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High data rate, 5 MHz typical (NRZ) Free from latch up and oscilliation throughout voltage and temperature ranges. Microprocessor compatible drive Logic compatible output sinks 16 mA at 0.5 V maximum Guaranteed on/off threshold hysteresis Wide supply voltage capability, compatible with all popular logic systems High common mode transient immunity, 2000 V/µs minimum Fast switching t r = 7.5ns typical, t f = 12ns typical Underwriter Laboratory (UL) recognizedfile #E90700 VDE recognized C File#102497 C Add option V (e.g., H11N1VM)
  The LSTTL / MSI SN54 / 74LS257B and the SN54 / 74LS258B are Quad 2-Input Multiplexers with 3-state outputs. Four bits of data from two sources can be selected using a Common Data Select input. The four outputs present the selected data in true (non-inverted) form. The outputs may be switched to a high impedance state with a HIGH on the common Output Enable (EO) In- put, allowing the outputs to interface directly with bus oriented systems. It is fabricated with the Schottky barrier diode process for high speed and is com- pletely compatible with all Motorola TTL families.
The device provides ultrastable +6.000V output with 0.6000 mV (.01%) initial accuracy and a temperature coefficient of 0.6 ppm/C.This improvement in accuracy is made possible by a unique, patented multipoint laser compensation technique developed by Thaler Corporation. Significant improvements have been made in other performance parameters as well, including initial accuracy, warm-up drift, line regulation, and long-term stability, making the CS5101 series the most accurate reference available in the standard 8 pin DIP package.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
CS5001C50   CS5001C50 CS5001C50 PDF Download Each of the three codewheel materials offers a
CS5003   CS5003 CS5003 PDF Download CS 06+ DIP-8
CS5005   CS5005 CS5005 PDF Download IR DIP4 N/A The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an e
CS5010   CS5010 CS5010 PDF Download IR 07+ 3. The AD581 can also be operated in a two-termi
CS5011AMT   CS5011AMT CS5011AMT PDF Download The UCC3808A family offers a variety of package
CS5012   CS5012 CS5012 PDF Download CRYSTRL Not only support the programmable gain from 0 to
CS5012A-AP   CS5012A-AP CS5012A-AP PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP •Single +5V power supply •No clocks,
CS5012A-BL   CS5012A-BL CS5012A-BL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Block • Pla
CS5012A-BL12   CS5012A-BL12 CS5012A-BL12 PDF Download CS PLCC The main feature of this part is to provide, for
CS5012A-BL7   CS5012A-BL7 CS5012A-BL7 PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC44 Hynix HYMD116M725B(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuff
CS5012A-BL7Z   CS5012A-BL7Z CS5012A-BL7Z PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc READ ENABLE (R)   A read cycle is initiated
CS5012A-BP12   CS5012A-BP12 CS5012A-BP12 PDF Download CS PDIP The Four-word Burst Read Waveform on page 32 ill
CS5012ABP7   CS5012ABP7 CS5012ABP7 PDF Download The TLE 4275 is a monolithic integrated low-drop
CS5012A-BP7   CS5012A-BP7 CS5012A-BP7 PDF Download CS 04+ n PSRR at 217 Hz and 1kHz65dB (typ) n Output Po
CS5012A-KL   CS5012A-KL CS5012A-KL PDF Download CRYSYTA PLCC PLCC Differential LVPECL inputs are connected to both
