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Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
88.5X46X0.8FR4   88.5X46X0.8FR4 88.5X46X0.8FR4 PDF Download • 5 Ω typical ron • Pull-up on B
8800   8800 8800 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR2233S The total power dissipated by the HVDD supply ma
8800/7018/0504   8800/7018/0504 8800/7018/0504 PDF Download AMIS Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® pack
880-00   880-00 880-00 PDF Download INFINEON 2008   The Motorola AM26LS31 is a quad differenti
8800-001   8800-001 8800-001 PDF Download AMI SOP28 04+ To achieve the specified performance, pay careful
8800-001/51R43318U01   8800-001/51R43318U01 8800-001/51R43318U01 PDF Download AMIS SOP-28P 02+ OSC1 and OSC2 are connected to an RC network or a
88-0002-OOREV   88-0002-OOREV 88-0002-OOREV PDF Download The OP281/OP481 are specified over the extended
880020KQ   880020KQ 880020KQ PDF Download receive are fully independent. It has 6 kbytes of
880026   880026 880026 PDF Download FIGURES Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure
8800-7018-0504   8800-7018-0504 8800-7018-0504 PDF Download AMIS PLCC28 07+ (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
88009-015   88009-015 88009-015 PDF Download DIP 01+ Input/Output Capacitors: The PT6440 regulator ser
8800F   8800F 8800F PDF Download AD DIP   2.3 Order of precedence. In the event of
880-1   880-1 880-1 PDF Download PSSR 06+ 500 IN2 is connected to Pin 16 (VCCA). A ferrite ante
8801-001CA   8801-001CA 8801-001CA PDF Download N/A TQFP 07+ signal Once the input exceeds the squelch requir
880125/   880125/ 880125/ PDF Download   downloaded externally. n The parameter co
8801A04   8801A04 8801A04 PDF Download RST Pin   The RST pin is normally driven h
8801A04K45   8801A04K45 8801A04K45 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
8801A07L55   8801A07L55 8801A07L55 PDF Download The MBM29DL16XTE/BE are a 16M-bit, 3.0 V-only Fl
8801A12R65   8801A12R65 8801A12R65 PDF Download A detailed block diagram of the UCC3941 is shown
8801CPCNG5CR6   8801CPCNG5CR6 8801CPCNG5CR6 PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2.
8801XZU   8801XZU 8801XZU PDF Download ST DIP • 0.23 µm Process Technology •
880-2   880-2 880-2 PDF Download Chrominance Output A 75 Ω termination resi
88-0268-01   88-0268-01 88-0268-01 PDF Download N/A QFP The external magnetic field component perpendicu
8802C   8802C 8802C PDF Download Transmitter Input Reference Voltage. This output
8802KK   8802KK 8802KK PDF Download MBM29DL16XTE/BE are organized into two banks, Ba
8802SC   8802SC 8802SC PDF Download TECHNICS SOP32 The MSK 5115 series of voltage regulators are eq
8802SC39.0   8802SC39.0 8802SC39.0 PDF Download TECHHICS 94 Physical Layer The physical layer interface is
8803   8803 8803 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SMD 2004 Powerful cross-development tools are available fr
8803CPAN-3GV1   8803CPAN-3GV1 8803CPAN-3GV1 PDF Download N/A TOSHIBA 04+ Programmable) versions are available (COP8SGx7 F
8803CPAN-3JP1   8803CPAN-3JP1 8803CPAN-3JP1 PDF Download N/A TOSHIBA 04+ Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage  IE = 25 mA
8803CPAN-3PE8   8803CPAN-3PE8 8803CPAN-3PE8 PDF Download The device consists of two sections: an RF detec
8803CPANG3UH5   8803CPANG3UH5 8803CPANG3UH5 PDF Download The serializer outputs (DO) can drive point-to-p
8803CPBNG3GV1   8803CPBNG3GV1 8803CPBNG3GV1 PDF Download Two temperature compensated Programmable Current
8803CPBNG3RA8   8803CPBNG3RA8 8803CPBNG3RA8 PDF Download Notes: *1. The input voltage is VCC + 2.0V when
8803CPBNG3VD2   8803CPBNG3VD2 8803CPBNG3VD2 PDF Download HAIER DIP High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA Four exter
8803CPBNG3VG6   8803CPBNG3VG6 8803CPBNG3VG6 PDF Download HISENSE DIP64 06+ Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are those beyond
8803CPBNG4GJ2   8803CPBNG4GJ2 8803CPBNG4GJ2 PDF Download N/A TOSHIBA 04+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
8803CPN-3GV1   8803CPN-3GV1 8803CPN-3GV1 PDF Download AMD MirrorBit flash technology combines years of
8803CRBNG4F11   8803CRBNG4F11 8803CRBNG4F11 PDF Download N/A TOSHIBA 04+ The HYM71V73C3201 N-Series are Dual In-line Memor
8803CRBNG4GK7   8803CRBNG4GK7 8803CRBNG4GK7 PDF Download N/A TCL 04+ Note 2: These specifications apply for −55&
8803CSBNG3VJ   8803CSBNG3VJ 8803CSBNG3VJ PDF Download Converts ARINC levels to serial data Adjustable
8803ETP   8803ETP 8803ETP PDF Download Short-circuit current is internally limited. The
8803FM   8803FM 8803FM PDF Download Analog output. The output signal has a maximum a
8804   8804 8804 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IR2301 to gate A) for about 4ms, to attempt to span the
88041-01   88041-01 88041-01 PDF Download The CDC7005 is a high-performance, low-phase noi
88043-02   88043-02 88043-02 PDF Download The DS1265W provides full functional capability f
88-0433-01(L2B0993)   88-0433-01(L2B0993) 88-0433-01(L2B0993) PDF Download cisco 2007
88044-01   88044-01 88044-01 PDF Download Line Input: Differential AMI inputs to the chip.
880482   880482 880482 PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTUD16211 provides 24-bits
8804R1N   8804R1N 8804R1N PDF Download Average Rectified Current   .375 " l
88058   88058 88058 PDF Download
8805A01430   8805A01430 8805A01430 PDF Download The 512K EPROM and OTP PROM are programmed using
8805A0144   8805A0144 8805A0144 PDF Download The 0.25 µm 3 Volt Advanced+ Boot Block, m
8805T   8805T 8805T PDF Download Memory Interface   • 16-bit EDO-DRAM
8806   8806 8806 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR2301SPBF All parameters tested at a single temperature. Sp
88061-01   88061-01 88061-01 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
88065-01   88065-01 88065-01 PDF Download Information furnished by MEMSIC is believed to b
8806TAN   8806TAN 8806TAN PDF Download Bypass all power supplies, as well as the REFERE
8807   8807 8807 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SOP-8 04+   Designed for broadband commercial and ind
8807-120-170L   8807-120-170L 8807-120-170L PDF Download plex and has many nodes charging and discharging
88074-015   88074-015 88074-015 PDF Download  90C. •Dynamic performances (di/dt an
8807AEHA   8807AEHA 8807AEHA PDF Download 01+ SOP8 The PWM signal is the control input for the driv
8807HEHA   8807HEHA 8807HEHA PDF Download 2008   The UB Series logic gates are constructed
8808   8808 8808 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR2304STR Both, the TLE 6250 G as well as the TLE 6250 C o
88082-5   88082-5 88082-5 PDF Download
8808P   8808P 8808P PDF Download AMSTRAD DIP 07+ 1. Obtaining fully specified performance from th
8809   8809 8809 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR2520D Serial Data (SDA) SDA is a bidirectional pin us
88096-102   88096-102 88096-102 PDF Download The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are Dual In-line Me
8809AEHA   8809AEHA 8809AEHA PDF Download N/A SOP8 * The Toshiba products listed in this document ar
8809AEHA/BEHA   8809AEHA/BEHA 8809AEHA/BEHA PDF Download 04+ SMD d) Figure 4 shows the load terminated at point A
8809BEHA   8809BEHA 8809BEHA PDF Download N/A SOP8 N/A An output enable (OE) pin is provided to three-s
8809CPBNG4F62   8809CPBNG4F62 8809CPBNG4F62 PDF Download CA/CB/CC High-side connections for the bootstra
8809CSBNG3VP4   8809CSBNG3VP4 8809CSBNG3VP4 PDF Download Atmel can accept Register Transfer level (RTL) d
8809CSBNG4F10   8809CSBNG4F10 8809CSBNG4F10 PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
8809CSBNG4H99   8809CSBNG4H99 8809CSBNG4H99 PDF Download TOSIHBA DIP DIP These BCD-to-decimal decoders drivers consist of
8809D   8809D 8809D PDF Download SOP16 Note 1: This value is kept on the internal data
880A   880A 880A PDF Download • High speed CMOS logic hex non-inverting
880PA   880PA 880PA PDF Download RF C, RF+ (Pins 10, 11): Differential RF Outputs.
881.5MHS   881.5MHS 881.5MHS PDF Download Update to speed.txt file 1.96. Corrections for C
881.5MHZ   881.5MHZ 881.5MHZ PDF Download JAT 4532 05+   The ISTS970 and ISTS971 series of transmi
8810   8810 8810 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IR2520DPBF The XC5200 family provides a flexible coupling o
88101   88101 88101 PDF Download FUJITSU 06+ The LMP7711 is a low noise, low offset, CMOS inp
88101A   88101A 88101A PDF Download Data Strobe: Output with read data, input with wr
88102   88102 88102 PDF Download FUJ TSSOP-20 Each port has a current-limited 100-mΩ N-
8811   8811 8811 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IR2520DSTR The 8811 is a Flash memory device designed for u
881-1   881-1 881-1 PDF Download NEC DIP SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram
881112-10210   881112-10210 881112-10210 PDF Download AISIN SOP-32 ternational Airport Industrial Park • Maili
881113-10021   881113-10021 881113-10021 PDF Download
88-118-100-02M   88-118-100-02M 88-118-100-02M PDF Download 05+ Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which da
8811810208M   8811810208M 8811810208M PDF Download • Serial Presence Detect with Serial E2PROM
8811822208M   8811822208M 8811822208M PDF Download The LP2950-5.0 is available in the surface-mount
8811822208W   8811822208W 8811822208W PDF Download   There are two possible timing modes of op
8812   8812 8812 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR2520DSTRPBF NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
88120   88120 88120 PDF Download N/A NSC 04+ 88120 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational ampli
8812040170L   8812040170L 8812040170L PDF Download RFT6100 Device Features • Reduction in com
8812060170L   8812060170L 8812060170L PDF Download Synchronous active low chip enable. CE1 and CE2 a
8812068170L   8812068170L 8812068170L PDF Download  The HYM72V32636H(L)T8 Series are Dual In-l
8812110008W   8812110008W 8812110008W PDF Download Differential or single-ended clock input signal.
8812110108G   8812110108G 8812110108G PDF Download Tripler Voltage stepup is performed by charging
8812110108W   8812110108W 8812110108W PDF Download The specification contains ADVANCE INFORMATION.
8812110208W   8812110208W 8812110208W PDF Download Also See: • HEDS-9000/HEDS-9100  
8812110408W   8812110408W 8812110408W PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
8812112208W   8812112208W 8812112208W PDF Download 184-pin 1mm pin spacing Card Size: 133.35mm x
8812112408W   8812112408W 8812112408W PDF Download VBBOutput reference voltage-1.38-1.22VIBB = 0.4
8812115208W   8812115208W 8812115208W PDF Download The MC68HC001 provides a functional extension to
8812118108W   8812118108W 8812118108W PDF Download The Customer should ensure that it has the most
8812118308W   8812118308W 8812118308W PDF Download The 8812118308W architecture is illustrated in F
8812121   8812121 8812121 PDF Download AISIN 05+   The Driver-Plus Board, shown in figure 3,
8812122108W   8812122108W 8812122108W PDF Download Ultra-low power consumption, quiet,   pump
8812127208G   8812127208G 8812127208G PDF Download High Speed: tPD = 3.5 ns (Typ) at VCC = 5 V Low
8812127208W   8812127208W 8812127208W PDF Download 3.3V supply for low power with 5V tolerant I/Os
8812133308W   8812133308W 8812133308W PDF Download Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
8812147208W   8812147208W 8812147208W PDF Download Note 2: Operating ratings indicate conditions for
8812147308W   8812147308W 8812147308W PDF Download 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration o
88121564089   88121564089 88121564089 PDF Download The device incorporates auto-calibration and buil
8812168108W   8812168108W 8812168108W PDF Download Serial Clock (SCL). This input signal is used to
8812182208W   8812182208W 8812182208W PDF Download ∗1 Indications of substrate voltage (VSUB)
8812182408W   8812182408W 8812182408W PDF Download Bright Red High Efficiency Red Yellow Super Br
88-12-2405   88-12-2405 88-12-2405 PDF Download N/A PLCC-28 00 1394b-2002 at S100B Signaling Rates Provides One
88-12-2492   88-12-2492 88-12-2492 PDF Download N/A PQFP-100 99 3. Specifications are guaranteed over the given t
881-2CC-CE   881-2CC-CE 881-2CC-CE PDF Download A resistor can be measured using a comparator, w
8812CPDNG4N35   8812CPDNG4N35 8812CPDNG4N35 PDF Download s FEATURES   q Supply Voltage5V   q Y
8812CSDNG3U68   8812CSDNG3U68 8812CSDNG3U68 PDF Download TOS DIP 02+ All part numbers end with a place code, designat
8812CSDNG4GJ6   8812CSDNG4GJ6 8812CSDNG4GJ6 PDF Download TOSHIBA 05+ In EDO page mode read cycle, the data-out is hel
8812CSDNG4RR3   8812CSDNG4RR3 8812CSDNG4RR3 PDF Download Maximum switching frequency for control input (V
8812CSDNG5JB4   8812CSDNG5JB4 8812CSDNG5JB4 PDF Download n Ultra-Fast transient response n Operating fr
8813010008W   8813010008W 8813010008W PDF Download The HC42 and CD74HCT42 BCD-to-Decimal Decoders
8813047908G   8813047908G 8813047908G PDF Download When input power is +29 dBm, heating in the Tx f
8813CPNG4K95   8813CPNG4K95 8813CPNG4K95 PDF Download Jack(Available) The 8813CPNG4K95 provides the digital and analog
8814   8814 8814 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR3084UMPBF 1708.30 1409.80 1281.80 1150.00 1022.00 &nbs
8814-0001   8814-0001 8814-0001 PDF Download AMI TQFP-100 00 For the pre-recorded voice prompts, the Philips
8814010008G   8814010008G 8814010008G PDF Download Detection of a shorted load sets a latch which t
8814015108G   8814015108G 8814015108G PDF Download Over a Dynamic Range 1000 to 1 Over a Dynamic Ra
8814015108M   8814015108M 8814015108M PDF Download In addition to the savings resulting from reduce
8814300-THE   8814300-THE 8814300-THE PDF Download 218211-001-DTS Rev ADQ# 1011 All technical inf
88146A   88146A 88146A PDF Download FUJ TSSOP 07+ NOTES: 1.Dimensions are in inches. 2.Metric eq
8815   8815 8815 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR3094MPBF Warning: SSS and FSS must never be low at the sam
88151ES2   88151ES2 88151ES2 PDF Download
881545-1   881545-1 881545-1 PDF Download 07+ 1960 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The LM2650 evaluation board
881545-2   881545-2 881545-2 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 05+HOT CHIP ENABLE The CE input is the device selection
8815454   8815454 8815454 PDF Download AMP 01+ The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory
8815510-BCJ1-P107   8815510-BCJ1-P107 8815510-BCJ1-P107 PDF Download • The information contained herein is prese
8816   8816 8816 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR3103 Data bus (bi-directional). These pins are the 8-b
881685   881685 881685 PDF Download T PLCC-68 device ranging from 4 to 12 wide, with an averag
881685M7X   881685M7X 881685M7X PDF Download T PLCC68P 00+   Due to the internal (non-adjustable) curre
881689   881689 881689 PDF Download BARCREST DIP64 The HT6P20 is a one time programmable encoding in
8816BEHAADJ   8816BEHAADJ 8816BEHAADJ PDF Download 2008 8042 Software Compatible 8 Bit Microcomputer 2k
88179-5   88179-5 88179-5 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The 88179-5 is a low-power decoding micro
8817KPG   8817KPG 8817KPG PDF Download IMP PLCC-28
88180-001   88180-001 88180-001 PDF Download Integrated Peripheral Controller 2X8237/AT comp
8818010-BAL   8818010-BAL 8818010-BAL PDF Download MARVELL 2007
8818-02CLM-12953   8818-02CLM-12953 8818-02CLM-12953 PDF Download MICROSEMI 0318 All units in these Hitachi MultiMediaCards are c
8818030-TBC   8818030-TBC 8818030-TBC PDF Download QFP44 These bits are for programming the PLLs internal
8818030-TBC1   8818030-TBC1 8818030-TBC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 97 Each device consists of an internal 1Ω, N-c
88182A   88182A 88182A PDF Download ECOS2CA221AA ECOS2CA271AA ECOS2CA331AA ECOS2CA
88185-001   88185-001 88185-001 PDF Download Targeted at wide dynamic range, Multi-Carrier an
88187-001   88187-001 88187-001 PDF Download According to Q1A/Q1B, a crystal is connected bet
8819   8819 8819 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR3624MPBF
881900043A   881900043A 881900043A PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M74HC4514 is an high speed CMOS
