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Maximum voltage device can withstand without damage at rated voltage.  Maximum fault current device can withstand without damage at rated voltage. Hold current; maximum current device will sustain for 30 mins without tripping in 25C still air. Trip current; minimum current at which the device will trip in 25C still air. minimum resistance of device in initial (un-soldered) state. minimum resistance of device at 25C measured one hour after tripping. Power dissipated from device when in the tripped state at 25C still air.
+15 VOUT- is a regulated +15 volt output available for ex- ternal uses. Up to 25 mA is available at this pin. A 100 microfarad capacitor should be connected as close to this pin as possible and returned to GND along with a 0.22 micro- farad monolithic ceramic capacitor. CAUTION: See Voltage Regulator Power Dissipation.
The BC327B provides simple, single feedback loop, voltage mode control with fast transient response. The output voltage of the converter can be precisely regulated to as low as 0.6V, with a maximum tolerance of 1.0% over temperature and line voltage variations.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
BC30   BC30 BC30 PDF Download IR TO-220 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
BC300   BC300 BC300 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A (17) Oscillation circuits   • On-chi
BC300-4   BC300-4 BC300-4 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 Thermistor : Temperature dependant resistor. Bas
BC300-6   BC300-6 BC300-6 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 These three terminal negative regulators are sup
BC3008W2E   BC3008W2E BC3008W2E PDF Download TECDIS SEIKO new/original 07/08+ Video output: 15- and 16-bit RGB pixel formats,
BC301   BC301 BC301 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 2. The maximum rated output power for this serie
BC301-4   BC301-4 BC301-4 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 The BC301-4 is a CMOBC301-4 chip optimized to han
BC301-6   BC301-6 BC301-6 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 PALCE22V10 features a variable product term archi
BC302   BC302 BC302 PDF Download SOP These Schottky diodes are specifi- cally designe
BC302-4   BC302-4 BC302-4 PDF Download MOT 2008 TIMER PINCCTIMING CONTROL  Internal Oscilla
BC302-6   BC302-6 BC302-6 PDF Download MOT 2008 The DS1270 devices execute a write cycle whenever
BC303   BC303 BC303 PDF Download PHILIPS 金属帽 Complete Sensorless control IC for Permanent Ma
BC303-4   BC303-4 BC303-4 PDF Download MOT 2008 ASYNCHRONOUS READ: There are two types of asynchr
BC303-6   BC303-6 BC303-6 PDF Download MOT 2008 The intended application of this device and sign
BC304   BC304 BC304 PDF Download SOP This document is a general product description an
BC3-04   BC3-04 BC3-04 PDF Download SOP After the password sequence, there is always a n
BC304-4   BC304-4 BC304-4 PDF Download MOT 2008 [CAUTION]  The specifications on this datab
BC304-6   BC304-6 BC304-6 PDF Download MOT 2008 VCCI is the VCC associated with the input port.
BC307   BC307 BC307 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05/06+
BC307A   BC307A BC307A PDF Download cdil n/a Notes: a. Refer to PROCESS OPTION FLOWCHART. b
BC307B   BC307B BC307B PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a Transistor Silicon PNP
BC307-B-AT   BC307-B-AT BC307-B-AT PDF Download When used as a position sensor, the output of the
BC307BG   BC307BG BC307BG PDF Download ON SEMICO new/original 07/08+ Note 9: If the product is in shutdown mode and VD
BC307BRL1   BC307BRL1 BC307BRL1 PDF Download ON 07+ The 20ETF.. FP soft recovery QUIETIR rectifier
BC307BRL1G   BC307BRL1G BC307BRL1G PDF Download ON 07+ The format conversion produced in the demultiple
BC307BRL1GON   BC307BRL1GON BC307BRL1GON PDF Download This dual function pin serves as the SYNC and SH
BC307BTA   BC307BTA BC307BTA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor On Board 24Mhz Crystal Driver Circuit Can be clo
BC307BZL1   BC307BZL1 BC307BZL1 PDF Download SG1 applied to V22, V27 and V31, SG10 applied to
BC307C   BC307C BC307C PDF Download cdil n/a Transistor Silicon Plastic PNP
BC307CBE   BC307CBE BC307CBE PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
BC307CG   BC307CG BC307CG PDF Download Thispreliminarydatasheetcontainsthe specificatio
BC307CZL1   BC307CZL1 BC307CZL1 PDF Download Glass passivated high commutation triacs in a
BC307SIA   BC307SIA BC307SIA PDF Download The flash memory blocks can be programmed via a
BC308   BC308 BC308 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 2008 7. The CH1817 DAA as is meets or exceeds the &nb
BC308-18   BC308-18 BC308-18 PDF Download Real-Time Sensing Quantitative Analysis†
BC308A   BC308A BC308A PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a This device consists of two independent, high-ga
BC308AX   BC308AX BC308AX PDF Download NSC TO-92 96+ Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 3.3V a
BC308B   BC308B BC308B PDF Download Motorola n/a After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
BC308BM   BC308BM BC308BM PDF Download See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
