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The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow power microcontrollers consist of several devices featuring different sets of peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, combined with five low power modes is optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications. The device features a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers, and constant generators that attribute to maximum code efficiency. The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) allows wake-up from low-power modes to active mode in less than 6µs. The MSP430x15x/16x/161x series are microcontroller configurations with two built-in 16-bit timers, a fast 12-bit A/D converter, dual 12-bit D/A converter, one or two universal serial synchronous/asynchronous communication interfaces (USART), I2C, DMA, and 48 I/O pins. In addition, the MSP430x161x series offers extended RAM addressing for memory-intensive applications and large C-stack requirements. Typical applications include sensor systems, industrial control applications, hand-held meters, etc.
  Conditions Measured from input terminals to output terminals, shortest distance through air Measured from input terminals to output terminals, shortest distance path along body Through insulation distance, conductor to conductor, usually the direct distance between the photoemitter and photodetector inside the optocoupler cavity DIN IEC 112/VDE 0303 Part 1
For preventing any abnormal behaviors of BA5049, to program some bits of Environment Controller Configuration Registers to suitable value, after power-on and before POST sequence, is necessary (We may call it as an Early I/O initialization sequence.).
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
BA501   BA501 BA501 PDF Download ROHM 34000 EMI symmetrical (I/O) low-pass filter High effi
BA50-11EWA   BA50-11EWA BA50-11EWA PDF Download LED BRIGHT 04+  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
BA501A4   BA501A4 BA501A4 PDF Download BEC DIP N/A Requires few external parts Low distortion (tota
BA501B4   BA501B4 BA501B4 PDF Download BEC 96+ DIP/18 Charge Pump output (External loop filter applica
BA5024   BA5024 BA5024 PDF Download Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 15 µA for
BA5035   BA5035 BA5035 PDF Download The circuit accommodates any type of LBO output (
BA5041   BA5041 BA5041 PDF Download ROHM DIP N/A READY/BUSY: Indicates status of the internal WSM.
BA5042   BA5042 BA5042 PDF Download   Designed for PCN and PCS base station appl
BA5045   BA5045 BA5045 PDF Download The SY89538L integrated programmable clock synth
BA5048   BA5048 BA5048 PDF Download BEC DIP 07+   The Samsung M464S1724CT1 is a 16M bit x 6
BA5049   BA5049 BA5049 PDF Download 96 See Designing An EZ-ICE-Compatible Target System
BA5049B   BA5049B BA5049B PDF Download ROHM DIP-16 98+ Notes:  6. Parameters are guaranteed by de
BA504B   BA504B BA504B PDF Download BEC DIP 07+ The LEGACY subsystem is the circuitry required t
BA5050   BA5050 BA5050 PDF Download BEC DIP 05+ In gaming applications where the game or control
BA5050B   BA5050B BA5050B PDF Download BEC DIP 93 To achieve proper device operation, an initial p
BA5051   BA5051 BA5051 PDF Download ROHM 04+ Shift clock signal input for the PCMIN and PCMOUT
BA5053   BA5053 BA5053 PDF Download 96 • Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer (PW
BA5054   BA5054 BA5054 PDF Download BEC 1999 DIP   THD+N: 20-Hz HPF, 20-kHz AES17 LPF  
BA5059.   BA5059. BA5059. PDF Download BEC DIP-18 96+ In lieu of the address and data bus for external
BA5066   BA5066 BA5066 PDF Download
BA5066A   BA5066A BA5066A PDF Download BEC DIP-24 92+ A LOW signal on MR overrides the Select and CP i
BA5069   BA5069 BA5069 PDF Download BEC 1994 DIP NOTES: 1. A12 is a NC for BA5069. 2. All VDD pi
BA5069A   BA5069A BA5069A PDF Download BEC DIP Note 11: CPD is defined as the value of the inte
BA5072   BA5072 BA5072 PDF Download ROHM O7+ Notes:  1. VIL (min.) = C2.0V for pulse du
BA5074   BA5074 BA5074 PDF Download ROHM Physical Layer The physical layer interface is
BA507B-0   BA507B-0 BA507B-0 PDF Download ROHM SOP-18 02+ 4-multiplier configuration Single phase-locked l
BA5093   BA5093 BA5093 PDF Download ROHM DIP-16 99+ • Measures local and remote temperature &#
BA5096   BA5096 BA5096 PDF Download ROHM DIP28 N/A This device has a maximum recommended operating j
BA50963   BA50963 BA50963 PDF Download BEC DIP 35431 Notes: 1. Load and Line Regulation are specifie
BA5096A   BA5096A BA5096A PDF Download ROHM O7+ The UHPI can also be restricted to accessing a s
BA5096B   BA5096B BA5096B PDF Download BEC DIP 98+ Provides High-Performance Static Superscalar DSP
BA5097   BA5097 BA5097 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ Hybrid high dynamic range optical receiver ampli
BA5099   BA5099 BA5099 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+   Composite type composed of two low ON-resi
BA50BC0   BA50BC0 BA50BC0 PDF Download ROHM TO-220F 05+ H2 The second harmonic arises from the input stag
BA50BC0FP   BA50BC0FP BA50BC0FP PDF Download 1.ICC is dependent on output loading when the de
BA50BC0FP-E2   BA50BC0FP-E2 BA50BC0FP-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor TO-252 06+ The Infineon single mode ATM transceiver is a si
BA50BC0T   BA50BC0T BA50BC0T PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 08+ Notes: (i) For operation below 0 C the external
BA50BC0WFP   BA50BC0WFP BA50BC0WFP PDF Download ROHM 05 nous static RAM designed to provide a burstable,
BA50BC0WFP-E2   BA50BC0WFP-E2 BA50BC0WFP-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 05+ SOT252 Notes: 1. The regulator will operate down to no
BA50BC0WT   BA50BC0WT BA50BC0WT PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor • 200MHz Clock, 400Mbps data rate. •
BA50BCO   BA50BCO BA50BCO PDF Download ROHM SOT-252-3P 6+ The BA50BCO reads digital data saved on memory c
BA50BCOWFP-E2   BA50BCOWFP-E2 BA50BCOWFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM TO252 04+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 4 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW P
BA50DD0T   BA50DD0T BA50DD0T PDF Download ROHM TO220F  Guaranteed by design. Not production tested
BA5101   BA5101 BA5101 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ To provide the high input sensitivity necessary t
BA5102   BA5102 BA5102 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ Note 1: BYP internally connects to the active pow
BA5102A   BA5102A BA5102A PDF Download N/A N/A N/A During reference input rearrangement, such as dur
BA5102AL   BA5102AL BA5102AL PDF Download By incorporating so many major features into a s
BA5104   BA5104 BA5104 PDF Download BEC dip-16 97+ n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
BA5104A   BA5104A BA5104A PDF Download (e) For a dual device surface mounted on 85 sq c
BA5105   BA5105 BA5105 PDF Download Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (70kHz) Low
BA5106   BA5106 BA5106 PDF Download Because the IXDP610 is a digital IC, and is prog
BA511   BA511 BA511 PDF Download 2001 Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
BA51-102   BA51-102 BA51-102 PDF Download ML 06+ The PI90LVB047A doubles the output drive current
BA51-108   BA51-108 BA51-108 PDF Download MicroLinear DIP 05+   The Samsung M390S2858DT1 is a 128M bit x
BA51108C   BA51108C BA51108C PDF Download The output of the variable gain amplifier is comp
BA51-108C   BA51-108C BA51-108C PDF Download ML DIP Ergonomics   Convenient front access to US
BA5112   BA5112 BA5112 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ - MultiMediaCard System Specification Ver.3.31 co
BA5112LS   BA5112LS BA5112LS PDF Download ROHM 97+ DIP-单面-24P All parameters measured at fMAX unless noted oth
BA5114   BA5114 BA5114 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The TLC3704C is characterized for operation ove
BA5114LS   BA5114LS BA5114LS PDF Download Hynix HYMD264726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
BA5115   BA5115 BA5115 PDF Download ROHM DIP 04+ Specifications are production tested at TA =25C.
