S International Rectifier's 2SA1174 is a state of t
2SA1174-T   2SA1174-T 2SA1174-T PDF Download NEC 排带/袋装 This Application Note assumes Fiber Optic Transc
2SA1174TL   2SA1174TL 2SA1174TL PDF Download Hardware compliant with IEEE Std. 1532 in-system
2SA1174TTP   2SA1174TTP 2SA1174TTP PDF Download Direction of Rotation: When the codewheel rota
2SA1175   2SA1175 2SA1175 PDF Download TOSH TO-92 06+ †Refer to the front of the optocoupler sec
2SA1175(M)-T   2SA1175(M)-T 2SA1175(M)-T PDF Download Hynix HYMD212G726A(L)S4M-M/K/H/L series incorpora
2SA1175-E   2SA1175-E 2SA1175-E PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V8655AT6 Series are Dual In
2SA1175F   2SA1175F 2SA1175F PDF Download Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
2SA1175-F   2SA1175-F 2SA1175-F PDF Download For wireless LAN applications, the device meets t
2SA1175FE   2SA1175FE 2SA1175FE PDF Download NEC The S-817 Series is a 3-terminal positive voltage
2SA1175FMA   2SA1175FMA 2SA1175FMA PDF Download NEC 3975 These octal bus transceivers are designed for a
2SA1175-HF   2SA1175-HF 2SA1175-HF PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxim
2SA1175J   2SA1175J 2SA1175J PDF Download The LM136 series voltage references are much eas
2SA1175T   2SA1175T 2SA1175T PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
2SA1175-T   2SA1175-T 2SA1175-T PDF Download The Microchip Technology Inc. 93AA46/56/66 are 1
2SA1175T/JM   2SA1175T/JM 2SA1175T/JM PDF Download
2SA1175-T/JM   2SA1175-T/JM 2SA1175-T/JM PDF Download NEC 8-Pin SOIC switching controller with HICCUP curr
2SA1175-Y   2SA1175-Y 2SA1175-Y PDF Download • Low Dropout Voltage: 100mV @ 650mA with
2SA1175-YC/BU   2SA1175-YC/BU 2SA1175-YC/BU PDF Download
2SA1177   2SA1177 2SA1177 PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 The amplifier family has an output that swings wi
2SA1177E   2SA1177E 2SA1177E PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 High Power Switching Regulator Controller for DD
2SA1177-E(T)   2SA1177-E(T) 2SA1177-E(T) PDF Download The Design Browser allows users to select and im
2SA1177ESPA   2SA1177ESPA 2SA1177ESPA PDF Download   The IRPT505lC (figure 3) provides the com
2SA1177E-SPA-AC   2SA1177E-SPA-AC 2SA1177E-SPA-AC PDF Download 16-bit HyperTransport interface (Side A) offers
2SA1178   2SA1178 2SA1178 PDF Download TO-126 08+ START-IN: This active low input initiates an add
2SA1179   2SA1179 2SA1179 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 When the CAT24FC17 begins a READ mode, it trans-
2SA1179/M5   2SA1179/M5 2SA1179/M5 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 04+ Both the twisted pair A (TPA) and the twisted pa
2SA1179/M6   2SA1179/M6 2SA1179/M6 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 04+ I = Temperature range D = Small Outline Packag
2SA1179/M7   2SA1179/M7 2SA1179/M7 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 05+ Active low signal from ATM signifying that data
2SA1179-5   2SA1179-5 2SA1179-5 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 06+ When the JTAG interface in MAX 7000S devices is
2SA1179-5-TB-E   2SA1179-5-TB-E 2SA1179-5-TB-E PDF Download These devices are low cost, high speed, dual JFE
2SA1179-6   2SA1179-6 2SA1179-6 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 06+ The K9K1208U0A is a 528Mbit(553,648,218 bit) memo
2SA1179-7   2SA1179-7 2SA1179-7 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 06+ Max. UnitsConditions CCCSVDS = 50V, ID = 10A &n
2SA1179M5   2SA1179M5 2SA1179M5 PDF Download SANYO N/A For the adjustment of the resonance frequency th
2SA1179-M5   2SA1179-M5 2SA1179-M5 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 Notes: 11. Test conditions assume signal transit
2SA1179M5TA   2SA1179M5TA 2SA1179M5TA PDF Download
2SA1179M5-TA   2SA1179M5-TA 2SA1179M5-TA PDF Download The status of each address/data pin can be indi-
2SA1179M5-TB   2SA1179M5-TB 2SA1179M5-TB PDF Download MIT SOT-23 conditions, the contents of the memory lo cation
2SA1179M6   2SA1179M6 2SA1179M6 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 DESCRIPTION This Power MOSFET series realized w
2SA1179-M6   2SA1179-M6 2SA1179-M6 PDF Download SOT223-3   59 Mbytes/s Fly-by Transfers   32
2SA1179M6/M6   2SA1179M6/M6 2SA1179M6/M6 PDF Download Trisils are not subject to ageing and provide a
2SA1179M6--STR-TB   2SA1179M6--STR-TB 2SA1179M6--STR-TB PDF Download SANYO 06+ SOT-23
2SA1179M6TA   2SA1179M6TA 2SA1179M6TA PDF Download Power247™ PowerSaver™ PowerTrench&r
2SA1179M6-TA   2SA1179M6-TA 2SA1179M6-TA PDF Download SANYO SOT23-M6   The NJU6673 is a 25-common x 100-segment b
2SA1179M6TB   2SA1179M6TB 2SA1179M6TB PDF Download Just as the USB Interrupt is shared among 27 ind
2SA1179M6-TB   2SA1179M6-TB 2SA1179M6-TB PDF Download SANYO SOT-23   Figure 1 shows the ELM331 in an example h
2SA1179M6-TB/M6   2SA1179M6-TB/M6 2SA1179M6-TB/M6 PDF Download SANYO Note 8: CIN, COUT, and C1 : Low-ESR Surface-Moun
2SA1179M6-TL   2SA1179M6-TL 2SA1179M6-TL PDF Download TOSHIBA 2008 • ARM (32-bit) and Thumb (16-bit compresse
2SA1179M7-TA   2SA1179M7-TA 2SA1179M7-TA PDF Download During a Bank Activate command cycle, A0-A11 def
2SA1179M7TB   2SA1179M7TB 2SA1179M7TB PDF Download • Wide frequency rangeC250.0MHz to 500.0MHz
2SA1179M7-TB   2SA1179M7-TB 2SA1179M7-TB PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 If your computer is not connected to the Internet
2SA1179N   2SA1179N 2SA1179N PDF Download Security functions Security functions implemente
2SA1179N6   2SA1179N6 2SA1179N6 PDF Download The adapter is provided as a low risk solution t
2SA1179N6-CPA-TB   2SA1179N6-CPA-TB 2SA1179N6-CPA-TB PDF Download SOT143 2002 2. The ADS-950 achieves its specified accuracies
2SA1179R   2SA1179R 2SA1179R PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 Extended data out does not place the data in / d
2SA1179R/M5   2SA1179R/M5 2SA1179R/M5 PDF Download SANYO • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
2SA1179RM6-TB   2SA1179RM6-TB 2SA1179RM6-TB PDF Download MIT SOT-23 2-WIRE BUS The two-wire bus is defined as a Ser
2SA1179Z   2SA1179Z 2SA1179Z PDF Download 1. All characteristics are measured with C = 0.1
2SA1179-Z   2SA1179-Z 2SA1179-Z PDF Download SANYO 06+ The ADF4360-1 is a fully integrated integer-N sy
2SA118   2SA118 2SA118 PDF Download CAN
2SA1180   2SA1180 2SA1180 PDF Download TO-3 Maxims MAX312/MAX313/MAX314 analog switches feat
2SA1180A   2SA1180A 2SA1180A PDF Download SANKEN TO-3 07+ 80C186XL PERIPHERAL   ARCHITECTURE Chip-Se
2SA1182   2SA1182 2SA1182 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 The external bus interface (EBI) provides a glue
2SA1182O   2SA1182O 2SA1182O PDF Download Note 1: INSEL=0 > SCLK, SDI, and LOAD pins are
2SA1182-O   2SA1182-O 2SA1182-O PDF Download SOT-23 TOSHIBA 05+ Programmable options include the length of pipeli
2SA1182-O(ZO)   2SA1182-O(ZO) 2SA1182-O(ZO) PDF Download TOSHIBA The LPC2141/42/44/46/48 microcontrollers are bas
2SA1182OZ   2SA1182OZ 2SA1182OZ PDF Download An external resistor RCF is recommended be- twe
2SA1182Y   2SA1182Y 2SA1182Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 The LM2462 is an integrated high voltage CRT dri
2SA1182-Y   2SA1182-Y 2SA1182-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 The major controlling factor in the OTA is the i
2SA1182-Y(T)   2SA1182-Y(T) 2SA1182-Y(T) PDF Download The 100314 is a monolithic quint differential li
2SA1182-Y(T5RM)   2SA1182-Y(T5RM) 2SA1182-Y(T5RM) PDF Download • Hardware platform for configuration, ver
