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Notes: 1. CL includes probe and jig capacitance. 2. Waveform 1 is for an output with internal conditions such that the output is LOW except when disabled by the output control.   Waveform 2 is for an output with internal conditions such that the output is HIGH except when disabled by the output control. 3. All input pulses are supplied by generators having the following characteristics: PRR<10MHz, ZO = 50Ω, tr 2.5ns, tf 2.5ns. 4. The outputs are measured one at a time with one transition per measurement. 5. tPLZ and tPHZ are the same as tdis. 6. tPZL and tPZH are the same as ten. 7. tPLH and tPHL are the same as tpd.
Electrical Characteristics iTc=25Ž unless otherwise specifiedj   ItemSymbolConditions Forward VoltageIF=15A, Pulse measurement, Rating of per diodeVF Reverse CurrentVR=150V, Pulse measurement, Rating of per diodeIR Junction Capacitancef=1MHz, VR=10V, Rating of per diodeCj Thermal ResistanceÆjc junction to case
Regulates voltage over a broad operating   current and temperature range Selection from 2.4 to 12 V Standard voltage tolerances are plus/minus 5%   with A suffix identification and 10 % with no suffix Tight tolerances available in plus or minus 2%   or 1% with C or D suffix respectively Flexible axial-lead mounting terminals Nonsensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 Method 1020 Minimal capacitance (see Figure 3) Inherently radiation hard as described in Microsemi MicroNote 050
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
51T10023W01   51T10023W01 51T10023W01 PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The advent of cheaper and more powerful personal
51T15029Y03-O   51T15029Y03-O 51T15029Y03-O PDF Download PROCESSR TQFP/80 05/06+ When the FPGA is in Express or SelectMAP Mode, a
51T15204Y02   51T15204Y02 51T15204Y02 PDF Download LPINE QFP-80 The transmit/receive (T/R) input determines the
51T15343Y01-0   51T15343Y01-0 51T15343Y01-0 PDF Download  − Dynamic Range:   − 132
51T15510Y01-A45   51T15510Y01-A45 51T15510Y01-A45 PDF Download VOLVO QFP 2000 Notes: 1. These values apply for all valid proc
51T15515W03   51T15515W03 51T15515W03 PDF Download Synchronous byte write enables. Each 9-bit byte h
51T15537Y01   51T15537Y01 51T15537Y01 PDF Download JAPAN QFP-80 Unless otherwise specified: -40C < TAMB <
51T15551Y01-541   51T15551Y01-541 51T15551Y01-541 PDF Download The PWM waveform generated by the IXDP610 result
51T15552Y02   51T15552Y02 51T15552Y02 PDF Download QFP 2001 ASYNCHRONOUS OPERATION For asynchronous operati
51T15626Y01   51T15626Y01 51T15626Y01 PDF Download ALPINE QFP/80 05/06+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStarɽ
51T15739W03   51T15739W03 51T15739W03 PDF Download ALPINE QFP-64 DC CHARACTERISTICS RHEOSTAT MODE Specifications
51T25090Y01-A77   51T25090Y01-A77 51T25090Y01-A77 PDF Download NEC TQFP/80 The HI-5701 is a monolithic, 6-bit, CMOS flash A
51T25260Y04   51T25260Y04 51T25260Y04 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP NOTES:2944 tbl 04 1. Stresses greater than thos
51T25319Y01-0   51T25319Y01-0 51T25319Y01-0 PDF Download layout, a frequency counter capable of less than
51T25348Y01-A81   51T25348Y01-A81 51T25348Y01-A81 PDF Download processor QFP 2000 NanoStar and NanoFree Packages L
51T25348Y02   51T25348Y02 51T25348Y02 PDF Download Nominal 5V output without adjusting Output adju
51T25348Y02B15   51T25348Y02B15 51T25348Y02B15 PDF Download PROCESSOR QFP 01+ 1. 1-channel (Form A) in super minia- ture desig
51T25384Y01   51T25384Y01 51T25384Y01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
