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Write Operation Status Detection The SST39VF160Q/VF160 provide two software means to detect the completion of a Write (Program or Erase) cycle, in order to optimize the system write cycle time. The software detection includes two status bits: Data# Polling (DQ7) and Toggle Bit (DQ6). The end of write detection mode is enabled after the rising edge of WE#, which initiates the internal program or erase operation.
The output transistor will b switched on (BOP) ine the presence of a sufficiently strong South pole magnetic field facing the marked side of the pack- age. Similarly, the output will be switched off (BRP) in the presence of a weaker South field and remain off with 0 field. The SOT-23 device is reversed from the UA package. The SOT-23 output transis- tor will be switched on (BOP) in the presence of a sufficiently strong North pole magnetic field sub- jected to the marked face.
The C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A temperature/humidity logger iButton is a rugged, self-sufficient system that measures temperature and/or humidity and records the result in a protected memory section. The recording is done at a user-defined rate. A total of 8192 8-bit readings or 4096 16-bit readings taken at equidistant intervals ranging from 1s to 273hrs can be stored. In addition to this, there are 512 bytes of SRAM for storing application-specific information and 64 bytes for calibration data. A mission to collect data can be programmed to begin immediately, or after a user- defined delay or after a temperature alarm. Access to the memory and control functions can be password- protected. The C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A is configured and communicates with a host-computing device through the serial 1-Wire protocol, which requires only a single data lead and a ground return. Every C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A is factory-lasered with a guaranteed unique 64-bit registration number that allows for absolute traceability. The durable stainless-steel package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Accessories permit the C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A to be mounted on almost any object, including containers, pallets and bags.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
C200   C200 C200 PDF Download MAXIM 06+ 500 Signal data can be accepted at rates up to rxclk
C20002NL   C20002NL C20002NL PDF Download 1.High isolation voltage between input and outpu
C2000A-2-104148028-102593329-A   C2000A-2-104148028-102593329-A C2000A-2-104148028-102593329-A PDF Download 7 channels of ESD protection designed to meet I
C2000AF   C2000AF C2000AF PDF Download tive input voltage greater than 9V. These easy-
C2001   C2001 C2001 PDF Download NEC TO-92 04+ The output of a standard 40KHz infrared receiver
C2001A   C2001A C2001A PDF Download Data is shifted out of the FIFO on the falling e
C2002   C2002 C2002 PDF Download TFK 2008 1. X means "Don't Care". 2. ZZ pin is
C20023   C20023 C20023 PDF Download MAXIM 2004+ set to zero. The C20023 will respond with an ack
C2002AM   C2002AM C2002AM PDF Download TFK The TSM103W is a monolithic IC that includes on
C2003   C2003 C2003 PDF Download TO-92 08+ In addition, the microcontrollers have a Program
C20031007MB1   C20031007MB1 C20031007MB1 PDF Download NOTES: 1. See RECOMMENDED OPERATING RANGE table
C20031007MN1   C20031007MN1 C20031007MN1 PDF Download   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
C20042   C20042 C20042 PDF Download AMI DIP    Strap:see Note 4 Notes: 1. DQ-to-
C20056/60178-9   C20056/60178-9 C20056/60178-9 PDF Download In addition to the AutoSwitch feature, Hitless S
C2005B   C2005B C2005B PDF Download AMIS 05+ The emulator consists of a base unit that connec
C2005BD   C2005BD C2005BD PDF Download 65 AMIS The TLE 6208-6 G is a fully protected Hex-Half-Br
C2005V   C2005V C2005V PDF Download NEC Macrocells can individually be specified f
C20-06   C20-06 C20-06 PDF Download FUJI TO-220 04+ NOTES: 1. See TEST CIRCUITS AND WAVEFORMS. Mini
C200-736   C200-736 C200-736 PDF Download 90 • Forced operation contacts (2 Form A 2 Fo
C20088   C20088 C20088 PDF Download 05+ PLCC-68 Controlled Baseline C One Assembly/Test Site, On
C200AN2594   C200AN2594 C200AN2594 PDF Download TOS DIP-42P 88+ No signal input. Measure the current flowing int
C200H-AD001   C200H-AD001 C200H-AD001 PDF Download Note 5: The maximum allowable power dissipation i
C200H-AD002   C200H-AD002 C200H-AD002 PDF Download The enhanced configuration device features multi
C200H-AD003   C200H-AD003 C200H-AD003 PDF Download Collector-Emitter Cutoff Current  VCE = 15
C200H-B7A12   C200H-B7A12 C200H-B7A12 PDF Download ER (error signal) is low when normal operation i
C200H-B7A21   C200H-B7A21 C200H-B7A21 PDF Download XC4000E devices have generous routing resources
C200H-BAT09   C200H-BAT09 C200H-BAT09 PDF Download
C200H-BC051-V2   C200H-BC051-V2 C200H-BC051-V2 PDF Download Agilent Technologies HLMP subminiature LED lamps
C200H-BC081-V2   C200H-BC081-V2 C200H-BC081-V2 PDF Download VBUS Pulsing: USB20H04 will drive VBUS long enou
C200H-CN131   C200H-CN131 C200H-CN131 PDF Download
C200H-CN222   C200H-CN222 C200H-CN222 PDF Download Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
C200H-CN311   C200H-CN311 C200H-CN311 PDF Download The PCA9544A is a 1-of-4 bi-directional translat
C200H-CN711   C200H-CN711 C200H-CN711 PDF Download
C200H-CT001-V1   C200H-CT001-V1 C200H-CT001-V1 PDF Download   The TC55VBM416AFTN is a 16,777,216-bit st
C200H-CT021   C200H-CT021 C200H-CT021 PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16635HCT8P Series are Dual
C200H-DA001   C200H-DA001 C200H-DA001 PDF Download PowerDrive devices significantly increase perfor
C200H-DA002   C200H-DA002 C200H-DA002 PDF Download SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Resolution ENOB Output Nois
C200H-DA003   C200H-DA003 C200H-DA003 PDF Download The VFB pin voltage also controls switch current
C200H-DA004   C200H-DA004 C200H-DA004 PDF Download   To provide long life and to insure soft-s
C200H-DAC01   C200H-DAC01 C200H-DAC01 PDF Download Notes: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
C200HE-CPU11-E   C200HE-CPU11-E C200HE-CPU11-E PDF Download Notes:   1. All minimum and maximum specif
C200HE-CPU32-E   C200HE-CPU32-E C200HE-CPU32-E PDF Download   3.6 Certificate of compliance. For device
C200HE-CPU42-E   C200HE-CPU42-E C200HE-CPU42-E PDF Download This device has a maximum recommended operating j
C200HG-CPU43-E   C200HG-CPU43-E C200HG-CPU43-E PDF Download This block provides a stable regulated output vol
C200HG-CPU63-E   C200HG-CPU63-E C200HG-CPU63-E PDF Download CONSTRUCTION Start with the two resistors follow
C200H-IA122   C200H-IA122 C200H-IA122 PDF Download A unique feature of the ISL6310 is the combined u
C200H-IA222   C200H-IA222 C200H-IA222 PDF Download
C200H-ID211   C200H-ID211 C200H-ID211 PDF Download q Direct RAM data display using the display RAM.
C200H-ID212   C200H-ID212 C200H-ID212 PDF Download The DC restoration function is achieved through t
C200H-ID215   C200H-ID215 C200H-ID215 PDF Download   3.1 Item requirements. The individual item
C200H-ID216   C200H-ID216 C200H-ID216 PDF Download The LH1532 dual 1 Form A relays are SPST normally
C200H-LK201-V1   C200H-LK201-V1 C200H-LK201-V1 PDF Download Data must be set up for a duration of tSD before
C200H-LK202-V1   C200H-LK202-V1 C200H-LK202-V1 PDF Download The unique differential input sample-and-hold can
C200H-NC111   C200H-NC111 C200H-NC111 PDF Download Switching Rates up to 32 MHz Operates from a Sin
C200H-OC221   C200H-OC221 C200H-OC221 PDF Download Data to be output on the serial streams may come
C200H-OC222   C200H-OC222 C200H-OC222 PDF Download Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rect
C200H-OC224   C200H-OC224 C200H-OC224 PDF Download High-Performance Built-In Clock Management Circu
C200H-OC225   C200H-OC225 C200H-OC225 PDF Download Referring to the level detector block diagram of
C200H-OD212   C200H-OD212 C200H-OD212 PDF Download
C200H-OD213   C200H-OD213 C200H-OD213 PDF Download the Data Outputs (Q0 C Q8) will return to a high
C200H-OD215   C200H-OD215 C200H-OD215 PDF Download Always use semiconductor devices within their re
C200H-OD219   C200H-OD219 C200H-OD219 PDF Download Notes:  *All PIO signals are shared with o
C200H-PRO27-E   C200H-PRO27-E C200H-PRO27-E PDF Download Input/Output Read Strobe (active low). The falli
C200H-PS221   C200H-PS221 C200H-PS221 PDF Download Flash/ROM Interface - Flash memory area support
C200H-SP001   C200H-SP001 C200H-SP001 PDF Download
C200H-TC001   C200H-TC001 C200H-TC001 PDF Download The MCF5275 family is a highly integrated imple
C200H-TC103   C200H-TC103 C200H-TC103 PDF Download • 8-bit I2C GPIO with interrupt and reset
C200H-TS001   C200H-TS001 C200H-TS001 PDF Download During normal operation, some circuit components
C200H-TS102   C200H-TS102 C200H-TS102 PDF Download 1 When VDD reaches 4.75V (VTH1+∆VTH1), the
C200HW-BC031   C200HW-BC031 C200HW-BC031 PDF Download The H8/3048 Series is a series of high-performan
C200HW-BC051   C200HW-BC051 C200HW-BC051 PDF Download This device is similar in function to the LCX244
C200HW-BC081-V1   C200HW-BC081-V1 C200HW-BC081-V1 PDF Download 8 ns. Two independent 256/512/1,024 x 36 dual-por
C200HW-BC101-V1   C200HW-BC101-V1 C200HW-BC101-V1 PDF Download • The TOSHIBA products listed in this docum
C200HW-BI051   C200HW-BI051 C200HW-BI051 PDF Download (4) The products described in this book are inte
C200HW-BI081-V1   C200HW-BI081-V1 C200HW-BI081-V1 PDF Download DISP high disables the LED display. DISP tied to
C200HW-BI101-V1   C200HW-BI101-V1 C200HW-BI101-V1 PDF Download Notes 1. Signals on NC, COM, or IN exceeding VC
C200HW-CE001   C200HW-CE001 C200HW-CE001 PDF Download •Operable with a low voltage between 2.7~3
C200HW-CLK21   C200HW-CLK21 C200HW-CLK21 PDF Download Note 5: The output pins RST and RST have an inter
C200HW-COM03-V1   C200HW-COM03-V1 C200HW-COM03-V1 PDF Download The T0800 is a laser diode driver for the operat
C200HW-COM06-EV1   C200HW-COM06-EV1 C200HW-COM06-EV1 PDF Download This center tap Schottky rectifier series has bee
C200HW-DRM21-V1   C200HW-DRM21-V1 C200HW-DRM21-V1 PDF Download Consuming only 1.15 mA of supply current, the LM
C200HW-NC213   C200HW-NC213 C200HW-NC213 PDF Download   The oscillator is tuned internally, requi
C200HW-NC413   C200HW-NC413 C200HW-NC413 PDF Download The contents of the shift register C are transfe
C200HW-PA204   C200HW-PA204 C200HW-PA204 PDF Download The device is entirely command set compatible wi
C200HW-PA204R   C200HW-PA204R C200HW-PA204R PDF Download Unlike other devices, the error amplifier in the
C200HW-PA204S   C200HW-PA204S C200HW-PA204S PDF Download Sending the WREN op-code causes the internal Wri
C200HW-PA209R   C200HW-PA209R C200HW-PA209R PDF Download
C200HW-PD024   C200HW-PD024 C200HW-PD024 PDF Download
C200HX-CPU44-E   C200HX-CPU44-E C200HX-CPU44-E PDF Download The U4256BM is especially designed for AM up/dow
C200HX-CPU64-E   C200HX-CPU64-E C200HX-CPU64-E PDF Download Factor Limits Line Current Distortion To < 3%
C200R600K2   C200R600K2 C200R600K2 PDF Download NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
C200RN-F501   C200RN-F501 C200RN-F501 PDF Download 4-bit I/O ports. Port 6 pins are individually so
C200Y   C200Y C200Y PDF Download The LTC1998 features a voltage detection circuit
C200Y-TA   C200Y-TA C200Y-TA PDF Download Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
C20105   C20105 C20105 PDF Download AMI DIP 06+ Serial Data Setup Time CLK Pulsewidth Serial Da
C2010-IP   C2010-IP C2010-IP PDF Download VALENCE DIP/16 00+   We reserve the right to make changes to i
C2012   C2012 C2012 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A To achieve the ever-present need for smaller, fa
C2012/JB1C274KTR00N   C2012/JB1C274KTR00N C2012/JB1C274KTR00N PDF Download 3.2 Manchester Encoder The Manchester encoder re
C20120-33NK   C20120-33NK C20120-33NK PDF Download N/A 0805L The MAX7313 supports hot insertion. All port pins
C20121H223J   C20121H223J C20121H223J PDF Download
C20124   C20124 C20124 PDF Download The IRU431L is a three-terminal adjustable shunt
C2012C0G1A180JTE09A   C2012C0G1A180JTE09A C2012C0G1A180JTE09A PDF Download International Rectifier radiation hardened HEXFE
C2012C0G1E153JT009NROHS   C2012C0G1E153JT009NROHS C2012C0G1E153JT009NROHS PDF Download Note a: Stresses greater than those listed under
C2012C0G1E272JT   C2012C0G1E272JT C2012C0G1E272JT PDF Download An additional toggle bit is available on I/O2 wh
C2012C0G1H010CT   C2012C0G1H010CT C2012C0G1H010CT PDF Download TDK CORP The 74HC/HCT75 have four bistable latches. The t
C2012C0G1H010CT009A   C2012C0G1H010CT009A C2012C0G1H010CT009A PDF Download • Sub-micron CMOS Process   C High-s
C2012C0G1H020CT   C2012C0G1H020CT C2012C0G1H020CT PDF Download BRAKE - is a pin for commanding the output bridge
C2012C0G1H030CT   C2012C0G1H030CT C2012C0G1H030CT PDF Download TDK 08+ DMS (Data Management Software) allows systems to
C2012C0G1H040CT   C2012C0G1H040CT C2012C0G1H040CT PDF Download Up to 95% Conversion Efficiency Typical Quiescen
C2012C0G1H050DT   C2012C0G1H050DT C2012C0G1H050DT PDF Download When expander logic is used in the data path, add
C2012C0G1H060D   C2012C0G1H060D C2012C0G1H060D PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
C2012C0G1H080DT   C2012C0G1H080DT C2012C0G1H080DT PDF Download A 5% resistor value is recommended. In the OOK mo
C2012C0G1H090D   C2012C0G1H090D C2012C0G1H090D PDF Download Three 16-bit general-purpose timers are included
C2012C0G1H090DT   C2012C0G1H090DT C2012C0G1H090DT PDF Download The transceiver is fully compatible with the IEE
C2012C0G1H0R5BT090A   C2012C0G1H0R5BT090A C2012C0G1H0R5BT090A PDF Download These octal flip-flops are designed for low-volt
C2012C0G1H0R5CT   C2012C0G1H0R5CT C2012C0G1H0R5CT PDF Download TDK CORP 4. The maximum output voltage that can be clampe
C2012C0G1H100D   C2012C0G1H100D C2012C0G1H100D PDF Download  © 2000 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserve
C2012C0G1H100DT   C2012C0G1H100DT C2012C0G1H100DT PDF Download TDK 05+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min.,
C2012C0G1H100DT000A   C2012C0G1H100DT000A C2012C0G1H100DT000A PDF Download
C2012C0G1H100DT001A   C2012C0G1H100DT001A C2012C0G1H100DT001A PDF Download This signal is asserted to indicate either 0 or
C2012C0G1H100DT090A   C2012C0G1H100DT090A C2012C0G1H100DT090A PDF Download Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
C2012C0G1H101JT   C2012C0G1H101JT C2012C0G1H101JT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width li
C2012C0G1H101JT000A   C2012C0G1H101JT000A C2012C0G1H101JT000A PDF Download Unlike other nonvolatile memory technologies, th
C2012C0G1H101JT000N   C2012C0G1H101JT000N C2012C0G1H101JT000N PDF Download TDK 03+ The DDX-2100 surface mount package includes an e
C2012C0G1H101JT00N   C2012C0G1H101JT00N C2012C0G1H101JT00N PDF Download The Am79Q02/021/031 Quad Subscriber Line Audio-
C2012C0G1H101JT090A   C2012C0G1H101JT090A C2012C0G1H101JT090A PDF Download • Industrial operating temperature range:
C2012C0G1H101KT   C2012C0G1H101KT C2012C0G1H101KT PDF Download TDK CORP DESCRIPTION The HCF4098B is a monolithic integr
C2012C0G1H102J   C2012C0G1H102J C2012C0G1H102J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) N/A NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after
C2012C0G1H102JT   C2012C0G1H102JT C2012C0G1H102JT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ † All characteristics are measured under o
C2012C0G1H102JT009A   C2012C0G1H102JT009A C2012C0G1H102JT009A PDF Download The page read operation of the device is control
C2012C0G1H102JT00A   C2012C0G1H102JT00A C2012C0G1H102JT00A PDF Download CS: The input to the PWM, peak current, and overc
C2012C0G1H103JT   C2012C0G1H103JT C2012C0G1H103JT PDF Download TDK 08+ Computer-Operating Properly (COP) watchdog timer
C2012C0G1H103K   C2012C0G1H103K C2012C0G1H103K PDF Download TransceiversClowering overall system interoperab
C2012C0G1H120JT   C2012C0G1H120JT C2012C0G1H120JT PDF Download TDK CORP Efficiency up to 86% 1500VDC Isolation MTBF >
C2012C0G1H120KT   C2012C0G1H120KT C2012C0G1H120KT PDF Download Factor port regardless of whether the host equ
C2012C0G1H121JT   C2012C0G1H121JT C2012C0G1H121JT PDF Download Switching Regulator (ISR) designed to meet the
C2012C0G1H121JT000A   C2012C0G1H121JT000A C2012C0G1H121JT000A PDF Download   DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush c
C2012C0G1H122JT000N   C2012C0G1H122JT000N C2012C0G1H122JT000N PDF Download TDK SOP 337 Applications include, but are not limited to, th
C2012C0G1H122JT001N   C2012C0G1H122JT001N C2012C0G1H122JT001N PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
C2012C0G1H122JT009A   C2012C0G1H122JT009A C2012C0G1H122JT009A PDF Download   VIN shunt voltageIVIN = 10 mA15.0 Line r
C2012C0G1H130J   C2012C0G1H130J C2012C0G1H130J PDF Download and high speed 3.3V applications; it can be int
C2012C0G1H150J   C2012C0G1H150J C2012C0G1H150J PDF Download Besides its basic functions (oscillator, demodula
C2012C0G1H150JT   C2012C0G1H150JT C2012C0G1H150JT PDF Download TDK CORP The PWR5104 and PWR5105 offer respectively 12VDC
C2012C0G1H150KT   C2012C0G1H150KT C2012C0G1H150KT PDF Download FIN and OSC IN input level Max. operating freque
C2012C0G1H151J   C2012C0G1H151J C2012C0G1H151J PDF Download When a finger is sensed, the signal falls since
C2012C0G1H151JT   C2012C0G1H151JT C2012C0G1H151JT PDF Download TDK CORP rating only, and functional operation of the devi
C2012C0G1H152JT   C2012C0G1H152JT C2012C0G1H152JT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ Most Significant Data Bit (MSB). Data Bits 1C6.