2SA1182-Y(ZY)   2SA1182-Y(ZY) 2SA1182-Y(ZY) PDF Download  − Dynamic Range: 113 dB  −
2SA1182-Y/ZY   2SA1182-Y/ZY 2SA1182-Y/ZY PDF Download TOSHIBA functional operation of the device at these or a
2SA1182Y-TE85L   2SA1182Y-TE85L 2SA1182Y-TE85L PDF Download Figure 1 illustrates a typical LDO voltage regul
2SA1182YTE85R   2SA1182YTE85R 2SA1182YTE85R PDF Download The 2SA1182YTE85R is a quad 2-input multiplexer
2SA1183   2SA1183 2SA1183 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ signal at this pin indicates the internal level
2SA1184   2SA1184 2SA1184 PDF Download TO-126 08+ Radiation Hardness: - Total Dose 1MRad(Si) - Si
2SA1184-O   2SA1184-O 2SA1184-O PDF Download Following the hold time interval, data at the D
2SA1185   2SA1185 2SA1185 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ select the device type identifier, the function o
2SA1186   2SA1186 2SA1186 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ Glass Passivated chip junctions Low Reverse Leak
2SA1186/2SC2837   2SA1186/2SC2837 2SA1186/2SC2837 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+ Inter-Integrated Circuit Serial Ports (I2C0, I2C1
2SA11862SC2837   2SA11862SC2837 2SA11862SC2837 PDF Download  The HYM72V64636T8 Series are Dual In-line
2SA1186-P/2SC2837-P   2SA1186-P/2SC2837-P 2SA1186-P/2SC2837-P PDF Download SANKEN SOP/DIP 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1186-Y   2SA1186-Y 2SA1186-Y PDF Download P43P42/SBT4P41/SBI4/RXD4P40/SBO4/TXD4P87/LED7/D7P
2SA1186-Y/2SC2837-Y   2SA1186-Y/2SC2837-Y 2SA1186-Y/2SC2837-Y PDF Download The HY62LF16101C is a high speed, super low powe
2SA1187   2SA1187 2SA1187 PDF Download MT-200 08+ RESET (RS)   Reset is accomplished whenever
2SA1188   2SA1188 2SA1188 PDF Download Hitachi Stability The IRU1261 requires the use of an out
2SA1188D   2SA1188D 2SA1188D PDF Download Hitachi To ensure the high-impedance state during power
2SA1188E   2SA1188E 2SA1188E PDF Download Hitachi The DS1258W 3.3V 128k x 16 Nonvolatile SRAM is a
2SA1189   2SA1189 2SA1189 PDF Download NEC CAN
2SA1189E   2SA1189E 2SA1189E PDF Download Hitachi This center tap Schottky rectifier has been optim
2SA119   2SA119 2SA119 PDF Download 金属帽 JU6 The export of this product from Japan is regulat
2SA1190   2SA1190 2SA1190 PDF Download Hitachi * This is a stress rating only and functional op
2SA1190D   2SA1190D 2SA1190D PDF Download Hitachi where R CS = parallel combination of R14 and R15,
2SA1190E   2SA1190E 2SA1190E PDF Download Hitachi   The IDT5T907 2.5V single data rate (SDR)
2SA1191   2SA1191 2SA1191 PDF Download RENESAS 120V0.1A0.4W TO-90 In many applications the microcontroller provide
2SA1191D   2SA1191D 2SA1191D PDF Download Hitachi supplied by the device in the case of charging l
2SA1193   2SA1193 2SA1193 PDF Download Hitachi Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
2SA1193K   2SA1193K 2SA1193K PDF Download Hitachi Recordings are stored in on-chip Flash memory cel
2SA1193X   2SA1193X 2SA1193X PDF Download DC input range: 180 - 375V Input surge withstand
2SA1194   2SA1194 2SA1194 PDF Download TO-126 08+ The second step is to load byte address and byte
2SA1194(K)   2SA1194(K) 2SA1194(K) PDF Download HIT TO-126 05+/06+ Note 4: C PD is defined as the value of the inte
2SA1194K   2SA1194K 2SA1194K PDF Download Hitachi NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUI
2SA1194X   2SA1194X 2SA1194X PDF Download As mentioned previously, the odd/even field outpu
2SA1195   2SA1195 2SA1195 PDF Download TO-202 NEW OSCD is an output timing oscillator input pin. It
2SA1196   2SA1196 2SA1196 PDF Download RENESAS 00+ Power-Good Threshold (Input): Analog reference u
2SA1197   2SA1197 2SA1197 PDF Download Hitachi General Description (Continued) It is a fully st
2SA1198   2SA1198 2SA1198 PDF Download TO-92 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
2SA1198-S   2SA1198-S 2SA1198-S PDF Download No Connection. PWM2 output (10V open-drain). PW
2SA1199   2SA1199 2SA1199 PDF Download ALU AND CPU REGISTERS The ALU can do an 8-bit ad
2SA1199E   2SA1199E 2SA1199E PDF Download 1) If change is made to the constant of an exter
2SA1199F   2SA1199F 2SA1199F PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™
2SA1199-R   2SA1199-R 2SA1199-R PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
2SA1199-S   2SA1199-S 2SA1199-S PDF Download Device programming and erasure are initiated thr
2SA1199-S(T)   2SA1199-S(T) 2SA1199-S(T) PDF Download Note: Most lens assemblies reverse the viewed sc
2SA1199STA   2SA1199STA 2SA1199STA PDF Download
2SA11A-L   2SA11A-L 2SA11A-L PDF Download NEC 1 FEATURES 600 kHz PWM Frequency Fully Integrated
2SA12   2SA12 2SA12 PDF Download HIT 金属帽 8D These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
2SA120   2SA120 2SA120 PDF Download NEC /HITACHI CAN6 00+ Four address spaces, the Program Memory, Register
2SA120(A)   2SA120(A) 2SA120(A) PDF Download FUJ CAN3 These devices can be used as two 8-bit transceiv
2SA1200   2SA1200 2SA1200 PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+ The first step in choosing the right product is
2SA1200T101P   2SA1200T101P 2SA1200T101P PDF Download The load can see a voltage spike of up to 1 &mic
2SA1201   2SA1201 2SA1201 PDF Download UTC SOT89 08+
2SA12010TE12L   2SA12010TE12L 2SA12010TE12L PDF Download The Input/Output logic timing diagram is shown i
2SA1201Y   2SA1201Y 2SA1201Y PDF Download Output Voltage Consider Figure 2. The resistanc
2SA1201-Y   2SA1201-Y 2SA1201-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA 05+ SOT89 Connects to external resistor RI; for bias curre
2SA1201-Y(TE12LC)   2SA1201-Y(TE12LC) 2SA1201-Y(TE12LC) PDF Download The LM45 series are precision integrated-circuit
2SA1201-Y/DY   2SA1201-Y/DY 2SA1201-Y/DY PDF Download TOSHIBA FEATURES Clickless Bilateral Audio Switching Gu
2SA1202   2SA1202 2SA1202 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 05+ Page Load Timer Status bit (DQ5). In the Page Wr
2SA1202Y   2SA1202Y 2SA1202Y PDF Download TSTGStorage Temperature PDPower Dissipation TSO
2SA1202-Y   2SA1202-Y 2SA1202-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 All voltages are referenced to VSS = 0 V (ground
2SA1202-Y(FY)   2SA1202-Y(FY) 2SA1202-Y(FY) PDF Download Description Active-Low Reset Output, which is a
2SA1202-Y/FY   2SA1202-Y/FY 2SA1202-Y/FY PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 To retain data, 1024 refresh cycles are required
2SA1202YTE12L   2SA1202YTE12L 2SA1202YTE12L PDF Download The 2SA1202YTE12L is a non-inverting 16-bit buff
2SA1203   2SA1203 2SA1203 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT89 06+ The ADF7012 is a low power FSK/GFSK/OOK/GOOK/ASK
2SA1203-O   2SA1203-O 2SA1203-O PDF Download Notes : 1. In case of 40MHz Frequency, CL1 can b
2SA1203-O(HO)   2SA1203-O(HO) 2SA1203-O(HO) PDF Download 4. A transient suppressor is normally selected a
2SA1203-O(HO)/HO   2SA1203-O(HO)/HO 2SA1203-O(HO)/HO PDF Download TOS   C 4-MHz Crystal Oscillator   C 32-kH
2SA1203QTE12L   2SA1203QTE12L 2SA1203QTE12L PDF Download Internal Shunt Resistor Integrated Gate Drivers
2SA1203-R   2SA1203-R 2SA1203-R PDF Download TOSHIBA 12000 07+ - 2.4GB/s sustained data transfer rate - Separa
2SA1203Y   2SA1203Y 2SA1203Y PDF Download A. These materials are intended as a reference t
2SA1203-Y   2SA1203-Y 2SA1203-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 04+
2SA1203-Y(HY)   2SA1203-Y(HY) 2SA1203-Y(HY) PDF Download In addition, the CSPEMI306A provides a very high
