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This series of planar, P on N, large area silicon photodiodes is characterized for use in the photovoltaic (unbiased) mode. Their excellent speed and broadband sensitivity makes them ideal for detecting light from a variety of sources such as LEDs, IREDs, flashtubes, incandescent lamps, lasers, etc. Improved shunt resistance minimizes amplifier offset and drift in high gain systems. The solderable contact system on these photodiodes provides a cost effective design solution for many applications.
The CS202-P/6490/8390/8490 Rev. B3 parts you have received conform functionally to the Device Data Sheet (DS39629), except for the anomalies described below. Any Data Sheet Clarification issues related to the CS202-P/6490/8390/8490 will be reported in a separate Data Sheet errata. Please check the Microchip web site for any existing issues.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
CS2000CP   CS2000CP CS2000CP PDF Download DIP 1
CS2001   CS2001 CS2001 PDF Download 0N SOP-20 03+ peripherals. This enhances program execution spe
CS2001YDWF20   CS2001YDWF20 CS2001YDWF20 PDF Download ON SOP-20 05+
CS2001YDWFR20   CS2001YDWFR20 CS2001YDWFR20 PDF Download ON SOP-20 05+ Two-Wire I2C Serial Interface Supports 400kHz P
CS200529   CS200529 CS200529 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Advanced 0.5µ E2CMOS process 1000 erase/p
CS200853   CS200853 CS200853 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A This Technical Note describes the evaluation boa
CS20110D3   CS20110D3 CS20110D3 PDF Download • Vary the gain of a voltage amplifi
CS20110D3C221K5   CS20110D3C221K5 CS20110D3C221K5 PDF Download When first plugged into USB, the FX2 enumerates
CS20110D3C470K5   CS20110D3C470K5 CS20110D3C470K5 PDF Download Portable Instrumentation Automatic Test Equipmen
CS20110D4C471K5   CS20110D4C471K5 CS20110D4C471K5 PDF Download These I²C-compatible electrically erasable
CS20110D4X103K5   CS20110D4X103K5 CS20110D4X103K5 PDF Download 0 07+ 5000 The products may contain design defects or error
CS201150   CS201150 CS201150 PDF Download CS SOP 99+ A UV erasable windowed package version is ideal
CS2012C0G100D500NRA   CS2012C0G100D500NRA CS2012C0G100D500NRA PDF Download NOTE: 10EP circuits are designed to meet the DC
CS2012C0G102J500NR   CS2012C0G102J500NR CS2012C0G102J500NR PDF Download   The Treble adjustment is made by changing
CS2012C0G121J500NR   CS2012C0G121J500NR CS2012C0G121J500NR PDF Download   The NCP304 and NCP305 series are second g
CS2012C0G150J500NR   CS2012C0G150J500NR CS2012C0G150J500NR PDF Download FEATURES   High Ripple Rejection75dB typ.
CS2012C0G151J500NR   CS2012C0G151J500NR CS2012C0G151J500NR PDF Download The HYM71V8M755HCTU6 Series are 8Mx72bits Synchro
CS2012C0G180J500NR   CS2012C0G180J500NR CS2012C0G180J500NR PDF Download All Rights Reserved. Circuit diagrams utilizing
CS2012C0G221J500NR   CS2012C0G221J500NR CS2012C0G221J500NR PDF Download The thermally efficient package measures only 2
CS2012C0G270J500NR   CS2012C0G270J500NR CS2012C0G270J500NR PDF Download Note 1. 45µA max. (current consumption duri
CS2012C0G271J500NRA   CS2012C0G271J500NRA CS2012C0G271J500NRA PDF Download cause large currents to flow which can result in
CS2012C0G430J500NRA   CS2012C0G430J500NRA CS2012C0G430J500NRA PDF Download 5V TOLERANT INPUTS HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5.9ns (MA
CS2012C0G561K500NRA   CS2012C0G561K500NRA CS2012C0G561K500NRA PDF Download Features • Low current consumption : 1.1 m
CS2012C0G681J500NRB   CS2012C0G681J500NRB CS2012C0G681J500NRB PDF Download The added enhancement known as the Glitch Eater i
CS2012COG020C500NRA   CS2012COG020C500NRA CS2012COG020C500NRA PDF Download This specification is established by characteriza
CS2012COG090D500NRA   CS2012COG090D500NRA CS2012COG090D500NRA PDF Download Port 3 pins P3.0 to P3.5, P3.7 are seven bi-dire
CS2012COG100D500NRA   CS2012COG100D500NRA CS2012COG100D500NRA PDF Download Product Family Pin Description Asynchronous 4 P
CS2012COG101J500NRA   CS2012COG101J500NRA CS2012COG101J500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 07+ The next four bytes of the EPROM STATUS memory c
