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The DAC0808 series is an 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converter (DAC) featuring a full scale output current settling time of 150 ns while dissipating only 33 mW with g5V sup- plies No reference current (IREF) trimming is required for most applications since the full scale output current is typi- cally g1 LSB of 255 IREF 256 Relative accuracies of bet- ter than g0 19% assure 8-bit monotonicity and linearity while zero level output current of less than 4 mA provides 8-bit zero accuracy for IREFt2 mA The power supply cur- rents of the DAC0808 series are independent of bit codes and exhibits essentially constant device characteristics over the entire supply voltage range The DAC0808 will interface directly with popular TTL DTL or CMOS logic levels and is a direct replacement for the
  The D2N202LF/5903 are 3.3V high-speed 9,437,184-bit (9 Megabit) synchronous SRAMs organized as 256K x 36 / 512K x 18. They are designed to eliminate dead bus cycles when turning the bus around between reads and writes, or writes and reads. Thus they have been given the name ZBTTM, or Zero Bus Turnaround.   Address and control signals are applied to the SRAM during one clock
The Hynix D2N202LF Series are 16Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of nine 16Mx8bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs in 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package on a 168pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. One 0.0022uF decoupling capacitors per each SDRAM are mounted on the PCB.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
D2N05   D2N05 D2N05 PDF Download MOTOROLA 07+/08+ These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
D2N052   D2N052 D2N052 PDF Download 8 Parameter VDD to GND VOUTA, VOUTB, VBZ to GND
D2N057   D2N057 D2N057 PDF Download MOT SMD-8 95+ Dimensions are in inches. Metric equivalents a
D2N05I   D2N05I D2N05I PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOP/8 N/A There are two feedback paths to the ZIA: one fro
D2N05Z   D2N05Z D2N05Z PDF Download MOT 95 independently for each of the two registers; thi
D2N201LE   D2N201LE D2N201LE PDF Download (LX)high-frequency VDD GND PLL VCO IN PLL VCO OUT PLL Enable NC
D2N201ME   D2N201ME D2N201ME PDF Download NI Capacitor #2 - An external capacitor to be conne
D2N202F   D2N202F D2N202F PDF Download high-frequency tube IR 04+ Information furnished is believed to be accurate
D2N202KD   D2N202KD D2N202KD PDF Download (LX)high-frequency Four of the nine instructions end with the trans
D2N202LD   D2N202LD D2N202LD PDF Download NI Memory storage capacity:   D2N202LD C 256
D2N202LE   D2N202LE D2N202LE PDF Download NI This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD. T
D2N202LE33   D2N202LE33 D2N202LE33 PDF Download (LX)high-frequency Tachyon TL provides the highest levels of conc
D2N202LF   D2N202LF D2N202LF PDF Download NI Description The HSMx-C220 is the smallest and
D2N50   D2N50 D2N50 PDF Download SGS-THOMSON TO220 1997 NOTE: The 100-µF capacitor has: ESL = 3 nH
D2N52   D2N52 D2N52 PDF Download FSC TO-252/251 2004+ • Solid-state potentiometer • 3-wire
D2N-5V   D2N-5V D2N-5V PDF Download AXICOM RELAY 06+ • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit p
D2N5Z   D2N5Z D2N5Z PDF Download MOT 08+ • Monolithic Pair   Closely Matched E
D2N60   D2N60 D2N60 PDF Download ST TO-251 06+   The MSK 4362 is a complete 3 Phase MOSFET
D2NA50   D2NA50 D2NA50 PDF Download N/A ST 04+ • Two Channel Quadrature   Output wi
D2NB25   D2NB25 D2NB25 PDF Download ST TO-252 PRECAUTIONS   [1] The DC blocking capacito
D2NB50   D2NB50 D2NB50 PDF Download 3. This input current only exists when the volta
D2NB60   D2NB60 D2NB60 PDF Download ST TO-252 08+ • High-performance, low-cost solution to s
D2NB80   D2NB80 D2NB80 PDF Download N/A ST 04+ Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximum
D2NC40   D2NC40 D2NC40 PDF Download ST Input of ac-coupling block. These twisted-pair d
D2NC50   D2NC50 D2NC50 PDF Download ST TO-252 Digital Ground. All digital signals are referred
D2NC60   D2NC60 D2NC60 PDF Download
D2NK7   D2NK7 D2NK7 PDF Download Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
D/200ML   D/200ML D/200ML PDF Download eight CAT34AC02 may be individually addressed by
D/400ML   D/400ML D/400ML PDF Download Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
D/A/D/A/M-825   D/A/D/A/M-825 D/A/D/A/M-825 PDF Download Fabricated in a high speed, low power, CMOS proc
D/A/D/A/M-825A   D/A/D/A/M-825A D/A/D/A/M-825A PDF Download A multiplier block is associated with each Selec
D/A/D/A/M-834B   D/A/D/A/M-834B D/A/D/A/M-834B PDF Download Note 2: LED is on when input signal is high, and
D/F/DGX05P   D/F/DGX05P D/F/DGX05P PDF Download • Ultra Low On-Resistance   - rDS(ON
D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062   D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 PDF Download Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
D/Z/D1N4731A   D/Z/D1N4731A D/Z/D1N4731A PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
D/Z/D1N4738A   D/Z/D1N4738A D/Z/D1N4738A PDF Download Freescales semiconductor products are classified
D/Z/D1N4754   D/Z/D1N4754 D/Z/D1N4754 PDF Download Synchronization (EXSYN) Blanking (BLK) Contro
D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01   D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01 D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01 PDF Download Less expensive than many mechanical switches Pr
D/Z/DBZX84C13   D/Z/DBZX84C13 D/Z/DBZX84C13 PDF Download For fundamental considerations on capacitors, re
D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1   D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1 D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1 PDF Download The ICS91309 is a high performance, low skew, low
D/Z/DMMSZ5233B   D/Z/DMMSZ5233B D/Z/DMMSZ5233B PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
D000034ASC   D000034ASC D000034ASC PDF Download SMD 05+ Provides up to 8K-Address Matching System Provi
D0001Q5000CILXG   D0001Q5000CILXG D0001Q5000CILXG PDF Download
D0002410   D0002410 D0002410 PDF Download The output capacitors must be located as close to
D0003Q5000CILXG   D0003Q5000CILXG D0003Q5000CILXG PDF Download The receive section of the CYP15G0401DXA Quad HO
D0006   D0006 D0006 PDF Download The CD4555B and CD4556B types are supplied in 16
D0007Q5000CILXG   D0007Q5000CILXG D0007Q5000CILXG PDF Download Thus, the first step in designing the antenna ci
D00090PGE   D00090PGE D00090PGE PDF Download TI QFP144 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
D00092PGE   D00092PGE D00092PGE PDF Download N/A QFP 1995 The integrated circuit U6803B requires a stabili
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