2SA1203-Y(T)   2SA1203-Y(T) 2SA1203-Y(T) PDF Download ICC and ICC are dependent on output loading and
2SA1203-Y(TE12RC)   2SA1203-Y(TE12RC) 2SA1203-Y(TE12RC) PDF Download The SMJ320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP f
2SA1203-Y/HY   2SA1203-Y/HY 2SA1203-Y/HY PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 DIGITAL INPUTS  DFS, Input Logic 1 Voltage
2SA1203YTE12L   2SA1203YTE12L 2SA1203YTE12L PDF Download impedance and very low OFF leakage current. Cont
2SA1203-YTE12RC   2SA1203-YTE12RC 2SA1203-YTE12RC PDF Download 1. When ordering, use the entire part number. Ad
2SA1204   2SA1204 2SA1204 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 05+ The incoming bipolar PCM signal, which is attenu
2SA1204(T)   2SA1204(T) 2SA1204(T) PDF Download TIMER (Pin 5): Timer Set Pin. The timer period is
2SA1204-O   2SA1204-O 2SA1204-O PDF Download TOS RO After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby
2SA1204Y   2SA1204Y 2SA1204Y PDF Download For applications where sensitivity changes of a
2SA1204-Y   2SA1204-Y 2SA1204-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 Low output skew: <270ps Switching frequency o
2SA1204-Y(RY)   2SA1204-Y(RY) 2SA1204-Y(RY) PDF Download Over recommended operating free-air temperature
2SA1204-Y/RY   2SA1204-Y/RY 2SA1204-Y/RY PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 If the part is attached in a reflow oven, the tem
2SA1205   2SA1205 2SA1205 PDF Download NEC TO-3P Once in synchronization, the falling edge of the
2SA1206   2SA1206 2SA1206 PDF Download nec n/a   Variations on this circuit could easily b
2SA1207   2SA1207 2SA1207 PDF Download TO-92 • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
2SA1207S   2SA1207S 2SA1207S PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 Loop Back Select. This input is used to select t
2SA1207SAA   2SA1207SAA 2SA1207SAA PDF Download Notes: 1Stresses above those listed under Absol
2SA1207S-AA   2SA1207S-AA 2SA1207S-AA PDF Download Mitsubishi There are no user serviceable parts nor any ma
2SA1208   2SA1208 2SA1208 PDF Download SANYO O7+ The 2.9V regulator is current-limited and therma
2SA1208S   2SA1208S 2SA1208S PDF Download SANYO ESD damage can range from subtle performance degr
2SA1208S-AE   2SA1208S-AE 2SA1208S-AE PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 Electrostatic discharge can cause damage ranging
2SA1208S-AE-L   2SA1208S-AE-L 2SA1208S-AE-L PDF Download The I2C-bus is for 2-way, 2-line communication b
2SA1208S-JVC-AE   2SA1208S-JVC-AE 2SA1208S-JVC-AE PDF Download SANYO TO-92 07+ NOTES: 1. After CLK_EN switches, the clock outp
2SA1208T   2SA1208T 2SA1208T PDF Download Notes: (1) If (C)Remote Sense is not used, pin 1
2SA1208-T   2SA1208-T 2SA1208-T PDF Download Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning
2SA1208T-AE   2SA1208T-AE 2SA1208T-AE PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 n Supports high-efficiency PowerWise Technology
2SA1209   2SA1209 2SA1209 PDF Download TO-126 08+ The IS93C56-3 is controlled by seven 9-bit instr
2SA1209-S   2SA1209-S 2SA1209-S PDF Download  −2.0 V to +3.0 V. Outputs are complem
2SA120A   2SA120A 2SA120A PDF Download NEC CAN Reference level for the relative attenuation arel
2SA121   2SA121 2SA121 PDF Download CAN MAX 3000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
2SA1210   2SA1210 2SA1210 PDF Download TO-126 08+ 1. No purposefully added lead. 2. Part mounted
2SA1211   2SA1211 2SA1211 PDF Download In addition to the H-LUT input control multiplex
2SA1212Y/NY   2SA1212Y/NY 2SA1212Y/NY PDF Download ROHM   For serial programming, SEN together wit
2SA1213   2SA1213 2SA1213 PDF Download TOS SOT-90 05+ An errata sheet, describing minor operational di
2SA1213-NY   2SA1213-NY 2SA1213-NY PDF Download TOSHIBA 12000 07+ (3) Static Electricity   Static electricity
2SA1213O   2SA1213O 2SA1213O PDF Download Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAX
2SA1213-O   2SA1213-O 2SA1213-O PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 05+NOPB 5k   The Contek LM79XX series of three-terminal
2SA1213-O/NO   2SA1213-O/NO 2SA1213-O/NO PDF Download TOSHIBA Converts ARINC levels to serial data Adjustable
2SA1213-T   2SA1213-T 2SA1213-T PDF Download TOBHIBA SOT89 A general-purpose data register file is containe
2SA1213-V   2SA1213-V 2SA1213-V PDF Download 508 TOS 98+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
2SA1213Y   2SA1213Y 2SA1213Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 05+ In the absence of confirmation by device specifi
2SA1213-Y   2SA1213-Y 2SA1213-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-89 Fault Flag FLG is an N-channel, open-drain MOSFE
2SA1213-Y(NY)   2SA1213-Y(NY) 2SA1213-Y(NY) PDF Download The IRU1015 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
2SA1213-Y(NY)/NY   2SA1213-Y(NY)/NY 2SA1213-Y(NY)/NY PDF Download TOS The LM193 is characterized for operation from &#
2SA1213-Y(TE12RC)   2SA1213-Y(TE12RC) 2SA1213-Y(TE12RC) PDF Download Tamb = 25 C, unless otherwise specified Stresse
2SA1213-Y/NY   2SA1213-Y/NY 2SA1213-Y/NY PDF Download TOS This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 1,
2SA1213YTE12LC   2SA1213YTE12LC 2SA1213YTE12LC PDF Download Operational Bandwidth Test Frequency Gain In
2SA1214   2SA1214 2SA1214 PDF Download TO-126 08+ All units in these Renesas MultiMediaCards are c
2SA1215   2SA1215 2SA1215 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 04+ Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 60V 1.5A Peak Switch C
2SA1215/2SC2921   2SA1215/2SC2921 2SA1215/2SC2921 PDF Download SANKEN MT-200 07+ NOTES 1See Figure 1. 2Guaranteed by design and
2SA1215-P/2SC2921-P   2SA1215-P/2SC2921-P 2SA1215-P/2SC2921-P PDF Download impedance and very low OFF leakage current. Cont
2SA1215Y   2SA1215Y 2SA1215Y PDF Download The MAX+PLUS II software interfaces easily with
2SA1215-Y/2SC2921-Y   2SA1215-Y/2SC2921-Y 2SA1215-Y/2SC2921-Y PDF Download 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
2SA1216   2SA1216 2SA1216 PDF Download SANKEN MT-200 06+  TESTCONDITIONS  Thermal CyclingWithst
2SA1216/2SC2922   2SA1216/2SC2922 2SA1216/2SC2922 PDF Download SANSKENS Intended for voltage monitoring applications, the
2SA1216-P/2SC2922-P   2SA1216-P/2SC2922-P 2SA1216-P/2SC2922-P PDF Download Both the LCRI and MCI signals are intended to be
2SA1216Y   2SA1216Y 2SA1216Y PDF Download As seen in the block diagram, these encoders c
2SA1217   2SA1217 2SA1217 PDF Download TO-126 08+ The 2SA1217 is a microPower, low-cost operationa
2SA1218   2SA1218 2SA1218 PDF Download CAN3 The data receiver block is a decoder for decoding
2SA1219   2SA1219 2SA1219 PDF Download • Performance Guaranteed   over Full
2SA122   2SA122 2SA122 PDF Download CAN An S-parameter analysis was performed in a netwo
2SA1220   2SA1220 2SA1220 PDF Download NEC 金属帽 04 • Power dissipation at 25ºC: 0.5 wat
2SA1220A   2SA1220A 2SA1220A PDF Download NEC TO-126 07+ Adjustable output down to 1.2V Guaranteed 100mA
2SA1220-A   2SA1220-A 2SA1220-A PDF Download The 2SA1220-A is a 512-stage ultra low voltage o
2SA1220A-O   2SA1220A-O 2SA1220A-O PDF Download FSC TO-126 03+ Retires as many as three instructions per clock
2SA1220AY   2SA1220AY 2SA1220AY PDF Download DESCRIPTION The VN750, VN750S, VN750PT, VN750-B
2SA1220A-Y   2SA1220A-Y 2SA1220A-Y PDF Download SEC TO-126 04+ VIN and IIN refer to control inputs. VI, VO, II,
2SA1220-Y   2SA1220-Y 2SA1220-Y PDF Download FSC TO-126 2004+ When removing flux with chemicals after solderin