51T25585Y02   51T25585Y02 51T25585Y02 PDF Download NEC QFP 02+ 1. Corrected the errataJan. 10, 2005 2. Revised
51T25622Y01   51T25622Y01 51T25622Y01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP 10EP circuits are designed to meet the DC specif
51T25669Y03-678   51T25669Y03-678 51T25669Y03-678 PDF Download NEC QFP/64 the address pins (A0 through A18). If Byte Enabl
51T25679W01   51T25679W01 51T25679W01 PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • Typic
51T25723Y01   51T25723Y01 51T25723Y01 PDF Download If you have any marketing or sales questions, ple
51T25723Y01-082   51T25723Y01-082 51T25723Y01-082 PDF Download JAPAN TQFP-100 3 This is the continuous current drawn from the s
51T25735Y01-081   51T25735Y01-081 51T25735Y01-081 PDF Download JAPAN TQFP-100 Under normal device operation, when the PLL is l
51T25735Y02   51T25735Y02 51T25735Y02 PDF Download The device features simultaneous read/write op-
51T25735Y02-092   51T25735Y02-092 51T25735Y02-092 PDF Download JAPAN TQFP-100 Condition All outputs enabled. Audio clock (pin
51T25784W03   51T25784W03 51T25784W03 PDF Download ALPINE DIP/28 02+ PSCK and ASCK are the clocks for the PCM and ADP
51T2579W02   51T2579W02 51T2579W02 PDF Download ALPINE 04+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
51T35022W04   51T35022W04 51T35022W04 PDF Download ALP91 0725+  tpLZ8nsDisable time, low-level-to-high-impe
51T35170W01   51T35170W01 51T35170W01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP 03+ As a alternative to a full chip erase, the devic
51T35173Y02   51T35173Y02 51T35173Y02 PDF Download This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 4,
51T35231W02   51T35231W02 51T35231W02 PDF Download LUXMAN DIP42 92 The device operates from a 32.768 kHz crystal wi
51T35255Y01   51T35255Y01 51T35255Y01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP • Linear Regulator   − 3.3 V 2%
51T35278Y01   51T35278Y01 51T35278Y01 PDF Download NEC N/A 99+   This Logic Level Vertical Power MOSFET is
51T35297Y01   51T35297Y01 51T35297Y01 PDF Download ALPINE BGA 6+ Note 4: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
51T35313Y01   51T35313Y01 51T35313Y01 PDF Download LPINE 00+ TQFP-100 CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge. SCL
51T3592Y03   51T3592Y03 51T3592Y03 PDF Download PROCESSLR QFP 07+/08+ Internal sample-and-hold Internal Reference Ca
51T45246Y05   51T45246Y05 51T45246Y05 PDF Download ALPINE QFP-100P 07+ Notes: 1. D Q -to-I/O wiring is shown as recom m
51T45301Y02-136   51T45301Y02-136 51T45301Y02-136 PDF Download 2001 address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
51T45301Y04-182   51T45301Y04-182 51T45301Y04-182 PDF Download NEC TQFP/100 Collector-Emitter Cutoff Current  VCE = 50
51T45302Y02   51T45302Y02 51T45302Y02 PDF Download NEC 99+ 原装 The 51T45302Y02 supports the following functions:
51T45654Y01   51T45654Y01 51T45654Y01 PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ Notes 1. Current Transfer Ratio is define
51T45654Y02   51T45654Y02 51T45654Y02 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP The parameter tOH indicates the system compatibil
51T4586Y03   51T4586Y03 51T4586Y03 PDF Download   The power dissipation of the SCC70/SOTC323
51T55106Y01   51T55106Y01 51T55106Y01 PDF Download QFP 03+ ♦ 72dB ACLR at fOUT = 61.44MHz (Single-Carr
51T55187Y01-B42   51T55187Y01-B42 51T55187Y01-B42 PDF Download QFP 05+ The SLC90E66 supports two IDE channels for up to
51T55232Y01   51T55232Y01 51T55232Y01 PDF Download NEC QFP 06/07+ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed under Absol