C2012C0G1H152JT000N   C2012C0G1H152JT000N C2012C0G1H152JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
C2012C0G1H160JT   C2012C0G1H160JT C2012C0G1H160JT PDF Download DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
C2012C0G1H180J   C2012C0G1H180J C2012C0G1H180J PDF Download
C2012C0G1H180JT   C2012C0G1H180JT C2012C0G1H180JT PDF Download TDK CORP The SML-311 series are low power con- sumption,
C2012C0G1H180JT009A   C2012C0G1H180JT009A C2012C0G1H180JT009A PDF Download 1. Multi-Picture (automatic)   Fields are
C2012C0G1H180KT0TTD   C2012C0G1H180KT0TTD C2012C0G1H180KT0TTD PDF Download The MK1491-06 provides more functionality in a 2
C2012C0G1H181JT   C2012C0G1H181JT C2012C0G1H181JT PDF Download TDK CORP The response is thus a logarithmic curve; each d
C2012C0G1H181JT000A   C2012C0G1H181JT000A C2012C0G1H181JT000A PDF Download 1. Life support devices or systems are devices o
C2012C0G1H181KT000A   C2012C0G1H181KT000A C2012C0G1H181KT000A PDF Download CT: The oscillator-programming pin. Only two comp
C2012C0G1H1R2CT   C2012C0G1H1R2CT C2012C0G1H1R2CT PDF Download The HYM72V64636H(L)T8 Series are 64Mx64bits Synch
C2012C0G1H1R5C   C2012C0G1H1R5C C2012C0G1H1R5C PDF Download   The VSC7924 is designed to operate with a
C2012C0G1H1R5CT   C2012C0G1H1R5CT C2012C0G1H1R5CT PDF Download The CAN modules allow single-cycle byte or word
C2012C0G1H1R5CT(PB)   C2012C0G1H1R5CT(PB) C2012C0G1H1R5CT(PB) PDF Download Notes: 1. Gate Open 2. Measurement using the ga
C2012C0G1H1R8CT   C2012C0G1H1R8CT C2012C0G1H1R8CT PDF Download RESET is asserted and the condition is latched un
C2012C0G1H200JT   C2012C0G1H200JT C2012C0G1H200JT PDF Download TDK CORP SOFTWARE DATA PROTECTION: A software controlled d
C2012C0G1H220J   C2012C0G1H220J C2012C0G1H220J PDF Download This device contains eight full-duplex 10BASE-T/
C2012C0G1H220JT   C2012C0G1H220JT C2012C0G1H220JT PDF Download TDK CORP   The first character of the part number su
C2012C0G1H220JT000A   C2012C0G1H220JT000A C2012C0G1H220JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The charge pulse can be a minimum of 1µs a
C2012C0G1H220JT009A   C2012C0G1H220JT009A C2012C0G1H220JT009A PDF Download Maximum gain setpoint Maximum gain setpoint, no
C2012C0G1H221J   C2012C0G1H221J C2012C0G1H221J PDF Download The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages in
C2012C0G1H221JT   C2012C0G1H221JT C2012C0G1H221JT PDF Download TDK CORP This publication is issued to provide outline in
C2012C0G1H222JT000N   C2012C0G1H222JT000N C2012C0G1H222JT000N PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ Single power supply: +5 V 5% (HN27C101AG-10/HN2
C2012C0G1H222JTOHON   C2012C0G1H222JTOHON C2012C0G1H222JTOHON PDF Download TDK SMD 2006 VERTICAL SYNC OUTPUT A vertical sync output is
C2012C0G1H22JT   C2012C0G1H22JT C2012C0G1H22JT PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
C2012C0G1H240JT090A   C2012C0G1H240JT090A C2012C0G1H240JT090A PDF Download (2) When the receiver will be used as the wire-le
C2012C0G1H270JT   C2012C0G1H270JT C2012C0G1H270JT PDF Download TDK 04+   The K6F2008U2E families are fabricated by
C2012C0G1H270JT(PB)   C2012C0G1H270JT(PB) C2012C0G1H270JT(PB) PDF Download Pin 1 VCC1 ( a 5V) The logic and clock power sup
C2012C0G1H270JT009A   C2012C0G1H270JT009A C2012C0G1H270JT009A PDF Download TDK SOP 35
C2012C0G1H271JT   C2012C0G1H271JT C2012C0G1H271JT PDF Download TDK N/A   There are two limitations on the power ha
C2012C0G1H271JT000A   C2012C0G1H271JT000A C2012C0G1H271JT000A PDF Download The UCC3888 regulates a 5 volt, 1 Watt nonisolat
C2012C0G1H271JT009A   C2012C0G1H271JT009A C2012C0G1H271JT009A PDF Download • SPORTs have independent framing for the
C2012C0G1H271JT090A   C2012C0G1H271JT090A C2012C0G1H271JT090A PDF Download (1) The algebraic convention, whereby the most n
C2012C0G1H2R2CT   C2012C0G1H2R2CT C2012C0G1H2R2CT PDF Download TDK 08+ Hynix HYMD116M725B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
C2012C0G1H2R5CT   C2012C0G1H2R5CT C2012C0G1H2R5CT PDF Download The collision detection threshold can be shifted
C2012C0G1H2R7CT   C2012C0G1H2R7CT C2012C0G1H2R7CT PDF Download SOP 2.5.9Process critical and key parameters 007
C2012C0G1H2R7CTEG9A   C2012C0G1H2R7CTEG9A C2012C0G1H2R7CTEG9A PDF Download The C2012C0G1H2R7CTEG9A Memory iButton operates n
C2012C0G1H300JT090A   C2012C0G1H300JT090A C2012C0G1H300JT090A PDF Download Interrupt controller   • External in
C2012C0G1H330IT   C2012C0G1H330IT C2012C0G1H330IT PDF Download The OPA177 precision bipolar op amp feature very
C2012C0G1H330JT   C2012C0G1H330JT C2012C0G1H330JT PDF Download TDK CORP TC9208M includes a physical layer configuration /
C2012C0G1H330JT000A   C2012C0G1H330JT000A C2012C0G1H330JT000A PDF Download TDK 00+ The special detect circuitry monitors the receive
C2012C0G1H331J   C2012C0G1H331J C2012C0G1H331J PDF Download
C2012C0G1H331JT   C2012C0G1H331JT C2012C0G1H331JT PDF Download TDK CORP See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
C2012C0G1H331JT000A   C2012C0G1H331JT000A C2012C0G1H331JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
C2012C0G1H331JT090A   C2012C0G1H331JT090A C2012C0G1H331JT090A PDF Download †For information on tape and reel specific
C2012C0G1H332J   C2012C0G1H332J C2012C0G1H332J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 2008 Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
C2012C0G1H332JT   C2012C0G1H332JT C2012C0G1H332JT PDF Download TDK 08+ Information furnished is believed to be accurate
C2012C0G1H361JT   C2012C0G1H361JT C2012C0G1H361JT PDF Download Low-power CMOS technology ORG pin to select wo
C2012C0G1H390JT   C2012C0G1H390JT C2012C0G1H390JT PDF Download TDK CORP Ring Indicator (Active-LOW). These inputs are ass
C2012C0G1H390KT   C2012C0G1H390KT C2012C0G1H390KT PDF Download Notes 1. DC Current Transfer Ratio (CTRCE) is d
C2012C0G1H391JT   C2012C0G1H391JT C2012C0G1H391JT PDF Download connected to common Ports Dn) when the nIN inpu
C2012C0G1H392J   C2012C0G1H392J C2012C0G1H392J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) TDK 08+ Four 16-Bit CMOS ADC Input Ports Programmable Cl
C2012C0G1H392JT   C2012C0G1H392JT C2012C0G1H392JT PDF Download TDK 08+ Both the TPA and TPB cable interfaces incorporat
C2012C0G1H3R3BT   C2012C0G1H3R3BT C2012C0G1H3R3BT PDF Download Power Diode Module DD60GB series are designed fo
C2012C0G1H3R3CT   C2012C0G1H3R3CT C2012C0G1H3R3CT PDF Download JA values shown are typical for standard test PC
C2012C0G1H3R3CT090A   C2012C0G1H3R3CT090A C2012C0G1H3R3CT090A PDF Download Schmitt-trigger buffered inputs at the enable/cl
C2012C0G1H3R3CT300A   C2012C0G1H3R3CT300A C2012C0G1H3R3CT300A PDF Download TDK CORP Q1 through Q4 and also additional external output
C2012C0G1H3R9CT   C2012C0G1H3R9CT C2012C0G1H3R9CT PDF Download   The MC100ES6039 is a low skew 2/4, 4/6 c
C2012C0G1H3R9CT000A   C2012C0G1H3R9CT000A C2012C0G1H3R9CT000A PDF Download NOTES: A. CL includes probe and jig capacitance.
C2012C0G1H430JT   C2012C0G1H430JT C2012C0G1H430JT PDF Download Reproduction of information in TI data books or
C2012C0G1H430JT090A   C2012C0G1H430JT090A C2012C0G1H430JT090A PDF Download Operating Range from 5 V to 18 V Baud Rate up to
C2012C0G1H470JT   C2012C0G1H470JT C2012C0G1H470JT PDF Download TDK CORP max. This allows a value of 2.19 ms for tQUIET, s
C2012C0G1H470JT000A   C2012C0G1H470JT000A C2012C0G1H470JT000A PDF Download 2DESCRIPTION In a 1.4 x 7 x 7mm low-profile Bal
C2012C0G1H471J   C2012C0G1H471J C2012C0G1H471J PDF Download • 1.15(29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin
C2012C0G1H471JT   C2012C0G1H471JT C2012C0G1H471JT PDF Download TDK N/A 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
C2012C0G1H472J   C2012C0G1H472J C2012C0G1H472J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 2008   OSC1 and OSC2 are connected to an RC netw
C2012C0G1H472JT   C2012C0G1H472JT C2012C0G1H472JT PDF Download TDK 08+ INPUT FRAME OFFSET SELECTION   Input frame
C2012C0G1H472JT0J9N   C2012C0G1H472JT0J9N C2012C0G1H472JT0J9N PDF Download 4. NAND Flash Memory control   The family
C2012C0G1H4R3CT   C2012C0G1H4R3CT C2012C0G1H4R3CT PDF Download
C2012C0G1H4R7BT   C2012C0G1H4R7BT C2012C0G1H4R7BT PDF Download (5) The products and product specifications desc
C2012C0G1H4R7CT   C2012C0G1H4R7CT C2012C0G1H4R7CT PDF Download TDK CORP This series of fixed-voltage integrated-circuit
C2012C0G1H4R7CT000A   C2012C0G1H4R7CT000A C2012C0G1H4R7CT000A PDF Download • Separate record/playback input and output.
C2012C0G1H4R7CT000N   C2012C0G1H4R7CT000N C2012C0G1H4R7CT000N PDF Download The LP358 and LP2904 are dual low-power operatio
C2012C0G1H4R7CT009A   C2012C0G1H4R7CT009A C2012C0G1H4R7CT009A PDF Download
C2012C0G1H510J   C2012C0G1H510J C2012C0G1H510J PDF Download TDK 08+ The EasyVoiceTM plays groups according to the k
C2012C0G1H561J   C2012C0G1H561J C2012C0G1H561J PDF Download TDK CORP from Normal to Freerun. The Compare Circuit then
C2012C0G1H561JT000A   C2012C0G1H561JT000A C2012C0G1H561JT000A PDF Download Each ISL6118 incorporates in a single 8-lead SOIC
C2012C0G1H562J   C2012C0G1H562J C2012C0G1H562J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) TDK 08+ Molded case circuit breaker load centers and pan
C2012C0G1H562JT   C2012C0G1H562JT C2012C0G1H562JT PDF Download TDK 08+   There is no internal circuit provision fo
C2012C0G1H5R6CT   C2012C0G1H5R6CT C2012C0G1H5R6CT PDF Download Automatic mode transition of constant-frequency s
C2012C0G1H5R6CT0J0A   C2012C0G1H5R6CT0J0A C2012C0G1H5R6CT0J0A PDF Download 2. Regularly and continuously improve the perfor
C2012C0G1H680JT   C2012C0G1H680JT C2012C0G1H680JT PDF Download TDK CORP   PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns prod
C2012C0G1H680JT000A   C2012C0G1H680JT000A C2012C0G1H680JT000A PDF Download
C2012C0G1H680JT009A   C2012C0G1H680JT009A C2012C0G1H680JT009A PDF Download
C2012C0G1H681J   C2012C0G1H681J C2012C0G1H681J PDF Download • Programmable address latch enable input
C2012C0G1H681JT   C2012C0G1H681JT C2012C0G1H681JT PDF Download TDK CORP The C2012C0G1H681JT satisfies the following USB r
C2012C0G1H681JT000N   C2012C0G1H681JT000N C2012C0G1H681JT000N PDF Download Gate drive output for external N-channel. The GAT
C2012C0G1H682JT   C2012C0G1H682JT C2012C0G1H682JT PDF Download TDK 08+ N otes: 1. D Q -to-I/O wiring is shown as recom
C2012C0G1H682JT000N   C2012C0G1H682JT000N C2012C0G1H682JT000N PDF Download TDK SMD 07+
C2012C0G1H6R2CT   C2012C0G1H6R2CT C2012C0G1H6R2CT PDF Download 16-bit resolution with no missing codes Through
C2012C0G1H6R2CT090A   C2012C0G1H6R2CT090A C2012C0G1H6R2CT090A PDF Download Parameter Forward Voltage Reverse Current Te
C2012C0G1H6R8CT   C2012C0G1H6R8CT C2012C0G1H6R8CT PDF Download TDK 05+ The Am186ES/ESLV and Am188ES/ESLV microcontroll
C2012C0G1H6R8CT090A   C2012C0G1H6R8CT090A C2012C0G1H6R8CT090A PDF Download ASYNCHRONOUS READ: There are two types of asynchr
C2012C0G1H820GT   C2012C0G1H820GT C2012C0G1H820GT PDF Download The Evaluation System is the most convenient en
C2012C0G1H820JT   C2012C0G1H820JT C2012C0G1H820JT PDF Download TDK CORP Standard Definition Programmable Features  
C2012C0G1H820JT009A   C2012C0G1H820JT009A C2012C0G1H820JT009A PDF Download Regulators (ISRs). These ISRs are de- signed wi
C2012C0G1H820JT090A   C2012C0G1H820JT090A C2012C0G1H820JT090A PDF Download TDK 08+ There are three ways to terminate the Idle mode.
C2012C0G1H821J   C2012C0G1H821J C2012C0G1H821J PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP22..YA1 is designed in th
C2012C0G1H822JT   C2012C0G1H822JT C2012C0G1H822JT PDF Download TDK 08+ The SPI protocol is controlled by op-codes. Thes
C2012C0G1H822JT000N   C2012C0G1H822JT000N C2012C0G1H822JT000N PDF Download TDK SOP 504 The circuit will remain in synchronization as lon
C2012C0G1H8R2CT   C2012C0G1H8R2CT C2012C0G1H8R2CT PDF Download The CS5381 is available in 24-pin TSSOP and SOIC
C2012C0G1H910J   C2012C0G1H910J C2012C0G1H910J PDF Download The AS4C1M16F5 is a high performance 16-megabit
C2012C0G2E102J   C2012C0G2E102J C2012C0G2E102J PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) new The JEDEC low-K (1s) board design used to derive
C2012C-12NJ   C2012C-12NJ C2012C-12NJ PDF Download N/A The MT88E45B is a low power CMOS integrated circu
C2012C-12NJ/2012-12N   C2012C-12NJ/2012-12N C2012C-12NJ/2012-12N PDF Download SAGAMI 04+ Floating bootstrap supply pin for the upper gate
C2012C-12NK   C2012C-12NK C2012C-12NK PDF Download SAGAMI N/A   The equations are developed to predict th
C2012C-18NG   C2012C-18NG C2012C-18NG PDF Download Sagami 2008+ The sensor array is composed of 300 rows and 300
C2012C-18NJ   C2012C-18NJ C2012C-18NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ • M68HC11 CPU • Power Saving STOP
C2012C-1R0J   C2012C-1R0J C2012C-1R0J PDF Download N/A 0805L The C2012C-1R0J is a high-performance, full-feat
C2012C-22NJ   C2012C-22NJ C2012C-22NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ The RC5051 is a programmable synchronous DC-DC
C2012C27NJ   C2012C27NJ C2012C27NJ PDF Download After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the d
C2012C-33NJ   C2012C-33NJ C2012C-33NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ The LCX16373 contains sixteen D-type latches wit
C2012C-39NJ   C2012C-39NJ C2012C-39NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ PARAMETER Reference Voltage Section Fb Voltage
C2012C-47NK   C2012C-47NK C2012C-47NK PDF Download   The MAU400 series has limitation of maxim
C2012C-56NG   C2012C-56NG C2012C-56NG PDF Download Sagami 2008+ The situation is different in the case of underv
C2012C-64NJ   C2012C-64NJ C2012C-64NJ PDF Download N/A 0805L • AS6UA5128 • Intelliwatt™ act
C2012C-68NJ   C2012C-68NJ C2012C-68NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ Asynchronous mode. XASY = 0 Asynchronous transmis
C2012C68NK   C2012C68NK C2012C68NK PDF Download Class 1 C Class 1 capacitors or temperature compe
C2012C-68NY   C2012C-68NY C2012C-68NY PDF Download S 0805-68NY 05+ Notes: 1Stresses above those listed under Absol
C2012C-6N8J   C2012C-6N8J C2012C-6N8J PDF Download ADC CHANNEL   No Missing Codes1   Res
C2012C-82NJ   C2012C-82NJ C2012C-82NJ PDF Download Sagami 2008+ Notes: Stresses greater than those listed under
C2012C-8N2J   C2012C-8N2J C2012C-8N2J PDF Download N/A Note 1: VINPP is the signal swing before the ext
C2012C-8N2M   C2012C-8N2M C2012C-8N2M PDF Download N/A 0805L Besides replacing fixed regulators, the LM117 is
C2012CH1E333J   C2012CH1E333J C2012CH1E333J PDF Download N/A Up to 18-A Output Current 5-V Input Bus Wide-Ou
C2012CH1H010CT000A   C2012CH1H010CT000A C2012CH1H010CT000A PDF Download TDK 04+ The C2012CH1H010CT000A (single version with shut
C2012CH1H020CT000A   C2012CH1H020CT000A C2012CH1H020CT000A PDF Download N/A 0805c The relay control output is an open-collector Da
C2012CH1H030CT000A   C2012CH1H030CT000A C2012CH1H030CT000A PDF Download 1.1 GHz Toggle Frequency Supply Voltage 4.5 to 5
C2012CH1H060T000A   C2012CH1H060T000A C2012CH1H060T000A PDF Download memory system applications results in full-speed,
C2012CH1H070DC000A   C2012CH1H070DC000A C2012CH1H070DC000A PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012CH1H080DT000A   C2012CH1H080DT000A C2012CH1H080DT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-80 05+ LSI Logic Corporation reserves the right to make
C2012CH1H0R5B   C2012CH1H0R5B C2012CH1H0R5B PDF Download Input Zener Voltage IGBT Chips Over Heating Prot
C2012CH1H0R5BT005A   C2012CH1H0R5BT005A C2012CH1H0R5BT005A PDF Download Note: 1. Commercial Product : TA=0 to 70C, unles
C2012CH1H100CT000A   C2012CH1H100CT000A C2012CH1H100CT000A PDF Download Note 2: At elevated temperatures, device power di
C2012CH1H100FC000A   C2012CH1H100FC000A C2012CH1H100FC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The HCC4000B, HCC4001B, HCC4002B and HCC4025B (e
C2012CH1H101GT000A   C2012CH1H101GT000A C2012CH1H101GT000A PDF Download where N is the number of cells, RB1 is connected
C2012CH1H101JT000A   C2012CH1H101JT000A C2012CH1H101JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Note 1: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
C2012CH1H101JT00AA   C2012CH1H101JT00AA C2012CH1H101JT00AA PDF Download N/A N/A N/A When the Schottky diode is reversed biased, the
C2012CH1H101KT000A   C2012CH1H101KT000A C2012CH1H101KT000A PDF Download N/A 0805c † Pulse-testing techniques maintain TJ as
C2012CH1H102JT000A   C2012CH1H102JT000A C2012CH1H102JT000A PDF Download TDK 99+  VCCH = 12V, Measure 2V to 9V transition ti
C2012CH1H103JT   C2012CH1H103JT C2012CH1H103JT PDF Download TDK 08+ 3. Measured by the voltage drop between A and B
C2012CH1H11OJT   C2012CH1H11OJT C2012CH1H11OJT PDF Download The LTC®1403/C2012CH1H11OJTA are 12-bit/14-bi
C2012CH1H120JT000A   C2012CH1H120JT000A C2012CH1H120JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc00 UC3874-1 is designed for logic level MOSFETs and
C2012CH1H121JT000A   C2012CH1H121JT000A C2012CH1H121JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc01 Vcc = 5V10%, TA = 0C to 70C (Normal) unless other
C2012CH1H150JT000A   C2012CH1H150JT000A C2012CH1H150JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The sensor can operate in three interface
C2012CH1H150JT000P   C2012CH1H150JT000P C2012CH1H150JT000P PDF Download TDK SOP During the pre-equalizing, vertical sync and post
C2012CH1H151JT000A   C2012CH1H151JT000A C2012CH1H151JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ A0-A11 are address inputs sampled during the ACT
C2012CH1H152JT   C2012CH1H152JT C2012CH1H152JT PDF Download Features:   Operates from 2.4V to 26V supp
C2012CH1H180JT000A   C2012CH1H180JT000A C2012CH1H180JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc00   For driving the N-Channel gates, it is im
C2012CH1H182JT000A   C2012CH1H182JT000A C2012CH1H182JT000A PDF Download TDK Characteristics, Switching Characteristics Under
C2012CH1H200JT000A   C2012CH1H200JT000A C2012CH1H200JT000A PDF Download TDK 99+ There are 2 types of data which should be accesse
C2012CH1H201JT000A   C2012CH1H201JT000A C2012CH1H201JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ DESCRIPTION The ST485E is al low power transcei
C2012CH1H220JT000A   C2012CH1H220JT000A C2012CH1H220JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc00 Power-Up and MR Operation   Figure 2 define
C2012CH1H221JT000A   C2012CH1H221JT000A C2012CH1H221JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The EL5172 and EL5372 are single and triple high
C2012CH1H222JT000A   C2012CH1H222JT000A C2012CH1H222JT000A PDF Download In a slow mode, the conversion is completed befo
C2012CH1H240JT000A   C2012CH1H240JT000A C2012CH1H240JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ combined with thermal shutdown and automatic re
C2012CH1H270JT000A   C2012CH1H270JT000A C2012CH1H270JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc02 The C2012CH1H270JT000A is a high speed CMOS cont
C2012CH1H270JT00UA   C2012CH1H270JT00UA C2012CH1H270JT00UA PDF Download Agilent Technologies offers a wide variety of