88190-9   88190-9 88190-9 PDF Download 88190-9-S single output DC/DC converters provide
8819NFB-M   8819NFB-M 8819NFB-M PDF Download PAN QFP-44 2. JC is measured in free air with the component
881CH47FG-3GE7   881CH47FG-3GE7 881CH47FG-3GE7 PDF Download VeriFone O7+ NOTE 1: Maximum power dissipation is a function
881H-1CH-F-S-24VDC   881H-1CH-F-S-24VDC 881H-1CH-F-S-24VDC PDF Download CASE: Molded, surface mountable TERMINALS: Gull-
881-L91   881-L91 881-L91 PDF Download N/A crystal 99+ Section 3.5.1, External Bus Selection Register (
881R   881R 881R PDF Download 15000 • When using the products covered herein, p
881REUB   881REUB 881REUB PDF Download MAXIM TSSOP10 07+ The LM78LXX series of three terminal positive re
88201110N   88201110N 88201110N PDF Download FUJITSU The DS1804 is specified to accept 50,000 writes t
88201-209K   88201-209K 88201-209K PDF Download FUJITSU 04+ The AD8353 provides linear output power of 9 dBm
882052400   882052400 882052400 PDF Download Encoding Characteristics Encoding Characteristic
88211-2   88211-2 88211-2 PDF Download • Clock   Embedded PLL clock multipli
88216-7   88216-7 88216-7 PDF Download Combined byte-wide specification (previously 290
88219-3   88219-3 88219-3 PDF Download Feedback input. FBIN provides the feedback signa
8821CPNG4GD9   8821CPNG4GD9 8821CPNG4GD9 PDF Download SE: 1 W to 7.5 W; BTL: 2 W to 15 W operation pos
8821CPNG4KC6   8821CPNG4KC6 8821CPNG4KC6 PDF Download The 8821CPNG4KC6 and 8821CPNG4KC6 are optically
8821CPNG4NC8   8821CPNG4NC8 8821CPNG4NC8 PDF Download Regulatory Compliance See Table 1 for transceiv
8821CPNG4RJ1   8821CPNG4RJ1 8821CPNG4RJ1 PDF Download Note 5: Each digital input includes a small posit
8821CPNG4U88   8821CPNG4U88 8821CPNG4U88 PDF Download Note 1: Thermal resistance of the TO-3 package (K
8821CPNG5CR2   8821CPNG5CR2 8821CPNG5CR2 PDF Download The M68AF127B is a 1Mbit (1,048,576 bit) CMOS S
8821CPNG5DD2   8821CPNG5DD2 8821CPNG5DD2 PDF Download TOS DIP 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion   (VD
8821CPNG5UD2   8821CPNG5UD2 8821CPNG5UD2 PDF Download   To remove this residual error, Thaler Cor
8821G02   8821G02 8821G02 PDF Download • In the state where the high side gate is
8822   8822 8822 PDF Download Keystone Electronics TSSOP-8 N/A Inclusion of TI products in such applications is
882290000A   882290000A 882290000A PDF Download The ADR380 and ADR381 are precision 2.048 V and
8822FT   8822FT 8822FT PDF Download TI SOP 07+ DEFINITIONS: CL= Load capacitance: includes jig
882350000A   882350000A 882350000A PDF Download DESCRIPTION The 74LVQ541 is a low voltage CMOS
882360000A   882360000A 882360000A PDF Download Resetting   A low level on the Reset pin (
8823A   8823A 8823A PDF Download 00+ DESCRIPTION The 74VHC594 is an high speed CMOS
8823A2   8823A2 8823A2 PDF Download 00+ Write Software command accomplishes program and
8823A3   8823A3 8823A3 PDF Download ICSI 0101 The push-pull converter achieves high efficiency
8823A5   8823A5 8823A5 PDF Download TQFP/100 02+ 288 lines are stored in the 50-Hz standard (line
8823CPNG3PE8   8823CPNG3PE8 8823CPNG3PE8 PDF Download
8823CPNG3UH5   8823CPNG3UH5 8823CPNG3UH5 PDF Download • Superior noise characteristics (C/N, S/N
8823CPNG4H35   8823CPNG4H35 8823CPNG4H35 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Over-scale and under-scale complies w
8823CPNG4J72   8823CPNG4J72 8823CPNG4J72 PDF Download LG 652 Data inputs for a 18-bit bus. MRS initializes th
8823CPNG4JR6   8823CPNG4JR6 8823CPNG4JR6 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP-64 05+   Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. reserves the r
8823CPNG4KF1   8823CPNG4KF1 8823CPNG4KF1 PDF Download Driver-Output Enable Time to Low Level Driver-Ou
8823CPNG4P16   8823CPNG4P16 8823CPNG4P16 PDF Download This device relies on a Negative Temperature Coe
8823CPNG4PV5   8823CPNG4PV5 8823CPNG4PV5 PDF Download HISENSE 652 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
8823CPNG4U89   8823CPNG4U89 8823CPNG4U89 PDF Download LG DIP-64 02+ Interrupt active low open-drain output. This out
8823CPNG4VR8   8823CPNG4VR8 8823CPNG4VR8 PDF Download HAIER DIP 2 pA Input Bias Current Characterized From TA =
8823CPNG5AJ3   8823CPNG5AJ3 8823CPNG5AJ3 PDF Download LG 04+ 8 Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxim
8823CPNG5AJ4   8823CPNG5AJ4 8823CPNG5AJ4 PDF Download   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters Min
8823CPNG5AJ5   8823CPNG5AJ5 8823CPNG5AJ5 PDF Download The DS1270 devices execute a read cycle whenever
8823CPNG5BB1   8823CPNG5BB1 8823CPNG5BB1 PDF Download Epoxy die attach is recommended. The top and bot
8823CPNG5BK8   8823CPNG5BK8 8823CPNG5BK8 PDF Download TOS DIP The state of the data line represents valid data
8823CPNG5CV6   8823CPNG5CV6 8823CPNG5CV6 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8M-M/K/H/L series incorporat
8823CPNG5DK0   8823CPNG5DK0 8823CPNG5DK0 PDF Download COMMAND SEQUENCES: When the device is first power
8823CPNG5FF9   8823CPNG5FF9 8823CPNG5FF9 PDF Download Note: 1. H=VIH, L=VIL, X=don't care(VIH or VIL)
8823CPNG5KG5   8823CPNG5KG5 8823CPNG5KG5 PDF Download   The SY10/100ELT20V is a single TTL-to-diff
8823CPNG5RH6   8823CPNG5RH6 8823CPNG5RH6 PDF Download The second is the programmable 16- or 32-bit-wid
8823CPNG5VA4   8823CPNG5VA4 8823CPNG5VA4 PDF Download The Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block, manufactured on
8823CPNG6EV6   8823CPNG6EV6 8823CPNG6EV6 PDF Download The ICS601-01 requires a minimum number of exter
8823CRNG5AG0   8823CRNG5AG0 8823CRNG5AG0 PDF Download   The most common application for charge pu
8823CRNG5JB3   8823CRNG5JB3 8823CRNG5JB3 PDF Download • MPEG 1 system and MPEG2 program/audio/vid
8823CSNG4LIPO   8823CSNG4LIPO 8823CSNG4LIPO PDF Download The 8823CSNG4LIPO is a dual operational amplifier
8823CSNG4UP0   8823CSNG4UP0 8823CSNG4UP0 PDF Download SKYWORTH DIP64 Before a START condition is detected, CS, CLK, a
8823CSNG4UPO   8823CSNG4UPO 8823CSNG4UPO PDF Download SKYWORT DIP64 Note A: All data listed in the above graphs has
88240-6   88240-6 88240-6 PDF Download FEATURES Low Offset Voltage: 80µV typ. 300
882450000A   882450000A 882450000A PDF Download The IRU1010 keeps a constant 1.25V between the ou
882496C3339A   882496C3339A 882496C3339A PDF Download Bidirectional Data Bus. This bidirectional bus is
882550000A/PC31A-A6   882550000A/PC31A-A6 882550000A/PC31A-A6 PDF Download
8825570SAA   8825570SAA 8825570SAA PDF Download INTEL BGA金 The VFC measures bipolar signals up to 250mV. The
8825570SAC   8825570SAC 8825570SAC PDF Download INTEL BGA金 Notes: 1. Absolute maximum I/O pins is maximum p
8825570SAE   8825570SAE 8825570SAE PDF Download INTEL BGA金 alternative flash technologies. The total energy
8825B   8825B 8825B PDF Download IC SOP Fb (Bump B1): Output voltage feedback connection.
8825X   8825X 8825X PDF Download   The MOSFET output stage of this power ope
88262-001   88262-001 88262-001 PDF Download The 88262-001 is a high performance Dual 14-bit
8826685081G   8826685081G 8826685081G PDF Download Zener diode D2 clamps the output voltage VOUT at
88279EG   88279EG 88279EG PDF Download The ADS-944 is an edge-triggered device. A conve
8827CRNG4RU1   8827CRNG4RU1 8827CRNG4RU1 PDF Download   Software and Register Compatible with &n
8827GAF   8827GAF 8827GAF PDF Download AMS 94 The information provided herein is believed to b
8828-00019   8828-00019 8828-00019 PDF Download The CY7B9950 RoboClock is a low-voltage,
8828KFL   8828KFL 8828KFL PDF Download AMS 94 If a location is being written to by one port and
8829   8829 8829 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR4428STR In-band interference rejection for an unmodulate
8829CPNG4PV4   8829CPNG4PV4 8829CPNG4PV4 PDF Download HISENSE 652 When pin 23 (FIFO/DIR) has a logic "1"
8829CPNG4VR7   8829CPNG4VR7 8829CPNG4VR7 PDF Download HAIER DIP • Easier assembler notation: register inte
8829CPNG5AK7   8829CPNG5AK7 8829CPNG5AK7 PDF Download Common I O for reduced pin count Four operation
8829CPNG5FF7   8829CPNG5FF7 8829CPNG5FF7 PDF Download The transmit filter is a digital filter designed
8829CRNG5J00   8829CRNG5J00 8829CRNG5J00 PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+;0+ NOTES (a) For a device surface mounted on 25mm
8829CSNG4H99   8829CSNG4H99 8829CSNG4H99 PDF Download SKYWORTH DIP64 94/95 N-Channel Synchronous Rectifier MOSFET Driver Pr
8829CSNG4KNI   8829CSNG4KNI 8829CSNG4KNI PDF Download   The 8829CSNG4KNI is a precision trimmed 2.
8829CSNG4P43   8829CSNG4P43 8829CSNG4P43 PDF Download   A typical single video channel connection
8829CSNG4U60   8829CSNG4U60 8829CSNG4U60 PDF Download This output is an open collector stage which req
8829CSNG5AU1   8829CSNG5AU1 8829CSNG5AU1 PDF Download 长虹 07+/08+ The fixed, low, logic levels used at Sx imply a
882PA   882PA 882PA PDF Download SHARP 93 SOP-20 n ACCESS.Bus Synchronous Serial Interface (compa
882V   882V 882V PDF Download 2004/ Note 6: In the application the HS node is clamped
883/4001BC   883/4001BC 883/4001BC PDF Download ( 1 ) Use the light emitting unit ( remote contr
883/4015BC   883/4015BC 883/4015BC PDF Download SSS DIP 00+ The ZA2030 is a fully integrated 30W bridged Cla
883/4047BC   883/4047BC 883/4047BC PDF Download   The 556C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
883/4066BC   883/4066BC 883/4066BC PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit
883/4070BC   883/4070BC 883/4070BC PDF Download CONDITIONS IN1, IN2 and OUT BAT VBAT = 4.2V S
883/4081BC   883/4081BC 883/4081BC PDF Download SSS 83+ DIP14陶瓷 1. Built-in wideband video amp110MHz@ -3dB (4VP-P
883/4174BC   883/4174BC 883/4174BC PDF Download GaAs (-2.0V) ICs from an existing +5.0V or +3.3
883012   883012 883012 PDF Download
883050000A   883050000A 883050000A PDF Download VCCL, VCCR, VLC0L, VLC0R, VLC1L, VLC1R, VLC4L, VL
88307A   88307A 88307A PDF Download SOP 96+ Maximum resolution and accuracy may be obtained
8830A02   8830A02 8830A02 PDF Download Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of thi
8830A03NANO   8830A03NANO 8830A03NANO PDF Download 4-bit CMOS I/O ports. These ports can be set for
8830S   8830S 8830S PDF Download Panasonic SOP18M 2007+ Master/Slave Synchronization. When it is open, a
8831041S-BAE   8831041S-BAE 8831041S-BAE PDF Download Section 3.5.1, External Bus Selection Register (
8831B   8831B 8831B PDF Download NS 02+ The IALUs have hardware support for circular buf
8831IM   8831IM 8831IM PDF Download • Precision voltage monitor for 3V, 3.3V o
88328383   88328383 88328383 PDF Download A variety of frequency ranges and packaging opti
88328PC64E-25DM   88328PC64E-25DM 88328PC64E-25DM PDF Download Note A: Characteristic data has been developed f
8832WD016   8832WD016 8832WD016 PDF Download NEC DIP-18陶瓷 00+ Serial data from the demodulator is passed first
88333-044LF   88333-044LF 88333-044LF PDF Download FCI N/A 100 sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V &
88333-045   88333-045 88333-045 PDF Download FCI na The VHC14 is an advanced high speed CMOS Hex Sc
8833CPNG5GF9   8833CPNG5GF9 8833CPNG5GF9 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Data inputs must be low a minimum tim
8833CPNG5NP1   8833CPNG5NP1 8833CPNG5NP1 PDF Download When T1 is set to logic 1, the programmable divi
8833S   8833S 8833S PDF Download SOP-8 Offset error is the deviation of the average cod
88340-3   88340-3 88340-3 PDF Download Flexible bit assignment is foreseen to support A
883409   883409 883409 PDF Download Note 3: Although power dissipation is internally
88341   88341 88341 PDF Download FUJ 01+ TSSOP The control bit settings are SG0 = 1, SG1 = 1, a
88341-810   88341-810 88341-810 PDF Download STM 652 The TPS6030x charge pumps are voltage quadrupler
88346   88346 88346 PDF Download FUJITSU 06+ The PSD3XX I/O ports can be used for:   &#
88346B   88346B 88346B PDF Download SSOP 03+/04 The Receiver utilizes a discrete silicon PIN p
88346L   88346L 88346L PDF Download N/A 02+ SOP-20 (6) Comply with the instructions for use in orde
88347   88347 88347 PDF Download FUJITSU TSOP-3.9-16P 6+ Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
88347.   88347. 88347. PDF Download devastating effect is that, in the smaller cryst
88347L   88347L 88347L PDF Download FUJITSU 06+ The device can be used in applications where two
88-3498-035-001   88-3498-035-001 88-3498-035-001 PDF Download First ASIC replacement FPGA for high-volume pro
88349LL16   88349LL16 88349LL16 PDF Download The APW7004 provides a complete control and mul-
8834C55QB   8834C55QB 8834C55QB PDF Download
88351   88351 88351 PDF Download FUJ 08+ High Efficiency: Up to 96% 600mA Output Current
88353   88353 88353 PDF Download N/A 00+ SSOP All data transfers are initiated after CS goes L
88356-9   88356-9 88356-9 PDF Download The receiver includes a half wave rectifier that
8835WD008   8835WD008 8835WD008 PDF Download The method of loading the configuration data is
8835WFA   8835WFA 8835WFA PDF Download 80+ TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
88362   88362 88362 PDF Download 3850 For an overview of ISR programming, refer to the
88368   88368 88368 PDF Download   Proper and sufficient power supply bypassi
8836K1   8836K1 8836K1 PDF Download EATON 04+ 3 A configuration interface between the controller
88370-1   88370-1 88370-1 PDF Download The CD54ACT161 and CD74ACT161 devices are 4-bit
88373-5   88373-5 88373-5 PDF Download AMP N/A 19 SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VCC = 3V to 3.6V for Program,
88376-2   88376-2 88376-2 PDF Download The HA12134A, HA12135A, HA12136A are silicon mon
88376-3   88376-3 88376-3 PDF Download 4. Multiple-Message Playback, Controller Interfa
88376-8   88376-8 88376-8 PDF Download The LPV511 is a micropower operational amplifier
88376-9   88376-9 88376-9 PDF Download This SOC VGA CMOS image sensor features DigitalC
88378-4   88378-4 88378-4 PDF Download Operating junction temperature affects device li
88378-6   88378-6 88378-6 PDF Download   Although the Motorola accelerometers cont
8838   8838 8838 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR6220STRL Digital Servo (DSSP) Block • Microcomputer
8838SR   8838SR 8838SR PDF Download DEVICE OPERATIONS The following operations can
8838-Z   8838-Z 8838-Z PDF Download ST DIP40 • Fast Sector Erase and Word Program: &nbs
8839   8839 8839 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR6224 300 ps propagation delay input to output 50 ps
8839H   8839H 8839H PDF Download 2
883B54LS154F   883B54LS154F 883B54LS154F PDF Download DESCRIPTION The USB specification requires upst
883C/4047BMJ   883C/4047BMJ 883C/4047BMJ PDF Download   By providing external feedback, the IDT5V
883C/4446BC   883C/4446BC 883C/4446BC PDF Download 88+ CDIP16   This new series of digital transistors is
883C4011BC   883C4011BC 883C4011BC PDF Download The OPA682 provides an easy to use, broadband fi
883C4028BC   883C4028BC 883C4028BC PDF Download Rectifiers advanced line of power MOSFET transis
883C4071BC   883C4071BC 883C4071BC PDF Download In the following application circuits: *1 : For
883MHZ   883MHZ 883MHZ PDF Download One very important point worth noting: it is stro
883QLT1020MJ0D0119B   883QLT1020MJ0D0119B 883QLT1020MJ0D0119B PDF Download R2 = (FSI x R1) / ( |Vin| - FSI) Where: FSI = T
883S018   883S018 883S018 PDF Download HIT SOP-20 Data flow from A to Y is controlled by the outpu
883XD15   883XD15 883XD15 PDF Download HIT SOP-20 only when the reference frequency divided by this
8840   8840 8840 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IR6226 Using a true 10-bit color depth system, the 30-b
88400-044   88400-044 88400-044 PDF Download   Designed for use as output rectifiers, fr
88400-064   88400-064 88400-064 PDF Download Data is parallel loaded into the SN65LVDS151 inp
8840A07   8840A07 8840A07 PDF Download The AVR core combines a rich instruction set wit
8840A07K45   8840A07K45 8840A07K45 PDF Download The voltage at the supply pin is clamped to +26V
8840A12L55   8840A12L55 8840A12L55 PDF Download The SK-2910 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
8840A15SL55   8840A15SL55 8840A15SL55 PDF Download The X98027 3-channel, 8-bit Analog Front End (AFE
8840A21R65   8840A21R65 8840A21R65 PDF Download Full I2C multiple Master/Slave Interface suppor