BA5115F   BA5115F BA5115F PDF Download ROHM SOP Pericom Semiconductors PI5C16212 is a 24-bit bus
BA5115L   BA5115L BA5115L PDF Download Rohm 96 Immediately following initiation, the IC enters a
BA5116   BA5116 BA5116 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Hynix HYMD564646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed for
BA5116F   BA5116F BA5116F PDF Download ROHM Standard ESD-protection circuits safely shunt th
BA5119S   BA5119S BA5119S PDF Download DIP The NCO generates a sampled sine wave where the
BA511A   BA511A BA511A PDF Download ROHM 03+ Port 0 8-bit bi-directional I/O port with separ
BA5125F   BA5125F BA5125F PDF Download This 64kbit memory array can be partitioned into
BA514   BA514 BA514 PDF Download ROHM SIP5 95+ PCI stop clock control input. When this signal is
BA515   BA515 BA515 PDF Download CHARGE (Pin 4): Charge Pin. A low (<0.3V) to h
BA5152   BA5152 BA5152 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The PCI-Express differential clock outputs of th
BA5152F   BA5152F BA5152F PDF Download 98 The ADP3330 is a member of the ADP330x family of
BA5157   BA5157 BA5157 PDF Download BA DIP
BA515A   BA515A BA515A PDF Download  O When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel
BA516   BA516 BA516 PDF Download • AN1831/D Using MC68HC908 On-Chip  
BA518   BA518 BA518 PDF Download The BA518A has eight edge trigger D-type flip-fl
BA5196FP   BA5196FP BA5196FP PDF Download These three terminal negative regulators are sup
BA51W12ST   BA51W12ST BA51W12ST PDF Download ROHM TO263 2001 The CS42416 integrated PLL provides a low-jitter
BA520   BA520 BA520 PDF Download The BA520 is a 16,384-bit ultra high-speed stati
BA5201   BA5201 BA5201 PDF Download ROHM SMD 97+ (2) Those contemplating using the products covere
BA5201A   BA5201A BA5201A PDF Download BA For the pre-recorded voice prompts, the Philips
BA5203A   BA5203A BA5203A PDF Download ROHM 06+ ∗1 Maximum input voltage at steady mode is
BA5204   BA5204 BA5204 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Dual Voltage for Optimum Performance:   Vcc
BA5204F   BA5204F BA5204F PDF Download ROHM SOP 08+ CHIP ERASE: If the boot block lockout has been en
BA5206   BA5206 BA5206 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MSP430 has one active mode and five software
BA5206BF   BA5206BF BA5206BF PDF Download ROHM To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage betw
BA5206BF-E1   BA5206BF-E1 BA5206BF-E1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1991   3.3.1 Lead material and finish. Lead mate
BA5206BF-T1   BA5206BF-T1 BA5206BF-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP5.2mm 2006 − Provide software confirmation of complet
BA5208   BA5208 BA5208 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The low-profile, high-current IHLP inductor seri
BA5208AF   BA5208AF BA5208AF PDF Download ROHM SOP-16 04+ The oscillator signal from the core drives an out
BA5208AF-E2   BA5208AF-E2 BA5208AF-E2 PDF Download A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
BA5208AF-T1   BA5208AF-T1 BA5208AF-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 2000 Temperature Sensor Output   The temperatur
BA5208F   BA5208F BA5208F PDF Download   To provide long life and to insure soft-s
BA521   BA521 BA521 PDF Download ROHM 05+/06+ Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user c
BA5210   BA5210 BA5210 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA52-105A   BA52-105A BA52-105A PDF Download N/A PLCC 2006 If the BA52-105A is in a nonvolatile write cycle
BA5210FS   BA5210FS BA5210FS PDF Download ROHM IMPORTANT NOTE: All parameters having Min/Max spe
BA5210FS-E2   BA5210FS-E2 BA5210FS-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 00+ • Three Terminal Adjustable or Fixed Voltag
BA5216   BA5216 BA5216 PDF Download ROHM ZIP The HSDL-3610 comes in two package options; th
BA5218   BA5218 BA5218 PDF Download ROHM DIP8 02+ Wichtige Hinweise! Mit den Angaben werden die Ba
BA5218A   BA5218A BA5218A PDF Download ROHM SMD8 94+ • 10,000 erase/write cycles Enhanced FLASH
BA5233   BA5233 BA5233 PDF Download N/A SOP8 07+ The SD1010A implements four advanced display tech
BA5238   BA5238 BA5238 PDF Download ROHM 06+ over the range, 0.8 V to 3.6 V, using a single
BA524   BA524 BA524 PDF Download ROHM SIP-10 07+ When high allows data at SI to be shifted into p
BA5249   BA5249 BA5249 PDF Download The LS395 is a 4-bit shift register with TRI-STA
BA526   BA526 BA526 PDF Download ROMH DIP 93+ For the most efficient use of these two control
BA526L   BA526L BA526L PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
BA527   BA527 BA527 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ If we replace the SD A/D and D/A pair with a sim
BA5302A   BA5302A BA5302A PDF Download Low power-loss(Dropout voltage:Max.0.5 V@ IO=1A)
BA5310   BA5310 BA5310 PDF Download ROHM 1. Device mounted on 1" x 1", FR-4 PCB
BA53-104   BA53-104 BA53-104 PDF Download ML 88 DIP input voltage H level CMOS schmitt input level
BA53-111A   BA53-111A BA53-111A PDF Download N/A PLCC 2006 Information in this document is provided in conn
BA53-111B   BA53-111B BA53-111B PDF Download A Command User Interface (CUI) serves as the inte
BA532   BA532 BA532 PDF Download Rohm SOP 02+ Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
BA532L   BA532L BA532L PDF Download compatible and interchangeable with similar devic
BA534   BA534 BA534 PDF Download ROHM
BA5358   BA5358 BA5358 PDF Download ROHM O7+ Notes:  1. NC pins are not connected to th
BA536   BA536 BA536 PDF Download ROHM Hynix HYMD212G726(L)S4-K/H/L series incorporates
BA5390FP   BA5390FP BA5390FP PDF Download The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
BA5402   BA5402 BA5402 PDF Download ROHM ZIP 00+ PCI Bus Command/Byte Enable: The command signali
BA5402A   BA5402A BA5402A PDF Download ROHM SIP 2006 This P-Channel Logic Level MOSFET is produced us
BA5403   BA5403 BA5403 PDF Download 2. BVDSS is the absolute maximum voltage rating
BA5404   BA5404 BA5404 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ • SuperWIDE HIGH-DENSITY IN-SYSTEM  
BA5404L   BA5404L BA5404L PDF Download These devices consist of four independent volta
BA5405   BA5405 BA5405 PDF Download The ZL30414 has a built-in LOCK detector that mea
BA5406   BA5406 BA5406 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP 93+ If desired ALE operation can be disabled by sett
BA5408   BA5408 BA5408 PDF Download Power Supply Description The SiW3500 operates a
BA5409   BA5409 BA5409 PDF Download BEC DIP 01+ • Fully static operation and Tri-state outp
BA5410   BA5410 BA5410 PDF Download ROHM This new IRK series of MAGN-A-paks uses high volt
BA5412   BA5412 BA5412 PDF Download ROHM ZIP ZIP Integrated Single-Chip 10/100 Ethernet Switch &#
BA5413   BA5413 BA5413 PDF Download ROHM High performance   90 ns access time  
BA5414   BA5414 BA5414 PDF Download Typical application up to 1 A, 35 V output ratin
BA5415   BA5415 BA5415 PDF Download ROHM SIP SIP This demonstration board is a two layer PCB. It
BA5415/A/   BA5415/A/ BA5415/A/ PDF Download 291   Typicals represent average readings at 25
BA5415A   BA5415A BA5415A PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor ZIP 01+ TOUT - This pin is the buffered output of the tem
