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 The Hynix HYM71V16M655HC(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 128Mbytes memory. The Hynix HYM71V16M655HC(L)T8 Series are fully synchronous operation referenced to the positive edge of the clock . All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth.
The CS and RD logic inputs are used to initiate conver- sions and to access data from the devices. The AN8021SB and AN8021SB have two common interface modes: slow- memory interface mode and ROM interface mode. In addition, the AN8021SB has an asynchronous conversion mode (MODE pin = low) where continuous conversions
Up to 20 possible GPIOs are available per device, and among those, GPIO[15:8] are programmable to be either positive or negative-edged triggers to generate an SMIEVENT/SMBALERT# to the system. GPIO[7:0] are programmable to be either a regular TTL level output, open drain or open collector output. To support over 20 GPIOs through cascading multiple AN8021SB devices, configure each individual AN8021SB device ID. Up to 8 Auto LED Flash (ALF) are available to drive an LED or speaker at a programmable frequency.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
AN8000MS   AN8000MS AN8000MS PDF Download Panasonic SOT-163 The device will not be harmed by exposure to the
AN8000MS-TXL   AN8000MS-TXL AN8000MS-TXL PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-163 05+   The AN8000MS-TXL audio power amplifier fe
AN8001   AN8001 AN8001 PDF Download TQFP 02+  Beneficial comments (recommendations, addit
AN8001FHK-V   AN8001FHK-V AN8001FHK-V PDF Download 4 TQFP NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
AN8002M   AN8002M AN8002M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+   The 33879 device is an 8-output hardware-
AN8002ME1   AN8002ME1 AN8002ME1 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89 03+ Remarks: If special sorting is required (e.g. b
AN8003   AN8003 AN8003 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 N/A  IOLLow-level output currentVID = − 1
AN8003M   AN8003M AN8003M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ READ clock input with pull-high resistor. Data in
AN8003M/C3   AN8003M/C3 AN8003M/C3 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89 Hynix HYMD232726(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SP
AN8003M-E1   AN8003M-E1 AN8003M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG 00+ When first plugged into USB, the FX2 enumerates
AN8004   AN8004 AN8004 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG TO-92 Clock Enable: CKE HIGH activates, and CKE LOW dea
AN8004M   AN8004M AN8004M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ For fundamental considerations on capacitors, re
AN8004M/C4   AN8004M/C4 AN8004M/C4 PDF Download PANASONIC Figure 5 is a photograph of the output of the tes
AN8004M-E1   AN8004M-E1 AN8004M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ • No External Bypass Capacitor Needed 
AN8004M-E1/C4   AN8004M-E1/C4 AN8004M-E1/C4 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89 Digitally programmable dual function digital inp
AN8005   AN8005 AN8005 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT89 NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
AN8005-F   AN8005-F AN8005-F PDF Download MAT TO-92 00+ The MAX186/MAX188 are available in 20-pin DIP and
AN8005M   AN8005M AN8005M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ There are two boot blocks (16K bytes each) in thi
AN8005M-(E1)   AN8005M-(E1) AN8005M-(E1) PDF Download 4096-color STN LCD driver LCD drivers80-commons,
AN8005M/C5   AN8005M/C5 AN8005M/C5 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89 Choke Coil (L1). If the winding resistance of the
AN8005M-E1   AN8005M-E1 AN8005M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT89-C5 Command/Data Input This input pin allows selec
AN8006   AN8006 AN8006 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG The Disable command can be used with the random
AN8006M   AN8006M AN8006M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG sot-89 05+ A capacitor is a component which is capable of s
AN8006ME1   AN8006ME1 AN8006ME1 PDF Download Adjustable regulator output (Regulator #1) C It i
AN8006M-E1   AN8006M-E1 AN8006M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG 00+
AN8007   AN8007 AN8007 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG This new generation of trench MOSFETs from Zetex
AN8007M   AN8007M AN8007M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ The AD8026 is a complete low cost, closed loop,
AN8007M-(E1)   AN8007M-(E1) AN8007M-(E1) PDF Download PANASONIC 89 The DS1258 devices execute a read cycle whenever
AN8007M/C7   AN8007M/C7 AN8007M/C7 PDF Download Panasonic Replace any reference to Flash Interface Unit wit
AN8007M-E1   AN8007M-E1 AN8007M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ electrical stability and low thermal resistance.