CS5012A-KL12   CS5012A-KL12 CS5012A-KL12 PDF Download CRYSTAL   This 16-bit edge-triggered D-type flip-fl
CS5012A-KL7   CS5012A-KL7 CS5012A-KL7 PDF Download 92 Flash Time selectable on the keyboard (92, 312, 6
CS5012A-KP   CS5012A-KP CS5012A-KP PDF Download CS DIP-40 N/A The techniques described for balancing offset vo
CS5012A-KP12   CS5012A-KP12 CS5012A-KP12 PDF Download CS DIP 04+ Used as external reference input when internal r
CS5012AKP7   CS5012AKP7 CS5012AKP7 PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP Timer T2 may be read on the fly but possesses no
CS5012A-KP7   CS5012A-KP7 CS5012A-KP7 PDF Download CRYSYTA DIP DIP Synchronous Output Enable. When HIGH, it stops c
CS5012A-KPF   CS5012A-KPF CS5012A-KPF PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
CS5012AMT   CS5012AMT CS5012AMT PDF Download   The LVCH16374A 16-bit edge-triggered D-ty
CS5012-BD24   CS5012-BD24 CS5012-BD24 PDF Download CS CDIP System Resources, some of which have been previo
CS5012-BP12   CS5012-BP12 CS5012-BP12 PDF Download CRYSTRL DIP 01+ High-voltage start-up. The current flowing into
CS5012-BP7   CS5012-BP7 CS5012-BP7 PDF Download ∗Before using components in circuits where
CS5012-KD12   CS5012-KD12 CS5012-KD12 PDF Download CS DIP 04+ Unlike some competitor devices, both VH and VL h
CS5012-KD14   CS5012-KD14 CS5012-KD14 PDF Download CS DIP The buck regulator provides a 2.5% output voltage
CS5012-KD24   CS5012-KD24 CS5012-KD24 PDF Download CS DIP 89+ Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
CS5012-KD7   CS5012-KD7 CS5012-KD7 PDF Download CS 04+ The CS5012-KD7 is an 8-bit single chip microcont
CS5012-KL12   CS5012-KL12 CS5012-KL12 PDF Download CRYSTAL 2007 The devices low VCC detection circuitry protects
CS5012-KL24   CS5012-KL24 CS5012-KL24 PDF Download CRYSAL PLCC Note 4: When VREF > 1.2V and VREF x3 > VIN,
CS5012-KP12   CS5012-KP12 CS5012-KP12 PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP 3. Recommended LED forward current (IF) It is r
CS5012-KP24   CS5012-KP24 CS5012-KP24 PDF Download CRY DIP − Standard Mode IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, and PS/2
CS5012KP-24   CS5012KP-24 CS5012KP-24 PDF Download CS 04+ The Secured Sector is an extra 64 Kbyte sector
CS5012-KP7   CS5012-KP7 CS5012-KP7 PDF Download DIP 04+ These devices are ideal for cost-sensitive appli
CS5012-XD7   CS5012-XD7 CS5012-XD7 PDF Download CRYSYTA CDIP CDIP Solderability: 90% coverage after 5 second dip in
CS5014   CS5014 CS5014 PDF Download CRYSTRL The ISD MicroTAD-16M utilizes separate analog a
CS5014-BD14   CS5014-BD14 CS5014-BD14 PDF Download CRY CDIP Separate program and data spaces allow simultane
CS5014-BL   CS5014-BL CS5014-BL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC The LTC®1628-SYNC is a high performance dual
CS5014-BL14   CS5014-BL14 CS5014-BL14 PDF Download CYPRESS 2007 Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC) Suppor
CS5014-BL14Z   CS5014-BL14Z CS5014-BL14Z PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Broadcom®, the pulse logo, QAMLink®, and
CS5014-BL28   CS5014-BL28 CS5014-BL28 PDF Download CRYSTRL PLCC-44 Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
CS5014-BP14   CS5014-BP14 CS5014-BP14 PDF Download CS DIP40 04+ Address Inputs Byte Enable Data In / Out Dat
CS5014-BP28   CS5014-BP28 CS5014-BP28 PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP The Analog System is composed of 12 configurable