CS2012COG121J500NR   CS2012COG121J500NR CS2012COG121J500NR PDF Download The wiper settings are controllable through an I
CS2012COG150J500NRA   CS2012COG150J500NRA CS2012COG150J500NRA PDF Download These are the first general purpose EMI reductio
CS2012COG151J500NRA   CS2012COG151J500NRA CS2012COG151J500NRA PDF Download  The K1S1616B1A is fabricated by SAMSUNGs a
CS2012COG151J500NRA(150PF)   CS2012COG151J500NRA(150PF) CS2012COG151J500NRA(150PF) PDF Download   The MC100EPT622 is a 10- Bit LVTTL/LVCMOS
CS2012COG151J500NRB   CS2012COG151J500NRB CS2012COG151J500NRB PDF Download   The NCP304 and NCP305 series are second g
CS2012COG151K500NR   CS2012COG151K500NR CS2012COG151K500NR PDF Download  The MSK4351 is designed to be used with a
CS2012COG180J500NRA   CS2012COG180J500NRA CS2012COG180J500NRA PDF Download Attention: Due to high frequency characteristic
CS2012COG221J500NR   CS2012COG221J500NR CS2012COG221J500NR PDF Download SDRAM read and write accesses are burst oriented
CS2012COG221J500NRA   CS2012COG221J500NRA CS2012COG221J500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 0805-221J If you have any questions or comments regarding
CS2012COG240J500NRA   CS2012COG240J500NRA CS2012COG240J500NRA PDF Download If the attached printer is powered up and on lin
CS2012COG330J500NRA   CS2012COG330J500NRA CS2012COG330J500NRA PDF Download 10 years minimum data retention in the absence
CS2012COG331J500NRA   CS2012COG331J500NRA CS2012COG331J500NRA PDF Download   Thoughtful design results in these device
CS2012COG390J500NR   CS2012COG390J500NR CS2012COG390J500NR PDF Download provided by an active LOW chip enable (CE1), an
CS2012COG430J500NR   CS2012COG430J500NR CS2012COG430J500NR PDF Download DESCRIPTION This MOSFET is the latest developme
CS2012COG430J500NRA   CS2012COG430J500NRA CS2012COG430J500NRA PDF Download slew-rate control structure with four configurab
CS2012COG470J500NRA   CS2012COG470J500NRA CS2012COG470J500NRA PDF Download Circuit design is enhanced by the addition of a
CS2012COG471J500NRA   CS2012COG471J500NRA CS2012COG471J500NRA PDF Download C Data input, address, byte enable and control re
CS2012COPG240J500NRA   CS2012COPG240J500NRA CS2012COPG240J500NRA PDF Download This block receives or sends samples from/to the
CS2012CX7R103K500NRA   CS2012CX7R103K500NRA CS2012CX7R103K500NRA PDF Download 11.1 United States export laws and regulations p
CS20-12IO1   CS20-12IO1 CS20-12IO1 PDF Download IXYS TO-247 08+ The chip is built around an ARM946ES RISC proces
CS2012X5R106K100NRE   CS2012X5R106K100NRE CS2012X5R106K100NRE PDF Download Register File based 8/16 bit Core Architecture
CS2012X7R102K500NRA   CS2012X7R102K500NRA CS2012X7R102K500NRA PDF Download To protect the IC as well as the connected speak
CS2012X7R103K500NR   CS2012X7R103K500NR CS2012X7R103K500NR PDF Download † For simplicity, routing of complementary
CS2012X7R103K500NRA   CS2012X7R103K500NRA CS2012X7R103K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 04+
CS2012X7R104K250NRE   CS2012X7R104K250NRE CS2012X7R104K250NRE PDF Download These dual beam leads are intended for use in ba
CS2012X7R104K500NR   CS2012X7R104K500NR CS2012X7R104K500NR PDF Download Consisting of the CS2012X7R104K500NR, CS2012X7R10
CS2012X7R104K500NRB   CS2012X7R104K500NRB CS2012X7R104K500NRB PDF Download This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
CS2012X7R104K500NREW   CS2012X7R104K500NREW CS2012X7R104K500NREW PDF Download The KA79XX/KA79XXA series of three-terminal nega
CS2012X7R105K160NR   CS2012X7R105K160NR CS2012X7R105K160NR PDF Download Because the PMOS device behaves as a low-value r
CS2012X7R105K160NRE   CS2012X7R105K160NRE CS2012X7R105K160NRE PDF Download Receive byte clock. RBC0 and RBC1 are 62.5-MHz r
CS2012X7R106K100NRE   CS2012X7R106K100NRE CS2012X7R106K100NRE PDF Download
CS2012X7R123K500NR   CS2012X7R123K500NR CS2012X7R123K500NR PDF Download
CS2012X7R123K500NRA   CS2012X7R123K500NRA CS2012X7R123K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 0805-123K 02+ This series is designed with discrete diodes for
CS2012X7R152K500NR   CS2012X7R152K500NR CS2012X7R152K500NR PDF Download 6. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