BA5416   BA5416 BA5416 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor Vishay Siliconix maintains worldwide manufacturin
BA5417   BA5417 BA5417 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP-15 06+ TheLM140/LM340A/LM340/LM78XXCmonolithic 3-termin
BA541B   BA541B BA541B PDF Download 3.3V In-System Programmability Using Boundary &n
BA541D   BA541D BA541D PDF Download ROHM No license, express or implied, by estoppel or o
BA542   BA542 BA542 PDF Download Differential PECL compatible outputs 700 ps pro
BA5424FS   BA5424FS BA5424FS PDF Download ROHM 2008 In case of a brownout or power failure, it may b
BA5425   BA5425 BA5425 PDF Download ROHM O7+ ITI7004G2-LC adapter is the highest density modu
BA5445B   BA5445B BA5445B PDF Download ROHM DIP32 2000 a. AC characteristics apply for parallel output
BA5446D   BA5446D BA5446D PDF Download BEC DIP-42 07+/08+ The error signal from the optocoupler is fed int
BA5446S   BA5446S BA5446S PDF Download BEC SSOP 01+ 1. Use this component within operating temperatur
BA5448   BA5448 BA5448 PDF Download The HT6P20 encodes and transmits address/data to
BA5458   BA5458 BA5458 PDF Download N/A SOP8 07+ more than 99% when deselected (CE HIGH or both BL
BA546   BA546 BA546 PDF Download MIT SIP-9 98+ Atmel's 28C010 has additional features to ensure
BA547   BA547 BA547 PDF Download ROHM Samsung Electronics' microcontroller business ha
BA5532   BA5532 BA5532 PDF Download ROHM 06+   The QS3VH861 HotSwitch with 10-bit flow-th
BA558   BA558 BA558 PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
BA5591   BA5591 BA5591 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • CMD: is a bidirectional command channel us
BA56-11HWA   BA56-11HWA BA56-11HWA PDF Download VIA EDEN 400/667MHz low power embedded CPU Mini
BA56-11SEWA   BA56-11SEWA BA56-11SEWA PDF Download Wrap Enable. This pin is active HIGH. When assert
BA5612SRWA   BA5612SRWA BA5612SRWA PDF Download kingb kingb dc02   The TC55V8512JI/FTI is a 4,194,304-bit hi
BA56-12SRWA   BA56-12SRWA BA56-12SRWA PDF Download N/A N/A 05+ For other applications where the input voltage c
BA562   BA562 BA562 PDF Download A proper board layout is critical to the success
BA56665   BA56665 BA56665 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The S1D2500A01 is a very high frequency video amp
BA567   BA567 BA567 PDF Download An RC network may be connected to this pin in ord
BA5692FDM-TR   BA5692FDM-TR BA5692FDM-TR PDF Download TI TSSOP GENERAL DESCRIPTION The LM2650 evaluation board
BA5720FP   BA5720FP BA5720FP PDF Download Using the first two interface options outlined a
BA5759   BA5759 BA5759 PDF Download The following describes a procedure for evaluati
BA5801FS   BA5801FS BA5801FS PDF Download ROHM 2001 1250   The K4S51163PF is 536,870,912 bits synchr
BA5810   BA5810 BA5810 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   4.4.3 Group C inspection. Group C inspecti
BA5810BP   BA5810BP BA5810BP PDF Download unless otherwise noted, minimum and maximum limit
BA5810FM   BA5810FM BA5810FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ Address bit 1 of the external address bus. Addr
BA5810FM-E2   BA5810FM-E2 BA5810FM-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 2007 The MHF Series provides full power operation at
BA5810FP   BA5810FP BA5810FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ The VSP5000 device is a complete application spe
BA5810FP-E2   BA5810FP-E2 BA5810FP-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 2002 ∗ This is a stress rating only and functio
BA5811FM   BA5811FM BA5811FM PDF Download ROHM The MAX1698 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully as
BA5813   BA5813 BA5813 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Glass Passivated chip junctions Low Reverse Leak
BA5813FM   BA5813FM BA5813FM PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1. Test conditions: 25º C, Supply Voltage =
BA5813FM-E2   BA5813FM-E2 BA5813FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 0317+ Once the feature is enabled, the data in the boo
BA5813FM-F2   BA5813FM-F2 BA5813FM-F2 PDF Download 3.3V VCC input for card power and/or chip power
BA5814   BA5814 BA5814 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Peripherals (and customer proprietary ASICs) wit
BA5814FM   BA5814FM BA5814FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ The XC95144 is a high-performance CPLD providing
BA5814FM-E2   BA5814FM-E2 BA5814FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM 02+ • The information contained herein is prese
BA5814FN   BA5814FN BA5814FN PDF Download ROHM SOP 07+ IOSOutput short-circuit current38mA ICCSupply
BA5815   BA5815 BA5815 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V or
BA5815FM   BA5815FM BA5815FM PDF Download ROHM SOP 01+ in bursts. An automatic power down feature, contr
BA5815FM-E2   BA5815FM-E2 BA5815FM-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor Functional improvements have also been implement
BA5817FM   BA5817FM BA5817FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ This monolithic integrated circuit is an adjusta
BA5817FM-E2   BA5817FM-E2 BA5817FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2004 This fast rise pulse, characterized in IEC 61000
BA5818FM   BA5818FM BA5818FM PDF Download The Hynix HYM71V16635AT8 Series are 16Mx64bits Sy
BA582   BA582 BA582 PDF Download N/A 98+ The TO-220 package is universally preferred for
BA582(S)   BA582(S) BA582(S) PDF Download 1. Units in the JPF-21F series of Quadraphase Mod
BA582/S   BA582/S BA582/S PDF Download SIEMENS SOD-123 The UCC3808 family offers a variety of package t
BA5821FP   BA5821FP BA5821FP PDF Download ROHM 2007 • High resolution printing (8 dots/mm) 
BA5821FP-E2   BA5821FP-E2 BA5821FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM Single-chip powerline networking controller with
BA58224FP   BA58224FP BA58224FP PDF Download ROHM 01+ This three terminal positive regulator is suppli
BA5823FM   BA5823FM BA5823FM PDF Download ROHM 00/01+ 5018 Input and output signals to and from the interna
BA5823FM-E2   BA5823FM-E2 BA5823FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP 02+ DATA INPUTS/OUTPUTS: The I/O pins are used in the
BA5824FP   BA5824FP BA5824FP PDF Download ROHM HSOP-28 N/A Undershoot Clamp Diodes Low Power Consumption (
BA5825FP   BA5825FP BA5825FP PDF Download ROHM 带翅SOP-28 02 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BA5826   BA5826 BA5826 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 1. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
BA5826FP   BA5826FP BA5826FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP STATUS REGISTER READ: The status register can be
BA5826FP-E2   BA5826FP-E2 BA5826FP-E2 PDF Download 06+ RSENSE B - Is the connection for the bottom of t
BA5826HFP-E2   BA5826HFP-E2 BA5826HFP-E2 PDF Download Although the chip permits all combinations of en
BA5828FP   BA5828FP BA5828FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-25P The commutation coding shown reflects Hall- Eff
BA5829   BA5829 BA5829 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The MAX4144/MAX4145/MAX4146 differential line re
BA5829F   BA5829F BA5829F PDF Download   SOIC Package (Note 1) . . . . . . . . . .