BC308C   BC308C BC308C PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor NOTES: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abso
BC309   BC309 BC309 PDF Download NATIONALSEMICONDUCT 05/06+ The Transmit PECL differential input pair (TSER)
BC309(PRFMD)   BC309(PRFMD) BC309(PRFMD) PDF Download First 14-bit ADC in a SOT-23 package. High thro
BC309A   BC309A BC309A PDF Download cdil n/a Programmable teletax signal generation (12 kHz o
BC309B   BC309B BC309B PDF Download itt n/a CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
BC309-B-AT   BC309-B-AT BC309-B-AT PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BC309C   BC309C BC309C PDF Download cdil n/a 1) The relationship between the VDDQ of the driv
BC309-CBU   BC309-CBU BC309-CBU PDF Download Operation above maximum ratings may cause perman
BC310   BC310 BC310 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 The ADV7183A has a 5-line, superadaptive, 2D com
BC311   BC311 BC311 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 RING INDICATION. It is asserted LOW by the CH1817
BC312   BC312 BC312 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 The Si6924AEDQ is a dual n-channel MOSFET with E
BC313   BC313 BC313 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 * Output current rating may be limited by duty c
BC313141A05-IXF-E4   BC313141A05-IXF-E4 BC313141A05-IXF-E4 PDF Download CSR   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The f
BC313141A07-IXF-E4   BC313141A07-IXF-E4 BC313141A07-IXF-E4 PDF Download CSR BGA 无铅
BC313141A18-IXF-E4   BC313141A18-IXF-E4 BC313141A18-IXF-E4 PDF Download CSR PLC (VA) BGA 07+ †For information on tape and reel specific
BC313143A05-IRK   BC313143A05-IRK BC313143A05-IRK PDF Download CSR BGA 07+ The RC2211 does not have a separate VCO output t
BC313143A05-IRK-E2   BC313143A05-IRK-E2 BC313143A05-IRK-E2 PDF Download VOUT = 1/2 VIN (Supply Splitter) Adjustable and
BC313143A07-IRK-E4   BC313143A07-IRK-E4 BC313143A07-IRK-E4 PDF Download The Idle mode stops the CPU while allowing the o
BC313143A08U   BC313143A08U BC313143A08U PDF Download CSR Input voltage range of 4.5VC24V Constant On-Ti
BC313143A13-IRK-E4   BC313143A13-IRK-E4 BC313143A13-IRK-E4 PDF Download CSR BGA 06+ A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
BC313143A18-IRK-E4   BC313143A18-IRK-E4 BC313143A18-IRK-E4 PDF Download CSR PLC (VA) N/A Notes:  3. CL includes probe and jig capac
BC313143A18-IXF-E4   BC313143A18-IXF-E4 BC313143A18-IXF-E4 PDF Download Soft-Start The IRU3137 has a programmable soft-s
BC313143A19-IRK-E4   BC313143A19-IRK-E4 BC313143A19-IRK-E4 PDF Download 07/08+ The device is entirely command set compatible wi
BC313143A5-IRK   BC313143A5-IRK BC313143A5-IRK PDF Download CSR BGA 07+ G.703 2048kHz Synchronization Interface Complian
BC313143AFBES-EK-E4   BC313143AFBES-EK-E4 BC313143AFBES-EK-E4 PDF Download CSR 03+ BGA These are stress ratings only and functional ope
BC313-16   BC313-16 BC313-16 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3
BC313-6   BC313-6 BC313-6 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 The Real Time Clock (RTC) in the DS2250(T) is re
BC313NJS   BC313NJS BC313NJS PDF Download BI 01+ PWM Current Limit for Short Circuit Protection
BC314   BC314 BC314 PDF Download MOT/PHI CAN3 Make sure the decoder MFBAH/L0 and MFBAH/L1 regi
BC315A   BC315A BC315A PDF Download Texas Instruments n/a Note 3: VCC provides self bias for the internal
BC317   BC317 BC317 PDF Download NEC 袋装
BC317A   BC317A BC317A PDF Download W83877TF is made to fully comply with MicrosoftTM
BC317B   BC317B BC317B PDF Download MICRO TO92 03 Please note: The signals and voltages at the Pi
BC318   BC318 BC318 PDF Download nsc n/a Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load
BC318C   BC318C BC318C PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a   The NLASB3157 is an advanced CMOS analog
BC319   BC319 BC319 PDF Download Cathode-Anode Reverse Breakdown Voltage - VKA An
BC319B   BC319B BC319B PDF Download Fairchild n/a Operating Systems / Software Microsoft Windows X
BC31A223   BC31A223 BC31A223 PDF Download • SOP (Small Outline Package) • Iso
BC31A223A-IVN-E4   BC31A223A-IVN-E4 BC31A223A-IVN-E4 PDF Download CSR PLC (VA) BGA 06+ The receiver accepts serial, CMI coded data, at
BC31A223AU   BC31A223AU BC31A223AU PDF Download CSR BGA 0610+ The DDU4C relies on a stable power supply to pro
BC320   BC320 BC320 PDF Download me n/a UART channel A Transmit Data or infrared encoder
BC321B   BC321B BC321B PDF Download Each flip-flop can be triggered on either the ri
BC32251BCA.A   BC32251BCA.A BC32251BCA.A PDF Download 97 PLCC CDS & AGC • CDS   VDD1 = 5.0V &
BC323   BC323 BC323 PDF Download PH CAN3 For more information on Hewlett-Packard Test &am
BC324   BC324 BC324 PDF Download PH CAN3 Receiver gain control pin, Receiver signal outpu
BC325   BC325 BC325 PDF Download MOT CAN3 06+ The DS1265 devices execute a write cycle whenever
BC326   BC326 BC326 PDF Download MOT CAN3 06+ selectable modes of power reduction idle mode a
BC327   BC327 BC327 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 03+ Transistor Silicon Plastic PNP
