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Note 3: The maximum allowable power dissipation is a function of the maximum junction temperature, TJ(MAX), the junction-to-ambient thermal resistance, J-A, and the ambient temperature, TA. The maximum allowable power dissipation at any ambient temperature is calculated using:
The BA6251F can be configured to operate in one of the seven interface standards in either DTE, or DCE modes of operation and power down mode. It fully supports echoed clock as well as clock and data in- version. Loopbacks are supported in DTE and DCE modes of operation. This feature eliminates the need for external circuitry for loopback implementation.
tion in multiple bus microprocessor systems. An addi- tional feature of the BA6251F is its ability to enter the standby mode whenever the chip enable (CE/CE) is in- active, thus reducing current consumption to below 60mA. The combination of these functions makes the chip suitable for high density low power memory appli- cations.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
BA6019   BA6019 BA6019 PDF Download 42 ROHM O1 Hynix HYMD232M646(L)6-K/H/L series incorporates S
BA6024   BA6024 BA6024 PDF Download The IC operates in a wide input voltage range up
BA604   BA604 BA604 PDF Download VISHAY LL34 05+ Additionally, operations can be controlled by th
BA6046   BA6046 BA6046 PDF Download ROHM DIP-8 08+ The HCC4000B, HCC4001B, HCC4002B and HCC4025B (e
BA604-GS08   BA604-GS08 BA604-GS08 PDF Download TEMIC LL34 Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
BA604INK-GS08   BA604INK-GS08 BA604INK-GS08 PDF Download VISHAY/TFK 06+ SOD-80 The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
BA6050   BA6050 BA6050 PDF Download ROHM 06+ DMA Controller supports: 25 DMA channels for tra
BA606IF   BA606IF BA606IF PDF Download ROHM 06+   Power for the circuit is from a 12V suppl
BA609   BA609 BA609 PDF Download The ISL6118 has integrated current sensing on the
BA60BC0T   BA60BC0T BA60BC0T PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor away from the substrate during the bonding proce
BA60BC0WT   BA60BC0WT BA60BC0WT PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor (4) The products described in this material are
BA61-01048A   BA61-01048A BA61-01048A PDF Download N/A  The attached data, sheets are provided by
BA6102N   BA6102N BA6102N PDF Download Reference Clock. This input is the clock frequen
BA6104   BA6104 BA6104 PDF Download ROHM SIP SIP This family of fully featured hot swap power cont
BA6105   BA6105 BA6105 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+
BA6107A   BA6107A BA6107A PDF Download ROHM SIL-10 Output Mode: This pin determines the clock output
BA6109   BA6109 BA6109 PDF Download ROHM SIP SIP © 1998 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. The
BA610KI   BA610KI BA610KI PDF Download ROHM 06+ The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
BA611   BA611 BA611 PDF Download ROHM SIP 00+ Factory locked parts provide several options. Th
BA6110   BA6110 BA6110 PDF Download ROHM SIP-9 00+ Each channel is equipped with a programmable Vce
BA6110FS   BA6110FS BA6110FS PDF Download ROHM SOP 00+ You can determine the version of a data sheet by
BA6110FS-T1   BA6110FS-T1 BA6110FS-T1 PDF Download ROHM 00+ Current Settling Time, Clocked Mode Current Set
BA6112   BA6112 BA6112 PDF Download N/A DIP-40 08+ VCC = 600V, IC = 40A VGE = 15V, Rg = 5Ω
BA6113   BA6113 BA6113 PDF Download ROHM 97 • E/A Isolation 6000 VDC • Luft-, Kr
BA6117   BA6117 BA6117 PDF Download ROHM 04+ Parameter RESOLUTION  Offset Error  
BA612   BA612 BA612 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The following tests are supported:    
BA6121   BA6121 BA6121 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ The MAX6323/MAX6324 microprocessor (µP) sup
BA6121-001   BA6121-001 BA6121-001 PDF Download BEC SOP/20 97+ A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
BA6121N   BA6121N BA6121N PDF Download ROHM 98 2500 OPA682UThe OPA682U uses internal resistors to se
BA6122   BA6122 BA6122 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology • ESD &
BA6122-001   BA6122-001 BA6122-001 PDF Download 97 To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability,
BA6122A   BA6122A BA6122A PDF Download ROHM ZIP-16 08+ The BA6122A features independent shutdown contr
BA6122AF   BA6122AF BA6122AF PDF Download • Industry Standard Size • Industr
BA6122AF-T1   BA6122AF-T1 BA6122AF-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 07+   TXD0B/SBO0B/P90   RXD0B/SBI0B/P91
BA6124   BA6124 BA6124 PDF Download ROHM SIP SIP The ICU receives interrupt requests from interna
BA61240   BA61240 BA61240 PDF Download The CD54HC354, CD74HC354, and CD74HCT354 are dat
BA6124F   BA6124F BA6124F PDF Download ROHM O7+ Stability can be maximized by observing the foll
BA6124F-E2   BA6124F-E2 BA6124F-E2 PDF Download   (ang) -112.66 -126.47 -132.57 -135.16
BA6124L   BA6124L BA6124L PDF Download ROHM ZIP-9 07+/08+ 2. Products and product specifications may be su
BA6125   BA6125 BA6125 PDF Download ROH 03/04+ NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb
BA6125L   BA6125L BA6125L PDF Download C 16-bit Timer with 8-bit Prescaler, and Watchdo
BA6126   BA6126 BA6126 PDF Download ROHM SOP-14 0433+ The IC is well suited for applications where smal
BA6126F   BA6126F BA6126F PDF Download ROHM O7+ Note 11: CPD is defined as the value of the inte
BA6128   BA6128 BA6128 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The DG201HS is an improved monolithic device co
BA6129   BA6129 BA6129 PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 CMOS imager sensor CMOS imager sensor   2:
BA6129A   BA6129A BA6129A PDF Download ROHM SOP8 Note 7: High speed automatic testing cannot be pe
BA6129AF   BA6129AF BA6129AF PDF Download ROHM 2008 Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
BA6129AF-T1   BA6129AF-T1 BA6129AF-T1 PDF Download ROHM 98 The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family offers a var
BA6129F   BA6129F BA6129F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The ispLSI 2064VE is a High Density Programmable
BA613   BA613 BA613 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ Current Settling Time, Clocked Mode Current Set
BA6133   BA6133 BA6133 PDF Download ROHM SIP Register-usage rules influence placement of inpu
BA6134   BA6134 BA6134 PDF Download The product identification mode identifies the de
BA6134A   BA6134A BA6134A PDF Download The megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digital
BA6134AF   BA6134AF BA6134AF PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ The BA6134AF programmable color light-to-frequen
BA6135   BA6135 BA6135 PDF Download ROHM .   The IDT79R4700 64-bit RISC Microprocessor
BA6136   BA6136 BA6136 PDF Download ROHM 00+ SIP-9 Users expect several obvious system benefits fro
BA6137   BA6137 BA6137 PDF Download M 00 Note: (1) The minimum DC input voltage is C0.5
BA6138   BA6138 BA6138 PDF Download ROHM ZIP-9P 6+ Turn-On Time: The converter typically produces a
BA6138F   BA6138F BA6138F PDF Download ROHM SOP-3.9-14P 6+ The CS8920As highly efficient StreamTrans- ferT
BA6138F-P1   BA6138F-P1 BA6138F-P1 PDF Download SOP 94+ A write operation requires an 8-bit data word add
BA6138F-T1   BA6138F-T1 BA6138F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 05+   The MC74AC646/74ACT646 consist of registe
BA6138N   BA6138N BA6138N PDF Download ROHM SIP-9 08+ The CM2010 connects between a video graphics con
BA613A   BA613A BA613A PDF Download The RC2207 has a typical drift specificati
BA614   BA614 BA614 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Power Diode Module DF200BA is designed for three
BA6140A   BA6140A BA6140A PDF Download ROHM 00+ DIP-18/ Short sample gate dwell times after the X edge c
BA6143   BA6143 BA6143 PDF Download ROHM DIP16 96+ The TMS29F800T/B is an 1 048 576 by 8-bit / 524
BA6144   BA6144 BA6144 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ North America Literature Fulfillment: Literature
BA61458   BA61458 BA61458 PDF Download NOTES: 1. The device may be operated outside rec