2SA1221   2SA1221 2SA1221 PDF Download NEC TO-39 NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V
2SA1221-L   2SA1221-L 2SA1221-L PDF Download NEC ATV 04+ General Description MC68000/MC68008 Core System
2SA1221T   2SA1221T 2SA1221T PDF Download International Rectifier does not recommend the u
2SA1222   2SA1222 2SA1222 PDF Download NEC TO-39   Two temperature ranges are available for
2SA1223   2SA1223 2SA1223 PDF Download NEC Feedback Disable: This input controls the state o
2SA1224   2SA1224 2SA1224 PDF Download NEC CAN4 03+ RLOAD = 25 W to VDD connected to pin IOUT. Sink
2SA1224-Y   2SA1224-Y 2SA1224-Y PDF Download • 100,000 erase/write cycle Enhanced Flash
2SA1225   2SA1225 2SA1225 PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ Composite Video Output A 75 Ω termination
2SA1225-Y   2SA1225-Y 2SA1225-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-252 Chip Enable to output in Low-Z Chip disable to
2SA1226   2SA1226 2SA1226 PDF Download NEC SOT-23 05+ This advanced technology has been especially tail
2SA1226(E4)   2SA1226(E4) 2SA1226(E4) PDF Download The MTC50150 is a low cost ADSL bridge and LAN r
2SA1226/E3   2SA1226/E3 2SA1226/E3 PDF Download NEC SOT-23 Using the latest high voltage technology based o
2SA1226/E4   2SA1226/E4 2SA1226/E4 PDF Download NEC Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
2SA1226T1B   2SA1226T1B 2SA1226T1B PDF Download 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
2SA1226-T1B   2SA1226-T1B 2SA1226-T1B PDF Download NEC SOT-23 The 2SA1226-T1B is an integrated Keyboard/System
2SA1226-T2B   2SA1226-T2B 2SA1226-T2B PDF Download NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
2SA1226TIB   2SA1226TIB 2SA1226TIB PDF Download Refer to Functional Diagram. The MIC5031 is a
2SA1227   2SA1227 2SA1227 PDF Download NEC TO-3P Registers • I2C bus   Various regist
2SA1227A   2SA1227A 2SA1227A PDF Download TO-3P 08+
2SA1227F5   2SA1227F5 2SA1227F5 PDF Download • Clock   • Built-in PLL clock
2SA1228   2SA1228 2SA1228 PDF Download CAN   Each device includes on a single silicon
2SA1229   2SA1229 2SA1229 PDF Download Byte 1 bit 7: Reserved 6: 0=Stream Mode, 1=Rem
2SA123   2SA123 2SA123 PDF Download CAN A MEMSIC accelerometer is most sensitive to chan
2SA1230   2SA1230 2SA1230 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132645B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
2SA1231   2SA1231 2SA1231 PDF Download
2SA1232   2SA1232 2SA1232 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ Propagation Delay Tempco Prop Delay SkewRising T
2SA1233   2SA1233 2SA1233 PDF Download Hitachi   Pin 14 is the video output pin. Since the
2SA1234   2SA1234 2SA1234 PDF Download NEC When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, it selects Intel
2SA1235   2SA1235 2SA1235 PDF Download MITSUBISH SOT-23 Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
2SA1235/ME   2SA1235/ME 2SA1235/ME PDF Download MITSUBISHI n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
2SA1235/MF   2SA1235/MF 2SA1235/MF PDF Download MITJ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
2SA1235-12-1F   2SA1235-12-1F 2SA1235-12-1F PDF Download MITSUBISHI 06+ SOT-23 Retry Counter The X76F102 contains a retry coun
2SA1235A   2SA1235A 2SA1235A PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOT-23 8V to 15V IC supply. A 220µF bypass capaci
2SA1235A/MF   2SA1235A/MF 2SA1235A/MF PDF Download The MAX2472 is a high-isolation dual-channel VCO
2SA1235A-T11-1F   2SA1235A-T11-1F 2SA1235A-T11-1F PDF Download MITSUBISHI 05-PB • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
2SA1235A-T112-1E   2SA1235A-T112-1E 2SA1235A-T112-1E PDF Download MITSUBISHI 05+PB   or 2.5V+0.4V/-0.125V for 2.5V I/O. ̶
2SA1235A-T112-1F   2SA1235A-T112-1F 2SA1235A-T112-1F PDF Download RENESAS SOT-23 660 mW (Military) Synchronous and asynchronous o
2SA1235A-T112-1F/MF   2SA1235A-T112-1F/MF 2SA1235A-T112-1F/MF PDF Download MITSHUI The analog input pin transfers its signal to the
2SA1235A-T12   2SA1235A-T12 2SA1235A-T12 PDF Download TOSHIBA 2008 The 2SA1235A-T12, 2SA1235A-T12, 2SA1235A-T12, 2S
2SA1235A-T12-1E   2SA1235A-T12-1E 2SA1235A-T12-1E PDF Download MITSUBISH SOT-23 Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
2SA1235A-T12-1F   2SA1235A-T12-1F 2SA1235A-T12-1F PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOT23-MF When power is applied, the (internal) synchronous
2SA1235A-T12-1F/MF   2SA1235A-T12-1F/MF 2SA1235A-T12-1F/MF PDF Download A low jitter PLL is incorporated for internal us
2SA1235A-T12-2E   2SA1235A-T12-2E 2SA1235A-T12-2E PDF Download MITSUBISHI 08+   The floating-point control register space
2SA1235A-T12-2E/ME   2SA1235A-T12-2E/ME 2SA1235A-T12-2E/ME PDF Download MITSUBISHI   A major problem in attempting to suppress
2SA1235A-T12-2F   2SA1235A-T12-2F 2SA1235A-T12-2F PDF Download MITSUBISHI 08+ The TSOP22..YA1 - series are miniaturized receiv
2SA1235A-T12-2F/MF   2SA1235A-T12-2F/MF 2SA1235A-T12-2F/MF PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOT-23 04+ † All characteristics are measured with ze
2SA1235A-T12-T1F   2SA1235A-T12-T1F 2SA1235A-T12-T1F PDF Download The DG2011 is a low on-resistance, single-pole/d
2SA1235E   2SA1235E 2SA1235E PDF Download For applications requiring output voltage on/off
2SA1235E-MC-13-29-27   2SA1235E-MC-13-29-27 2SA1235E-MC-13-29-27 PDF Download MITSUBISHI Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unle
2SA1235ET1   2SA1235ET1 2SA1235ET1 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The LE00 regulator series are very
2SA1235F   2SA1235F 2SA1235F PDF Download 06+   Notes to the characteristics 1. The unwe
2SA1235-F   2SA1235-F 2SA1235-F PDF Download 三菱 SOT-23 Introduction The IRU1050 adjustable Low Dropout
2SA1235G   2SA1235G 2SA1235G PDF Download MITSUBISHI 6000 07+ *Note: Insert the threshold level suffixes for VC
2SA1235-T/MF   2SA1235-T/MF 2SA1235-T/MF PDF Download MITSUMI • Input Voltage Range:   36V to 75V
2SA1235-T112-1E/F   2SA1235-T112-1E/F 2SA1235-T112-1E/F PDF Download RYOYO SOT23-3 04+ Apply to pins: SSB, SDI, SCLK, MODE0, MODE1 Inp
2SA1235-T112-1F   2SA1235-T112-1F 2SA1235-T112-1F PDF Download ISAHAYA 06+ The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are
2SA1235-T12-1E   2SA1235-T12-1E 2SA1235-T12-1E PDF Download TOSHIBA 2008 Programming the Demodulator Section Short-Progra
2SA1235-T12-1F   2SA1235-T12-1F 2SA1235-T12-1F PDF Download Note 6: All room temperature limits are 100% test
2SA1235T122F   2SA1235T122F 2SA1235T122F PDF Download Package Description Untinted, non-diffused Unti
2SA1235-T12-2F   2SA1235-T12-2F 2SA1235-T12-2F PDF Download MITSUBISHI/MF/23 04+/05+ tracking an input signal frequency within the pa
2SA1235-T12-TF   2SA1235-T12-TF 2SA1235-T12-TF PDF Download  Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
2SA1235-T150-1F   2SA1235-T150-1F 2SA1235-T150-1F PDF Download MITSUBISH 05+ Address Inputs Byte/Word Enable Data In / Da
2SA1235-T50-1E   2SA1235-T50-1E 2SA1235-T50-1E PDF Download MITSUBISH 05+ Preliminary Information- These data sheets conta
2SA1235-T51-2F   2SA1235-T51-2F 2SA1235-T51-2F PDF Download SANYO/AL21/23 04+/05+ The C6711/C6711B/C6711C/C6711D has a complete se
2SA1236   2SA1236 2SA1236 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The VCXO will be able to output a frequency +/-
2SA1237   2SA1237 2SA1237 PDF Download SANYO 6PIN The ADE7756 contains a sampled Waveform register
2SA1237F-6B   2SA1237F-6B 2SA1237F-6B PDF Download SANYO The LM193 is characterized for operation from &#