8840S   8840S 8840S PDF Download The HYM72V64636T8 Series are 64Mx64bits Synchrono
8840VL405   8840VL405 8840VL405 PDF Download BB 92+  tsk(p)Pulse skew‡See Figure 350 R
8840VL410   8840VL410 8840VL410 PDF Download BB Now consider what happens to the inductors curre
8840VL505   8840VL505 8840VL505 PDF Download • Dual 14-bit, 1GSa/s Digital to Analog co
8841   8841 8841 PDF Download Keystone Electronics SOP-8 02+ The layout of Figure 6 shows two 0.1µF dec
8841ECD   8841ECD 8841ECD PDF Download 80+ DETAILED FEATURES High Definition Programmable
8841REH   8841REH 8841REH PDF Download The H8/3048 Series is a series of high-performan
8841REHA   8841REHA 8841REHA PDF Download REHA SOP-8 02+ DESCRIPTION The 74VHCT03A is an advanced high-s
8842-AS   8842-AS 8842-AS PDF Download UM DIP 2006 The RDRAM device is a general purpose hi
8842JJA   8842JJA 8842JJA PDF Download 80+ Note) The PWM data set, the PWM Frequency set an
8843.8123.1   8843.8123.1 8843.8123.1 PDF Download Reconfigurable logic can be used to implement sy
88431   88431 88431 PDF Download 2100 01+   The IDT70V3319/99 is a high-speed 256/128
8844   8844 8844 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IRAMS06UP60APBF 8844 is a communication LSI which provides the IS
884502   884502 884502 PDF Download Bidirectional Address/Data Bus: electrically and
88450-8   88450-8 88450-8 PDF Download Tyco Electronics The ZL30414 is an analog phased-locked loop which
8845WD011   8845WD011 8845WD011 PDF Download NEC DIP-18陶瓷 00+ To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308A, the
88482-8   88482-8 88482-8 PDF Download The epoxy TO-92 and TO-220 configurations feature
8848AH   8848AH 8848AH PDF Download NEC QFP N/A The three LEDs on the EV kit indicate the chargin
8848M123128   8848M123128 8848M123128 PDF Download Absolute linearity is utilized to determine actu
8849   8849 8849 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IRAMX16UP60B This is a dual-purpose input. In the single devi
8849WAA   8849WAA 8849WAA PDF Download 04+ PLCC If ((7/8 bit = 0) And (DIV bit = 0)) PWM base pe
884S02   884S02 884S02 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP8 07+ The MTC20136 is a dedicated controller chip, spe
8850   8850 8850 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IRAMX16UP60B-2 tPHZPropagation delay time, high-level-to-high-i
8850-060-170L   8850-060-170L 8850-060-170L PDF Download This access is initiated when the following condi
885006-2   885006-2 885006-2 PDF Download HiMARK Technology, Inc. reserves the right to ch
885-140004BA   885-140004BA 885-140004BA PDF Download The basic method of communication for the device
885140019AA   885140019AA 885140019AA PDF Download SEC When RST is driven high, the value on ROMA07 C R
885140021AA   885140021AA 885140021AA PDF Download   During power-up and power-down, or in the
885-140021AA   885-140021AA 885-140021AA PDF Download 9818 Data transmission for the DPSK mode requires that
88528-0501   88528-0501 88528-0501 PDF Download MOLEX 06+ After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby
885281000   885281000 885281000 PDF Download Note 5 The maximum power dissipation must be dera
885285701   885285701 885285701 PDF Download The H11NX-M series has a high speed integrated c
885289000   885289000 885289000 PDF Download An internal reset block will force the wiper to
8852CRNG5PU4   8852CRNG5PU4 8852CRNG5PU4 PDF Download TCL DIP   One 64 x 8 (512-bit) Configuration Zone
8853-001   8853-001 8853-001 PDF Download AMIS 08+ The device includes an internal oscillator, CPU,
8853-001/E784004A   8853-001/E784004A 8853-001/E784004A PDF Download AMIS QFP-52P 03+ The bq3287E is a fully compatible real-time cloc
88536   88536 88536 PDF Download 214+
8853CPNG6CH7   8853CPNG6CH7 8853CPNG6CH7 PDF Download er clock, the master must have an open drain out
8853CPNG6DU4   8853CPNG6DU4 8853CPNG6DU4 PDF Download The OPA830 is a low-power, single-supply, wideba
8854   8854 8854 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IRC640PBF The HYM72V64736(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Memo
88548094000   88548094000 88548094000 PDF Download
88548-3   88548-3 88548-3 PDF Download 1. Yamaha reserves the right to make changes to i
88549-2   88549-2 88549-2 PDF Download PARAMETER Reference Voltage Section Fb Voltage
88550-3   88550-3 88550-3 PDF Download Output enable. When logic HIGH, the outputs are
8855400026-1   8855400026-1 8855400026-1 PDF Download TI DIP-14 陶封 7710 The AT40KAL is a family of fully PCI-compliant,
8855400027-2   8855400027-2 8855400027-2 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Ready/Busy (RB). Ready/Busy is an open drain out
8855400028-1   8855400028-1 8855400028-1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES: 1. Address A14X is a NC for IDT70V9269.
8855400046-1   8855400046-1 8855400046-1 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The interrupt controller lets the DSP respond to
8856   8856 8856 PDF Download 90 The ADSP-TS202S processor internal memory has 12
8858   8858 8858 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IRDC3037   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
8858-005   8858-005 8858-005 PDF Download AMIS O7+ Eight Independent Channel 14-Bit DACs with  
885845   885845 885845 PDF Download SAWTEK 02+ 1. Introduction VV5404 and VV6404 are CIF forma
8858H   8858H 8858H PDF Download F SOP The MAX7313 I 2 C™-compatible serial interf
8859CPNG5J09   8859CPNG5J09 8859CPNG5J09 PDF Download HISENSE DIP-64 04+ During full duplex transmission, the signal at Ti
8859CPNG6A89   8859CPNG6A89 8859CPNG6A89 PDF Download The HYM5V72A804A H-Series is a 8Mx72-bit EDO mode
8859CSNG5KR7   8859CSNG5KR7 8859CSNG5KR7 PDF Download TCL DIP The main applications of the 8859CSNG5KR7 are in
8859CSNG5VK2   8859CSNG5VK2 8859CSNG5VK2 PDF Download The SN74CBT16210C is a high-speed TTL-compatible
8859CSNG6AG8   8859CSNG6AG8 8859CSNG6AG8 PDF Download The 8859CSNG6AG8 is a high density, low cost, hig
885AB040-NNC1   885AB040-NNC1 885AB040-NNC1 PDF Download 05+ BGA The bq2083−V1P2 supports the Smart Battery
885C82I/PCBA   885C82I/PCBA 885C82I/PCBA PDF Download The Hyundai HYM71V73C3201 N-Series are 32Mx72bits
885S02AA   885S02AA 885S02AA PDF Download Hynix HYMD264M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series is design
885S03   885S03 885S03 PDF Download  This IC is 1 chip driv er IC f or spindle
8860A07SL55FUG   8860A07SL55FUG 8860A07SL55FUG PDF Download Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
8860EA25   8860EA25 8860EA25 PDF Download SSOP 05+ A 3-state C-BUS serial data output to the µ
8860EA27   8860EA27 8860EA27 PDF Download   The MC100EP809 is a low skew 1CtoC9 diffe
8860EA33   8860EA33 8860EA33 PDF Download N/A TSOP- 8 RST is a device reset pin. When RST is pulsed hi
886190   886190 886190 PDF Download MSC SOP252 03+ Wide Operating VCC Range of 0.8 V to 3.6 V Opti
886-23255862   886-23255862 886-23255862 PDF Download TOS 94   The schottky barrier diode of this product
886330   886330 886330 PDF Download MSC SOP252 03+ Address Strobe Input. Used as an address qualifi
886350   886350 886350 PDF Download MSC SOP252 03+ Figure 2 shows that the ACE Controller contains
88637-3   88637-3 88637-3 PDF Download Tyco Electronics This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
88638-51003   88638-51003 88638-51003 PDF Download The video circuit for a satellite application co
88638-61102   88638-61102 88638-61102 PDF Download FCI N/A 36 This is an input used by the controller to enabl
88639-4   88639-4 88639-4 PDF Download Overtemperature Detect The overtemperature dete
886500   886500 886500 PDF Download MSC SOP252 03+ Transmit analog input and transmit level adjustme
8865XD1   8865XD1 8865XD1 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
8866   8866 8866 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IRDCIP1202-A All parameters having min/max specifications are
886-61262-0   886-61262-0 886-61262-0 PDF Download CIRRUS PLCC-28 Product Term Assignment Each Macrocell sum-of-p
88665-9   88665-9 88665-9 PDF Download TRANSMIT SECTION The transmit section input is
88681-1010   88681-1010 88681-1010 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
88682-1010B069   88682-1010B069 88682-1010B069 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   This is the nonCinverting input of the tr
886852   886852 886852 PDF Download 1 A critical component is a component used &nbs
8869-021   8869-021 8869-021 PDF Download N/A QFP The 3-state control gate is a 2-input AND gate w
8870   8870 8870 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 IRF054 Note 4: Absolute maximum ratings are limits beyon
88700680819   88700680819 88700680819 PDF Download • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one-
88700710819   88700710819 88700710819 PDF Download The ADuC842 is a complete smart transducer front
8870073081G   8870073081G 8870073081G PDF Download Products described herein are intended for use in
8870-3F1   8870-3F1 8870-3F1 PDF Download CMD SOP-18 93+ MAIN MEMORY PAGE READ: A Main Memory Page Read al
88706I31Z   88706I31Z 88706I31Z PDF Download INTERSIL SOP-8 06+ Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on
8870781   8870781 8870781 PDF Download
887080-1   887080-1 887080-1 PDF Download The ACS120 switch is able to sustain safely the
8870DE   8870DE 8870DE PDF Download When operated in its default mode, the sensor ge
8870DI   8870DI 8870DI PDF Download Eliminates the need for the VCO coil for interme
8870PEI   8870PEI 8870PEI PDF Download CMD PLCC 94+ The SSM2120 is a monolithic integrated circuit d
8870PI   8870PI 8870PI PDF Download MT DIP 0611+ The DDU7C-series device is a 10-tap digitally buf
8871092981   8871092981 8871092981 PDF Download The 8871092981 is a 16 channel constant-current
8871261   8871261 8871261 PDF Download Broadcom®, the pulse logo, ContentAwareTM, an
887127-1   887127-1 887127-1 PDF Download The 887127-1 is a high speed, super low power an
887127-2   887127-2 887127-2 PDF Download n I2C/SPI Control Interface n I2C/SPI programma
887-190044SA   887-190044SA 887-190044SA PDF Download Notes: (1) This is a typical value. For the adju
8872008MH   8872008MH 8872008MH PDF Download (VIN1 = VIN2 = 3.7V, PWR_ON = IN1, L = 2.2µ
8872FS   8872FS 8872FS PDF Download IC SOP   The MC100EPT622 is a 10- Bit LVTTL/LVCMOS
887-300002AA   887-300002AA 887-300002AA PDF Download a. DC characteristics are design targets and pen
887-300004SB   887-300004SB 887-300004SB PDF Download  with a single bar completely filling the p
8873001MH   8873001MH 8873001MH PDF Download *This is a stress rating only and functional ope
88732-9200   88732-9200 88732-9200 PDF Download USB A-B 28/24 2090MM MOLEX 05+ Output Reference Voltage: Equal to VCCC1.7V (app
8873CPANG6HU9   8873CPANG6HU9 8873CPANG6HU9 PDF Download Phase Angle C Power Factor and Dissipation Factor
887-400056SD   887-400056SD 887-400056SD PDF Download The CY2DL814 is ideal for both level translation
887-400067SA   887-400067SA 887-400067SA PDF Download NOTES: 1. Always design to the specified minimu
887-400070SA   887-400070SA 887-400070SA PDF Download The device is entirely command set compatible wi
887-400071SB   887-400071SB 887-400071SB PDF Download To use the long frame mode, both the frame sync
887-400197AA   887-400197AA 887-400197AA PDF Download The MAX6655/MAX6656 also measure their own supply
887-400197AA(IXS-TER-II)   887-400197AA(IXS-TER-II) 887-400197AA(IXS-TER-II) PDF Download The HFBR-5710L offers maxi- mum flexibility to
88741-8000   88741-8000 88741-8000 PDF Download The UCC3808A is an enhanced version of the UCC38
88741-8010   88741-8010 88741-8010 PDF Download The CBT6832 is a 16-bit 1-of-2 multiplexer/demul
88741-8020   88741-8020 88741-8020 PDF Download Interrupt select mode. The external -ACK can be
88741-8200   88741-8200 88741-8200 PDF Download This GTLP device features TI-OPC circuitry, whic
887418300   887418300 887418300 PDF Download The UC3825A,B has dual alternating outputs and t
88741-8300   88741-8300 88741-8300 PDF Download Data Polling bit (DQ7). During the internal write
887418500   887418500 887418500 PDF Download The second is the programmable 16- or 32-bit-wid
887418600   887418600 887418600 PDF Download The ALVCH16374 contains sixteen non-inverting D-
88741-8600   88741-8600 88741-8600 PDF Download • DLL aligns DQ and DQS transitions with C
887418700   887418700 887418700 PDF Download product term timing. For optimization of logic,
88741-8700   88741-8700 88741-8700 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation connector 06+ Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
887418800   887418800 887418800 PDF Download The voltage regulator circuitry (bandgap referen
887418900   887418900 887418900 PDF Download The intended application of this device and sign
887419000   887419000 887419000 PDF Download In addition to ISP Flash memory, DSM devices ad
887419100   887419100 887419100 PDF Download FLEXt Paging Protocol Signal Processor FLEX Roam
88741-9100   88741-9100 88741-9100 PDF Download Molex Connector Corporation
887419200   887419200 887419200 PDF Download   Input Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) The MA
887419300   887419300 887419300 PDF Download © Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2003.
887423200   887423200 887423200 PDF Download The 887423200 incorporates both overtemperature
88745-3110   88745-3110 88745-3110 PDF Download Intended for use in systems meeting the followin
887466200   887466200 887466200 PDF Download PARAMETER Reference Voltage Section Fb Voltage
887471800   887471800 887471800 PDF Download Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test con
887529200   887529200 887529200 PDF Download The Power Control section provides for two basic
887536900   887536900 887536900 PDF Download   950 µV Max at TA = 25C (TLV226xA) W
887537000   887537000 887537000 PDF Download Note 1: The SOIC package used is thermally enhan
88758-0210   88758-0210 88758-0210 PDF Download   Duty cycle dimming with a fixed current a
88-759-675-34   88-759-675-34 88-759-675-34 PDF Download The PKG DC/DC power modules have an internal over
887626700   887626700 887626700 PDF Download   Most everything applies to driving the P-
887628102   887628102 887628102 PDF Download MOLEX 06+ 180 A block erase operation erases one of the device
887628103   887628103 887628103 PDF Download MOLEX 05+ 150 To assist in the transceiver evaluation proces
887682200   887682200 887682200 PDF Download Preliminary product information describes produc
887683800   887683800 887683800 PDF Download This is a dual-purpose pin. During Master Reset,
887685700   887685700 887685700 PDF Download READ clock input with pull-high resistor Data in
887685800   887685800 887685800 PDF Download (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the
88768-9800   88768-9800 88768-9800 PDF Download Suffix denotes Vz tolerance: non suffix for 20%,
887689810   887689810 887689810 PDF Download The AC280 and ACT280 are 9-bit odd/even parity g
8877SC8877AP   8877SC8877AP 8877SC8877AP PDF Download Case: SOD-123, Plastic UL Flammability Classif
887806066   887806066 887806066 PDF Download The ML6428 can be optimized for PAL video by add
887ED20.000MHZ   887ED20.000MHZ 887ED20.000MHZ PDF Download   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
887FU-471MP3   887FU-471MP3 887FU-471MP3 PDF Download N/A Note 13: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
887FU-471M-P3   887FU-471M-P3 887FU-471M-P3 PDF Download Note 14: PSRR is a function of system gain. Speci
887FU-561MP3   887FU-561MP3 887FU-561MP3 PDF Download N/A Internal Power Dissipation JA (Exposed paddle so
888.5MHZ   888.5MHZ 888.5MHZ PDF Download 950721 Watchdog Timer The Watchdog Timer circuit monit
88801CQ   88801CQ 88801CQ PDF Download 43 TRITECH 99+ The LTC®1751 family are micropower charge pum
88805SC88805P   88805SC88805P 88805SC88805P PDF Download 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory
88808765   88808765 88808765 PDF Download
8880CE   8880CE 8880CE PDF Download System timing is simplified in that the on-chip
88822   88822 88822 PDF Download clock stream is corrupted during a transmission.
