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3.3 Reference and Clock An internal bandgap circuit is used to generate all necessary reference voltages and currents. The on-chip crystal oscillator is used to generate 20MHz reference clocks for the internal circuits. For precision clock generation, a 20MHz-30 100ppm crystal should be used. And two 30pF load capacitors should be connected from X1 and X2 to ground, respectively. If an external clock source is used, it should be applied to X1 while X2 is grounded.
Common I O for reduced pin count Four operation modes shift left shift right parallel load and store Separate continuous inputs and outputs from Q0 and Q7 allow easy cascading Fully synchronous reset TRI-STATE outputs for bus oriented applications
In operation, the HCPL-7860/ HCPL-786J Isolated Modulator (optocoupler with 3750 VRMS dielectric withstand voltage rating) converts a low- bandwidth analog input into a high-speed one-bit data stream by means of a Sigma-Delta (− ∆) over-sampling modulator. This modulation provides for high noise margins and excellent immunity against isolation-mode transients. The modulator data and on-chip sampling clock are encoded and transmitted across the isolation boundary where they are recovered and decoded into separate high-speed clock and data channels.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
73M1450-IH   73M1450-IH 73M1450-IH PDF Download TDK 05+ PLCC The FAN7382 is a monolithic half-bridge gate dri
73M1550-ICX   73M1550-ICX 73M1550-ICX PDF Download TDK CDIP All voltages are referenced to VSS = 0 V (ground
73M1550IH   73M1550IH 73M1550IH PDF Download   MAX312CUE0C to +70C16 TSSOP   MAX312
73M1550-IH   73M1550-IH 73M1550-IH PDF Download 9636 Most of us think of an offset as a constant para
73M1550IP   73M1550IP 73M1550IP PDF Download The K7M803625B and K7M801825B are   9,437,1
73M1550-IP   73M1550-IP 73M1550-IP PDF Download TDK The DDU4C relies on a stable power supply to pro
73M1903M   73M1903M 73M1903M PDF Download QFN 08+ New Low Profile TSSOP−8 Package Ultra Low
73M2091-32IH   73M2091-32IH 73M2091-32IH PDF Download The crypt key generation typically inputs the tr
73M214   73M214 73M214 PDF Download TDK PLCC28 03/+04+ nanoseconds at the processor pins, which translat
73M214AIH   73M214AIH 73M214AIH PDF Download Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
73M214A-IH   73M214A-IH 73M214A-IH PDF Download TDK 07+ The EB1175 evaluation board is available to aid
73M214A-IN   73M214A-IN 73M214A-IN PDF Download PLCC-28  • Asynchronous/Isosynchronous Modes
73M214A-IP   73M214A-IP 73M214A-IP PDF Download TDK DIP 06+ At the time of receiving the Counter Latch Comman
73M214-CP   73M214-CP 73M214-CP PDF Download TDK DIP-28 6 Defined as in ISO 10483-1. For comparison purpo
73M214-IH   73M214-IH 73M214-IH PDF Download PLCC 28
73M214-IP   73M214-IP 73M214-IP PDF Download TDK DIP 06+ The SOT-223 package is designed for surface-moun
73M223   73M223 73M223 PDF Download TDK new   C 5V Read   C 5V Reprogramming Fast
73M223-CL   73M223-CL 73M223-CL PDF Download TDK 01+ SOP16 The Fairchild Switch FSTU3253 is a dual 4:1 high
73M223-CP   73M223-CP 73M223-CP PDF Download TDK DIP-16 N/A NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
73M2450-IH   73M2450-IH 73M2450-IH PDF Download PLCC 28 The accumulator closely relates to ALU operations
73M2550   73M2550 73M2550 PDF Download TDK PLCC 03+/04+ In cases where the electrode is placed behind a
73M2550IG   73M2550IG 73M2550IG PDF Download PQFP52 2007+ *Stresses above those listed under "Absolut
73M2550-IH   73M2550-IH 73M2550-IH PDF Download TDK PLCC D0 - D4 (DAC Digital Input Control Codes): These
73M2901   73M2901 73M2901 PDF Download TDK PLCC32 03/+04+ 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOL
73M2901-321H   73M2901-321H 73M2901-321H PDF Download TDK PLCC 02+
73M290132IH   73M290132IH 73M290132IH PDF Download Notes: 1. In-Band EI 115.2 kb/s and MIR_SEL=0
73M2901-32IH   73M2901-32IH 73M2901-32IH PDF Download TDK 01 The bq2000 is a programmable, monolithic IC for
73M2901-32IH/5   73M2901-32IH/5 73M2901-32IH/5 PDF Download TDK new HIGH SPEED: tPD = 3.0ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW
73M2901-68IH   73M2901-68IH 73M2901-68IH PDF Download TDK . The 6N137, HCPL-2601/2611 single-channel and HCP