2SA1237F-6B-TJ   2SA1237F-6B-TJ 2SA1237F-6B-TJ PDF Download JAT 6脚 05+ On a semi-log plot (as shown in the HP catalog)
2SA1238   2SA1238 2SA1238 PDF Download Information furnished by MEMSIC is believed to be
2SA1238F   2SA1238F 2SA1238F PDF Download SANYO SOT-89-6 04+ The channel is set by an on-chip high-speed I2C
2SA1239   2SA1239 2SA1239 PDF Download
2SA124   2SA124 2SA124 PDF Download DSI n/a codestrip. These detectors are also spaced suc
2SA1240   2SA1240 2SA1240 PDF Download 袋装 All devices are production tested at 25C. All tem
2SA1240-F   2SA1240-F 2SA1240-F PDF Download SANYO The EVBD4400 evaluation board implements a singl
2SA1240F-6B-TJ   2SA1240F-6B-TJ 2SA1240F-6B-TJ PDF Download SANYO SOT-89-6 05+ The TOSHIBA TLP227G series consist of a gallium
2SA1241   2SA1241 2SA1241 PDF Download TO-252/251 06+ presented in straight binary or twos complement
2SA1241Y   2SA1241Y 2SA1241Y PDF Download An external capacitor C is charged and discharge
2SA1241-Y   2SA1241-Y 2SA1241-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-252 05+ Special handling is required for Flash Memory pro
2SA1242   2SA1242 2SA1242 PDF Download KIA TO-251 01+ • HFBR-5701L: Dual specified 1.25   G
2SA1242/A1242   2SA1242/A1242 2SA1242/A1242 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-252   The voltage offset of the PA03 may be ext
2SA1242Y   2SA1242Y 2SA1242Y PDF Download tosh n/a   Soldering (10 seconds)+260˚C ESD Sus
2SA1242-Y   2SA1242-Y 2SA1242-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-252 05+ (17) Oscillation circuits   • On-chi
2SA1242-Y-TE   2SA1242-Y-TE 2SA1242-Y-TE PDF Download ROHM TO252 02+   The MSK 4301 is a 3 phase MOSFET bridge p
2SA1243   2SA1243 2SA1243 PDF Download TO-252/251 06+ The 56F801 incorporates an 8 input, 12-bit Analo
2SA1244   2SA1244 2SA1244 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-251 01+ The ADC121S101, ADC101S101, and ADC081S101 are l
2SA1244-O   2SA1244-O 2SA1244-O PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-251 07+ It consists of an oscillator, a PWM control circ
2SA1244Y   2SA1244Y 2SA1244Y PDF Download TOS 05+ TO-252 The WP#/ACC pin provides access to two func- ti
2SA1244-Y   2SA1244-Y 2SA1244-Y PDF Download SOT-252 . 03+ The BUF12800 programmable voltage reference allo
2SA1244-Y(TE16R1N)   2SA1244-Y(TE16R1N) 2SA1244-Y(TE16R1N) PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is register
2SA1244-Y(TE16RN)   2SA1244-Y(TE16RN) 2SA1244-Y(TE16RN) PDF Download DESCRIPTION This MOSFET is the latest developme
2SA1245   2SA1245 2SA1245 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 NOTES: 1. Skew specifications apply under ident
2SA1245/MD   2SA1245/MD 2SA1245/MD PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products emplo
2SA1245TE85L   2SA1245TE85L 2SA1245TE85L PDF Download The module may be disabled by pulling PC below 2
2SA1245TE85R   2SA1245TE85R 2SA1245TE85R PDF Download Figure 1-2 shows how the key values in EEPROM ar
2SA1246   2SA1246 2SA1246 PDF Download SANYO TO-92 The MAX1858 dual, synchronized, step-down control
2SA1246/BU   2SA1246/BU 2SA1246/BU PDF Download Fast throughput rate: 100 kSPS Specified for VDD
2SA1246S   2SA1246S 2SA1246S PDF Download T0-92 04+ The PSD3XX I/O ports can be used for:   &#
2SA1246-S   2SA1246-S 2SA1246-S PDF Download 三洋 TO-92 The AS4C1M16F5 is a high performance 16-megabit
2SA1246T   2SA1246T 2SA1246T PDF Download TO-92 00+ The isolation voltage is a galvanic isolation an
2SA1246-T   2SA1246-T 2SA1246-T PDF Download SANYO TO-92 99+ The microphone input is a switchable interface f
2SA1246T-AA   2SA1246T-AA 2SA1246T-AA PDF Download A loopback function is provided by the LBE input
2SA1247   2SA1247 2SA1247 PDF Download NEC SOT-23 05+ (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
2SA1247/C27   2SA1247/C27 2SA1247/C27 PDF Download NEC SOT-23 05+ or to an internal low distortion current amplifi
2SA1247-T1B   2SA1247-T1B 2SA1247-T1B PDF Download NEC SOT23-C27 • Generation 4 IGBT technology • St
2SA1247-T2B   2SA1247-T2B 2SA1247-T2B PDF Download NEC 06+ SOT-23 5. Output clip detection function (pin(1))  
2SA1248   2SA1248 2SA1248 PDF Download TO-126 06+ Socket 370 for Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tualatin
2SA1248R   2SA1248R 2SA1248R PDF Download Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages RON Matc
2SA1248S-RA   2SA1248S-RA 2SA1248S-RA PDF Download SANYO TO263 O5 The maximum power that can be safely dissipated
2SA1249   2SA1249 2SA1249 PDF Download TO-126 06+ The CA3094 offers a unique combination of charac
2SA1249S   2SA1249S 2SA1249S PDF Download The CD4014B and CD4021b series types are supplie
2SA1249-S   2SA1249-S 2SA1249-S PDF Download Amplifier gain is controlled by two terminals, U
2SA125   2SA125 2SA125 PDF Download CAN tRHEL, whichever occurs last. See the Ready/Busy
2SA1250   2SA1250 2SA1250 PDF Download TO-66 08+ where ä(t-nô) is a dirac delta distrib
2SA1251   2SA1251 2SA1251 PDF Download TO-3 07+ The information provided herein is believed to b
2SA1252   2SA1252 2SA1252 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 05+ <0.8 V at VCC = 3.3 V, TA = 25C Typical VOHV
2SA1252/D5   2SA1252/D5 2SA1252/D5 PDF Download SANYO 08+ Changed Boundary Scan Information and changed Fi
2SA1252/D6   2SA1252/D6 2SA1252/D6 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 05+ Software support for the complete pASIC families
2SA1252-6-TB-E   2SA1252-6-TB-E 2SA1252-6-TB-E PDF Download Single rectifier suited for switchmode power sup
2SA1252-D5   2SA1252-D5 2SA1252-D5 PDF Download SANYO 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
2SA1252D5-TB   2SA1252D5-TB 2SA1252D5-TB PDF Download Unless otherwise noted, all specifications includ
2SA1252-D6   2SA1252-D6 2SA1252-D6 PDF Download Input voltages exceeding the input overvoltage sh
2SA1252-D6-TB   2SA1252-D6-TB 2SA1252-D6-TB PDF Download SANYO SOT23-3 Hardware data protection measures include a low
2SA1253   2SA1253 2SA1253 PDF Download ❇1This value can change due to the switchi
2SA1253S   2SA1253S 2SA1253S PDF Download The pass gates of the switches are constructed s
2SA1253T   2SA1253T 2SA1253T PDF Download Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs (
2SA1253TSPA   2SA1253TSPA 2SA1253TSPA PDF Download
2SA1253T-SPA   2SA1253T-SPA 2SA1253T-SPA PDF Download The frequency of oscillation of a quartz crystal
2SA1254   2SA1254 2SA1254 PDF Download Notes: (1) Non-repetitive current pulse, per Fi
2SA1254-B   2SA1254-B 2SA1254-B PDF Download   The device has several operating modes de
2SA1255   2SA1255 2SA1255 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ Every Infiniium 54830 Series with MegaZoom is a
2SA1255O/OO   2SA1255O/OO 2SA1255O/OO PDF Download TOS Data-Rate Synchronous DRAM Applications Spread
2SA1255Y   2SA1255Y 2SA1255Y PDF Download TOSHIBA The ADS5102/3 are low-power CMOS, 10-bit, analog
2SA1255-Y   2SA1255-Y 2SA1255-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 The input voltage range of the 2SA1255-Y is from
2SA1255Y/OY   2SA1255Y/OY 2SA1255Y/OY PDF Download TOS Differential Inputs: This input pair is a differe
2SA1255-Y/OY   2SA1255-Y/OY 2SA1255-Y/OY PDF Download TOSHIBA CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
2SA1256   2SA1256 2SA1256 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 PARAMETER Reference Voltage Fb Voltage Fb Volt
2SA1256/E5   2SA1256/E5 2SA1256/E5 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 The 2SA1256/E5 contains two computational proces