CS2012X7R154K250NR   CS2012X7R154K250NR CS2012X7R154K250NR PDF Download Should the system reset, while a Block or Sector
CS2012X7R182K500NRB   CS2012X7R182K500NRB CS2012X7R182K500NRB PDF Download This device contains circuits to protect its inp
CS2012X7R221K500NRA   CS2012X7R221K500NRA CS2012X7R221K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 0805-221K Acknowledge The Acknowledge takes place after t
CS2012X7R222K500NR   CS2012X7R222K500NR CS2012X7R222K500NR PDF Download The Fault output is latched high when a short-ci
CS2012X7R222K500NRA   CS2012X7R222K500NRA CS2012X7R222K500NRA PDF Download This matching component is required only for ante
CS2012X7R223K500NRA   CS2012X7R223K500NRA CS2012X7R223K500NRA PDF Download SAMHWA 2005 Note 1: The maximum junction temperature of the L
CS2012X7R272K500NR   CS2012X7R272K500NR CS2012X7R272K500NR PDF Download Spectrum Spread Clock Generators utilize frequen
CS2012X7R332K500NR   CS2012X7R332K500NR CS2012X7R332K500NR PDF Download The user has the flexibility of using this devic
CS2012X7R333K500NR   CS2012X7R333K500NR CS2012X7R333K500NR PDF Download acceleration sensor. It is factory programmable
CS2012X7R333K500NRA   CS2012X7R333K500NRA CS2012X7R333K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 02+ These Schottky diodes are specifically designed
CS2012X7R392K500NRA   CS2012X7R392K500NRA CS2012X7R392K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 0805-392K Hynix HYMD564G726(L)8M-K/H/L series incorporates
CS2012X7R392K500NRB   CS2012X7R392K500NRB CS2012X7R392K500NRB PDF Download CS2012X7R392K500NRB: Dual 64-position resolution
CS2012X7R393K500NRA   CS2012X7R393K500NRA CS2012X7R393K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 03+ The ICSI IC61S6432 is a high-speed, low-power syn
CS2012X7R472K500NR   CS2012X7R472K500NR CS2012X7R472K500NR PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
CS2012X7R472K500NRB   CS2012X7R472K500NRB CS2012X7R472K500NRB PDF Download The Status operation determines if an Erase or Pr
CS2012X7R473K250NRB   CS2012X7R473K250NRB CS2012X7R473K250NRB PDF Download Note A: All Characteristic data in the above gra
CS2012X7R473K500NRB   CS2012X7R473K500NRB CS2012X7R473K500NRB PDF Download SAMWHA 04+ Pericom Semiconductors PI74AVC+16820, a 10-bit f
CS2012X7R562K500NR   CS2012X7R562K500NR CS2012X7R562K500NR PDF Download SAMWHA 0805-562K 02+ As the HFBR-5710L is inserted, first contact i
CS2012X7R562K500NRA   CS2012X7R562K500NRA CS2012X7R562K500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 02+ The ISL6433 includes an Intel® -compatible,
CS2012X7R563K500NRE   CS2012X7R563K500NRE CS2012X7R563K500NRE PDF Download The spectral purity in a band at a specific offs
CS2012X7R682K500NRB   CS2012X7R682K500NRB CS2012X7R682K500NRB PDF Download Time Out Counter. The Time Out is performed by
CS2012X7R821K500NR   CS2012X7R821K500NR CS2012X7R821K500NR PDF Download 1) Measurement conditions are as follows: T = 25C
CS2012X7R821K500NRA   CS2012X7R821K500NRA CS2012X7R821K500NRA PDF Download Up to 6.25 Mbps at 5 Volt, 4 Mbps at 3.3 Volt,
CS2012X7R822K500NRA   CS2012X7R822K500NRA CS2012X7R822K500NRA PDF Download PORT 2: Port 2 is a bi-directional I/O port with
CS2012Y5V104Z500NRA   CS2012Y5V104Z500NRA CS2012Y5V104Z500NRA PDF Download SAMWHA 2003   The MC623 is a 3.0 V solid-state, programm
CS2012Y5V104Z500NRB   CS2012Y5V104Z500NRB CS2012Y5V104Z500NRB PDF Download It is a single-pin crystal oscillator, operating
CS2012Y5V105M250NRE   CS2012Y5V105M250NRE CS2012Y5V105M250NRE PDF Download Signal Processors (DSPs) − TMS320C62xᣤ
CS2012Y5V105Z160NR   CS2012Y5V105Z160NR CS2012Y5V105Z160NR PDF Download Note 3 The maximum absolute allowable voltage whi
CS2012Y5V105Z160NRB   CS2012Y5V105Z160NRB CS2012Y5V105Z160NRB PDF Download • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
CS2012Y5V105Z160NRE   CS2012Y5V105Z160NRE CS2012Y5V105Z160NRE PDF Download 1 LSB change around major carry, VREF = 0 V D
CS2012Y5V105Z250NRE   CS2012Y5V105Z250NRE CS2012Y5V105Z250NRE PDF Download SAMWHA 04+   The VCC supply to each optoisolator must
CS2012Y5V223Z500NRA   CS2012Y5V223Z500NRA CS2012Y5V223Z500NRA PDF Download