73M2901CE-IGV/F   73M2901CE-IGV/F 73M2901CE-IGV/F PDF Download TERIDIAN TQFP32 0720+ The TMS320VC5402 fixed-point, digital signal pro
73M2901C-IGT   73M2901C-IGT 73M2901C-IGT PDF Download TDK QFP44 03+ The 73M2901C-IGT is designed for use in Ethernet
73M2901C-IH   73M2901C-IH 73M2901C-IH PDF Download TDK PLCC 415 Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
73M2901CLIGT   73M2901CLIGT 73M2901CLIGT PDF Download TDK 2007 Upon a UV condition the PGOOD signal will pull lo
73M2901CL-IGT   73M2901CL-IGT 73M2901CL-IGT PDF Download TDK QFP 0452+ SM5212E begin a 4-word transmission cycle upon re
73M2901CL-IGV   73M2901CL-IGV 73M2901CL-IGV PDF Download For M74HC4020 twelve kind of divided output are
73M2901CLIH   73M2901CLIH 73M2901CLIH PDF Download TOK PLCC32 AMDs unique I/O macrocell offers major benefits
73M2901CL-IH   73M2901CL-IH 73M2901CL-IH PDF Download TDK 2007 The ADSP-BF535 processor is a member of the Blac
73M2901IGT   73M2901IGT 73M2901IGT PDF Download Anticollision mode, which is used only in long r
73M2901-IGT   73M2901-IGT 73M2901-IGT PDF Download TDK 02+ The OPA342 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational
73M2901-IGT/5   73M2901-IGT/5 73M2901-IGT/5 PDF Download TDK new Choice of three bright colors Standard T-1&frac
73M2910-1G   73M2910-1G 73M2910-1G PDF Download JTS QFP100 Advanced oxide-isolated ion-implanted Schottky T
73M2910AIG   73M2910AIG 73M2910AIG PDF Download DESCRIPTION The ACS120 belongs to the AC line s
73M2910C-1G   73M2910C-1G 73M2910C-1G PDF Download TDK 07+ 2. Handling In order to avoid damage to beam l
73M2910CIG   73M2910CIG 73M2910CIG PDF Download   Serial data at 2048 kbit/s is received at
73M2910C-IG   73M2910C-IG 73M2910C-IG PDF Download TDK 2007 To protect against load faults, the regulators i
73M2910IG   73M2910IG 73M2910IG PDF Download Power Diode Module DD40F series are designed for
73M2910-IG   73M2910-IG 73M2910-IG PDF Download QFP100 08+
73M2910L-1G   73M2910L-1G 73M2910L-1G PDF Download TDK QFP 04+   Designed for PCN and PCS base station appl
73M2910L-IG   73M2910L-IG 73M2910L-IG PDF Download TDK QFP N/A The device is entirely command set compatible wi
73M2912   73M2912 73M2912 PDF Download QFP 94 Length is measured from the mounting surface to
73M2912-IGT   73M2912-IGT 73M2912-IGT PDF Download 07+ The MAX4763/MAX4765 include a comparator that can
73M2918-1GT   73M2918-1GT 73M2918-1GT PDF Download TDK QFP 04+ Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI
73M2918-IGT   73M2918-IGT 73M2918-IGT PDF Download TQ100 Operating voltage: +5.0V Programming voltage C
73M2921IG   73M2921IG 73M2921IG PDF Download DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
73M2921-IG   73M2921-IG 73M2921-IG PDF Download TDK QFP128 Mono-channel multi-level D/A converter High perf
73M3522-CP   73M3522-CP 73M3522-CP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A cation code as determined by inventory requirem
73M373-IL   73M373-IL 73M373-IL PDF Download SSI SOP18W 2007+ To attain NFmin condition, some simple external
73M376-CH   73M376-CH 73M376-CH PDF Download TDK PLCC N/A Power Supply for the RF Section. Decoupling capa
73M376-CV   73M376-CV 73M376-CV PDF Download IC SOP Protection circuitry is provided onboard for ove
73M450-IH   73M450-IH 73M450-IH PDF Download S PLCC Vishay Semiconductors offers a wide range of sem
73M450-IP   73M450-IP 73M450-IP PDF Download Quad channel Low-Side-Switch (2x5A/2x3A) in Smart
73M450L-IH   73M450L-IH 73M450L-IH PDF Download PLCC 44 The codewheel rotates between the emitter and
73M-471   73M-471 73M-471 PDF Download The LCX74 is a dual D-type flip-flop with Asynch
73M550-IGT   73M550-IGT 73M550-IGT PDF Download TDK QFP-48 PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
73M550IH   73M550IH 73M550IH PDF Download • Molded construction provides superior str
73M550-IH   73M550-IH 73M550-IH PDF Download TDK 07+ The K7N803645B and K7N801845B are 9,437,184 bits
73M550IP   73M550IP 73M550IP PDF Download Power ground. High current return for the low-si
73M550-IP   73M550-IP 73M550-IP PDF Download TDK DIP 07+ • Interfaces directly to a single-scan pan
73M801ABT   73M801ABT 73M801ABT PDF Download HITAICH BGA Both the twisted pair A (TPA) and the twisted pa
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