BC327(D26Z)   BC327(D26Z) BC327(D26Z) PDF Download The 3D7205 five-tap delay line architecture is s
BC327(PRFMD)   BC327(PRFMD) BC327(PRFMD) PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ Note: All data reported from Figures 7 through
BC327/D27Z   BC327/D27Z BC327/D27Z PDF Download
BC327025   BC327025 BC327025 PDF Download
BC327-025   BC327-025 BC327-025 PDF Download ON 07+ Transistor Silicon Plastic PNP
BC327-025G   BC327-025G BC327-025G PDF Download ON 07+ Device operations are selected by writing JEDEC-
BC327040   BC327040 BC327040 PDF Download H0, H1, H2High-End Terminals of the Potentiometer
BC327-040   BC327-040 BC327-040 PDF Download The J-type VCXO is a quartz stabilized square wa
BC327112   BC327112 BC327112 PDF Download PH 07+ In addition to the column address, A10(=AP) is u
BC327126   BC327126 BC327126 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Specifications are for the output (OUTA or OUTB)
BC32716   BC32716 BC32716 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a The LM26 is a precision, single digital-output,
BC327-16   BC327-16 BC327-16 PDF Download PHI TO-92 06+ Transistor Silicon PlasticPNP
BC327-16.126   BC327-16.126 BC327-16.126 PDF Download The LH1540 is robust, ideal for telecom and grou
BC327-16112   BC327-16112 BC327-16112 PDF Download PH 07+   Ratiometricity simply means that the outp
BC327-16BU   BC327-16BU BC327-16BU PDF Download (1) An export permit needs to be obtained from t
BC32716E6   BC32716E6 BC32716E6 PDF Download gs gs dc02 high di/dts. The diodes negative di/dt during ta
BC327-16RL1   BC327-16RL1 BC327-16RL1 PDF Download Current drawn during the EEPROM programming inter
BC32716SB36890E7   BC32716SB36890E7 BC32716SB36890E7 PDF Download tfk tfk dc97 The WCFS0808V1E is a high-performance 3.3V CMOS S
BC32716ZL1   BC32716ZL1 BC32716ZL1 PDF Download In addition to having the same functions as port
BC327-16ZL1   BC327-16ZL1 BC327-16ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor • NPT IGBT technology • low saturat
BC32725   BC32725 BC32725 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a POWER SUPPLY BYPASSING As with any amplifier, p
BC327-25   BC327-25 BC327-25 PDF Download PHI TO-92 06+ Transistor Silicon PlasticPNP
BC327-25(D27Z)   BC327-25(D27Z) BC327-25(D27Z) PDF Download • Acquisition:   C Feature selection
BC32725(D74Z)   BC32725(D74Z) BC32725(D74Z) PDF Download FAIRCHILD 06/07+ For example, the part may be programmed to use S0
BC327-25(L34Z)   BC327-25(L34Z) BC327-25(L34Z) PDF Download • One chip ATM User Network Interface for
BC327-25.126   BC327-25.126 BC327-25.126 PDF Download NXP TO-92 2008 The functions for this block are: 1. Decode th
BC327-25/B   BC327-25/B BC327-25/B PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FST16211 provides 24-bits o
BC327-25112   BC327-25112 BC327-25112 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Transmitter Output Control. TTL/CMOS control inp
BC327-25126   BC327-25126 BC327-25126 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF   Each device includes a voltage regulator
BC327-25412   BC327-25412 BC327-25412 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ BYTE LOAD: A byte load is performed by applying a
BC327-25AMO   BC327-25AMO BC327-25AMO PDF Download PH 05/06+ 1) Skew is defined as the absolute value of the
BC32725BU   BC32725BU BC32725BU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor The BC32725BU is a hetero-junction bipolar trans
BC327-25BU   BC327-25BU BC327-25BU PDF Download The D-Pak is designed for surface mounting using
BC32725E7   BC32725E7 BC32725E7 PDF Download 1. Can be used in VCR and TV channel selection sy
BC327-25-J35Z   BC327-25-J35Z BC327-25-J35Z PDF Download The ADSP-TS202S processors external port provide
BC327-25RL1   BC327-25RL1 BC327-25RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Test conditions T amb
BC32725RL1G   BC32725RL1G BC32725RL1G PDF Download Octal Framer supporting T1, E1 and J1 Formats P
BC327-25RL1G   BC327-25RL1G BC327-25RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ In software control mode (only when using externa
BC32725T   BC32725T BC32725T PDF Download State-of-the-Art EPIC-B™ BiCMOS Design Sig
BC32725TA   BC32725TA BC32725TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor (VA) 07+ The QPro™ series XQ1701L are Xilinx 3.3V h
BC327-25TA   BC327-25TA BC327-25TA PDF Download The XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family
BC32725TAP   BC32725TAP BC32725TAP PDF Download To blink LEDs at periods greater than 1.6 second
BC327-25ZL1   BC327-25ZL1 BC327-25ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor The isolation voltage is a galvanic isolation an
BC327-25ZL1G   BC327-25ZL1G BC327-25ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor Employing NPT technology, Fairchilds AND series o
BC327-26   BC327-26 BC327-26 PDF Download TO-92 92+ PGND (Power Ground): This pin provides a dedicate
BC32740   BC32740 BC32740 PDF Download cdil n/a Bit Clock (For MPI)/Data Clock (For GCI). In MP
BC327-40   BC327-40 BC327-40 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF In case of using R1 with different condition from
BC32740.126   BC32740.126 BC32740.126 PDF Download In order to specify each device for true worst c