C2012CH1H270KT000A   C2012CH1H270KT000A C2012CH1H270KT000A PDF Download NOTES: 1. Industrial temperature range product f
C2012CH1H271JT000A   C2012CH1H271JT000A C2012CH1H271JT000A PDF Download TDK 99+ • SuperFAST HIGH DENSITY PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC
C2012CH1H2R2CT00UA   C2012CH1H2R2CT00UA C2012CH1H2R2CT00UA PDF Download The CMY 211 is an all port single ended general
C2012CH1H2R5CT800A   C2012CH1H2R5CT800A C2012CH1H2R5CT800A PDF Download TDK 0805-2.5P 99+ Notes; (1) Repetitive Rating: Pulse Width Limit
C2012CH1H2R7CT00UA   C2012CH1H2R7CT00UA C2012CH1H2R7CT00UA PDF Download The following is a list of advisories on modules
C2012CH1H300JT000A   C2012CH1H300JT000A C2012CH1H300JT000A PDF Download TDK 99+ These devices also feature a watchdog timer pin
C2012CH1H330JT000A   C2012CH1H330JT000A C2012CH1H330JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ NOTES: (1) Specifications apply to both DACs. (2
C2012CH1H331JT000A   C2012CH1H331JT000A C2012CH1H331JT000A PDF Download TDK 9. PRESET MEMORY BUTTONS (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) &nbs
C2012CH1H360JT000A   C2012CH1H360JT000A C2012CH1H360JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ A measurement is initiated when the supply is ap
C2012CH1H390JT   C2012CH1H390JT C2012CH1H390JT PDF Download • Bidirectional data strobe(DQS) • D
C2012CH1H390JT000A   C2012CH1H390JT000A C2012CH1H390JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ In this mode, CS is active (low) between serial
C2012CH1H470JT000A   C2012CH1H470JT000A C2012CH1H470JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ * 1.1 Scope. This specification covers the perfo
C2012CH1H471J   C2012CH1H471J C2012CH1H471J PDF Download TDK 0805/2012 07/环保  The Hynix C2012CH1H471J Series are Dual In
C2012CH1H471JT   C2012CH1H471JT C2012CH1H471JT PDF Download The MAX5042/MAX5043 isolated multimode PWM power
C2012CH1H471JT000A   C2012CH1H471JT000A C2012CH1H471JT000A PDF Download TDK 805 DRIVER-OUTPUT ENABLE/DISABLE TIMES Driver-Output
C2012CH1H471JT000P   C2012CH1H471JT000P C2012CH1H471JT000P PDF Download 1. MTTF calculator available at http://www.frees
C2012CH1H4R5CT000A   C2012CH1H4R5CT000A C2012CH1H4R5CT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V Outpu
C2012CH1H560JT000A   C2012CH1H560JT000A C2012CH1H560JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-56 The SN65MLVD128 and SN65MLVD129 are LVTTL-to-M&#
C2012CH1H561J   C2012CH1H561J C2012CH1H561J PDF Download N/A 0805c A: The value of R JA is measured with the device
C2012CH1H561JT000A   C2012CH1H561JT000A C2012CH1H561JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The IS41C82002 and IS41LV82002 are CMOS DRAMs o
C2012CH1H561JTOHOA   C2012CH1H561JTOHOA C2012CH1H561JTOHOA PDF Download Supply Filtering A 0.1F to 0.1F bypass capacitor
C2012CH1H5R6CT00UA   C2012CH1H5R6CT00UA C2012CH1H5R6CT00UA PDF Download This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
C2012CH1H680JT000A   C2012CH1H680JT000A C2012CH1H680JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-68P • Categorized for Luminous   Intensi
C2012CH1H681JT000A   C2012CH1H681JT000A C2012CH1H681JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The HEF4093B consists of four Schmitt-trigger ci
C2012CH1H6R8CT00UA   C2012CH1H6R8CT00UA C2012CH1H6R8CT00UA PDF Download When operated in its default mode, the sensor ge
C2012CH1H820JC000A   C2012CH1H820JC000A C2012CH1H820JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Dual pushbutton operation is only available when
C2012CH1H820JT000A   C2012CH1H820JT000A C2012CH1H820JT000A PDF Download - Added part ID for 3L00M maskset. - Added cycl
C2012CH1H821JT000A   C2012CH1H821JT000A C2012CH1H821JT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc01 The device also features split output bank power
C2012CH1H8R2CT000UA   C2012CH1H8R2CT000UA C2012CH1H8R2CT000UA PDF Download Input Equivalent Circuit To prevent static char
C2012CH1HR75CT000A   C2012CH1HR75CT000A C2012CH1HR75CT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Note to HCT types The value of additional quies
C2012CJB1C224KT000N   C2012CJB1C224KT000N C2012CJB1C224KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805C NOTE: Devices are designed to meet the DC specif
C2012COG1E223JT000N   C2012COG1E223JT000N C2012COG1E223JT000N PDF Download This is the gate drive output for the Auxiliary
C2012COG1H010CT000N   C2012COG1H010CT000N C2012COG1H010CT000N PDF Download TDK 08+  The HYM72V32C736T8 Series are Dual In-line
C2012COG1H010CT099A   C2012COG1H010CT099A C2012COG1H010CT099A PDF Download TDK 08+ • CMOS for optimum speed/power • Win
C2012COG1H020CC000A   C2012COG1H020CC000A C2012COG1H020CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Note 5: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
C2012COG1H030BT090A   C2012COG1H030BT090A C2012COG1H030BT090A PDF Download is the case then the N-Channel MOSFET is fully en
C2012COG1H030CC000A   C2012COG1H030CC000A C2012COG1H030CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Turn-On Time: The output of the ISR is enabled au
C2012COG1H030CT000N   C2012COG1H030CT000N C2012COG1H030CT000N PDF Download A simple LC noise reduction filter (L5 and C7) i
C2012COG1H040JT000A   C2012COG1H040JT000A C2012COG1H040JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The Input/Output logic timing diagram is shown i
C2012COG1H050CT   C2012COG1H050CT C2012COG1H050CT PDF Download capacitance TDK 08+ Organization . . . 512K 16 2 Banks 3.3-V Power
C2012COG1H050DC000A   C2012COG1H050DC000A C2012COG1H050DC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Consistent LED color hue results from high curre
C2012COG1H060CT000A   C2012COG1H060CT000A C2012COG1H060CT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ • AN80M19RSP (1.9 V type)   Unless oth
C2012COG1H060DT000A   C2012COG1H060DT000A C2012COG1H060DT000A PDF Download The SN54ACT16374 and 74ACT16374 are 16-bit edge
C2012COG1H090DT000A   C2012COG1H090DT000A C2012COG1H090DT000A PDF Download Power mode: Normal, Slow, Idle, Stop mode and SL
C2012COG1H0R6CC000A   C2012COG1H0R6CC000A C2012COG1H0R6CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Immediately following initiation, the IC enters a
C2012COG1H100DT000   C2012COG1H100DT000 C2012COG1H100DT000 PDF Download Left Feedback Amplifier Inverting Input Left Fee
C2012COG1H100DT0JCA   C2012COG1H100DT0JCA C2012COG1H100DT0JCA PDF Download FM Double-conversion System Integrated Second IF
C2012COG1H100JC000A   C2012COG1H100JC000A C2012COG1H100JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The deserializer stays in lock until it cannot d
C2012COG1H100JT   C2012COG1H100JT C2012COG1H100JT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ 15.1 inches(38cm) diagonal 352.6w * 265.0h * 1
C2012COG1H101JT   C2012COG1H101JT C2012COG1H101JT PDF Download TDK 08+ Programmable options include the length of pipeli
C2012COG1H101JT000A   C2012COG1H101JT000A C2012COG1H101JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The 64-I/O 2064VE contains 64 I/O cells, while t
C2012COG1H101JT0JCA   C2012COG1H101JT0JCA C2012COG1H101JT0JCA PDF Download Internal registers include available charge, tem
C2012COG1H101KT3VOA   C2012COG1H101KT3VOA C2012COG1H101KT3VOA PDF Download N/A 0805c Port 0, Input/Output. Port 0 is the multiplexed a
C2012COG1H102JT   C2012COG1H102JT C2012COG1H102JT PDF Download TDK 805 Device operation The AM93LC86 is controlled by s
C2012COG1H102JT000A   C2012COG1H102JT000A C2012COG1H102JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Internal registers include available charge, tem
C2012COG1H102JT000N   C2012COG1H102JT000N C2012COG1H102JT000N PDF Download MURATA N/A 2006+ Accuron, Application Maestro, dsPIC, dsPICDEM,
C2012COG1H110G   C2012COG1H110G C2012COG1H110G PDF Download This is the high impedance output of the quadrat
C2012COG1H120JT   C2012COG1H120JT C2012COG1H120JT PDF Download capacitance TDK 08+  Key parameters optimized for PDP sustain &
C2012COG1H120JT000A   C2012COG1H120JT000A C2012COG1H120JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The LPC2131/2132/2134/2136/2138 microcontrollers
C2012COG1H122J   C2012COG1H122J C2012COG1H122J PDF Download 0805c READ clock input with pull-high resistor. Data in
C2012COG1H130JT090A   C2012COG1H130JT090A C2012COG1H130JT090A PDF Download TDK 08+ The thermally efficient package measures only 2
C2012COG1H150JC000A   C2012COG1H150JC000A C2012COG1H150JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The TLE 6363 G is a multifunctional power supply
C2012COG1H150JT009A   C2012COG1H150JT009A C2012COG1H150JT009A PDF Download TDK SOP 110 AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash me
C2012COG1H151JT000A   C2012COG1H151JT000A C2012COG1H151JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C2012COG1H151JT000N   C2012COG1H151JT000N C2012COG1H151JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The push-pull converter achieves high efficiency
C2012COG1H181JT000A   C2012COG1H181JT000A C2012COG1H181JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ DESCRIPTION The 74VHC08 is an advanced high-spe
C2012COG1H182J   C2012COG1H182J C2012COG1H182J PDF Download ♦ Four Regulators in One Package ♦
C2012COG1H182JT0H0N   C2012COG1H182JT0H0N C2012COG1H182JT0H0N PDF Download TDK SOP 602 The SY58620L is a low jitter, high-speed transcei
C2012COG1H1R2CC000A   C2012COG1H1R2CC000A C2012COG1H1R2CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ One clock should be held HIGH while counting wit
C2012COG1H1R2CT   C2012COG1H1R2CT C2012COG1H1R2CT PDF Download On page 3-31, the last paragraph implies that ei
C2012COG1H1R5CC000A   C2012COG1H1R5CC000A C2012COG1H1R5CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The device operation is controlled by instructio
C2012COG1H1R5CT000N   C2012COG1H1R5CT000N C2012COG1H1R5CT000N PDF Download TDK 07+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
C2012COG1H1R5CTU90A   C2012COG1H1R5CTU90A C2012COG1H1R5CTU90A PDF Download
C2012COG1H220JT000A   C2012COG1H220JT000A C2012COG1H220JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ When wiper position data is to be written to the
C2012COG1H220JT000N   C2012COG1H220JT000N C2012COG1H220JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
C2012COG1H220JT090A   C2012COG1H220JT090A C2012COG1H220JT090A PDF Download The device is compliant with the Intel AC97 Rev 2
C2012COG1H221JT   C2012COG1H221JT C2012COG1H221JT PDF Download Ground pin. Complimentary clock of differential
C2012COG1H221JT009A   C2012COG1H221JT009A C2012COG1H221JT009A PDF Download KEMET 08+ DSP Functions for CCD/CMOS Image Processing Vide
C2012COG1H221JT090A   C2012COG1H221JT090A C2012COG1H221JT090A PDF Download The modem operates at 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200,
C2012COG1H221OT   C2012COG1H221OT C2012COG1H221OT PDF Download The input and output matching resistors attenuat
C2012COG1H241JT000A   C2012COG1H241JT000A C2012COG1H241JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The C2012COG1H241JT000A is a dual bridge-connect
C2012COG1H260JP000A   C2012COG1H260JP000A C2012COG1H260JP000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar T
C2012COG1H270J(PB)   C2012COG1H270J(PB) C2012COG1H270J(PB) PDF Download In addition, the temperature compensation of the
C2012COG1H270JT   C2012COG1H270JT C2012COG1H270JT PDF Download TDK 805   C 5V Read   C 5V Reprogramming Fast
C2012COG1H270JT000N   C2012COG1H270JT000N C2012COG1H270JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Five years minimum data retention in the absence
C2012COG1H271JC000A   C2012COG1H271JC000A C2012COG1H271JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ All FLEX 8000 device packages provide four dedic
C2012COG1H271JT   C2012COG1H271JT C2012COG1H271JT PDF Download The HMU16 has independent clocks (CLKX, CLKY, CL
C2012COG1H271JT000A   C2012COG1H271JT000A C2012COG1H271JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Number of channels : 8 Resolution : set 10-bit
C2012COG1H272JT000N   C2012COG1H272JT000N C2012COG1H272JT000N PDF Download HERMETIC 100mil CERAMIC FLANGE PACKAGE +28.0dBm
C2012COG1H300JT000A   C2012COG1H300JT000A C2012COG1H300JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The attached spice model describes the typical el
C2012COG1H300JT090A   C2012COG1H300JT090A C2012COG1H300JT090A PDF Download The RMBA19500A is a highly linear Power Amplifie
C2012COG1H301JP000N   C2012COG1H301JP000N C2012COG1H301JP000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Clocks in the ispLSI 1048 device are selected us
C2012COG1H330JT   C2012COG1H330JT C2012COG1H330JT PDF Download capacitance TDK 08+ NOTES: (1) VS = +5V. (2) VOUT = 0.25V to 2.75V.
C2012COG1H330JT000A   C2012COG1H330JT000A C2012COG1H330JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+  Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Thr
C2012COG1H330JT009A   C2012COG1H330JT009A C2012COG1H330JT009A PDF Download 1 ms instruction cycle time Fourteen multi-sourc
C2012COG1H331JT   C2012COG1H331JT C2012COG1H331JT PDF Download  Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Thr
C2012COG1H331JT000A   C2012COG1H331JT000A C2012COG1H331JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the
C2012COG1H332JT   C2012COG1H332JT C2012COG1H332JT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ Addresses and data needed for the programming a
C2012COG1H360JT000A   C2012COG1H360JT000A C2012COG1H360JT000A PDF Download TDK 805 The circuit is designed to meet the DC specifica
C2012COG1H390JT000A   C2012COG1H390JT000A C2012COG1H390JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-39P 04+
C2012COG1H390JT090A   C2012COG1H390JT090A C2012COG1H390JT090A PDF Download The C2012COG1H390JT090A provides a high level of
C2012COG1H390KT009A   C2012COG1H390KT009A C2012COG1H390KT009A PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012COG1H390KTOJCA   C2012COG1H390KTOJCA C2012COG1H390KTOJCA PDF Download The HT761X offers mask options to select the outp
C2012COG1H391JT   C2012COG1H391JT C2012COG1H391JT PDF Download NOTES : Permanent device damage may occur if ABS
C2012COG1H3R3CC000A   C2012COG1H3R3CC000A C2012COG1H3R3CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Serial Data (SDA) SDA is a bidirectional pin us
C2012COG1H3R6BT090A   C2012COG1H3R6BT090A C2012COG1H3R6BT090A PDF Download Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short-C
C2012COG1H3R6CC000A   C2012COG1H3R6CC000A C2012COG1H3R6CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ 2. Regularly and continuously improve the perfor
C2012COG1H3R9CT090A   C2012COG1H3R9CT090A C2012COG1H3R9CT090A PDF Download TDK 08+   The NLAS4501 is an analog switch manufact
C2012COG1H430JT000A   C2012COG1H430JT000A C2012COG1H430JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ 200 mA Source Capability Output Tracks within 10
C2012COG1H470JC000A   C2012COG1H470JC000A C2012COG1H470JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The curve tracer used as an example in this appl
C2012COG1H470JT000A   C2012COG1H470JT000A C2012COG1H470JT000A PDF Download The HC107 and CD74HCT107 utilize silicon gate CM
C2012COG1H471JT000N   C2012COG1H471JT000N C2012COG1H471JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+   Motorola's C2012COG1H471JT000N series sen
C2012COG1H4R3CT090A   C2012COG1H4R3CT090A C2012COG1H4R3CT090A PDF Download TDK 08+   During normal operation, a synchronization
C2012COG1H4R7CTU90A   C2012COG1H4R7CTU90A C2012COG1H4R7CTU90A PDF Download   These Schottky barrier diodes are designed
C2012COG1H560JTU90A   C2012COG1H560JTU90A C2012COG1H560JTU90A PDF Download Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK90F series are de
C2012COG1H561JT   C2012COG1H561JT C2012COG1H561JT PDF Download TDK 805 Following a period of activity in the powered-up
C2012COG1H5R6CT090A   C2012COG1H5R6CT090A C2012COG1H5R6CT090A PDF Download • EP2, 4, 6, 8CEight 512-byte buffers, bul
C2012COG1H5R6D   C2012COG1H5R6D C2012COG1H5R6D PDF Download When removing flux with chemicals after solderin
C2012COG1H620JT000A   C2012COG1H620JT000A C2012COG1H620JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-200 W
C2012COG1H680JT000A   C2012COG1H680JT000A C2012COG1H680JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The MPX5050 series piezoresistive transdu
C2012COG1H681JT000A   C2012COG1H681JT000A C2012COG1H681JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ *3 Transient peak current (Itm)   The peak
C2012COG1H6R2CT090A   C2012COG1H6R2CT090A C2012COG1H6R2CT090A PDF Download TDK 08+ The sensor array is a row-oriented device. Images
C2012COG1H6R8CTU90A   C2012COG1H6R8CTU90A C2012COG1H6R8CTU90A PDF Download This particular HEXFET® is in the Super220TM
C2012COG1H750JC000A   C2012COG1H750JC000A C2012COG1H750JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ • Wide frequency rangeC2.25MHz to 36.0MHz
C2012COG1H750JT0FCA   C2012COG1H750JT0FCA C2012COG1H750JT0FCA PDF Download A configuration interface between the controller
C2012COG1H751JT000A   C2012COG1H751JT000A C2012COG1H751JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ PARAMETER VCC Turn On Voltage VCC Turn Off Volt
C2012COG1H7R5CT090A   C2012COG1H7R5CT090A C2012COG1H7R5CT090A PDF Download TDK 08+ On-chip 4-quadrant resistors allow flexible outp
C2012COG1H820GT000A   C2012COG1H820GT000A C2012COG1H820GT000A PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolut
C2012COG1H820JT   C2012COG1H820JT C2012COG1H820JT PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
C2012COG1H820JTU90A   C2012COG1H820JTU90A C2012COG1H820JTU90A PDF Download Vdd=2.3V~2.7V, TA = -25C to 85C(E) / -40C to 85C(
C2012COG1H821JT   C2012COG1H821JT C2012COG1H821JT PDF Download TDK 0805-821J T1/E1 Transcoders T1/E1 Multiplexers Personal C
C2012COG1H821JT000A   C2012COG1H821JT000A C2012COG1H821JT000A PDF Download • Cambie las pilas del control remoto cuand
C2012COG1H821KT000A   C2012COG1H821KT000A C2012COG1H821KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ CLOCK SYNC- is an input for synchronizing to an
C2012COG1H82CTE00A   C2012COG1H82CTE00A C2012COG1H82CTE00A PDF Download The voltage regulator uses a p-channel MOS trans
C2012COG1H8R2CT090A   C2012COG1H8R2CT090A C2012COG1H8R2CT090A PDF Download 4 channel UART 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
C2012COG1H9R1CT090A   C2012COG1H9R1CT090A C2012COG1H9R1CT090A PDF Download TDK 08+ o 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel   Di
C2012COG1HR47CC000A   C2012COG1HR47CC000A C2012COG1HR47CC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ LCD voltage calibration Manufacturer identity
C2012COG2A101JT009A   C2012COG2A101JT009A C2012COG2A101JT009A PDF Download   The NJU6048 is a high-efficiency white LED
C2012COG2A150KTOW6A   C2012COG2A150KTOW6A C2012COG2A150KTOW6A PDF Download Hardware data protection measures include a low
C2012COG2A471KTOY6A   C2012COG2A471KTOY6A C2012COG2A471KTOY6A PDF Download