CS2012Y5V225Z100NRE   CS2012Y5V225Z100NRE CS2012Y5V225Z100NRE PDF Download External Load Capacitance Output Current  
CS2012Y5V225Z160NRE   CS2012Y5V225Z160NRE CS2012Y5V225Z160NRE PDF Download Jack(Available) Supports automatic programming, Embeded Algorith
CS2012Y5V334Z250NR   CS2012Y5V334Z250NR CS2012Y5V334Z250NR PDF Download The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 2064VE dev
CS2012Y5V474Z160NRB   CS2012Y5V474Z160NRB CS2012Y5V474Z160NRB PDF Download Moreover, the output swing for an ideal RS-232 t
CS2012Y5V474Z500NRE   CS2012Y5V474Z500NRE CS2012Y5V474Z500NRE PDF Download energy and achieve high linearity performance. F
CS2012Y5V475100NRB   CS2012Y5V475100NRB CS2012Y5V475100NRB PDF Download Input pin of the regulator. Typically a large sto
CS2012Y5V475Z100NRE   CS2012Y5V475Z100NRE CS2012Y5V475Z100NRE PDF Download SAMWHA 07+ Hynix HYMD264G7268-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(
CS2012Y5V684Z160NRE   CS2012Y5V684Z160NRE CS2012Y5V684Z160NRE PDF Download The host system can detect whether a program or
CS2012Z5U104M500NRB   CS2012Z5U104M500NRB CS2012Z5U104M500NRB PDF Download hold the output low (Figure 2). This resistor va
CS20-14IO1   CS20-14IO1 CS20-14IO1 PDF Download IXYS TO-247 08+ The LM2678 series of regulators are monolithic i
CS2015H   CS2015H CS2015H PDF Download DIP 87 Each Peppermint board has a special touch pad bu
CS20-16IO1   CS20-16IO1 CS20-16IO1 PDF Download IXYS TO-247 08+ The OP470 features an input offset voltage below
CS2017   CS2017 CS2017 PDF Download CS DIP 05+ The traditional procedure for providing hold-up
CS2018   CS2018 CS2018 PDF Download FEATURES Single-Supply Operation: 7 V to 16 V
CS2018D   CS2018D CS2018D PDF Download NZM TO-94 3. The turn-off time of Q1, or rise time of the s
CS20-22   CS20-22 CS20-22 PDF Download FS1/SEN and FS0/SD are dual-purpose inputs used f
CS20-22MOF1   CS20-22MOF1 CS20-22MOF1 PDF Download IXYS   When only the S0 pin is at a logic one th
CS202CP   CS202CP CS202CP PDF Download CS DIP Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW
CS202-CP   CS202-CP CS202-CP PDF Download CS DIP-18 04+ The COP424C COP425C COP426C COP444C and COP445C
CS202P   CS202P CS202P PDF Download CS DIP-18 04+ Many low power instrument manufacturers are beco
CS202-P   CS202-P CS202-P PDF Download CS DIP-18 04+ The MAX 3000A architecture includes four dedicat
CS203.686400MABKTR   CS203.686400MABKTR CS203.686400MABKTR PDF Download The CN8223 is based on the Bt8222 device. The on
CS20-3.6864MABJ-UT   CS20-3.6864MABJ-UT CS20-3.6864MABJ-UT PDF Download Settling Time, tS C The time required by the d
CS2037   CS2037 CS2037 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP II (alumin
CS2037A   CS2037A CS2037A PDF Download SOP20 Excellent power supply ripple rejection for VIN
CS203-CP   CS203-CP CS203-CP PDF Download CS DIP 00+ 3. Initializes function parameters. The paramete
CS203-P   CS203-P CS203-P PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP (4) The products and product specifications desc
CS204   CS204 CS204 PDF Download CS N/A These devices are fully specified for hot-insert
CS20463-11   CS20463-11 CS20463-11 PDF Download CONEXANT 04+ are intended only as illustrations of such devic
CS204-CP   CS204-CP CS204-CP PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update
CS204P   CS204P CS204P PDF Download   Input Current, IIN, SCLK Pin   Input
CS204-P   CS204-P CS204-P PDF Download CRYSTAL 2007 INTERFACE RESET: The RST pin is used for both FWH
CS2057   CS2057 CS2057 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The PCI I/O region is also a 4 Gbyte space. Howe
CS20610CTC560J221MP03   CS20610CTC560J221MP03 CS20610CTC560J221MP03 PDF Download The output of a standard 40KHz infrared receiver
CS20610CTX680J-330K   CS20610CTX680J-330K CS20610CTX680J-330K PDF Download Operating Range In the operating range the func
CS2067   CS2067 CS2067 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ DATEL makes no representation that the use of it
CS207-1   CS207-1 CS207-1 PDF Download N/A TO-220 06+
CS2077   CS2077 CS2077 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+   Sharps LH28F016SU 16M Flash Memory is a r