AN8007M-E1/C7   AN8007M-E1/C7 AN8007M-E1/C7 PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89 The emulator consists of a base unit that connec
AN8008   AN8008 AN8008 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG Ring provides half of the two-wire connection to
AN8008M   AN8008M AN8008M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG Software selectable baud rate generator Prescal
AN8008M-E1   AN8008M-E1 AN8008M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG 00+ • 3.3V operation for low power consumption
AN8009M   AN8009M AN8009M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ Input HIGH Voltage Input LOW Voltage Input HIGH
AN8009M-(E1)   AN8009M-(E1) AN8009M-(E1) PDF Download Panasonic SOT89 Accesses can be initiated by asserting all three
AN8009M/CP   AN8009M/CP AN8009M/CP PDF Download Panasonic SOT-89   These Schottky barrier diodes are designed
AN8009ME1   AN8009ME1 AN8009ME1 PDF Download The last bit of the slave address defines the op
AN8009M-E1   AN8009M-E1 AN8009M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG N/A Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
AN8010   AN8010 AN8010 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG   The AN8010/72V82/72V83/72V84/72V85 are du
AN8010M   AN8010M AN8010M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG 06+   The PT4310 modules are a low-power series
AN8010M-E1   AN8010M-E1 AN8010M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG 00+ 1. The thermal resistance is referenced from the
AN8011S   AN8011S AN8011S PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DS1270 devices execute a read cycle whenever
AN8011S-E1   AN8011S-E1 AN8011S-E1 PDF Download PANSASONSIC 98 SYNCHRONOUS READS: Synchronous reads (not availab
AN8011S-E1V   AN8011S-E1V AN8011S-E1V PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) To minimize noise, the analog and digital circuit
AN8013SH-E1   AN8013SH-E1 AN8013SH-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) TSSOP10 04+ Loop Back Select. This input is used to select t
AN8014S   AN8014S AN8014S PDF Download 93 - Input voltage range: 2.2V~5.5V (VOUT type) -
AN8014S-E1   AN8014S-E1 AN8014S-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) SOP 99+ 5. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
AN8015H-E2   AN8015H-E2 AN8015H-E2 PDF Download Panasinic 07+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
AN8015SH   AN8015SH AN8015SH PDF Download PANASONIC 2007 micropackage. The HCC/HCF4000B, HCC/HCF4001B, HC
AN8015SH-E1   AN8015SH-E1 AN8015SH-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) 99 NOTES: (1) Refer to Logic Input Compatibility se
AN8015SH-TFB   AN8015SH-TFB AN8015SH-TFB PDF Download The UCC3808A dual output drive stages are arrang
AN8016NSH   AN8016NSH AN8016NSH PDF Download SSOP 2002 Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage Average Rect
AN8016NSH-E1   AN8016NSH-E1 AN8016NSH-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) 4 SOP   The IDT70V7519 is a high-speed 256Kx36 (9
AN8016NSH-EI   AN8016NSH-EI AN8016NSH-EI PDF Download Fourth Generation HEXFETs from International Re
AN8016SH-E1   AN8016SH-E1 AN8016SH-E1 PDF Download PANASONIC 04+ TSSOP10 Limits appearing in bold type face apply over th
AN8017SA   AN8017SA AN8017SA PDF Download panasonic TSSOP-3.9-16P 6+ Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates
AN8017SAE1   AN8017SAE1 AN8017SAE1 PDF Download Read. A low on this input informs the 73K322L tha
AN8017SA-E1   AN8017SA-E1 AN8017SA-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) 02 An external sense resistor limits the maximum cha
AN8017SA-E1V   AN8017SA-E1V AN8017SA-E1V PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) The Hynix HY5DU12422(L)T, HY5DU12822(L)T and HY5D