C2012C-R12J   C2012C-R12J C2012C-R12J PDF Download Sagami 2008+
C2012CR12K   C2012CR12K C2012CR12K PDF Download N/A 0805L • Acquisition:   C Feature selection
C2012C-R12K   C2012C-R12K C2012C-R12K PDF Download An integrated ADSL-compatible line driver is use
C2012C-R15J   C2012C-R15J C2012C-R15J PDF Download N/A 0805L In NORMAL mode, DPLL #2 provides the CEPT/ST-BUS
C2012C-R18J   C2012C-R18J C2012C-R18J PDF Download SAGAMI 805 The C2012C-R18J and C2012C-R18J are designed to
C2012C-R22G   C2012C-R22G C2012C-R22G PDF Download N/A   Information provided by Graychip is belie
C2012C-R22J   C2012C-R22J C2012C-R22J PDF Download Sagami 2008+   The ST-BUS architecture can be used both
C2012C-R27J   C2012C-R27J C2012C-R27J PDF Download N/A 0805L The data output is sequential, with the data fro
C2012C-R33J   C2012C-R33J C2012C-R33J PDF Download N/A The device is controlled via a 2/3 wire serial in
C2012C-R47J   C2012C-R47J C2012C-R47J PDF Download Sagami 2008+ Notes :   1. H : High ( inactive) L : Low
C2012JB0J106KT000N   C2012JB0J106KT000N C2012JB0J106KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-106K PB-FREE 06+ The EM39LV040 devices are developed for applicati
C2012JB0J106MT000N   C2012JB0J106MT000N C2012JB0J106MT000N PDF Download N/A 0805C Notes:  1. PD indicates an internal pull-d
C2012JB0J155MTRJ0N   C2012JB0J155MTRJ0N C2012JB0J155MTRJ0N PDF Download TDK 08+ The MAX 7000 architecture supports 100% TTL emul
C2012JB0J226M   C2012JB0J226M C2012JB0J226M PDF Download N/A 805 Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
C2012JB0J475KT0S0N   C2012JB0J475KT0S0N C2012JB0J475KT0S0N PDF Download TDK 0805-475K 04+ n −40˚C to +85˚C operation n Co
C2012JB1A105KT000N   C2012JB1A105KT000N C2012JB1A105KT000N PDF Download N/A Notes: a. Room = 25C, Full = as determined by t
C2012JB1A225KT000N   C2012JB1A225KT000N C2012JB1A225KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-225K 04+ 1027 VCB = 10 V dc; TA = +125C 25C for 96 hour
C2012JB1A684KT000N   C2012JB1A684KT000N C2012JB1A684KT000N PDF Download The 64Mb SDRAM has the ability to synchronously
C2012JB1C103KT000A   C2012JB1C103KT000A C2012JB1C103KT000A PDF Download Stereo 16-Bit Oversampling Sigma-Delta A/D Conve
C2012JB1C105KT000N   C2012JB1C105KT000N C2012JB1C105KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-105K P Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
C2012JB1C154KT   C2012JB1C154KT C2012JB1C154KT PDF Download TRANSMITTER The transmitter accepts logic level
C2012JB1C154KT000N   C2012JB1C154KT000N C2012JB1C154KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-154K Drain-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage C
C2012JB1C224KT000N   C2012JB1C224KT000N C2012JB1C224KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-224K Boost-up control using PFM White LED of 2-4 ligh
C2012JB1C273KT000A   C2012JB1C273KT000A C2012JB1C273KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The M59PW064 features an innovative command, Mu
C2012JB1C273KT000P   C2012JB1C273KT000P C2012JB1C273KT000P PDF Download TDK 08+ The information in this publication has been care
C2012JB1C334KT000N   C2012JB1C334KT000N C2012JB1C334KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c The OXCF950 also incorporates a bridge to an 8 b
C2012JB1C474KT   C2012JB1C474KT C2012JB1C474KT PDF Download TDK SMD 8+   Stresses beyond those listed under absolu
C2012JB1C474KT000N   C2012JB1C474KT000N C2012JB1C474KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ At both ends of each array and between each resi
C2012JB1C684KT000N   C2012JB1C684KT000N C2012JB1C684KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-684K Note 1: Die parameters are production tested at r
C2012JB1E104KT000A   C2012JB1E104KT000A C2012JB1E104KT000A PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
C2012JB1E104KT000N   C2012JB1E104KT000N C2012JB1E104KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-104K The 64Mb SDRAM has the ability to synchronously
C2012JB1E104MT000N   C2012JB1E104MT000N C2012JB1E104MT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-104M Provides single chip solution for Vcore, GTL+ &am
C2012JB1E105K   C2012JB1E105K C2012JB1E105K PDF Download TDK 07/08+ Reading from the device is accomplished by takin
C2012JB1E105KT000N   C2012JB1E105KT000N C2012JB1E105KT000N PDF Download TDK 06+ SMD0805 The applied external reference input voltage VRE
C2012JB1E154KT000N   C2012JB1E154KT000N C2012JB1E154KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+   the part number LM27CIM5-2SJ has TOS = 14
C2012JB1E183KT000N   C2012JB1E183KT000N C2012JB1E183KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The black level auto-calibration circuit average
C2012JB1E223KTXJOA   C2012JB1E223KTXJOA C2012JB1E223KTXJOA PDF Download Input Channel A No Internal Connection Intern
C2012JB1E224KT000N   C2012JB1E224KT000N C2012JB1E224KT000N PDF Download This device contains protection circuitry to gua
C2012JB1E273KT0H0A   C2012JB1E273KT0H0A C2012JB1E273KT0H0A PDF Download TDK 08+ The resistor array is composed of 99 resistive e
C2012JB1E333KT0J0N   C2012JB1E333KT0J0N C2012JB1E333KT0J0N PDF Download tdk tdk dc01 • Viewing Angles Match   Traffic Man
C2012JB1E393KT0H0A   C2012JB1E393KT0H0A C2012JB1E393KT0H0A PDF Download TDK 08+ NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches. &nbs
C2012JB1E473KT000N   C2012JB1E473KT000N C2012JB1E473KT000N PDF Download  750mW BTL Stereo Speaker Amplifier  6
C2012JB1E473MT000N   C2012JB1E473MT000N C2012JB1E473MT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits
C2012JB1E474KT   C2012JB1E474KT C2012JB1E474KT PDF Download TDK 08+   DATEL's new DMS-3019X Series, 3½ D
C2012JB1E474KT000N   C2012JB1E474KT000N C2012JB1E474KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c Hynix HYMD264726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
C2012JB1E823KT000N   C2012JB1E823KT000N C2012JB1E823KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-823K inverting amplifier  1.When the closed gain
C2012JB1H102KT000A   C2012JB1H102KT000A C2012JB1H102KT000A PDF Download TDK 00+ These pins switch the ICs operating state from ac
C2012JB1H103KT000A   C2012JB1H103KT000A C2012JB1H103KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-103KB50V DESCRIPTION The HCF4098B is a monolithic integr
C2012JB1H103KT000N   C2012JB1H103KT000N C2012JB1H103KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c Timer T2 Timer T2 is a 16-bit timer consisting
C2012JB1H104KT   C2012JB1H104KT C2012JB1H104KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Multiple pulse inputs (repetitive pulse inputs) c
C2012JB1H104KT000N   C2012JB1H104KT000N C2012JB1H104KT000N PDF Download TDK 00+ • Wide frequency rangeC250.0MHz to 500.0MHz
C2012JB1H122KT0J0A   C2012JB1H122KT0J0A C2012JB1H122KT0J0A PDF Download tdk tdk dc01 Chip Enable input (active Low). A Low level (wit
C2012JB1H123KC000N   C2012JB1H123KC000N C2012JB1H123KC000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
C2012JB1H123KT   C2012JB1H123KT C2012JB1H123KT PDF Download Summary The demand of white and blue LEDs will
C2012JB1H152KT000A   C2012JB1H152KT000A C2012JB1H152KT000A PDF Download TDK 00+ Notes: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abs
C2012JB1H153KT   C2012JB1H153KT C2012JB1H153KT PDF Download Four Independent Input 128 x9 FIFO Queues Nine b
C2012JB1H153KT000A   C2012JB1H153KT000A C2012JB1H153KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ When applying signals to RECIN (rectifier input)
C2012JB1H154KT   C2012JB1H154KT C2012JB1H154KT PDF Download TDK 08+ The AT29LV1024 is a 3-volt-only in-system Flash
C2012JB1H183KT000N   C2012JB1H183KT000N C2012JB1H183KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ The package consists of a gallium-arsenide infra
C2012JB1H222KT   C2012JB1H222KT C2012JB1H222KT PDF Download TDK 04+ • Compact glass ceramic 4   character
C2012JB1H223KT000A   C2012JB1H223KT000A C2012JB1H223KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes: 1. Ris determined with the device mounted
C2012JB1H223KT000N   C2012JB1H223KT000N C2012JB1H223KT000N PDF Download tdk tdk dc00 The M54/74HC4020/HC4040 are high speed CMOS 14/
C2012JB1H224KT   C2012JB1H224KT C2012JB1H224KT PDF Download TDK 08+ 12 parallel channels, total 32.6 Gbps capacity D
C2012JB1H271KC000A   C2012JB1H271KC000A C2012JB1H271KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ *Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses ex
C2012JB1H272KT000A   C2012JB1H272KT000A C2012JB1H272KT000A PDF Download TDK 99+ The passive loop filter connected to Pin LF is d
C2012JB1H273KT000A   C2012JB1H273KT000A C2012JB1H273KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ As shown in the functional block diagram on Page
C2012JB1H273KT000N   C2012JB1H273KT000N C2012JB1H273KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-273K Note 5: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is d
C2012JB1H332KT   C2012JB1H332KT C2012JB1H332KT PDF Download properties. Used for insulation and protection
C2012JB1H334KT   C2012JB1H334KT C2012JB1H334KT PDF Download TDK 08+ serializer to send special SYNC patterns. This a
C2012JB1H393KT000N   C2012JB1H393KT000N C2012JB1H393KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-393K The device can be used as a three-terminal poten
C2012JB1H393KT0J0N   C2012JB1H393KT0J0N C2012JB1H393KT0J0N PDF Download Makes DRAM Interface and refresh tasks appear vi
C2012JB1H472KT000A   C2012JB1H472KT000A C2012JB1H472KT000A PDF Download Inverter IGBT part (per 1 element), (Note-1) In
C2012JB1H473KT000N   C2012JB1H473KT000N C2012JB1H473KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-473K   Item Average On-State Current R.M.S. On
C2012JB1H561KC000A   C2012JB1H561KC000A C2012JB1H561KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The WB mode is similar to the FM mode, but to re
C2012JB1H561KT000A   C2012JB1H561KT000A C2012JB1H561KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Result Codes - The modem issues a result code aft
C2012JB1H562KT   C2012JB1H562KT C2012JB1H562KT PDF Download The MM74HC04 is a triple buffered inverter. It h
C2012JB1H562KT000A   C2012JB1H562KT000A C2012JB1H562KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ © 2004 Lattice Semiconductor Corp. All Latt
C2012JB1H563KT   C2012JB1H563KT C2012JB1H563KT PDF Download In the 53 tap low pass filter mode, the GF9102A c
C2012JB1H681KT000A   C2012JB1H681KT000A C2012JB1H681KT000A PDF Download There are a number of features that are used to
C2012JB1H682KT000P   C2012JB1H682KT000P C2012JB1H682KT000P PDF Download The VCA2619 also features low crosstalk and outs
C2012JB1H821KT000A   C2012JB1H821KT000A C2012JB1H821KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Low Quiescent Current: 600 nA/Amplifier (typ.) S
C2012JB1H823KT   C2012JB1H823KT C2012JB1H823KT PDF Download Also See: • HEDS-9000/HEDS-9100  
C2012JB2A223KT020U/100V   C2012JB2A223KT020U/100V C2012JB2A223KT020U/100V PDF Download   Input Current, IIN   Input Capacitan
C2012JF0J226ZT   C2012JF0J226ZT C2012JF0J226ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ The algebraic convention is used in this data she
C2012JF104ZT   C2012JF104ZT C2012JF104ZT PDF Download N/A 0805c • AN1259/D System Design and Layout Techniq
C2012JF1A106ZT   C2012JF1A106ZT C2012JF1A106ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C2012JF1A475ZT000N   C2012JF1A475ZT000N C2012JF1A475ZT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-475Z PB-FREE 05+  0.2Ω On-Resistance  14ms Guaran
C2012JF1C104ZT009N   C2012JF1C104ZT009N C2012JF1C104ZT009N PDF Download TDK 08+ Left/right simultaneous volume or channel 1 volum
C2012JF1C105ZT   C2012JF1C105ZT C2012JF1C105ZT PDF Download TDK SOP A bill of materials for the evaluation board is
C2012JF1C105ZT000N   C2012JF1C105ZT000N C2012JF1C105ZT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c The HT93LC46/56/66 is accessed via a three-wire
C2012JF1C225ZT000N   C2012JF1C225ZT000N C2012JF1C225ZT000N PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOL
C2012JF1C334ZT0H0N   C2012JF1C334ZT0H0N C2012JF1C334ZT0H0N PDF Download TDK 08+ Crossover Lockout The charge pump contains two
C2012JF1C334ZT0J0N   C2012JF1C334ZT0J0N C2012JF1C334ZT0J0N PDF Download TDK 08+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC573 is an high speed CMOS
C2012JF1C474Z   C2012JF1C474Z C2012JF1C474Z PDF Download TDK 0805-474ZJF16V 1 Allowable ambient temperature against  
C2012JF1C474ZTOJON   C2012JF1C474ZTOJON C2012JF1C474ZTOJON PDF Download Copyright © 1995, VIA Technologies Incorpora
C2012JF1C475ZT   C2012JF1C475ZT C2012JF1C475ZT PDF Download TDK 08+   The EM785840 series are 8-bit RISC type m
C2012JF1C475ZT000N   C2012JF1C475ZT000N C2012JF1C475ZT000N PDF Download N/A
C2012JF1E104ZT0N0N   C2012JF1E104ZT0N0N C2012JF1E104ZT0N0N PDF Download N/A 0805c External Clock. This signal is used only in synch
C2012JF1E105ZT000N   C2012JF1E105ZT000N C2012JF1E105ZT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The serializer enters the high-impedance mode wh
C2012JF1E223ZT000A   C2012JF1E223ZT000A C2012JF1E223ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ When enabled by WEN, the rising edge of WCLK wri
C2012JF1E224ZT000A   C2012JF1E224ZT000A C2012JF1E224ZT000A PDF Download The MB3836 is a lithium-ion battery protection I
C2012JF1E224ZT000N   C2012JF1E224ZT000N C2012JF1E224ZT000N PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maxi
C2012JF1E225ZT   C2012JF1E225ZT C2012JF1E225ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages (2
C2012JF1E334ZT000N   C2012JF1E334ZT000N C2012JF1E334ZT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-334Z • Horizontal SYNC input up to 150 KHz. 
C2012JF1E474ZT000N   C2012JF1E474ZT000N C2012JF1E474ZT000N PDF Download 08+ The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are
C2012JF1E563ZT000A   C2012JF1E563ZT000A C2012JF1E563ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ STOP CONDITION: A low-to-high transition of SDA w
C2012JF1H103ZT000A   C2012JF1H103ZT000A C2012JF1H103ZT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-103Z   The 33996 is a 16-output low-side switch
C2012JF1H104ZT0H0N   C2012JF1H104ZT0H0N C2012JF1H104ZT0H0N PDF Download In connection mode, the addresses of input source
C2012JF1H105ZT   C2012JF1H105ZT C2012JF1H105ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ There are two alternatives to set the boot block.
C2012JF1H153ZT000A   C2012JF1H153ZT000A C2012JF1H153ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Atmel Colorado Springs, USA Atmel Nantes, France
C2012JF1H223Z   C2012JF1H223Z C2012JF1H223Z PDF Download This input is used to monitor the battery voltag
C2012JF1H223ZT000A   C2012JF1H223ZT000A C2012JF1H223ZT000A PDF Download Note: ANPEC lead-free products contain molding co
C2012JF1H333ZP000N   C2012JF1H333ZP000N C2012JF1H333ZP000N PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012JF1H473ZC000A   C2012JF1H473ZC000A C2012JF1H473ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The devices described in this document ar
C2012JF1H473ZT000A   C2012JF1H473ZT000A C2012JF1H473ZT000A PDF Download TDK 93+ *Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maximu
C2012JF1H474ZT   C2012JF1H474ZT C2012JF1H474ZT PDF Download TDK 2006+ NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
C2012L-180J   C2012L-180J C2012L-180J PDF Download N/A 0805L Maximum rated frequency: 133 MHz Low cycle-to-c
C2012L-220J   C2012L-220J C2012L-220J PDF Download 0805L
C2012L-270J   C2012L-270J C2012L-270J PDF Download 0805L 4. The Zener voltage is measured 40ms after powe
C2012LG1H820JT000A   C2012LG1H820JT000A C2012LG1H820JT000A PDF Download ALO,BLO,CLO - are the logic inputs for controllin
C2012NP0331JGT   C2012NP0331JGT C2012NP0331JGT PDF Download  The Hyundai HYM4V33100DTYG Series are AGP
C2012NPO100JGTB   C2012NPO100JGTB C2012NPO100JGTB PDF Download DAC sample rate clock. It is input for slave mode
C2012NPO122KGTS   C2012NPO122KGTS C2012NPO122KGTS PDF Download   The amplifiers have been provided with tw
C2012NPO151KGTS   C2012NPO151KGTS C2012NPO151KGTS PDF Download State-of-the-Art EPIC-B™ BiCMOS Design Sig
C2012NPO220JGTB   C2012NPO220JGTB C2012NPO220JGTB PDF Download With the sense pin connected, the difference bet
C2012NPO220JHTS   C2012NPO220JHTS C2012NPO220JHTS PDF Download darfon darfon dc01 NOTES: (1) LSB means Least Significant Bit. One
C2012NPO300JGTS   C2012NPO300JGTS C2012NPO300JGTS PDF Download The oscillator frequency is inversely proportion
C2012NPO330JGTB   C2012NPO330JGTB C2012NPO330JGTB PDF Download   The A3280--, A3281--, and A3283-- Hall-ef
C2012NPO472JGT   C2012NPO472JGT C2012NPO472JGT PDF Download Digital feedthrough error is defined as the area
C2012NPO478CGTS   C2012NPO478CGTS C2012NPO478CGTS PDF Download
C2012NPO561JGTS   C2012NPO561JGTS C2012NPO561JGTS PDF Download Pin 10 POWER GROUND Ground for the output buffer
C2012NPO689CGTS   C2012NPO689CGTS C2012NPO689CGTS PDF Download To close the feedback loop of the PI6C2308, the F
C2012PH1H270JT00UA   C2012PH1H270JT00UA C2012PH1H270JT00UA PDF Download AfT = exp((Ea/k)*(1/Tu - 1/Ts)) = tu/ts AfT = Ac
C2012PH1H390JT00UA   C2012PH1H390JT00UA C2012PH1H390JT00UA PDF Download The recommended input capacitance is determined
C2012PH1H680JT000A   C2012PH1H680JT000A C2012PH1H680JT000A PDF Download The M5M51016BTP, RT are a 1048576-bit CMOS stati
C2012RH1H220JT00UA   C2012RH1H220JT00UA C2012RH1H220JT00UA PDF Download capacitors C1 and C2 charge up to VI. On the se
C2012SL1H050CT   C2012SL1H050CT C2012SL1H050CT PDF Download
C2012SL1H050CT000A   C2012SL1H050CT000A C2012SL1H050CT000A PDF Download Delay (TPS773xx) Open Drain Power-Good (PG) Stat
C2012SL1H100DC000A   C2012SL1H100DC000A C2012SL1H100DC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The specification of C2012SL1H100DC000AA is iden
C2012SL1H100DT000A   C2012SL1H100DT000A C2012SL1H100DT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-10P O This manual includes hardware details and progra
C2012SL1H101JT000A   C2012SL1H101JT000A C2012SL1H101JT000A PDF Download    PLL x 4 mode, fin = 45MHz,  
C2012SL1H102J   C2012SL1H102J C2012SL1H102J PDF Download   Experiments have shown that the MOSFET dr
C2012SL1H121JC000A   C2012SL1H121JC000A C2012SL1H121JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ 13. Crosstalk induced jitter is defined as the a
C2012SL1H122JT000A   C2012SL1H122JT000A C2012SL1H122JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The configuration registers support mode selectio
C2012SL1H180JT000A   C2012SL1H180JT000A C2012SL1H180JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Figure 2: is a block diagram of the 256/288 Mbit
C2012SL1H181JT000A   C2012SL1H181JT000A C2012SL1H181JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-181J O 7KH KRVW V\VWHP FDQ GHWHFW ZKHWKHU D SURJUDP RU
C2012SL1H201JT   C2012SL1H201JT C2012SL1H201JT PDF Download This datasheet contains new product information.