BC327-40/B   BC327-40/B BC327-40/B PDF Download • Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Tech
BC327-40112   BC327-40112 BC327-40112 PDF Download PHILIPS • Precision Output Voltage Regulation &nbs
BC327-40126   BC327-40126 BC327-40126 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF The SN74CBT3125C is organized as four 1-bit bus
BC32740B   BC32740B BC32740B PDF Download IEC 1000-4-2, -4 & -5 Industry Requirements
BC327-40BU   BC327-40BU BC327-40BU PDF Download PG and PG shown in Output level versus Input Leve
BC32740TA   BC32740TA BC32740TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ In a /WE-controlled write, the memory cycle begi
BC327-40TA   BC327-40TA BC327-40TA PDF Download PHI 07+ HyperTransport  o HyperTransport Tunnel is
BC327-40T-B   BC327-40T-B BC327-40T-B PDF Download The SMJ320C62x DSP offers cost-effective
BC327-40ZL1   BC327-40ZL1 BC327-40ZL1 PDF Download Note) *1: Except for the operating ambient tempe
BC327-40ZL1G   BC327-40ZL1G BC327-40ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The 80C186XL provides a local bus controller to
BC327A   BC327A BC327A PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor CAN3 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
BC327APM1TA   BC327APM1TA BC327APM1TA PDF Download The host system can detect whether a program or
BC327B   BC327B BC327B PDF Download 03+ All parameters measured at fMAX unless noted oth
BC327-B   BC327-B BC327-B PDF Download s 100 pin package s 10BASE-T and AUI interfaces
BC327BP   BC327BP BC327BP PDF Download The pin function index is similar to the explanat
BC327CPL   BC327CPL BC327CPL PDF Download ZETEX TRANSMIT SECTION The transmit section input is
BC327G   BC327G BC327G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ power supply requirements, and break-before-make
BC327PK35   BC327PK35 BC327PK35 PDF Download DC Characteristics for FCT Family Devices (Conti
BC327PRFMD   BC327PRFMD BC327PRFMD PDF Download International Rectifier Radiation Hardened MOSFE
BC327RL1   BC327RL1 BC327RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 05/06+ • Dual Outputs   (Independantly Regul
BC327RL1G   BC327RL1G BC327RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
BC327T/B   BC327T/B BC327T/B PDF Download Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 5.0 A
BC327T/R   BC327T/R BC327T/R PDF Download Note 2: Without PCB copper enhancements. The maxi
BC327ZL1   BC327ZL1 BC327ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 05+ 4000 Notes: 1. For 2.5V < VOUT < 2.8V refer to
BC327ZL1G   BC327ZL1G BC327ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor • Eight Independent Channel 12-Bit DACs wit
BC328   BC328 BC328 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor The ADSP-21991 has 4K word of on-chip ROM that h
BC32816   BC32816 BC32816 PDF Download csf n/a • PI74FCT827/828/2827/2828T are pin compatib
BC328-16   BC328-16 BC328-16 PDF Download ON 圆轮 The FLEx36 family includes 1M, 2M, 4M and 9M pipe
BC328-16-AT   BC328-16-AT BC328-16-AT PDF Download The STK11C88-20 requires VCC = 5.0V 5% supply t
BC32816B   BC32816B BC32816B PDF Download Only partials of the memory array can be selecte
BC32816E6   BC32816E6 BC32816E6 PDF Download vishay vishay dc03 Notes a. Surface Mounted on 1 x 1 FR4 Board. b
BC32825   BC32825 BC32825 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
BC328-25   BC328-25 BC328-25 PDF Download PH TO-92 Connect a resistor from this pin to the drain of
BC328-25AT   BC328-25AT BC328-25AT PDF Download Low inductance RF/DC ground connection required b
BC328-25-AT   BC328-25-AT BC328-25-AT PDF Download KEC 98+ The RS-422 interface is an excellent choice for
BC32825E6325   BC32825E6325 BC32825E6325 PDF Download sie sie dc97 • Single 3.0 V read, program, and erase &n
BC32840   BC32840 BC32840 PDF Download cdil n/a Receive power management (RXCC mode) is activate
BC328-40   BC328-40 BC328-40 PDF Download These HEXFET Power MOSFETs were designed specif
BC328-40-AT   BC328-40-AT BC328-40-AT PDF Download • Thyristor controller for AC (circuit &n
BC32840TA   BC32840TA BC32840TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor The diode connected between the gate and source
BC328-40ZL1   BC328-40ZL1 BC328-40ZL1 PDF Download * ISR will operate to no load with reduced speci
BC328B   BC328B BC328B PDF Download The thermally efficient package measures only 2m
BC328-B   BC328-B BC328-B PDF Download Tip provides half of the two-wire connection to
BC328C   BC328C BC328C PDF Download The result of the most recent Main Memory Page t
BC328-D27Z   BC328-D27Z BC328-D27Z PDF Download SE: 1 W to 25 W, BTL: 4 W to 50 W operation poss
BC330   BC330 BC330 PDF Download When operated with additional external load capac
BC337   BC337 BC337 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO-92 05+ Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337(38-97)   BC337(38-97) BC337(38-97) PDF Download Sirenza Microdevices SBB-5089 is a high performan
BC337(PHIL)   BC337(PHIL) BC337(PHIL) PDF Download The MAX5236/MAX5237 precision, dual, voltage-out-
BC337(PRFMD)   BC337(PRFMD) BC337(PRFMD) PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to be