BA6146   BA6146 BA6146 PDF Download DIP 99+ ∗1 Period Jitter 1: This value is the stan
BA6148   BA6148 BA6148 PDF Download ROHM DIP DIP The SN65LVCP40 combines a pair of 1:2 buffers wi
BA6149   BA6149 BA6149 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ The MGA-71543 features a minimum noise figure of
BA6149LS   BA6149LS BA6149LS PDF Download ROHM 00+ ZIP-4
BA614A   BA614A BA614A PDF Download When the recommended transformer is used and the
BA6150   BA6150 BA6150 PDF Download ROHM SOP8 01+ (tAVQV) is equal to the delay from E to output
BA6150F   BA6150F BA6150F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The information provided herein is believed to b
BA6154   BA6154 BA6154 PDF Download ROHM ZIP-9P 6+   Typicals represent average readings at 25
BA6154F   BA6154F BA6154F PDF Download NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
BA6161   BA6161 BA6161 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ MAX 7000A devices provide programmable speed/pow
BA6161F   BA6161F BA6161F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 02+ The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. In
BA6161F-E1   BA6161F-E1 BA6161F-E1 PDF Download ROHM 97 Command Structure There are six commands called
BA6161FE2   BA6161FE2 BA6161FE2 PDF Download Figure 1 illustrates the ISL6118 operational wave
BA6161F-E2   BA6161F-E2 BA6161F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 2000年   Multipliers are designed for use where th
BA6161F-T1   BA6161F-T1 BA6161F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+ Cntrl (Bump A1): Shutdown control pin. When VCntr
BA6161M   BA6161M BA6161M PDF Download
BA6161N   BA6161N BA6161N PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP-5 96+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
BA6162   BA6162 BA6162 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor N/A N/A The BA6162 is a switched capacitor step-down reg
BA6162F   BA6162F BA6162F PDF Download ROHM 2008 positive going transitions of the CLOCK (CK) inp
BA6162F-E2   BA6162F-E2 BA6162F-E2 PDF Download Rohm 05+ Infiniium has received eight industry awards to
BA6162F-T2   BA6162F-T2 BA6162F-T2 PDF Download ROHM SOP3.9mm 2006 NOTES: 1. VDD, OPTX, and VDDQX must be set to ap
BA6164   BA6164 BA6164 PDF Download Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
BA617   BA617 BA617 PDF Download ROHM SIP 00+ • Register interlock functions: Facilitati
BA6179   BA6179 BA6179 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A A single pulse is defined as being greater than
BA618   BA618 BA618 PDF Download ROHM DIP DIP All rights reserved. Copyright ©2000 Elm El
BA6184   BA6184 BA6184 PDF Download ROHM 2008 DESCRIPTION The VN920PEP is a monolithic device
BA619   BA619 BA619 PDF Download ROHM DIP The chip is a fixed frequency Pulse Width Modula
BA6191   BA6191 BA6191 PDF Download At the moment the supply voltage on pin VDD or H
BA6193   BA6193 BA6193 PDF Download The PWM section features peak current mode contr
BA6194   BA6194 BA6194 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The PC is not incremented when a REF instruction
BA6194FP   BA6194FP BA6194FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-28 0416+ Right to make changes  Philips Semiconduc
BA6195   BA6195 BA6195 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA6195AFV   BA6195AFV BA6195AFV PDF Download The application circuits were designed to achieve
BA6195F   BA6195F BA6195F PDF Download ROHM SOP5.2mm 2006 The large Cs capacitor creates a virtual ground
BA6195FP   BA6195FP BA6195FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
BA6195FP-Y   BA6195FP-Y BA6195FP-Y PDF Download s Any combination of sectors can be erased s Re
BA6195FP-YE1   BA6195FP-YE1 BA6195FP-YE1 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP 2001 The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo,
BA6195FP-YE2   BA6195FP-YE2 BA6195FP-YE2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 98 HSOP-28 The PCM58P accepts TTL-compatible logic input le
BA6195FP-YI1   BA6195FP-YI1 BA6195FP-YI1 PDF Download ROHM 28PIN-SOP 06+   Address and control signals are applied t
BA6195FP-YT1   BA6195FP-YT1 BA6195FP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 9602 (prescaler OFF) Input sensitivity fi = 80 - 100
BA6195FP-YT2   BA6195FP-YT2 BA6195FP-YT2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 95+   The NJU8714 is a stereo BTL outputs switch
BA6195FS   BA6195FS BA6195FS PDF Download   The FPM includes an 8b/10b encoder and de
BA6195RFP-YE2   BA6195RFP-YE2 BA6195RFP-YE2 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ NOTE: 1. These inputs are normally wired to VDD
BA6196   BA6196 BA6196 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Positive supply pin. These pins should be connec
BA6196FP   BA6196FP BA6196FP PDF Download Unless otherwise specified, the following specif
BA6196FP-T1   BA6196FP-T1 BA6196FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 0216 The H8S/2000 CPU can execute basic instructions
BA6197FP   BA6197FP BA6197FP PDF Download ROHM SOP28 03+/04+ The MT8816 is an analog switch matrix with an arr
BA6198   BA6198 BA6198 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
BA6198FP   BA6198FP BA6198FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 99+ ERASURE: Before a byte/word can be reprogrammed,
BA6198S   BA6198S BA6198S PDF Download ROHM DIP 07+ The XRT75VL00D is a single-channel fully integra
BA6199   BA6199 BA6199 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 1: VOUT+1V< VIN & 2.5V< VIN <
BA6199FP   BA6199FP BA6199FP PDF Download ROHM 05+/06+;06+ The fixed 54 MHz clocking of the ADCs and datapa
BA6199FP-T1   BA6199FP-T1 BA6199FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP7.2mm 2006 When mute is activated, the output PWM becomes z
BA61ABB   BA61ABB BA61ABB PDF Download Note : 1. * : These pins are not used in this mo
BA61W12ST   BA61W12ST BA61W12ST PDF Download ROHM TO220 04+ • Inductorless, Buck/Boost, DC/DC Converter
BA61W12ST-V5   BA61W12ST-V5 BA61W12ST-V5 PDF Download ROHM Reduced parts count and high efficiency add to t
BA6200AL   BA6200AL BA6200AL PDF Download The DDU4C tolerances are guaranteed for input pu
BA6205   BA6205 BA6205 PDF Download The AS4C1M16F5 features high speed page mode ope
BA6208   BA6208 BA6208 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor ZIP 03+   The BA6208 low-power limiting post amplif
BA6208F   BA6208F BA6208F PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 06+ HY5V28C(L)F is offering fully synchronous operati
BA6208FE2   BA6208FE2 BA6208FE2 PDF Download High performance and low cost solution Synchrono
BA6208F-E2   BA6208F-E2 BA6208F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP8 05+ Chip Enable (E). The Chip Enable, E, activates t
BA6208F-T1   BA6208F-T1 BA6208F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1997 Digital brightness and contrast controls TV colo
BA6208N   BA6208N BA6208N PDF Download ROHM SIP-9 08+  * Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
BA6208T/R   BA6208T/R BA6208T/R PDF Download UTC O7+ • 64K bytes of flash EEPROM program memory
BA6209   BA6209 BA6209 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor Thermistor : Temperature dependant resistor. Bas
BA6209-111V3   BA6209-111V3 BA6209-111V3 PDF Download N/A ZIP 07+ Compatible with SPI Bus Serial Interface (Posit
BA6209A   BA6209A BA6209A PDF Download ROHM SIP 00+   Typical specifications represent average
BA6209N   BA6209N BA6209N PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor DIP 0348+ Notes: Stresses greater than those listed under
BA6209U   BA6209U BA6209U PDF Download ROHM Two video control output signals (VIDCTL[1:0]) p
BA6209U3   BA6209U3 BA6209U3 PDF Download rohm 04+ QFP The ISP2200 FPM supports the following: s Suppor
BA620BB   BA620BB BA620BB PDF Download GENESIS 06+ QFP-160 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
BA621   BA621 BA621 PDF Download The IS41C4100 and IS41LV4100 is a CMOS DRAM opt
BA6212   BA6212 BA6212 PDF Download ROHM DIP20 02+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BA6215   BA6215 BA6215 PDF Download The output signals of the SDA 9188-3X are analog