C2012SL1H201JT000A   C2012SL1H201JT000A C2012SL1H201JT000A PDF Download The GS82032 is a 2,097,152-bit high performance
C2012SL1H220J   C2012SL1H220J C2012SL1H220J PDF Download The MBR350, MBR360 axial leaded Schottky rectifie
C2012SL1H220JT000A   C2012SL1H220JT000A C2012SL1H220JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Total memory size is 128 Kbytes, equivalent to a
C2012SL1H221J   C2012SL1H221J C2012SL1H221J PDF Download Memory management is handled using a unique MMU (
C2012SL1H221JT000A   C2012SL1H221JT000A C2012SL1H221JT000A PDF Download Bild / Fig. 5 B2 - Zweiplus-Brckenschaltung / Tw
C2012SL1H221KT000A   C2012SL1H221KT000A C2012SL1H221KT000A PDF Download The CAT24FC02 supports the I2C Bus data transmis
C2012SL1H270JC000A   C2012SL1H270JC000A C2012SL1H270JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes:  3. All input pulses are supplied b
C2012SL1H270JT000A   C2012SL1H270JT000A C2012SL1H270JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ A four-wire (SCLK, MOSI, MISO, SS) SPI interface
C2012SL1H271JT000A   C2012SL1H271JT000A C2012SL1H271JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The system clock inputs. All adress an commands l
C2012SL1H330JT000A   C2012SL1H330JT000A C2012SL1H330JT000A PDF Download Dual 250 mA High-Performance RF LDOs Available i
C2012SL1H331JT000A   C2012SL1H331JT000A C2012SL1H331JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-331J O † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C2012SL1H390JT   C2012SL1H390JT C2012SL1H390JT PDF Download TDK 4K/R or Powered Down Low and Flat ON-State Resistance
C2012SL1H390JT000A   C2012SL1H390JT000A C2012SL1H390JT000A PDF Download The digital visual interface (DVI) specification
C2012SL1H391JT   C2012SL1H391JT C2012SL1H391JT PDF Download The power management control facilities include
C2012SL1H391KT000A   C2012SL1H391KT000A C2012SL1H391KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ HOLD: The HOLD pin is used in conjunction with th
C2012SL1H510JT000A   C2012SL1H510JT000A C2012SL1H510JT000A PDF Download TDK 805 07+ Serial operation occurs when nP_LOAD is HIGH and
C2012SL1H560JC000A   C2012SL1H560JC000A C2012SL1H560JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The 80C186XL contains logic which provides progr
C2012SL1H561J   C2012SL1H561J C2012SL1H561J PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
C2012SL1H561JT000A   C2012SL1H561JT000A C2012SL1H561JT000A PDF Download The 409DMQ Schottky rectifier doubler module seri
C2012SL1H680KT0Y0A   C2012SL1H680KT0Y0A C2012SL1H680KT0Y0A PDF Download TDK 08+ 1. Permanent device damage may occur if absolute
C2012SL1H820J   C2012SL1H820J C2012SL1H820J PDF Download The on-chip PLLs are a standard frequency- and p
C2012SL1H820JC000A   C2012SL1H820JC000A C2012SL1H820JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012SL1H820JT00   C2012SL1H820JT00 C2012SL1H820JT00 PDF Download Other standard options are available on request.
C2012SL1H820JT000A   C2012SL1H820JT000A C2012SL1H820JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Blackfin processors provide world class power ma
C2012SL1H910JT000A   C2012SL1H910JT000A C2012SL1H910JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ be used in conjunction with the CLOCK ENABLE (C
C2012SL1HJT000A   C2012SL1HJT000A C2012SL1HJT000A PDF Download Max. UnitsConditions CCCSVDS = 50V, ID = 3.3A &
C2012TH1H150JT000A   C2012TH1H150JT000A C2012TH1H150JT000A PDF Download The HA-5020 features low differential gain and ph
C2012UJ1H030CT000A   C2012UJ1H030CT000A C2012UJ1H030CT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ 29 (leap year - valid until year 2100), 30 and 3
C2012UJ1H040CT000A   C2012UJ1H040CT000A C2012UJ1H040CT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Still picture of 800 600 pixel uncompressed Vid
C2012UJ1H0R6BT000A   C2012UJ1H0R6BT000A C2012UJ1H0R6BT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Any noise specification to be complete must defi
C2012UJ1H100DT00UA   C2012UJ1H100DT00UA C2012UJ1H100DT00UA PDF Download Gain Bandwidth Product at VCE = 2 V, IC = 20 m
C2012UJ1H120JT00UA   C2012UJ1H120JT00UA C2012UJ1H120JT00UA PDF Download In on-hook Caller ID, such as CND, CNAM and CLIP,
C2012UJ1H121JT000A   C2012UJ1H121JT000A C2012UJ1H121JT000A PDF Download The reference signal is at 1700 Hz, (the same fr
C2012UJ1H1R5CT000D   C2012UJ1H1R5CT000D C2012UJ1H1R5CT000D PDF Download Used as external reference input when internal r
C2012UJ1H2R7CT00UA   C2012UJ1H2R7CT00UA C2012UJ1H2R7CT00UA PDF Download Hynix HYMD232G726A(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed
C2012UJ1H470JT000A   C2012UJ1H470JT000A C2012UJ1H470JT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-47P O The C2012UJ1H470JT000A hybrid receiver is ideal f
C2012UJ1H470JT00UA   C2012UJ1H470JT00UA C2012UJ1H470JT00UA PDF Download Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transiti
C2012UJ1H4R7D   C2012UJ1H4R7D C2012UJ1H4R7D PDF Download Outputs drive bipolar power devices (up to 35 mA
C2012UJ1H561J   C2012UJ1H561J C2012UJ1H561J PDF Download Devices sold by AMI are covered by the warranty a
C2012UJ1H561JC000A   C2012UJ1H561JC000A C2012UJ1H561JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Specifically designed for Automotive application
C2012UJ1H680JT000   C2012UJ1H680JT000 C2012UJ1H680JT000 PDF Download (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
C2012UJ1H820JT000A   C2012UJ1H820JT000A C2012UJ1H820JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Features selectable via special function registe
C2012UJ1HR75BT000A   C2012UJ1HR75BT000A C2012UJ1HR75BT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Pb−Free Packages are Available Ultra−
C2012UJH4R7CT000A   C2012UJH4R7CT000A C2012UJH4R7CT000A PDF Download An output-enable (OE) input places the eight ou
C2012X0G1H120J   C2012X0G1H120J C2012X0G1H120J PDF Download A temperature compensated comparator circuit mon
C2012X5R03335IT000N   C2012X5R03335IT000N C2012X5R03335IT000N PDF Download The D 2Pak is a surface mount power package capa
C2012X5R0J105KT   C2012X5R0J105KT C2012X5R0J105KT PDF Download TDK SMD 8+   Available in standoff voltage range of 6.
C2012X5R0J106K   C2012X5R0J106K C2012X5R0J106K PDF Download TDK Corporation 07/08+ HighCperformance, lowCcost CMOS EEPROMCbased pro
C2012X5R0J106K09J5   C2012X5R0J106K09J5 C2012X5R0J106K09J5 PDF Download   The QS3VH861 HotSwitch with 10-bit flow-th
C2012X5R0J106KT   C2012X5R0J106KT C2012X5R0J106KT PDF Download TDK DESCRIPTION The M74HC4514 is an high speed CMOS
C2012X5R0J106KT000N   C2012X5R0J106KT000N C2012X5R0J106KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ to that code position, and there is no need to r
C2012X5R0J106M   C2012X5R0J106M C2012X5R0J106M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SOP VERY LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE (0.45V) VERY LOW QUIE
C2012X5R0J106MT   C2012X5R0J106MT C2012X5R0J106MT PDF Download TDK 2006+ Note that the C2012X5R0J106MT has been configure
C2012X5R0J106MT000N   C2012X5R0J106MT000N C2012X5R0J106MT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-106M PB-FREE 05+ All parameters having min/max specifications are
C2012X5R0J106MTA09N   C2012X5R0J106MTA09N C2012X5R0J106MTA09N PDF Download TDK CORP Ground Bit 1, Most Significant Bit (MSB) Bit 2
C2012X5R0J106MTOJ5N   C2012X5R0J106MTOJ5N C2012X5R0J106MTOJ5N PDF Download TDK SOP Implements CCITT recommendation V.14 Bypass oper
C2012X5R0J225K   C2012X5R0J225K C2012X5R0J225K PDF Download N/A 0805c Hynix HYMD132645A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
C2012X5R0J225KT   C2012X5R0J225KT C2012X5R0J225KT PDF Download TDK 2006+ must be stable during the clock low-to-high tran
C2012X5R0J225KT009N   C2012X5R0J225KT009N C2012X5R0J225KT009N PDF Download TDK 06+ Notes: 1. Complete shutdown TXD, RXD, and PIN d
C2012X5R0J225MT   C2012X5R0J225MT C2012X5R0J225MT PDF Download TDK 2006+ Single Supply for Read and Write: 2.7V to 3.6 (BV
C2012X5R0J226M   C2012X5R0J226M C2012X5R0J226M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VDD = 2.7V to 3.6V Core Power
C2012X5R0J226MT   C2012X5R0J226MT C2012X5R0J226MT PDF Download TDK SMD 06+ There are two main external memory interfaces. T
C2012X5R0J226MT000A   C2012X5R0J226MT000A C2012X5R0J226MT000A PDF Download N/A 0805C Zener Voltage Range − 3.3 V to 200 V ESD
C2012X5R0J226MT000N   C2012X5R0J226MT000N C2012X5R0J226MT000N PDF Download N/A in the buffer register. The Data Ready flag goes
C2012X5R0J335KT000N   C2012X5R0J335KT000N C2012X5R0J335KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The C2012X5R0J335KT000N is a quad differential l
C2012X5R0J475K   C2012X5R0J475K C2012X5R0J475K PDF Download TDK Corporation 2006+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
C2012X5R0J475KT   C2012X5R0J475KT C2012X5R0J475KT PDF Download TDK 805 The CS42416 integrated PLL provides a low-jitter
C2012X5R0J475KT000N   C2012X5R0J475KT000N C2012X5R0J475KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-475K 06+ Negative chip select, when at a low level allows
C2012X5R0J475KT0S0N   C2012X5R0J475KT0S0N C2012X5R0J475KT0S0N PDF Download TDK 0805-475K Do not apply stress to the resin at high tempera
C2012X5R0J475M   C2012X5R0J475M C2012X5R0J475M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 805 The internal reverse bias protection eliminates
C2012X5R0J475MT   C2012X5R0J475MT C2012X5R0J475MT PDF Download TDK 2006+ Optional accessories for module-type MCC 95 vers
C2012X5R0J475MT0S0N   C2012X5R0J475MT0S0N C2012X5R0J475MT0S0N PDF Download TDK 05+  CRFree-running conversion rateCS at 0 V6687
C2012X5R106KCP   C2012X5R106KCP C2012X5R106KCP PDF Download N/A 0805c The HYS64(72)16300GU and HYS64(72)32220 are indu
C2012X5R1A105KT   C2012X5R1A105KT C2012X5R1A105KT PDF Download TDK SMD 8+ Parallel LED Driver Supports All Forward Voltage
C2012X5R1A105KT000N   C2012X5R1A105KT000N C2012X5R1A105KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805C 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
C2012X5R1A105KTOSON   C2012X5R1A105KTOSON C2012X5R1A105KTOSON PDF Download • Built-in low-voltage detection circuit.
C2012X5R1A106K   C2012X5R1A106K C2012X5R1A106K PDF Download TDK N/A The MBM29DL16XTE/BE are a 16M-bit, 3.0 V-only Fl
C2012X5R1A106KT   C2012X5R1A106KT C2012X5R1A106KT PDF Download TDK 07/08+ The CM3004 is supplied in a space-saving, 8-lead
C2012X5R1A155KT   C2012X5R1A155KT C2012X5R1A155KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. T
C2012X5R1A225K   C2012X5R1A225K C2012X5R1A225K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 07/08+ W0, W1, W2Wipers of the Potentiometers. These pin
C2012X5R1A225KT   C2012X5R1A225KT C2012X5R1A225KT PDF Download TDK SMD 08+ 3. Hitachi makes every attempt to ensure that it
C2012X5R1A225KT000N   C2012X5R1A225KT000N C2012X5R1A225KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-225K 04+ This parameter is measured with the recommended
C2012X5R1A225KT009N   C2012X5R1A225KT009N C2012X5R1A225KT009N PDF Download TDK CORP The SG7800A/SG7800 series of positive regulators
C2012X5R1A225MT   C2012X5R1A225MT C2012X5R1A225MT PDF Download TDK 2006+ Note 1: The SOIC and MSOP packages are thermally
C2012X5R1A335KT   C2012X5R1A335KT C2012X5R1A335KT PDF Download TDK 08+ (according to DIN EN 60747-5-2(VDE0884)/ DIN EN
C2012X5R1A475KT   C2012X5R1A475KT C2012X5R1A475KT PDF Download TDK 07+ Description 48MDOT Output Control 1 = enabled,
C2012X5R1A475KT000N   C2012X5R1A475KT000N C2012X5R1A475KT000N PDF Download TDK 07+ • Inductorless, Buck/Boost, DC/DC Converter
C2012X5R1C105KT   C2012X5R1C105KT C2012X5R1C105KT PDF Download TDK N/A   This is not an extensive capacitor list.
C2012X5R1C475KT000E   C2012X5R1C475KT000E C2012X5R1C475KT000E PDF Download TDK 05+ Input Termination Center-Tap: Each side of the di
C2012X5R1C684KT   C2012X5R1C684KT C2012X5R1C684KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Teccor Electronics is the proprietor of the QUAD
C2012X5R1E105K   C2012X5R1E105K C2012X5R1E105K PDF Download TDK Corporation 07/08+ Interfaces, amplifies, filters, isolates, &
C2012X5R1E474KT   C2012X5R1E474KT C2012X5R1E474KT PDF Download TDK 08+   The K4S560432E / K4S560832E / K4S561632E
C2012X5R1H104KT   C2012X5R1H104KT C2012X5R1H104KT PDF Download TDK 08+ This DAC uses a double-buffered 3-wire serial i
C2012X5R1H154KT   C2012X5R1H154KT C2012X5R1H154KT PDF Download TDK 08+   The QS3V245 is an 8-bit high speed bus sw
C2012X5R1H224KT   C2012X5R1H224KT C2012X5R1H224KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB m
C2012X5S1A106M   C2012X5S1A106M C2012X5S1A106M PDF Download The device contains two operational amplifiers a
C2012X6S0G106M   C2012X6S0G106M C2012X6S0G106M PDF Download N/A 0805c 1. Use of the READY pin is optional. 2. Introdu
C2012X7R102KT000A   C2012X7R102KT000A C2012X7R102KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ 1) tAC/tDQSCK, tRCD/tRP parameters each speed cha
C2012X7R103KGTB   C2012X7R103KGTB C2012X7R103KGTB PDF Download digital or analog input Three 16-bit timer/count
C2012X7R103KGTS   C2012X7R103KGTS C2012X7R103KGTS PDF Download darfon darfon dc00 Chip Select (CS) The device is selected when th
C2012X7R104KGTB   C2012X7R104KGTB C2012X7R104KGTB PDF Download darfon darfon dc03 sector and then program the latched data using a
C2012X7R154KGP   C2012X7R154KGP C2012X7R154KGP PDF Download This high voltage MOSFET used an advanced termina
C2012X7R1A105K   C2012X7R1A105K C2012X7R1A105K PDF Download TDK Corporation new   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
C2012X7R1A105KT   C2012X7R1A105KT C2012X7R1A105KT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ The variance in output pulse duration from devic
C2012X7R1A105KT000N   C2012X7R1A105KT000N C2012X7R1A105KT000N PDF Download TDK TMS320C67x and C67x are trademarks of Texas Inst
C2012X7R1A105KT0S0N   C2012X7R1A105KT0S0N C2012X7R1A105KT0S0N PDF Download N/A 0805c - Updated SPI electrical characteristics. - Upd
C2012X7R1A335KC000A   C2012X7R1A335KC000A C2012X7R1A335KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Tri-level logic input control pin used to select
C2012X7R1A474KC000A   C2012X7R1A474KC000A C2012X7R1A474KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ STORAGE • Condition : 5C~35C,R.H.60% •
C2012X7R1C104KT   C2012X7R1C104KT C2012X7R1C104KT PDF Download TDK N/A Capacitance : 100µF∼470µF Rate
C2012X7R1C105K   C2012X7R1C105K C2012X7R1C105K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 0805c Care must also be taken to minimize the capacita
C2012X7R1C105KT   C2012X7R1C105KT C2012X7R1C105KT PDF Download TDK 07+ signal processing, and are commonly used in digi
C2012X7R1C105KT000N   C2012X7R1C105KT000N C2012X7R1C105KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Breakdown Voltage
C2012X7R1C154KT   C2012X7R1C154KT C2012X7R1C154KT PDF Download TDK CORP The C2012X7R1C154KT is a hermetically sealed, go
C2012X7R1C154KT000N   C2012X7R1C154KT000N C2012X7R1C154KT000N PDF Download MURATA N/A 2006+ The TO-220 is offered in a 3-pin is universally
C2012X7R1C154KT009N   C2012X7R1C154KT009N C2012X7R1C154KT009N PDF Download With its outstanding high-speed performance, the
C2012X7R1C184KC000A   C2012X7R1C184KC000A C2012X7R1C184KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The MI-MV13 is a 1280H x 1024V (1.31 mega
C2012X7R1C184KT   C2012X7R1C184KT C2012X7R1C184KT PDF Download N/A 0805C   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
C2012X7R1C224K   C2012X7R1C224K C2012X7R1C224K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 805 • 1024 refresh cycles, 16 ms refresh inter
C2012X7R1C224KC000A   C2012X7R1C224KC000A C2012X7R1C224KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ RLOAD = 25 W to VDD connected to pin IOUT. Sink
C2012X7R1C224KT   C2012X7R1C224KT C2012X7R1C224KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Data flow in each direction is controlled by out
C2012X7R1C224KT000N   C2012X7R1C224KT000N C2012X7R1C224KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-224K A Hysteresis with 30% PWM duty cycle (when THRES
C2012X7R1C224KT009N   C2012X7R1C224KT009N C2012X7R1C224KT009N PDF Download Note 4: For single supply operation, the followin
C2012X7R1C224KT00N   C2012X7R1C224KT00N C2012X7R1C224KT00N PDF Download In the normal mode, these devices are functional
C2012X7R1C224KT0D9N   C2012X7R1C224KT0D9N C2012X7R1C224KT0D9N PDF Download N/A 0805c 1.6 µA Typical Quiescent Current Input Ope
C2012X7R1C224MT   C2012X7R1C224MT C2012X7R1C224MT PDF Download TDK CORP An internal 4-bit DAC is supplied for internal re
C2012X7R1C225K   C2012X7R1C225K C2012X7R1C225K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 07/08+ 1. To avoid drawing VCC current out of terminal
C2012X7R1C225KT   C2012X7R1C225KT C2012X7R1C225KT PDF Download TDK N/A Note: Stresses greater than those listed under MA
C2012X7R1C273KT000N   C2012X7R1C273KT000N C2012X7R1C273KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ † All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
C2012X7R1C334K   C2012X7R1C334K C2012X7R1C334K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 0805C The TL34071/2/4 devices are avaliable in standar
C2012X7R1C334KT   C2012X7R1C334KT C2012X7R1C334KT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+   C2012X7R1C334KT is an ultraminiature, hig
C2012X7R1C334KT000N   C2012X7R1C334KT000N C2012X7R1C334KT000N PDF Download TDK 06+ VREG. This supply voltage is used to operate the
C2012X7R1C334KT1Y9N   C2012X7R1C334KT1Y9N C2012X7R1C334KT1Y9N PDF Download tdk tdk dc07+ These are target specifications and subject to c
C2012X7R1C473KT   C2012X7R1C473KT C2012X7R1C473KT PDF Download The HA-460 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
C2012X7R1C473MT000A   C2012X7R1C473MT000A C2012X7R1C473MT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ SWITCHING PARAMETERS Qg(4.5V) Total Gate Charge
C2012X7R1C474K   C2012X7R1C474K C2012X7R1C474K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 2007+PB Highly Integrated Solution Operates Over Univers
C2012X7R1C474KT   C2012X7R1C474KT C2012X7R1C474KT PDF Download TDK 805 This datasheet contains new product inform9903268
C2012X7R1C474KT000N   C2012X7R1C474KT000N C2012X7R1C474KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ 6. Solder Gap Identification (See Figure 2): Each
C2012X7R1C474KT0S0N   C2012X7R1C474KT0S0N C2012X7R1C474KT0S0N PDF Download TDK 08+ Figure 1 shows the main screen of typical Maxim R
C2012X7R1C474KT0S9N   C2012X7R1C474KT0S9N C2012X7R1C474KT0S9N PDF Download VCS2 is an external control voltage input that c
C2012X7R1C683KT000N   C2012X7R1C683KT000N C2012X7R1C683KT000N PDF Download   FIFO status flags monitor the extent to w
C2012X7R1C683KTO99N   C2012X7R1C683KTO99N C2012X7R1C683KTO99N PDF Download   One 64 x 8 (512-bit) Configuration Zone
C2012X7R1C684K   C2012X7R1C684K C2012X7R1C684K PDF Download capacitance TDK 08+ PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The product identificatio
C2012X7R1C823KC000A   C2012X7R1C823KC000A C2012X7R1C823KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ tPHZPropagation delay time, high-level-to-high-i
C2012X7R1E103K   C2012X7R1E103K C2012X7R1E103K PDF Download Logic 0 Input Bias Current VBS Supply Undervolt
C2012X7R1E104K   C2012X7R1E104K C2012X7R1E104K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 805 The AT431 is low-voltage three-terminal adjusta
C2012X7R1E104KT   C2012X7R1E104KT C2012X7R1E104KT PDF Download TDK N/A For best performance, keep the timing capacitor
C2012X7R1E104KT000A   C2012X7R1E104KT000A C2012X7R1E104KT000A PDF Download NOTES:  1.Dimensions are in inches.  