CS5014-KD14   CS5014-KD14 CS5014-KD14 PDF Download CS DIP • For high reliability transient voltage s
CS5014-KL   CS5014-KL CS5014-KL PDF Download CS PLCC 00+ 3. Output loading effects, which are normally ig
CS5014-KL14   CS5014-KL14 CS5014-KL14 PDF Download CIRRUS PLCC-44 9601 Description: The NTE5826 thru NTE5829 are silico
CS5014-KL28   CS5014-KL28 CS5014-KL28 PDF Download 89 The LH28F800BG-L/BGH-L are high-performance 8 M
CS5014-KP14   CS5014-KP14 CS5014-KP14 PDF Download DIP40 DIP40 • 6A Output Current • Input Voltage
CS5014-KP28   CS5014-KP28 CS5014-KP28 PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP Hynix HYMD216M646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed fo
CS5014-TD14   CS5014-TD14 CS5014-TD14 PDF Download CRYSTAL The MAX6640 monitors its own temperature and one
CS5015AF   CS5015AF CS5015AF PDF Download Four dedicated test pins control the operation o
CS5016   CS5016 CS5016 PDF Download CS PLCC44 03/+04+ The crypt key generation typically inputs the tr
CS5016-AD16   CS5016-AD16 CS5016-AD16 PDF Download CRYSTAL STK 2003+ The 8-bit Status Register contains the Control Wo
CS5016-ADI6   CS5016-ADI6 CS5016-ADI6 PDF Download The clock input is a gated-OR structure which al
CS5016A-KL16   CS5016A-KL16 CS5016A-KL16 PDF Download Both a specific 32-bit ID as well as a 128-bit r
CS5016-AL16   CS5016-AL16 CS5016-AL16 PDF Download CRYSTAL Propagation Delay Tempco Prop Delay SkewRising T
CS5016-AL32   CS5016-AL32 CS5016-AL32 PDF Download PLCC/44 CRYSTAL 00+ The baseband signal can be digitized using Fairc
CS5016-AP16   CS5016-AP16 CS5016-AP16 PDF Download CS DIP-40 92+  The Hynix HYM76V16C735HGT4 Series are Dual
CS5016-BC32   CS5016-BC32 CS5016-BC32 PDF Download CRYSTAL DIP-40 08+ A precision delta-sigma digitizer is used to mak
CS5016BL   CS5016BL CS5016BL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC The MX841 features a 1.0MHz switching frequency
CS5016-BL   CS5016-BL CS5016-BL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC DISABLE (Disabled Low) Power Down Supply Curren
CS5016-BL16   CS5016-BL16 CS5016-BL16 PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc PLCC PLCC   The PT7700 is a new series of high- perf
CS5016-BL16Z   CS5016-BL16Z CS5016-BL16Z PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc The device is compatible with the JEDEC single
CS5016-BP16   CS5016-BP16 CS5016-BP16 PDF Download CS PDIP When the PAR/SER pin is high the chip is in paral
CS5016-BP32   CS5016-BP32 CS5016-BP32 PDF Download CS DIP40   C175CmAIndustrialfCLOCK = 1 MHz One outp
CS5016-JD16   CS5016-JD16 CS5016-JD16 PDF Download CS CDIP The attack and decay time constant of the AGC is
CS5016-JD32   CS5016-JD32 CS5016-JD32 PDF Download CS CDIP The ISO120 and ISO121 are precision isolation am
CS5016JL   CS5016JL CS5016JL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC Figure 3 - Typical application of IRU3034 in a fl
CS5016-JL16   CS5016-JL16 CS5016-JL16 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A CyClocksRT is used to generate P, Q, and divider
CS5016-JL32   CS5016-JL32 CS5016-JL32 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A To blink LEDs at periods greater than 1.6 second
CS5016-JP16   CS5016-JP16 CS5016-JP16 PDF Download CS PDIP • N channel FET switches with no parasitic