CS208.000MABJ-UT   CS208.000MABJ-UT CS208.000MABJ-UT PDF Download The Supertex MD1811 is a high speed, quad MOSFET
CS2082   CS2082 CS2082 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A These devices are digitally controlled analog sw
CS2082EDW20   CS2082EDW20 CS2082EDW20 PDF Download ON Programmable options include the length of pipeli
CS2082EDWR20   CS2082EDWR20 CS2082EDWR20 PDF Download ON SOP-20 04+
CS209   CS209 CS209 PDF Download CS SOP8 NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
CS2097   CS2097 CS2097 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 This voltage is compared to a fixed frequency lin
CS209AD14   CS209AD14 CS209AD14 PDF Download This single-pole, double-throw reflective switch
CS209AYD14   CS209AYD14 CS209AYD14 PDF Download ON SOP-14 04+ The receive section consists of an expanding DAC
CS209AYD8   CS209AYD8 CS209AYD8 PDF Download Although designed as fixed-voltage regulators, t
CS209AYDR14   CS209AYDR14 CS209AYDR14 PDF Download Tip provides half of the two-wire connection to
CS209AYDR8   CS209AYDR8 CS209AYDR8 PDF Download The symmetry of all waveforms can be adjusted wi
CS209AYN8   CS209AYN8 CS209AYN8 PDF Download CHERRY 00+ | | |JANS level | |Method 3161 (see 4.5.3) |
CS209-D01   CS209-D01 CS209-D01 PDF Download Processor Socket Chipset System memory (GB) DI
CS209-D10   CS209-D10 CS209-D10 PDF Download CRYSTAL SOP 04+ These products are not designed for use in life s
CS209YD14   CS209YD14 CS209YD14 PDF Download *Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maximu
CS2103CCP   CS2103CCP CS2103CCP PDF Download CS Each of the two switch channels supply up to 500
CS2107   CS2107 CS2107 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 The two banks have their own dedicated frequency
CS2113   CS2113 CS2113 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ To enhance the flexibility and function of the cl
CS2115   CS2115 CS2115 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The Hyundai HYM72V32736AT8 Series are 32Mx72bits
CS212   CS212 CS212 PDF Download 8 ON 01+ Notes: 1: VC1 2.4 ,VC2 2.4, VM 2.4, VC1 5.0, VC2
CS2125   CS2125 CS2125 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 Note 3: The maximum power dissipation is a functi
CS2127   CS2127 CS2127 PDF Download PERFO CLCC28 9351/9412 AMD FusionE86SM partners provide an array of pro
CS2129410H   CS2129410H CS2129410H PDF Download Note 5: Except pin G7: +100 mA, −25 mA (COP
CS2129537H   CS2129537H CS2129537H PDF Download 3 SOP-16 The address inputs are used to set the least sig
CS2129626H   CS2129626H CS2129626H PDF Download In multi-drop scan systems, a scan tester can se
CS212EN16   CS212EN16 CS212EN16 PDF Download 6 ON 02+ Feedback Inputs: One pair of inputs selected by t
CS213   CS213 CS213 PDF Download TF SOT163 04+ CLBs provide the functional elements for impleme
CS2137   CS2137 CS2137 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The LT6011/LT6012 work on any power supply voltag
CS2145   CS2145 CS2145 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 The 64-bit ID identifies each bq2022. The 48-bit
CS2147   CS2147 CS2147 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
CS2155   CS2155 CS2155 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor cannot assume respons
CS2157   CS2157 CS2157 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The TL34071/2/4 devices are avaliable in standar
CS2165   CS2165 CS2165 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The Hitachi HM62V16256CBP Series is 4-Mbit stati
CS2167   CS2167 CS2167 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ Figure 15 shows the basic circuit of Figure 9 im
CS2175   CS2175 CS2175 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ Continuous Drain Current, V GS @ 5.0V Continuou
CS2177   CS2177 CS2177 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The CS4271s wide dynamic range, negligible distor
CS2180   CS2180 CS2180 PDF Download CS PLCC44 Provide a very well decoupled 5V bias supply for
CS2180A/B-IL   CS2180A/B-IL CS2180A/B-IL PDF Download • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
CS2180A-1L   CS2180A-1L CS2180A-1L PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC44 07+ Basic building blocks of the HCPL-x710 are a CMO