BA6216   BA6216 BA6216 PDF Download ROHM Address, active High. In word mode, these 21 inpu
BA6218   BA6218 BA6218 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP-9 99+/00 2. The inhibit control input is Not compatible
BA6219   BA6219 BA6219 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A SIGNAL DESCRIPTION Serial Data Output (Q). This
BA62198FP   BA62198FP BA62198FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 07+
BA62199B   BA62199B BA62199B PDF Download *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxi
BA6219B   BA6219B BA6219B PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA Four exter
BA6219BFP   BA6219BFP BA6219BFP PDF Download ROHM SOP 04+ The Maverick™ EP7311 is designed for ultra
BA6219BFP-E2   BA6219BFP-E2 BA6219BFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SMD ticularly desired in office environ- ments. BA6
BA6219BFP-Y   BA6219BFP-Y BA6219BFP-Y PDF Download HSOP-25P ROHM 04+ Turn On Procedures Upon receiving the amplifier
BA6219BFPYE2   BA6219BFPYE2 BA6219BFPYE2 PDF Download Pins 2,7,8,and 26 are Power up bi-directional pi
BA6219BFP-YE2   BA6219BFP-YE2 BA6219BFP-YE2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor(VA) SOP 04+ TMS320C62x, VelociTI, and C62x are trademarks of
BA6219BFP-YT1   BA6219BFP-YT1 BA6219BFP-YT1 PDF Download Several register bits (bit 0 to bit 93) are used
BA6219BFS   BA6219BFS BA6219BFS PDF Download At 200 MHz (5 ns) core instruction rate, the ADS
BA6219FP   BA6219FP BA6219FP PDF Download
BA6219N   BA6219N BA6219N PDF Download PRIHM DIP 94 Select Word 0 (D18 = 0) BitFunction D0Bridge 1
BA621D   BA621D BA621D PDF Download ROHM O7+ The AT91X40 Series Microcontrollers integrate an
BA6220   BA6220 BA6220 PDF Download M 97 A programmable interval timer generates periodic
BA6220.   BA6220. BA6220. PDF Download The ADC122S101 operates with a single supply tha
BA6220L   BA6220L BA6220L PDF Download UTC DIP 06+ The VGA CMOS image sensor features DigitalClarit
BA6221-001   BA6221-001 BA6221-001 PDF Download Temperature Error Using Remote Diode of 0.13 mi
BA6222   BA6222 BA6222 PDF Download ROHM 184-pin 1mm pin spacing Card Size: 133.35mm x
BA6225S   BA6225S BA6225S PDF Download Signal Processing Technologies, Inc. reserves th
BA6226   BA6226 BA6226 PDF Download The TX IN pin is connected to the transmitter TXM
BA6227   BA6227 BA6227 PDF Download ROHM DIP DIP • Allows automatic selection of non conflict
BA6227F   BA6227F BA6227F PDF Download ROHM SMD 96 KS7333 is a product used in video camera systems,
BA6227-H   BA6227-H BA6227-H PDF Download ROHM DIP8 9929+ 1. Place series resistors and CI capacitors as cl
BA6229   BA6229 BA6229 PDF Download ROHM The Hynix HYM76V8C755AT8 Series are Dual In-line
BA6229FP   BA6229FP BA6229FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 9943 Sck C The standard product is delivered with an i
BA62342   BA62342 BA62342 PDF Download ROHM SOP8 01+ Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
BA6235   BA6235 BA6235 PDF Download ROHM 06+ 500 Case: SOT-563, Molded Plastic Case material - UL
BA6235AF   BA6235AF BA6235AF PDF Download Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
BA6235F   BA6235F BA6235F PDF Download ROHM 91+   Parameter Carrier Frequency Operating V
BA6235F-E2   BA6235F-E2 BA6235F-E2 PDF Download The LMP7711 is a low noise, low offset, CMOS inp
BA6238   BA6238 BA6238 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ General Description The HPMD-7905 is a miniaturi
BA6238A   BA6238A BA6238A PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor Typical Applications • Vibration Monitori
BA6238AN   BA6238AN BA6238AN PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow
BA6238AU   BA6238AU BA6238AU PDF Download ROHM 8051 core, 12MHz operating frequency with double
BA6238AU3   BA6238AU3 BA6238AU3 PDF Download ROHM 98 All byte write is done by GW(regaedless of BW and
BA6238N   BA6238N BA6238N PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ First of all, use the largest supply voltage ava
BA6238S   BA6238S BA6238S PDF Download ROHM SIP10 95+   C Three External Clock Inputs, Two Multi-
BA6239   BA6239 BA6239 PDF Download TRANSMITTER The transmitter accepts logic level
BA6239A   BA6239A BA6239A PDF Download ROHM Hynix HYMD264646A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
BA6239AN   BA6239AN BA6239AN PDF Download ROHM SIP-10 98+ Remote On/Off: This is an open-collector (open-dr
BA6240   BA6240 BA6240 PDF Download ROHM 06+ 500 Applications using CPU generated controls must po
BA62425   BA62425 BA62425 PDF Download ROHM DIP18 01+ • Provides a C2/C1.5 output clock signal w
BA6246   BA6246 BA6246 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
BA6246N   BA6246N BA6246N PDF Download ROHM Following a START condition the bus master must
BA6247   BA6247 BA6247 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor ZIP ♦ Features • Generates high frequenc
BA6247FP   BA6247FP BA6247FP PDF Download ROHM 08+ The ballast design incorporates two parts, hardw
BA6247FP-Y   BA6247FP-Y BA6247FP-Y PDF Download ROHM HSOP-25P 05+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
BA6247FP-YE2   BA6247FP-YE2 BA6247FP-YE2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 98 The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are
BA6247FT-YE2   BA6247FT-YE2 BA6247FT-YE2 PDF Download The GS 702 transmitter controller has been desig
BA6247N   BA6247N BA6247N PDF Download ROHM It is possible to choose from the four different
BA6248   BA6248 BA6248 PDF Download in portable applications such as cellular teleph
BA6248A   BA6248A BA6248A PDF Download ROHM SIL-10 02+ Start Condition. START is identified by a high to
BA6248S   BA6248S BA6248S PDF Download ROHM SIP10 RSENSE B - Is the connection for the bottom of t
BA6249F   BA6249F BA6249F PDF Download ROHM The STM1403 family of security supervisors are a
BA6250   BA6250 BA6250 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ Low cost 8-bit microcontroller Quiet Design (l
BA6250F   BA6250F BA6250F PDF Download ROHM In this mode, CS is inactive (high) between seri
BA6250G   BA6250G BA6250G PDF Download ROHM 06+ 1100 When a liquid comes in contact with the sensing
BA6251   BA6251 BA6251 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The bq2060 accumulates a measure of charge and di
BA6251F   BA6251F BA6251F PDF Download ROHM SMD The MAX2640/MAX2641 are easy to use, generally r
BA6251F-T   BA6251F-T BA6251F-T PDF Download ROHM 98 12000 • 0.17 µm Process Technology •
BA6251F-T1   BA6251F-T1 BA6251F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 9948 *When Pin 8 (DISABLE) is about 2 V or more higher
BA6254FS   BA6254FS BA6254FS PDF Download ROHM 2008 Peak output current25C2.1A † Pulse-testin
BA62552   BA62552 BA62552 PDF Download ROHM 06+ OBDIn (pin11)  The OBD data is input to thi
BA62552F   BA62552F BA62552F PDF Download ROHM O7+ Notes: 1. Worst case values occur at an IC junc
BA6256   BA6256 BA6256 PDF Download DIP16 96+ Note 3: the LTC1982E is guaranteed to meet perfor
BA6257   BA6257 BA6257 PDF Download 90 Typical applications include sensor systems that
BA6258   BA6258 BA6258 PDF Download ROHM DIP In addition, the MX93000 supports switches and
BA6259   BA6259 BA6259 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ ActiveThe device operates at full speed using the
BA6259N   BA6259N BA6259N PDF Download ROHM Parameter SENSOR INPUT   Measurement Range
BA6264FP   BA6264FP BA6264FP PDF Download ROHM SOP N/A Line Drivers are available for the HEDS-55xx/56x
BA6265AFP   BA6265AFP BA6265AFP PDF Download ROHM 02+ The combination of narrow nonlinear range and lo
BA6265AFP-E1   BA6265AFP-E1 BA6265AFP-E1 PDF Download ROHM 98+ SMD DESIGN CHANGES: ProTek reserves the right to dis
BA6265FP   BA6265FP BA6265FP PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPE ™ Fa
BA6266   BA6266 BA6266 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The ZR78L Series show performance characteristic
BA6266F   BA6266F BA6266F PDF Download ROHM SOP14 03+/04+ Extended data out (EDO) allows data output rates