CS5016-JP32   CS5016-JP32 CS5016-JP32 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
CS5016-KD16   CS5016-KD16 CS5016-KD16 PDF Download CS CDIP The CS5016-KD16AV is a 3rd-order ∆, two-cha
CS5016-KL16   CS5016-KL16 CS5016-KL16 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A In a given application, the magnitude of peak-to
CS5016-KP32   CS5016-KP32 CS5016-KP32 PDF Download CS PDIP   The CS5016-KP32 is a bipolar integrated ci
CS5016-SD16   CS5016-SD16 CS5016-SD16 PDF Download   PARAMETERS Supply Voltage Operating Tem
CS5016-TD16   CS5016-TD16 CS5016-TD16 PDF Download CRYSTAL
CS501J   CS501J CS501J PDF Download SMD Description Corrected the description for bits
CS5-02GO2   CS5-02GO2 CS5-02GO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-64 05+   This is a complete series of 5 Watt Zener
CS5051   CS5051 CS5051 PDF Download EXAR CDIP The Analog Devices 3B Series Signal Conditioning
CS5053A   CS5053A CS5053A PDF Download Macrocells can individually be specified f
CS5054-001   CS5054-001 CS5054-001 PDF Download Every manufacturing lot is tested in a low dose
CS5-06GO2   CS5-06GO2 CS5-06GO2 PDF Download IXYS TO-64 05+
CS5095   CS5095 CS5095 PDF Download The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are
CS5096   CS5096 CS5096 PDF Download CS PLCC28 Clock inputs CLK+ and CLK- may also be driven wi
CS509J   CS509J CS509J PDF Download CHESEN DIP-8 1647 1. All data is for 1/2 CS509J or CS509J, except
CS50D   CS50D CS50D PDF Download DIOTEC 07+ • An open-drain logic output. • An o
CS510   CS510 CS510 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Notes 1. Device is considered as a two terminal
CS5100   CS5100 CS5100 PDF Download COGENHCY ICC1 , ICC3, ICC4 and ICC6 are dependent on outpu
CS5100-QLC   CS5100-QLC CS5100-QLC PDF Download COGENEY   AD5383-5 is calibrated using an external
CS5101   CS5101 CS5101 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The Motorola AM26LS31 is a quad differenti
CS5101A-AL8   CS5101A-AL8 CS5101A-AL8 PDF Download CRYSTAL 2004 The AGC dynamically adjusts the gain of the prea
CS5101A-AL80   CS5101A-AL80 CS5101A-AL80 PDF Download CS PLCC 04+ This IC has the amplifier constructions as shown
CS5101A-BL8   CS5101A-BL8 CS5101A-BL8 PDF Download CIRRUS 06+ This block receives or sends samples from/to the
CS5101A-BL8Z   CS5101A-BL8Z CS5101A-BL8Z PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc nRF0433 is a true single chip UHF transceiver des
CS5101A-BLB   CS5101A-BLB CS5101A-BLB PDF Download CIRRUS O7+   The IDT71V2546/48 are 3.3V high-speed 4,7
CS5101A-JL   CS5101A-JL CS5101A-JL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC Flash Time selectable on the keyboard (92, 312, 6
CS5101A-JL1   CS5101A-JL1 CS5101A-JL1 PDF Download CRYSTRL PLCC PLCC The input thresholds can be globally configured
CS5101A-JL16   CS5101A-JL16 CS5101A-JL16 PDF Download PLCC/28 CRYSTAL 00+ Single-Chip CCD Analog Front-End 10-Bit, 13-MSPS
CS5101A-JL8   CS5101A-JL8 CS5101A-JL8 PDF Download CS SOP 05+ The DS1267 contains two 256-position potentiomete
CS5101A-JL8Z   CS5101A-JL8Z CS5101A-JL8Z PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Efficient 16-bit 56800E family hybrid controller
CS5101A-JP16   CS5101A-JP16 CS5101A-JP16 PDF Download CRYSTAL 2007 The LAN91C100FD is based on the LAN91C100 FEAST,
CS5101A-JP8   CS5101A-JP8 CS5101A-JP8 PDF Download Table 1 is a memory map of the 1024-bit EPROM se