8883120043   8883120043 8883120043 PDF Download For DC coupled single supply operation, it is re
8883280003   8883280003 8883280003 PDF Download The 312 series of decoders receive serial addres
8883315001   8883315001 8883315001 PDF Download properties. Used for insulation and protection
8883410003   8883410003 8883410003 PDF Download The 40L..CW center tap Schottky rectifier has bee
888470-03   888470-03 888470-03 PDF Download Programming features contain 208 bits of read/wr
88848SC88848P   88848SC88848P 88848SC88848P PDF Download TI assumes no liability for applications assista
8885-010   8885-010 8885-010 PDF Download
88859-1   88859-1 88859-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   The FCT20807 is a 2.5V compatible, high s
88859-4   88859-4 88859-4 PDF Download Tyco Electronics This document states the current technical speci
88859-7   88859-7 88859-7 PDF Download Tyco Electronics 5V 10% SUPPLY VOLTAGE COUNTERS FOR SECONDS, MI
88859-9   88859-9 88859-9 PDF Download Tyco Electronics   This device contains protection circuitry
8886   8886 8886 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IRF1310NSPBF The carry look-ahead circuitry provides for casc
88873-008D   88873-008D 88873-008D PDF Download A pin-selected look-up table is used to select th
88873-016   88873-016 88873-016 PDF Download The high speed charge pump consists of a switcha
88873309   88873309 88873309 PDF Download
88873-609   88873-609 88873-609 PDF Download FCI The Hynix HY57V281620HC(L/S)T is a 134,217,728bit
88873950   88873950 88873950 PDF Download 1. Internally limited by thermal shutdown, 150C
8888   8888 8888 PDF Download IC 集成电路 IRF1310NSTRLPBF   The QS3VH257 HotSwitch Quad 2:1 multiplexe
88880001   88880001 88880001 PDF Download   The IDT72V8985 microprocessor port is a n
88880031   88880031 88880031 PDF Download
88880037   88880037 88880037 PDF Download KS1454 is a DVDP (Digital Video Disc Player) 1-ch
88880230   88880230 88880230 PDF Download negative transition of each input pulse; a high
888842N.E.L   888842N.E.L 888842N.E.L PDF Download
88888   88888 88888 PDF Download The FCT373T devices consist of eight latches wit
8888888W   8888888W 8888888W PDF Download SIEMENS O1O8 The KA78XXE/KA78XXAE series of three-terminal po
8889-001   8889-001 8889-001 PDF Download AMIS 06+ 640 Sirenza Microdevices 8889-001 is a high performa
888FU-101MP3   888FU-101MP3 888FU-101MP3 PDF Download N/A (WE) inputs are both LOW. Data on the input pin
888FU-122MP3   888FU-122MP3 888FU-122MP3 PDF Download 3D12 The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are designed to operate
888FU-221MP3   888FU-221MP3 888FU-221MP3 PDF Download N/A • 0.23 µm Process Technology •
888FU-331MP3   888FU-331MP3 888FU-331MP3 PDF Download N/A The TSH300 is a voltage feedback amplifier feat
888FU-470MP3   888FU-470MP3 888FU-470MP3 PDF Download N/A n Pin-to-pin compatible to DS90C383, DS90C383A a
888FU-471MP3   888FU-471MP3 888FU-471MP3 PDF Download (3.5X3.5X1.7) NOTES: (1) Referred to output in unity-gain diff
888FU-681MP3   888FU-681MP3 888FU-681MP3 PDF Download N/A The PHY-link interface can follow either the IEE
88911-101   88911-101 88911-101 PDF Download The charge sampler capacitor (Cs) can be virtual
88911-101//YXD-WH6-2-2   88911-101//YXD-WH6-2-2 88911-101//YXD-WH6-2-2 PDF Download BERG公司//迅大公司 n/a Differential analog Inputs. With a 1.0V referenc
88912-101   88912-101 88912-101 PDF Download Clock rates refer to f = 1024MHz Xtal/Clock inpu
889126-301   889126-301 889126-301 PDF Download If a location is being written to by one port and
88913   88913 88913 PDF Download MOT SOP16 03+/04 The microphone input transfers its signal to the
88913-101   88913-101 88913-101 PDF Download The ISP1109 is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) tran
88913-111   88913-111 88913-111 PDF Download   Description Pulses for operating the MOS
88913D   88913D 88913D PDF Download The MGA-725M4 offers an integrated solution of L
88914   88914 88914 PDF Download MOT SOP14S 2007+ The LM1881 also generates a default vertical syn
88916-201   88916-201 88916-201 PDF Download FCI 08+ The ATA5756/ATA5757 is a PLL transmitter IC whic
88916220   88916220 88916220 PDF Download The ispLSI 1032EA is a High Density Programmable
88916-301   88916-301 88916-301 PDF Download HN58X24xxI series are two-wire serial interface
88917-101   88917-101 88917-101 PDF Download FCI Note 4: Total Supply Current when Powered Down (I
88917-201   88917-201 88917-201 PDF Download FCI The output drivers in the HIP6601 and HIP6603 ha
88917-301   88917-301 88917-301 PDF Download FCI 0 3 The main software flow diagram is shown in figur
8891CSBNG6N54   8891CSBNG6N54 8891CSBNG6N54 PDF Download 1. The standby on a PT6700 series regulator must
889-1-R220K   889-1-R220K 889-1-R220K PDF Download Note 2: When the input voltage (VI) at any pin e
889312K   889312K 889312K PDF Download No external capacitors (919 only) Excellent sign
889-3-R220   889-3-R220 889-3-R220 PDF Download BI DIP 00+  Home Appliances : Washing Machines, Vacuum
88945102   88945102 88945102 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
88945-102   88945-102 88945-102 PDF Download FCI 08+ Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not reco
88945-102LF   88945-102LF 88945-102LF PDF Download FCI
88946102   88946102 88946102 PDF Download The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provides
88946-102   88946-102 88946-102 PDF Download FCI 08+ The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provide
88946-102LF   88946-102LF 88946-102LF PDF Download FCI ISD1000A devices are configured at the factory w
88947102   88947102 88947102 PDF Download The LVT574 and LVTH574 consist of eight edge-tri
88947-102   88947-102 88947-102 PDF Download FCI 08+ R2 sets the balanced output impedance to 500 
88947-102LF   88947-102LF 88947-102LF PDF Download FCI CASE: Hermetically sealed axial-lead glass DO-35
88948-102   88948-102 88948-102 PDF Download FCI 08+ It is possible to program this family such that t
88948-902   88948-902 88948-902 PDF Download FCI Though they're not complicated, schemes for debou
88949-102   88949-102 88949-102 PDF Download FCI 08+ Note 4: The HALT mode will stop CKI from oscillat
88949912   88949912 88949912 PDF Download The HS-6254RH is a Radiation Hardened array of &
88951101   88951101 88951101 PDF Download voice, inputs from an external audio expansion s
88951-101   88951-101 88951-101 PDF Download FCI 08+ Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
88951-901   88951-901 88951-901 PDF Download The internal write time of the memory is defined
88951-905   88951-905 88951-905 PDF Download Features include soft-start, input undervoltage
88952-102   88952-102 88952-102 PDF Download • Fast access time:   C 4 ns-125 MHz
88953-131   88953-131 88953-131 PDF Download 88953-131 FCI RoHS COMP. 05+ Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
88954101   88954101 88954101 PDF Download SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram
88954-101   88954-101 88954-101 PDF Download VIN Range: 2.7V to 5.5V 600mA Peak Output Curre
88954-935   88954-935 88954-935 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M74HC4020 is an high speed CMOS
88954-961   88954-961 88954-961 PDF Download Voice within each group are combinations of diff
88956101   88956101 88956101 PDF Download The composite sync output, Figure 1(b), is simpl
88956-101   88956-101 88956-101 PDF Download FCI The READ command selects the bank from BA0, BA1
88957-101   88957-101 88957-101 PDF Download The tuning input is typically connected to the ou
889-5-R330/470   889-5-R330/470 889-5-R330/470 PDF Download BI 07+ Register oriented 8/16 bit CORE with RUN, WFI,
88960-103   88960-103 88960-103 PDF Download Min/Max limits are guaranteed by design, test or
88961-101   88961-101 88961-101 PDF Download Filtering   Motorola accelerometers contain
8896AA   8896AA 8896AA PDF Download AMIS SOP14 02+/03+ 40 Plastic DIP 40 Plastic DIP 44 PLCC 44 PLC
88973-111   88973-111 88973-111 PDF Download FCI The FM pre-amplifier input FMIN (Pin 28) consist
88978-001   88978-001 88978-001 PDF Download The HR700 Series converters offer low noise on b
88981-5015   88981-5015 88981-5015 PDF Download The PSoC device incorporates flexible internal c
88981-6120   88981-6120 88981-6120 PDF Download Figure 3. Input/Output Block. Each IOB includes
88981-6122   88981-6122 88981-6122 PDF Download AISIN QFP-44 6. The analog input signal is sampled on the pos
88981-6136   88981-6136 88981-6136 PDF Download 2008 Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V… Conti
88983-001   88983-001 88983-001 PDF Download FCI 0 3 The HY628400A is a high-speed, low power and 4M
88983-002   88983-002 88983-002 PDF Download FCI 08+ NOTES: (1) Long-Term Input Offset Voltage Stabil
8898500318   8898500318 8898500318 PDF Download † Pin 1 is the Vcc pin for the 1st stage b
88992-302   88992-302 88992-302 PDF Download FCI   Programmable 28-bit serial number  
88997   88997 88997 PDF Download   The reference input voltage is typically
8899L   8899L 8899L PDF Download SEC 04+ Generates 106.25 MHz clocks from a 21.25 MHz cr
889FU-153MP3   889FU-153MP3 889FU-153MP3 PDF Download N/A Unless otherwise noted, all characteristics spec
889FU-222MP3   889FU-222MP3 889FU-222MP3 PDF Download N/A The bq2050 internally determines the temperature
889FU-682MP3   889FU-682MP3 889FU-682MP3 PDF Download N/A NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
889J1-6138   889J1-6138 889J1-6138 PDF Download 19 The ATSAM9708 is a 128-voice integrated synthesi
889U01   889U01 889U01 PDF Download Silicon General Semiconductors TO263 04+ NOTES 1Maximum terminal current is bounded by t
88A215A   88A215A 88A215A PDF Download QFP Supports 3.0V, 2.5V and 1.8V I/O's M/S = VDD for
88A59CK   88A59CK 88A59CK PDF Download SOP   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
88AB2   88AB2 88AB2 PDF Download Grayhill Inc Grayhill 05+ Following a START condition the bus master must
88ACS02-B1-BBE-C000   88ACS02-B1-BBE-C000 88ACS02-B1-BBE-C000 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
88ACS02-BBE   88ACS02-BBE 88ACS02-BBE PDF Download MOT BGA BGA Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
88ACS02-BBE(TSTDTS)   88ACS02-BBE(TSTDTS) 88ACS02-BBE(TSTDTS) PDF Download Signal data can be provided in binary or 2s comp
88ACS07-BCY   88ACS07-BCY 88ACS07-BCY PDF Download MARVELL 2005 There is no restriction on the shape of the ele
88AD   88AD 88AD PDF Download TSOP8 Note 1: The SOIC package used is thermally enhan
88AFN01-BAW   88AFN01-BAW 88AFN01-BAW PDF Download FOUNDRY BGA The ADP3419 is a dual MOSFET driver optimized fo
88AVX01-BDC   88AVX01-BDC 88AVX01-BDC PDF Download N/A N/A N/A FEATURES 225 ps Propagation Delay through the S
88BB2   88BB2 88BB2 PDF Download Grayhill Inc (1) This data was taken using the JEDEC standard
88C192CV   88C192CV 88C192CV PDF Download 70 ZILOG 05+ The HYM7V65801B Q-Series are Small Outline Dual I
88C192IV   88C192IV 88C192IV PDF Download A new generation of programmable routing resourc
88C211   88C211 88C211 PDF Download SOLUTIONS O7+ Note 5: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
88C212   88C212 88C212 PDF Download PLCC The alternative devices are the recommended repla
88C212B-A   88C212B-A 88C212B-A PDF Download SOLUTIONS PLCC 07+ In 12-bit, dual-edge input mode (BSEL = low), th
88C215   88C215 88C215 PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+ TTL/CMOS Input Select Control. Selects either XTA
88C27   88C27 88C27 PDF Download UTC SOT-25 08+ Operational Modes Open Mode Scan Mode Windowi
88C3000   88C3000 88C3000 PDF Download M O7+ VFB (Pin 7): Error Amplifier Inverting Input. The
88C3000LD00   88C3000LD00 88C3000LD00 PDF Download
88C3000-LD00   88C3000-LD00 88C3000-LD00 PDF Download Write accesses are initiated when the following c
88C3000-LDOO   88C3000-LDOO 88C3000-LDOO PDF Download M TQFP1414-100 See the Terminology section. These specification
88C3020-LB64   88C3020-LB64 88C3020-LB64 PDF Download MARVELL QFP64 00+ Although ESD protection circuitry has been design
88C3100-LD00   88C3100-LD00 88C3100-LD00 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 99+ NMOS linear image sensors are self-scanning phot
88C311   88C311 88C311 PDF Download The ADM666A contains on-chip circuitry for low p
88C3120-TB64   88C3120-TB64 88C3120-TB64 PDF Download † Vres is the minimum input voltage for a
88C3120-TBC   88C3120-TBC 88C3120-TBC PDF Download
88C3130-TB64   88C3130-TB64 88C3130-TB64 PDF Download 1000 MARVELL This document is a general product description a
88C36   88C36 88C36 PDF Download UTC SOT-25 08+ Under-Voltage Lockout An Under-Voltage Lock-Out
88C383   88C383 88C383 PDF Download Connect control terminal to VIN terminal The qui
88C4200-LDE   88C4200-LDE 88C4200-LDE PDF Download 02 The MAX1698 EV kit features a shutdown mode that
88C4200-LEE   88C4200-LEE 88C4200-LEE PDF Download M 0014 Cin = Required 1000µF electrolytic Cout= R
88C4210-AC-BAA-C300-P104   88C4210-AC-BAA-C300-P104 88C4210-AC-BAA-C300-P104 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2004 Output enable. When logic HIGH, the outputs are
88C4210ACK   88C4210ACK 88C4210ACK PDF Download 57 MARVELL 00+ Like most micropower circuits the LM34 has a lim
88C4210-AC-TBC-C350   88C4210-AC-TBC-C350 88C4210-AC-TBC-C350 PDF Download MARVELL TQFP64 2003 The HD66764 is a common-driver LSI for systems w
88C4210-BAA-P104   88C4210-BAA-P104 88C4210-BAA-P104 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2004 The AC/ACT374 consists of eight edge-triggered f
88C4210-TBC   88C4210-TBC 88C4210-TBC PDF Download MARVELL TQFP64 2003 Junction Temperature: -65oC to +175oC Storage T
88C4220-TBC   88C4220-TBC 88C4220-TBC PDF Download M QFP QFP Fully Differential Architecture Centered Input C
88C4320   88C4320 88C4320 PDF Download M BGA 02+ Low On-Resistance: 1-ohm max (+5V Supply)  
88C4320BBK   88C4320BBK 88C4320BBK PDF Download 159 MARVELL 00+ Each port has independent control pins: Chip Ena
88C4420-TBCM   88C4420-TBCM 88C4420-TBCM PDF Download 2000 MARVELL 00+ 1. A 0.1 µF low frequency tantalum bypass c
88C4616   88C4616 88C4616 PDF Download If the user wants to program the board with a fi
88C50CT   88C50CT 88C50CT PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are 8Mx64bits
88C50DT   88C50DT 88C50DT PDF Download • Sixteen line receivers meet or exceed th
88C5200-LE   88C5200-LE 88C5200-LE PDF Download M LQFP 07+ The Spartan™ and the Spartan-XL families a
88C5200-LEE   88C5200-LEE 88C5200-LEE PDF Download MARVELL LQFP 2000 NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
88C5200-LFE   88C5200-LFE 88C5200-LFE PDF Download 02 reverse bias leakage currents, and are typically
88C5500-LFE   88C5500-LFE 88C5500-LFE PDF Download MARVELL TQFP 01+ In order to saturate the power switch and reduce
88C5500P-LFE   88C5500P-LFE 88C5500P-LFE PDF Download 02 Warning: Stresses beyond those listed under Absol
88C5520-AW-BAA-C320-P104   88C5520-AW-BAA-C320-P104 88C5520-AW-BAA-C320-P104 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2004 Like XC3000A, the XC4000E family has Soft Startu
88C5520-BAA-P104   88C5520-BAA-P104 88C5520-BAA-P104 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2004   Improved Sensitivity Due to the reduction
88C5520-BBA   88C5520-BBA 88C5520-BBA PDF Download MARVELL 00+ N/A The architecture provides three modes of operati
88C5520-LFE   88C5520-LFE 88C5520-LFE PDF Download M 04+ One bank of five outputs and one bank of four ou
88C5520L-THC   88C5520L-THC 88C5520L-THC PDF Download 02 • Synchronous Operation. • On-Chip A
88C5520-THC   88C5520-THC 88C5520-THC PDF Download N/A TQFP 02+ Power Diode Module DD200HB series are designed f
88C5540-LFE   88C5540-LFE 88C5540-LFE PDF Download M QFP QFP Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
88C5540-LIH   88C5540-LIH 88C5540-LIH PDF Download M 04+   REFIN Input Capacitance   REFIN Inpu