BC337.112   BC337.112 BC337.112 PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BC337/RA   BC337/RA BC337/RA PDF Download The ISL6614A drives both the upper and lower gate
BC337-016   BC337-016 BC337-016 PDF Download Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337-025   BC337-025 BC337-025 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 05+ Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337040   BC337040 BC337040 PDF Download The analog outputs are designed to directly driv
BC337-040   BC337-040 BC337-040 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337-040G   BC337-040G BC337-040G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 28F3208W30 product references removed (product w
BC337112   BC337112 BC337112 PDF Download PH 07+ ♦ 72dB ACLR at fOUT = 61.44MHz (Single-Carr
BC337126   BC337126 BC337126 PDF Download AMDs unique I/O macrocell offers major benefits
BC33716   BC33716 BC33716 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a To interrupt a burst read with a Write Command, D
BC337-16   BC337-16 BC337-16 PDF Download PHI 03+ Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337-16112   BC337-16112 BC337-16112 PDF Download PH 07+ The host system can detect whether a program or
BC337-16126   BC337-16126 BC337-16126 PDF Download Hynix HYMD232M646(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered
BC33716BU   BC33716BU BC33716BU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+ Clock/Calendar Registers (YR, MO, DT, HR, MN, SC)
BC337-16BU   BC337-16BU BC337-16BU PDF Download These family of 64MByte and 128MByte Rambus RIMM
BC337-16L34Z   BC337-16L34Z BC337-16L34Z PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ Design flexibility is provided through user prog
BC33716NPN   BC33716NPN BC33716NPN PDF Download The device is a fully static part fabricated usi
BC33716RL1   BC33716RL1 BC33716RL1 PDF Download The carry output goes high with the leading edge
BC337-16RL1   BC337-16RL1 BC337-16RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 4. DC/DC, PECL for Signal Detect   PECL com
BC33716TA   BC33716TA BC33716TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 07+   The V54C3128804VAT is a four bank Synchro
BC33716ZL1   BC33716ZL1 BC33716ZL1 PDF Download ACPI 1.0b/2.0 Compliant Programmable Wake-up Eve
BC337-16ZL1   BC337-16ZL1 BC337-16ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor The Fairchild Switch FSTD16211 provides 24-bits
BC33725   BC33725 BC33725 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor n/a 24 10/100 Mb and 2 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet ports
BC337-25   BC337-25 BC337-25 PDF Download PHI TO-92 07+ Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC33725(D74Z)   BC33725(D74Z) BC33725(D74Z) PDF Download The TL1466I is a six channel pulse-width-modulat
BC33725(J35Z)   BC33725(J35Z) BC33725(J35Z) PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ xeala CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25C, V =9V, RL=47k͐
BC337-25.412   BC337-25.412 BC337-25.412 PDF Download The DS1254 is in the write mode whenever WE and C
BC337-25/B   BC337-25/B BC337-25/B PDF Download Recording mute ON/OFF selection pin. ∗
BC337-25/RA   BC337-25/RA BC337-25/RA PDF Download   2.2 Order of precedence. In the event of
BC337-25112   BC337-25112 BC337-25112 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Optical receivers Optical receivers detect optic
BC337-25116   BC337-25116 BC337-25116 PDF Download PHILIPS VW/RW. VW/RW is the wiper terminal, and is equiva
BC337-25126   BC337-25126 BC337-25126 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF † The TPS75x01 is programmable using an ex
BC337-25412   BC337-25412 BC337-25412 PDF Download 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
BC337-25AMO   BC337-25AMO BC337-25AMO PDF Download PH 05/06+ A Servo-Tek DC tachometer generator provides a
BC337-25-AT   BC337-25-AT BC337-25-AT PDF Download When the output load exceeds the current-limit t
BC337-25E7   BC337-25E7 BC337-25E7 PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limi
BC33725-L34Z   BC33725-L34Z BC33725-L34Z PDF Download   GENERAL DESCRIPTION  NJM2567 is a l
BC33725RA   BC33725RA BC33725RA PDF Download 2. Latching relay In order to assure proper ope
BC337-25RL1   BC337-25RL1 BC337-25RL1 PDF Download ON 07+ The BC337-25RL1 micro-power-management integrated
BC337-25RL1G   BC337-25RL1G BC337-25RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ FullCAN interface with 15 message buffers complai
BC33725T   BC33725T BC33725T PDF Download N/A 05+ 4000 True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simulta
BC33725TA   BC33725TA BC33725TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor (VA) 07+ Space critical applications benefit from the int
BC337-25TA   BC337-25TA BC337-25TA PDF Download The ispGDXVA I/Os are designed to withstand live
BC33725W   BC33725W BC33725W PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The 300C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes
BC33725ZL1   BC33725ZL1 BC33725ZL1 PDF Download mot mot dc97   The A2557 low-current quad power drivers