CS5101A-KL   CS5101A-KL CS5101A-KL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC28   The LH28F016SU is a high performance 16M
CS5101AKL8   CS5101AKL8 CS5101AKL8 PDF Download 10.1 All payments required under Section 4.0 or
CS5101A-KL8   CS5101A-KL8 CS5101A-KL8 PDF Download CS PLCC 04+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
CS5101A-KP8   CS5101A-KP8 CS5101A-KP8 PDF Download CRYSTAL 2007 STATUS REGISTER READ: The status register can be
CS5101-AL16   CS5101-AL16 CS5101-AL16 PDF Download LO IN=-4dBm See note 1. Mixer Preamp ON Mixer
CS5101EDW   CS5101EDW CS5101EDW PDF Download CHERRY 06+ 620 With features such as programmable output logic
CS5101EDW16   CS5101EDW16 CS5101EDW16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor 2008 Chip Select : Enables or disables all inputs exce
CS5101EDW16G   CS5101EDW16G CS5101EDW16G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ • International standard package   J
CS5101EDWR   CS5101EDWR CS5101EDWR PDF Download ON 06+ 520 NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
CS5101EDWR16   CS5101EDWR16 CS5101EDWR16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Celeritek reserves the right to make changes wit
CS5101EDWR16G   CS5101EDWR16G CS5101EDWR16G PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP-16 05+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
CS5101EN14   CS5101EN14 CS5101EN14 PDF Download ON Semiconductor PDIP-14 Synchronous Output Enable. When HIGH, it stops cl
CS5101EN14G   CS5101EN14G CS5101EN14G PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ These dual N- and P-Channel enhancement mode pow
CS5101-KL10   CS5101-KL10 CS5101-KL10 PDF Download PLCC/28 CRYSTAL 00+ TC9208M provides evolved CoS with four levels of
CS5102   CS5102 CS5102 PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC 04+ Broadcom®, the pulse logo, and Connecting eve
CS51021   CS51021 CS51021 PDF Download SMD 03+/04+ Separate program and data spaces allow simultane
CS51021A   CS51021A CS51021A PDF Download ON SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 3.3V a
CS51021ADR2G   CS51021ADR2G CS51021ADR2G PDF Download ON SOP-14 05+   4.3 Screening (JANTX level only). Screeni
CS51021AED16   CS51021AED16 CS51021AED16 PDF Download N/A ON 04+ Sleep Mode/Power Up. In Sleep Mode, all circuits
CS51021AED16G   CS51021AED16G CS51021AED16G PDF Download Besides replacing fixed regulators, the LM117 is
CS51021AEDR16   CS51021AEDR16 CS51021AEDR16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor (VA) SOP-16 05+ These three terminal negative regulators are sup
CS51021AEDR16G   CS51021AEDR16G CS51021AEDR16G PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP-16 06+   77 instructions   C-Language friendl
CS51021ED16   CS51021ED16 CS51021ED16 PDF Download Notes:  7. Full device operation requires
CS51021EDR16   CS51021EDR16 CS51021EDR16 PDF Download CHERRY 2000 The EC000 processor core communicates with these
CS51021S   CS51021S CS51021S PDF Download s GENERAL DESCRIPTION   The NJU7700/01 is
CS51022   CS51022 CS51022 PDF Download CS SOP 03/+04+ is the case then the N-Channel MOSFET is fully en
CS51022A   CS51022A CS51022A PDF Download ON SOP-3.9-16P 6+ Sensitivity is defined as the average signal lev
CS51022ADBG   CS51022ADBG CS51022ADBG PDF Download ON Semiconductor TSSOP16 See SOA curves or consult factory for appropriat