CS2180AIL   CS2180AIL CS2180AIL PDF Download STOP CONDITION: A low-to-high transition of SDA w
CS2180A-IL   CS2180A-IL CS2180A-IL PDF Download CRYSTRL PLCC PLCC Speed Is Enhanced Two Ways Delays in LCA-based
CS2180A-IP   CS2180A-IP CS2180A-IP PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP-40 03+ up to 133 MHz in .25µ (173 Dhrystone MIPS)
CS2180B-1L   CS2180B-1L CS2180B-1L PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC44 Purpose non inverting input ÎA inverting
CS2180B-IL   CS2180B-IL CS2180B-IL PDF Download CRYSTRL PLCC-44 06+ 184-pin 1mm pin spacing Card Size: 133.35mm x
CS2180B-IL/A-IL   CS2180B-IL/A-IL CS2180B-IL/A-IL PDF Download CAYSTAL • Single 3.3V 0.3V power supply • Al
CS2180B-ILR   CS2180B-ILR CS2180B-ILR PDF Download CRYSTAL 9547 4. Accesses to registers other than CHIPCTL0 are
CS2180B-IP   CS2180B-IP CS2180B-IP PDF Download CRYSTAL 98 The preferred method to connect PowerInfo 2 to t
CS2180IP   CS2180IP CS2180IP PDF Download CS Notes: 1. See XPLA3 family data sheet (DS012) f
CS2187   CS2187 CS2187 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The gm3110 device is an all-in-one image processo
CS2195   CS2195 CS2195 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The 100314 is a monolithic quint differential li
CS2197   CS2197 CS2197 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ The Data Input/Output mask places the DQ buffers
CS2200UCL-266   CS2200UCL-266 CS2200UCL-266 PDF Download NS BGA 06+ Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
CS22-08IO1M   CS22-08IO1M CS22-08IO1M PDF Download IXYS TO-220ABFP 08+ PRS initializes the read and write pointers to ze
CS2211   CS2211 CS2211 PDF Download CS DIP14 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Signal to Noise + Dist
CS2217   CS2217 CS2217 PDF Download IOR SMD-8 05+ When expander logic is used in the data path, ad
CS2256   CS2256 CS2256 PDF Download   PC0~PC3 constitute a 4-bit bidirectional
CS2258   CS2258 CS2258 PDF Download HUAJING 08+ − Active Mode: 330 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V
CS229001CQ   CS229001CQ CS229001CQ PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
CS229-001CQ   CS229-001CQ CS229-001CQ PDF Download ML PLCC28 03+ An internal thermal-sense circuit shuts off the
CS229-2   CS229-2 CS229-2 PDF Download ML PLCC28 03/+04+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
CS2305SC-1H   CS2305SC-1H CS2305SC-1H PDF Download The circuit emulation features in the ZL5011x fam
CS23-08I02   CS23-08I02 CS23-08I02 PDF Download  DVDD is the power supply for the I/O pins
CS23-08I02CS23-12I02CS23-16I02   CS23-08I02CS23-12I02CS23-16I02 CS23-08I02CS23-12I02CS23-16I02 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute
CS23-08IO2   CS23-08IO2 CS23-08IO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-48 05+ The MK3725 VCXO function consists of the externa
CS2308SC-1H   CS2308SC-1H CS2308SC-1H PDF Download Industry Standard MICROWIRE Bus Single Supply
CS23-12GO2   CS23-12GO2 CS23-12GO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-48 05+ which includes the control and status registers
CS23-12IO2   CS23-12IO2 CS23-12IO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-48 05+ • Any System Requiring RS-232 Communicatio
CS23-12IO3   CS23-12IO3 CS23-12IO3 PDF Download IXYS TO-48 05+ Frame Synchronization signal (For MPI)/Frame Syn
CS23-16IO2   CS23-16IO2 CS23-16IO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-48 05+ 16K bit Ferroelectric Nonvolatile RAM • Org
CS2323   CS2323 CS2323 PDF Download CSC DIP 06+ DISABLE - Is the connection for disabling all 4 o
CS2334SW   CS2334SW CS2334SW PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
CS235   CS235 CS235 PDF Download CS SOP 03/+04+ This device generates read instructions for the
CS235GDW18   CS235GDW18 CS235GDW18 PDF Download 75 Volt Motor Supply Voltage 10 Amp Output Switc
CS235GN18   CS235GN18 CS235GN18 PDF Download 8 ON 01+ Notes : 1. In case of 40MHz Frequency, CL1 can b
CS240610   CS240610 CS240610 PDF Download PRX SOP The device has 16 ST-BUS inputs (STi0-15) and 16
CS240650   CS240650 CS240650 PDF Download PRX SOP Seek Time (RD/WT typical)  Track to Track2.