BA6266F-E2   BA6266F-E2 BA6266F-E2 PDF Download 8 times faster than the shift frequency of the i
BA6266FP   BA6266FP BA6266FP PDF Download TOS SOP14 Power down protection is provided on all inputs
BA6266F-T1   BA6266F-T1 BA6266F-T1 PDF Download 01 The HYM72V32M636B(L)T6 Series are 32Mx64bits Sync
BA6267   BA6267 BA6267 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
BA6267F   BA6267F BA6267F PDF Download ROHM SOP3.9 01+ † The bus-hold circuit can sink at least t
BA6267F-T1   BA6267F-T1 BA6267F-T1 PDF Download 98 Register-usage rules influence placement of inpu
BA6268   BA6268 BA6268 PDF Download ROHM The ADS5545 is a high performance 14-bit 170-MSP
BA6268-TS2   BA6268-TS2 BA6268-TS2 PDF Download In addition, the MX93000 supports switches and
BA6269FP   BA6269FP BA6269FP PDF Download ROHM SOPH s 4 kB/8 kB Flash code memory with 1 kB erasable
BA6272FV   BA6272FV BA6272FV PDF Download ROHM 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
BA6277FV   BA6277FV BA6277FV PDF Download 98+ Digitally programmable dual function digital inp
BA6278F-E2   BA6278F-E2 BA6278F-E2 PDF Download N/A SOP 07+ Generates 106.25 MHz clocks from a 21.25 MHz cr
BA62800AF   BA62800AF BA62800AF PDF Download Stress above those listed under absolute maximum
BA6280AF   BA6280AF BA6280AF PDF Download ROHM SOP 08+ TI assumes no liability for applications assista
BA6283   BA6283 BA6283 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+   The MC100ES6039 is a low skew 2/4, 4/6 c
BA6283A   BA6283A BA6283A PDF Download ROHM DIP 03+/04+ • High Blocking Voltage • Epitaxial
BA6283N   BA6283N BA6283N PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor 00+ SIP-9 Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series is low profi
BA6285   BA6285 BA6285 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A VDD is at +15 V, and at rated average currents
BA6285A   BA6285A BA6285A PDF Download ROHM SOP-28 04+ Notes:  1. H = HIGH Voltage Level. L = LOW
BA6285AF1   BA6285AF1 BA6285AF1 PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
BA6285AFP   BA6285AFP BA6285AFP PDF Download ROHM HSOP-25P 05+ 5VSBY is the bias supply of the ISL6537A. It is t
BA6285AFP-YE2   BA6285AFP-YE2 BA6285AFP-YE2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor(VA) n Floating channel designed for bootstrap  
BA6285FP-E2   BA6285FP-E2 BA6285FP-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP/24 04+ Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent
BA6285FP-T1   BA6285FP-T1 BA6285FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ Description: Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are de- s
BA6285FS   BA6285FS BA6285FS PDF Download ROHM 06+ 2626 Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute
BA6285FS-T1   BA6285FS-T1 BA6285FS-T1 PDF Download ROHM SSOP-16 03+ • Low power consumption (standby) mode &nb
BA6285FS-TI   BA6285FS-TI BA6285FS-TI PDF Download Note) The PWM data set, the PWM Frequency set an
BA6286   BA6286 BA6286 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor DIP 06+ This document contains information on a product
BA6286N   BA6286N BA6286N PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP 96+ The MAX3320 transceivers have a proprietary low-
BA6287   BA6287 BA6287 PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The CD54/74FCT373, 373AT, and 533 octal transpar
BA6287A   BA6287A BA6287A PDF Download ROHM SOP8 On a 2 V supply, the Sx and Sy thresholds are ap
BA6287E   BA6287E BA6287E PDF Download This voltage is made in an external loop filter a
BA6287-E2   BA6287-E2 BA6287-E2 PDF Download The accumulator closely relates to ALU operations
BA6287F   BA6287F BA6287F PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 03+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
BA6287FE2   BA6287FE2 BA6287FE2 PDF Download efficiency minimizes the requirement for heat-s
BA6287F-E2   BA6287F-E2 BA6287F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor(VA) Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit c
BA6287F-T1   BA6287F-T1 BA6287F-T1 PDF Download ROHM N/A 2001 The LTC®6900 is a precision, low power oscill
BA6288FS   BA6288FS BA6288FS PDF Download ROHM SSOP16 04+ The FM local oscillator consists of a transistor
BA6288FS-E2   BA6288FS-E2 BA6288FS-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SSOP 1999 The TSM107 is a monolithic IC that includes thre
BA6289   BA6289 BA6289 PDF Download ROHM SOP8 99 The unified program and data memory space of the
BA6289F   BA6289F BA6289F PDF Download ROHM SOP-8P 1997 In designing a crystal oscillator, the values of
BA6289F-E2   BA6289F-E2 BA6289F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 4/3/2009 AMDs products are not designed, intended, author
BA6290   BA6290 BA6290 PDF Download ROHM SIP 32-position digital potentiometer 10 kΩ, 5
BA6290A   BA6290A BA6290A PDF Download ROHM Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
BA6291   BA6291 BA6291 PDF Download ROHM Global AutoRS485 half-duplex direction control e
BA6291FV   BA6291FV BA6291FV PDF Download 98+ TA = 0C to 70C / -40C to 85C (I), unless otherwis
BA6292   BA6292 BA6292 PDF Download ROHM DIP 137 The M25PE80 is an 8 Mbit (1Mb x 8) Serial Paged
BA6292FP   BA6292FP BA6292FP PDF Download TOS SOP24 The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an
BA6293   BA6293 BA6293 PDF Download ROHM ZIP 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
BA6294   BA6294 BA6294 PDF Download R0HM SIP 9433
BA6294FP   BA6294FP BA6294FP PDF Download The transmitter accepts logic level clock (TCLK),
BA6294FS   BA6294FS BA6294FS PDF Download ROHM SSMD 1 Frame rate: 30/15/10/5/4/3/2/1 fps Sub-sampling
BA6295   BA6295 BA6295 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
BA6295AFP   BA6295AFP BA6295AFP PDF Download ROHM TSOP TSOP The LMP7711 is a low noise, low offset, CMOS inp
BA6295AFP-T1   BA6295AFP-T1 BA6295AFP-T1 PDF Download   To achieve the specified performance, pay
BA6295BFP   BA6295BFP BA6295BFP PDF Download ROHM TSOP TSOP Low Quiescent Current of 40 mA Typical Low Dropo
BA6295F   BA6295F BA6295F PDF Download ROHM SOP7.2mm 2006 The Fairchild Switch FSTU16245 provides 16-bits
BA6295FP   BA6295FP BA6295FP PDF Download ROHM 2007 This line of Schottky diodes is optimized for us
BA6296   BA6296 BA6296 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A SYNCHRONOUS OPERATION For synchronous operation
BA6296AFP   BA6296AFP BA6296AFP PDF Download 9524 shows the current waveform for the 8kV IEC 1000-4
BA6296FP   BA6296FP BA6296FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-28 05+06+ The LTC®3704 is a wide input range, current m
BA6296FP-T1   BA6296FP-T1 BA6296FP-T1 PDF Download M 9413 The CY7C964 integrates several space-consuming f
BA6297   BA6297 BA6297 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The device may be operated safely over these cond
BA6297AFP   BA6297AFP BA6297AFP PDF Download M 99
BA6297AFP-E2   BA6297AFP-E2 BA6297AFP-E2 PDF Download The oscillator is programmed with two resistors
BA6297FAFP   BA6297FAFP BA6297FAFP PDF Download SOP28W 2007+ (2) The technical information described in this
BA6297FP   BA6297FP BA6297FP PDF Download ROHM The ICS728 combines the functions of a VCXO (Vo
BA6297FPTR   BA6297FPTR BA6297FPTR PDF Download /RCS0 -->/CS0 : SDRAMs D0-D17 RBA0-RBA1-->
BA6298   BA6298 BA6298 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • CMOS for optimum speed/power • Win
BA6298FP   BA6298FP BA6298FP PDF Download 95 †These options are available on some devic
BA6299   BA6299 BA6299 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Via the VCC input an external 5 V voltage regula
BA6299FP   BA6299FP BA6299FP PDF Download ROHM SMD SMD Notes: 12. Minimum limits are specified b
BA6301   BA6301 BA6301 PDF Download ROHM DIP 1999 10,000 cycles/byte, minimum 1,000 cycles/byte,
BA6301F   BA6301F BA6301F PDF Download ROHM SOP 03 8.5 V Supply Voltage Voltage Regulator for Stabl
BA6302   BA6302 BA6302 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The buck regulator provides a 2.5% output voltage
BA6302A   BA6302A BA6302A PDF Download ROHM clock stream is corrupted during a transmission.