51T55249Y03-O   51T55249Y03-O 51T55249Y03-O PDF Download AI 02+ 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
51T55299Y01   51T55299Y01 51T55299Y01 PDF Download ALPINE TQFP-100P 07+ 1. 1.4V to 1.4V. Ta = 2 0 C . The characteristics
51T55359Y01   51T55359Y01 51T55359Y01 PDF Download N/A TQFP 07+ The 224 I/O cells are grouped into 14 sets of 16
51T55376Y01-0   51T55376Y01-0 51T55376Y01-0 PDF Download Parameter POWER REQUIREMENTS   VCC  
51T55395W01   51T55395W01 51T55395W01 PDF Download NEC DIP-42 07+/08+ This document is a general product description an
51T55415Y02-221   51T55415Y02-221 51T55415Y02-221 PDF Download NEC TQFP/100 Serializer-Deserializer Building-Block Chip Fami
51T55420Y01   51T55420Y01 51T55420Y01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP The TS831 ultra low power integrated circuit inc
51T55485W02   51T55485W02 51T55485W02 PDF Download The level output pin provides a signal with twic
51T55568Y01   51T55568Y01 51T55568Y01 PDF Download PANASONIC QFP Wide frequency range Ð 0.01 Hz to 300 kHz W
51T55634Y02   51T55634Y02 51T55634Y02 PDF Download PROCESSR 03+
51T55635Y02   51T55635Y02 51T55635Y02 PDF Download RENESAS TQFP/100 03+ The TI380PCIA provides a glueless interface betw
51T55635Y02-220   51T55635Y02-220 51T55635Y02-220 PDF Download NEC TQFP/100 Note 1: Stress above those listed under Absolute
51T65183Y01   51T65183Y01 51T65183Y01 PDF Download RENESAS TQFP/80 04+ Notes 1. DC Current Transfer Ratio (CTRCE) is d
51T65184Y   51T65184Y 51T65184Y PDF Download Other considerations are the Fanout and Loading
51T65268Y02   51T65268Y02 51T65268Y02 PDF Download ALPINE QFP/100 04+ The Harris 51T65268Y02, 51T65268Y02, logic gates
51T65268Y02-624   51T65268Y02-624 51T65268Y02-624 PDF Download ALPINE QFP/100 04+ VBIAS (VCC, VBS) = 12V, CL = 1000 pF, and TA = 25
51T65312Y02   51T65312Y02 51T65312Y02 PDF Download RENESAS TQFP/100 03+ Toggle bit (DQ6). The M28LV16 offers another way
51T65322Y01   51T65322Y01 51T65322Y01 PDF Download The C channel has no pulldown current sources an
51T65357W01   51T65357W01 51T65357W01 PDF Download In most applications the input coupling capacito
51T6543W01   51T6543W01 51T6543W01 PDF Download ALPINE QFP/208 99+ The ISSI IS62LV12816LL is a high-speed, 2,097,15
51T65470W02   51T65470W02 51T65470W02 PDF Download   To ensure that the tight skew specificatio
51T65471W01   51T65471W01 51T65471W01 PDF Download RSTA/RSTB (Pins 6, 15): Card Socket. The RSTA/RST
51T65479W01   51T65479W01 51T65479W01 PDF Download processor QFP 96+ Ferrite Beads, Fair Rite 0.6 C 4.5 pF Variable
51T65502W03-E22   51T65502W03-E22 51T65502W03-E22 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Specification applies at code 00AH an
51T65505Y04-0   51T65505Y04-0 51T65505Y04-0 PDF Download PROCESSR 06+ The Programmable Interconnect Matrix (PIM) connec
51T65505Y04-A   51T65505Y04-A 51T65505Y04-A PDF Download Panasonic TQFP 2005   Please read Application Note 1 "Gener
51T65505Y08-A   51T65505Y08-A 51T65505Y08-A PDF Download Panasonic TQFP 2005 4. The output stage consists of class AB complem
51T65505Y12   51T65505Y12 51T65505Y12 PDF Download ALPINE TQFP 07+ The Rambus® RIMMTM module is a general purpos
51T72356F04   51T72356F04 51T72356F04 PDF Download Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
51T73216F04   51T73216F04 51T73216F04 PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ The power-fail comparator is an independent comp
51T73216T-01   51T73216T-01 51T73216T-01 PDF Download The 51T73216T-01 is an IEEE1394-1995 and P1394a