BA5829FP   BA5829FP BA5829FP PDF Download After each 24-hour period has elapsed, the batter
BA5829FP-E2   BA5829FP-E2 BA5829FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM A single-ended clock input is used to control al
BA582E6327   BA582E6327 BA582E6327 PDF Download (1) Stresses in excess of those listed above may
BA582E-6327   BA582E-6327 BA582E-6327 PDF Download The system oscillator consists of an inverter, a
BA5830FP   BA5830FP BA5830FP PDF Download NOTE: Intersil Lead-Free products employ special
BA5833FM   BA5833FM BA5833FM PDF Download ROHM SOP WRITE CLOCK (WCLK)   A write cycle is initi
BA5834FM   BA5834FM BA5834FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ The TLV3011 is a low-power, open-drain output co
BA5835FM   BA5835FM BA5835FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ The TMC2250A is fabricated in a sub-micron CMOS
BA5835FM(FP)   BA5835FM(FP) BA5835FM(FP) PDF Download ROHM 2008 reset (pin 4)   An active low input that f
BA5835FM-E2   BA5835FM-E2 BA5835FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP-28P 0427+   The MC74AC273/74ACT273 has eight edge-tri
BA5835FP   BA5835FP BA5835FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+
BA5835FP-FE2   BA5835FP-FE2 BA5835FP-FE2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP-28P 0527+
BA5836FP   BA5836FP BA5836FP PDF Download ROHM HSOP 03 The thermal path between the plastic package and
BA5836FP1   BA5836FP1 BA5836FP1 PDF Download ROHM Four instructions require a three-byte sequence
BA5837FM   BA5837FM BA5837FM PDF Download ROHM TSOP TSOP   The SMB series is designed to protect volt
BA5837FM-E2   BA5837FM-E2 BA5837FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM 05+ SOP-28 The device is suited to high-density applications
BA5838FM   BA5838FM BA5838FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ inputs generated internally to allow synchronous
BA5838FM-E2   BA5838FM-E2 BA5838FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP(p/b) High frame rate Superior low-light performance
BA5839FP   BA5839FP BA5839FP PDF Download 04+ SOP28 The CP3SP33 connectivity processor combines high
BA5839FP-E2   BA5839FP-E2 BA5839FP-E2 PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M29W320D is a 32 Mbit (
BA5840FM   BA5840FM BA5840FM PDF Download ROHM 2008 NOTES 1Guaranteed by characterization. 2Output
BA585   BA585 BA585 PDF Download INFINEON SOT-123 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
BA585E6327   BA585E6327 BA585E6327 PDF Download sie sie dc98 Add T to end of part number for tape and reel on
BA5888FP   BA5888FP BA5888FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-30 0433+ The NT7702 is a 240-bit output segment/common dri
BA5888FP-E2   BA5888FP-E2 BA5888FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2008 The CPU features two sets of functional units. E
BA5893FP   BA5893FP BA5893FP PDF Download 100MHz to 1GHz Operating Frequency 2.7 - 3.3V Op
BA5898   BA5898 BA5898 PDF Download ROHM 04+ The HT818D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synt
BA5898FP   BA5898FP BA5898FP PDF Download ROHM SOP The accuracy of all tests is predicated on the c
BA59-00705A   BA59-00705A BA59-00705A PDF Download AD2 lines provide register addresses for data pa
BA5900FP   BA5900FP BA5900FP PDF Download ROHM 带翅SOP-28 01 The ACE Controller has two main power supplies:
BA5901   BA5901 BA5901 PDF Download ROHM • Five Crystal modes, including High-Preci
BA59-01192A   BA59-01192A BA59-01192A PDF Download Active-Low. Reset is asserted when VCC drops belo
BA59-01193A   BA59-01193A BA59-01193A PDF Download ISSI reserves the right to make changes to its p
BA59-01267A   BA59-01267A BA59-01267A PDF Download 256 Independent, Bidirectional HDLC Channels Up
BA59-01307A   BA59-01307A BA59-01307A PDF Download
BA5901K   BA5901K BA5901K PDF Download 99 • Space Saving SIP Package • +5V inp
BA5903K   BA5903K BA5903K PDF Download ROHM QFP 04+   Technology • Positive VCE(ON)Temper
BA5904   BA5904 BA5904 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The serial peripheral interface (SPI) is used to
BA5904AFP   BA5904AFP BA5904AFP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ The output power as a function of the supply vol
BA5904AFP-E2   BA5904AFP-E2 BA5904AFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 2000 When starting up the circuit utilizing the MSK 4
BA5904FP   BA5904FP BA5904FP PDF Download TI SMD 03+/04+
BA591   BA591 BA591 PDF Download PHILIPS SOD-323
BA591(A1)   BA591(A1) BA591(A1) PDF Download The SN74CBT16210C is organized as two 10-bit bus
BA591.115   BA591.115 BA591.115 PDF Download PHILIPS new/original 07/08+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
BA591/A1   BA591/A1 BA591/A1 PDF Download PHILIPS 08+ 1 When VDD reaches 4.75V (VTH1+∆VTH1), the
BA591115   BA591115 BA591115 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF • M/S = H for BUSY output flag on Master
BA5912   BA5912 BA5912 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A MTP805 includes all 8051 functions with the follo
BA5912AF   BA5912AF BA5912AF PDF Download ROHM 2007   The motor is directly driven by IRF511 po
BA5912AFP   BA5912AFP BA5912AFP PDF Download ROHM SMD Each circuit offers a choice of open-collector o
BA5912AFP-YE2   BA5912AFP-YE2 BA5912AFP-YE2 PDF Download 2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination
BA5912BFP   BA5912BFP BA5912BFP PDF Download ROHM 02+ 5 bit or 6 bit VID with 0.5% overall system accu
BA5912FP   BA5912FP BA5912FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ Right to make changes  Philips Semiconduc
BA5913   BA5913 BA5913 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA5913F   BA5913F BA5913F PDF Download International standard packages JEDEC TO-264 A
BA5913FP   BA5913FP BA5913FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+   C Data Sheet Describes Mode 0 Operation
BA5914   BA5914 BA5914 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The devices allow data transmission from the A
BA5914FP   BA5914FP BA5914FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 1998   Frame sequence, constant throughput delay
BA5915   BA5915 BA5915 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Designed with Motorolas advanced SMARTMOS
BA5915FP   BA5915FP BA5915FP PDF Download ROHM TSOP 98 The switching speed of an optocoupler with a bas
BA5915FP-E2   BA5915FP-E2 BA5915FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ The DS1330 256k NV SRAMs are 262,144-bit, fully s
BA5916   BA5916 BA5916 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The processors divide/multiply function contains
BA5916FP   BA5916FP BA5916FP PDF Download ROHM N/A 99
BA5917   BA5917 BA5917 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA5917AFP   BA5917AFP BA5917AFP PDF Download ROHM SOP Command Prefix - Commands, except A/, begin with