BA6302AF   BA6302AF BA6302AF PDF Download ROHM SOP18 The BA6302AF-1 and -2 indicate power good as an o
BA6302AF-E2   BA6302AF-E2 BA6302AF-E2 PDF Download Port 1 Port 1 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
BA6303   BA6303 BA6303 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A n Sector Protection   C Any combination of
BA6303F   BA6303F BA6303F PDF Download M 98 A read cycle is accomplished by asserting output
BA6304   BA6304 BA6304 PDF Download ROHM . N/A The device is an 8-bit high performance RISC-li
BA6305   BA6305 BA6305 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Should the input signal fall below a minimum valu
BA6305F   BA6305F BA6305F PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The line on the graph shows the actual temperatu
BA6305F-E2   BA6305F-E2 BA6305F-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP-8P 2002 Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
BA6305F-VT1   BA6305F-VT1 BA6305F-VT1 PDF Download ROHM 93 SOP-8 A HIGH on CE0 or LOW on CE1 for one clock cycle
BA6305F-VT2   BA6305F-VT2 BA6305F-VT2 PDF Download N/A 05+ 3564 For the CDMA driver amplifier applications, the
BA6305LN   BA6305LN BA6305LN PDF Download ROHM SIL-8 99+ HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 63 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
BA6309   BA6309 BA6309 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ All components of a charge pump, except the hold
BA6309F   BA6309F BA6309F PDF Download The CD4085B types are supplied in 14-lead hermet
BA6309F1   BA6309F1 BA6309F1 PDF Download This general-purpose oscillator is stabilized by
BA631   BA631 BA631 PDF Download In contrast to the direction switches, the hazar
BA6312   BA6312 BA6312 PDF Download ROHM 00+ Converted to nat2000 DTDCORRECTED TYPOSadded tex
BA6318   BA6318 BA6318 PDF Download While the busy signal is asserted, the host proc
BA6320   BA6320 BA6320 PDF Download The MAX6043 precision voltage reference provides
BA6321   BA6321 BA6321 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A RS is the parasitic series resistance of the dio
BA6323L   BA6323L BA6323L PDF Download The SiP41109 and SiP41110 are high-speed half-br
BA6323P   BA6323P BA6323P PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • Compact Package • 8 mm (0.31 inch)
BA63243   BA63243 BA63243 PDF Download The CS4344 family is based on a fourth order mult
BA6325F-T2   BA6325F-T2 BA6325F-T2 PDF Download 94 The oscillator may also be overdriven if desired,
BA6326   BA6326 BA6326 PDF Download PAN DIP Hynix HYMD232M646(L)8-K/H/L series is designed fo
BA6328   BA6328 BA6328 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
BA6334   BA6334 BA6334 PDF Download ROHM SIP where TJ(max) is the maximum allowable junction
BA634   BA634 BA634 PDF Download ROHM SIP-5 08+ Notes: 1. See XPLA3 family data sheet (DS012) f
BA6340   BA6340 BA6340 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+   The K6F1016U4C families are fabricated by
BA6343   BA6343 BA6343 PDF Download ROHM But, 5 V VCC provides the highest read performa
BA6343FP-E2   BA6343FP-E2 BA6343FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM 2008
BA6344   BA6344 BA6344 PDF Download Stresses greater than those listed under „
BA634F   BA634F BA634F PDF Download ROHM O7+ Although many of the outstanding performance par
BA6351S   BA6351S BA6351S PDF Download N/A ROHM 04+   The maximum power package dissipation is
BA6352   BA6352 BA6352 PDF Download ROHM Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where the m
BA6352S   BA6352S BA6352S PDF Download ROHM DIP In addition to being backwards compatible with t
BA6353   BA6353 BA6353 PDF Download Since G6 and G7 are input only pins any attempt
BA6353S   BA6353S BA6353S PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 1: All currents into device are positive; al
BA6354   BA6354 BA6354 PDF Download ROHM SSOP-5.2-32P 6+ Clip mounting (on case), where lead does not ove
BA6354AFS   BA6354AFS BA6354AFS PDF Download Good PC board layout is an essential part of an R
BA6354BFS   BA6354BFS BA6354BFS PDF Download ROHM SSOP-5.2-32P 6+ The Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block, manufactured on
BA6354BFS-E2   BA6354BFS-E2 BA6354BFS-E2 PDF Download ROHM TSOP32 0017+ The internal VCO is based on the TLC2932 and TLC
BA6354FS   BA6354FS BA6354FS PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+
BA6358   BA6358 BA6358 PDF Download You can determine the version of a data sheet by
BA6359   BA6359 BA6359 PDF Download ROPHM DIP-8 2000
BA6359AFB   BA6359AFB BA6359AFB PDF Download ROSM 1250 Notes: 1. Scale is approximately 5ns per divisi
BA6360   BA6360 BA6360 PDF Download ROHM . • M/S = H for BUSY output flag on Master
BA6364   BA6364 BA6364 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The MPX10 series device is a silicon piezo
BA6364FS   BA6364FS BA6364FS PDF Download ROHM SSOP-5.2-32P 6+ Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case fo
BA6371   BA6371 BA6371 PDF Download
BA6371K   BA6371K BA6371K PDF Download ROHM TQFP 04+ - Input voltage range: 2.2V~5.5V (VOUT type) -
BA6372K   BA6372K BA6372K PDF Download N/A QFP 07+ Note 9: Electrical Table values apply only for fa
BA6375   BA6375 BA6375 PDF Download ROHM 2007 The SG2800 series integrates eight NPN Darlingto
BA6375B   BA6375B BA6375B PDF Download ROHM O7+ MOTOR LOADS Motor loads can be tricky to evaluat
BA6375K   BA6375K BA6375K PDF Download ROHM 2007 Timer • Timer 0 : 16-bit timer/counter &nb
BA6376   BA6376 BA6376 PDF Download ROHM QFP 98+ The CA3094 offers a unique combination of charac
BA6376K   BA6376K BA6376K PDF Download 97 extracts various packet types in appropriate forw
BA6376K-E2   BA6376K-E2 BA6376K-E2 PDF Download 97 QFP   TstgStorage temperature rangeC65 to 150C
BA6376R   BA6376R BA6376R PDF Download ROHM 2007 Figure 3 shows the parallel LED configuration wi
BA6376R162   BA6376R162 BA6376R162 PDF Download ROHM 2007 The Micro6 package with its customized leadframe
BA6377   BA6377 BA6377 PDF Download BR TQFP32 02+   Please be aware that an important notice
BA6377K   BA6377K BA6377K PDF Download ROHM QFP 1999 Inputs containing embedded GRS (Fairchild Video
BA6379FP   BA6379FP BA6379FP PDF Download ROHM 05/06+ Controls Four Independent C 48V Powered Ethernet
BA6383FS   BA6383FS BA6383FS PDF Download ROHM SMD Reset (active high) - A longer than 40 ns HIGH p
BA6383FS-T1   BA6383FS-T1 BA6383FS-T1 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ NOTES: 1. Pins listed as LVTTL inputs will acce
BA6385FS   BA6385FS BA6385FS PDF Download C Data input, address, byte enable and control re
BA6385FS-T2   BA6385FS-T2 BA6385FS-T2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1995 address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
BA6386   BA6386 BA6386 PDF Download ROHM TQFP32 Power rating is determined with a junction tempe
BA6386K   BA6386K BA6386K PDF Download QFP32 The MGA-71543 offers an inte- grated solution of
BA6387   BA6387 BA6387 PDF Download ROHM 05+ served When the S input is LOW a CP HIGH-LOW tra
BA6387K   BA6387K BA6387K PDF Download The CX65105 is internally matched for optimum lin
BA6388   BA6388 BA6388 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The output clock REFOUT can be enabled or disabl
BA6388FS   BA6388FS BA6388FS PDF Download ROHM Notes : 1. In case of module timing, command cycl
BA6389   BA6389 BA6389 PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ Operation above maximum ratings may cause perman
BA6389FS   BA6389FS BA6389FS PDF Download ROHM SOP 01+ Notes: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abs
BA6391FP   BA6391FP BA6391FP PDF Download ROHM 2007 Passive Aging   +85C, 1000Hours, 5% Typica
BA6392   BA6392 BA6392 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A AD2 lines provide register addresses for data pa
BA6392FP   BA6392FP BA6392FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP Specifications of any and all SANYO products des
BA6392FP-E2   BA6392FP-E2 BA6392FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 0235+ 3.6 Link Test and Jabber Logic The link test cir
BA6392FP-T1   BA6392FP-T1 BA6392FP-T1 PDF Download
BA6393   BA6393 BA6393 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A High performance   90 ns access time  
BA6393FP   BA6393FP BA6393FP PDF Download ROHM HSOP In contrast to a conventional p-n junction, the
BA6394   BA6394 BA6394 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
BA6394FP   BA6394FP BA6394FP PDF Download M 99 Note: Access to undefined or reserved addresses
BA6395   BA6395 BA6395 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The SD1463 is a 28 V Class C gold metallized ep
BA6395AFP   BA6395AFP BA6395AFP PDF Download SMD 03+/04+ 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
BA6395AFP/FP   BA6395AFP/FP BA6395AFP/FP PDF Download The R1 and R2 resistances must be set so as to m
BA6395AFP-E1   BA6395AFP-E1 BA6395AFP-E1 PDF Download The SuperFlash technology provides fixed Erase a
BA6395AFP-T1   BA6395AFP-T1 BA6395AFP-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP/28 Products described herein are intended for use in
BA6395FP   BA6395FP BA6395FP PDF Download   Alternate Function RXD (serial input por