2SA12564   2SA12564 2SA12564 PDF Download The 80C51BHP is identical to the 80C51BH When or
2SA1256-4   2SA1256-4 2SA1256-4 PDF Download SANYO 05+ • 4 channels of 16-bit reload timer (inclu
2SA1256E   2SA1256E 2SA1256E PDF Download   The 300C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
2SA1256E4-TB   2SA1256E4-TB 2SA1256E4-TB PDF Download SANYO 23 Pb−Free Packages are Available No Auxiliar
2SA1256E4-TB/E.4   2SA1256E4-TB/E.4 2SA1256E4-TB/E.4 PDF Download SANYO At the heart of the STPC Atlas is an advanced p
2SA1257   2SA1257 2SA1257 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23 05+   The NJU8714 is a stereo BTL outputs switch
2SA1257/G5   2SA1257/G5 2SA1257/G5 PDF Download SANYO All synchronous inputs pass through input registe
2SA1257G5   2SA1257G5 2SA1257G5 PDF Download SANYO SOT-23
2SA1257G5TB   2SA1257G5TB 2SA1257G5TB PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP11..SK1 is designed in th
2SA1257G5-TB   2SA1257G5-TB 2SA1257G5-TB PDF Download SANYO 2008 The HYM72V16M736BFU6 Series are 16Mx72bits Synchr
2SA1257-T2B   2SA1257-T2B 2SA1257-T2B PDF Download NEC 12000 07+ 4. The output stage consists of class AB complem
2SA1258   2SA1258 2SA1258 PDF Download TO-220 08+ SmartASIC, Inc. reserves the right to change or m
2SA1259   2SA1259 2SA1259 PDF Download 6000pcs 03+ Notes: (1) OIP3 is measured with two tones at 1
2SA126   2SA126 2SA126 PDF Download CAN The ABT8245 scan test devices with octal bus tr
2SA1260   2SA1260 2SA1260 PDF Download TO-220 08+ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
2SA1261   2SA1261 2SA1261 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The LH1521 dual 1 Form B relays are SPST normall
2SA1261-KB   2SA1261-KB 2SA1261-KB PDF Download NEC TO-220 04+ NOTES: 1. Skew specifications apply under ident
2SA1261-LB   2SA1261-LB 2SA1261-LB PDF Download NEC TO-220 04+   Capacitor mounted close to the power modu
2SA1262   2SA1262 2SA1262 PDF Download TO-220 08+ Jitter and other spurious outputs induced by exte
2SA1263   2SA1263 2SA1263 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
2SA1263N   2SA1263N 2SA1263N PDF Download TOS TO-3 06+   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
2SA1263-O   2SA1263-O 2SA1263-O PDF Download TOS TO-3P 04+ The LIN driver function LIN_IdleClock can check
2SA1264   2SA1264 2SA1264 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ • High speed CMOS logic hex non-inverting
2SA1264N   2SA1264N 2SA1264N PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-3PH 2002 DQ7, the Toggle Bits DQ6 and DQ2, the Error bit
2SA1264-O   2SA1264-O 2SA1264-O PDF Download (4) The products and product specifications desc
2SA1264R   2SA1264R 2SA1264R PDF Download As shown in Equation 2 and Equation 3, large cap
2SA1265   2SA1265 2SA1265 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ DUTY CYCLE DEFINITION The MXD2020E/F has two PW
2SA1265N   2SA1265N 2SA1265N PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-3P The Am29F160D is a 16 Mbit, 5.0 Volt-only Flash
2SA1265N-O   2SA1265N-O 2SA1265N-O PDF Download All functions of this device are fully controlla
2SA1266   2SA1266 2SA1266 PDF Download TOS TP-92L COMP: COMP is the output of the error amplifier a
2SA1266GR   2SA1266GR 2SA1266GR PDF Download KEC Transistor - RoHS conform • Two functions are incorporated in one pa
2SA1266-GR   2SA1266-GR 2SA1266-GR PDF Download KEC TO92 Notes: 1. Operation of this device above any one
2SA1266-O   2SA1266-O 2SA1266-O PDF Download KEC O7+ This is a bidirectional pin used to transfer add
2SA1266-Y   2SA1266-Y 2SA1266-Y PDF Download KEC TO92   The ELM312 is an interface circuit for us
2SA1266Y(AMMO)   2SA1266Y(AMMO) 2SA1266Y(AMMO) PDF Download KEC93 07+   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspect
2SA1266Y/GR   2SA1266Y/GR 2SA1266Y/GR PDF Download 4. Oscillator Stability   In some cases, pa
2SA1267   2SA1267 2SA1267 PDF Download KEC   3.5.1 Certification/compliance mark. The
2SA1267-GR   2SA1267-GR 2SA1267-GR PDF Download TO92S KEC 03+ Life Support Applications These NEC products a
2SA1267GRAT   2SA1267GRAT 2SA1267GRAT PDF Download
2SA1267Y   2SA1267Y 2SA1267Y PDF Download This device contains four independent gates each
2SA1267-Y   2SA1267-Y 2SA1267-Y PDF Download KEC TO-92S
2SA1267-Y(T)/P   2SA1267-Y(T)/P 2SA1267-Y(T)/P PDF Download The IS41C4100 and IS41LV4100 is a CMOS DRAM opt
2SA1267Y/GR   2SA1267Y/GR 2SA1267Y/GR PDF Download Although the main application of VIPer53E is in
2SA1268   2SA1268 2SA1268 PDF Download NEC CAN Power On Reset: VCC Lock-Out Write Protect In or
2SA1268-BL(T)   2SA1268-BL(T) 2SA1268-BL(T) PDF Download KEC 07+ BENEFITS EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter
2SA1269   2SA1269 2SA1269 PDF Download This device contains circuits to protect its inp
2SA127   2SA127 2SA127 PDF Download CAN As stated earlier, the DS1809 provides for two me
2SA1270   2SA1270 2SA1270 PDF Download KEC TO-92 The XR-T56L22 is a very low power monolithic rep
2SA1270-Y   2SA1270-Y 2SA1270-Y PDF Download KEC TO92 Figure 2 shows a Bergerton diagram for switching
2SA1270-Y/P   2SA1270-Y/P 2SA1270-Y/P PDF Download Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4-K/H/L series is designed fo
2SA1271   2SA1271 2SA1271 PDF Download KEC TO-92 05+/06+ The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
2SA1271-Y   2SA1271-Y 2SA1271-Y PDF Download Upon applying a reverse-polarity voltage to the D
2SA1272   2SA1272 2SA1272 PDF Download KEC TO-92S NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
2SA1273   2SA1273 2SA1273 PDF Download KEC TO-92   The RC4700 processor also supports a supe
2SA1273Y   2SA1273Y 2SA1273Y PDF Download KEC Transistor (TO-92) A thermally enhanced large pad leadframe has bee
2SA1273-Y   2SA1273-Y 2SA1273-Y PDF Download KEC TO-92 06+ (1) The algebraic convention, in which the least
2SA1273-Y/P   2SA1273-Y/P 2SA1273-Y/P PDF Download The DS9637A is a Schottky dual differential line
2SA1274   2SA1274 2SA1274 PDF Download NEC CAN   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
2SA1274-Y(T)   2SA1274-Y(T) 2SA1274-Y(T) PDF Download The HIP6601 and HIP6603 provide the user total &
2SA1275   2SA1275 2SA1275 PDF Download NEC TO-92 The TLH.44.. series was developed for standard
2SA1275-Y   2SA1275-Y 2SA1275-Y PDF Download • Fully Compliant to IrDA   Data 1.2
2SA1275-Y(T)   2SA1275-Y(T) 2SA1275-Y(T) PDF Download KEC 07+ EN 1: The negative logic input that enables the
2SA1275-Y(T)/P   2SA1275-Y(T)/P 2SA1275-Y(T)/P PDF Download Formato Singola Europa 100x160 mm; interfaccia a
2SA1276   2SA1276 2SA1276 PDF Download TO-220 08+   These devices are a synchronous (clocked)
2SA1277   2SA1277 2SA1277 PDF Download TO-220 08+ When setting LB at the high level and other contr
2SA1277-Y(T)   2SA1277-Y(T) 2SA1277-Y(T) PDF Download KEC 07+ up to 50 MHz. The use of an advanced, sub-micron
2SA1278   2SA1278 2SA1278 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The VC33 instruction register is 8 bits long. Ta
2SA1279   2SA1279 2SA1279 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The time-domain maximum slope argument can be ap
2SA1279-GR   2SA1279-GR 2SA1279-GR PDF Download TOSHIBA 12000 07+ • Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Voltag
2SA128   2SA128 2SA128 PDF Download CAN The CD4047B-Series types are supplied in 14-lead
2SA1280   2SA1280 2SA1280 PDF Download TO-220 08+ This pin is the positive supply pin, and should
2SA1281   2SA1281 2SA1281 PDF Download NEC TO-92L Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