BA5917AFP-E2   BA5917AFP-E2 BA5917AFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
BA5917FP   BA5917FP BA5917FP PDF Download Difference between measured full scale response
BA5917FP-E2   BA5917FP-E2 BA5917FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
BA5918   BA5918 BA5918 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
BA5918F   BA5918F BA5918F PDF Download ROHM 2005 This document describes how to design a platform
BA5918FP   BA5918FP BA5918FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 99+ NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
BA5918FP-Y   BA5918FP-Y BA5918FP-Y PDF Download ROHM 3.3 Volt Operation (5V tolerant) Programmable Wa
BA5918FP-YE2   BA5918FP-YE2 BA5918FP-YE2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 05+ Timer T2 may be reset by a rising edge on RT2 (P
BA592   BA592 BA592 PDF Download Infineon SOD-323 DESCRIPTION The VN750, VN750S, VN750PT, VN750-B
BA592(E-6327)   BA592(E-6327) BA592(E-6327) PDF Download • Power supply monitoring function   W
BA592(S)   BA592(S) BA592(S) PDF Download DESCRIPTION Power input pins for VCC operate mod
BA592/   BA592/ BA592/ PDF Download Infineon 08+ Hynix HYMD264726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
BA5920   BA5920 BA5920 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Read/Reset Command   The read/reset mode is
BA5920FP   BA5920FP BA5920FP PDF Download ROHM 2007 output is latched precisely at the logic level o
BA5921   BA5921 BA5921 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The high-current output drivers consist of MOSFE
BA5921FP   BA5921FP BA5921FP PDF Download SOP 03+/04 All inputs to the 626162 SDRAM are latched on th
BA5921FP-E2   BA5921FP-E2 BA5921FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOIC-28 07+/08+ Pin Description: LCC-8 Package   PinNameDes
BA5922FP   BA5922FP BA5922FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 03+ Dallastats maintain the position of the wiper in
BA5923   BA5923 BA5923 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Minimum Quiet Time Required between CS Rising E
BA5923FP   BA5923FP BA5923FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 9831 The DLL_MAX_DELAY bit can lengthen the amount of
BA5923FP-E2   BA5923FP-E2 BA5923FP-E2 PDF Download 97 SOP The UT28F256 amorphous silicon anti-fuse PROM is
BA5923FP-EZ   BA5923FP-EZ BA5923FP-EZ PDF Download ROHM 96 This information is believed to be accurate and
BA5923FP--TBB   BA5923FP--TBB BA5923FP--TBB PDF Download ROHM The filter is followed by a base-band amplifier w
BA5924   BA5924 BA5924 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 10V Continuous
BA5924F   BA5924F BA5924F PDF Download 99 Supply Voltage Input. From it a stable internal r
BA5924FP   BA5924FP BA5924FP PDF Download 27 ROHM O6 tLOW Low Period of SCL Clock tHIGH High Period o
BA5924FP-E2   BA5924FP-E2 BA5924FP-E2 PDF Download The data strobes, associated with one data byte,
BA5925   BA5925 BA5925 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram
BA5925FV   BA5925FV BA5925FV PDF Download Current versions of the MC68HC908AZ60A data shee
BA5925FV-E2   BA5925FV-E2 BA5925FV-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2008 PTFM type has been developed for protecting powe
BA5926S   BA5926S BA5926S PDF Download ROHM DIP The clock/calendar provides functionality that i
BA5927   BA5927 BA5927 PDF Download ROHM 04+ Note 4: Absolute maximum ratings are values beyon
BA5927FM   BA5927FM BA5927FM PDF Download ROHM SSOP-7.2-36P 6+
BA5927S   BA5927S BA5927S PDF Download ROHM DIP 2001 Notes: 1. Operation of this device above any one
BA5929   BA5929 BA5929 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Minimum Dielectric Strength, Input-Output Minimu
BA5929F   BA5929F BA5929F PDF Download
BA5929FP   BA5929FP BA5929FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ POWER SUPPLY  Supply Voltages   AVDD
BA5929FP-E2   BA5929FP-E2 BA5929FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 2002 Any and all SANYO products described or containe
BA5929FV   BA5929FV BA5929FV PDF Download ROHM 2007 The figure below shows a PCB layout suggestion f
BA592E   BA592E BA592E PDF Download   The Header word is a 4 bit Manchester cod
BA592E6327   BA592E6327 BA592E6327 PDF Download Infineon SMD 0518+ The BA592E6327-I is a 4-Mbit static RAM organize
BA592E-6327   BA592E-6327 BA592E-6327 PDF Download The VCXO provides a tunable, low-jitter frequenc
BA592E6433   BA592E6433 BA592E6433 PDF Download INF 1001 † Package drawings, standard packing quant
BA592E-6433   BA592E-6433 BA592E-6433 PDF Download The CY7C53120L8/3150L contains a very flexible fi
BA592E6543   BA592E6543 BA592E6543 PDF Download TTL/CMOS input select control signal for the LVDS
BA592-E6543   BA592-E6543 BA592-E6543 PDF Download INF 0 4 The UPC2709T and UPC2712T are Silicon Monolithic
BA592E6700   BA592E6700 BA592E6700 PDF Download The Clock Generator provides the switching frequ
BA592FVM-TR   BA592FVM-TR BA592FVM-TR PDF Download The HYM5V72A804A H-Series is a 8Mx72-bit EDO mode
BA5930   BA5930 BA5930 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in inches. 2. Metric
BA5930FP   BA5930FP BA5930FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 1998 Description Agilents ABA-31563 is an economical
BA5930FP-T1   BA5930FP-T1 BA5930FP-T1 PDF Download • System Integration Module (SIM07), Incor
BA5931   BA5931 BA5931 PDF Download N/A N/A In addition, the AT8xEB5114 has a Hardware Watch
BA5931FP   BA5931FP BA5931FP PDF Download ROHM 2007 ADVANCE INFORMATION documents contain informatio
BA5931FP-E2   BA5931FP-E2 BA5931FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1998 The I/O and logic functions of the Configurable
BA5931FP-T1   BA5931FP-T1 BA5931FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 97+ PGND (Bump D3): Power ground pin. Connect directl
BA5932   BA5932 BA5932 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 4: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
BA5932FP   BA5932FP BA5932FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP The UT51C164 is high speed 5V EDO DRAMs organized
BA5932FP-E2   BA5932FP-E2 BA5932FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+ Notes: 7. All typical values are measured at VC
BA5933   BA5933 BA5933 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A latchup. These parts contain one driver and one
BA5933FP   BA5933FP BA5933FP PDF Download SMD 03+/04+ • Nonvolatile Storage Without Battery Probl
BA5933FP-E2   BA5933FP-E2 BA5933FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+   Temp   0 to 70C -25 to 85C -40 to
BA5933FP-Y   BA5933FP-Y BA5933FP-Y PDF Download VDETDetection Voltage Compliance RDETMINMinimum
BA5933FP-YE2   BA5933FP-YE2 BA5933FP-YE2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 2000 Honeywell reserves the right to make changes to i