C2012X7R1E104KT000N   C2012X7R1E104KT000N C2012X7R1E104KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-104K   This device contains protection circuitry
C2012X7R1E105K   C2012X7R1E105K C2012X7R1E105K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 805 In addition to the data sheet changes made above
C2012X7R1E105KT   C2012X7R1E105KT C2012X7R1E105KT PDF Download TDK 07/08+
C2012X7R1E105KT000N   C2012X7R1E105KT000N C2012X7R1E105KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The C2012X7R1E105KT000N-1 and C2012X7R1E105KT000N
C2012X7R1E154KT   C2012X7R1E154KT C2012X7R1E154KT PDF Download TDK CORP   The C2012X7R1E154KT adds dual channel, Ul
C2012X7R1E154KT00   C2012X7R1E154KT00 C2012X7R1E154KT00 PDF Download This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. T
C2012X7R1E224K   C2012X7R1E224K C2012X7R1E224K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) new • Pin compatible with bipolar FAST™
C2012X7R1E224KT   C2012X7R1E224KT C2012X7R1E224KT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+ The HYM72V16M656B(L)T6 -Series are high speed 3.3
C2012X7R1E224KT000N   C2012X7R1E224KT000N C2012X7R1E224KT000N PDF Download MURATA N/A 2006+ When a negative voltage is applied to pins 8 and
C2012X7R1E224MT000N   C2012X7R1E224MT000N C2012X7R1E224MT000N PDF Download TDK 08+   When the R and V inputs are equal in frequ
C2012X7R1E273KT000N   C2012X7R1E273KT000N C2012X7R1E273KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+   Analog Input CMRR   Leakage Current
C2012X7R1E334KC000A   C2012X7R1E334KC000A C2012X7R1E334KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The A and B Ports are protected against undersho
C2012X7R1E334KT   C2012X7R1E334KT C2012X7R1E334KT PDF Download The SM561 uses a Cypress proprietary phase-locke
C2012X7R1E393KT0J0N   C2012X7R1E393KT0J0N C2012X7R1E393KT0J0N PDF Download To enhance the flexibility and function of the cl
C2012X7R1E473KT   C2012X7R1E473KT C2012X7R1E473KT PDF Download s Intended for Radio Frequency (RF) front end ap
C2012X7R1E473KT000N   C2012X7R1E473KT000N C2012X7R1E473KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012X7R1E474JC000A   C2012X7R1E474JC000A C2012X7R1E474JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ COP8™ is a trademark of National Semicondu
C2012X7R1E474KT   C2012X7R1E474KT C2012X7R1E474KT PDF Download TDK 06+ Receive data. These outputs carry 10-bit paralle
C2012X7R1E474KT000N   C2012X7R1E474KT000N C2012X7R1E474KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes: 1. This parameter is characterized initi
C2012X7R1E474MT   C2012X7R1E474MT C2012X7R1E474MT PDF Download TDK 08+ SMJ320C62x, VelociTI, and C62x are trademarks of
C2012X7R1E474MT009N   C2012X7R1E474MT009N C2012X7R1E474MT009N PDF Download The LVT574 and LVTH574 consist of eight edge-tri
C2012X7R1E563KT000N   C2012X7R1E563KT000N C2012X7R1E563KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes:  9. Test conditions assume signal t
C2012X7R1H102JT   C2012X7R1H102JT C2012X7R1H102JT PDF Download   Reset is accomplished whenever the Reset
C2012X7R1H102JT000A   C2012X7R1H102JT000A C2012X7R1H102JT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ † For execution of these commands on cycle
C2012X7R1H102K   C2012X7R1H102K C2012X7R1H102K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 2007+PB Turn-On Time: The output of the ISR is enabled au
C2012X7R1H102KC000A   C2012X7R1H102KC000A C2012X7R1H102KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Bandwidth: 50 MHz @ 5 V Low Noise: 4.5 nV/Hz Of
C2012X7R1H102KT   C2012X7R1H102KT C2012X7R1H102KT PDF Download TDK 4K/R BVDSSDrain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage ∆BV
C2012X7R1H102KT000A   C2012X7R1H102KT000A C2012X7R1H102KT000A PDF Download TDK 93+ The device is entirely command set compatible wi
C2012X7R1H102KT000N   C2012X7R1H102KT000N C2012X7R1H102KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Important Information and Disclaimer:The informat
C2012X7R1H102KT0W6A   C2012X7R1H102KT0W6A C2012X7R1H102KT0W6A PDF Download   The PT4474 Excalibur™ DC/DC convert
C2012X7R1H102MC000A   C2012X7R1H102MC000A C2012X7R1H102MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The NE56610/11/12 series is a family of d
C2012X7R1H103JT   C2012X7R1H103JT C2012X7R1H103JT PDF Download TDK CORP Hynix HYMD532M726(L)6-K/H/L series is designed fo
C2012X7R1H103K   C2012X7R1H103K C2012X7R1H103K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 2007+PB In more severe ambient conditions, the package/j
C2012X7R1H103KT   C2012X7R1H103KT C2012X7R1H103KT PDF Download TDK N/A 1 Allowable ambient temperature against  
C2012X7R1H103KT000A   C2012X7R1H103KT000A C2012X7R1H103KT000A PDF Download 2008 NOTES: (1) LSB means least significant bit. With
C2012X7R1H103KT000N   C2012X7R1H103KT000N C2012X7R1H103KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-103K PB-FREE 04+ The CSPEMI306A is particularly well suited for p
C2012X7R1H103KT009A   C2012X7R1H103KT009A C2012X7R1H103KT009A PDF Download Designers Data for Worst Case Conditions The Des
C2012X7R1H103KT050A   C2012X7R1H103KT050A C2012X7R1H103KT050A PDF Download All part numbers end with a place code, designat
C2012X7R1H103KT099N   C2012X7R1H103KT099N C2012X7R1H103KT099N PDF Download TDK 805 In case of using R1 with different condition from
C2012X7R1H103KT0JCA   C2012X7R1H103KT0JCA C2012X7R1H103KT0JCA PDF Download PGND: This is the high current ground for the IC.
C2012X7R1H103KT500DN   C2012X7R1H103KT500DN C2012X7R1H103KT500DN PDF Download TDK 08+   This device is intended specifically for,
C2012X7R1H103KT55DP   C2012X7R1H103KT55DP C2012X7R1H103KT55DP PDF Download 1.6 to 5.5V wide operating voltage range 0.5&mi
C2012X7R1H103KTOWOA   C2012X7R1H103KTOWOA C2012X7R1H103KTOWOA PDF Download The HYM72V64736B(L)T8 Series are Dual In-line Mem
C2012X7R1H103MT000A   C2012X7R1H103MT000A C2012X7R1H103MT000A PDF Download TDK 805 The D-Pak is designed for surface mounting using
C2012X7R1H103MT0J0N   C2012X7R1H103MT0J0N C2012X7R1H103MT0J0N PDF Download The third overtone mode is not necessarily at ex
C2012X7R1H103T000N   C2012X7R1H103T000N C2012X7R1H103T000N PDF Download N-channel enhancement mode, logic level, field
C2012X7R1H104J   C2012X7R1H104J C2012X7R1H104J PDF Download *The first two letters are AX. Insert the two-let
C2012X7R1H104JT   C2012X7R1H104JT C2012X7R1H104JT PDF Download Information Input Regarding the Primary Current.
C2012X7R1H104JT000N   C2012X7R1H104JT000N C2012X7R1H104JT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Note 7: This parameter is guaranteed by design bu
C2012X7R1H104K   C2012X7R1H104K C2012X7R1H104K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 2K/R • 1.15(29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin
C2012X7R1H104KC000A   C2012X7R1H104KC000A C2012X7R1H104KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Transmit microphone input and the level adjustmen
C2012X7R1H104KT   C2012X7R1H104KT C2012X7R1H104KT PDF Download TDK 805 Supports EGSM LNA and mixer for RF to IF convers
C2012X7R1H104KT000A   C2012X7R1H104KT000A C2012X7R1H104KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-104K 03+   The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing ci
C2012X7R1H104KT000N   C2012X7R1H104KT000N C2012X7R1H104KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-104K Single supply: 2.5 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial
C2012X7R1H104KT009N   C2012X7R1H104KT009N C2012X7R1H104KT009N PDF Download  ICCSupply current3.66.5mA † Full ran
C2012X7R1H104KT0J0N   C2012X7R1H104KT0J0N C2012X7R1H104KT0J0N PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ C One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication  
C2012X7R1H104KT0V0N   C2012X7R1H104KT0V0N C2012X7R1H104KT0V0N PDF Download TDK 805 4mA and sink 8mA in 3.3V mode. The output driver
C2012X7R1H104MC000A   C2012X7R1H104MC000A C2012X7R1H104MC000A PDF Download Note) 1. At on-state when drain voltage exceeds
C2012X7R1H104MT   C2012X7R1H104MT C2012X7R1H104MT PDF Download TDK 08+  tsk(p)Pulse skew‡See Figure 350 R
C2012X7R1H104MT000N   C2012X7R1H104MT000N C2012X7R1H104MT000N PDF Download TDK 03 The TSB17BA1 is a single-port 100-Mbps transceiv
C2012X7R1H104MT00N   C2012X7R1H104MT00N C2012X7R1H104MT00N PDF Download In order to facilitate application project design
C2012X7R1H10M70Y0N   C2012X7R1H10M70Y0N C2012X7R1H10M70Y0N PDF Download TDK * This is a stress rating only and functional ope
C2012X7R1H122KT   C2012X7R1H122KT C2012X7R1H122KT PDF Download In the test mode, the normal operation of the SC
C2012X7R1H122KT000A   C2012X7R1H122KT000A C2012X7R1H122KT000A PDF Download The TO-220 Fullpak eliminates the need for addit
C2012X7R1H123KT   C2012X7R1H123KT C2012X7R1H123KT PDF Download Watchdog Adjustable Over- and Undervoltage Detec
C2012X7R1H123KT000N   C2012X7R1H123KT000N C2012X7R1H123KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+  The Hynix HYM71V16755HGT8 Series are Dual
C2012X7R1H152JT   C2012X7R1H152JT C2012X7R1H152JT PDF Download DRAM controller that supports pagemode DRAMs for
C2012X7R1H152K   C2012X7R1H152K C2012X7R1H152K PDF Download • One chip ATM User Network Interface for
C2012X7R1H152KT   C2012X7R1H152KT C2012X7R1H152KT PDF Download TDK 805 This hermetically packaged QPL product features
C2012X7R1H152KT000A   C2012X7R1H152KT000A C2012X7R1H152KT000A PDF Download tdk tdk dc00 HY57V56420B is offering fully synchronous operati
C2012X7R1H152KT001A   C2012X7R1H152KT001A C2012X7R1H152KT001A PDF Download PCI_STOP# is an asynchronous input to the C2012X7
C2012X7R1H153JT   C2012X7R1H153JT C2012X7R1H153JT PDF Download TDK CORP • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
C2012X7R1H153K   C2012X7R1H153K C2012X7R1H153K PDF Download N/A 0805c s Complies with Universal Serial Bus Speciᤙ
C2012X7R1H153KT   C2012X7R1H153KT C2012X7R1H153KT PDF Download 11-Channel Gamma Correction Buffer, Int VCOM 6-
C2012X7R1H153KT000N   C2012X7R1H153KT000N C2012X7R1H153KT000N PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ Feedback. Input to the error amplifier. For the A
C2012X7R1H154KC000A   C2012X7R1H154KC000A C2012X7R1H154KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Six pairs of current referenced differential cloc
C2012X7R1H154KT   C2012X7R1H154KT C2012X7R1H154KT PDF Download TDK 08+ C Language Compiler. A C language compiler is ava
C2012X7R1H154KT000A   C2012X7R1H154KT000A C2012X7R1H154KT000A PDF Download The TLE214x and TLE214xA devices are high-perfor
C2012X7R1H182K   C2012X7R1H182K C2012X7R1H182K PDF Download TDK CORP Notes: 1. TC is defined as case temperature, the
C2012X7R1H182KT   C2012X7R1H182KT C2012X7R1H182KT PDF Download MURATA 4K/R The advantages of low power consumption, I/O flex
C2012X7R1H183K   C2012X7R1H183K C2012X7R1H183K PDF Download n Watchdog fully operational from 2.7 to 5.25 V
C2012X7R1H183KC000A   C2012X7R1H183KC000A C2012X7R1H183KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ OFFSET VOLTAGE OFFSET CURRENT TEST The offset vo
C2012X7R1H183KT   C2012X7R1H183KT C2012X7R1H183KT PDF Download TDK 805
C2012X7R1H183MT000N   C2012X7R1H183MT000N C2012X7R1H183MT000N PDF Download Charge termination methods include: Voltage slop
C2012X7R1H184KT000A   C2012X7R1H184KT000A C2012X7R1H184KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+   The PT6440 Excalibur™ power modules
C2012X7R1H221JT0K0A   C2012X7R1H221JT0K0A C2012X7R1H221JT0K0A PDF Download System level features - SelectRAM+™ hier
C2012X7R1H221KC000A   C2012X7R1H221KC000A C2012X7R1H221KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The center-pin configuration reduces lead induct
C2012X7R1H221KT0Y9N   C2012X7R1H221KT0Y9N C2012X7R1H221KT0Y9N PDF Download tdk tdk dc04+ The Z86319 is a member of the Z8 family of CMOS
C2012X7R1H221MT000A   C2012X7R1H221MT000A C2012X7R1H221MT000A PDF Download 1) Connect the electronic load (+) terminal to th
C2012X7R1H222JT   C2012X7R1H222JT C2012X7R1H222JT PDF Download TDK 08+ † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, T
C2012X7R1H222JTO90A   C2012X7R1H222JTO90A C2012X7R1H222JTO90A PDF Download The AHC139 devices are dual 2-line to 4-line dec
C2012X7R1H222K   C2012X7R1H222K C2012X7R1H222K PDF Download optimized for use in many industrial and com- me
C2012X7R1H222KC000A   C2012X7R1H222KC000A C2012X7R1H222KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ This data sheet identifies products, their speci
C2012X7R1H222KT   C2012X7R1H222KT C2012X7R1H222KT PDF Download TDK 04+ ColdFire version 2 variable-length RISC processo
C2012X7R1H222KT000A   C2012X7R1H222KT000A C2012X7R1H222KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-222K To avoid excessive phase shifts and consequent in
C2012X7R1H222KT000N   C2012X7R1H222KT000N C2012X7R1H222KT000N PDF Download MURATA N/A 2006+ • 0.23 µm Process Technology •
C2012X7R1H222KT001A   C2012X7R1H222KT001A C2012X7R1H222KT001A PDF Download • CATV Systems Operating in the 47 to 870 M
C2012X7R1H222KT090A   C2012X7R1H222KT090A C2012X7R1H222KT090A PDF Download Devices range in size from 5,000 to 50,000 usabl
C2012X7R1H222MT009A   C2012X7R1H222MT009A C2012X7R1H222MT009A PDF Download RF input pin. This pin is NOT internally DC bloc
C2012X7R1H223JT   C2012X7R1H223JT C2012X7R1H223JT PDF Download TDK CORP By substituting the attenuated values of Vd and
C2012X7R1H223K   C2012X7R1H223K C2012X7R1H223K PDF Download TDK 03+ Timing of the E/W cycle is carried out internall
C2012X7R1H223KT   C2012X7R1H223KT C2012X7R1H223KT PDF Download TDK 04+ SOT23-8 packaging 450kHz gain-bandwidth produc
C2012X7R1H223KT000A   C2012X7R1H223KT000A C2012X7R1H223KT000A PDF Download TDK 805 (tAVQV) is equal to the delay from E to output
C2012X7R1H223KT000N   C2012X7R1H223KT000N C2012X7R1H223KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-223K The MC68HC000 is an implementation of the M68000
C2012X7R1H223KTHON   C2012X7R1H223KTHON C2012X7R1H223KTHON PDF Download   A read cy cle is executed by setting /W a
C2012X7R1H223MT009N   C2012X7R1H223MT009N C2012X7R1H223MT009N PDF Download The input stage of op amps are nominal PMOS dif
C2012X7R1H224K   C2012X7R1H224K C2012X7R1H224K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 2008 debugging cycles. The logic, circuitry, and inte
C2012X7R1H224KT   C2012X7R1H224KT C2012X7R1H224KT PDF Download TDK 08+ Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Flow-Through A
C2012X7R1H224KT000A   C2012X7R1H224KT000A C2012X7R1H224KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-224K
C2012X7R1H224KT000N   C2012X7R1H224KT000N C2012X7R1H224KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-224K Note 1: Stresses greater than those listed under
C2012X7R1H224MT   C2012X7R1H224MT C2012X7R1H224MT PDF Download TDK SMD 8+ The LM4953 contains advanced pop & click cir
C2012X7R1H271KT000A   C2012X7R1H271KT000A C2012X7R1H271KT000A PDF Download TDK 805 Guaranteed monotonic INL error: 4 LSB max On-ch
C2012X7R1H271KT000N   C2012X7R1H271KT000N C2012X7R1H271KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ Protection is guaranteed in terms of short-circu
C2012X7R1H272K   C2012X7R1H272K C2012X7R1H272K PDF Download The XC62G series are highly precise, low power c
C2012X7R1H272KT000A   C2012X7R1H272KT000A C2012X7R1H272KT000A PDF Download Intel® 82551ER [Intel® 82551QM optional]
C2012X7R1H273JC000A   C2012X7R1H273JC000A C2012X7R1H273JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The MX29LV160BT/BB is a 16-mega bit Flash memory
C2012X7R1H273K   C2012X7R1H273K C2012X7R1H273K PDF Download TDK 08+ These are the first general purpose EMI reductio
C2012X7R1H273KC000A   C2012X7R1H273KC000A C2012X7R1H273KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The first step in choosing the right product is
C2012X7R1H273KT   C2012X7R1H273KT C2012X7R1H273KT PDF Download TDK 805 The Spartan series is the result of more than 14
C2012X7R1H273KT050A   C2012X7R1H273KT050A C2012X7R1H273KT050A PDF Download TDK 08+   Figure 4 shows the sensor output signal r
C2012X7R1H331KC000A   C2012X7R1H331KC000A C2012X7R1H331KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ (*) NOTE: SELF PROTECTING Stressed above those
C2012X7R1H331KT000N   C2012X7R1H331KT000N C2012X7R1H331KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ The MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX6347/ MAX
C2012X7R1H332K   C2012X7R1H332K C2012X7R1H332K PDF Download TDK 08+ Feedback Reference Voltage Switching Frequency
C2012X7R1H332KC000A   C2012X7R1H332KC000A C2012X7R1H332KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The four D-type flip-flops operate s
C2012X7R1H332KT   C2012X7R1H332KT C2012X7R1H332KT PDF Download TDK CORP WE is used for data write enable/disable control.
C2012X7R1H332KT0001   C2012X7R1H332KT0001 C2012X7R1H332KT0001 PDF Download Two different interfaces are supported on the net
C2012X7R1H332KT000A   C2012X7R1H332KT000A C2012X7R1H332KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ All values listed below are tested directly, and
C2012X7R1H332KT000N   C2012X7R1H332KT000N C2012X7R1H332KT000N PDF Download TDK 805 07+ Supports the modem control interface protocol (
C2012X7R1H332KT001A   C2012X7R1H332KT001A C2012X7R1H332KT001A PDF Download Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
C2012X7R1H332KT001N   C2012X7R1H332KT001N C2012X7R1H332KT001N PDF Download
C2012X7R1H332KT0Y9A   C2012X7R1H332KT0Y9A C2012X7R1H332KT0Y9A PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
C2012X7R1H333K   C2012X7R1H333K C2012X7R1H333K PDF Download TDK CORP Shift clock signal input for the PCMIN and PCMOUT
C2012X7R1H333KC000A   C2012X7R1H333KC000A C2012X7R1H333KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ UART channel B Receive Data or infrared receive
C2012X7R1H333KT   C2012X7R1H333KT C2012X7R1H333KT PDF Download in a low state on their next high-to-low transit
C2012X7R1H333KT(PB)   C2012X7R1H333KT(PB) C2012X7R1H333KT(PB) PDF Download  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from c
C2012X7R1H333KT000N   C2012X7R1H333KT000N C2012X7R1H333KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
C2012X7R1H333KT0W9N   C2012X7R1H333KT0W9N C2012X7R1H333KT0W9N PDF Download
C2012X7R1H334KT   C2012X7R1H334KT C2012X7R1H334KT PDF Download TDK 07+ Internal Sample-and-Hold Single +1.9V 0.1V Op
C2012X7R1H334KT000N   C2012X7R1H334KT000N C2012X7R1H334KT000N PDF Download TDK N/A ¡Ultrathin thickness 0.8mm or less. (4.93.