CS51022ADBR2G   CS51022ADBR2G CS51022ADBR2G PDF Download ON Semiconductor TSSOP-16 05+ When 16/68# pin is at logic 1, it selects Intel
CS51022ADG   CS51022ADG CS51022ADG PDF Download ON SOP3.9 04+ The 3 Volt Intel® Advanced+ Boot Block Flash
CS51022ADR2G   CS51022ADR2G CS51022ADR2G PDF Download ON SOP16 Clocking is accomplished through a 2-input NOR g
CS51022ADTR2   CS51022ADTR2 CS51022ADTR2 PDF Download ON TSSOP-14 05+ Notes: 1. Dimensions A and B are datums and T i
CS51022ADTR2G   CS51022ADTR2G CS51022ADTR2G PDF Download ON TSSOP-16 The CS51022ADTR2G is a compact, low-power 2.488Gb
CS51022AED   CS51022AED CS51022AED PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
CS51022AED16   CS51022AED16 CS51022AED16 PDF Download N/A ON 04+ 1. The parameters listed in Table 3 are controll
CS51022AEDG16   CS51022AEDG16 CS51022AEDG16 PDF Download This device contains four independent gates each
CS51022AEDR16   CS51022AEDR16 CS51022AEDR16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor (VA) SOP16 © 1998 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. The
CS51022AEDR16G   CS51022AEDR16G CS51022AEDR16G PDF Download ON Semiconductor SOP-16 05+ Programmable Features (525p/625p)   8 Overs
CS51022AG   CS51022AG CS51022AG PDF Download ON O7+ This pin sets the internal signal gain at the in
CS51022ED16   CS51022ED16 CS51022ED16 PDF Download During operation, the CS51022ED16 monitors the V
CS51022EDR16   CS51022EDR16 CS51022EDR16 PDF Download These three terminal positive regulators are sup
CS51023   CS51023 CS51023 PDF Download CS SOP   When only the S1 pin is at a logic one th
CS51023A   CS51023A CS51023A PDF Download CS SMD N/A To perform a practical return loss measurement, i
CS51023AED16   CS51023AED16 CS51023AED16 PDF Download   A negative switch is a device where both
CS51023AEDR16   CS51023AEDR16 CS51023AEDR16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor (VA) SMD 2001 Address Inputs: Provide the row address for ACTI
CS51023ED16   CS51023ED16 CS51023ED16 PDF Download Note 1: Relative accuracy is the deviation of the
CS51023EDR16   CS51023EDR16 CS51023EDR16 PDF Download TI warrants performance of its semiconductor pro
CS51024A   CS51024A CS51024A PDF Download ON 01+ SOP-16 1. Stresses greater than those listed under "
CS51024AED16   CS51024AED16 CS51024AED16 PDF Download • Convex terminal array with square corner
CS51024AEDR16   CS51024AEDR16 CS51024AEDR16 PDF Download ON Semiconductor (VA) N/A 2001 1. H = HIGH voltage level   L = LOW voltag
CS51024ED16   CS51024ED16 CS51024ED16 PDF Download 1 2 MAC UNIT The MAC (Media Access Control) unit
CS5102A-AL   CS5102A-AL CS5102A-AL PDF Download CS DIP The sensor consists of 64 photodiodes arranged i
CS5102A-AP   CS5102A-AP CS5102A-AP PDF Download CS n/a 2006+ The HT27LC020 chip family is a low-power, 2048K
CS5102A-BL   CS5102A-BL CS5102A-BL PDF Download CS PLCC28 Unprogrammed devices. The truth t
CS5102A-BLZ   CS5102A-BLZ CS5102A-BLZ PDF Download Cirrus Logic Inc Power Diode Module DD100GB series are designed f
CS5102A-BP   CS5102A-BP CS5102A-BP PDF Download CS n/a 2006+   The entire series has Underwriters Laborat
CS5102A-IL   CS5102A-IL CS5102A-IL PDF Download CRYSTAL PLCC28 † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
CS5102A-JL   CS5102A-JL CS5102A-JL PDF Download CRYSTRL PLCC PLCC 1. One million cycle repeatability data is based
CS5102A-JLZ   CS5102A-JLZ