BA5934   BA5934 BA5934 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   To maximize I/O throughput and improve ho
BA5934FP   BA5934FP BA5934FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 1998 2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination
BA5934FP-E2   BA5934FP-E2 BA5934FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM 1997 SOP The pass gates of the multiplexer are constructe
BA5935FP   BA5935FP BA5935FP PDF Download ROHM 05+
BA5936   BA5936 BA5936 PDF Download ROHM 05/06+
BA5936A   BA5936A BA5936A PDF Download UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED this document contains PR
BA5936S   BA5936S BA5936S PDF Download ROHM DIP DIP  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
BA5937   BA5937 BA5937 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by design a
BA5937AF   BA5937AF BA5937AF PDF Download When PWRDWN# is sampled low by two consecutive ri
BA5937AF-E2   BA5937AF-E2 BA5937AF-E2 PDF Download Maximum ratings applied to the device are indivi
BA5937AFP   BA5937AFP BA5937AFP PDF Download ROHM The FB pin monitors the output supply voltage and
BA5937AFP-E1   BA5937AFP-E1 BA5937AFP-E1 PDF Download Literature Distribution Centers: USA: Motorola
BA5937AFP-E2   BA5937AFP-E2 BA5937AFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2003 SOP o dcOutput Duty Cycle48 NOTE 1: Defined as ske
BA5937AFP-FE2   BA5937AFP-FE2 BA5937AFP-FE2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 02+ The conditions at the binary-select inputs and t
BA5937FB   BA5937FB BA5937FB PDF Download ROSM 1250 The addition of a bias circuit in conjunction wi
BA5937FP   BA5937FP BA5937FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-30 0332+ The P8xC31X2/51X2 and P8xC32X2/52X2/54X2/58X2 co
BA5937FP-119-H20A   BA5937FP-119-H20A BA5937FP-119-H20A PDF Download ROHM Array Description The X9269 is comprised of a r
BA5937FP-E2   BA5937FP-E2 BA5937FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SPP/28 01+ Single supply: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial
BA5938   BA5938 BA5938 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Every manufacturing lot is tested in a low dose
BA5938FM   BA5938FM BA5938FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ Compensation Input. Connect a 0.1µF ceramic
BA5938FME2   BA5938FME2 BA5938FME2 PDF Download • QPSK demodulation • Bit timing clo
BA5938FM-E2   BA5938FM-E2 BA5938FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 2000 Parameters identified with boldface type apply o
BA5938FP   BA5938FP BA5938FP PDF Download ROHM SSOP-28 04+ Multistandard satellite sound IF device consisti
BA5939   BA5939 BA5939 PDF Download ROHM DIP-32 02+ ROM space is restricted to 1 kbyte for the PCF84
BA5939S   BA5939S BA5939S PDF Download ROHM DIP-32 N/A 1. Featuring exceptional intermodulation  
BA5941   BA5941 BA5941 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 6. Maximum package power dissipation limits must
BA5941EP-E2   BA5941EP-E2 BA5941EP-E2 PDF Download ROHM Direct interface with 5 V to 1.8 V logic levels
BA5941FP   BA5941FP BA5941FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 06+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
BA5941FP-E2   BA5941FP-E2 BA5941FP-E2 PDF Download 00 Although the chip permits all combinations of en
BA5944   BA5944 BA5944 PDF Download ROHM 1250  − Single Ended  − Differe
BA5944FP   BA5944FP BA5944FP PDF Download SMD The HT48C10/48C30/48C50/48C70 are 8-bit high per
BA5944FPE2   BA5944FPE2 BA5944FPE2 PDF Download • Learn C Learning involves the receiver ca
BA5944FP-E2   BA5944FP-E2 BA5944FP-E2 PDF Download HSOP-25P ROHM 04+ In addition, Dallas Semiconductor's continuous re
BA5945FM   BA5945FM BA5945FM PDF Download
BA5945FP   BA5945FP BA5945FP PDF Download  The HYM72V64636T8 Series are Dual In-line
BA5946   BA5946 BA5946 PDF Download Small Hermetic Surface Mount Package Chip Isola
BA5946F-E2   BA5946F-E2 BA5946F-E2 PDF Download   Highest performance: C Operation up to 1
BA5946FP   BA5946FP BA5946FP PDF Download ROHM 1. Connect the device as follows: source to E, g
BA5946FP-E2   BA5946FP-E2 BA5946FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP/32 02+   Please be aware that an important notice
BA5947   BA5947 BA5947 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The bq2050H determines battery capacity by moni-
BA5947F   BA5947F BA5947F PDF Download not WCLK. Similarly the PAF is asserted and updat
BA5947FM   BA5947FM BA5947FM PDF Download ROHM 05+ SOP-28 These devices consist of two independent voltage
BA5947FP   BA5947FP BA5947FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ Basically, a watthour meter is designed to measu
BA5948   BA5948 BA5948 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolut
BA5948FP   BA5948FP BA5948FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 01+ The MAX1737 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembl
BA5949   BA5949 BA5949 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When calculating synchronous frequencies, use tSU
BA5949FP   BA5949FP BA5949FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP The BA5949FPB Quad 10Mbps Ethernet Physical Laye
BA595   BA595 BA595 PDF Download INFINEON SOD-323 Notes:  1. VIL (min.) = C2.0V for pulse du
BA595/R   BA595/R BA595/R PDF Download INFINEON 1. Stresses above those listed under the Absolut
BA5950   BA5950 BA5950 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A STANDARD DEFINITION MODE   Hue Accuracy &n
BA5950FP   BA5950FP BA5950FP PDF Download ROHM Regulation is measured at constant junction temp
BA5950FP-T2   BA5950FP-T2 BA5950FP-T2 PDF Download Assuming that an output load resistor of 75 T
BA5950-OFP   BA5950-OFP BA5950-OFP PDF Download This Power MOSFET is the latest development of
BA5952   BA5952 BA5952 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA5952AFP   BA5952AFP BA5952AFP PDF Download 98 In addition to the standard output configuration
BA5952AFP(FP)   BA5952AFP(FP) BA5952AFP(FP) PDF Download ROHM 2008 Hynix HYMD232M646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
BA5952AFP-E2   BA5952AFP-E2 BA5952AFP-E2 PDF Download 9844 Port 0: Is an 8-bit open drain bi-directional I
BA5952FP   BA5952FP BA5952FP PDF Download The floating capacitor is normally discharged (c
BA5953   BA5953 BA5953 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 5V, 12V, and 15V regulator options are avail
BA5953AFS   BA5953AFS BA5953AFS PDF Download ROHM 2007 By substituting the attenuated values of Vd and
BA5953AFS/FS   BA5953AFS/FS BA5953AFS/FS PDF Download ROHM N/A 00+ FEATURES Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy:  
BA5953FS   BA5953FS BA5953FS PDF Download ROHM 2007 Maximum power dissipation with no heat sink used.