C2012X7R1H334MT0Y0N   C2012X7R1H334MT0Y0N C2012X7R1H334MT0Y0N PDF Download The MM74HC574 high speed octal D-type flip-flops
C2012X7R1H391K   C2012X7R1H391K C2012X7R1H391K PDF Download The unified program and data memory space of the
C2012X7R1H392JT   C2012X7R1H392JT C2012X7R1H392JT PDF Download • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one
C2012X7R1H392JT090A   C2012X7R1H392JT090A C2012X7R1H392JT090A PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
C2012X7R1H392K   C2012X7R1H392K C2012X7R1H392K PDF Download TDK SOP 05+ Lock Indicator - If the PLL is in frequency lock
C2012X7R1H392KT   C2012X7R1H392KT C2012X7R1H392KT PDF Download TDK 805 These octal bus transceivers are designed for as
C2012X7R1H392KT000A   C2012X7R1H392KT000A C2012X7R1H392KT000A PDF Download Information from the TRI-STATE bus is redistribu
C2012X7R1H393K   C2012X7R1H393K C2012X7R1H393K PDF Download TDK CORP These devices combine four popular functions, Po
C2012X7R1H393KT   C2012X7R1H393KT C2012X7R1H393KT PDF Download TDK CORP
C2012X7R1H471KT   C2012X7R1H471KT C2012X7R1H471KT PDF Download TDK CORP Continuous Power Dissipation (TA = +25C) SOT23-5
C2012X7R1H471KT000A   C2012X7R1H471KT000A C2012X7R1H471KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-471K Information furnished by HAMAMATSU is believed t
C2012X7R1H472JC000A   C2012X7R1H472JC000A C2012X7R1H472JC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Four 16C950 High performance UART channels 8/32
C2012X7R1H472JT   C2012X7R1H472JT C2012X7R1H472JT PDF Download TDK CORP   CNC7S101 is an AC input compatible optois
C2012X7R1H472JT090A   C2012X7R1H472JT090A C2012X7R1H472JT090A PDF Download This is a dual-function pin. In the CY Standard m
C2012X7R1H472KT   C2012X7R1H472KT C2012X7R1H472KT PDF Download TDK CORP Why Are Pulsed LEDs Brighter Than DC LEDs?  
C2012X7R1H472KT000A   C2012X7R1H472KT000A C2012X7R1H472KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012X7R1H472KT000N   C2012X7R1H472KT000N C2012X7R1H472KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The non-overlap time is the time between turning
C2012X7R1H472KT001N   C2012X7R1H472KT001N C2012X7R1H472KT001N PDF Download The PCM codec is an analog-digital interface for
C2012X7R1H472KTONOV   C2012X7R1H472KTONOV C2012X7R1H472KTONOV PDF Download N/A 0805c Ausgabe 16.3.99 Herausgegeben von Siemens AG, B
C2012X7R1H473JT   C2012X7R1H473JT C2012X7R1H473JT PDF Download TDK CORP
C2012X7R1H473KT   C2012X7R1H473KT C2012X7R1H473KT PDF Download TDK 06+ TriState The TriState feature puts the LVPECL o
C2012X7R1H473KT000N   C2012X7R1H473KT000N C2012X7R1H473KT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-473K DECODER AND RECEIVE FILTER PCM data is shifted
C2012X7R1H473KT0V0N   C2012X7R1H473KT0V0N C2012X7R1H473KT0V0N PDF Download TDK 0805-473K 05+ After the software data protections three-byte c
C2012X7R1H473KTQ09C   C2012X7R1H473KTQ09C C2012X7R1H473KTQ09C PDF Download ENCV Variable clock enable (TTL compatible input)
C2012X7R1H561KC000A   C2012X7R1H561KC000A C2012X7R1H561KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+
C2012X7R1H561KT   C2012X7R1H561KT C2012X7R1H561KT PDF Download The C2012X7R1H561KT/C2012X7R1H561KT highly integr
C2012X7R1H561KT000A   C2012X7R1H561KT000A C2012X7R1H561KT000A PDF Download TDK 0805-561KX7R50V  The Hynix C2012X7R1H561KT000A Series are D
C2012X7R1H562JT090A   C2012X7R1H562JT090A C2012X7R1H562JT090A PDF Download RST Reset I O A high on this pin for two machine
C2012X7R1H562K   C2012X7R1H562K C2012X7R1H562K PDF Download   The Processor Enable bit (bit 6) places e
C2012X7R1H562KT   C2012X7R1H562KT C2012X7R1H562KT PDF Download TDK CORP Packaged in a small, 32-pin TDIP, the functional
C2012X7R1H563K   C2012X7R1H563K C2012X7R1H563K PDF Download Note 15: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
C2012X7R1H563KC000A   C2012X7R1H563KC000A C2012X7R1H563KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
C2012X7R1H563KT   C2012X7R1H563KT C2012X7R1H563KT PDF Download TDK CORP The LM236, LM336 voltage references are easier t
C2012X7R1H563KT000N   C2012X7R1H563KT000N C2012X7R1H563KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+   The IDT72V3623/72V3633/72V3643 are pin an
C2012X7R1H563KT009N   C2012X7R1H563KT009N C2012X7R1H563KT009N PDF Download (VCC - VEE = 3.0V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with 50
C2012X7R1H681K   C2012X7R1H681K C2012X7R1H681K PDF Download The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Std
C2012X7R1H681KT   C2012X7R1H681KT C2012X7R1H681KT PDF Download TDK CORP The output turns low with the magnetic south pol
C2012X7R1H682JT   C2012X7R1H682JT C2012X7R1H682JT PDF Download A start may be issued to terminate the input of
C2012X7R1H682K   C2012X7R1H682K C2012X7R1H682K PDF Download The generic architecture provides maximum design
C2012X7R1H682KC000A   C2012X7R1H682KC000A C2012X7R1H682KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The HY628100B is a high speed, low power and 1M
C2012X7R1H682KT   C2012X7R1H682KT C2012X7R1H682KT PDF Download TDK 08+ 5 VDC Stanby:70mA, Transmit:<80mA A linear
C2012X7R1H682KT000A   C2012X7R1H682KT000A C2012X7R1H682KT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ • Built-in five protection functions. (over-
C2012X7R1H682KT000N   C2012X7R1H682KT000N C2012X7R1H682KT000N PDF Download TDK 04+ The instantaneous slew rate of the transmitter
C2012X7R1H682KTH09A   C2012X7R1H682KTH09A C2012X7R1H682KTH09A PDF Download The detailed operation of the HUMMER module is d
C2012X7R1H683K   C2012X7R1H683K C2012X7R1H683K PDF Download TDK CORP Note 1: Supply current, output power, and efficie
C2012X7R1H683KC000A   C2012X7R1H683KC000A C2012X7R1H683KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Medium-power voltage regulator diodes in hermeti
C2012X7R1H683KT   C2012X7R1H683KT C2012X7R1H683KT PDF Download TDK 805 North America Literature Fulfillment: Literature
C2012X7R1H683KT000N   C2012X7R1H683KT000N C2012X7R1H683KT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c   Matching networks optimized for 802.11g m
C2012X7R1H683KTOY9N   C2012X7R1H683KTOY9N C2012X7R1H683KTOY9N PDF Download The clock driver serial protocol accepts byte wri
C2012X7R1H683KTOYOA   C2012X7R1H683KTOYOA C2012X7R1H683KTOYOA PDF Download The TV-Out processor will perform non-interlace
C2012X7R1H821K   C2012X7R1H821K C2012X7R1H821K PDF Download tor, oscillation circuit and output voltage setti
C2012X7R1H822KT   C2012X7R1H822KT C2012X7R1H822KT PDF Download TDK 805 • Clock   Embedded PLL clock multipli
C2012X7R1H822KT00A   C2012X7R1H822KT00A C2012X7R1H822KT00A PDF Download The Loop Filter is a low-pass filter. This low-pa
C2012X7R1H823K   C2012X7R1H823K C2012X7R1H823K PDF Download Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig
C2012X7R1H823KT000N   C2012X7R1H823KT000N C2012X7R1H823KT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Output Voltage The fixed voltage LDO voltage re
C2012X7R223KGTB   C2012X7R223KGTB C2012X7R223KGTB PDF Download The TS input of the bq2060 in conjunction with an
C2012X7R224KET   C2012X7R224KET C2012X7R224KET PDF Download Offered in 128Mx8bit the K9F1G08X0A is 1G bit wit
C2012X7R2A102K   C2012X7R2A102K C2012X7R2A102K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ The typical noise floor is 0.4 mg/ Hz allowing si
C2012X7R2A102KT099A   C2012X7R2A102KT099A C2012X7R2A102KT099A PDF Download TDK 08+ The UPC2721 and UPC2722 are L-Band frequency con
C2012X7R2A102M   C2012X7R2A102M C2012X7R2A102M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ If VBatt > 28.5 V (typically), the voltage li
C2012X7R2A103K   C2012X7R2A103K C2012X7R2A103K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ Note *)NC pin number : No. 33, 34, 47, 48, 49,
C2012X7R2A103KT079U   C2012X7R2A103KT079U C2012X7R2A103KT079U PDF Download The signal value is a direct function of Cs and
C2012X7R2A103M   C2012X7R2A103M C2012X7R2A103M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ • M/S = H for BUSY output flag on Master
C2012X7R2A103MTQ06D   C2012X7R2A103MTQ06D C2012X7R2A103MTQ06D PDF Download The bq3287E is a fully compatible real-time cloc
C2012X7R2A104K   C2012X7R2A104K C2012X7R2A104K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 2008 Boundary-scan Description Language (BSDL). ISP a
C2012X7R2A152KT520U   C2012X7R2A152KT520U C2012X7R2A152KT520U PDF Download Case: DO-214AA (SMB) Epoxy meets UL 94V-0 Flamm
C2012X7R2A222K   C2012X7R2A222K C2012X7R2A222K PDF Download TDK Corporation 08+ The C6202/02B devices program memory consists of
C2012X7R2A222M   C2012X7R2A222M C2012X7R2A222M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ The IC monitors the input supply with respect to
C2012X7R2A223K   C2012X7R2A223K C2012X7R2A223K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ Yes. The 8038 is essentially resistive. The powe
C2012X7R2A223KT020U   C2012X7R2A223KT020U C2012X7R2A223KT020U PDF Download 2008 Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Res
C2012X7R2A223M   C2012X7R2A223M C2012X7R2A223M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ VRE114/115/116 devices are available in two oper
C2012X7R2A472K   C2012X7R2A472K C2012X7R2A472K PDF Download TDK Corporation 08+ Two 24mA non-inverting drivers provide buffering
C2012X7R2A472M   C2012X7R2A472M C2012X7R2A472M PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ The leading-edge 0.15µm / 0.12µm CMO
C2012X7R2A473K   C2012X7R2A473K C2012X7R2A473K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ The MSM7702 is a single-channel CODEC CMOS IC for
C2012X7R2E102K   C2012X7R2E102K C2012X7R2E102K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 03+ Note 8: Care should be taken to include the effec
C2012X7R2E103K   C2012X7R2E103K C2012X7R2E103K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+   When the BLANKING input is high, the out
C2012X7R2E222K   C2012X7R2E222K C2012X7R2E222K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ Hynix HYMD232M646A(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is design
C2012X7R2E223K   C2012X7R2E223K C2012X7R2E223K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release and
C2012X7R2E472K   C2012X7R2E472K C2012X7R2E472K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 08+ At the heart of the STPC Atlas is an advanced p
C2012X7R2E472KT   C2012X7R2E472KT C2012X7R2E472KT PDF Download TDK SMD 8+ Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond
C2012X7R331MGTS   C2012X7R331MGTS C2012X7R331MGTS PDF Download General Features • Guaranteed temperature
C2012X7R333KGTS   C2012X7R333KGTS C2012X7R333KGTS PDF Download darfon darfon dc01 Remarks: If special sorting is required (e.g. b
C2012X7R333MGTS   C2012X7R333MGTS C2012X7R333MGTS PDF Download The PLL602-03 is a low cost, high performance an
C2012X7R334KET   C2012X7R334KET C2012X7R334KET PDF Download darfon darfon dc01   Figure 4 illustrates the differential or
C2012X7R471KGTB   C2012X7R471KGTB C2012X7R471KGTB PDF Download In order for Xinger surface mount components to w
C2012X7R473MGTS   C2012X7R473MGTS C2012X7R473MGTS PDF Download Packaged in the SOD523 package this addition to
C2012X7R474KDT   C2012X7R474KDT C2012X7R474KDT PDF Download 1. Stresses greater than those listed under "
C2012X7R561KGTS   C2012X7R561KGTS C2012X7R561KGTS PDF Download The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for er
C2012X7R561MGTS   C2012X7R561MGTS C2012X7R561MGTS PDF Download • 1.15 (29.21mm) PCB Height • 168-Pi
C2012X7R821KGTS   C2012X7R821KGTS C2012X7R821KGTS PDF Download The scan cells used in the BOUNDARY-SCAN registe
C2012X8R1E224K   C2012X8R1E224K C2012X8R1E224K PDF Download TDK Corporation SMD 2008 The AD7683 is a 16-bit, charge redistribution, s
C2012X8R1E334K   C2012X8R1E334K C2012X8R1E334K PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 2008   CMOS power levels: <7.5mW static  
C2012X8R2A223K   C2012X8R2A223K C2012X8R2A223K PDF Download TDK Corporation SMD 2008 Control Signal Input. Used to enable or disable
C2012Y2V1C105ZT009N   C2012Y2V1C105ZT009N C2012Y2V1C105ZT009N PDF Download • An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instru
C2012Y5U1A106ZT000N   C2012Y5U1A106ZT000N C2012Y5U1A106ZT000N PDF Download N/A 0805c RTS = 0 V, VDD1 = 5.5 V 2 Mbps, VDD1 = 5.5 V, se
C2012Y5V0J106ZT   C2012Y5V0J106ZT C2012Y5V0J106ZT PDF Download TDK SMD 07+
C2012Y5V0J155ZC000A   C2012Y5V0J155ZC000A C2012Y5V0J155ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The Link Fault Indicator (LFI) output is a TTL-l
C2012Y5V0J226Z   C2012Y5V0J226Z C2012Y5V0J226Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SMD 06+ The AT40KAL can be used as a coprocessor for hig
C2012Y5V0J226ZT   C2012Y5V0J226ZT C2012Y5V0J226ZT PDF Download TDK 805 1. To achieve specified performance, all power s
C2012Y5V0J226ZT000N   C2012Y5V0J226ZT000N C2012Y5V0J226ZT000N PDF Download TDK 07+ spikes (see ISO7637 transient compatibility tab
C2012Y5V0J226ZT000NROHS   C2012Y5V0J226ZT000NROHS C2012Y5V0J226ZT000NROHS PDF Download NOTES: 1. Timings referenced as in AC Test Condi
C2012Y5V104ZGTB   C2012Y5V104ZGTB C2012Y5V104ZGTB PDF Download Products listed in bold are WTE Preferred devices
C2012Y5V105ZETB   C2012Y5V105ZETB C2012Y5V105ZETB PDF Download The VC pin provides a connection point to the ou
C2012Y5V1A106Z   C2012Y5V1A106Z C2012Y5V1A106Z PDF Download TDK Corporation 07/08+ The GS4882 and GS4982 are precision sync separato
C2012Y5V1A106ZC000A   C2012Y5V1A106ZC000A C2012Y5V1A106ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
C2012Y5V1A106ZT   C2012Y5V1A106ZT C2012Y5V1A106ZT PDF Download TDK 805 The 56F801 incorporates an 8 input, 12-bit Analo
C2012Y5V1A106ZT000N   C2012Y5V1A106ZT000N C2012Y5V1A106ZT000N PDF Download TDK 04 The ISL9G1260EG3, ISL9G1260EP3 and ISL9G1260ES3
C2012Y5V1A106ZT009N   C2012Y5V1A106ZT009N C2012Y5V1A106ZT009N PDF Download DoCD™ Debug Unit C its a real-time hard- w
C2012Y5V1A335MT000N   C2012Y5V1A335MT000N C2012Y5V1A335MT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ The devices can be programmed on programmers sup
C2012Y5V1A475ZT000N   C2012Y5V1A475ZT000N C2012Y5V1A475ZT000N PDF Download TDK 04 • High-speed access time: 70 and 85 ns &#
C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ In addition to the column address, A10(=AP) is u
C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A.   C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A. C2012Y5V1C104ZC000A. PDF Download TDK 08+ The ADS5221 is a pipeline, CMOS Analog-to-Digita
C2012Y5V1C104ZTO99N   C2012Y5V1C104ZTO99N C2012Y5V1C104ZTO99N PDF Download The M5M51008CP,FP,VP,RV,KV,KR are a 1048576-bit
C2012Y5V1C105Z   C2012Y5V1C105Z C2012Y5V1C105Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 00+ Features D Low ON-State Resistance (10 W) D ON-
C2012Y5V1C105Z10   C2012Y5V1C105Z10 C2012Y5V1C105Z10 PDF Download TDK 08+ CAUTIONS REGARDING NOISE: Be aware that when vo
C2012Y5V1C105ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C105ZC000A C2012Y5V1C105ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The sampling period (usually 125 µs for 8
C2012Y5V1C105ZT   C2012Y5V1C105ZT C2012Y5V1C105ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ TIMER PINCCTIMING CONTROL  Internal Oscilla
C2012Y5V1C105ZT000N   C2012Y5V1C105ZT000N C2012Y5V1C105ZT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-105Z Analog Overvoltage input. When OV is pulled above
C2012Y5V1C105ZT009N   C2012Y5V1C105ZT009N C2012Y5V1C105ZT009N PDF Download
C2012Y5V1C155ZT   C2012Y5V1C155ZT C2012Y5V1C155ZT PDF Download Note: (1) This parameter is tested initially an
C2012Y5V1C155ZT000N   C2012Y5V1C155ZT000N C2012Y5V1C155ZT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes:  4. Test conditions assume signal t
C2012Y5V1C224MC000A   C2012Y5V1C224MC000A C2012Y5V1C224MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ General purpose pin 4 General purpose pin 3 R
C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A C2012Y5V1C224ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The HYM75V32M636(L)T6 Series are 32Mx64bits Synch
C2012Y5V1C224ZT   C2012Y5V1C224ZT C2012Y5V1C224ZT PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ Center tap chip resistors allow for greater flex
C2012Y5V1C224ZT090N   C2012Y5V1C224ZT090N C2012Y5V1C224ZT090N PDF Download TDK料带 • Flexible architecture with abundant rout
C2012Y5V1C224ZTOH9N   C2012Y5V1C224ZTOH9N C2012Y5V1C224ZTOH9N PDF Download Bidirectional Bus Transceivers in High-Density 2
C2012Y5V1C225Z   C2012Y5V1C225Z C2012Y5V1C225Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 07/08+ Also, an off-chip emitter follower buffer is rec
C2012Y5V1C225ZT   C2012Y5V1C225ZT C2012Y5V1C225ZT PDF Download TDK 06+ Programming the status register with top ¼
C2012Y5V1C225ZT000N   C2012Y5V1C225ZT000N C2012Y5V1C225ZT000N PDF Download TDK 07+ Pad size in PCB Pad Shape Pad Definition Solde
C2012Y5V1C225ZTOSON   C2012Y5V1C225ZTOSON C2012Y5V1C225ZTOSON PDF Download TDK 08+ Control Signal Input. Used to enable or disable
C2012Y5V1C334MC000A   C2012Y5V1C334MC000A C2012Y5V1C334MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ • CASE: Void-free transfer molded thermose
C2012Y5V1C334ZT0JCN   C2012Y5V1C334ZT0JCN C2012Y5V1C334ZT0JCN PDF Download
C2012Y5V1C335MC000A   C2012Y5V1C335MC000A C2012Y5V1C335MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Read. In the write-read mode with CS low, the 3-
C2012Y5V1C335ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C335ZC000A C2012Y5V1C335ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Notes: 14. For in-band signals 115.2 kbit/s wh
C2012Y5V1C474K   C2012Y5V1C474K C2012Y5V1C474K PDF Download The ADR512s advanced design eliminates the need
C2012Y5V1C474ZT   C2012Y5V1C474ZT C2012Y5V1C474ZT PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ Out (pin 7)  The output pin assumes a logic
C2012Y5V1C475Z   C2012Y5V1C475Z C2012Y5V1C475Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) SOP 541 Supports PIO mode 4, both at 16.6 Mbytes/second
C2012Y5V1C475ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C475ZC000A C2012Y5V1C475ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The transmitter consists of an integrated VCO an
C2012Y5V1C475ZT   C2012Y5V1C475ZT C2012Y5V1C475ZT PDF Download TDK 805 Contains Eight D-Type Flip-Flops With Single-Rai
C2012Y5V1C475ZT000N   C2012Y5V1C475ZT000N C2012Y5V1C475ZT000N PDF Download TDK 07+ During power on, RESET is asserted when the sup
C2012Y5V1C684ZC000A   C2012Y5V1C684ZC000A C2012Y5V1C684ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ These pins form a 5´8 keyboard matrix whic