88C5575MA3-MXP-P104   88C5575MA3-MXP-P104 88C5575MA3-MXP-P104 PDF Download MARVELL 04+ 12000 FEATURES 94% Efficiency Possible 600mA Output
88C5575MA3-NXC1C000-P104   88C5575MA3-NXC1C000-P104 88C5575MA3-NXC1C000-P104 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 2004 The TL7702B, TL7705B, and TL7733B are integrated
88C5575MA3-NXP-C000-P104   88C5575MA3-NXP-C000-P104 88C5575MA3-NXP-C000-P104 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 2004 Up to 12 DCM blocks are available. To generate d
88C5575MA3-NXP-P104   88C5575MA3-NXP-P104 88C5575MA3-NXP-P104 PDF Download MARVELL 0443+ QFN nRF401 is a true single chip UHF transceiver desi
88C5575M-NXC1   88C5575M-NXC1 88C5575M-NXC1 PDF Download MARVELL 04+ QFN/56 Copies of documents which have an ordering number
88C5575M-NXC1-P104   88C5575M-NXC1-P104 88C5575M-NXC1-P104 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 2004 PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
88C5575M-NXP   88C5575M-NXP 88C5575M-NXP PDF Download MARVELL 04+ QFN/56 HARDWARE DATA PROTECTION: Hardware features p ro
88C5575M-NXP-P104   88C5575M-NXP-P104 88C5575M-NXP-P104 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 2004 No-Hassle Simplicity: True RMS-DC Conversion wit
88C5575M-TJC   88C5575M-TJC 88C5575M-TJC PDF Download MARVE 06+ 1217 power consuming, high-precision LCD panel display
88C6590-LEF1   88C6590-LEF1 88C6590-LEF1 PDF Download Ultra low dropout voltage (140 mV @ 1.5A typ) L
88C6590-LFE   88C6590-LFE 88C6590-LFE PDF Download MARVELL The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provide
88C6590-LFE1   88C6590-LFE1 88C6590-LFE1 PDF Download TQ100 Functional Tests (In Freescale Test Fixture, 50 o
88C6590-LFH   88C6590-LFH 88C6590-LFH PDF Download M 04+ All voltages are referenced to V SS = 0 V (groun
88C681   88C681 88C681 PDF Download XR CDIP40 This series of hermetic packaged MOSFETs are ide
88C681CJ   88C681CJ 88C681CJ PDF Download ST PLCC-44 06+ Demodulator Converts the PSK signal shaped by th
88C681CN/24   88C681CN/24 88C681CN/24 PDF Download XR DIP 89   The 88C681CN/24 Photovoltaic Isolator is
88C681CN/40   88C681CN/40 88C681CN/40 PDF Download XR CDIP CDIP There are a total of 16 global clock lines, with
88C681CP/28   88C681CP/28 88C681CP/28 PDF Download XR DIP 04+ Internally fixed or adjustable output modes 250
88C681CP/40   88C681CP/40 88C681CP/40 PDF Download EXAR DIP40 N/A Peregrines PE3239 is a high performance integer-
88C681J   88C681J 88C681J PDF Download N/A PLCC-44 05+ Assuming that the sync separator is in steady sta
88C681MN-S0969   88C681MN-S0969 88C681MN-S0969 PDF Download N/A EXAR 04+ International Rectifiers RAD HARD technology HE
88C681N/40   88C681N/40 88C681N/40 PDF Download EXEL CDIP40 91+ The upstream facing port can be connected to a H
88C681P/40   88C681P/40 88C681P/40 PDF Download The 64-bit ID identifies each bq2022. The 48-bit
88C68IN/40   88C68IN/40 88C68IN/40 PDF Download XP 05+ DIP Notes: 5. Distribution data sample size is 500 s
88C7500-LFE   88C7500-LFE 88C7500-LFE PDF Download MARVELL 2003 TQFP Upon applying a reverse-polarity voltage to the D
88C7500M   88C7500M 88C7500M PDF Download 115 M 03+ 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory
88C7500M-LA   88C7500M-LA 88C7500M-LA PDF Download MARVELL TQFP1414 04+ The ISL6614A also features a three-state PWM inpu
88C7500M-LAE   88C7500M-LAE 88C7500M-LAE PDF Download MARVELL 08+ Under normal start-up conditions, devices will no
88C7500M-LAE1   88C7500M-LAE1 88C7500M-LAE1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ Four 16C950 High performance UART channels 8/32
88C7500M-LAE3   88C7500M-LAE3 88C7500M-LAE3 PDF Download Notes: a. Signals on SX, DX, or INX exceeding
88C7500M-LAEL   88C7500M-LAEL 88C7500M-LAEL PDF Download QFP100 Which Allows Mixed-Voltage-Mode Data Communicati
88C7500M-LFE   88C7500M-LFE 88C7500M-LFE PDF Download QFP Internal VREF Voltage. Decouple to GND with 0.1 &
88C7500PC0-LAE1C00A   88C7500PC0-LAE1C00A 88C7500PC0-LAE1C00A PDF Download MARVELL LQFP100 2006 Q1 through Q4 and also additional external output
88C92CJ   88C92CJ 88C92CJ PDF Download EXAR PLCC44 0517+ The control bit settings are SG0 = 1, SG1 = 0 an
88C92IJ   88C92IJ 88C92IJ PDF Download XR PLCC44 The CD54AC191/3A and CD54ACT191/3A are asynchro-
88C92LJ   88C92LJ 88C92LJ PDF Download MARVELL 2007 • Monolithic Pair   Closely Matched E
88CDFNT   88CDFNT 88CDFNT PDF Download Bus Disable Times. These are the times taken to
88CH47FG-3GE7   88CH47FG-3GE7 88CH47FG-3GE7 PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+ QFP The SiP280X family includes six high-speed, low
88CM22AF-3HF9(MV)   88CM22AF-3HF9(MV) 88CM22AF-3HF9(MV) PDF Download Toshiba
88CM48F-4039   88CM48F-4039 88CM48F-4039 PDF Download TOSHIBA QFP-L64P 6+ Channel Select - UART channel A or B is selected
88CNQ060A   88CNQ060A 88CNQ060A PDF Download IR D61-8 05+
88CNQ060ASL   88CNQ060ASL 88CNQ060ASL PDF Download IR D61-8-SL 05+ This MOSFET series realized with STMicroelectron
88CNQ060ASM   88CNQ060ASM 88CNQ060ASM PDF Download IR D61-8-SM 05+ 1. Pappenfus, Brueue & Schoenike, Single-Sid
88CNQ060SL   88CNQ060SL 88CNQ060SL PDF Download Many of the applications described below apply to
88CP38AN   88CP38AN 88CP38AN PDF Download PARAMETER Reference Voltage Fb Voltage Fb Volt
88CP38AN-4P18   88CP38AN-4P18 88CP38AN-4P18 PDF Download better and more reliable, but there is always th
88CP38N-3VU5   88CP38N-3VU5 88CP38N-3VU5 PDF Download Notes: 1. Pins B3 and A2 have identical capacita
88CS34N-5RP7   88CS34N-5RP7 88CS34N-5RP7 PDF Download TOSHIBA DIP-42 0447+ PROCESSOR MODE   In Processor Mode the CPU
88CS38BFG-4JE5   88CS38BFG-4JE5 88CS38BFG-4JE5 PDF Download 49 INTEL O3 Klares Miniatur-Kunststoffgehäuse, seitlich
88CS38N-3ED9   88CS38N-3ED9 88CS38N-3ED9 PDF Download Falling or rising edge as determined by the cont
88CS38N-3G82   88CS38N-3G82 88CS38N-3G82 PDF Download SKYWORTH DIP42 06+ This line of Schottky diodes is optimized for us
88CS38NG-6AU1   88CS38NG-6AU1 88CS38NG-6AU1 PDF Download ORION 05 • Photo detector and preamplifier in one p
88CU74YF-1A46   88CU74YF-1A46 88CU74YF-1A46 PDF Download TOSHIBA PQFP-80 N/A
88CU74YF-1A91   88CU74YF-1A91 88CU74YF-1A91 PDF Download TOSHIBA PQFP-80 N/A •Built-in digital delay , mixing amplifier
88CU77FG-6EK4(TZ   88CU77FG-6EK4(TZ 88CU77FG-6EK4(TZ PDF Download TOS 05+ QFP Self--Test   The sensor provides a self--te
88D1999XR1   88D1999XR1 88D1999XR1 PDF Download ZiLOG O7+  tw(N) Duration of longest pulse rejected a
88D29   88D29 88D29 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes: 1. For 2.5V < VOUT < 2.8V refer to
88E1000   88E1000 88E1000 PDF Download MARVELL 798 The PSoC architecture, as illustrated on the lef
88E1000-CD-RJJ-C000   88E1000-CD-RJJ-C000 88E1000-CD-RJJ-C000 PDF Download AlaskaTM Gigabit PHY Marvell 05+ EXAR Corporation reserves the right to make chan
88E1000RJJ   88E1000RJJ 88E1000RJJ PDF Download MARVEL 05+ QFP 2. A variety of power saving modes   Attach
88E1000-RJJ   88E1000-RJJ 88E1000-RJJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP128 03+ The MAX8597/MAX8598/MAX8599 voltage-mode PWM ste
88E1000-RLL   88E1000-RLL 88E1000-RLL PDF Download 03 Xtal/Clock: The input to the on-chip clock oscill
88E1000S-RJJ   88E1000S-RJJ 88E1000S-RJJ PDF Download N/A 17 The bq2050H Lithium Ion Power Gauge™ IC is
88E1000T-RJJ   88E1000T-RJJ 88E1000T-RJJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP 06+   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) G
88E1001-BAB   88E1001-BAB 88E1001-BAB PDF Download M BGA 2001+04 Several register bits (bit 0 to bit 93) are used
88E1010-BAB   88E1010-BAB 88E1010-BAB PDF Download MARVELL BGA 07+ Logic Circuits Blocking Voltage to 600 V OnW
88E1010BABT8807   88E1010BABT8807 88E1010BABT8807 PDF Download The AC ACT843 bus interface latch is designed to
88E1010S-BAB   88E1010S-BAB 88E1010S-BAB PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Test clock. One of four terminals required by IE
88E1011BAB   88E1011BAB 88E1011BAB PDF Download A transmit squelch circuit, which consists of a
88E1011-BAB   88E1011-BAB 88E1011-BAB PDF Download MARVELL BGA 01+ The AHCT574 devices are octal edge-triggered D-t
88E1011-RCJ   88E1011-RCJ 88E1011-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP N/A The Virtex FPGA family delivers high-performance
88E1011RCS   88E1011RCS 88E1011RCS PDF Download  The 88E1011RCS provides the added function
88E1011-RJJ   88E1011-RJJ 88E1011-RJJ PDF Download MARVELL TQFP128
88E1011S   88E1011S 88E1011S PDF Download NOTES: (1) CMOS/TTL compatible, i.e., Logic 0 =
88E1011SA5-RCJ-C000   88E1011SA5-RCJ-C000 88E1011SA5-RCJ-C000 PDF Download M 05+ The maximum repetition rate for Timer T2 is twic
88E1011S-BAB   88E1011S-BAB 88E1011S-BAB PDF Download MARVELL BGA 03+ STMicroelectronics 32-bit, ARM core-based microc
88E1011S-BAB1   88E1011S-BAB1 88E1011S-BAB1 PDF Download M BGA 0342+ Figure 2 shows a typical application circuit for
88E1011S-RCJ   88E1011S-RCJ 88E1011S-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP 02+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
88E1011SRCJVER1.1   88E1011SRCJVER1.1 88E1011SRCJVER1.1 PDF Download Cell Available (FIFO-b)Receive side. Rx mode: CLA
88E1020-BAC   88E1020-BAC 88E1020-BAC PDF Download MARVELL BGA 00+ • Supplies the TC (Transmission Convergence
88E1020-CD-BAC-C000   88E1020-CD-BAC-C000 88E1020-CD-BAC-C000 PDF Download N/A 04+ AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash me
88E1020S-BAC   88E1020S-BAC 88E1020S-BAC PDF Download MARVELL BGA The 88E1020S-BACC88E1020S-BAC have internal termi
88E1040   88E1040 88E1040 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 0220+ Notes: 1. See XPLA3 family data sheet (DS012) f
88E1040-BAF   88E1040-BAF 88E1040-BAF PDF Download MARVELL NEW 02+ Hynix HYMD216M646A(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuff
88E1040-BAF/CN82080A.1   88E1040-BAF/CN82080A.1 88E1040-BAF/CN82080A.1 PDF Download BGA3535 0438+ An unused RESET input should be tied to VDD . H
88E1040BAF1   88E1040BAF1 88E1040BAF1 PDF Download I/O port with bit-programmable pins; Schmitt tr
88E1040-BAH   88E1040-BAH 88E1040-BAH PDF Download M BGA 05+ The M37273MFH-XXXSP is single-chip microcomputer
88E1040S-BAF   88E1040S-BAF 88E1040S-BAF PDF Download MARVELL 02+
88E1040TAZ-BAF-C000   88E1040TAZ-BAF-C000 88E1040TAZ-BAF-C000 PDF Download M BGA 02+ Note 3: Internal thermal shutdown circuitry prote
88E1041-BAE   88E1041-BAE 88E1041-BAE PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ Notes:  8. Min. times are tested initially
88E1041-D2-BAE-C000   88E1041-D2-BAE-C000 88E1041-D2-BAE-C000 PDF Download   This command is used to set all of the op
88E1041S-BAE   88E1041S-BAE 88E1041S-BAE PDF Download M 03/04+ Following the hold time interval, data at the D
88E1042H-BAH   88E1042H-BAH 88E1042H-BAH PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ • 1.25 (31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
88E1042H-HAH   88E1042H-HAH 88E1042H-HAH PDF Download This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 4,
88E1043-BAS   88E1043-BAS 88E1043-BAS PDF Download MARVELL BGA 02+
88E1043-BCA   88E1043-BCA 88E1043-BCA PDF Download MARVELL BGA 02+ The FAN1950 and FAN1951 are 1.5A low-dropout lin
88E1111   88E1111 88E1111 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 07+ • Wide frequency rangeC80.0MHz to 135.0MHz
88E1111-B1   88E1111-B1 88E1111-B1 PDF Download Synchronization input. Dual function pin which p
88E1111B1-BAB1   88E1111B1-BAB1 88E1111B1-BAB1 PDF Download MARVELL 08+ The ADR512 is a 1.2 V precision shunt voltage re
88E1111-B1-BAB-I000   88E1111-B1-BAB-I000 88E1111-B1-BAB-I000 PDF Download Note 1: All data listed in the above graphs, exc
88E1111-B1-RCJ-C000   88E1111-B1-RCJ-C000 88E1111-B1-RCJ-C000 PDF Download QFP 0544+ The HCPL-7800 high CMR isolation amplifier pro
88E1111-B2-CAA1   88E1111-B2-CAA1 88E1111-B2-CAA1 PDF Download MARVELL 2007+ By integrating a rich set of industry leading sy
88E1111-B2-CAA1C000   88E1111-B2-CAA1C000 88E1111-B2-CAA1C000 PDF Download The diode connected between the gate and source
88E1111BAB   88E1111BAB 88E1111BAB PDF Download BGA N/A LCD and Camera data lines in mobile handsets I/
88E1111-BAB   88E1111-BAB 88E1111-BAB PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers
88E1111-BAB1   88E1111-BAB1 88E1111-BAB1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 07+ * Specifications will vary with foreign st
88E1111-BAB-B0P   88E1111-BAB-B0P 88E1111-BAB-B0P PDF Download 0 07+ 5000 • Second Generation SuperWIDE HIGH DENSITY
88E1111-CAA   88E1111-CAA 88E1111-CAA PDF Download MARVELL FBGA 0325+   The UTC 88E1111-CAA is a low operating Vo
88E1111-CAA1   88E1111-CAA1 88E1111-CAA1 PDF Download 19 MARVELL 06+   Single chip teletext IC   Analog CVB
88E1111RCJ   88E1111RCJ 88E1111RCJ PDF Download MARVELL
88E1111-RCJ   88E1111-RCJ 88E1111-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL PQFP128 0447+
88E1111-RCJ1   88E1111-RCJ1 88E1111-RCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP128 05+ n Internal Start-up Bias Regulator n 3A Compoun
88E1112-NNC   88E1112-NNC 88E1112-NNC PDF Download M (SX)computer IC 05+ Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
88E1112-NNC1   88E1112-NNC1 88E1112-NNC1 PDF Download 1 M O6 Footnotes: 1) Standard frequency stability (20,2
88E1115-B2-RCJ1C000   88E1115-B2-RCJ1C000 88E1115-B2-RCJ1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 05+   Mark/space ratio for the SCLK input is 40
88E1115-RCJ   88E1115-RCJ 88E1115-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ Before a word can be reprogrammed it must be era
88E1115-RCJ1   88E1115-RCJ1 88E1115-RCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 128PQFP The AVR uses a Harvard architecture concept C wi
88E1116A1NNC1C   88E1116A1NNC1C 88E1116A1NNC1C PDF Download 8. ENC   This block converts between NTSC
88E1116-NNC1   88E1116-NNC1 88E1116-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 06+ This center tap Schottky rectifier has been opti
88E1121-TFE1   88E1121-TFE1 88E1121-TFE1 PDF Download M TQFP 06+ Bidirectional I/O lines. Software instructions de
88E1141-BBT   88E1141-BBT 88E1141-BBT PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This access is initiated when both of the followi
88E1141-BBT-D0P   88E1141-BBT-D0P 88E1141-BBT-D0P PDF Download performance in outdoor signal and sign applica
88E1143-BAT   88E1143-BAT 88E1143-BAT PDF Download MARVELL 0344 conditions prior to surface mount assembly. These
88E1143-BAT1   88E1143-BAT1 88E1143-BAT1 PDF Download its possible to put in stand by a part of the bo
88E1145BBM   88E1145BBM 88E1145BBM PDF Download   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of th
88E1145-BBM   88E1145-BBM 88E1145-BBM PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
88E1145-BBM1   88E1145-BBM1 88E1145-BBM1 PDF Download BGA 08+ TEST CLOCK INPUT FROM THE BACKPLANE: This is the
88E1145-BCE   88E1145-BCE 88E1145-BCE PDF Download MARVELL 0542+ Four dedicated test pins control the operation o
88E1145-C0-BBM-C000   88E1145-C0-BBM-C000 88E1145-C0-BBM-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 04+ Following qualification, the bq24400 fast-charge
88E1145-C1-BBM-C000   88E1145-C1-BBM-C000 88E1145-C1-BBM-C000 PDF Download The ISD1000A Series eliminates the need for dig-
88E1146C-BBM   88E1146C-BBM 88E1146C-BBM PDF Download MARVEL BGA2121 05+ Table 2 shows the maximum number of user I/Os av
88E3015-NNP1   88E3015-NNP1 88E3015-NNP1 PDF Download Luminance bandwidth Chrominance bandwidth (Ext
88E3016A1-NNC1   88E3016A1-NNC1 88E3016A1-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL 200641 NOTES 1NSV features enabled. 2DNL measures the
88E3016-NNC1   88E3016-NNC1 88E3016-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 07+ The UCC3808A dual output drive stages are arrang