BA6395FP/AFP   BA6395FP/AFP BA6395FP/AFP PDF Download ROHM 1465 The KS8842M offers an extensive feature set that
BA6396   BA6396 BA6396 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Unlike the other two modes that accept only a si
BA6396FF   BA6396FF BA6396FF PDF Download • Compact slim body saves space Thanks to
BA6396FP   BA6396FP BA6396FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 95+ Used as a basic building block, the OPA860 sim-
BA6397   BA6397 BA6397 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A CLOCK SYNC- is an input for synchronizing to an
BA6397FP   BA6397FP BA6397FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP SRAM-Based In-System Configuration - Fast Selec
BA6397FP.AFP   BA6397FP.AFP BA6397FP.AFP PDF Download SOP28W 2007+
BA6397FP-E2   BA6397FP-E2 BA6397FP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 2001 NOTES: 1. 'X' in part number indicates power rat
BA6397FPT1   BA6397FPT1 BA6397FPT1 PDF Download An on-chip Peripheral Data Controller (PDC) tran
BA6397FP-T1   BA6397FP-T1 BA6397FP-T1 PDF Download DIP ROHM 9417+ The AHCT126 devices are quadruple bus buffer ga
BA6398   BA6398 BA6398 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Philips microcontrollers described in this d
BA6398FMS   BA6398FMS BA6398FMS PDF Download ROHM SMD28 02+ The Analog System is composed of 6 configurable
BA6398FNS   BA6398FNS BA6398FNS PDF Download Status   Freescale Semiconductor accelerome
BA6398FP   BA6398FP BA6398FP PDF Download ROHM SOP SOP In the above figure, the transmitter should be s
BA6398FP-T1   BA6398FP-T1 BA6398FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 2005 Complete dual-axis acceleration measurement syst
BA6399   BA6399 BA6399 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Note 1 Stress ratings above those listed under Ab
BA6399FP   BA6399FP BA6399FP PDF Download ROHM TSOP TSOP Chip select. A high-to-low transition on CS rese
BA6402   BA6402 BA6402 PDF Download ROHM DIP When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, this input is chi
BA6402F   BA6402F BA6402F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The PACSZ1284 provides a complete parallel port
BA6404   BA6404 BA6404 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HT9170B/D are Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF
BA6404F   BA6404F BA6404F PDF Download VS = 5V, TA = 25˚C, RL = 100Ω (Typica
BA6404F-E2   BA6404F-E2 BA6404F-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 100KEP circuits are designed to meet the DC spec
BA6404FP   BA6404FP BA6404FP PDF Download 96 TLE 4729 G is a bipolar, monolithic IC for drivi
BA6404F-T1   BA6404F-T1 BA6404F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 94 PulseGuard ESD Suppressors help protect sensitiv
BA6405   BA6405 BA6405 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HY29F080s sector erase architecture allows
BA6405F   BA6405F BA6405F PDF Download SOP14S 2007+ FEATURES Performance 13.3 ns Instruction Cycle
BA6406   BA6406 BA6406 PDF Download ROHM DIP 1994 The ADSP-21365/6s, SRAM can be configured as a m
BA6406F   BA6406F BA6406F PDF Download ROHM 08+ This line of Schottky diodes is optimized for us
BA6406F-E1   BA6406F-E1 BA6406F-E1 PDF Download RHOM SOP-8 The BA6406F-E1 features a serial interface and s
BA6406FE2   BA6406FE2 BA6406FE2 PDF Download As shown in the functional block diagram on Page
BA6406F-E2   BA6406F-E2 BA6406F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SOP 07+
BA6406F-E2(PB)   BA6406F-E2(PB) BA6406F-E2(PB) PDF Download Notes: (1)Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelv
BA6406F-T1   BA6406F-T1 BA6406F-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 1993 The FPD33684 Column Driver is a direct drive, 64
BA6407   BA6407 BA6407 PDF Download ROHM SOP8 N/A   This device contains six independent gate
BA6407A   BA6407A BA6407A PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 03+   On receipt of PWM signal start instruction
BA6407AF   BA6407AF BA6407AF PDF Download ROHM 2008 • Low On-Resistance (33Ω typ) Minimize
BA6407AF-E1   BA6407AF-E1 BA6407AF-E1 PDF Download SSI Enable Strobe/ST-BUS & GCI Mode for Rin/
BA6407AF-E2   BA6407AF-E2 BA6407AF-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor Parameter Positive Supply Voltage (VCC) Voltag
BA6407AF-T1   BA6407AF-T1 BA6407AF-T1 PDF Download ROHM 9350
BA6407F   BA6407F BA6407F PDF Download ROHM O7+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
BA64082A   BA64082A BA64082A PDF Download ble 5) is sent first, followed by the Least sign
BA6408CFS   BA6408CFS BA6408CFS PDF Download ROHM 05+   The information in this book has been car
BA6408CSF   BA6408CSF BA6408CSF PDF Download ROHM 05+ 7.4.3 DHCP RFC 2131, 2132 Dynamic Host Control
BA640T   BA640T BA640T PDF Download • Supports AT&T TR62411 and Telcordia
BA6410   BA6410 BA6410 PDF Download ROHM ZIP * Specifications will vary with foreign standard
BA6411   BA6411 BA6411 PDF Download ROHM SIP SIP   The NCP1086 voltage regulator series prov
BA6411B   BA6411B BA6411B PDF Download TFT Interface Programmable panel size up to 102
BA6411FP   BA6411FP BA6411FP PDF Download ROHM   SymbolParameterRatingUnitRemark VIN, VOUT
BA6412   BA6412 BA6412 PDF Download M 95 The CD40109B-Series types are supplied in 16-lea
BA6413   BA6413 BA6413 PDF Download ROHM ZIP 00+ DESCRIPTION This Power MOSFET is the latest dev
BA6414   BA6414 BA6414 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Loop Filter is a low pass filter. This low pa
BA6414F   BA6414F BA6414F PDF Download Hynix HYMD564G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is designed f
BA6414FP   BA6414FP BA6414FP PDF Download [Data Slicing] Threshold Capacitor (External Comp
BA6414FP-Y   BA6414FP-Y BA6414FP-Y PDF Download 439 This pin provides a 6 µA current source to
BA6414FS   BA6414FS BA6414FS PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ • PC100 functionality • Fully synchr
BA6415   BA6415 BA6415 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The bq2050 monitors the charge and discharge curr
BA6415AFB   BA6415AFB BA6415AFB PDF Download Clock Enable Input, active LOW. When asserted LO
BA6415AFS   BA6415AFS BA6415AFS PDF Download ROHM 04+ SSOP-5.2-24P Split supplies of 3.3V and 2.5V are used. The 3.3
BA6415AFS(S)   BA6415AFS(S) BA6415AFS(S) PDF Download Handling Procedures This device has built-in pro
BA6415FP   BA6415FP BA6415FP PDF Download ROHM SOP N/A Ausgabe 01.2001 Herausgegeben von Infineon AG ,
BA6415FS   BA6415FS BA6415FS PDF Download 4200 Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
BA6417   BA6417 BA6417 PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 05+ Transmit PCM serial data input. TSI is an 8-bit
BA6417F   BA6417F BA6417F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 00+ The MacroDensÔ 3 C7 W PKF 4000 I series tru
BA6417FE2   BA6417FE2 BA6417FE2 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The Device is a monolithic integrat
BA6417F-E2   BA6417F-E2 BA6417F-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SMD 2005   C Replaces TTL, MSI, and other PLD logic
BA6418   BA6418 BA6418 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ In-target operation Up to 20 breakpoints Single
BA6418N   BA6418N BA6418N PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor SIP SIP The HYM72V32636T8 Series are 32Mx64bits Synchrono
BA6423A   BA6423A BA6423A PDF Download ROHM SOP8 NOTES:1. Complete part number includes a suffix
BA6423AF   BA6423AF BA6423AF PDF Download ROHM 2008
BA6423AF-E2   BA6423AF-E2 BA6423AF-E2 PDF Download Rohm Semiconductor The AT24C01A/02/04/08A/16A provides 1024/2048/40
BA6423F   BA6423F BA6423F PDF Download Two Buck Controllers Providing up to 3A and One
BA6424   BA6424 BA6424 PDF Download In the DDR-II RDIMM application, RST# is specifi
BA6424AFS   BA6424AFS BA6424AFS PDF Download ROHM O7+ 2. Handling In order to avoid damage to beam l
BA6424FS   BA6424FS BA6424FS PDF Download ROHM SMD The M54/74HCT157 and the M54/74HCT158 are high
BA6425   BA6425 BA6425 PDF Download ROHM 00+ DIP-18 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
BA6425FS   BA6425FS BA6425FS PDF Download ROHM 2008   Analog Input CMRR   Leakage Current
BA6427   BA6427 BA6427 PDF Download
BA6427F   BA6427F BA6427F PDF Download ROHM 2008 Digital Ground An external CMOS compatible cloc
BA6428F   BA6428F BA6428F PDF Download ROHM 2008 The MAX6061CMAX6068 are precision, low-dropout,
BA6429   BA6429 BA6429 PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 VFB to the output of the error amplifier. Note 4
BA6429F   BA6429F BA6429F PDF Download ROHM 01+ SOP8
BA6430   BA6430 BA6430 PDF Download • RESET • Watchdog • External
BA6430S   BA6430S BA6430S PDF Download ROHM DIP 00+ *NOTICE: Stresses beyond those listed under &quo
BA6431   BA6431 BA6431 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The AC153 and ACT153 are dual 4-input multiplexe
BA6431F   BA6431F BA6431F PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   These are the A3161 current levels. &nbs
BA6431FP   BA6431FP BA6431FP PDF Download • High-current capable I/O allows direct &
BA6431S   BA6431S BA6431S PDF Download ROHM DIP-24 97+ • Powering VGA & Sound Card • Pow
BA6432   BA6432 BA6432 PDF Download The XRT75VL00D includes a Jitter Attenuator that
