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Reading from the device is accomplished by taking Chip En- able (CE) and Output Enable (OE) LOW while forcing Write Enable (WE) HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the memory location specified by the address pins will appear on the I/O pins.
DATA AND CONNECTION MEMORY   All data that comes in through the RX inputs go through a serial-to-parallel conversion before being stored into internal Data Memory. The 8 KHz frame pulse (F0i) is used to mark the 125µs frame boundaries and to sequentially address the input channels in Data Memory. The Data Memory is only written by the device from the RX streams and can be read from either the TX streams or the microprocessor.   Data output on the TX streams may come from either the Serial Input Streams (Data Memory) or from the microprocessor (Connection Memory). In the case that RX input data is to be output, the addresses in Connection Memory are used to specify a stream and channel of the input. The Connection Memory is setup in such a way that each location corresponds to an output channel for each particular stream. In that way, more than one channel can output the same data. In Processor mode, the microprocessor writes data to the Connection Memory locations corresponding to the stream and channel that is to be output. The lower byte (8 least significant bits) of the Connection Memory is output every frame until the microprocessor changes the data or mode of the channel. By using this Processor mode capability, the microprocessor can access input and output time-slots on a per channel basis.   The most significant bits of the Connection Memory are used to control per channel functions such as Processor mode, Constant or Variable Delay mode, three-state of output drivers, and the Loopback function.
 − Dynamic Range: 123 dB  − THD+N: 0.0005% Differential Current Output: 4 mA p-p 8 Oversampling Digital Filter:  − Stop-Band Attenuation: C98 dB  − Pass-Band Ripple: 0.0002 dB Sampling Frequency: 10 kHz to 200 kHz System Clock: 128, 192, 256, 384, 512, or 768 fS With Autodetect Accepts 16-, 20-, and 24-Bit Audio Data PCM Data Formats: Standard, I2S, and Left-Justified DSD Format Interface Available
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
CM40   CM40 CM40 PDF Download N/A   Controller (host) sends a start bit. &nbs
CM4000D-12F   CM4000D-12F CM4000D-12F PDF Download 1735 PALCE22V10 features a variable product term archi
CM4000II-STENCIL   CM4000II-STENCIL CM4000II-STENCIL PDF Download PH DIP 93 This is the clock input to the ISD MicroTAD-16M.
CM400AH-24H   CM400AH-24H CM400AH-24H PDF Download 1735 PORT 2: Port 2 is a bi-directional I/O port with
CM400DU-12E   CM400DU-12E CM400DU-12E PDF Download MIT MODULE Notes: (for Tables 2 & 3)  1. Dominant
CM400DU12F   CM400DU12F CM400DU12F PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUT
CM400DU-12F   CM400DU-12F CM400DU-12F PDF Download 03+ The total current drawn from the power supply ca
CM400DU-12H   CM400DU-12H CM400DU-12H PDF Download 400A600V This device is ideal for applications requiring
CM400DU-12HH   CM400DU-12HH CM400DU-12HH PDF Download Direct microprocessor access to all internal memo
CM400DU-12NF   CM400DU-12NF CM400DU-12NF PDF Download 100 天龙伟业 靳先生   The ULN2003A/L and ULN2004A/L are the sta
CM400DU-12NFH   CM400DU-12NFH CM400DU-12NFH PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE 10+ PRS initializes the read and write pointers to ze
CM400DU-24F   CM400DU-24F CM400DU-24F PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP Clocking is accomplished by a low-to-high transi
CM400DU-24H   CM400DU-24H CM400DU-24H PDF Download MITSUBISHI SOP FEATURES lOptions :-   10mm lead spread -
CM400DU24NF   CM400DU24NF CM400DU24NF PDF Download MODULE MODULE 08+ I2C interface select / I2C RESET (active low, as
CM400DU-24NF   CM400DU-24NF CM400DU-24NF PDF Download MITSUBISHI IGBT The set/reset line (SR) is an asynchronous activ
CM400DU-24NFH   CM400DU-24NFH CM400DU-24NFH PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A Notes:  4. CL includes probe and jig capac
CM400DU-34KA   CM400DU-34KA CM400DU-34KA PDF Download MIT MODULE Thermal Design The IRU1050 incorporates an inter
CM400DU-5F   CM400DU-5F CM400DU-5F PDF Download MIT 05+ RESISTOR TERMINALS   Voltage Range4  
CM400DY   CM400DY CM400DY PDF Download 1735 Notes regarding these materials 1. These materia
CM400DY(DU)-12H(E)   CM400DY(DU)-12H(E) CM400DY(DU)-12H(E) PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
CM400DY1-12E   CM400DY1-12E CM400DY1-12E PDF Download MITSUBIS MODULE N/A Single supply: 2.5 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial
CM400DY-12   CM400DY-12 CM400DY-12 PDF Download N/A UART channel A Receive Data or infrared receive
CM400DY-12E   CM400DY-12E CM400DY-12E PDF Download MIT MODULE N/A The Fairchild Switch FSTU3253 is a dual 4:1 high
CM400DY-12G   CM400DY-12G CM400DY-12G PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
CM400DY-12H   CM400DY-12H CM400DY-12H PDF Download MIT MOUDLE N/A able operation, the stored energy from circuit i
CM400DY-12H/E   CM400DY-12H/E CM400DY-12H/E PDF Download Various performance features exist between the t
CM400DY-12HE   CM400DY-12HE CM400DY-12HE PDF Download Notes: 1. Within-Device skew is defined for ide
CM400DY12NF   CM400DY12NF