CS241020   CS241020 CS241020 PDF Download N/A • 22 I/O pins with individual direction co
CS24108-20   CS24108-20 CS24108-20 PDF Download CONEXANT TQFP-48 00+ Every Infiniium 54830 Series with MegaZoom is a
CS24108-90   CS24108-90 CS24108-90 PDF Download CONEXANT TQFP-48 00+ Dimension are in inches. Metric equivalents ar
CS24109-11   CS24109-11 CS24109-11 PDF Download CS QFP N/A Description Clock input Gate for outputs Q1 thr
CS2411   CS2411 CS2411 PDF Download CRYSTAL s Low-power dissipation s Complies with JEDEC st
CS24110-11   CS24110-11 CS24110-11 PDF Download N/A 07+/08+ 1.4 ATM features Adaptation Layers: AAL5 (data
CS241210   CS241210 CS241210 PDF Download N/A The MAX1578/MAX1579 provide four regulated output
CS241250   CS241250 CS241250 PDF Download N/A
CS24210   CS24210 CS24210 PDF Download • Dual 14-bit, 1GSa/s Digital to Analog co
CS2451ZW6   CS2451ZW6 CS2451ZW6 PDF Download CIRRUS O7+ A and B Ports Up To −2 V Bidirectional Dat
CS2470A   CS2470A CS2470A PDF Download   Junction temperature = ambient for +25C s
CS2497AA   CS2497AA CS2497AA PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
CS24CO4PI   CS24CO4PI CS24CO4PI PDF Download The internal data word address counter maintains
CS2501   CS2501 CS2501 PDF Download VALOR SMD SMD The Sidac is a silicon bilateral voltage trigger
CS2501-001   CS2501-001 CS2501-001 PDF Download
CS251221   CS251221 CS251221 PDF Download This matching component is required only for ante
CS2516   CS2516 CS2516 PDF Download 7 04+ INTERSIL The information, diagrams, and other data in thi
CS2516KDR8   CS2516KDR8 CS2516KDR8 PDF Download • Multi-standard VBI data slicer decoding W
CS254D   CS254D CS254D PDF Download NEC 8PIN-CDIP 06+ The electrical characteristic data has been deve
CS2550AM   CS2550AM CS2550AM PDF Download As a member of the 51LPC microcontroller family,
CS255YNA   CS255YNA CS255YNA PDF Download 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyo
CS25603J909   CS25603J909 CS25603J909 PDF Download ed before t AVQV, the data lines will be driven
CS25864-19   CS25864-19 CS25864-19 PDF Download CONEXANT QFP This Hynix 512Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchrono
CS262   CS262 CS262 PDF Download DIP 90 This LSI device can contribute to improved anti-
CS2627AM   CS2627AM CS2627AM PDF Download
CS263   CS263 CS263 PDF Download A high on the Latch Enable input will cause the
CS2662BA   CS2662BA CS2662BA PDF Download   The current source provides a closely regu
CS26C198C1A   CS26C198C1A CS26C198C1A PDF Download Quality Digital Audio Amplification 93-dB Dynami
CS26LV16163HC-70   CS26LV16163HC-70 CS26LV16163HC-70 PDF Download CHIPLUS BGA 04+ The Broadcom CS26LV16163HC-70 device is a highly
CS26LV32163HC-70   CS26LV32163HC-70 CS26LV32163HC-70 PDF Download CHIPLUS BGA 04+ • World's Smallest Hermetic SIC Centertap
CS2714-KL   CS2714-KL CS2714-KL PDF Download NOTES: 1. The array is uniformly illuminated wit
CS2779CF   CS2779CF CS2779CF PDF Download • Only 35 single word instructions to lear
CS279   CS279 CS279 PDF Download Complete implementation of Plug n Play standard
CS27LS00PCB   CS27LS00PCB CS27LS00PCB PDF Download AM DIP-16 08+ The power switch has full over-current protection
CS2814B   CS2814B CS2814B PDF Download Three synchronous Chip Enables (CE1, CE2, CE3) an
CS2814BE   CS2814BE CS2814BE PDF Download ACCURACY Linearity Error Linearity Match Dif
CS2841   CS2841 CS2841 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A
CS2841B   CS2841B CS2841B PDF Download CS DIP-8 1. These values of VI are used to test DC electr
CS2841BD   CS2841BD CS2841BD PDF Download They utilize a versatile 3-wire interface that i
CS2841BD14   CS2841BD14 CS2841BD14 PDF Download CS SOP 03/+04+ The LM89 is an 11-bit digital temperature sensor
CS2841BD14R2G   CS2841BD14R2G CS2841BD14R2G PDF Download Suffix denotes Vz tolerance: non suffix for 20%,