BA6432S   BA6432S BA6432S PDF Download ROHM DIP 00+ When writing data to the memory, the device in-
BA6433   BA6433 BA6433 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+
BA6435   BA6435 BA6435 PDF Download Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
BA6435S   BA6435S BA6435S PDF Download ROHM DIP-24 99+ Note 8: For micro SMD only, shutdown current is m
BA6436P   BA6436P BA6436P PDF Download ROHM DIP Quad D-MOS switch driver Free configurable as br
BA6437S   BA6437S BA6437S PDF Download ROHM DIP Maximum output deviation is 10% inclusive of trim
BA6438S   BA6438S BA6438S PDF Download ROHM O7+ Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
BA6439   BA6439 BA6439 PDF Download Note 4: C PD is defined as the value of the inte
BA6439P   BA6439P BA6439P PDF Download 93 With performance of up to 900 million floating-p
BA6439S   BA6439S BA6439S PDF Download ROHM 01+ DIP-24 The product information and the selection guides
BA6440   BA6440 BA6440 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Description   The BA6440 is a diagonal 11m
BA6440FP   BA6440FP BA6440FP PDF Download ROHM
BA6440FPE2   BA6440FPE2 BA6440FPE2 PDF Download * Wide operating voltage range(VCC=5.0V ~ 11.0V)
BA6440FP-E2   BA6440FP-E2 BA6440FP-E2 PDF Download ACPI-PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specifi
BA6441   BA6441 BA6441 PDF Download This combination of excellent dc performance wit
BA6441FP   BA6441FP BA6441FP PDF Download ROHM The A128 devices also have an external clock pre
BA6444   BA6444 BA6444 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A custom reference designator identifying the inte
BA6444FP   BA6444FP BA6444FP PDF Download ROHM SOP N/A   The phase detector used is a phase freque
BA6444FPE2   BA6444FPE2 BA6444FPE2 PDF Download The charge on the bootstrap capacitor is refreshe
BA6448   BA6448 BA6448 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The Programmable Interconnect Matrix (PIM) connec
BA6448AFP   BA6448AFP BA6448AFP PDF Download ROHM 2007 In the HEDS-6540 / HEDL-6540 the output of the
BA6448AFP-E2   BA6448AFP-E2 BA6448AFP-E2 PDF Download ROHM SOP 01+ The analog outputs are designed to directly driv
BA6448FP   BA6448FP BA6448FP PDF Download ROHM O7+ intrusive in-circuit/in-system debugging Provide
BA6449   BA6449 BA6449 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The dual ADC core features a multistage differen
BA6449FM   BA6449FM BA6449FM PDF Download ROHM • 14-Bit (XRD9814) or 16-Bit (XRD9816) &nb
BA6450   BA6450 BA6450 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The light beam projected by the LED, passing th
BA6450F   BA6450F BA6450F PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ BURST SUSPEND: The Burst Suspend feature allows t
BA6451   BA6451 BA6451 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
BA6452   BA6452 BA6452 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Each port has independent control pins; Chip Enab
BA6452F   BA6452F BA6452F PDF Download 95 Receiver lock. When this signal is asserted low,
BA6454   BA6454 BA6454 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA6454FP   BA6454FP BA6454FP PDF Download ROHM HSOP 06+ This document describes part-number-specific cha
BA6454FP-T1   BA6454FP-T1 BA6454FP-T1 PDF Download ROHN 05/06+
BA6458   BA6458 BA6458 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Low Supply Current: 1.5µA Max Rail-to-Rail
BA6458FP   BA6458FP BA6458FP PDF Download N/A N/A N/A - Post processing operation : After capturing th
BA6458FP-YT1   BA6458FP-YT1 BA6458FP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 1998
BA6458M   BA6458M BA6458M PDF Download ROHM The MAX1165/MAX1166 are ideal for high-perfor- m
BA6459   BA6459 BA6459 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus 
BA6459FS   BA6459FS BA6459FS PDF Download PHI STK 2005+ Lead Style Channels Common Channel Wiring Ag
BA6459P   BA6459P BA6459P PDF Download ROHM DIP Designing for Very Fast Load Transients The tran
BA6459P1   BA6459P1 BA6459P1 PDF Download ROHM 2007 The sixteen Function Blocks in the XC73144 are P
BA6462   BA6462 BA6462 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   To prevent output chattering when measured
BA6462FP   BA6462FP BA6462FP PDF Download ROHM 02+  PIN DESCRIPTION The control input pin of t
BA6462FP-T2   BA6462FP-T2 BA6462FP-T2 PDF Download ROHM SMD 95+ The transceiver performs the data parallel-to-se
BA6463   BA6463 BA6463 PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ For enhanced performance, the VRE304 has an exte
BA6463FP   BA6463FP BA6463FP PDF Download   Controller (host) sends a start bit. &nbs
BA6464   BA6464 BA6464 PDF Download ROHM 06+ 1100 AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash m
BA6465   BA6465 BA6465 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   This new series of digital transistors is
BA6465FP   BA6465FP BA6465FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+
BA6465FP-YT1   BA6465FP-YT1 BA6465FP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ Crystal oscillator input Power supply (+3-5V D
BA6465FP-YT2   BA6465FP-YT2 BA6465FP-YT2 PDF Download M 94 This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
BA6465FS   BA6465FS BA6465FS PDF Download   This series of Zener diodes is packaged i
BA6467   BA6467 BA6467 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A In Section 3.4 on page 3-5, the sentence In the
BA6467FP   BA6467FP BA6467FP PDF Download SOP 03+/04 The MGA-725M4 offers an integrated solution of L
BA6467FP-YE2   BA6467FP-YE2 BA6467FP-YE2 PDF Download 99 Applications include transducer amplifiers, dc a
BA6470   BA6470 BA6470 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Following qualification, the bq2000 fast-charges
BA6470AF-E1   BA6470AF-E1 BA6470AF-E1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 1998 When VCC is applied to the serializer and/or des
BA6470FP   BA6470FP BA6470FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+
BA6470FS   BA6470FS BA6470FS PDF Download These octal D-type edge-triggered flip-flops fe
BA6472   BA6472 BA6472 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Undervoltage lockout monitors supply voltage (VD
BA6472FP   BA6472FP BA6472FP PDF Download If both the count and the status of a counter are
BA6473   BA6473 BA6473 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
BA6473FP   BA6473FP BA6473FP PDF Download ROHM SMD 91+ Circuit diagrams and other information relating t
BA6473FP-T1   BA6473FP-T1 BA6473FP-T1 PDF Download ROHM 08+ This device utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS
BA6473FP-T2   BA6473FP-T2 BA6473FP-T2 PDF Download ROHM 05+/06+ The configuration registers support mode selectio
BA6474   BA6474 BA6474 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A HY57V561620B-I is offering fully synchronous oper
BA6474FP   BA6474FP BA6474FP PDF Download ROHM SOP-28 0014+ The 16-bit wide programming word or control word
BA6474FP-T2   BA6474FP-T2 BA6474FP-T2 PDF Download ROHM 08+ 3. Processing before Initialization Note: When p
BA6474FS   BA6474FS BA6474FS PDF Download Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
BA6475SB   BA6475SB BA6475SB PDF Download 96 4. Design your application so that the product i
BA6476   BA6476 BA6476 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Spartan series devices achieve high-performance,
BA6476AFP-YT1   BA6476AFP-YT1 BA6476AFP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM SOP 95 • 8-level deep hardware stack • Int
BA6476FP   BA6476FP BA6476FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ Connect the converter per Table 2 for the approp
BA6477   BA6477 BA6477 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This series of Schottky diode chips are specific
BA6477FS   BA6477FS BA6477FS PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
BA6477FS-E2   BA6477FS-E2 BA6477FS-E2 PDF Download These devices also feature a watchdog timer pin
BA6477FS-EZ   BA6477FS-EZ BA6477FS-EZ PDF Download Vdd=2.3V~2.7V, TA = 0C to 70C(C) / -25C to 85C(E)
BA6478   BA6478 BA6478 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A An internal PMOS pass transistor allows the low 1
BA6478FP   BA6478FP BA6478FP PDF Download ROHM SOP 03/+04+ The NMOS device SDA 9290-5 is a picture processo
BA6478FP-YT1   BA6478FP-YT1 BA6478FP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM SOP5.2mm 2006 MTP805 includes all 8051 functions with the follo
BA6479   BA6479 BA6479 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The LVX74 is a dual D-type flip-flop with Asynch
BA6479AFP   BA6479AFP BA6479AFP PDF Download ROHM SMD 95+ The ADSP-TS202S TigerSHARC processor is an ultra
BA6479AFP-Y72   BA6479AFP-Y72 BA6479AFP-Y72 PDF Download ROHM SMD 95+ The MAX2374 silicon-germanium (SiGe), switchable-
BA6479AFP-YT2   BA6479AFP-YT2 BA6479AFP-YT2 PDF Download ROHM 08+ Figure 4 shows the logic in the XC5200 CLB, whic
BA6479FP   BA6479FP BA6479FP PDF Download ROHM SOP24 03+/04+ Transmit PCM serial data input. TSI is an 8-bit
BA6479FS   BA6479FS BA6479FS PDF Download   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of th
BA6480   BA6480 BA6480 PDF Download Description Negative reference for all voltages.