2SA1281-Y   2SA1281-Y 2SA1281-Y PDF Download (1) Mounted on a multilayer FR4 PCB with a dissi
2SA1281-Y(T)   2SA1281-Y(T) 2SA1281-Y(T) PDF Download KEC 07+ For more details on the ARCNET protocol engine a
2SA1282   2SA1282 2SA1282 PDF Download sst n/a Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStarɽ
2SA1282(A)   2SA1282(A) 2SA1282(A) PDF Download NEC TO-92L R2 sets the balanced output impedance to 500 
2SA1283   2SA1283 2SA1283 PDF Download DSI n/a The SAB 80C535 is identical with the SAB 80C515 e
2SA1283E   2SA1283E 2SA1283E PDF Download Device supply =+5.0 VDC +/- 5% regulated. The 2S
2SA1283T11E   2SA1283T11E 2SA1283T11E PDF Download Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
2SA1284   2SA1284 2SA1284 PDF Download NEC TO-92L - Input pin for current sensing. Using   th
2SA1284-E   2SA1284-E 2SA1284-E PDF Download This is a dual-function pin. In the CY Standard m
2SA1284-T11-E   2SA1284-T11-E 2SA1284-T11-E PDF Download Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4-K/H/L series is designed fo
2SA1285   2SA1285 2SA1285 PDF Download NEC TO-92L Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Re
2SA1285A   2SA1285A 2SA1285A PDF Download NEC TO-92L Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
2SA1285A-T11-F   2SA1285A-T11-F 2SA1285A-T11-F PDF Download Mitsubishi 99 Device erasure occurs by executing the proper era
2SA1286   2SA1286 2SA1286 PDF Download NEC TO-92L The bq2014 determines battery capacity by monitor
2SA1286T11G   2SA1286T11G 2SA1286T11G PDF Download Active low reset output. When the sense threshol
2SA1287   2SA1287 2SA1287 PDF Download NEC TO-92L 2048-word 10-bit ROM (2SA1287) 4096-word 10-bi
2SA1287TAPED   2SA1287TAPED 2SA1287TAPED PDF Download the memory by taking care of all of the special
2SA1288   2SA1288 2SA1288 PDF Download TO-220 08+ HIGH SPEED: tPD =3.7ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW P
2SA1289   2SA1289 2SA1289 PDF Download TO-220 08+ The LH1550 is robust, ideal for telecom and grou
2SA1289-R   2SA1289-R 2SA1289-R PDF Download Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short-C
2SA129   2SA129 2SA129 PDF Download CAN The HY51V(S)16403HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
2SA1290   2SA1290 2SA1290 PDF Download SANYO TO-22O 04+ Data are shifted in through the serial port C (S
2SA1291   2SA1291 2SA1291 PDF Download TO-220 08+ 1. - T - = Seating Plane and Datum Surface. 2.
2SA1291S   2SA1291S 2SA1291S PDF Download The SPS product family is specially designed for
2SA1292   2SA1292 2SA1292 PDF Download ANY TO-3P 04+ The AH342 is a bipolar latching hall IC with a pa
2SA1293   2SA1293 2SA1293 PDF Download TOS TO-220 04+ 150V Power Schottky rectifier are suited for swi
2SA1293LC2   2SA1293LC2 2SA1293LC2 PDF Download
2SA1293Y   2SA1293Y 2SA1293Y PDF Download TOS address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
2SA1293-Y   2SA1293-Y 2SA1293-Y PDF Download ating characteristics and internal reliability a
2SA1294   2SA1294 2SA1294 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 06+ The 4 Mbit Flash memory array is organized into
2SA1294/2SC3263   2SA1294/2SC3263 2SA1294/2SC3263 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 07+   The TC55V4000ST is a 4,194,304-bit static
2SA1294-P/2SC3263-P   2SA1294-P/2SC3263-P 2SA1294-P/2SC3263-P PDF Download sanken to-3p 08+ Constructed with the Intersil dielectrically iso
2SA1294Y   2SA1294Y 2SA1294Y PDF Download The 3kΩ load is an EIa-232 requirement, but
2SA1295   2SA1295 2SA1295 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 04+ quality and flexibility with wide ranging support
2SA1295/2SC3264   2SA1295/2SC3264 2SA1295/2SC3264 PDF Download SANKEN TO-3P 06+ Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
2SA1295-O/2SC3264-O   2SA1295-O/2SC3264-O 2SA1295-O/2SC3264-O PDF Download DoCD™ Debug Unit C its a real-time hard- w
2SA1295-P/2SC3264-P   2SA1295-P/2SC3264-P 2SA1295-P/2SC3264-P PDF Download SANKEN SOP/DIP 08+ Differential LVPECL inputs are connected to both
2SA1295Y   2SA1295Y 2SA1295Y PDF Download MT-200 NEW Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
2SA1295-Y   2SA1295-Y 2SA1295-Y PDF Download SANKEN DIP-3 08+ This sensor family consists of different two-wir
2SA1295-Y/2SC3264-Y   2SA1295-Y/2SC3264-Y 2SA1295-Y/2SC3264-Y PDF Download The HC4017 is a high speed silicon gate CMOS 5-s
2SA1296   2SA1296 2SA1296 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO92 A 470pF capacitor connected from the bypass inpu
2SA1296GR   2SA1296GR 2SA1296GR PDF Download Ground Key Detection - A low active LS TTL - com
2SA1296-GR   2SA1296-GR 2SA1296-GR PDF Download Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Posit
2SA1296-GR(TPE2)   2SA1296-GR(TPE2) 2SA1296-GR(TPE2) PDF Download TOSHIBA 07+ Port 0: Port 0 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user-c
2SA1296GRTPE2   2SA1296GRTPE2 2SA1296GRTPE2 PDF Download The minimum conversion time is determined by the
2SA1296-Y   2SA1296-Y 2SA1296-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 Any switching configuration that provides three o
2SA1297   2SA1297 2SA1297 PDF Download 袋装 This product can also be used on telephone, sign
2SA1297-GR   2SA1297-GR 2SA1297-GR PDF Download Each of the three codewheel materials offers a
2SA1297-GR(TPE4)   2SA1297-GR(TPE4) 2SA1297-GR(TPE4) PDF Download HI3 is one of the four hardware hooks for connec
2SA1297Y   2SA1297Y 2SA1297Y PDF Download Hardware Reset, active Low. Provides a hardware m
2SA1297-Y   2SA1297-Y 2SA1297-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92S Block write protection is enabled by programming
2SA1298   2SA1298 2SA1298 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the 80C186EB
2SA1298(JIY)   2SA1298(JIY) 2SA1298(JIY) PDF Download Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where the m
2SA1298/IY   2SA1298/IY 2SA1298/IY PDF Download TOSHIBA  The HYM72V32M656T8 Series are Dual In-line
2SA1298PY   2SA1298PY 2SA1298PY PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT23 Operating Temperature Range: C 40 to + 85C Very
2SA1298-V   2SA1298-V 2SA1298-V PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ SOT-23   10-bit Resolution   1.5 Gsps Samplin
2SA1298V(TE85L)   2SA1298V(TE85L) 2SA1298V(TE85L) PDF Download The DM9601 is a fully integrated and cost-effecti
2SA1298Y   2SA1298Y 2SA1298Y PDF Download SOT-23 TP 05+ The UPA826TF has two built-in low-voltage transi
2SA1298-Y   2SA1298-Y 2SA1298-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Chopper-Stabilization Technique. A limiting fact
2SA1298-Y(T)   2SA1298-Y(T) 2SA1298-Y(T) PDF Download *Absolute maximum ratings apply at 25C, unless o
2SA1298-Y(TE85L)   2SA1298-Y(TE85L) 2SA1298-Y(TE85L) PDF Download
2SA1298-Y/IY   2SA1298-Y/IY 2SA1298-Y/IY PDF Download TOSHIBA The SM5009 series are crystal oscillator module
2SA1298-Y0.8A/30V   2SA1298-Y0.8A/30V 2SA1298-Y0.8A/30V PDF Download come high impedance and the VAG Ref pin is pulle
2SA1298-YKTN2907S   2SA1298-YKTN2907S 2SA1298-YKTN2907S PDF Download B. Panasonic is endeavoring to continually impro
2SA1298YTE85L   2SA1298YTE85L 2SA1298YTE85L PDF Download OPERATION OF STEP-UP CONVERTER A step-up convert
2SA1298YTE85R   2SA1298YTE85R 2SA1298YTE85R PDF Download Both potentiometers can be connected in series (o
2SA1299   2SA1299 2SA1299 PDF Download Notes:  4. Test conditions assume signal t
2SA12H   2SA12H 2SA12H PDF Download Hitachi Formato Singola Europa 100x160 mm; interfaccia a
2SA13   2SA13 2SA13 PDF Download Hitachi Fully Specified Over Temperature Available in Th