51T75083W03-315   51T75083W03-315 51T75083W03-315 PDF Download NEC QFP/80 Typical Applications • Vibration Monitorin
51T75153W01   51T75153W01 51T75153W01 PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
51T75175W01   51T75175W01 51T75175W01 PDF Download CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
51T75218Y02-178   51T75218Y02-178 51T75218Y02-178 PDF Download processor QFP 0429(0431) Six of the 32 registers can be used as three 16-
51T75262Y01   51T75262Y01 51T75262Y01 PDF Download PROCESSOR 04+ time exhibits drift characteristics of the best
51T75265Y03-A   51T75265Y03-A 51T75265Y03-A PDF Download PROCESSOR 05+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
51T75301Y01   51T75301Y01 51T75301Y01 PDF Download ALPINE QFP/100 04+ When multiple inputs are programmed to be connec
51T75340Y03   51T75340Y03 51T75340Y03 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
51T75420Y01   51T75420Y01 51T75420Y01 PDF Download 6 QFP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
51T75420Y01-230   51T75420Y01-230 51T75420Y01-230 PDF Download NEC TQFP/100 05+ NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
51T82259F   51T82259F 51T82259F PDF Download N/A DIP 2006 VBIAS (VCC , VBS1,2,3) = 15V, VS0,1,2,3 = VSS an
51T82259F07   51T82259F07 51T82259F07 PDF Download N/A DIP 2006 Temperature data is converted from the on-chip
51T85132W01   51T85132W01 51T85132W01 PDF Download High Power Switching Regulator Controller for 3.
51T85179W01   51T85179W01 51T85179W01 PDF Download • When the processor power supply voltage
51T8520W04   51T8520W04 51T8520W04 PDF Download LPINE QFP-80   Proper operation requires the use of two
51T85242W01-695   51T85242W01-695 51T85242W01-695 PDF Download NEC QFP/64 The STA304A Digital Audio Processor is a single
51T85331W01   51T85331W01 51T85331W01 PDF Download PROCESSR 97+ These three terminal negative regulators are sup
51T85395W01   51T85395W01 51T85395W01 PDF Download   The 51T85395W01 is a bipolar monolithic i
51T85523W03   51T85523W03 51T85523W03 PDF Download PROCESSR QFP/80 01+ In the MQ photoelectric sensor area reflective
51T85524W03   51T85524W03 51T85524W03 PDF Download NEC N/A 99+ Notes: 5. CX1 must be placed within 0.7 cm of t
51T93062F03   51T93062F03 51T93062F03 PDF Download
51T95014W02   51T95014W02 51T95014W02 PDF Download All voltages are referenced to VSS. Operating VI
51T95031W01   51T95031W01 51T95031W01 PDF Download PROCESSOR QFP-64 00+ Figure 6. Block diagram of the 2 GHz production
51T95179W01   51T95179W01 51T95179W01 PDF Download   POWER GROUND. Terminals 7 through 17 and
51T95246W01   51T95246W01 51T95246W01 PDF Download with serial programming. The flags are updated ac
51T95304W01   51T95304W01 51T95304W01 PDF Download Acknowledge The Acknowledge takes place after t
51T95308W01-794   51T95308W01-794 51T95308W01-794 PDF Download QFP 05+ International Rectifier radiation hardened HEXFE
51T95347W02   51T95347W02 51T95347W02 PDF Download PROCESSR QFP/64 97+ CAS Detection Early Steering (CMOS Output). Acti
51TD2V4   51TD2V4 51TD2V4 PDF Download MXIC Flash technology reliably stores memory con
51TI   51TI 51TI PDF Download SHARP SOP8 13. LOCAL/DISTANT SELECTOR (L/D)   Press th
51TVI-L16CB   51TVI-L16CB 51TVI-L16CB PDF Download TEMIC PLCC Thermocompression bonding is recommended. Weldin
51TVM-L16CA   51TVM-L16CA 51TVM-L16CA PDF Download Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
51TWE-12CB   51TWE-12CB 51TWE-12CB PDF Download Certain applications and/or safety agencies may r
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