AN8018SA   AN8018SA AN8018SA PDF Download panasonic TSSOP-3.9-16P 6+
AN8018SA-E1   AN8018SA-E1 AN8018SA-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) SSOP 0110+ Ring Synchronization Input - A TTL-compatible cl
AN8018SA-E1V   AN8018SA-E1V AN8018SA-E1V PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) 05+ Two power-saving features are embodied in the H
AN8018SA-V   AN8018SA-V AN8018SA-V PDF Download PAN 03+ The M36L0R7050T0 and M36L0R7050B0 com- bine two
AN8021   AN8021 AN8021 PDF Download PANASONI 03/04+ Sampling of the analog input starts on the falli
AN8021L   AN8021L AN8021L PDF Download PANSASONS 03+ Bild / Fig. 5 B2 - Zweiplus-Brckenschaltung / Tw
AN8021L-CM   AN8021L-CM AN8021L-CM PDF Download Panasonic ZIP 1996 The utility diskette contains a variety of softw
AN8021SB   AN8021SB AN8021SB PDF Download PAN SSOP The LTC®3416 is a high efficiency monolithic
AN8022   AN8022 AN8022 PDF Download Optimized for 1.8-V Operation and Is 3.6-V I/O T
AN8022L   AN8022L AN8022L PDF Download Figure 2 shows the outline and pin-out descripti
AN8025M   AN8025M AN8025M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+ Following a start condition, the bus master must
AN8025M-(E1)   AN8025M-(E1) AN8025M-(E1) PDF Download PANASONIC 06+ SOT-89 The select-control (SAB and SBA) inputs can mul
AN8025M-E1   AN8025M-E1 AN8025M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 When filtering is enabled, there is an add
AN8025N   AN8025N AN8025N PDF Download PANASONIC SOT-89 NMOS linear image sensors are self-scanning phot
AN8026   AN8026 AN8026 PDF Download The SSMT™ utilizes a common OSMT plug rece
AN8027   AN8027 AN8027 PDF Download PANASONI 03/04+ A 3-state C-BUS serial data output to the µ
AN8028   AN8028 AN8028 PDF Download Nat SIP 98+ The ISL6118 undervoltage (UV) feature prevents tu
AN8029   AN8029 AN8029 PDF Download PANASONI 03/04+ This IC has the amplifier constructions as shown
AN8030   AN8030 AN8030 PDF Download SANYO SOP8 The set-point voltage tolerance is affected by t
AN8032   AN8032 AN8032 PDF Download PAN ZIP 04+ 4. Adjustment of output offset (when the power s
AN8035   AN8035 AN8035 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG DIP8 Optimized for 2.5V LVTTL Guaranteed Low Skew <
AN8035M-E1   AN8035M-E1 AN8035M-E1 PDF Download PANASONIC 00+ Installations intended to meet UL and CUL require
AN8036   AN8036 AN8036 PDF Download AN Careful design of the output regulator ampli@
AN8037   AN8037 AN8037 PDF Download panasonic 单边DIP-9P 6+ Supports one independent PCMCIA socket; 8-memory
AN8037B   AN8037B AN8037B PDF Download The device enters the CMOS standby mode when CE#
AN8038   AN8038 AN8038 PDF Download panasonic DIP-8P 07+
AN8038S   AN8038S AN8038S PDF Download PANASONIC N/A 2006 The serializer enters the high-impedance mode wh
AN8038S-PE1V   AN8038S-PE1V AN8038S-PE1V PDF Download PANASONIC SOP 2005+PB
AN8045   AN8045 AN8045 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG Use multilayer PCBs to minimize power and ground
AN8045M   AN8045M AN8045M PDF Download Panasonic - SSG + : The parameter is measured with the recommende
AN8045ME1   AN8045ME1 AN8045ME1 PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
AN8045M-E1   AN8045M-E1 AN8045M-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG SOT-89 05+  TAOperating free-air temperature−4012
AN8045M-E1/CI   AN8045M-E1/CI AN8045M-E1/CI PDF Download PAnasonic SOT-89 Notes:  1. NC pins are not connected to th
AN8049   AN8049 AN8049 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   This device contains protection circuitry
AN8049FHN-EB   AN8049FHN-EB AN8049FHN-EB PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) The ISL6564 senses current by utilizing patented
AN8049SH   AN8049SH AN8049SH PDF Download PANANSONI 02+ Shielded construction. Frequency range up to 5.