2SA130   2SA130 2SA130 PDF Download Hitachi clocks will output on the DO pin the contents of
2SA1300   2SA1300 2SA1300 PDF Download UTC TO92 08+ The CBT6832D is a 16-bit controlled enable rate
2SA1300GR   2SA1300GR 2SA1300GR PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-92 The HYM72V32M656AT6 Series are gold plated socket
2SA1300-GR   2SA1300-GR 2SA1300-GR PDF Download TO92 TOSHIBA 03+ The differential inputs provide a full scale sel
2SA1300T/B   2SA1300T/B 2SA1300T/B PDF Download UTC O7+  tpZL15nsEnable time, high-impedance-to-low-
2SA1300T/R   2SA1300T/R 2SA1300T/R PDF Download UTC O7+ LITERATURE FULFILLMENT:  Literature Distrib
2SA1300Y   2SA1300Y 2SA1300Y PDF Download Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current @TA =
2SA1300-Y   2SA1300-Y 2SA1300-Y PDF Download TOS TO-92 To be able to use a wide frequency range for the
2SA1301   2SA1301 2SA1301 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-3PL 04+ NOTES 1See the Terminology section. 2Temperatur
2SA1301-O   2SA1301-O 2SA1301-O PDF Download TOSH TO-3P 07+/08+ As load current is reduced, the energy required
2SA1301-R   2SA1301-R 2SA1301-R PDF Download When pin 23 (FIFO/DIR) has a logic "1"
2SA1302   2SA1302 2SA1302 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-3PL 04+ Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Re
2SA1302/2SC3281   2SA1302/2SC3281 2SA1302/2SC3281 PDF Download The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are designed to operate
2SA13020   2SA13020 2SA13020 PDF Download
2SA1302-O   2SA1302-O 2SA1302-O PDF Download Toshiba Instead of the usual two-diode arrangement for e
2SA1303   2SA1303 2SA1303 PDF Download TO-3P 08+ A 1% resistor must be connected between this pin
2SA1303-O   2SA1303-O 2SA1303-O PDF Download SANKEN The HUF76112SK8 is an Application-Specific MOSFE
2SA1303-P   2SA1303-P 2SA1303-P PDF Download SANKEN NOTES: 1. All timing and jitter tolerances apply
2SA1303-Y   2SA1303-Y 2SA1303-Y PDF Download SANKEN Level adjust for video signals Video faders and
2SA1304   2SA1304 2SA1304 PDF Download TOS TO-220F 04+ NOTES: 1. Minimums guaranteed but not productio
2SA1304-Y   2SA1304-Y 2SA1304-Y PDF Download SEC TO-220 930 The error amplifier compares 1.245V to the select
2SA1305   2SA1305 2SA1305 PDF Download TO-220 08+ Information is transmitted on the serial bus in
2SA1305-S   2SA1305-S 2SA1305-S PDF Download T Phase-Lock Loop Clock Distribution 10MHz to 200M
2SA1305Y   2SA1305Y 2SA1305Y PDF Download Data Inputs/Outputs: Inputs array data during pr
2SA1306   2SA1306 2SA1306 PDF Download TOSHIBA TO-220 04+ Organization  Memory cell allay 528 ´
2SA1306A   2SA1306A 2SA1306A PDF Download TO-220 08+ The LM193 is characterized for operation from &#
2SA1306B   2SA1306B 2SA1306B PDF Download TO-220 08+ regard to the supply voltage. This device can be
2SA1306-O   2SA1306-O 2SA1306-O PDF Download The circuit shown in Figure 1 is used to balance
2SA1306-Y   2SA1306-Y 2SA1306-Y PDF Download Fabricated in high-density CMOS with 5V-tolerant
2SA1307   2SA1307 2SA1307 PDF Download TO-220 08+ To minimize noise, the X98027's analog section fe
2SA1308   2SA1308 2SA1308 PDF Download TO-220 08+ Electrical Characteristics: Unless otherwise spec
2SA1309   2SA1309 2SA1309 PDF Download PANA TO-92 nal pull-up resistor should be connected between
2SA1309A   2SA1309A 2SA1309A PDF Download TOSHIBA TOS-92 00+ The device is entirely command set compatible wi
2SA1309A-(TA)   2SA1309A-(TA) 2SA1309A-(TA) PDF Download The 128Mb SDRAM includes an AUTO REFRESH MODE,
2SA1309A0A   2SA1309A0A 2SA1309A0A PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) At the end of the rows containing the sysMEM Blo
2SA1309AQ   2SA1309AQ 2SA1309AQ PDF Download NOTE: 1. AVSS (reference ground) must be connec
2SA1309A-Q   2SA1309A-Q 2SA1309A-Q PDF Download Panasonic When WEN1 is LOW and WEN2/LD is HIGH, data is wr
2SA1309A-Q(TA)   2SA1309A-Q(TA) 2SA1309A-Q(TA) PDF Download † For execution of these commands on cycle
2SA1309A-Q/R/S   2SA1309A-Q/R/S 2SA1309A-Q/R/S PDF Download Panasonic The TMS320C62x DSPs include an on-chip memory, w
2SA1309AR   2SA1309AR 2SA1309AR PDF Download • Descriptor: The Descriptor byte determine
2SA1309A-R   2SA1309A-R 2SA1309A-R PDF Download Panasonic ♦ 3µs (max) 12-Bit Settling Time to
2SA1309-AR(T)   2SA1309-AR(T) 2SA1309-AR(T) PDF Download MAT 07+ Write all (WRAL) The Write All (WRAL) instructio
2SA1309A-R(TA)   2SA1309A-R(TA) 2SA1309A-R(TA) PDF Download   REFCK/REFCKM is the differential input PL
2SA1309ARA   2SA1309ARA 2SA1309ARA PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) The 2SA1309ARA, 2SA1309ARA, 2SA1309ARA, 2SA1309AR
2SA1309ARTA   2SA1309ARTA 2SA1309ARTA PDF Download Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
2SA1309ARTA(PRFRMD)   2SA1309ARTA(PRFRMD) 2SA1309ARTA(PRFRMD) PDF Download Preliminary markings removed Section 7: Electr
2SA1309A-S   2SA1309A-S 2SA1309A-S PDF Download Panasonic (AVCC = OVCC = 1.8V, AGND = OGND = 0, fSAMPLE = 2
2SA1309A-S(TA)   2SA1309A-S(TA) 2SA1309A-S(TA) PDF Download • Short C when two or more lines are short-
2SA1309ASTA   2SA1309ASTA 2SA1309ASTA PDF Download Buffer addressing is referenced in the datasheet
2SA1309R   2SA1309R 2SA1309R PDF Download TO-92S 00+ !Features 1) Elimination of a transformer enable
2SA1309-R   2SA1309-R 2SA1309-R PDF Download This 32-bit noninverting bus transceiver uses tw
2SA131   2SA131 2SA131 PDF Download Hitachi 7.4.3 DHCP RFC 2131, 2132 Dynamic Host Control
2SA1310   2SA1310 2SA1310 PDF Download TO-92S Parameters DC Electrical Characteristics Supply
2SA1310S   2SA1310S 2SA1310S PDF Download Reliability   Developed and manufactured i
2SA1311   2SA1311 2SA1311 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 07+(ROHS) Notes: 1. Failure criterion ; IR > 100 nA at
2SA1312   2SA1312 2SA1312 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ 1-of-4 Bidirectional Translating Switches I2C Bu
2SA1312/ABL   2SA1312/ABL 2SA1312/ABL PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 The information in this publication has been care
2SA1312BL   2SA1312BL 2SA1312BL PDF Download NOTES: (1) Junction temperature = ambient for 25
2SA1312-BL   2SA1312-BL 2SA1312-BL PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+   3.6 Certificate of compliance. For device
2SA1312-BL(TE85L)   2SA1312-BL(TE85L) 2SA1312-BL(TE85L) PDF Download
2SA1312GR   2SA1312GR 2SA1312GR PDF Download
2SA1312-GR   2SA1312-GR 2SA1312-GR PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ Connecting SHDN to GND places the 2SA1312-GR/ 2S
2SA1312-GR/ABG   2SA1312-GR/ABG 2SA1312-GR/ABG PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 Six High-Side and six Low-Side-Drivers Free conf
2SA1312GRTE85L   2SA1312GRTE85L 2SA1312GRTE85L PDF Download As an alternative, consider an AC-coupled approac
2SA1313   2SA1313 2SA1313 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23
2SA1313-V   2SA1313-V 2SA1313-V PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 95+ STOP condition at the end of a Write command tr
2SA1313Y   2SA1313Y 2SA1313Y PDF Download Each output is independently controlled by an inp
2SA1313-Y   2SA1313-Y 2SA1313-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA Case: GSIB-3G Epoxy meets UL-94V-0 Flammability
2SA1313Y(TE85L)   2SA1313Y(TE85L) 2SA1313Y(TE85L) PDF Download When accessing the FM25L16, the user addresses
2SA1313-Y(TE85L)   2SA1313-Y(TE85L) 2SA1313-Y(TE85L) PDF Download received on the OBD connection. This command sh