BC337-25ZL1   BC337-25ZL1 BC337-25ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Meet or Exceed the Requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F
BC337-25ZL1G   BC337-25ZL1G BC337-25ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 08+ NOTES 1Temperature range from C40C to +85C. 2Op
BC33740   BC33740 BC33740 PDF Download cdil n/a Stresses in excess of the Absolute Maximum Ratin
BC337-40   BC337-40 BC337-40 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC337-40/B   BC337-40/B BC337-40/B PDF Download 64083 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 500 Gate Thre
BC337-40112   BC337-40112 BC337-40112 PDF Download PHILIPS NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
BC337-40126   BC337-40126 BC337-40126 PDF Download NXP 08+PBF Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
BC33740A   BC33740A BC33740A PDF Download These Ultrafast, soft recovery diodes are optimi
BC337-40AMMOPACK   BC337-40AMMOPACK BC337-40AMMOPACK PDF Download Hynix HYMD512726(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SP
BC337-40-AT   BC337-40-AT BC337-40-AT PDF Download KEC TO-92 03+ A heatsink underneath the area of the PCB for th
BC337-40-AT/P   BC337-40-AT/P BC337-40-AT/P PDF Download Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25)   Item
BC337-40-AT/PF   BC337-40-AT/PF BC337-40-AT/PF PDF Download Disclaimer Alcor Micro Corp. reserves the right
BC33740BU   BC33740BU BC33740BU PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 05/06+ The DS1258W executes a read cycle whenever WE (Wr
BC337-40BU   BC337-40BU BC337-40BU PDF Download An easy-to-use simulation tool is available for d
BC33740E6   BC33740E6 BC33740E6 PDF Download AP1187 is a 1A regulator with extremely low drop
BC337-40RL1   BC337-40RL1 BC337-40RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor  V ds,clamp Drain to source clamp voltage
BC337-40RL1G   BC337-40RL1G BC337-40RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ TEST PROCEDURE 100% production tested at the sp
BC33740TA   BC33740TA BC33740TA PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor (VA) 07+ • Platinum Tri-Metal System   High Te
BC337-40TA   BC337-40TA BC337-40TA PDF Download PHI 07+ This is an advance information data sheet The A
BC337-40T-B   BC337-40T-B BC337-40T-B PDF Download   This 18-bit universal bus transceiver is
BC337-40ZL1   BC337-40ZL1 BC337-40ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor The AHC126 devices are quadruple bus buffer gat
BC337-40ZL1G   BC337-40ZL1G BC337-40ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor Hynix HYMD116725B(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
BC337A   BC337A BC337A PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor CAN3 Current Output, Sourcing Current Output, Sinki
BC337APRFMD   BC337APRFMD BC337APRFMD PDF Download † For packages with exposed thermal pads,
BC337B   BC337B BC337B PDF Download ph ph dc01 VIN Range: 2.7-5.5Volts Fixed or adjustable VOU
BC337BP   BC337BP BC337BP PDF Download ZETEX WARRANTY / REMEDY   Honeywell warrants good
BC337BPK   BC337BPK BC337BPK PDF Download 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
BC337BPSTOA   BC337BPSTOA BC337BPSTOA PDF Download The Hynix HYM7V65401B Q-Series are 4Mx64bits Sync
BC337G   BC337G BC337G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ • 2A/3.3V, 5V, 5.1V, 9V, 12V output low dr
BC337NPN   BC337NPN BC337NPN PDF Download AIC1742 is a low noise, low dropout linear regul
BC337RL1   BC337RL1 BC337RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor • Best in class in DIP8, DIP7, TO220 and DS
BC337RL1G   BC337RL1G BC337RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+
BC337T/B   BC337T/B BC337T/B PDF Download These 10-bit flip-flops feature 3-state outputs
BC337T/R   BC337T/R BC337T/R PDF Download The SC16C2550B is pin compatible with the ST16C2
BC337ZL1   BC337ZL1 BC337ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor system is fail-safe; that is, the slaves will be
BC338   BC338 BC338 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 04+
BC338(ON986)   BC338(ON986) BC338(ON986) PDF Download In addition to high-power/low-power bias modes,
BC338(T)   BC338(T) BC338(T) PDF Download The FETKYTM family of co-packaged HEXFETs and Sch
BC338.25E7   BC338.25E7 BC338.25E7 PDF Download Port 0 (AD0C7) C I/O. Port 0 is an openCdrain 8Cb
BC338/16   BC338/16 BC338/16 PDF Download This N-Channel power MOSFETs is manufactured usi
BC338-16   BC338-16 BC338-16 PDF Download The host issues the Set Typematic Rate/Delay com-
BC33825   BC33825 BC33825 PDF Download cdil n/a The 16 uniform sections available form an 8-step
BC338-25   BC338-25 BC338-25 PDF Download Transistor TO92 Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC338-25-AT   BC338-25-AT BC338-25-AT PDF Download Play In: The input via SW2 from a voice storage d
BC338-25BU   BC338-25BU BC338-25BU PDF Download FAIRCHILD 07+ Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
BC33825PRFMD   BC33825PRFMD BC33825PRFMD PDF Download The output drivers of this part have an embedded
BC33825ZL1   BC33825ZL1 BC33825ZL1 PDF Download  VCCAll inputs with respect to GND3C0.3 to
BC338-25ZL1   BC338-25ZL1 BC338-25ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Memories C Internal Memory: up to 128 Kbytes Si