BA5953FS-E2   BA5953FS-E2 BA5953FS-E2 PDF Download 99 SOP !Features 1) Applied to IrDA version 1.2. (Low P
BA5954   BA5954 BA5954 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Address inputs are used to set the least sig
BA5954/SA5954   BA5954/SA5954 BA5954/SA5954 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725B(L)8M-M/K/H/L series is designe
BA5954AAI   BA5954AAI BA5954AAI PDF Download Electrical & Optical Specifications Specific
BA5954AFP   BA5954AFP BA5954AFP PDF Download ROHM NULL • Cost optimized, full custom circuit desig
BA5954BFP   BA5954BFP BA5954BFP PDF Download ROHM 07/08+ Hynix HYMD232G726(L)8-K/H/L series is registered
BA5954BFP-E2   BA5954BFP-E2 BA5954BFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP30 04+ The HY638100 is a high-speed 131,072 x 8-bits CMO
BA5954F   BA5954F BA5954F PDF Download The maximum allowable power dissipation is a func
BA5954FD   BA5954FD BA5954FD PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP The DDU4C tolerances are guaranteed for input pu
BA5954FM   BA5954FM BA5954FM PDF Download ROHM SOP 2005 Output voltage set internally to 1.5% on SG7900A
BA5954FM(FP)   BA5954FM(FP) BA5954FM(FP) PDF Download ROHM 2008
BA5954FM-E2   BA5954FM-E2 BA5954FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 02+ Notes: 3. CPD is defined as the value of the int
BA5954FP   BA5954FP BA5954FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 00+ • Internal self-timed write cycle •
BA5954FPE2   BA5954FPE2 BA5954FPE2 PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
BA5954FP-E2   BA5954FP-E2 BA5954FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 04+ The RC5051 constantly monitors the output voltag
BA5954FP-T1   BA5954FP-T1 BA5954FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM HSOP-28P 03+ Line Build-Out, Transmitter: Logic low used with
BA5954P-E2   BA5954P-E2 BA5954P-E2 PDF Download   3.3 Interface requirements and physical d
BA5955FP   BA5955FP BA5955FP PDF Download ROHM For M74HC4020 twelve kind of divided output are
BA5956FM   BA5956FM BA5956FM PDF Download ROHM SSOP-7.2-36P 6+ These three terminal positive fixed voltage regu
BA5956FM-E2   BA5956FM-E2 BA5956FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP 04+
BA595E6327   BA595E6327 BA595E6327 PDF Download Efficient 16-bit 56800 family controller engine
BA595E6393   BA595E6393 BA595E6393 PDF Download INFINEON 06+ The CY7C964 circuitry is designed to be of use t
BA595P/B   BA595P/B BA595P/B PDF Download The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
BA596   BA596 BA596 PDF Download 西门子 12000 07+ Cirrus Logic, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Cirrus)
BA5960FS   BA5960FS BA5960FS PDF Download ROHM HIGH SPEED : tPD = 21 ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V L
BA5960FS-E2   BA5960FS-E2 BA5960FS-E2 PDF Download ROHM SSOP-54P 02+ The MAX3275/MAX3277 transimpedance amplifiers pr
BA5962FP   BA5962FP BA5962FP PDF Download At the output of all CCD's, transported pixel ch
BA5962FVM   BA5962FVM BA5962FVM PDF Download ROHM SOT-183 05+ 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range 8 MHz Maximu
BA5962FVM-FTR   BA5962FVM-FTR BA5962FVM-FTR PDF Download ROHM 05+ MSOP-8 On-chip registers can be programmed with high an
BA5962FVM-TK   BA5962FVM-TK BA5962FVM-TK PDF Download ROHM MSOP8 04+ Output matching is calculated as the percent var
BA5962FVM-TR   BA5962FVM-TR BA5962FVM-TR PDF Download ROHM 2004 TSSOP s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
BA5964   BA5964 BA5964 PDF Download ROHM DIP The DS15543 constantly monitors the battery volt
BA5965   BA5965 BA5965 PDF Download ROHM TSSOP-3.9-20P 6+ TEMP: This is the output voltage produced by the
BA5965FV   BA5965FV BA5965FV PDF Download ROHM 2008 The HT70XX series is a set of three-terminal lo
BA5966FP   BA5966FP BA5966FP PDF Download ROHM 2008 These I²C-compatible electrically erasable
BA5968FP   BA5968FP BA5968FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-28 02+ (1) Pin designations and their functions are as s
BA597   BA597 BA597 PDF Download One of the biggest contributors to waveform degr
BA5970   BA5970 BA5970 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The PT4580 series is a single-output isol
BA5970FP   BA5970FP BA5970FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ A single-ended clock controls the data-conversion
BA5970FP-E2   BA5970FP-E2 BA5970FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2002 SOP A one bit register that is placed at the end of
BA5971   BA5971 BA5971 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes:  2. NC pins are not connected to th
BA5971FP   BA5971FP BA5971FP PDF Download ROHM Note: Stresses beyond those listed under Absolut
BA5972   BA5972 BA5972 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings are values beyon
BA5972AFP-E2   BA5972AFP-E2 BA5972AFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 1998  The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are Du
BA5972FP   BA5972FP BA5972FP PDF Download ROHM TSOP TSOP Note A: All Characteristic data in the above gra
BA5972FP-E2   BA5972FP-E2 BA5972FP-E2 PDF Download 99 The bq4802Y/bq4802LY real-time clock is a low-po
BA5973   BA5973 BA5973 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The SPI interface uses a total of four pins: clo
BA5973FM   BA5973FM BA5973FM PDF Download ROHM 2007 Registers • I2C bus   Various regist
BA5973FP   BA5973FP BA5973FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP 125 kHz RFID Chip for Cards and Tags 256 Read/Wr
BA5973FP-E2   BA5973FP-E2 BA5973FP-E2 PDF Download Notes:  4. Test conditions assume signal t
BA5974   BA5974 BA5974 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Input Current, IIN   Input Capacitan
BA5974FM   BA5974FM BA5974FM PDF Download ROHM SOP 2002 Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers
BA5974FP   BA5974FP BA5974FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 2000 In the following application circuits: *1 : For
BA5974FP-E2   BA5974FP-E2 BA5974FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 2002   The NL27WZU04 is a high performance dual
BA5975   BA5975 BA5975 PDF Download ROHM DIP 02+ In most applications, the chip address inputs A0
BA5977   BA5977 BA5977 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The ADC channel is a chain of programmable amplif
BA5977FP   BA5977FP BA5977FP PDF Download ROHM 2008 The THS4513 incorporates a (QFN) exposed thermal
BA5977FP-E2   BA5977FP-E2 BA5977FP-E2 PDF Download RHOM SOP-28 Note: 1. These modes limit to 15 bits (SO14-0)
BA5979   BA5979 BA5979 PDF Download ROHM 05+/06+ If desired ALE operation can be disabled by sett
BA5979S   BA5979S BA5979S PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The second amplifier, RFA2, provides 51 dB of gai
BA597E6327   BA597E6327 BA597E6327 PDF Download The IGBT is ideal for many high voltage switchin
BA5980   BA5980 BA5980 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A RING INDICATION. It is asserted LOW by the CH1817