88E3060-RBJ   88E3060-RBJ 88E3060-RBJ PDF Download Marvell QFP 06+ The 88E3060-RBJ provides for setting the full-sc
88E3061-RBJ   88E3061-RBJ 88E3061-RBJ PDF Download Marvell QFP 06+ This circuit consists of four independent, high
88E3080   88E3080 88E3080 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 07+ These 8-bit registers feature 3-state outputs d
88E3080A-RAF   88E3080A-RAF 88E3080A-RAF PDF Download 01+ QFP UL Recognized File # E-96005 Plastic package h
88E3080-RAF   88E3080-RAF 88E3080-RAF PDF Download MARVELL QFP208 01+   The MC74AC350/74ACT350 is operationally e
88E3081   88E3081 88E3081 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 07+ Europe has assigned an unlicensed frequency band
88E3081-D0-RAF-C000   88E3081-D0-RAF-C000 88E3081-D0-RAF-C000 PDF Download *Fully integrated with compact 16-pin dip *All n
88E3081-F1(RAF)   88E3081-F1(RAF) 88E3081-F1(RAF) PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
88E3081RAF   88E3081RAF 88E3081RAF PDF Download The 16-bit wide programming word or control word
88E3081-RAF   88E3081-RAF 88E3081-RAF PDF Download M QFP QFP Video output: 15- and 16-bit RGB pixel formats,
88E3081-RAF1   88E3081-RAF1 88E3081-RAF1 PDF Download Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning
88E3081-RAF-2.2B   88E3081-RAF-2.2B 88E3081-RAF-2.2B PDF Download A configuration interface between the controller
88E3082-A0-BAR-I000   88E3082-A0-BAR-I000 88E3082-A0-BAR-I000 PDF Download 1.6 µA Typical Quiescent Current Input Ope
88E3082-B1-BAR-I000   88E3082-B1-BAR-I000 88E3082-B1-BAR-I000 PDF Download BGA 224/I°/ Marvell 05+ The bq2060 uses a fully differential, dynamically
88E3082-BAR   88E3082-BAR 88E3082-BAR PDF Download MARVELL BGA 03+ The external bootstrap capacitor is necessary to
88E3083B1-LKJ   88E3083B1-LKJ 88E3083B1-LKJ PDF Download The ISD1740A/50A/60A devices incorporate a propri
88E3083-LKJ   88E3083-LKJ 88E3083-LKJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP 03+ NOTES: 1. These power consumption characteristic
88E3083-LKJI   88E3083-LKJI 88E3083-LKJI PDF Download The transceiver is in shutdown mode if this pin
88E308-RAF   88E308-RAF 88E308-RAF PDF Download In practice, VCC1 and the supply side of the cho
88E346   88E346 88E346 PDF Download FUJITSU 03+ This is the feedback pin of the device. The feed
88E347A   88E347A 88E347A PDF Download 02+ The HV256 operates on a 300V supply and two low
88E4423   88E4423 88E4423 PDF Download IBM QFP-48 1. Product of input modulation f1 at 4.43MHz p-p
88E48312-B-2   88E48312-B-2 88E48312-B-2 PDF Download MARVELL BGA • 12-Bit Resolution • Selectable ful
88E6021   88E6021 88E6021 PDF Download NOTES 1Absolute maximum ratings are limiting val
88E6021-A1-RCJ-C000   88E6021-A1-RCJ-C000 88E6021-A1-RCJ-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 05+   The NCP5422A is a dual N−channel syn
88E6021RCJ   88E6021RCJ 88E6021RCJ PDF Download Notes:  2. X =Don't Care. H = Logic HIGH,
88E6021-RCJ   88E6021-RCJ 88E6021-RCJ PDF Download 03+
88E6021-RCJ1   88E6021-RCJ1 88E6021-RCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 07+散新 QFP Maximum switching frequency for control input (V
88E6031-A0-LAJ1C000   88E6031-A0-LAJ1C000 88E6031-A0-LAJ1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2005
88E6031-LAJ1   88E6031-LAJ1 88E6031-LAJ1 PDF Download Power up State Programming At power up in serial
88E6050-AT-RJJ-C000   88E6050-AT-RJJ-C000 88E6050-AT-RJJ-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 03+ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
88E6050RJJ   88E6050RJJ 88E6050RJJ PDF Download M QFP 00+ This is a four-state pin. DF/DCS = VA, output
88E6050-RJJ   88E6050-RJJ 88E6050-RJJ PDF Download M QFP QFP The ÉlanSC300 microcontroller includes a
88E6051-RJJ   88E6051-RJJ 88E6051-RJJ PDF Download QFP128 08+ The MAX6902 SPI™-compatible real-time clock
88E6052-A2-RJJ   88E6052-A2-RJJ 88E6052-A2-RJJ PDF Download MARVELL 2005 NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
88E6052-RCJ   88E6052-RCJ 88E6052-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL 02+ QFP 8- to 32-bit and 16- to 32-bit word packing opti
88E6052RJJ   88E6052RJJ 88E6052RJJ PDF Download Glass-Passivated Surface for Reliability and Uni
88E6052-RJJ   88E6052-RJJ 88E6052-RJJ PDF Download 02 Note: 13. An in-band optical signal is a pulse/
88E6060   88E6060 88E6060 PDF Download 2896 The host system can detect whether a program or
88E6060-B0-RCJ1C000   88E6060-B0-RCJ1C000 88E6060-B0-RCJ1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ Connect the converter per Table 2 for the approp
88E6060-B0-RCJ-C000   88E6060-B0-RCJ-C000 88E6060-B0-RCJ-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ MQFP128   Extremely Low vF   Low Power Loss/Hi
88E6060-BO-RCJ   88E6060-BO-RCJ 88E6060-BO-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL MQFP1420 0524+ The HA-5004 current feedback amplifier is
88E6060-BO-RCJ1   88E6060-BO-RCJ1 88E6060-BO-RCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ QFP The device provides up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs
88E6060RCJ   88E6060RCJ 88E6060RCJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP128 04+   2.3. Order of precedence. In the event of
88E6060-RCJ   88E6060-RCJ 88E6060-RCJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP128 N/A Because BiFET operational amplifiers are designe
88E6060-RCJ1   88E6060-RCJ1 88E6060-RCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ Interrupts : 18 sources, 10 vectors   1. T
88E6061-A1-LAJ1C000   88E6061-A1-LAJ1C000 88E6061-A1-LAJ1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 0647+ An external resistor, RSET, connected to pin 6 i
88E6061-LAJ   88E6061-LAJ 88E6061-LAJ PDF Download MARVELL QFP 0609+ n OSD Window Fade In/Fade Out n OSD Half Tone Tr
88E6061-LAJ1   88E6061-LAJ1 88E6061-LAJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 06+散新 QFP Data transfer starts with the falling edge of th
88E6063-CI-RCJ-C000   88E6063-CI-RCJ-C000 88E6063-CI-RCJ-C000 PDF Download
88E6063RCJ   88E6063RCJ 88E6063RCJ PDF Download QFP   The MC10/100EP131 is a Quad Master−s
88E6063-RCJ   88E6063-RCJ 88E6063-RCJ PDF Download M QFP QFP Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case fo
88E6063-RCJ(TSTDTS)   88E6063-RCJ(TSTDTS) 88E6063-RCJ(TSTDTS) PDF Download a. AC characteristics apply for parallel output
88E6063-RCJ1   88E6063-RCJ1 88E6063-RCJ1 PDF Download MAV QFP 06+ Four stereo 24-bit multi-bit sigma delta DACs are
88E6063-RJC   88E6063-RJC 88E6063-RJC PDF Download M QFP The only write enable when device is configured t
88E606-RCJ   88E606-RCJ 88E606-RCJ PDF Download M QFP 2005 The Am29LV017D is a 16 Mbit, 3.0 Volt-only Flash
88E6083-LGR   88E6083-LGR 88E6083-LGR PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ reset (pin 4)   An active low input that f
88E6092-TAH   88E6092-TAH 88E6092-TAH PDF Download 83 M 05+   Please be aware that an important notice
88E6092-TAH1   88E6092-TAH1 88E6092-TAH1 PDF Download 122 M O6 Setting up a password is done essentially in the
88E6093-A1-TAH-C000   88E6093-A1-TAH-C000 88E6093-A1-TAH-C000 PDF Download Marvell TQFP 2004+ Highly integrated analog interface XGA/SXGA TFT
88E6093-TAH   88E6093-TAH 88E6093-TAH PDF Download 360 M O4 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
88E6095F-LG01   88E6095F-LG01 88E6095F-LG01 PDF Download MARVELL BGA   By providing external feedback, the IDT5V
88E6095-TAH   88E6095-TAH 88E6095-TAH PDF Download MARVELL TQFP 05+ BSerial interface (CLK, STB, DIN, DOUT) BKey
88E6095-TAH1   88E6095-TAH1 88E6095-TAH1 PDF Download MARVELL 05-06+ TQFP176   The following discussion refers to the sc
88E6095-TAH1(A3P)   88E6095-TAH1(A3P) 88E6095-TAH1(A3P) PDF Download MARVELL QFP
88E6095-TAH-I   88E6095-TAH-I 88E6095-TAH-I PDF Download Marvell TQFP 2005+   C Data Sheet Describes Mode 0 Operation
88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P   88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P 88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P PDF Download MARVELL 05+ TQFP/144 to 30 Mbps Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds 12 kV
88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P123   88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P123 88E6108-B1-LAR1C000-P123 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ TQFP/144 n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
88E6108-B2-LAR1C000-P   88E6108-B2-LAR1C000-P 88E6108-B2-LAR1C000-P PDF Download MARVELL 06+ TQFP/144 • I/O-isolation 6000 VDC • Creeping/
88E6108-LAR1   88E6108-LAR1 88E6108-LAR1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 06+ The device operates from a 32.768 kHz crystal wi
88E6128-LG01   88E6128-LG01 88E6128-LG01 PDF Download MARVELL QFP  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
88E6131B2-LAR1   88E6131B2-LAR1 88E6131B2-LAR1 PDF Download The VRE3041 is recommended for use as a referenc
88E6151-A0-LKJ-C000   88E6151-A0-LKJ-C000 88E6151-A0-LKJ-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2006 • Serial Presence Detect with Serial E2PROM
88E6151-LKJ   88E6151-LKJ 88E6151-LKJ PDF Download MARVELL 03+ FEATURES • Current Limit Protection ̶
88E6181-A0-LKJ-C000   88E6181-A0-LKJ-C000 88E6181-A0-LKJ-C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2006 2. Products and product specifications may be su
88E6181-LKJ   88E6181-LKJ 88E6181-LKJ PDF Download Marvell QFP 06+   Parameter Operating Input Voltage Maxi
88E6182-LKJ1   88E6182-LKJ1 88E6182-LKJ1 PDF Download 15 M O5 The accurate 30mV overcharging detection voltage
88E6183-LKJ   88E6183-LKJ 88E6183-LKJ PDF Download TQFP 04+ 4-channel CODEC with on-chip digital filters So
88E6185-LKJ   88E6185-LKJ 88E6185-LKJ PDF Download MARVELL 05+   The 88E6185-LKJ/829 perform voltage conver
88E6218-LG01   88E6218-LG01 88E6218-LG01 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 07 Chip Select: Enables or disables all inputs excep
88E6218-LGO   88E6218-LGO 88E6218-LGO PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The LT®1310 boost DC/DC converter combines a
88E8000-LKJ   88E8000-LKJ 88E8000-LKJ PDF Download OUTPUT CLOCK: This pin is selectable under proces
88E8000-NNC   88E8000-NNC 88E8000-NNC PDF Download MARVELL BGA The ISL4238E is a 5 driver, 3 receiver device op
88E8001   88E8001 88E8001 PDF Download MARVELL 128LQFP Periodische Vorwärts- undrepetitive peak for
88E8001-A3-LKJ   88E8001-A3-LKJ 88E8001-A3-LKJ PDF Download The control bit settings are SG0 = 1, SG1 = 1, a
88E8001-A3-LKJ-C   88E8001-A3-LKJ-C 88E8001-A3-LKJ-C PDF Download MARVELL QFP 0411+ *2) Lamp frequency of inverter may produce inter
88E8001-A4-LKJ-C000-P123   88E8001-A4-LKJ-C000-P123 88E8001-A4-LKJ-C000-P123 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ROSH TQFP • The use of twin crossbar contacts en- su
88E8001-LKJ1   88E8001-LKJ1 88E8001-LKJ1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ Output Voltage Translation Tracks VCC Supports M
88E8001-LKJ-P123   88E8001-LKJ-P123 88E8001-LKJ-P123 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ROSH TQFP The CY7C436X3AV is a synchronous (clocked) FIFO,
88E8003-LKJ   88E8003-LKJ 88E8003-LKJ PDF Download MARVELL 03+ QFP > 90% Maximum Efficiency Low Quiescent Supply
88E8022-BDJ   88E8022-BDJ 88E8022-BDJ PDF Download MARVELL BGA 07+ • I/O-isolation 6000 VDC • Creeping/
88E8036-NN2C-P123   88E8036-NN2C-P123 88E8036-NN2C-P123 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 0517+ The AC/ACT374 is a high-speed, low-power octal D
88E8036-NNC   88E8036-NNC 88E8036-NNC PDF Download Marvell QFN 06+ The Flash program memory supports both parallel
88E8036-NNC1   88E8036-NNC1 88E8036-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL 0427  The HYM72V32756B(L)T8 Series are Dual In-l
88E8036-NNC1-P123   88E8036-NNC1-P123 88E8036-NNC1-P123 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 0542+ The 150CMQ isolated, center tap Schottky rectifi
88E8038-NNC1   88E8038-NNC1 88E8038-NNC1 PDF Download MARVEL QFN 2005 The regulated voltage output. An output capacito
88E8039-NNC1   88E8039-NNC1 88E8039-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 08+ 1. Part mounted on 2"x2" GETEK board w
88E8050-NNC   88E8050-NNC 88E8050-NNC PDF Download BGA This device provides 64 bytes of general-purpose
88E8052-NNC   88E8052-NNC 88E8052-NNC PDF Download MACNICA (SX)computer IC 04+   The PTH03060W non-isolated power module i
88E8053-A2-NNC-C000   88E8053-A2-NNC-C000 88E8053-A2-NNC-C000 PDF Download   4.5.3 Coil selection for safe operating a
88E8053-NNC   88E8053-NNC 88E8053-NNC PDF Download MARVELL 06+ The UV erasable version can be erased and repro-
88E8053-NNC1   88E8053-NNC1 88E8053-NNC1 PDF Download M QFN 0534+ The SN74CB3T16211 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
88E8055-NNC1   88E8055-NNC1 88E8055-NNC1 PDF Download M QFN 0627+   Bidirectional devices designed for direct
88E8058-NNC1   88E8058-NNC1 88E8058-NNC1 PDF Download QFN Stresses above the ratings listed below can caus
88E8061-BDJ   88E8061-BDJ 88E8061-BDJ PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2006 Electrical and Optical Specifications Specificat
88E8310-RES   88E8310-RES 88E8310-RES PDF Download M (SX)computer IC 03+ MAX 7000A (including MAX 7000AE) devices are hig
88EC005-BAM   88EC005-BAM 88EC005-BAM PDF Download BGA Note A: All Characteristic data in the above gra
88EC018-BAM1   88EC018-BAM1 88EC018-BAM1 PDF Download The MAX3781 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembl
88EC019-BAM-P103   88EC019-BAM-P103 88EC019-BAM-P103 PDF Download INTEL BGA 06+ Note: All devices contains Access.bus (ACB), Clo
88EC031NNC1   88EC031NNC1 88EC031NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ NOTE: 1. C1 is required only if regulator is sep
88EC031-NNC1   88EC031-NNC1 88EC031-NNC1 PDF Download MARVELL 07+ QFN Quiescent Voltage Output: With no magnetic field
88F5180N-BBR1   88F5180N-BBR1 88F5180N-BBR1 PDF Download BGA MARVELL/PBF 0601+ Cartesian amplitude and phase modulation 1.5 GH
88F5181-BBR1   88F5181-BBR1 88F5181-BBR1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ Inputs to VID D to A Converter Inputs to VID D
88F5181L   88F5181L 88F5181L PDF Download Operational Modes Open Mode Scan Mode Windowi
88F5-BBR1   88F5-BBR1 88F5-BBR1 PDF Download 33 M O6 The AC/ACT374 consists of eight edge-triggered f
88FU-102MP3   88FU-102MP3 88FU-102MP3 PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
88G4012   88G4012 88G4012 PDF Download Any and all SANYO products described or contained
88G4172   88G4172 88G4172 PDF Download AMD PLCC The VCO accepts analog control inputs from the P
88G4434ESD   88G4434ESD 88G4434ESD PDF Download RF output and bias pin. Bias should be supplied t
88G9846   88G9846 88G9846 PDF Download   C High-speed logic and Interconnect  
88G9859   88G9859 88G9859 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
88GW002-071   88GW002-071 88GW002-071 PDF Download NEC The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
88H1031   88H1031 88H1031 PDF Download n −40˚C to +85˚C operation n Co
88H1319PQ   88H1319PQ 88H1319PQ PDF Download CISCO BGA 07+ The PCA9544A is a 1-of-4 bi-directional translat
88H1358   88H1358 88H1358 PDF Download CISCO PGA * Short Circuit protection operates only at the
88H1823   88H1823 88H1823 PDF Download QFP208 The line on the graph shows the actual temperatu
88H2153   88H2153 88H2153 PDF Download N/A QFP
88H3831   88H3831 88H3831 PDF Download The MacroDensÔ 3 C7 W PKF 4000 I series tru
88H3832   88H3832 88H3832 PDF Download GENESIS PQFP 2000 The MAC unit comprises the main arithmetic proce
88H4388   88H4388 88H4388 PDF Download IBM SQFP80 2007+
88H4540   88H4540 88H4540 PDF Download (5) When designing your equipment, comply with t
88H4659   88H4659 88H4659 PDF Download 05+ QFP The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
88H4669   88H4669 88H4669 PDF Download IBM QFP 03+ • 8-level deep hardware stack • Int
88H4760   88H4760 88H4760 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Software selectable I O options (TRI-STATE outpu