BA6480AFS   BA6480AFS BA6480AFS PDF Download
BA6480FS   BA6480FS BA6480FS PDF Download How are these devices different than the other C
BA6481   BA6481 BA6481 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The HMS87C5216 is an advanced CMOS 8-bit microco
BA6481BFS   BA6481BFS BA6481BFS PDF Download SOP 03+/04 In the internal programming cycle, all data in th
BA6481FS   BA6481FS BA6481FS PDF Download   The NCP631 is a low dropout positive volta
BA6483FS   BA6483FS BA6483FS PDF Download • The serial data address is 5. • 1/
BA6485   BA6485 BA6485 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The crystal is the frequency reference of the VC
BA6485AFP   BA6485AFP BA6485AFP PDF Download ROHM SMD 94+ The TMS320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP f
BA6485FP   BA6485FP BA6485FP PDF Download SOP 03+/04 The voice ROM is originally designed to continu-
BA6485FP-YT1   BA6485FP-YT1 BA6485FP-YT1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 94+ The K7M803625B and K7M801825B are   9,437,1
BA6485FS   BA6485FS BA6485FS PDF Download nous Preset/Reset of the macrocells flip-flop. N
BA6486   BA6486 BA6486 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A FEATURES l Multi quantum wells (MQW) DFB Laser
BA6486FS   BA6486FS BA6486FS PDF Download ROHM 08+ The write operation is controlled by three clocks
BA6486FS-T1   BA6486FS-T1 BA6486FS-T1 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ Logic 0 Input Voltage (OUT = LO) Logic 1 Input
BA6489   BA6489 BA6489 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A An internal 6.0 mA current source charges the e
BA6489AFS-E2   BA6489AFS-E2 BA6489AFS-E2 PDF Download ROHM 32PIN-SOP 06+   The Motorola BA6489AFS-E2 sensor is an 8-
BA6489AFS-T2   BA6489AFS-T2 BA6489AFS-T2 PDF Download M 96 open-drain output. The totem-pole output drives
BA6489FS   BA6489FS BA6489FS PDF Download ROHM SOP32 03+/04+ 1.4 ATM features Adaptation Layers: AAL5 (data
BA6489FS0   BA6489FS0 BA6489FS0 PDF Download NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technol
BA6489FS-T2   BA6489FS-T2 BA6489FS-T2 PDF Download M 95 CHANNEL SELECT (F/R) Highest Logic Low Level L
BA6490   BA6490 BA6490 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Resetting   A low level on the Reset pin (
BA6490AFS   BA6490AFS BA6490AFS PDF Download ROHM SSOP/2K 96+ Phase compensation is used to ensure stable oper
BA6490AFS-T1   BA6490AFS-T1 BA6490AFS-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+ The low-profile, high-current IHLP inductor seri
BA6490F   BA6490F BA6490F PDF Download ROHM SOP5.2mm 2006 Up to 12 DCM blocks are available. To generate d
BA6490FS   BA6490FS BA6490FS PDF Download ROHM 04+ •Input and output pins for the main clock
BA6490FS-T1   BA6490FS-T1 BA6490FS-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 92+   2.2.1 Specifications, standards, and hand
BA6491   BA6491 BA6491 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • UL Certified No. E209204 • 600V-30
BA6491FS   BA6491FS BA6491FS PDF Download 3256 ROHM 04+ IE, VEC, trr, Qrr, diE/dt represent characterist
BA6492   BA6492 BA6492 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   Input Current, IIN, SCLK Pin   Input
BA6492AFS-T1   BA6492AFS-T1 BA6492AFS-T1 PDF Download ROHM SMD 96+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
BA6492BFS-E2   BA6492BFS-E2 BA6492BFS-E2 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+   To remove this residual error, Thaler Cor
BA6492FS   BA6492FS BA6492FS PDF Download ROHM SOP32 03+/04+ The ADSP-21991 architecture is code compatible w
BA6495K   BA6495K BA6495K PDF Download A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
BA6496K   BA6496K BA6496K PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ The ACE8001 is a member of the ACEx (Arithmetic
BA651   BA651 BA651 PDF Download ROHM SOP18 04+ Inputs capable of generating interrupts with eith
BA6510   BA6510 BA6510 PDF Download ROHM STK 2005+ Ground Rail. +3.3 Volt Power Supply. Serial dat
BA6511   BA6511 BA6511 PDF Download ROHM SOP-18 0431+ Quick Text-to-SI (T2SI) text entry to build noise
BA6511F   BA6511F BA6511F PDF Download ROHM SOP-18 04+ Information furnished by Analog Devices is belie
BA6511FP   BA6511FP BA6511FP PDF Download ROHM 1450 Notes: 1. Junction capacitance is determined by
BA6511FS   BA6511FS BA6511FS PDF Download ROHM 2007 The PHSTR pin has two functions. When the sync_p
BA6514AFS   BA6514AFS BA6514AFS PDF Download ROHM 1465 Information contained in this publication regard
BA652   BA652 BA652 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A A hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation i
BA6520   BA6520 BA6520 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The 3-STATE control gate operates as two input
BA6520AFV   BA6520AFV BA6520AFV PDF Download ROHM 2008 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BA6521AFV   BA6521AFV BA6521AFV PDF Download • Fully Compliant to IrDA   1.0/1.1
BA6523FV   BA6523FV BA6523FV PDF Download ROHM O7+ High-end embedded control applications demand mo
BA6525K   BA6525K BA6525K PDF Download ROHM QFP-32 02   RIFA   RIFA article code   RC
BA6529   BA6529 BA6529 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The EM78M612 is a series of Universal Serial Bus
BA6529F   BA6529F BA6529F PDF Download ROHM The DAC0808 series is an 8-bit monolithic digita
BA6530   BA6530 BA6530 PDF Download • Digital Audio Interface that includes tw
BA6540FP   BA6540FP BA6540FP PDF Download Frequency aging is the change in fC with time and
BA6557FV   BA6557FV BA6557FV PDF Download ROHM TSSOP-16P 03+ Synchronous active low chip enable. CE1 and CE2 a
BA6559   BA6559 BA6559 PDF Download ROHM SSOP16 04+ System Reference Clock The SiW3500 chip can use
BA6559FV   BA6559FV BA6559FV PDF Download ROHM O7+   Parameter SK Clock Frequency SK High Tim
BA656   BA656 BA656 PDF Download ROHM 03/04+ 3. This input current only exists when the volta
BA6562   BA6562 BA6562 PDF Download ROHM The HYM72V32M736B(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Me
BA6564   BA6564 BA6564 PDF Download ROHM 00+ DIP-8 NOTES: (1) Binary Twos Complement coding. (2) Ra
BA6564A   BA6564A BA6564A PDF Download ROHM DIP-8P 6+ The FAN4174 is designed on a CMOS process and pro
BA6564A-111   BA6564A-111 BA6564A-111 PDF Download ROHM 1993 DIP   The M12S16161A is 16,777,216 bits synchro
BA6564AF-T1   BA6564AF-T1 BA6564AF-T1 PDF Download
BA6564F   BA6564F BA6564F PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The Automatic Shut-Off is a safety system which
BA6565   BA6565 BA6565 PDF Download a. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
BA6565A   BA6565A BA6565A PDF Download M 01 The program begins with an overview of stress an
BA6565AF   BA6565AF BA6565AF PDF Download 91+ The LTC®1454/LTC1454L are complete single sup
BA6565AF-SMD(TR)D/C89   BA6565AF-SMD(TR)D/C89 BA6565AF-SMD(TR)D/C89 PDF Download Caution  Exposing the device to stress abov
BA6565AF-T1   BA6565AF-T1 BA6565AF-T1 PDF Download ROHM 05+/06+ The counters have an internal scan oscillator. T
BA6566   BA6566