BC338-25ZL1G   BC338-25ZL1G BC338-25ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+   The PLL is tuned by comparing the local o
BC33840   BC33840 BC33840 PDF Download cdil n/a Internal registers include available capacity, t
BC338-40   BC338-40 BC338-40 PDF Download The SDA 9254-2 is a combination of the TV-SAM SD
BC338-40-AT   BC338-40-AT BC338-40-AT PDF Download Input coupling capacitor which blocks the DC vol
BC338-AT   BC338-AT BC338-AT PDF Download Frequency Mode Select. This three-level input se
BC338B   BC338B BC338B PDF Download If the transient performance requirements exceed
BC338L   BC338L BC338L PDF Download Ultrasmall (1006 size), thin (0.5mm) leadless pa
BC33Y04F   BC33Y04F BC33Y04F PDF Download AMPHENOL 05+ Notes:  2. The level to be set on FS is de
BC340   BC340 BC340 PDF Download PH CAN3 The BC340 can be programmed and erased in-syste
BC340-10   BC340-10 BC340-10 PDF Download MOTPHILIPS 2008 Timer counter 3 : 8-bit 1 (square-wave output, e
BC34016   BC34016 BC34016 PDF Download itt n/a CIN: 0.1 µF or higher. Set this value accor
BC340-16   BC340-16 BC340-16 PDF Download MOT 2008 To allow for dc coupling to ADCs, its unique out
BC340-25   BC340-25 BC340-25 PDF Download PHILIPS 00+ • DigitalClarity™ CMOS Imaging Techn
BC3406   BC3406 BC3406 PDF Download itt itt dc95 Integrated Feature Set   Static Modular CP
BC340-6   BC340-6 BC340-6 PDF Download MOT CAN3 06+ technology. It is ideal for low power and low no
BC341   BC341 BC341 PDF Download MOT 2008 A read cycle begins whenever WE (Write Enable bar
BC341-10   BC341-10 BC341-10 PDF Download 金属帽 These circuits perform a single function: they as
BC3416   BC3416 BC3416 PDF Download itt itt dc95 If the instruction preceding the REF has a redun
BC341-6   BC341-6 BC341-6 PDF Download MOT 2008 A/D (C) intermediate reference potential input (
BC342   BC342 BC342 PDF Download PH CAN3 The PACSZ1284 provides a complete parallel port
BC343   BC343 BC343 PDF Download PH CAN3 • 13 I/O pins with individual direction co
BC344   BC344 BC344 PDF Download PH CAN3 Note 7: The average voltage that the weakest pin
BC345   BC345 BC345 PDF Download PH CAN3 For cellular phone and PDA applications, voltage
BC347   BC347 BC347 PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
BC347A   BC347A BC347A PDF Download SPI Serial Memory The memory portion of the dev
BC350   BC350 BC350 PDF Download 1. Hitachi neither warrants nor grants licenses
BC3501DC   BC3501DC BC3501DC PDF Download Programmable options include the length of pipeli
BC3501DW   BC3501DW BC3501DW PDF Download
BC3503D   BC3503D BC3503D PDF Download   NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.
BC3503DC   BC3503DC BC3503DC PDF Download The terminator's internal power is dissipated pr
BC3503DW   BC3503DW BC3503DW PDF Download Add to the Interrupt Acknowledge Bus Cycles sect
BC3506DW   BC3506DW BC3506DW PDF Download The ispLSI 2128 and 2128A are High Density Progr
BC351   BC351 BC351 PDF Download The Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC) controls
BC351A   BC351A BC351A PDF Download • A/D converter   • 10-bit resol
BC352239A   BC352239A BC352239A PDF Download Caution: Stresses beyond those listed under Absol
BC352239A-IVQ-E4   BC352239A-IVQ-E4 BC352239A-IVQ-E4 PDF Download CSR PLC (VA) BGA 0531+ DESCRIPTION Positive power supply for the chip
BC352239AU   BC352239AU BC352239AU PDF Download CSR BGA N/A LU applies between LL1 and LL2 LD applies betwe
BC352B   BC352B BC352B PDF Download DQ7, the Toggle Bits DQ6 and DQ2, the Error bit
BC358239A   BC358239A BC358239A PDF Download CSR Power Management The HOST_WAKEUP and EXT_WAKE s
BC358239A-INN-E4   BC358239A-INN-E4 BC358239A-INN-E4 PDF Download CSR PLC (VA) BGA 05+   The values for the equation are found in
BC358239A-INN-E4M   BC358239A-INN-E4M BC358239A-INN-E4M PDF Download CSR 05+ Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8J-J series is designed for h
BC358239AU   BC358239AU BC358239AU PDF Download BGA DESCRIPTION The M74HC574 is an high speed CMOS
BC360   BC360 BC360 PDF Download ST CAN3 For nominal operation (High Power Mode), VMODE i
BC360-16   BC360-16 BC360-16 PDF Download MOT/ST CAN3 01+ / 99+ With the PA module in low-power mode (Vmode = +2
BC3603D   BC3603D BC3603D PDF Download LDO# The longdog timer output is an active-low o
BC3603DW   BC3603DW BC3603DW PDF Download • Easy Gate 1 switch-off with PNP switchin
BC360-6   BC360-6 BC360-6 PDF Download MOT CAN3 06+ Ordering Information A complete part number is
BC361   BC361 BC361 PDF Download ST CAN3 Designing for Very Fast Load Transients The tran
BC36110   BC36110 BC36110 PDF Download DSI n/a A 75 Ω termination resistor with short trac
BC361-10   BC361-10 BC361-10 PDF Download ITT 金属帽 309 The RS-422 interface is an excellent choice for
BC361-6   BC361-6 BC361-6 PDF Download MOT CAN3 06+ (2) The technical information described in this
BC368   BC368 BC368 PDF Download ON Semiconductor TO-92 04+ The LT®1990 is a micropower precision differe
BC368/B   BC368/B BC368/B PDF Download 1811 The MAX1169 is a low-power, 16-bit successive- a
BC368/G   BC368/G BC368/G PDF Download See Power Dissipation in the Applications section