C2012Y5V1E104MC000A   C2012Y5V1E104MC000A C2012Y5V1E104MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Command Line Editing - The backspace can be used
C2012Y5V1E104Z   C2012Y5V1E104Z C2012Y5V1E104Z PDF Download TDK 805 The MM54HCT573 MM74HCT573 octal D-type latches a
C2012Y5V1E104ZC000A   C2012Y5V1E104ZC000A C2012Y5V1E104ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The BCT543 octal transceiver contains two sets
C2012Y5V1E104ZT0H0N   C2012Y5V1E104ZT0H0N C2012Y5V1E104ZT0H0N PDF Download TDK 02+   The C2012Y5V1E104ZT0H0N is 536,870,912 bi
C2012Y5V1E104ZT0K0N   C2012Y5V1E104ZT0K0N C2012Y5V1E104ZT0K0N PDF Download 4. When Fail Soft operation is detected, regulat
C2012Y5V1E105ZT   C2012Y5V1E105ZT C2012Y5V1E105ZT PDF Download TDK 07+ FEATURE:   Output frequency range 50khz ~ 1
C2012Y5V1E105ZT000A   C2012Y5V1E105ZT000A C2012Y5V1E105ZT000A PDF Download TDK 805 The PKF series of DC/DC power modules are manufac
C2012Y5V1E184MC000A   C2012Y5V1E184MC000A C2012Y5V1E184MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The Discrete Products Operation of Fairchild has
C2012Y5V1E224MC000A   C2012Y5V1E224MC000A C2012Y5V1E224MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
C2012Y5V1E224Z7000A   C2012Y5V1E224Z7000A C2012Y5V1E224Z7000A PDF Download Tables 2 and 3 summarize the different behaviou
C2012Y5V1E224ZT000N   C2012Y5V1E224ZT000N C2012Y5V1E224ZT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ 5V TOLERANT INPUTS HIGH SPEED: tPD = 7.5ns (MA
C2012Y5V1E225Z   C2012Y5V1E225Z C2012Y5V1E225Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 07/08+ The C2012Y5V1E225Zis a monolithic integrated circ
C2012Y5V1E225ZT   C2012Y5V1E225ZT C2012Y5V1E225ZT PDF Download TDK 805 9. PRESET MEMORY BUTTONS (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) &nbs
C2012Y5V1E225ZT000N   C2012Y5V1E225ZT000N C2012Y5V1E225ZT000N PDF Download TDK 06+/07+ 5.0, 3.3, OR 3.0V OPERATING VOLTAGE SERIAL INTE
C2012Y5V1E225ZT009N   C2012Y5V1E225ZT009N C2012Y5V1E225ZT009N PDF Download The C2012Y5V1E225ZT009N highly integrated monolit
C2012Y5V1E333MC000A   C2012Y5V1E333MC000A C2012Y5V1E333MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Many rail-to-rail input amplifiers have an input
C2012Y5V1E334Z   C2012Y5V1E334Z C2012Y5V1E334Z PDF Download TDK 805 where frequency is in Hz, resistance in Ohms, an
C2012Y5V1E474Z   C2012Y5V1E474Z C2012Y5V1E474Z PDF Download   The VFD Driver is a microprocessor interfa
C2012Y5V1E474ZT   C2012Y5V1E474ZT C2012Y5V1E474ZT PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used
C2012Y5V1E474ZT000N   C2012Y5V1E474ZT000N C2012Y5V1E474ZT000N PDF Download TDK 0805-474Z • Selectable watchdog timer • Low VC
C2012Y5V1E683ZC000A   C2012Y5V1E683ZC000A C2012Y5V1E683ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ For more details on the ARCNET protocol engine a
C2012Y5V1H103MC000A   C2012Y5V1H103MC000A C2012Y5V1H103MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ Note that this is independent of the sampling ra
C2012Y5V1H104MT000A   C2012Y5V1H104MT000A C2012Y5V1H104MT000A PDF Download TDK 08+   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
C2012Y5V1H104Z   C2012Y5V1H104Z C2012Y5V1H104Z PDF Download These JITO®-2 advantages yield increased use
C2012Y5V1H104ZC000A   C2012Y5V1H104ZC000A C2012Y5V1H104ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The principle of operation behind the two DPLLs i
C2012Y5V1H104ZT   C2012Y5V1H104ZT C2012Y5V1H104ZT PDF Download TDK 805 05+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C2012Y5V1H104ZT000N   C2012Y5V1H104ZT000N C2012Y5V1H104ZT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Like other ChipCorder® products, the ISD5116
C2012Y5V1H104ZT00CN   C2012Y5V1H104ZT00CN C2012Y5V1H104ZT00CN PDF Download Unlike the other two modes that accept only a si
C2012Y5V1H104ZT0H0N   C2012Y5V1H104ZT0H0N C2012Y5V1H104ZT0H0N PDF Download MURATA 06+ Reference Output Voltage: This output biases to
C2012Y5V1H105Z   C2012Y5V1H105Z C2012Y5V1H105Z PDF Download TDK Corporation (VA) 0805/2012 07/环保 1. PTFM type is a screw-fixing type and PTFL typ
C2012Y5V1H105ZT   C2012Y5V1H105ZT C2012Y5V1H105ZT PDF Download TDK 805 The Am29PDS322D is a 32 Mbit, 1.8 V-only Flash
C2012Y5V1H105ZT000A   C2012Y5V1H105ZT000A C2012Y5V1H105ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produ
C2012Y5V1H105ZT000N   C2012Y5V1H105ZT000N C2012Y5V1H105ZT000N PDF Download TDK SOP 527 • package: white P-LCC-4 package • f
C2012Y5V1H155ZT000N   C2012Y5V1H155ZT000N C2012Y5V1H155ZT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1 for Intel bus inte
C2012Y5V1H223MC000A   C2012Y5V1H223MC000A C2012Y5V1H223MC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ H = Input Voltage High Level, h = Input voltage
C2012Y5V1H223Z   C2012Y5V1H223Z C2012Y5V1H223Z PDF Download CASE: Hermetically sealed glass DO-213AA (SOD80
C2012Y5V1H223ZT   C2012Y5V1H223ZT C2012Y5V1H223ZT PDF Download TDK 805 NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
C2012Y5V1H224ZT   C2012Y5V1H224ZT C2012Y5V1H224ZT PDF Download TDK 805 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS D.C. T amb = C40C to
C2012Y5V1H224ZT000N   C2012Y5V1H224ZT000N C2012Y5V1H224ZT000N PDF Download TDK 2004 • On-board single power supply (VCC): VCC =
C2012Y5V1H273ZT000A   C2012Y5V1H273ZT000A C2012Y5V1H273ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ The 82078 Product Family brings a set of enhance
C2012Y5V1H333ZC000A   C2012Y5V1H333ZC000A C2012Y5V1H333ZC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ (VDD = 5V 5%; VSS = 0V or -5V; fCLK = 2.0MHz, ext
C2012Y5V1H333ZT000A   C2012Y5V1H333ZT000A C2012Y5V1H333ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ High-speed interconnects within and between swit
C2012Y5V1H334MT000N   C2012Y5V1H334MT000N C2012Y5V1H334MT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ Vishay Siliconix maintains worldwide manufacturin
C2012Y5V1H334Z   C2012Y5V1H334Z C2012Y5V1H334Z PDF Download When the IEEE Std. 1149.1 (JTAG) interface is us
C2012Y5V1H334ZT   C2012Y5V1H334ZT C2012Y5V1H334ZT PDF Download capacitance TDK 08+ 1. To avoid drawing VCC current out of pin Z, wh
C2012Y5V1H473KC000A   C2012Y5V1H473KC000A C2012Y5V1H473KC000A PDF Download TDK 08+ "Write Disturb" means a phenomenon that
C2012Y5V1H473ZT   C2012Y5V1H473ZT C2012Y5V1H473ZT PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, all power supplies = 3.3
C2012Y5V1H473ZTH09A   C2012Y5V1H473ZTH09A C2012Y5V1H473ZTH09A PDF Download Absolute maximum continuos ratings are those maxi
C2012Y5V1H474M   C2012Y5V1H474M C2012Y5V1H474M PDF Download Incorporating a successive approximation architec
C2012Y5V1H474ZT   C2012Y5V1H474ZT C2012Y5V1H474ZT PDF Download TDK 08+ inverter. A thermistor is included in the invert
C2012Y5V1H474ZT000A   C2012Y5V1H474ZT000A C2012Y5V1H474ZT000A PDF Download TDK 08+ IC op amps are widely accepted as a universal an
C2012Y5V1H683ZT   C2012Y5V1H683ZT C2012Y5V1H683ZT PDF Download Test conditions unless otherwise noted 1. T = 25
C2012Y5V1H684MT000N   C2012Y5V1H684MT000N C2012Y5V1H684MT000N PDF Download TDK 08+ FEATURES • Current Limit Protection ̶
C2012Y5V223ZGTB   C2012Y5V223ZGTB C2012Y5V223ZGTB PDF Download Synchronous Rectification for Higher Efficiency
C2012Y5V225ZETB   C2012Y5V225ZETB C2012Y5V225ZETB PDF Download
C2012Y5VC474ZT00N   C2012Y5VC474ZT00N C2012Y5VC474ZT00N PDF Download TDK 04+ output transistor, as a result the output voltage
C2012Y5VIE104ZTOOCN   C2012Y5VIE104ZTOOCN C2012Y5VIE104ZTOOCN PDF Download To successfully enter the low-power mode, the MC
C2012Y5VOJ226ZT000N   C2012Y5VOJ226ZT000N C2012Y5VOJ226ZT000N PDF Download Output Capacitors: The PT6700 series requires a m
C2012Y8V1E473ZT000A   C2012Y8V1E473ZT000A C2012Y8V1E473ZT000A PDF Download The on-chip address lookup engine supports up to
C2012Z5U1H684MT000N   C2012Z5U1H684MT000N C2012Z5U1H684MT000N PDF Download KEMET smd 08+ The information provided herein is believed to b
C2016-Y   C2016-Y C2016-Y PDF Download KEC TO-220 Freescales semiconductor products are classified
C2018   C2018 C2018 PDF Download FC-AL Features In addition to the high-perfor-
C2018-Y   C2018-Y C2018-Y PDF Download KEC TO-220   The TH50VSF2580/2581AASB is a mixed multi-
C201M-3EC0   C201M-3EC0 C201M-3EC0 PDF Download TOSHIBA The input/output logic timing diagram is shown i
C201M-GN34   C201M-GN34 C201M-GN34 PDF Download An internal reset circuit generates a reset puls
C201X7R1E473KT000N   C201X7R1E473KT000N C201X7R1E473KT000N PDF Download The MB91110 series is a standard single-chip mic
C2020   C2020 C2020 PDF Download PULSE 0632+ SMD6   This CMOS device is designed for switchin
C2020T   C2020T C2020T PDF Download Pulse A A Low-power consumption modes (standby modes) Stop
C2020-Y   C2020-Y C2020-Y PDF Download KEC TO-251 07+ Up to 9 channels Simultaneous two-channel sampl
C2021   C2021 C2021 PDF Download Precision Fixed Operating Frequency KA1M0265R
C20216   C20216 C20216 PDF Download 27 M OO ∗1 The current is guaranteed 1.0A is case
C20217   C20217 C20217 PDF Download AIMII 06+ PLCC-84 After the FPGA configuration process is complete
C2021E-Y   C2021E-Y C2021E-Y PDF Download The Bay Linear LM2941 incorporates protection ag
C2021RF   C2021RF C2021RF PDF Download Low Supply Current: 1.5µA Max Rail-to-Rail
C2022   C2022 C2022 PDF Download 32 PULSE The CY7C277 offers the advantages of low power,
C20221   C20221 C20221 PDF Download AMI PLCC An access time of 120 ns is available. Note that
C2022-Y   C2022-Y C2022-Y PDF Download KEC TO-251 07+ NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
C2023   C2023 C2023 PDF Download SK TO220-3 03+ † Package drawings, standard packing quant
C2024   C2024 C2024 PDF Download COEV 01+ The WCMA2016U4X is a high-performance CMOS static
C2024G   C2024G C2024G PDF Download Calibration Delay, Dual Edge Sampling and Serial
C20257   C20257 C20257 PDF Download Low I/O capacitance at 7pF typical In-system E
C2025-Y   C2025-Y C2025-Y PDF Download KEC TO-251 07+ Notes:   1. All minimum and maximum specif
C2026   C2026 C2026 PDF Download TO-92 08+ The Z86E73/L73/E74/L74 are ROM-based members of
C2027   C2027 C2027 PDF Download PAN TO-3P The AD7877 also has an on-board reference of 2.5
C20-29   C20-29 C20-29 PDF Download   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
C202C105K5R5CA   C202C105K5R5CA C202C105K5R5CA PDF Download DESCRIPTION The C202C105K5R5CA is a low voltage
C202C474M5R5CA7200   C202C474M5R5CA7200 C202C474M5R5CA7200 PDF Download 1. Corrected the errata 2. Updated DC parameters
C202G223F5G5CR   C202G223F5G5CR C202G223F5G5CR PDF Download Guaranteed by design but not tested. Typical par
C202-HE04   C202-HE04 C202-HE04 PDF Download MIC 04+ s Very low start-up supply current; 50 µA
C202K105K5R5CA7200   C202K105K5R5CA7200 C202K105K5R5CA7200 PDF Download 7. The C202K105K5R5CA7200 is put into shutdown by
C202M   C202M C202M PDF Download 08+ Of the 87 product terms, 80 are for general-purp
C202M-F184   C202M-F184 C202M-F184 PDF Download High Side Floating Supply Voltage High Side Fl
C202M-HE04   C202M-HE04 C202M-HE04 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOP20
C203   C203 C203 PDF Download . DIP 1987 "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those v
C20331   C20331 C20331 PDF Download 06+ QFP-44 The MSM7702 is a single-channel CODEC CMOS IC for
C20343   C20343 C20343 PDF Download AMI DIP16 Unless otherwise specified, these specifications
C203D   C203D C203D PDF Download NEC . N/A NOTES: (1) This part may also be used in Polluti
C2042   C2042 C2042 PDF Download Pulse A A +3 Volt single power supply Low power CMOS desig
C2042T   C2042T C2042T PDF Download Pulse A A   3.1 Item requirements. The individual item
C20434   C20434 C20434 PDF Download AMI PLCC   When handling individual devices (which a
C20447   C20447 C20447 PDF Download AMI PLCC 05+ IMPORTANT INFORMATION The LM2462 performance is
C20447DATAC2   C20447DATAC2 C20447DATAC2 PDF Download The battery can also be set into a quasi-over-di
C204706   C204706 C204706 PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ 5000 All communications must be terminated by a stop
C2048MPC1A125   C2048MPC1A125 C2048MPC1A125 PDF Download ADC CHANNEL   No Missing Codes1   Res
C20499   C20499 C20499 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC44 Shift clock signal input for the PCMIN and PCMOUT
C20499/231549   C20499/231549 C20499/231549 PDF Download AMIS PLCC-44P 04+ The C20499/231549 is targeted for use as a drive
C20499/231549REVB   C20499/231549REVB C20499/231549REVB PDF Download AMI PLCC44 00+ Do not store the product in the area where tempe
C20509200MA   C20509200MA C20509200MA PDF Download foleth foleth dc97 where VREF = 0.6V The maximum output current sho
C20515   C20515 C20515 PDF Download AMI 07+ Target Ready: As a target, this signal will be as
C20515/102182A   C20515/102182A C20515/102182A PDF Download AMI PLCC84 00+   Dual 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 buffer  
C20527   C20527 C20527 PDF Download AMIS PLCC68 04+ At the heart of the STPC Atlas is an advanced p
C20527P/N   C20527P/N C20527P/N PDF Download AMI PLCC-68 03+ This data sheet has been carefully checked and i
C20527-P/N-3820-0001-1A   C20527-P/N-3820-0001-1A C20527-P/N-3820-0001-1A PDF Download 5 AMI 00+ +REG IN - is the input pin for applying power to
C20527P/N3820-0001-1A   C20527P/N3820-0001-1A C20527P/N3820-0001-1A PDF Download AMI PLCC68 02+ The same topology can be used with the MAX5401 (a
C20528-97650860-00   C20528-97650860-00 C20528-97650860-00 PDF Download 329 AMI 93+ Description: DIP and mini-DIP IPMs are intelli
C2053   C2053 C2053 PDF Download TO-92 08+ The AHC240 devices are organized as two 4-bit b
C20537   C20537 C20537 PDF Download The bq2902 is a low-cost charger for rechargeabl
C20548   C20548 C20548 PDF Download AMIS PLCC68 06+
C20551   C20551 C20551 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC28 DPL 4519G Programming Interface User Registers
C20579   C20579 C20579 PDF Download   These devices are designed to be used as
C2058   C2058 C2058 PDF Download ROHM TO-92 Product Features: •25-bit 1:1 or 14-bit 1
C20588   C20588 C20588 PDF Download AMI DIP The SN74CB3T3245 is an 8-bit bus switch with a s
C2058S   C2058S C2058S PDF Download 罗姆 TO-92 The RESET and V2FAIL signals remain active until
C20590   C20590 C20590 PDF Download AMI PLCC The direction and value of current are programma
C205B1   C205B1 C205B1 PDF Download XR DIP 06+ One often needs a low-cost logic supply for power
C205BES   C205BES C205BES PDF Download Notes:  6. Test conditions assume signal t
C205BI   C205BI C205BI PDF Download XR DIP The ISD4004 series is also ideal for playback-on
C206   C206 C206 PDF Download CHIPS QFP100 >400 Mbps (200 MHz) Signaling Rates Flow-Thro
C2060   C2060 C2060 PDF Download TOS TO-92L 06+
C2060(TO-92MOD)   C2060(TO-92MOD) C2060(TO-92MOD) PDF Download The ADSP-TS202S processor internal memory has 12
C2060RE   C2060RE C2060RE PDF Download ROHM 05+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C2061   C2061 C2061 PDF Download HIT TO-92 Associated with an easily programmable character
C20614   C20614 C20614 PDF Download AMI 798 These octal D-type transparent latches feature
C20628   C20628 C20628 PDF Download AMIS PLCC84 06+ • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
C2068   C2068 C2068 PDF Download TO-202 07+ Sector/page erase does not require the user to pr
C20697-130   C20697-130 C20697-130 PDF Download AMI 04+ The UT28F256 has three control inputs: Chip Enab
C20712   C20712 C20712 PDF Download AMIS PLCC-68P 02+ Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 2.5V a
C20714   C20714 C20714 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC84   Each device includes on a single silicon
C2073   C2073 C2073 PDF Download FSC T0-220 05+ BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
C207633PT(609-3400314)   C207633PT(609-3400314) C207633PT(609-3400314) PDF Download The DS2404 EconoRAM Time Chip offers a simple sol
C2078   C2078 C2078 PDF Download MITSUBISHI TO-220 06+ Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
C2080   C2080 C2080 PDF Download for an overvoltage condition on unselected chann
C208215   C208215 C208215 PDF Download As shown in Figure 4, the VSENSE input is connec
C2085   C2085 C2085 PDF Download The references for the two DACs are derived from
C20921006FN0   C20921006FN0 C20921006FN0 PDF Download   The 329C/W for the SC-74 package assumes
C20921006MFO   C20921006MFO C20921006MFO PDF Download gain can be modified when new frequency data is
C209284FN09102TCX   C209284FN09102TCX C209284FN09102TCX PDF Download Line State. These signals reflect the current sta
C20935   C20935 C20935 PDF Download AMI DIP28
C2094-16-26FN0   C2094-16-26FN0 C2094-16-26FN0 PDF Download Controller (host) will send start bit. Controll
C20954   C20954 C20954 PDF Download AMI PLCC 05+ The FSK modulator produces a frequency modulated
C2096-08-02-FN0   C2096-08-02-FN0 C2096-08-02-FN0 PDF Download Vertical power TrenchMOS Low on-state resistance
C2099   C2099 C2099 PDF Download The TPS730xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-po
C20991002FNO   C20991002FNO C20991002FNO PDF Download The DS90C363B transmitter converts 21 bits of CM
C20A   C20A C20A PDF Download TI SSOP-14 The high-side driver is designed to drive low rD
C20F.0001   C20F.0001 C20F.0001 PDF Download Schurter Inc Write. A low on this input informs the 73K322L th
C20M-04   C20M-04 C20M-04 PDF Download 243 FUJI 3: Regulation is measured at a constant junction
C20P04   C20P04 C20P04 PDF Download NIEC 00+   The VP1058 is a low power analog-to-digita
C20T03QL   C20T03QL C20T03QL PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+
C20T03QLH   C20T03QLH C20T03QLH PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ Two on-chip current limit comparators provide dua
C20T04Q   C20T04Q C20T04Q PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ Vcc = 1.7V~2.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C(I),
C20T04QH   C20T04QH C20T04QH PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ The PCF84C12A, PCF84C22A and PCF84C42A are gene
C20T06Q   C20T06Q C20T06Q PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ The information provided herein is believed to b
C20T06QH   C20T06QH C20T06QH PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ (7) Standby Control Function   By setting
C20T10Q   C20T10Q C20T10Q PDF Download NIEC TO-263 04+ The readout procedure is shown in figure 1. This
C20T10Q-TE24L1   C20T10Q-TE24L1 C20T10Q-TE24L1 PDF Download 4 TO-263 The LT®1990 is a micropower precision differe
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