88H4981   88H4981 88H4981 PDF Download ** Required for stability. Must be rated for 10
88H5548   88H5548 88H5548 PDF Download 04+ QFP The PIC12CE67X device is supported by a full-fea
88H5718   88H5718 88H5718 PDF Download IBM QFP208 99+ The 88H5718 dual RF detector is designed for RF
88H8138   88H8138 88H8138 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
88HF10   88HF10 88HF10 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+ To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308, the F
88HF100   88HF100 88HF100 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+ One often needs a low-cost logic supply for power
88HF120   88HF120 88HF120 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+   The 88HF120 package has a large exposed i
88HF140   88HF140 88HF140 PDF Download Note 4 The M1 and M2 threshold specifications ar
88HF160   88HF160 88HF160 PDF Download • International standard packages:  
88HF20   88HF20 88HF20 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+ 212 x 64 x 16 x 4-bit organization Triple port
88HF40   88HF40 88HF40 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+
88HF60   88HF60 88HF60 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+ The potentiometers of the DS1267 can be connected
88HF80   88HF80 88HF80 PDF Download IR DO-203AB (DO-5) 00+ The BTS 781 GP is part of the TrilithIC family
88HFR10   88HFR10 88HFR10 PDF Download Note 4: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
88HFR100   88HFR100 88HFR100 PDF Download
88HFR120   88HFR120 88HFR120 PDF Download GHA/GHB/GHC High-side, gate-drive outputs for e
88HFR140   88HFR140 88HFR140 PDF Download   Please read rating and !CAUTION (for stor
88HFR160   88HFR160 88HFR160 PDF Download The ISSI IS41C82002 and IS41LV82002 are 2,097,15
88HFR20   88HFR20 88HFR20 PDF Download (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
88HFR40   88HFR40 88HFR40 PDF Download Depending on the level on EXTFIFO, the asserted
88HFR60   88HFR60 88HFR60 PDF Download functional operation of the device at these or a
88HFR80   88HFR80 88HFR80 PDF Download Programming the DSP Section (Audio Baseband Proce
88-HV1-647-08G   88-HV1-647-08G 88-HV1-647-08G PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD =3.7ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW P
88I1041S-BAE   88I1041S-BAE 88I1041S-BAE PDF Download BGA 05+ Passivated high commutation triacs in a plastic
88I1043-BCA   88I1043-BCA 88I1043-BCA PDF Download Timing & Control It generates internal timin
88I4300TEH   88I4300TEH 88I4300TEH PDF Download Mitel TQFP176-2020 00 Note 2: Electrical Table values apply only for fa
88I4300-TEH   88I4300-TEH 88I4300-TEH PDF Download 02+ TQFP Designed utilizing CMOS process technology, the
88I4300-THE   88I4300-THE 88I4300-THE PDF Download QFP144 ECOS1AA682AA ECOS1AA822AA ECOS1AA103AA ECOS1AA
88I4310-TGJ   88I4310-TGJ 88I4310-TGJ PDF Download MARVELL TQFP 2001 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
88I5200-LFE   88I5200-LFE 88I5200-LFE PDF Download TQFP 05+ The TPR 700 is a high power COMMON BASE bipolar
88I5500-AX   88I5500-AX 88I5500-AX PDF Download MARVELL QFP 2002
88I5500-THE   88I5500-THE 88I5500-THE PDF Download 07+ channel is latched with its corresponding TBC pin
88I5501-BAL   88I5501-BAL 88I5501-BAL PDF Download   The QS3VH2245 is a high bandwidth 8-bit b
88I5501-BCC   88I5501-BCC 88I5501-BCC PDF Download • High self-resonant frequency values. 
88I5501-BCJ   88I5501-BCJ 88I5501-BCJ PDF Download 1340 M O3 Over-Temperature Protection Over-temperature pro
88I5501-THE   88I5501-THE 88I5501-THE PDF Download QFP144 ICs form an on-board 28-bit serial-in/parallel-o
88I5502-BCU1   88I5502-BCU1 88I5502-BCU1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2004 High Reliability: Models 88I5502-BCU1, 88I5502-BC
88I5510-BCJ   88I5510-BCJ 88I5510-BCJ PDF Download MXIC BGA 06/07+ FEATURES   Schottky Barrier Chip   Gu
88I5510-BCJ1   88I5510-BCJ1 88I5510-BCJ1 PDF Download 4 BGA 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
88I5510-BCJ1-P107   88I5510-BCJ1-P107 88I5510-BCJ1-P107 PDF Download MARVELL BGA For BCP converters configured with the nega
88I5510-BCJ1-PI07   88I5510-BCJ1-PI07 88I5510-BCJ1-PI07 PDF Download FPGA devices can be configured with an AT17A Ser
88I5520-RAF   88I5520-RAF 88I5520-RAF PDF Download M QFP208 02+ • 3.3V operation (3.0VC3.6V) • High
88I5530-BAN   88I5530-BAN 88I5530-BAN PDF Download MARVEL BGA Note 7: Because the Bus LVDS serial data stream i
88I5531-BAN   88I5531-BAN 88I5531-BAN PDF Download M BGA   The PA50 is a MOSFET power operational am
88I5540-LFH   88I5540-LFH 88I5540-LFH PDF Download MARVELL QFP 04+ Complete Development Tools  ❐ Free
88I6062-BEH1   88I6062-BEH1 88I6062-BEH1 PDF Download This device is particularly well suited for port
88I6270-A0-BCY1C000   88I6270-A0-BCY1C000 88I6270-A0-BCY1C000 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 07+ • High-speed access time: 10, 12, and 15 n
88I6340M-BD01   88I6340M-BD01 88I6340M-BD01 PDF Download Receive Sync Bit output (Digital). This output is
88I6380M-BDR1   88I6380M-BDR1 88I6380M-BDR1 PDF Download BGA MARVELL 05+ While maintaining all architectural and operatio
88I6501-LMR   88I6501-LMR 88I6501-LMR PDF Download MARVELL TQFP2020 03+ The low-cost ADS-930 is a high-performance, 16-b
88I6522-A3-LGO1C000-P110   88I6522-A3-LGO1C000-P110 88I6522-A3-LGO1C000-P110 PDF Download guaranteeing that both transistors in a leg are
88I6522-LG   88I6522-LG 88I6522-LG PDF Download MARVELL 05+ H - High-Terminal Potentiometer. This is the high
88I6522-LG01   88I6522-LG01 88I6522-LG01 PDF Download MARVELL QFP High Capacitive-Drive Capability Typical Delay T
88I6522-LGO   88I6522-LGO 88I6522-LGO PDF Download 03 Ultrasonically bonded leads and controlled die m
88I6522-LGO-P110   88I6522-LGO-P110 88I6522-LGO-P110 PDF Download The TPS6202x is a high efficiency synchronous s
88I6540   88I6540 88I6540 PDF Download M O7+ Signal Operation tpd = 4.8 ns Max at 3.3 V Suit
88I6540-BAM   88I6540-BAM 88I6540-BAM PDF Download 1000 MARVELL Tantalum capacitors are recommended on the outpu
88I6540BAM1   88I6540BAM1 88I6540BAM1 PDF Download M BGA 07+ • Fast access time: 7, 8, 10, 12 ns ̶
88I6540-BAM1   88I6540-BAM1 88I6540-BAM1 PDF Download M BGA BGA Acknowledge Polling Since the device will not ac
88I6540-BAMI   88I6540-BAMI 88I6540-BAMI PDF Download 1000 MARVELL Character type dot matrix LCD driver & contr
88I6540-LFH   88I6540-LFH 88I6540-LFH PDF Download M QFP QFP † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
88I6540-LFH1   88I6540-LFH1 88I6540-LFH1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 04+ As shown in the block diagram, the TV-SAM compri
88I6545-TFJ1   88I6545-TFJ1 88I6545-TFJ1 PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
88I6545-TFJI   88I6545-TFJI 88I6545-TFJI PDF Download 1000 MARVELL Mechanical The primary thermal path for power
88I6603-BCU1   88I6603-BCU1 88I6603-BCU1 PDF Download The W83877TF is an enhanced version from Winbond'
88I6611-BCJI   88I6611-BCJI 88I6611-BCJI PDF Download MARVELL BGA184 06+ Ground Key Detection - A low active LS TTL - com
88I6611-GAA1   88I6611-GAA1 88I6611-GAA1 PDF Download Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW
88I6612-BCJ1   88I6612-BCJ1 88I6612-BCJ1 PDF Download The CDC7005 is a high-performance, low-phase noi
88I6612-BCJ1-P107   88I6612-BCJ1-P107 88I6612-BCJ1-P107 PDF Download mounting the module with side B as the mountin
88I6612-GAB1   88I6612-GAB1 88I6612-GAB1 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ BGA If the open-load detection bit (OLD) is set to l
88I6616-BCJ1   88I6616-BCJ1 88I6616-BCJ1 PDF Download MARVELL 07+ BGA   The AME1505 is a 5A low-dropout positive
88I6616-BCJI   88I6616-BCJI 88I6616-BCJI PDF Download MARVELL BGA184 06+ For early-write cycles, the data is latched on t
88I6632-BAN1   88I6632-BAN1 88I6632-BAN1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA 05+ Timing delays within the CY7C344 may be easily de
88I6775DB0-TLA1C000   88I6775DB0-TLA1C000 88I6775DB0-TLA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL TQFP144 2005 The HC4040 and HCT4040 are 14-stage ripple-carry
88I6775DB1-TLA1   88I6775DB1-TLA1 88I6775DB1-TLA1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ (2) Storage   The BG-LEDs should be stored
88I6775DB1-TLA1C000   88I6775DB1-TLA1C000 88I6775DB1-TLA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2005 • Bidirectional data strobe(DQS) • D
88I6775UA2-TLA1C000   88I6775UA2-TLA1C000 88I6775UA2-TLA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 05+/06+ Typical ground pin current is only 1mA (at IOUT
88I6775UB0-TLA1C000   88I6775UB0-TLA1C000 88I6775UB0-TLA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 08+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
88I6776DB0-TAH1   88I6776DB0-TAH1 88I6776DB0-TAH1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 06+   3.6 Certificate of compliance. For device
88I6776DB0-TAH1C000   88I6776DB0-TAH1C000 88I6776DB0-TAH1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2005 The MSM6895/MSM6896, developed especially for low
88I6776DBO-TAH1-P117   88I6776DBO-TAH1-P117 88I6776DBO-TAH1-P117 PDF Download MARVELL TQFP 05+ The ADP3419 includes an anticross-conduction pro
88I6776D-TAH1-P117   88I6776D-TAH1-P117 88I6776D-TAH1-P117 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 04+ The solution involving placing a sample and hold
88I6777-A0-TLA1C000   88I6777-A0-TLA1C000 88I6777-A0-TLA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2005 operational when the bus is attached to an off-bo
88I8010-BAL   88I8010-BAL 88I8010-BAL PDF Download MARVELL BGA 2002 The 88I8010-BAL/88I8010-BAL single/dual comparato
88I8030-B5-NNC-C000   88I8030-B5-NNC-C000 88I8030-B5-NNC-C000 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 07+ The M68AF127B is a 1Mbit (1,048,576 bit) CMOS S
88I8030-B6-TBC1C000   88I8030-B6-TBC1C000 88I8030-B6-TBC1C000 PDF Download The charging sequence consists of four stages. T
88I8030-B6-TBC-C000   88I8030-B6-TBC-C000 88I8030-B6-TBC-C000 PDF Download PCI configuration space is a limited address spa
88I8030B-TBC   88I8030B-TBC 88I8030B-TBC PDF Download 1000 MARVELL The OPA682s low 6mA supply current is precisely
88I8030-NNC   88I8030-NNC 88I8030-NNC PDF Download M 0439+ QFN MXIC's Automatic Erase algorithm requires the us
88I8030TBC   88I8030TBC 88I8030TBC PDF Download
88I8030-TBC   88I8030-TBC 88I8030-TBC PDF Download ★★★ 00   Please be aware that an important notice
88I8030-TBC1   88I8030-TBC1 88I8030-TBC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ This access is initiated when the following condi
88I8030-TBC-P117   88I8030-TBC-P117 88I8030-TBC-P117 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ When pin 8 has a logic "1" applied and
88I8110-BAL   88I8110-BAL 88I8110-BAL PDF Download TOSHIBA 06+ 841 The third stage is a topping charge that applies
88I8210-BAL   88I8210-BAL 88I8210-BAL PDF Download TOS 03/04+ Divide bit - this bit sets the frequency of the
88J77   88J77 88J77 PDF Download TAIWAN BGA 03+ The 120NQ...(R) high current Schottky rectifier m
88JB2   88JB2 88JB2 PDF Download Grayhill Inc   These phase detector outputs can be combin
88K7   88K7 88K7 PDF Download for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) Casca
88L02S   88L02S 88L02S PDF Download TO-263 06+   Pb−Free Package is Available  
88L70   88L70 88L70 PDF Download CM SOP 7.2 After the FPGA configuration process is complete
88L70TS   88L70TS 88L70TS PDF Download 2008   MPX10 series pressure sensors are availabl
88LC89AN   88LC89AN 88LC89AN PDF Download 9 MITEL 97+ The ATF1502ASVs flip-flop has very flexible data
88M01KFN6100   88M01KFN6100 88M01KFN6100 PDF Download Operates from 2.7V to 44V Over-The-Top®: Inp
88M03T   88M03T 88M03T PDF Download SANYO SIP3 Note 7: Because the Bus LVDS serial data stream i
88M05T   88M05T 88M05T PDF Download SANYO DIODE n Mask optional for built-in RC oscillator with
88M06T   88M06T 88M06T PDF Download SANYO SIP3 Features include one high-performance 2.88MB flop
88M09   88M09 88M09 PDF Download SANYO Of our low-temperature polycrys- talline silicon
88M09T   88M09T 88M09T PDF Download SANYO
88M1000-TKA   88M1000-TKA 88M1000-TKA PDF Download 03 All part numbers end with a place code, designat
88M12   88M12 88M12 PDF Download NOTES 1See Figure 1. 2Guaranteed by design and
88M12T   88M12T 88M12T PDF Download SANYO SIP3 ELAN Microelectronics products are not intended
88M1500-NAC   88M1500-NAC 88M1500-NAC PDF Download MARVELL QFN N/A the heat to be removed in all directions. Via ho
88M1500-NAC1   88M1500-NAC1 88M1500-NAC1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 03+ Power dissipation at 25ºC: 2.0 watts (also
88M1500-NNB   88M1500-NNB 88M1500-NNB PDF Download MARVELL 04+ Description Clares Molded Ultra-Mini DYADTM is
88M33   88M33 88M33 PDF Download SANYO TO251 05+ Full Scale Range Select and Extended Control Ena
88M33T   88M33T 88M33T PDF Download SANYO DIODE DATA (Pin 8): Input/Output. Microcontroller side
88M35T   88M35T 88M35T PDF Download SANYO DIODE The AD581 is ideal for application with the enti
88M62   88M62 88M62 PDF Download MOT 00+ PLCC52 small signal bandwidth from VREF to output up to
88MC860-B2-BFM1C000   88MC860-B2-BFM1C000 88MC860-B2-BFM1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 0714+ BENEFITS  2 lines low-pass-filter + 2 line
88MC860-BFA1   88MC860-BFA1 88MC860-BFA1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA/12*12 0647+/   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
88MC860-BFM1   88MC860-BFM1 88MC860-BFM1 PDF Download MARVELL BGA/12*12 06+ The latest data sheet corrects the photograph Fi
88MS05   88MS05 88MS05 PDF Download SANYO TO220 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
88MS05T   88MS05T 88MS05T PDF Download SANYO DIODE (tAVQV) is equal to the delay from E to output
88MS06   88MS06 88MS06 PDF Download • This product function as level shift trans
88MS09   88MS09 88MS09 PDF Download SANYO TO-223 07+   Please be aware that an important notice
88MS09T   88MS09T 88MS09T PDF Download SANYO An output capacitor is required to maintain regu
88MS12   88MS12 88MS12 PDF Download SANYO SIP3  Vpgth Power Good Voltage Threshold Vpghyst
88MS33   88MS33 88MS33 PDF Download SANYO SIP3 Note 2: When the input voltage (VI) at any pin e
88N03   88N03 88N03 PDF Download NEC TO-220 04+   This performance over temperature is achi
88N04   88N04 88N04 PDF Download NEC TO-220 04+
88N055   88N055 88N055 PDF Download Chip Enable, Output Enable and Write Enable sig-
88N55   88N55 88N55 PDF Download NEC TO-220 04+   Figure 4 shows the timing of the encoder
88NS33   88NS33 88NS33 PDF Download SANYO TO220-5 03+ SS (Pin 13) (soft start): SS will remain at Gnd a
88P200KKCW   88P200KKCW 88P200KKCW PDF Download The same summed values are also compared for di
88P2010LD80   88P2010LD80 88P2010LD80 PDF Download Unless otherwise noted, these specifications app
88P2010-LD80   88P2010-LD80 88P2010-LD80 PDF Download QFP80 The MAX186/MAX188 are available in 20-pin DIP and
88P2012-LC64   88P2012-LC64 88P2012-LC64 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 07+ The W536XXXP, a member of ViewTalkTM family, is a
88P500KK   88P500KK 88P500KK PDF Download The ABT162244 devices are 16-bit buffers and li
88RS100   88RS100 88RS100 PDF Download N/A The circuit board land pattern shown below is one
88S8040-TBC   88S8040-TBC 88S8040-TBC PDF Download Memory encompasses 16 KB of Flash for program st
88SA6050-RJJ   88SA6050-RJJ 88SA6050-RJJ PDF Download 1000 MARVELL These displays may be mounted by soldering dir
88SA8040   88SA8040 88SA8040 PDF Download Marvell 08+ The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMDZ2L4 Series Silicon
88SA8040A4-TBC-C000-P   88SA8040A4-TBC-C000-P 88SA8040A4-TBC-C000-P PDF Download MARVELL 2005+ WE is used for data write enable/disable control.