AN8049SHE1   AN8049SHE1 AN8049SHE1 PDF Download  The HYM72V16M636T6 Series are Dual In-line
AN8049SH-E1   AN8049SH-E1 AN8049SH-E1 PDF Download Panasonic - SSG (VA) SSOP 2000 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
AN8049SH-E1V   AN8049SH-E1V AN8049SH-E1V PDF Download Panasonic 08+ Since the device will not acknowledge during a wr
AN8050S   AN8050S AN8050S PDF Download PANASINAC SMD SMD Input voltage. For regulation at full load, the i
AN8053   AN8053 AN8053 PDF Download PANASONI 03/04+ GERMANY, Langenhagen/ Hanover49(511)789911 GERMA
AN8053N   AN8053N AN8053N PDF Download 28 PAN 2001 NOTES: (1) Test levels: (A) 100% tested at 25C.
AN8054   AN8054 AN8054 PDF Download MIT Figure 2 illustrates the address spaces which ar
AN8056   AN8056 AN8056 PDF Download Frame check sequence is transmitted/received as
AN8059SH-E1   AN8059SH-E1 AN8059SH-E1 PDF Download PANSASONSIC 02 These capabilities make the AN8059SH-E1 ideal fo
AN8060   AN8060 AN8060 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Description The 3.3 V HCMS-39xx family is simi
AN8061   AN8061 AN8061 PDF Download DIP-8 Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI TIA/EI
AN8062   AN8062 AN8062 PDF Download PANASONI DIP8 This digital clock is designed for use with high-
AN8065S   AN8065S AN8065S PDF Download System clock divider • Low power consumptio
AN8065S-E1   AN8065S-E1 AN8065S-E1 PDF Download Panasonic 4 SOP This surface mount Transient Voltage Suppressor (
AN8070   AN8070 AN8070 PDF Download    Low-level control input voltage (C
AN8071   AN8071 AN8071 PDF Download The 3B Series of Signal Conditioning I/o Subsyst
AN8071UA   AN8071UA AN8071UA PDF Download 212 x 64 x 16 x 4-bit organization Triple port
AN8072   AN8072 AN8072 PDF Download PAN 4. The output stage consists of class AB complem
AN8072AN   AN8072AN AN8072AN PDF Download Panasonic Typ, min, and max values at TA = 25C, full tempe
AN8072N   AN8072N AN8072N PDF Download PANASANI ZIP The CY7B951 Local Area Network ATM Transceiver i
AN8076   AN8076 AN8076 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
AN8076K   AN8076K AN8076K PDF Download PANASONIC 04+ DIP For K = 1 the transfer function is H(z) = 1, tha
AN8076S   AN8076S AN8076S PDF Download N/A N/A N/A AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applica
AN8076SE   AN8076SE AN8076SE PDF Download PANASONIC SOP   3.5.1 Certification/compliance mark. The
AN8076S-E1   AN8076S-E1 AN8076S-E1 PDF Download 松下 9819 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
AN8076S-EI   AN8076S-EI AN8076S-EI PDF Download The core is a high-performance superscalar desig
AN8077   AN8077 AN8077 PDF Download PANASONI 03/04+ The CPU fetches VelociTI advanced very-long inst
AN8079   AN8079 AN8079 PDF Download