BC368112   BC368112 BC368112 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ The BC368112 is a high-performance CMOS static R
BC368126   BC368126 BC368126 PDF Download PHILIPS/NXP ! GENERAL DESCRIPTION  The NJM2388 is low
BC368-25ZL1   BC368-25ZL1 BC368-25ZL1 PDF Download Chip Select is a TTL compatible input which, whe
BC368D27Z   BC368D27Z BC368D27Z PDF Download Square waves contain only odd harmonics, so the
BC368D74Z   BC368D74Z BC368D74Z PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS These products are no
BC368G   BC368G BC368G PDF Download ON Semiconductor O7+ The low-cost ADS-950 is an 18-bit, 500kHz sampli
BC368M   BC368M BC368M PDF Download The UCC384-ADJ can be programmed for any output
BC368ZL1   BC368ZL1 BC368ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor The Atmel cell implements a rich and powerful se
BC368ZL1G   BC368ZL1G BC368ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The CCITT V.22 standard defines synchronous oper
BC369   BC369 BC369 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 03+ Circuit Board Material: Top RF layer is .014 Get
BC369(D27Z)   BC369(D27Z) BC369(D27Z) PDF Download Two separate analog receiver channels Converts A
BC369.112   BC369.112 BC369.112 PDF Download 1021 Note 1: Relative accuracy is the deviation of the
BC369126   BC369126 BC369126 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ It should be remembered that a watchdog timer can
BC369-16   BC369-16 BC369-16 PDF Download NXP q Built-in diagnostic function to detect short a
BC369-25   BC369-25 BC369-25 PDF Download CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
BC369D27Z   BC369D27Z BC369D27Z PDF Download   With these drivers, during turn-on, the h
BC369G   BC369G BC369G PDF Download ON Semiconductor 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
BC369Z   BC369Z BC369Z PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16M635AT6 Series are Dual
BC369ZL1   BC369ZL1 BC369ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 排带 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
BC369ZL1G   BC369ZL1G BC369ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor s 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller in a LQFP
BC371   BC371 BC371 PDF Download ST CAN3 Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
BC372   BC372 BC372 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 10 Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC372G   BC372G BC372G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ Description The HSDL-3203 is a miniature low c
BC372P   BC372P BC372P PDF Download The transmit/receive (T/R) input determines the
BC372PSTZ   BC372PSTZ BC372PSTZ PDF Download This device contains circuitry to protect the in
BC373   BC373 BC373 PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP20M 2007+ Transistor Silicon Plastic NPN
BC373RL1   BC373RL1 BC373RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Over-Current & Over-Temperature Protection:
BC373RL1G   BC373RL1G BC373RL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The LPC47M14x implements the LPC interface, a pin
BC373ZL1   BC373ZL1 BC373ZL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor FPGA configuration is managed by the configurati
BC373ZL1G   BC373ZL1G BC373ZL1G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The device adds new features to the industry sta
BC375B   BC375B BC375B PDF Download Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings are values beyon
BC376   BC376 BC376 PDF Download TO92 PH 03+ All devices are assembled and tested using fully
BC377   BC377 BC377 PDF Download 03+ Digital common or ground. This separate ground c
BC378   BC378 BC378 PDF Download tic n/a The MAX1790/MAX8715 boost converters incorporate
BC380   BC380 BC380 PDF Download FREESCALE 无铅08 SOP8 Note 1: The data-input transition time is control
BC382   BC382 BC382 PDF Download MOT CAN I Controlled Output Slew Rate I Low Output-Satur
BC383   BC383 BC383 PDF Download MOTOROLA CAN Analog Overvoltage input. When OV is pulled above
BC384   BC384 BC384 PDF Download MOT CAN Figure 18.TSOP48 Lead Plastic Thin Small Outline
BC384L   BC384L BC384L PDF Download
BC388   BC388 BC388 PDF Download wab n/a All parameters characterized at 1GHz unless ot
BC389   BC389 BC389 PDF Download MOT CAN3 To minimize noise, the analog and digital circui
BC390   BC390 BC390 PDF Download MOT CAN3 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
BC391   BC391 BC391 PDF Download MOT CAN3 VLI: f = 10.8 MHz (Input level of pin 6 except fo
BC393   BC393 BC393 PDF Download ST TO-18 N/A † Not more than one output should be teste
BC394   BC394 BC394 PDF Download STMicroelectronics TO-18 N/A The T8xC51SND1 provides all necessary features f
BC394B   BC394B BC394B PDF Download MOT 2008
BC395   BC395 BC395 PDF Download MOT 2008 The special requirements of a VCXO crystal are b
BC396   BC396 BC396 PDF Download MOT 2008
BC397   BC397 BC397 PDF Download MOT 2008 This link option selects the source of the RD in
BC398   BC398 BC398 PDF Download CAN3 Meets EIA-485, EIA-422A, EIA-423A standards Des
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