88SA8040A5-TBC1-C000-P   88SA8040A5-TBC1-C000-P 88SA8040A5-TBC1-C000-P PDF Download MARVELL 200634
88SA8040B0-NNC-C000   88SA8040B0-NNC-C000 88SA8040B0-NNC-C000 PDF Download QFN The TLE 4275 is a monolithic integrated low-drop
88SA8040B1-TBC1C000   88SA8040B1-TBC1C000 88SA8040B1-TBC1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ The device also has 32 I/O cells, each of which
88SA8040C0-TBC1C   88SA8040C0-TBC1C 88SA8040C0-TBC1C PDF Download MARVELL 07+ While line regulation is specified down to 13 vo
88SA8040-NNC   88SA8040-NNC 88SA8040-NNC PDF Download MARVELL QFN 0510+  * For bidirectional, add a C or CA suffix
88SA8040-NNC1   88SA8040-NNC1 88SA8040-NNC1 PDF Download MACNICA BGA N/A Table 1, column 2, IRHN8450. The values in Table
88SA8040-NNCI   88SA8040-NNCI 88SA8040-NNCI PDF Download MARVEL QFN 05+   Programmable Output Voltage to 36 Volts &
88SA8040-NNT1   88SA8040-NNT1 88SA8040-NNT1 PDF Download 0.452 QFN ISO150 avoids the problems commonly associated
88SA8040-TBC   88SA8040-TBC 88SA8040-TBC PDF Download BGA N/A The VC-710 is a voltage controlled crystal oscill
88SA8040-TBC1   88SA8040-TBC1 88SA8040-TBC1 PDF Download TQFP64 08+ ADS: Adaptive Delay Set. This function sets the r
88SA8040-TBC1C000   88SA8040-TBC1C000 88SA8040-TBC1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 05+ TQFP-64 The HT82V16 is a complete analog signal pro- ce
88SA8040-TGC   88SA8040-TGC 88SA8040-TGC PDF Download M (SX)computer IC 04+   Dimension are in inches.   Metric eq
88SE6101B2-NN1C000   88SE6101B2-NN1C000 88SE6101B2-NN1C000 PDF Download When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, the Intel bus int
88SE6101-NNC1   88SE6101-NNC1 88SE6101-NNC1 PDF Download 29 MARVELL 06+ • Low-noise power supplies (these are recom
88SE6121B1-NAA1C000   88SE6121B1-NAA1C000 88SE6121B1-NAA1C000 PDF Download MARVELL 2006 FEATURES l Multi quantum wells (MQW) DFB Laser
88SE6121-NAA1   88SE6121-NAA1 88SE6121-NAA1 PDF Download QFN MARVELL 06+ (TA = 25˚C, VS = 5V, RL = 100Ω Typica
88SE6141-TFE1   88SE6141-TFE1 88SE6141-TFE1 PDF Download MARVELL QFP The device is designed to comply with all indust
88SM4021-TAB   88SM4021-TAB 88SM4021-TAB PDF Download M 798 The VSP2232 is a complete mixed-signal processin
88SP5020A1-RCJ-C000-A005   88SP5020A1-RCJ-C000-A005 88SP5020A1-RCJ-C000-A005 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 03+ Program Strobe Enable: The read strobe to externa
88SP5020-RCJ   88SP5020-RCJ 88SP5020-RCJ PDF Download M 07+ range in compliance with present and future appl
88SP5021-RCJ   88SP5021-RCJ 88SP5021-RCJ PDF Download The totem-pole output stage, capable of 600 mA s
88SP5021-RCJ-A005   88SP5021-RCJ-A005 88SP5021-RCJ-A005 PDF Download MARVELL QFP 0248+
88SP5041-LMR   88SP5041-LMR 88SP5041-LMR PDF Download 302 • Low Jitter • MECL 10K and 10KH ser
88SR112HD   88SR112HD 88SR112HD PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
88SR115HD   88SR115HD 88SR115HD PDF Download Texas Instruments 07+ The SOA curve should be interpreted as an absolu
88SR3020-TBC   88SR3020-TBC 88SR3020-TBC PDF Download MARVELL QFP 05+ An overrun character is placed in the HT82K628A b
88SX5041-BCL   88SX5041-BCL 88SX5041-BCL PDF Download MARVELL BGA 04+ These devices can be used as two 8-bit transcevi
88SX5080-BCL   88SX5080-BCL 88SX5080-BCL PDF Download Marvell BGA 06+ 1. VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on
88SX5081-B2-BCL(ES)   88SX5081-B2-BCL(ES) 88SX5081-B2-BCL(ES) PDF Download WRITE PROTECT: The WP pin is used to protect all
88SX5081-BCL   88SX5081-BCL 88SX5081-BCL PDF Download   PNPN devices designed for high volume, li
88SX6041-BCZ   88SX6041-BCZ 88SX6041-BCZ PDF Download MARVELL 06+ Parameter SENSOR INPUT   Measurement Range
88SX6081A1-BCZ   88SX6081A1-BCZ 88SX6081A1-BCZ PDF Download Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
88SX6081-BCZ   88SX6081-BCZ 88SX6081-BCZ PDF Download MARVELL BGA 0352+ Data must be set up for a duration of tSD before
88SX6541-BCZ   88SX6541-BCZ 88SX6541-BCZ PDF Download MARVELL 04+ BGA Software features   Program Suspend &
88SX6541-BCZ-A034   88SX6541-BCZ-A034 88SX6541-BCZ-A034 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 05+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
88THYDLS   88THYDLS 88THYDLS PDF Download The control amplifier compares a reference volta
88TI   88TI 88TI PDF Download SMD 05+ On-chip 4-quadrant resistors allow flexible outp
88W8000   88W8000 88W8000 PDF Download MARVELL LQFN64 04+ In the normal mode, these devices are functional
88W8000-AO-NNC   88W8000-AO-NNC 88W8000-AO-NNC PDF Download
88W8000-BO-NNC   88W8000-BO-NNC 88W8000-BO-NNC PDF Download W N/A • AN80M19RSP (1.9 V type)   Unless oth
88W8000G   88W8000G 88W8000G PDF Download MARVELL 06 06+   Glassivated Surface for Reliability and U
88W8000G-NNC   88W8000G-NNC 88W8000G-NNC PDF Download MARVELL LQFN64 04+ The PCI-Express differential clock outputs of th
88W8000NNC   88W8000NNC 88W8000NNC PDF Download 02 The logic enable disables the power switch, the
88W8000-NNC   88W8000-NNC 88W8000-NNC PDF Download MARVELL QFN 0341+ The DS1543 is a full-function real-time clock/ca
88W8010-B4-NNB   88W8010-B4-NNB 88W8010-B4-NNB PDF Download   The system oscillator consists of an inve
88W8010-B4-NNB1   88W8010-B4-NNB1 88W8010-B4-NNB1 PDF Download • Single power supply : 5 V 10% • 51
88W8010-B4-NNB-COOO   88W8010-B4-NNB-COOO 88W8010-B4-NNB-COOO PDF Download If the I/O is configured as an output, then eith
88W8010-NNB   88W8010-NNB 88W8010-NNB PDF Download MARVELL QFN 07/08+ Applications • Data communication  
88W8010-NNB1   88W8010-NNB1 88W8010-NNB1 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ G.703 2048kHz Synchronization Interface Complian
88W8015-B0-NXA1   88W8015-B0-NXA1 88W8015-B0-NXA1 PDF Download The eight latches of the LS373 and S373 are tra
88W8030-B1-NNP1   88W8030-B1-NNP1 88W8030-B1-NNP1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 05+ Notes: 1. See Figure 1 to establish pulsed cond
88W8030-NNP1   88W8030-NNP1 88W8030-NNP1 PDF Download MARVELL QFN 05+ 1.1 EMI REDUCTION The COP8SAx family of devices
88W8060-NNR1   88W8060-NNR1 88W8060-NNR1 PDF Download The 80960CA is the second-generation member of
88W8150-BAN   88W8150-BAN 88W8150-BAN PDF Download MARVELL 05+ Hynix HYMD264G726A(L)4-M/K/H/L series is register
88W8200-NNP   88W8200-NNP 88W8200-NNP PDF Download In an M68300 family component, the major functio
88W8300-BAN   88W8300-BAN 88W8300-BAN PDF Download NARVELL BGA one Ethernet PHY supporting real-time standard
88W8300-EO-BAN   88W8300-EO-BAN 88W8300-EO-BAN PDF Download MARVELL BGA 303 The TPS54873 is available in a thermally enhance
88W8300-EO-BAN-C000   88W8300-EO-BAN-C000 88W8300-EO-BAN-C000 PDF Download All FACT outputs are buffered to ensure consiste
88W8305-B2-CBD1C000-T   88W8305-B2-CBD1C000-T 88W8305-B2-CBD1C000-T PDF Download   Preserve correct memory cell data by maint
88W8305-B2-TGJ   88W8305-B2-TGJ 88W8305-B2-TGJ PDF Download MARVELL TQFP128 06/04+ Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
88W8305-TGJ   88W8305-TGJ 88W8305-TGJ PDF Download execute the command. The contents of the register
88W8310-BAN   88W8310-BAN 88W8310-BAN PDF Download Marvell BGA 0401+ Differential PECL compatible outputs 700 ps pro
88W8335-TGJ1   88W8335-TGJ1 88W8335-TGJ1 PDF Download QFP 0515+ The ADSP-21365/6 contains two computational proc
88W8336-TGJ1   88W8336-TGJ1 88W8336-TGJ1 PDF Download M QFP 07+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
88W8362-BEN1   88W8362-BEN1 88W8362-BEN1 PDF Download   Simplifies Circuit Design   Reduces
88W8362EA2-BEN1   88W8362EA2-BEN1 88W8362EA2-BEN1 PDF Download These chips, when properly assembled, display ch
88W8380-BDK1C000-P129   88W8380-BDK1C000-P129 88W8380-BDK1C000-P129 PDF Download MARVELL BGA128 0534+ There are three ways to terminate the Idle mode.
88W8380-BDK1-T4   88W8380-BDK1-T4 88W8380-BDK1-T4 PDF Download MARVELL BGA128 05+ During reference input rearrangement, such as dur
88W8380-BDK-T4   88W8380-BDK-T4 88W8380-BDK-T4 PDF Download MARVELL BGA128 05+   the part number LM27CIM5-2SJ has TOS = 14
88W8385   88W8385 88W8385 PDF Download MARVELL QFN N/A A LOW strobe on this pin will retransmit the data
88W8500BAN   88W8500BAN 88W8500BAN PDF Download MARVELL BGA   Please be aware that an important notice
88W8500-BAN   88W8500-BAN 88W8500-BAN PDF Download M 03+ BGA 3. Specifications are guaranteed over the given t
88W8500-E1-BAN   88W8500-E1-BAN 88W8500-E1-BAN PDF Download MARVELL QFN 04+ The activation energy of the failure mechanism is
88W8500H   88W8500H 88W8500H PDF Download MARVELL TFBGA256 04+   Connect control terminal to VIN terminal
88W8500HE1-BAN-C000   88W8500HE1-BAN-C000 88W8500HE1-BAN-C000 PDF Download MARVELL TFBGA256 04+ Note 4 For a power supply of 5V g10% the worst ca
88W850-BAN   88W850-BAN 88W850-BAN PDF Download M 03+   The NJU8714 is a stereo BTL outputs switch
88W8510-BAN   88W8510-BAN 88W8510-BAN PDF Download MARVELL BGA 4. High energy surges are generally of longer du
88W8510H   88W8510H 88W8510H PDF Download Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
88W8510HA7-BAN   88W8510HA7-BAN 88W8510HA7-BAN PDF Download Antiparallel diode for high frequency switching
88W8510H-BAN   88W8510H-BAN 88W8510H-BAN PDF Download MARVELL 200551 The C6711/C6711B/C6711C/C6711D has a complete se
88W8515-BAN   88W8515-BAN 88W8515-BAN PDF Download MARVELL 5 05+
88W8618-BBS1   88W8618-BBS1 88W8618-BBS1 PDF Download MARVELL 06+ Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™
88W8800G-NNC   88W8800G-NNC 88W8800G-NNC PDF Download MANELL QFN 03+ NOTES: 1. All voltage values, except differentia
88X2011-BAN   88X2011-BAN 88X2011-BAN PDF Download MARVELL BGA 04+ Reset will terminate any operation, e.g., Read, E
88X2040-BAN   88X2040-BAN 88X2040-BAN PDF Download MARVELL BGA 02+ Current Feedback Interface   The IRMCK203
88X2080-BBU   88X2080-BBU 88X2080-BBU PDF Download 1000 MARVELL Each product in the FSDx321 (x for H, L) family
88X2080-BBU-C1P   88X2080-BBU-C1P 88X2080-BBU-C1P PDF Download The Write-In-Progress (WIP) bit is a volatile, r
88X2080-BBU-C1P(ES)   88X2080-BBU-C1P(ES) 88X2080-BBU-C1P(ES) PDF Download (0.8-V, 1.2-V, 1.5-V, 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, 5-V)
88ZM1500-A1-NAC   88ZM1500-A1-NAC 88ZM1500-A1-NAC PDF Download MARVELL BGA 313 This encapsulated power module can be used in a
88ZM1500-NAC   88ZM1500-NAC 88ZM1500-NAC PDF Download C Pinout and software compatible with   si
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