CS2841BDR14   CS2841BDR14 CS2841BDR14 PDF Download Data Bus Enable: After A2CA0, CE, BYTE and R/W ar
CS2841BEB   CS2841BEB CS2841BEB PDF Download ON DIP 03+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
CS2841BEBN8   CS2841BEBN8 CS2841BEBN8 PDF Download ON Semiconductor The conversion cycle is synchronized to the risi
CS2841BEBN8G   CS2841BEBN8G CS2841BEBN8G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+  The Hynix HYM71V16755HGT8 Series are Dual
CS2841BED14   CS2841BED14 CS2841BED14 PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP-14 06+   ARM7TDMI™ ARM® Thumb™ Proc
CS2841BEDR14   CS2841BEDR14 CS2841BEDR14 PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP 2002 Notes:  5. Test conditions assume signal t
CS2841BEDR14G   CS2841BEDR14G CS2841BEDR14G PDF Download ON Semiconductor (VA) SOP14 Programming of multiple CS2841BEDR14G in parallel
CS2841D14   CS2841D14 CS2841D14 PDF Download CS SOP3.9mm Teccor Electronics is the proprietor of the QUAD
CS2842A   CS2842A CS2842A PDF Download   The HYM72V32C756AT8 H-Series are high spe
CS2842AL   CS2842AL CS2842AL PDF Download 07+
CS2842ALD14   CS2842ALD14 CS2842ALD14 PDF Download (b) Measured at t<5 secs for a dual device su
CS2842ALN8   CS2842ALN8 CS2842ALN8 PDF Download CHERRY 9952+ • NPT3 IGBT   - low saturation voltag
CS2842AN8   CS2842AN8 CS2842AN8 PDF Download CHERRY 9927+ The layout of Figure 6 shows two 0.1µF dec
CS2842ASL   CS2842ASL CS2842ASL PDF Download ON DIP-8 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
CS2843   CS2843 CS2843 PDF Download CS/ON DIP8 01+
CS2843A   CS2843A CS2843A PDF Download The LTC®3720 is a synchronous step-down switc
CS2843AL   CS2843AL CS2843AL PDF Download In addition to the standard output configuration
CS2843ALN8   CS2843ALN8 CS2843ALN8 PDF Download Magnitude of Common Emitter Small-Signal Short-C
CS2844J   CS2844J CS2844J PDF Download DIP DIP
CS2845   CS2845 CS2845 PDF Download Note 4 A 1 0 MX resistor is connected to the comp
CS2845LN8   CS2845LN8 CS2845LN8 PDF Download ON SEM DIP8 1998 n BTL mode for mono speaker n 2-cell 1.5V to 3
CS2845N   CS2845N CS2845N PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Outputs the extracted generic flow control bits
CS289   CS289 CS289 PDF Download CHERRY DIP14 • Fast access time:   C 133, 117, 10
CS2896AM   CS2896AM CS2896AM PDF Download
CS289GDWR20   CS289GDWR20 CS289GDWR20 PDF Download CHERRY Regulators (ISRs). These ISRs are de- signed wi
CS289GN14   CS289GN14 CS289GN14 PDF Download ON DIP14 Current Limit Protection Isolation Test Voltag
CS28C55A   CS28C55A CS28C55A PDF Download N/A PLCC-44 99 The Application Engineering Group is available t
CS290   CS290 CS290 PDF Download 7500 CS 06+ ADVANCE INFORMATION documents contain informatio
CS2907   CS2907 CS2907 PDF Download CS DIP DIP Second-generation HOTLink® technology AMD
CS291   CS291 CS291 PDF Download At TA = +25C, VDDA = VDDB = VDDR = +5V, load res
CS2917   CS2917 CS2917 PDF Download DIP The data contained in the data stream can also a
CS291YDW16   CS291YDW16 CS291YDW16 PDF Download The NMOS image sensor consists of a scanning cir
CS2921AM   CS2921AM CS2921AM PDF Download   The onCchip Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synth
CS293D   CS293D CS293D PDF Download CS 04+ DUTY CYCLE DEFINITION The MXD2020E/F has two PW
CS294YDW16   CS294YDW16 CS294YDW16 PDF Download Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 3.3V a
CS298   CS298 CS298 PDF Download CS DIP The SPT1018 has 10 KH and 100K ECL logic level c
CS2989   CS2989 CS2989 PDF Download CS DIP 98+ This pin is the reference select pin and the ext
CS2990   CS2990 CS2990 PDF Download DIP NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolut
CS299D   CS299D CS299D PDF Download CS DIP8 04+ Output of the error amplifier for compensation
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