BA5980FP   BA5980FP BA5980FP PDF Download ROHM SOP Fast throughput rate: 100 kSPS Specified for VDD
BA5981   BA5981 BA5981 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A To generate low and high tones for the ringing s
BA5981FP   BA5981FP BA5981FP PDF Download ROHM Supports Fibre Channel protocol SCSI (FCP-SCSI)
BA5981FP-E2   BA5981FP-E2 BA5981FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 149 Single chip rectifier suited for switchmode powe
BA5982   BA5982 BA5982 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Hynix HYM71V8635AT6 Series are 8Mx64bits Sync
BA5982F   BA5982F BA5982F PDF Download Chip Enable, Output Enable and Write Enable sig-
BA5982FM   BA5982FM BA5982FM PDF Download ROHM 2007 The MAC unit comprises the main arithmetic proce
BA5982FM-E2   BA5982FM-E2 BA5982FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 9917   The state of the OUT pin is driven by a v
BA5982FP   BA5982FP BA5982FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP VCS2 is an external control voltage input that c
BA5982FP-E2   BA5982FP-E2 BA5982FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1999 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
BA5982FP-TBB   BA5982FP-TBB BA5982FP-TBB PDF Download Note 9: I1 and I2 are the external sink currents
BA5983   BA5983 BA5983 PDF Download 97 The Supertex MD1811 is a high speed, quad MOSFET
BA5983FD-E2   BA5983FD-E2 BA5983FD-E2 PDF Download To integrate so many transistors on a piece of s
BA5983FM   BA5983FM BA5983FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ NOTES: 1. The SA56004X is optimized for 3.3 VDD
BA5983FM(FP)   BA5983FM(FP) BA5983FM(FP) PDF Download ROHM 2008 The integrated circuit is protected against tran
BA5983FME2   BA5983FME2 BA5983FME2 PDF Download CP: This is the input for the charge pump. For ap
BA5983FM-E2   BA5983FM-E2 BA5983FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM SSOP-7.2-28P 6+
BA5983FP   BA5983FP BA5983FP PDF Download ROHM 00+ The plastic package carries Underwriters Laborato
BA5983FP-E2   BA5983FP-E2 BA5983FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP28 2002 HOLD is used in conjunction with the CS pin to s
BA5983FRE2   BA5983FRE2 BA5983FRE2 PDF Download Two major features of the BA5983FRE2FB are its L
BA5984   BA5984 BA5984 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
BA5984FM   BA5984FM BA5984FM PDF Download ROHM SOP This input is programmable. It functions as a re
BA5984FP   BA5984FP BA5984FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ © 1997 MX•COM Inc.www.mxcom.com Tele:
BA5984FP-E2   BA5984FP-E2 BA5984FP-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 2000 4 channel 10-bit resolution A/D conversion ti
BA5985   BA5985 BA5985 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
BA5985FM   BA5985FM BA5985FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ Generates a Regulated Auxiliary Output in Isolate
BA5985FM-E2   BA5985FM-E2 BA5985FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2003 Note: 1) Inverter low-side is composed of three
BA5985FP   BA5985FP BA5985FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-28   The current source provides a closely reg
BA5986   BA5986 BA5986 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A While in transparent mode if the DS1481 detects
BA5986FM   BA5986FM BA5986FM PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP-7.2-28P 6+ • Provides three independent de-jittered
BA5986FM-E2   BA5986FM-E2 BA5986FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2008 All typical values are at 25C and with 3.3 V sup
BA5986FM-TE2   BA5986FM-TE2 BA5986FM-TE2 PDF Download ROHM 06+ 746 ADSP-triggered write accesses require two clock c
BA5987   BA5987 BA5987 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This series of planar, P on N, large area silicon
BA5987FP   BA5987FP BA5987FP PDF Download SOP25M 2007+ Single-channel isolated signal-conditioning modu
BA5990   BA5990 BA5990 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 3: An internal Zener at the GATE pin clamps
BA5990FP   BA5990FP BA5990FP PDF Download IC SOP The HEF4014B is a fully synchronous edge-trigger
BA5991F   BA5991F BA5991F PDF Download 96/97 This digital clock is designed for use with high-
BA5991FP   BA5991FP BA5991FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP The IC can be controlled by a microcontroller or
BA5991FP-E2   BA5991FP-E2 BA5991FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+ is shifted on positive clock transition. The dat
BA5992   BA5992 BA5992 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The BA5992C is a dual operational amplifier desi
BA5992FP   BA5992FP BA5992FP PDF Download - On-chip Hall sensor with two different sensitiv
BA5994   BA5994 BA5994 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   3.5 Marking. The part shall be marked wit
BA5994FM   BA5994FM BA5994FM PDF Download ROHM SOP Typical Operating Current:11 mA at 3V Typical P
BA5995FM   BA5995FM BA5995FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ NOTE: All input pulses are supplied by a generat
BA5995FME2   BA5995FME2 BA5995FME2 PDF Download TXCLK is a clock output used to receive the data
BA5995FM-E2   BA5995FM-E2 BA5995FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP28 04+ The 32 registered macrocells in the GLB are driv
BA5996FM   BA5996FM BA5996FM PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ 1. Power supply bypass is required and a 0.1uF i
BA5996FM-E2   BA5996FM-E2 BA5996FM-E2 PDF Download ROHM HSOP-28P 0425+ During an Erase/Program operation, any of the th
BA5996FP   BA5996FP BA5996FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-7.2-28P 6+ (1) 300-hour life test at 150C demonstrated rand
BA5996FP(FM)   BA5996FP(FM) BA5996FP(FM) PDF Download ROHM 2008 Balanced Ringing is applied to the line by settin
BA5996FP-E2   BA5996FP-E2 BA5996FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SSOP 05/06+ In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
BA5998   BA5998 BA5998 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The H8/3048 Series is a series of high-performan
BA5998FP   BA5998FP BA5998FP PDF Download ROHM • Reverse Mountable   SMT LED ̶
BA5999   BA5999 BA5999 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The FETKY product family incorporates low
BA5999FB-E1   BA5999FB-E1 BA5999FB-E1 PDF Download 120000 2005-2006 The chip embeds IEEE 802.3 MAC functions for eac
BA5999FP   BA5999FP BA5999FP PDF Download 96 Optimized for 1.8-V Operation and Is 3.6-V I/O T
BA5999FP-E1   BA5999FP-E1 BA5999FP-E1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+/97+ 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
BA5999FP-KE1   BA5999FP-KE1 BA5999FP-KE1 PDF Download ROHM SOP7.2mm 2006 Note 4 When the input voltage (VIN) at any pin ex
BA5W-K   BA5W-K BA5W-K PDF Download ROHM 99+ 1678 Each slave carries an address. The data transfer
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